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RealNetworks and Sun Technology
Rich Media on Intranets and Internet Sites

This paper examines some of the ways companies are using streaming media to enhance company intranets and Internet sites, reviewing solutions from Sun and RealNetworks for creating and deploying streaming media and presents actual examples of how Oracle, GE Information Services, Boeing, Digital Island and NATPE are using these technologies to improve communications with their employees, customers and investors.

Sun Customers Simplify IT Infrastructure
Reduce Costs with Sun Solutions and Services

The article reviews the experience of several Sun customers, including A.B. Watley, Cognigen Corp., ForestExpress LLC, Guardian iT, Littlewoods, Nielsen Media Research and Southern Company, in reducing TCO through a implementation and installation of a variety of Sun solutions.

Endeavor's ENCompass Digital Library Solution Powered by Sun
In 18 Academic and Research Libraries

Endeavor's ENCompass Digital Library solution has been implemented in 18 academic and research libraries, all running on Sun hardware technology. Sun and Endeavor are closely aligned technology advisers to the growing Digital Content Management and Library market as libraries shift to more sophisticated architectures for managing, preserving, and delivering digital content.

Sun, CSL and Mobiltec

Align to Enhance Next-Generation Wireless

Sun, CSL and Mobilitec, Inc. have created an alliance resulting in the rapid design, development and integration of next-generation mobile service infrastructure for wireless data services. Based on Sun's Dynamic Provisioning architecture, Sun and Mobilitec integrated Mobilitec's mPower product and Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) servers into CSL's network to provide infrastructure support for the dynamic provisioning of Java technology-based wireless services.

Java Technology
Meet the Forte Tools Experts at the JavaOne 2002 Conference

The Forte Tools experts will demonstrate some exciting products and offer presentations at the JavaOne 2002 Conference in San Francisco, CA, March 26-29. that will provide a glimpse into the future of Forte Tools technology. Forte Tools are core components of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE).

"Just Java 2"
by Peter van der Linden

"Just Java 2", 5th edition by Peter van der Linden has been an international bestseller for over five years. This book is a comprehensive and accessible tutorial for programmers at all levels. Completely updated and revised, the 5th edition is not only a readable and engaging overview of the Java 2 platform (JDK 1.4 release) and its libraries, it is also a practical introduction to today's best enterprise and server-side programming techniques.

Project JXTA Web Site Overview
Guides, Tutorials, Downloads

Newly featured on the Project JXTA Web site is a 146-page programmers' guide and companion tutorials, a transcript of the January 8 Java Developer Connection Program (JDC) online chat, a transcript of the first chat using myJXTA and a Project JXTA developer bookshelf. Also available are Project JXTA demonstrations for download, developer resources and documentation relating to Project JXTA and a calendar of upcoming events.

"Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics"
Two Chapters Available Online

Two chapters from "Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics" by Robin Jeffries and Chip Alexander are available on the Java Developer Connection Program Web site. One chapter is on windows and the other is on wizards.

New Sun StorEdge 3910 and 3960 Systems
Simplifies High Performance Clustering

Sun is introducing the new Sun StorEdge 3900 series storage systems for the enterprise market. Now all the elements of a full fibre-channel storage system are fully integrated to provide enhanced connectivity, seamless scalability, flexibility and remote monitoring capability. The Sun StorEdge 3900 series is the ideal system for simplifying high performance clustering. These systems are optimized for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) supporting single or clustered Sun Enterprise and Sun Fire servers.

Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 6.22.1
Storage Software

Storage software Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 6.22.1 manages the Sun StorEdge A3500FC, A3x00 and A1000 Disk Arrays and supports several new features including support for the Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8 Operating Environments (Solaris OE), logical Unit (LUN) creation, SMART/PFA support, dynamic expansion capabilities and performance monitor.

Sun StorEdge Complete Storage Solutions Debut
New Sun StorEdge 3900 and 6900 Series

At Sun's annual analyst conference February 6-8, Sun announced a comprehensive portfolio of new storage software, systems, services, and partner programs. Sun presented Storage ONE, Sun's architecture to provide an open, integrated storage management family. Sun also announced the new Sun StorEdge 3900 and 6900 series which are targeted at the fastest growing space in the UNIX market--the midrange market--and enhancements to the recently announced Sun StorEdge 9900 series for the high-end data center were also introduced.

"Using Java Technology to Write SOAP Message-Based Web Services"
Follow-up Article

"Using Java Technology to Write SOAP Message-Based Web Services" by Phil Bartholo follows up on his previous article on writing Apache SOAP-RPC-based Web services using Java technology. This follow-up article focuses on setting up a SOAP-messaging sample to use as a starting point to explore the technology. Bartholo covers developing a simple SOAP message-based Web service that returns a greeting and writing a client to connect to that service.

"Saved by XML and Java Technology"
by Venkatesh Balakumar

A recent True Developer Tale titled "Saved by XML and Java Technology" by Venkatesh Balakumar describes how a developer created a platform-independent way of transferring data within an online exam-processing system: a mixture of XML, Java technology applications, and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology.

Sun Code Camp Programs
iPlanet Application Server

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Development and Deployment with the iPlanet Application Server and Sun Code Camp Program provides students with an introduction to deploying and running applications on iPlanet Application Server.

"High Availability for J2EE Platform-Based Applications"
by Damian Guy, Allan Packer and Tom Daly

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is the focus of the best practices article by Damian Guy, Allan Packer and Tom Daly titled "High Availability for J2EE Platform-Based Applications." A series of benchmark tests was applied to four server configurations to assess recovery from node failures. They also discuss relying on high availability services provided by J2EE platform-based servers, the difficulty of setting up and maintaining J2EE platform-based servers, and the best way to configure the J2EE platform for high availability.

Developer Best Practices Interview
Lance Spitzner, Network Security Architect, Sun Professional Services Program

Lance Spitzner, Network Security Architect of the Sun Professional Services Program, was interviewed by Claire Sponheim about security issues. Spitzner discussed what developers need to know, security requirements for Web services, making changes to an architecture, new risks for wireless networks, what businesses need to consider when choosing security and securing systems against the black hat community. Spitzner is the founder of the Honeynet Project which focuses on learning the tools, tactics and motives of the black hat community.

"Getting to Know Struts"
by Jerry Ackerman and David Dick

Struts is an open source framework from the Jakarta Project designed for building Web applications with the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology. The Struts package provides a unified set of reusable components (a controller servlet, JSP custom tag libraries and utility classes) for building user interfaces that can easily be applied to any Web-based connection--WAP, HTTP request or standard socket-level applications.

"Issues in Selecting a Job Management System"
Sun BluePrints OnLine 30th Issue Technical Article

"Issues in Selecting a Job Management System" by Omar Hassaine is a recent technical article at Sun BluePrints OnLine. This article addresses the critical issue of evaluating, selecting and deploying a JMS by giving the reader insight into how to evaluate and compare JMS products.

"Guide to Installation--Hardware Setup" Technical Article
Sun BluePrints OnLine 30th Edition

The 30th edition of Sun BluePrints OnLine features an article by Chris Dotson and Steve Lopez that focuses on sharing expert implementation experiences. This article, "Guide to Installation--Hardware Setup," is module one of an upcoming Sun BluePrints Implementation Guide.

The BigAdmin Portal
A Community Resource

The BigAdmin portal offers support for the day-to-day challenges system administrators face. This online resource connects Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) system administrators as a community and provides a venue for sharing information to simplify and expedite problem solving.

"Configuring OpenSSH for the Solaris Operating Environment"
Sun BluePrints 30th Edition Technical Article

In the Sun BluePrints article "Configuring OpenSSH for the Solaris Operating Environment" Jason Reid, test engineer in the Solaris System Test Group, focuses on how the network tool OpenSSH counters threats of password theft, session hijacking and other network attacks. Reid also covers server and client configurations, key management, and integration into existing environments for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Solaris Operating Environment
CDE's Library Function

Writing in, Joris Evers warns of a buffer overflow vulnerability in Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) that is allowing hackers to take control of the system via the CDE's library function. Hackers are actively exploiting this known vulnerability in the Solaris OE version of the UNIX operating system. System administrators are urged to check if their system is vulnerable.

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