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Collaborating for Customer Success
iForce Initiative

Collaborating with the right partners is key to success. The iForce Initiative can make the delivery of smart services fast and easy and harness the opportunities of e-business, using best-of-breed products from iForce partners for a customized solution that meets specific needs. iForce solutions can improve business processes such as collaborative product commerce, customer relationship management, decision support systems, supply chain management, email and communications.

    Interest Grows in Liberty Alliance Project
    Over 2,000 Companies Requested Information

    Over 2,000 companies have requested information on membership in the Liberty Alliance Project, an organization formed to create an open, federated, single sign-on identity solution for the digital economy via any device connected to the Internet.

    Aberdeen Group Selects Sun's Dynamic Bidding Program
    Recognition for `Best Practices in e-Procurement'

    The Aberdeen Group is an influential industry analyst firm that produces a report called the "Best Practices in e-Procurement," which recognizes those companies who have taken a leading role in leveraging the Internet to improve their internal operations and business practices. Aberdeen has recognized a specific program at Sun, the Dynamic Bidding purchasing program, for its cost savings and its streamlining of the purchasing process.

      Java Technology
      Javadoc Tool Home Page

      Javadoc is the tool from Sun for generating API documentation in HTML format from doc comments in source code. Some of the documents from Java technology software related to using the Javadoc tool include Javadoc FAQ, Javadoc Tool documentation for 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

      Java Technology Class Libraries Posters

      Java technology Class Libraries Posters provide an overview of the classes in the Java technology platforms, including Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 beta and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.2.

      illumitek Public Health Alert System
      A Pathogen Spread Predictor

      illumitek Inc. completed the first stage of a Public Health Alert and Response System (PHARS), a pathogen spread predictor. illumitek's expertise and technology will provide biodefense organizations with advanced analytic, visualization and forecasting abilities that will be critical if a bioterrorist act such as an anthrax or pneumonic plague outbreak or other biowarfare event occurs.

      Java XML Pack
      Now Available for Download

      The Java XML Pack is available for download. The Java XML Pack includes all current publicly available releases of Java technology APIs and Architectures for XML, both production and early access versions.

      TopCoder Announces Sun as Exclusive Sponsor
      For Annual Collegiate Challenge Programming Tournament

      Sun will be the exclusive tournament sponsor for the Second Annual TopCoder Collegiate Challenge. TopCoder Inc. is a company committed to identifying and promoting top computer programming talent through competition. The Sun and TopCoder Collegiate Challenge invites thousands of TopCoder members to qualify for the 512 tournament spots to compete for the $150,000 prize purse.

        Sun Standardizes on LogicVision's Embedded Test Solutions
        Multi-year Agreement

        Sun has signed a multi-year agreement with LogicVision, Inc., a provider of embedded test IP solutions, to deploy LogicVision's Embedded Test Solutions. Sun plans to use LogicVision's embedded test throughout Sun's IC design activities, enabling Sun to leverage the test methodologies solution from IC design to end system product.

          StarSuite Software Bundle Agreement
          With Three Chinese Software Companies

          Sun has signed a definitive Technology Licensing and Distribution Agreement with three leading Chinese software companies to bundle Sun's StarSuite Software as part of their platform offerings. Sun and the three companies have also agreed to work on the future development and deployment of the StarSuite Software line of products.

          Sun Open Net Environment in Retail Banking
          Offering Services on Demand

          Sun is expanding the Sun Open Network Environment (Sun ONE) in retail banking, enabling retail banks to keep pace with the increasing demands of a global economy. The N-tier infrastructure of Sun ONE helps future-proof and advance the flexibility and reliability of a bank's IT infrastructure.

          SSH Communications Security Selects Forte Tools
          For Internet Security Applications Development

          SSH Communications Security (SSH) supplies Internet security software for demanding network security solutions. SSH provides best-of-breed cryptography and authentication technologies and products for secure Internet communications. The company's SSH Secure Shell application has become the de facto standard for secure logins, and now has millions of users in over 80 countries.

          SunPlex Systems Competitive Program
          Four RTU Licenses on Sun Cluster 3.0 Software

          The SunPlex Systems Competitive Program provides Compaq TruCluster and VMS customers who are re-evaluating long term decisions on platforms with an easy path to upgrade to the advantages of the SunPlex Systems and Sun Cluster 3.0 Software. Sun is announcing four aggressively priced RTU licenses on Sun Cluster 3.0 Software for a competitive trade-in for Compaq TruCluster systems. SunPlex Systems are designed to manage the application services for tightly coupled environments.

          Sun StorEdge Media Central Streaming Server Software
          Simplifies Digital Asset Management

          The new Sun StorEdge Media Central Streaming Server Software is designed to be client-agnostic and support multiple formats. It simplifies digital asset management by allowing streaming in the same format in which users capture, edit and store content.

          Forte Developer 7 Software Download
          Early Access Program

          Forte Developer 7 Software is now available for download through an Early Access (EA) Program. Forte Developer (formerly known as Sun WorkShop) is a suite of tools from Sun for C, C++ and Fortran developers. New features in this release include a user interface based on the open source NetBeans Tools Platform and improved functionality in the Performance Analyzer.

          4D Networks Success Story
          ASP One-stop Solution Based on Jini Network Technology

          As competition increases in the Application Service Provider (ASP) market, 4D Networks has created a unique value proposition for its customers by offering an easy-to-use, one-stop solution based on Jini network technology. As part of Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), Jini technology offers a simple infrastructure for delivering services in a network and creating spontaneous interaction between programs that use these services.

          SunPlex Systems' Breakthrough Cluster Technology
          Lets Enterprises Manage the Service Not the Server

          SunPlex Systems architecture is a visionary clustering platform providing continuous and rapid access to data, devices and the network. SunPlex Systems build a foundation for the development of Services on Demand--Web-based services delivery that encompasses a variety of software styles accessible by end users on a range of client devices.

          SunPlex Systems Web Seminar
          Cutting the Costs of High Availability

          The SunPlex Systems Web seminar details how Sun's revolutionary approach to clustering helps provide continuous availability and, at the same time, reduces costs and lowers risks. The seminar includes a guided tour of the SunPlex System and technical information on system configuration and hardware.

            cPCI Assembly Support for Sun Fire 4800, 4810 and 6800 Servers
            Compact PCI I/O Assembly

            Sun has released the compact PCI (cPCI) I/O assembly on the Sun Fire 4800, 4810 and 6800 servers. Now, all midframe systems from the Sun Fire 3800 Server to the Sun Fire 6800 Server can utilize both Network adapters and Host Bus adapters that are based on the cPCI standard.

              Sun StorEdge 9900 Series
              Sun StorEdge SRM

              Sun StorEdge 9900 series customers will be able to view and manage the entire storage network infrastructure by employing Sun StorEdge SRM, the industry's leading storage resource management software, and Hitachi Data Systems' recently released HiCommand software framework. This flexibility improves resource utilization, enhances business continuity solutions and reduces administration overhead.

              Security Technology White Papers

              There are a variety of white papers about security technology on the Sun Web site. Topics include role-based access control (RBAC) in the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), SunScreen Secure Net Software, Trusted Solaris OE, Secure Enterprise Computing, Sun Crypto Accelerator I Board and other articles on developing and implementing security policies.

              "Secure Enterprise Computing with Solaris 8 Operating Environment"
              A 17-page Technical White Paper

              The White Paper "Secure Enterprise Computing with the Solaris 8 Operating Environment," discusses the importance of security as businesses increase their use of the Internet and the value of the security features of Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) such as using encrypted Internet Protocol Security Architecture (IPSec) connections, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and role-based access control (RBAC).

              Security Technologies
              From Auditing to Firewalls

              The Sun Security Web site provides information on many technologies, including auditing, authentication, smart cards and firewalls.

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