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Centile Inc. and Netra Servers Success Story
IP-based Services to Communications Service Providers
November 19, 2001,
Volume 45, Issue 3

Centile Inc. is a provider of IP-based services to Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The company develops a standards-based and ready-to-deploy IP network telephony platform that helps enable CSPs to deliver new customizable communication services quickly to their customers. Centile chose NetraTM servers for their high availability.

Centile's experience in developing next-generation communication technologies has focused the company's sights on the convergence of voice and data, according to Jean Berthe, Vice President Sales Engineering, Europe and Director of Customer Operations at Centile.

Hosted iPBX systems meet a company's telephony requirements with a software-based virtual telephone exchange that is hosted outside the customer's own local area network (LAN) with a fast access line to the Internet. "Our system allow a service provider to host telephone services for small-to-medium-sized companies without the need for the customer to have any special equipment. All that is needed is a fast Internet access line and a local area network (LAN)," continues Berthe.

NetraTM servers from Sun are the servers of choice for many of the largest CSPs around the world because of their reliability and performance. This was a key factor in Centile's decision to develop its new service on NetraTM t1 Servers. "We needed to base the product on a platform that service providers would feel comfortable with, and one of the most important factors for communications services is high availability. All the services we provide are based on the best-of-class technology, and the Netra server was the ideal choice for Centile because it delivers the high performance that we demand and is recognized as a leader in this area," explains Berthe.

Centile has developed and tested the Hosted iPBX on four clustered Netra t1 Servers with one additional Netra t1 Server for backup. In this environment, the new system has been shown to process up to 12,600 calls per hour. When the system is implemented at service provider sites, companies can choose to run the service on a greater number of Netra t1 Servers, depending on the level of uptake from their customers.

Easy Upgrade Path

One of the service's primary needs is for upgrades and service improvements to be implemented regularly. This was one of the reasons for writing the Hosted iPBX entirely in JavaTM technology programming language, which also makes it easily portable and accessible from different platforms. "A main selling point for our company is that our services can be deployed easily and cost efficiently, allowing service providers to achieve a return on investment over a short period of time," explains Berthe. "We needed a server platform that would play a key role in that. The customers of the new Hosted iPBX system will benefit from a low-cost system with easy upgrades to new enhancements. Developing this system on the Sun Netra server allow service providers to benefit from an easily scalable platform that has low maintenance costs due to extremely high reliability," Berthe said.

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