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Solstice Enterprise Manager 4.1 Software
Network Management Solution
October 22, 2001,
Volume 44, Issue 4

Solstice Enterprise ManagerTM 4.1 Software is a network management platform that provides the key tools and elements needed to monitor, manage, and maintain mission critical network environments such as network traffic in a telecom network. Solstice Enterprise Manager Software "framework" can be used as underlying technology for a network or element management solution, reducing development time and time to market. As networks continue to grow in size and complexity, Solstice Enterprise Manager Software's distributed architecture makes it uniquely scalable and its open standards based interfaces make it very friendly in a multi-vendor, and multi-technology environment that is constantly changing. Solstice Enterprise Manager 4.1 Software identifies faults, alarms, or other types of conditions occurring in the network.

New features:

  • A CORBA gateway (northside) has been added. By adding this gateway, CORBA-based management applications can now "plug in" to the Solstice Enterprise Manager Software framework and take advantage of all the management services that Solstice Enterprise Manager Software provides. CORBA is middleware standard that allows distributed applications that may run on different platforms to talk to each other through an "interface broker."

  • HA (high availability). In this release, Solstice Enterprise Manager Software can now integrate with SunTM Cluster software to achieve high availability. Customers can run Solstice Enterprise Manager Software on two nodes (machines), a primary node and a secondary node which are connected to each other. The secondary node is on standby. If there is a failure on the first node, Solstice Enterprise Manager Software is restarted automatically on the secondary node. Compilers were also upgraded to use ForteTM version 5.3. Support for Java Developer KitTM and Java Dynamic ManagementTM Kit (JDMK) was also upgraded to the latest releases.

Systems Integrators and/or consulting firms provide services similar to NEPs and can also benefit from Solstice Enterprise Manager Software. ISVs are another potential customer of Solstice Enterprise Manager Software as they can develop their applications on top of Solstice Enterprise Manager so that they can go to market with a complete solution, rather than just an application.

Benefits of Solstice Enterprise Manager Software

The advanced distributed architecture of Solstice Enterprise Manager Software allows high levels of scalability to match the growing operational and management requirements of a successful business. For example, multiple copies of the Solstice Enterprise Manager Software components can be distributed throughout the network allowing an organization to place their management resources wherever they desire.

Standards based and protocol independent, Solstice Enterprise Manager Software is a network management "platform" or "framework." It is not a complete out of the box network management solution. It typically requires development to be done before the solution is deployed into the network. Solstice Enterprise Manager Software can create "custom protocol adaptors" to interface to proprietary equipment that does not use standards based protocols.

Application development time is reduced through the reuse of existing software components and management objects and by utilizing the existing distributed services provided within the Solstice Enterprise Manager foundation.

Solstice Enterprise Manager Software provides granular access security to sensitive management information. Access can be granted to a particular user down to the specific feature level depending on their scope of responsibility. New services can be implemented on top of the Solstice Enterprise Manager Software infrastructure without modification to existing applications or the infrastructure itself. These services can then be distributed across a range of servers and low cost clients, minimizing the need for additional expense.

Solstice Enterprise Manager Software requires a minimum of 128 MB of RAM. The recommended configuration is at least 256 MB of RAM and at least two processors. The platform is the SPARC platform. The operating environment is the SolarisTM 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

Solstice Enterprise Manager Software supports TMN, CMIP, SNMP, and RPC. Solstice Enterprise Manager Software is compatible with Java Dynamic Management Kit, Solstice CMIP, and Solstice OSI.

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