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22 Oct 2001
TransCanada PipeLines Consolidates Servers
Sun Professional Services

As TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TransCanada) experienced growth, their IT infrastructure expanded and required new ways to manage and keep costs down. They decided to consolidate their servers and engaged Sun Professional Services Program. With training from Sun and new storage and server technology, TransCanada is seeing improved performance in applications.
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23 Oct 2001
Sun Open Net Environment Architecture
Implemented by Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor's has implemented the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) architecture, including iPlanet Application Server, iPlanet Web Server, iPlanet Directory Server and Sun Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) in its highest volume web sites, thereby allowing limitless client capacity and the ability to meet client demands 24x7.
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23 Oct 2001
Schlumberger Chooses Sun Open Net Environment
Wireless Delivery on Demand of Applications and Services

Schlumberger Network Solutions is developing an advanced solution called Schlumberger DeXa.Mobile for delivering applications and services on demand via wireless devices. The solution, based on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform, offers and initially delivers iPlanet messaging, calendaring, directory services, and standard or enterprise-specific applications to a broad array of devices, including RIM, Palm, Pocket PC, and smartphones. The solution will utilize the iPlanet Portal Server: Mobile Access Pack. Schlumberger's DeXa.Mobile solution will enable users to receive spontaneous content updates and alerts even when not in a wireless coverage area.
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23 Oct 2001
iForce Portal Solution for Service Providers
Sun and Telus of Canada

Sun delivered an iForce portal solution for service providers (SPs) based on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) architecture. Sun created the open solution with Telus of Canada as a framework that SPs can use to build a portal that serves as a central information repository for customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. The portal solution is based on the iPlanet Portal Server, other core applications from the Sun ONE platform, and products from Sun technology partners.
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26 Oct 2001
Vertical*i and Sun
Business Development Solution to the Life Science Industry

Vertical*i Holdings Inc. and Sun announced an agreement to develop unique technology solutions that support the mission-critical business development activities of the Life Science industry. These solutions, which combine Sun's best-in-class technology infrastructure with Vertical*i's unique enterprise software applications, will help Life filling product pipelines, bolstering revenue growth expectations and ensuring competitiveness.
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