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22 Oct 2001
XML Entity and URI Resolvers
Technical Article and Download

Norm Walsh, staff engineer at Sun, has written an article on XML Entity and URI Resolver Java Foundation classes. The goal of the article is to simplify the task of using Catalog files to perform entity resolution. There is also a free download available. Walsh discusses finding resources on the Net, understanding catalog files, and Controlling the Catalog Resolver.
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22 Oct 2001
HL7 ebXML Presentation

Health Level 7 (HL7) is a non-profit consortium dedicated to developing and publishing protocol specifications for application level communications among diverse health data acquisition, processing, and handling systems. Todd Freter of the Sun XML Technology Center created an annotated presentation that provides an overview of HL7's ebXML proof-of-concept demonstration. The presentation defines ebXML and includes illustrations of ebXML architectures.
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22 Oct 2001
Sun Tech Days Series Begins
Theme: Web Services and Beyond

Sun Tech Days begins in Warsaw, Poland, on October 29. It provides professional developers, programmers, web developers, content providers, service providers, and system integrators with the technology, training, and tools necessary for developing competitive applications for the Internet, intranet and enterprise environments.
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23 Oct 2001
New Upgrades to Solaris 8 Operating Environment
iPlanet Application Server Added Free

There is a new set of upgrades and enhancements to the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE). The iPlanet Application Server, Enterprise Edition 6.0 is being offered for unlimited development and evaluation at no additional cost on Solaris OE (SPARC Platform Edition). Solaris 8 10/01 Operating Environment now delivers improved Java application performance and increases manageability of storage. Enhancements include the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.3.1 software development kit (SDK) which is now embedded in the Solaris 8 OE.
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