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Solstice Backup Software Update
Installation to the 6.1 Release
November 19, 2001,
Volume 45, Issue 3

There is an Update Release process for Solstice BackupTM Software that provides a cost-effective solution to allow customers to update their Solstice Backup Software installation to the 6.1 release. Older versions of Solstice Backup Software are being removed from the price list. The update release kits include a Solstice Backup 6.1 Software media kit along with the update enabler. Together these items are used to activate installation of the 6.1 version of all components in place of the older version. The update process does not add components or licenses. In some cases new licenses will have to be applied to maintain full support or coverage. Solstice Backup Software is targeted at professional IT operations staff that handle the backup, restore and disaster recovery tasks for customers.


  • Server controlled backups and restore provide centralized administration

  • Multi-platform client support allows same software for varied heterogeneous clients

  • LAN-less Storage Node backups provide faster backups to directly attached tapes

The server platforms supported include Sun EnterpriseTM 10000 Servers, Sun UltraTM Workstations, Sun BladeTM 100 and Sun Blade 1000 Servers, and Sun FireTM 3800 Servers and higher servers.

The Sun storage disks and arrays supported include Sun StorEdgeTM T3 Arrays and Sun StorEdge A7000 Arrays. The Sun tape libraries supported include Sun StorEdgeTM L700 Tape Libraries and Sun StorEdge L9 Tape Libraries.

Workgroup, Network and Power Editions of Solstice Backup 6.0 Software, as well as Network and Power Edition Storage Nodes are supported on SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE) version 2.6, 7 and 8. Support contracts from Sun are still recommended. These contracts offer much more than just an update including:

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