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19 Nov 2001
WebIntelligence: Record-breaking Results
Running on Solaris Operating Environment

Business Objects has achieved record-breaking results in its most recent performance tests running in the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). WebIntelligence 2.6 ran on a fully loaded Sun Enterprise 10000 server in a four domain mode with 16 CPUs each. Business Objects has shown an 80 percent increase in performance statistics of WebIntelligence 2.6 on the Sun Enterprise 10000 server, also known as Starfire.
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20 Nov 2001
Trigent Software Supports realMethods Framework Software
For Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Application Development

Trigent Software will provide support and value-added consulting services for customers of the realMethods Framework software for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application development. The realMethods Framework provides a set of core J2EE services and components so that developers can generate and build applications that are compliant with J2EE standards.
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20 Nov 2001
Sonic Software Integrates SonicMQ with BEA WebLogic
Java Message Service Technology Product

Sonic Software has integrated SonicMQ, its Java Message Service technology product, with BEA WebLogic. SonicMQ provides a highly scalable, standards-based Internet middleware for guaranteed and secure delivery of business-critical data across the extended enterprise or among companies for B2B exchange. BEA customers can also increase the reliability and security of Web services with SonicXQ.
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20 Nov 2001
NASA National Scientific Balloon Facility
Integrates BiTMICRO's Solid-State Disk Storage Technology

The National Scientific Balloon Facility (NSBF) incorporated BiTMICRO Networks' flash drive solid-state disk (SSD) solutions for use in NSBF research, engineering and operational support. BiTMICRO's E-Disks have been incorporated specifically into NSBF's new balloon flight systems. The NSBF is a NASA facility that provides the services of launching high altitude research balloons, tracking and recovering the scientific experiments suspended beneath them for universities and NASA centers from all over the world.
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