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Java Technology
Automated Ticketing Solutions utilizes Java technology to offer turnkey ticketing solutions that power entertainment venues and organizations with custom cutting edge software and hardware, including ticketing kiosks, retail outlets, call centers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.'s automated ticketing solutions are currently used by over 4,000 organizations and performing arts centers.

NetBeans TAX Library Preview Version 1
Manipulate XML Documents and DTD Structures

The NetBeans Tree API for XML (TAX) Library lets users manipulate XML documents and DTD structures as a whole and includes event, traversal and I/O support. TAX is developed as a part of the NetBeans XML Project, which adds support for working with XML, DTD and CSS documents in the NetBeans IDE.

Introduction to Inheritance, Panels and Layouts
Tutorial Part Two

Part two of the tutorial on building an application introduces inheritance, panels and layouts. Part one illustrated the construction of the first class of a Dive Log application and the place holder classes that initializes. Part two introduces the Welcome class, which covers: inheritance, images and text objects, string concatenation and layout managers.

DCSE Inc. and South Florida Water Management District
EMPACT Project Web Site

DCSE Inc. completed the map-based user interface for a Web site developed for South Florida Water Management District. The site is designed to allow scientists, students and others to view the regulatory, scientific and environmental data and the biotic integrity of the remaining Everglades.

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series 181 GB Drive
Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Sun now supports the 181 GB 7200 RPM Fibre Channel (FC) disk drive for the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Storage Array. The 181 GB drive allows customers to enjoy savings on procurement and operation when compared to 73 GB or 18 GB drives.

Solstice Backup 6.1 Software Localized (L10N)
Includes International Support

The localized versions (L10N) of the Solstice Backup 6.1 Software have been released. Solstice Backup 6.1 Software now includes international support in the following languages: English, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.0
Provides Point-in-time Copy and Remote Mirroring

The Sun Network Storage Software organization has produced the Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.0 Software solution that provides a comprehensive solution for data availability, protection and disaster recovery concerns. This solution manages availability through robust and comprehensive data mirroring, replication and recoverability techniques to reduce downtime, improve continuous access to data and provide critical disaster recovery across the enterprise.

Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite 3.5 Software
Comprehensive Solutions for Disaster Recovery

The Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite 3.5 Software is part of the Sun StorEdge software family that also includes the Sun StorEdge Performance Suite 3.5, the Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.0 and the Sun StorEdge Resource Management Suite 5.0 Software. The suite includes existing file system recovery and archive technologies integrated with volume management and backup.

Jini Technology Starter Kit v1.2
Includes Additional Helper Utilities

Sun has made the Jini Technology Starter Kit v1.2 available. Along with the release of the starter kit, the Jini Technology Core Platform Compatibility Kit (TCK) v1.2A is now available to align with the new features in the starter kit. The significance of this release lies in three new features: multiple services on a single virtual machine, multi-threading and simultaneous network access choices.

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