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BCE Nexxia's Learning Portal Saves Millions
Delivers Anytime, Anywhere Training

When BCE Nexxia was tasked to provide Internet Protocol (IP) broadband services to business customers in North America, the company needed to quickly train its sales force, as well as other employees. Nexxia turned to ISOPIA, a provider of learning management systems software that has since been acquired by Sun. ISOPIA offered an ideal hosted application model built on what is now known as Sun LearnTone Learning Management System (LMS) Hosted. In just six weeks, ISOPIA developed a Web-enabled learning portal called the Nexxia Learning Network (NLN). ISOPIA was also engaged to develop custom asynchronous courses.

Brigham and Women's Hospital
High-performance Graphics Workstations

Neurosurgeons at Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a surgical technique that enables them to successfully remove brain tumors that were previously considered inoperable. High-performance graphics workstations from Sun provide surgeons with 3D models and views of the cranium based on data collected from magnetic resonance imaging scanners and processed by a cluster of Sun Enterprise Servers. Over 350 craniotomies have been performed on patients using this innovative technique.

Microsoft Windows vs. UNIX Systems
A Strategic Comparison

Paul Murphy of LinuxWorld compared Microsoft Windows and UNIX systems and asked: Under what circumstances is it smarter to pick one technology rather than the other? The comparison was done by analyzing the choice in a college setting and in a manufacturing company. Other issues covered in the article include evaluating initial capital cost, long term costs, the effect of the technology on user productivity.

Sun Volunteer Programs for the Holidays
Helping Santa

Sun will be participating in numerous volunteer activities in communities across the nation, including Sun's campuses in Broomfield, CO, Burlington, MA and Austin, TX, allowing Sun employees a chance to make a difference this holiday season. The drive began over the Thanksgiving weekend and runs through December.

    Netscape 6.1 EA for Solaris Operating Environment
    Latest Update

    Netscape 6.1 EA for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) is an early access version for evaluation and test purposes. Netscape 6.1 EA, the latest update to the Netscape Browser suite, enhances the performance and stability of Netscape 6 while improving functionality and adding a number of key features.

    Solaris Bandwidth Manager Software White Paper
    Enterprise QoS Policy Based Systems and Network Management

    There is a white paper on the Sun Web site covering the Solaris Bandwidth Manager Software, titled "Tech Concepts: Enterprise QoS Policy Based Systems and Network Management." The paper provides an overview of QoS and policy fundamentals, and describes how these technologies fit in the various segments within the overall "end to end" solution. Performance results are presented, along with comparisons based on different traffic types and architectures. A proposed integrated solution is described, using Sun products to dynamically reconfigure the QoS capable network device.

    The Making of a Portal
    With Sun Open Net Environment

    The Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) makes it easier for businesses to combine what they know about their customers with Internet technologies to leverage their information assets into new services online. The inside Sun ONE portal demonstrates the Web-based customer-centric approach to doing business online.

    Solaris Operating Environment Licensing
    Terms and Conditions

    Details of the Solaris Operating Environment licensing terms are now available on the Sun Web page. This site contains information regarding the Terms and Conditions of the Solaris OE Binary Code License Agreement, including helpful information regarding licenses for used Sun equipment, transfers of licenses, software upgrades and more.

    Rehost without Rewriting
    A New Suite of Products

    There is a comprehensive suite of products that allow customers to rehost their applications running on IBM mainframes on Sun servers without rewriting these applications. The prodcut suite includes Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software 7.2 Sun Mainframe Batch Manager Software 9.2, Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing and Batch Manager Software 7.2, and 3270 Pathway 1.5 Software. This suite of products helps customers retain their investment in applications written, while benefiting from substantially lower hardware, software and service costs and a lower TCO.

    Sun PGX32 Graphics Accelerator Card
    Order Dates Extension

    Despite the success of the Sun PGX64 Graphics Accelerator Card, which replaced the Sun PGX32 Graphics Accelerator Card (PGX32), some customers wish to continue with the PGX32 card for legacy reasons. As a result, Sun is extending the last order date for the PGX32 card. The PGX32 card transition remains in effect. The last order date is January 4, 2002; the last ship date is April 5, 2002. order date for the PGX32 card. The last order date is January 4, 2002, and the lst ship date is April 5, 2002.

    Sun Blade 1000 Workstation and SunPCi IIpro Card Combination
    Includes 128 MB memory

    Sun is now offering a new entry-level Sun Blade 1000 Workstation with the SunPCi IIpro Co-processor Card installed. The configuration includes two 750-MHz CPUs, 1 GB RAM, Sun Expert3D-lite graphics card, 36-GB disk and the SunPCi IIpro card. The SunPCi IIpro Card includes a 733 MHz Celeron Processor, 128 MB memory, 24bit graphics, USB port, Serial and Parallel port.

    2 x 900 MHz Sun Blade 1000 Workstation
    Limited-Time Offer

    The limited-time offer of 2 x 900 MHz Sun Blade 1000 Workstation Promotion is aimed at the very high-end workstation market. This promotion allows customers to order a system with dual 900 MHz CPUs and 2 GB RAM capacity at an attractive price. Lead time is 5-10 days from receipt of order.

      Price Reduction of UltraSPARC III 750 MHz CPU Module
      Expanded Functionality

      The price of the UltraSPARC III 750 MHz CPU module has been reduced. This provides expanded functionality and increased performance of of the Sun Blade 1000 Workstation systems. It can be upgraded from a single to a dual CPU system. The low entry price allows future expandability into a high-end workstation as customer needs grow.

      Server Consolidation
      Benefits and a Planning Strategy

      There is a white paper available on the Sun Web page that discusses the benefits of consolidating servers, planning a strategy of consolidation and choosing a platform.

      Server Documentation
      On Sun Web Site

      The Sun Web page contains server documentation for Sun Enterprise and Sun Fire workgroup, midframe and midrange servers, SPARCcenter and SPARCserver servers and Netra high-end servers.

      Entry Level Servers
      Centile Inc. and Netra Servers Success Story
      IP-based Services to Communications Service Providers

      Centile Inc. provides IP-based services to Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Centile chose to develop its new service on Sun Netra t1 Servers because of their reliability and performance.

      Sun Cobalt Server Online Support
      New Web-centric Support Model

      Sun has launched a free Web-centric support model for the Sun Cobalt product line with the release of Sun Cobalt Online Support, which gives users 24x7 access to support solutions and information for the service life of the product. At no charge, visitors can instantly access product information, troubleshooting tips and moderated forums. Per-incident phone support is available for a fee as a supplement to the Web-based offerings.

      GNP Computers Telecom Platform
      Integrates Netra ct Server

      GNP Computers has released an application-ready high availability telecommunications platform for voice-over-Internet-protocol applications. This new platform integrates a Sun NEBS Level 3 telecom server--the Netra ct Server based on the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE)--with GNP's Continuant Cluster Suite middleware. This integration is capable of delivering 99.999 percent uptime in telecommunications switching applications, providing load sharing, fault detection and recovery and managing multiprocessor systems.

      Solstice Backup Software Update
      Installation to the 6.1 Release

      There is an Update Release process for Solstice Backup Software which provides a cost-effective solution to allow customers to update their Solstice Backup installation to the 6.1 release. Older versions are being removed from the price list. The update release kits include a Solstice Backup 6.1 Software media kit along with the update enabler.

      Forte for Java Software Guided Tour
      Slide Show

      The Forte for Java Software Guided Tour demonstrates how to work with Forte for Java Software. The tour provides an introduction and overview. It also covers building Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications as well as developing and deploying powerful Web services.

      Forte for Java Software Developer Resources
      Support Matrix

      The Forte for Java Software Developer Resources Web page contains a consolidated table that shows supported technologies for each release and version of Forte for Java Software.

      Interval Arithmetic
      In Forte Developer Language Products

      The article on the Forte Tools Software Web page, "Interval Arithmetic for Guaranteed Results," by Dr. Bill Walster, the Sun architect of interval arithmetic functionality in Forte Developer language products, provides an overview of interval arithmetic and why it is an important technology for certain types of software projects.

      Solaris Developer Connection Training and Tutorials
      Online and Web-based

      The Solaris Developer Connection Training and Tutorials Web site offers a number of tutorials and Web-based courses.

      Java Technology
      Project JXTA: Scenarios
      How the Technology Can Work for Us

      Project JXTA's technologies are not just useful for technical research; they can also be utilized in everyday situations. Such scenarios include utilizing Project JXTA technology to explore the deep Web, create a home and office interface, reduce global language barriers on the Internet, create a master family calendar and more.

        New Product Marketplace
        WebIntelligence: Record-breaking Results
        Running on Solaris Operating Environment

        Business Objects has achieved record-breaking results in its most recent performance tests running in the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). WebIntelligence 2.6 ran on a fully loaded Sun Enterprise 10000 server in a four domain mode with 16 CPUs each. Business Objects has shown an 80 percent increase in performance statistics of WebIntelligence 2.6 on the Sun Enterprise 10000 server, also known as Starfire.

        Trigent Software Supports realMethods Framework Software
        For Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Application Development

        Trigent Software will provide support and value-added consulting services for customers of the realMethods Framework software for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application development. The realMethods Framework provides a set of core J2EE services and components so that developers can generate and build applications that are compliant with J2EE standards.

        Sonic Software Integrates SonicMQ with BEA WebLogic
        Java Message Service Technology Product

        Sonic Software has integrated SonicMQ, its Java Message Service technology product, with BEA WebLogic. SonicMQ provides a highly scalable, standards-based Internet middleware for guaranteed and secure delivery of business-critical data across the extended enterprise or among companies for B2B exchange. BEA customers can also increase the reliability and security of Web services with SonicXQ.

        NASA National Scientific Balloon Facility
        Integrates BiTMICRO's Solid-State Disk Storage Technology

        The National Scientific Balloon Facility (NSBF) incorporated BiTMICRO Networks' flash drive solid-state disk (SSD) solutions for use in NSBF research, engineering and operational support. BiTMICRO's E-Disks have been incorporated specifically into NSBF's new balloon flight systems. The NSBF is a NASA facility that provides the services of launching high altitude research balloons, tracking and recovering the scientific experiments suspended beneath them for universities and NASA centers from all over the world.

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