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19 Nov 2001
Centile Inc. and Netra Servers Success Story
IP-based Services to Communications Service Providers

Centile Inc. provides IP-based services to Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Centile chose to develop its new service on Sun Netra t1 Servers because of their reliability and performance.
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15 Nov 2001
Sun Cobalt Server Online Support
New Web-centric Support Model

Sun has launched a free Web-centric support model for the Sun Cobalt product line with the release of Sun Cobalt Online Support, which gives users 24x7 access to support solutions and information for the service life of the product. At no charge, visitors can instantly access product information, troubleshooting tips and moderated forums. Per-incident phone support is available for a fee as a supplement to the Web-based offerings.
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19 Nov 2001
GNP Computers Telecom Platform
Integrates Netra ct Server

GNP Computers has released an application-ready high availability telecommunications platform for voice-over-Internet-protocol applications. This new platform integrates a Sun NEBS Level 3 telecom server--the Netra ct Server based on the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE)--with GNP's Continuant Cluster Suite middleware. This integration is capable of delivering 99.999 percent uptime in telecommunications switching applications, providing load sharing, fault detection and recovery and managing multiprocessor systems.
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