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SunTone Database Platform 4500/3
New Software Image and Storage Flexibility
October 22, 2001,
Volume 44, Issue 4

Configured to engineering best practices, tested for full interoperability, and factory-integrated, Database Platforms offer safer, simpler, swifter database platform deployment. Backed by the Joint Escalation Centers (JECs) from the VERITAS, Oracle, and Sun (VOS) Initiative for interoperability issues, Database Platforms from the SunToneSM Platforms portfolio truly provide a complete database infrastructure.

The Database Platform 4500/3 from the SunTone Platforms offerings (formerly known as Sun Reference Configuration E1) brings a new pre-installed software image with more recent versions of VOS products. It also brings further storage flexibility, the convenience of a single recovery DVD, and cheaper installation service options for rack-mounted SunTone Platforms.

Database Platforms provide for a tightly integrated database infrastructure of best-of-breed hardware and software, including Oracle database, VERITAS storage management software and the SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

New Features

  • New integrated software image
  • Storage flexibility
  • Single recovery DVD
  • Cheaper installation services

New Integrated Software Image

  • Veritas Database Edition 2.2 for Oracle (including VxVM 3.1.1 and VxFS 3.4), Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition ( 32 bit), Solaris 8 OE (7/01) with patches
  • Component Manager 2.2
  • SunMC 3.0
  • Live Upgrade 2.0
  • Configuration Service Tracker 2.0
  • Solaris 8 OE Documentation (AnswerBookTM Software)
  • Online documentation for VERITAS and Oracle products
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0

Storage Flexibility

Previously storage was a mandatory component of Database Platforms. Going forward it will be optional. The recommended storage configuration is the 655 GB partner paired T3 disk arrays with Database Platform 4500/3. This is the most reliable storage choice, and the T3s will be factory integrated at no additional charge. If customers decide to purchase or use storage that is not from Sun with Database Platforms, any problems attributed to that storage product will be the responsibility of the customer and the storage vendor to resolve.

Single Recovery DVD

Using a single recovery DVD rather than dozens of CDs from multiple vendors, the system can recover to its factory-installed state. This DVD contains the whole integrated software image.

Cheaper Installation Services

In addition, there is up to 30 percent discount on ServerStart and ArrayStart services for rack-mounted SunTone Platforms.

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