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Services on Demand
Evaluating Business Opportunities

Services on demand are new kinds of applications made up of components that come together in a dynamic way to enable a wide variety of business processes. This architecture is completely open and based on standards such as Java technology and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technologies. This integration allows an enterprise to deploy a single application environment for both existing applications and more future-oriented services on demand.

SOAP Support in Sun Open Net Environment
McNealy Encourages Community Involvement

At the recent Services on Demand Summit, Ed Zander and Rich Green discussed the realization of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), the Java Platform, Java technology APIs for XML and the Java Community Process(JCP) Program. Heidi Dailey reported there was a large number of attendees and a surprise keynote appearance by Scott McNealy.

Forte for Java IDE and Red Hat Linux 7.2
Cross-platform Applications

Sun has begun shipping the Forte for Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) at no charge with Red Hat Linux 7.2, providing Linux developers with an open cross-platform IDE to rapidly build innovative database-aware Web applications and services.

Java Technology
European Commission Federated Community of Tourism
Common Online Access Point

The European Commission's quest to develop a federated community of tourism enterprises and services has resulted in The Federated European Tourism Information Service Harmonisation (FETISH) Project. FETISH promises to transform a scattered collection of disparate tourist enterprises, services and devices into a seamless network based on Java and Jini technology that is available from a common online access point.

Oracle E-Business Suite Certified Configuration
Database Server with OLAP and Web Servers Options

The Oracle E-Business Suite Certified Configuration powered by Sun Systems offers a unified Certified Configuration Management Framework that integrates back-up and restore support. This solution consists of three systems: Database Server with optional OLAP and Web servers. It provides a complete solution that includes Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, Oracle8i database, VERITAS storage management software and the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

NerveWire, Inc.
Supplier Collaboration Built on Solaris Operating Environment

NerveWire worked with a high-tech manufacturer to strategize, plan, architect and build a customized supplier collaboration solution in nine months using the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). NerveWire's solution improved operating efficiencies across the entire supply chain by helping the client leverage the Internet to enable real-time collaboration between its suppliers, contract manufacturers, and product design partners.

Boise Cascade Office Products Chooses Sun Technology
For IT Infrastructure

Sun has been selected by Boise Cascade Office Products Corp. to supply servers as a key component of Boise's comprehensive new IT architecture. Boise's mission-critical infrastructure is built on the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and will use data warehousing and business intelligence as new components of its backbone.

Sun and Wingcast Alliance
New Telematics Applications

Sun and Wingcast have forged a strategic alliance to deliver telematics services and applications. Telematics is the integration of computing and wireless telecommunications with motor vehicles to enhance safety, security, productivity and enjoyment for consumers in a mobile environment.

Katun Corp. Selects Sun Fire Servers
Modernizing its IT Infrastructure

Katun Corporation, an aftermarket distributor of imaging supplies, photoreceptors and parts for the business equipment industry, has selected Sun Fire and Sun Enterprise servers and Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) for its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Katun is modernizing its IT infrastructure with the development of a new, enterprise-wide ERP solution designed to facilitate expansion of business models and market opportunities and to strengthen connections to the company's suppliers and customers globally.

Solaris Bandwidth Manager 1.6 Software
For Sun Fire 15K Server

Solaris Bandwidth Manager (SBM) 1.6 Software enables customers to control the bandwidth allocated to particular applications, users and organizations sharing the same Internet or intranet links. There are no new features added for SBM 1.6, but new marketing numbers are released for SBM 1.6 on the Sun Fire 15K Server.

Sun Fire Servers with UltraSPARC Processors
New Copper-based Processors

Sun is offering the new high performance 900-MHz/8-MB UltraSPARC III Cu (US III Cu 900-MHz) platform-based Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4810 and 6800 Servers. These new copper-based processors further enhance the Sun Fire server family capabilities, providing increased performance and RAS features. New CPU/Memory boards are shared with the Sun Fire 15K Server, thereby increasing the industry leading vertical scalability from the Sun Fire 3800 Server to the Sun Fire 15K Server. CPU/Memory boards for 900-MHz processors are also designed to support 4 GB memory options.

Solaris Resource Manager 1.2 Software for Sun Fire 15K Server
New Marketing Part Numbers

There is a set of new marketing part numbers for Solaris Resource Manager 1.2 Software to support the Sun Fire 15K Servers. Solaris Resource Manager 1.2 Software enables customers to allocate and control usage of major system resources such as CPU, virtual memory and number of processes. Customers can improve resource utilization and simplify systems management while reducing service cost. Server consolidation is made easier than before since multiple applications that formerly were available on multiple servers can be combined and allocated a specified level of server resources.

Sun StorEdge T3 Array

Drives Total Cost of Storage Ownership Down

Sun has upgraded its best selling storage array for the workgroup and enterprise--the Sun StorEdge T3 array. The array features a new controller that delivers exceptional performance, increased resiliency, and a solid Storage Area Network (SAN) foundation. With the new controller, the Sun StorEdge T3 array drives customers' Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for storage to one of the lowest levels in the industry.

Repricing of the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Array
More Price-Competitive

Sun has repriced the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Array product family to make it more price-competitive. The repricing involves Sun StorEdge 9960 and 9910 Arrays.

Sun StorEdge MultiPack-FC Array with 73 GB Drives
Two New Configurations for Low-end Servers

Sun StorEdge MultiPack-FC Array is a low cost, high performance storage subsystem positioned for Sun workstations and low-end servers. It features hot swappable Fibre Channel disk drives and host connectivity performance. Two Sun StorEdge MultiPack-FC Arrays can be connected for up to nearly one terabyte of storage capacity. The Sun StorEdge MultiPack-FC Array is designed for users of the Sun Blade 1000 Workstation, the Sun Fire 280R Server and the Sun Fire 880 Server running the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) or later.

Sun StorEdge L700/L180 LTO Tape Drive, Media and Cleaning Cartridges
Features a 15 mb/sec Transfer Rate

Sun now offers Sun StorEdge L700/L180 LTO Tape Drive, Media, and Cleaning Cartridges for the Sun StorEdge L700 system and the scalable Sun StorEdge L180 tape library.

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Data Availability Agreement
One Hundred Percent Data Access for Twelve Months

Sun now offers the 100% Availability Agreement, assuring customers of the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series' reliability. It also warrants that the Sun StorEdge 9900 Sub-system will provide the customer with one hundred percent data access for a period of twelve months following the date of installation.

EOL 64 MB PCI Sun StorEdge Fast Write Cache Accelerator
Being Removed from Storage Services Offerings

The Sun StorEdge Fast Write Cache product line is being removed from Storage Services offerings. Sun has announced the End of Life PCI 64 MB Sun StorEdge Fast Write Cache as a standalone product line, as well as 64 MB PCI Sun StorEdge Fast Write Cache as a standalone product in Q2FY02. Customers will no longer be able to purchase this product from Sun. There is no replacement or third party part number.

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