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Netscape 6.1 EA for Solaris Operating Environment
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November 19, 2001,
Volume 45, Issue 3

NetscapeTM 6.1 EA for SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE) is ready for a test drive. Netscape 6.1 EA for the Solaris OE is an early access version for evaluation and test purposes. Netscape includes powerful tools to surf the Web, communicate with colleagues, participate in discussion groups and create dynamic Web pages, in a single integrated package. Netscape 6.1 EA, the latest update to the Netscape Browser suite, enhances the performance and stability of Netscape 6 while improving functionality and adding a number of key features.

With this release, Netscape delivers a browser that is small in size, leads the industry in standards compliance, and can run across a wide variety of platforms, from traditional PC desktops to emerging computing devices.

The Netscape 6.1 EA browser makes it easy to find important information, while enabling users to create a customized browser. Netscape 6.1 EA software provides innovative functionality in several key areas:

  • Easier to install and use
  • More comprehensive and modular
  • Support for more industry standards including XML, Document Object Model (DOM), and Cascading Style Sheets level 1 (CSS1)
  • My Sidebar feature helps keep important information available
  • Advanced search capabilities find information faster and easier
  • Real-time messaging integrated with browsing and mail
  • Personalized themes
  • Netscape 6.1 EA software comes with the latest JavaTM Virtual Machine; a new Netscape JavaTM Plug-In; JavaTM technology extensions and APIs; and a cross-platform, Java technology-based XPCOM component that delivers industry-leading interoperability

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