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Java Technology Creates a "Living Dictionary"
Cultural Preservation of Inuit Native Language

Macadamian Technologies Inc. is an independent software vendor (ISV) and software consulting firm based in Ottawa, Canada. Utilizing their Syndeo Web Development Kit, an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) component architecture and XML language-based system for developing interactive, data-driven Web applications, Macadamian has developed a cutting-edge Web-based "living dictionary" for the cultural preservation of the native language used by the Inuit people of Canada.

Telekom Malaysia Case Study
From Phone Company to Communications Service Provider

Telekom Malaysia wanted the first integrated IP-based communications portal for small and medium-sized businesses in Asia Pacific and to transition from a telephone services company to a communications service provider. They turned to Sun for solutions and support.

Incorporating Intelligence into IT
Sun Journal, Web Edition, Number 3

There are three articles of note in the Web edition of the Sun Journal, Number 3. They are "Business Intelligence Enables Smart Enterprises," "Managing Total Cost of Ownership to Reduce Costs and Improve Service Levels" and "Expect the Unexpected," all of which focus on incorporating intelligence into IT.

    Java Technology
    "Core J2ME Technology & MIDP"
    by John W. Muchow

    The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) platform is designed for devices with limited memory, display and processing power, including cellular phones, PDAs and pagers. John W. Muchow's article "Core J2ME Technology & MIDP" is a hands-on guide to programming wireless devices. Key concepts are not only explained in detail but are also demonstrated with over 70 complete examples available for download on the Web.

    Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Version 1.4
    Overview and Download

    "Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), version 1.4 Overview" by John Zukowsk discusses the new features available. These features include new I/O-related capabilities, new Swing capabilities, new deployment facilities and now standard extensions such as XML features, Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) 3.0 capabilities and many security-related capabilities.

    "Special Edition Using Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0"
    Two Chapters Online

    The Java Developer Connection Program (JDC) presents two chapters from "Special Edition Using Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0." The book starts with a description of how Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) components fit into the larger picture of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) development. Later chapters describe advanced development topics including interoperability, horizontal services and clustering. Throughout the book, the authors construct a component-based auction Web site using the J2EE architecture as a practical example.

    Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2 for Sun Servers
    Migrate Web Applications

    Sun is offering a restricted low cost Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2 Software for Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). Sun Chili!Soft ASP Software is a plug-in that gives Web servers the ability to process Active Server Pages code.

    Solaris 8 Operating Environment Freeware
    Downloadable Updates Now Online

    Sun is working to ensure that the strength of the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) is complemented by a collection of popular, freely available software. This freeware includes utilities, productivity tools and development tools. There are now two primary sources of downloadable freeware that work with the Solaris 8 OE.

    Updated Open Source Software Packages on the Solaris Software Companion CD
    New and Modified Packages

    Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) ships with a CD of compiled ready-to-install popular open source software. The most recent release of Solaris 8 OE 2/02 contains some new and modified packages such as GNU a2ps 4.13, Gphoto 0.4.3, Ruby 1.6.4, KDE 2.2.1 and snort 1.8p1.

    Sun Broadens Support for Linux
    Aggressive New Program Expands the Role of Linux Entry-level Servers

    Sun is rolling out a multipart program that will significantly broaden the offerings of Linux on low-end Sun servers and commit new resources to the ongoing development of the Open Source operating system.

    Sun Fire Consolidation Program

    The Boxes-for-Boards feature of the Server Consolidation Program offers customers with installed Sun Fire 3800-15K Servers the ability to consolidate multiple servers, whether they are from Sun or another vendor. Receive trade-in credit towards the purchase of Sun Fire system boards, CPUs and memory.

    "Choosing an Application Server Platform"
    The Sun Fire 280R Server and the Sun Fire V880 Server

    Designing a network architecture that incorporates application servers in the second tier is an ideal method of addressing high traffic, unpredictable loads and providing reliable and available services. Sun provides two of the best application servers: the Sun Fire 280R Server is suitable for small- to medium-sized enterprises and the Sun Fire V880 Server can be used for larger enterprises or as a database server.

    Sun StorEdge SBus Dual Fibre Channel Network Adapter
    For SAN, Direct Attach and FC Hub Attach Storage Solutions

    The Sun StorEdge SBus Dual Fibre Channel(FC) Network Adapter HBA allows for the creation of a SAN architecture with the combination of other Sun StorEdge components (FC switches, FC hubs and Sun StorEdge Network Foundation Software). Fabric functionality is available to take enterprise and data center customers to a SAN architecture with the use of the Sun StorEdge SAN 3.1 Software release components.

    Sun StorEdge D2 Array
    Four Times the Bandwidth of the Sun StorEdge D1000 Array

    The new Sun StorEdge D2 Array is the first Ultra 160 SCSI JBOD disk array that provides optimum performance and affordability and the array that provides customers the added flexiblity of using either the Solstice DiskSuite Software or VERITAS VxVM for array configuration and management.

    Sun StorEdge A/D1000 9 GB Array Configurations
    Larger, Cheaper Hard Drives Bring About EOL

    On January 29, 2002, Sun declared EOL for the Sun StorEdge A1000 Storage Array and the Sun StorEdge D1000 9 GB Storage Array configuration, although the announcement does not affect any of the 18 GB or 36 GB configurations.

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Director Class Switch Support
      From Inrange and McData for SAN Environments

      Director-class switches from Inrange and McData are available for large highly available SAN environments connected to the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series. Directors are most often found in applications for which data must be available 99.999 percent of the time.

      Demo Code from EvangCentral
      Insert Data Demo and Query Cloudscape

      Two demonstration-code downloads for use with Cloudscape, the IBM data management solution for post-PC Internet environments where traditional computing devices interact with Internet-enabled appliances, are available on the Sun EvangCentral Web site. They are "Insert Data Demo" and "Query Cloudscape Demo", both by Doris Chen.

      "Developing on the New Solaris Platform While Supporting Older Versions"
      By Greg Nakhimovsky

      The above article from the Solaris Developer Connection Program Web page introduces a proven technique to allow application developers to use the latest version of the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), and the new Sun hardware that might require it, while developing applications for customers running on older versions of the Solaris OE.

      Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 Specification for Web Services
      by Dominic Savio

      The Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0 specification offers new functionalities for Web services developers, including a new component model for container-managed persistence (CMP). This new functionality is highlighted in a Dot-Com Builder's Best Practices-Developer's Notebook article titled "Using the CMP Model in the EJB 2.0 Specification for Web Services" by Dominic Savio.

      Security Standards and SAML
      Utilizing XML to Encode Messages

      According to Mark Glaser in his article "SAML Looks to Allay XML Concerns," the biggest missing link in XML security standards is a standard way of communicating specific security properties related to various business interactions. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), which utilizes XML to encode messages related to authentication and authorization, can provide a standard that will allow partners, users and suppliers to interact in secure ways.

      Euro Currency Support in the Solaris Operating Environment
      IT Standards and Currency Implementation

      The above white paper outlines the technical implementation of support for the euro within the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and the Java programming language, which provide input, output and printing support for the euro, as well as system support for independent software vendors (ISVs) who wish to use supported APIs to format monetary strings.

      "Optimizing Applications with Large Working Sets"
      by Ezhilan Narasimhan and Nagendra Nagarajayya

      Ezhilan Narasimhan and Nagendra Nagarajayya, both members of the Sun Market Development Engineering group, have written a technical paper entitled "Optimizing Applications with Large Working Sets," which introduces techniques and sample code on how to profile an application using the CPU Performance Counter Library and an alternative memory library called Intimate Shared Memory to take advantage of the application's memory characteristics.

      Forte Developer 6 Software Tools Guided Tour
      Thirty-day Free Trial

      A special guided tour shows you how to use Forte Developer 6 Software tools and features to create efficient, accurate, standards-based code for complex, large-scale, mission-critical applications quickly and efficiently on the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). The tour takes you from beginning a new development project to using the power tools and features to edit, compile, debug and tune your application.

      Sun Fire V880 Server Alert
      Disk Backplane Firmware Upgrade

      There is an alert on the SunSolve Web site regarding the Sun Fire V880 Server disk backplane firmware upgrade procedure, stating it needs to be closely followed to avoid problems.

      Solaris Containers White Paper
      Server Virtualization Simplifying Service Manageability

      A software white paper on the Sun Web site, "Solaris Containers--How Advances in Server Virtualization will Simplify Service Manageability," shows how network servers can be flexibly partitioned into independent execution environments that provide isolation within the same server. Solaris "containers" isolate software applications or services using flexible software-defined boundaries. These applications can then be managed independently of each other, even while running in the same instance of the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

      "IP Routing"
      By Ravi Malhotra

      "IP Routing" by Ravi Malhotra covers how IP packets in an IP network are moved from router to router to their final destination. This book introduces IP routing as it is implemented using Cisco routers. Malhotra also addresses how routing tables are maintained, Distance Vector algorithms and the differences between classful and classless route lookups.

      SANS Book: "Solaris Security: Step-by-Step"
      Protecting Solaris Operating Environment Systems Connected to Internet

      The guide book from the SANS Institute, "Solaris Security: Step-by-Step," provides an authoritative guide to protecting Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) systems that will be connected to the Internet. The latest version of this Solaris OE Guide has been tested against all Solaris OE releases from 2.5.1 through Solaris 8 OE.

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