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Java Technology
"Programmer's Guide to Java Certification"
Inner Classes

The Java Developer Connection (JDC) is offering a chapter on inner classesfrom the book "Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive Primer" by Khalid Azim Mughal and Rolf W. Rasmussen. The book provides extensive coverage of the Java technology programming language, with particular emphasis on syntax and usage. The book helps the reader to master all features of the Java technology language and is a comprehensive primer for learning the Java technology programming language.

"Java 3D API Jump-Start"
by Aaron E. Walsh and Doug Gehringer

The hands-on guide, "Java 3D API Jump-Start" by Aaron E. Walsh and Doug Gehringer, covers every key component of the Java 3D API, including the scene graph programming model. This book also describes interactive 3D development for the desktop and the Web and presents case studies on Java 3D technology in e-commerce, entertainment and engineering.

Project JXTA Update
The Momentum Builds

Project JXTA is meeting the technological community's expectation that the application would make it easier for any and all devices on the network to find each other, swap files directly and securely, and get access to more and better content from the ever-expanding Web. Developers are embracing the open, peer-to-peer protocols JXTA technology provides and using JXTA technology to create innovative peer to peer (P2P) applications and interactive services.

Project JXTA Members Enhance Platform
More than 6,700 Members

Project JXTA began in April, 2001, and has grown to more than 6,700 members. The enhancements to the Project JXTA technology include usability changes to MyJXTA, Project JXTA security toolkit, and API changes. The result is easier to use technology as well as improved network and code reliability and enhanced demonstrations and developer resources.

Sun New Java Technology Blueprints
For Developing End-to-End Java Applications

"Java BluePrints for Wireless" is a collection of end-to-end best practices, guidelines and architectural recommendations that demonstrates how to best utilize the strengths of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Enterprise (J2EE) and the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) platforms to build a distributed, transaction-oriented enterprise application using J2EE on the server and J2ME on the client. The new Java BluePrints program is delivered, free of charge, through white papers and the Java Smart Ticket, a real-world sample application that illustrates various recommended development techniques.

Sun and Targasys
Java Technology In-Vehicle Infomobility Solutions

Sun and Targasys will work together to define the next generation architecture for Java technology-based Mobility and In-Vehicle Telematics services. Telematics will enable cars to download traffic reports, navigation requests, and diagnostics. Java technology also provides the back-end service delivery infrastructure that ties into a TSP's customer resource management and billing systems for service hosting and distribution.

Sun and Reuters Consultancy Services
For the Global Financial Markets Industry

Sun and the global news, information and technology group, Reuters, are joining forces to provide combined consultancy services to the global financial markets industry. Sun Professional Services Program and Reuters Consulting will offer financial institutions a combination of skills and knowledge to assist in improving business efficiencies and reducing time to market, risk of failure and total cost of ownership for new initiatives.

Sun and Oracle Applications Technology Center
Showcasing the Oracle E-Business Suite Certified Configuration

The Sun and Oracle Applications Technology Center (SOATC) is a service center dedicated to Oracle and Sun prospects and customers. It provides access to engineers, configuration and sizing data, and proof-of concept workshops for Oracle Applications and Sun technology. The center will also showcase the new, pre-tested, pre-installed and optimized Oracle E-Business Suite Certified Configuration, powered by Sun systems.

The London e-Science Center at Imperial College of London
Named Sun Center of Excellence

Sun and EPCC (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center) of the University of Edinburgh have announced their official alliance supporting EPCC's lead role within the UK National e-Science Center and the e-Science Program. As part of the alliance, the Edinburgh COE for Parallel and Distributed Computing will be used to develop Grid and High Performance Computing (HPC) methods and applications, and to integrate them with science and business portals. Sun also has named the London e-Science Center (LeSC) at Imperial College (a UK Regional e-Science Center) as a Sun Center of Excellence in e-Science.

Sun and AVAKI
Accelerate Adoption of Global Grid

Sun and AVAKI Corp. have announced a joint effort to accelerate the adoption of grid computing in enterprises worldwide. The two companies will focus on extending the existing interfaces between Sun's distributed resource management software, Sun Grid Engine 5.2.3 Software, and AVAKI 2.0, to allow enterprise customers deploying cluster grids to enjoy the full benefits of the grid computing model.

Sun and Etnus
Etnus TotalView Debugger Solution

Etnus, a supplier of debuggers for complex code, has entered into an agreement with Sun. Etnus TotalView advanced debugging capabilities will be supported on Sun platforms, specifically with the full 64-bit architecture, as well as with the Message Passing Interface (MPI). Both companies will contribute engineering resources to ensure that both Sun and Etnus customers have access to TotalView's broad range of debugging features for complex code in support of advanced application development on the 64-bit systems from Sun.

Eastern Ontario High Performance Computing Virtual Lab
New Sun Center of Excellence

The High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory (HPCVL) has been selected as a Sun Center of Excellence in Secure Grid and Portal Computing. HPCVL is dedicated to providing a secure High Performance Computing (HPC) environment for researchers. As a Sun Center of Excellence, HPCVL will team with its partners to build a secure grid accessed by secure Web interfaces to allow researchers in a wide variety of disciplines to access the resources they need no matter where they are located.

The Story Behind the Solaris Operating Environment
How Sun Transformed the UNIX OS

The UNIX platform is the foundation for new Web-based and wireless solutions and advanced technologies. The Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) delivers the number one rated UNIX environment and provides the foundation for the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE). But it wasn't always so. Over twenty years ago, UNIX OS was just born and Solaris OE wasn't even a gleam in an engineer's eye.

Electronic Sensors and Jini Technology
Remote Wireless Assessments for Environmental Cleanup

An article by Jon Byous on the Java Web site describes the ways in which scientists are utilizing Jini network technology for environmental cleanup. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), in Richland, Washington, are using Jini network technology for a new breed of electronic sensors that can remotely gather chemical data in worse case scenarios such as toxic spills and nuclear incidents. The PNNL chemical sensor team chose Jini network technology because it allows chemical sensors to automatically join together in a network community and leverage their capabilities by "talking to each other."

Sun and the Globus Project
Advance Grid Computing Technology

Sun and the Globus Project have announced a joint effort to further the advancement of the Globus Toolkit and Sun's Grid technologies, including Sun Grid Engine Software and the Technical Compute Portal. The parties will focus on continued development of the existing interfaces between the Globus Toolkit and Sun Grid products to provide the features needed for the Advanced Web--the next generation of web infrastructure for computing, collaboration and communication.

Sun Extends Leadership in Grid Computing
New Software Improves Enterprise Functionality

Sun has released the beta version of its Sun Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition Software 5.3. This beta version of Sun Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software is compatible with all platforms supported by the Grid Engine Project, Sun's initiative to offer the source code for Sun Grid Engine Software to users and the developer community.

Sun Fire 15K System Management Services 1.1 Software
To Configure Up to 18 Dynamic Systems Domains

Sun Fire 15K System Management Services 1.1 Software is the initial system management software release specifically designed for use on Sun Fire 15K System Controllers to manage a Sun Fire 15K system. An instance of this software is required on each of the main and backup System Controllers. While only one System Controller is needed at any time to control the whole system, when configured with a backup System Controllers, the configuration will have automatic failover capability and higher availability.

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Software
New GUI, APIs and Host Agents

The new Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Software enables storage administrators to manage a greater amount of storage. It consists of three parts: server, browser and host agents. All are shipped together as a single product. The software controls LUN management and security, significantly reducing storage TCO.

San Diego Supercomputer Center
Chooses HPC SAN Solution From Sun

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) has selected Sun to build the center's data-intensive portion of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) distributed terascale facility, called the TeraGrid. SDSC will use Sun's iForce High Performance Computing Storage Area Network (HPC SAN) solution to allow multiple computers, using a range of operating systems, to seamlessly share data. SDSC's NSF TeraGrid will be a central part of a growing computational Grid, a national infrastructure that connects scientific computing resources through ultra high-speed networking.

"Cluster Headaches"
True Developer Tales

The True Developer Tales section of the Sun Web site features real-life accounts of successes and failures from the Web developer community. A recent article was titled "Cluster Headaches." While modifying a Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology-based application for use in a clustered environment, a developer tackled a recursive process of identifying persistent objects in the HTTPSession class. The writer goes on to detail the myriad complicated steps of that process.

Sun Service Point Architecture
Delivering Services on Demand for the Networked World

The white paper, "Sun Service Point Architecture--Delivering Services on Demand for the Networked World," on the Sun Web site describes an architecture for effectively implementing application services. The ideas and technologies are geared towards IT managers and executives in organizations that are implementing software services or Web-based services. The Sun Service Point Architecture described in this paper can help decrease costs without compromising user service levels in next generation software implementations.

JavaLive! Swing Engineering

The Java Developer Connection Web site has a transcript of the Java Live! session on Swing. The guest speakers are Scott Violet and Hans Muller of the Sun Swing engineering team. They discuss the new features and enhancements in Swing, the Java Platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. Additional topics include the priorities for the Swing Team, bug fixes, changes in the look and feel, support for Microsoft Windows XP and HTML 4.0, and feedback about the drag and drop features. Swing is the project code name for the lightweight GUI components in Java Foundation Classes (JFC).

Living with XML
Technical Article

There is a technical article on the Solaris Developer Connection Web page titled, "Living with XML." The article discusses XML as a tool for representing data and the relationships between the data such as transmitting data, field names, the types of data, and more. There are code examples for flat data, CSV format and others.

"Know Your Enemy" Book
Security Tools, Tactics and Motives of the Blackhat Community

The Honeynet Project has released its first book, "Know Your Enemy." This book reveals the security tools, tactics and motives of the blackhat community. The Honeynet Project is a non-profit research group of thirty security professionals dedicated to information security research. All of the project's work is OpenSource and shared with the security community. The primary tool for research is the Honeynet. "Know Your Enemy," the project's first book, reports on the work conducted from 1999-2001.

"Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 8 Operating Environment" Guide
Certification Exam Guide

The "Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 8 Operating Environment" by Peter Gregory is an authoritative study guide to the certification exam for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE). It is endorsed by Sun Educational Services and contains self-assessment questions approved by the exam's creators. It is also a day-to-day reference for every system administrator using the latest version of the Solaris OE.

BigAdmin Scripts
Submit Scripts

The BigAdmin Web site provides scripts for system administrators. These are provided by Sun or by third parties "as is" and with "all faults." Some of the categories and scripts available include applications, backup/restore, configuration, filesystem, monitoring, and security.

Sun System Handbook
SunSolve Online

SunSolve Online is an informational and patch database service for system and network administrators who maintain Sun hardware and software. The Sun System Handbook provides the latest support information for Sun's system products. It contains information on systems such as part numbers, hardware specifications, knowledge articles, and more. There is a General Information section and FAQs.

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