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Sun Open Net Environment and Services on Demand
New Products, Services, Reference Architectures, and Tools
October 23, 2001,
Volume 44, Issue 4

Sun rolled out its SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software platform for services on demand as the company and its partners detailed new products, services, reference architectures, and tools. This announcement from Sun features the availability of the Sun ONE Starter Kit, the iPlanetTM Portal Server, and a new set of upgrades and enhancements to the SolarisTM 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE). The future plans for Sun ONE are also outlined.

This news release from Sun announces the following:

  • The availability of the Sun ONE Starter Kit, a four-CD comprehensive technical resource to develop and deploy services on demand using Sun ONE

  • iPlanet Portal Server: Instant Collaboration Pack is a collaborative, community-based instant messaging and teaming
  • A new set of upgrades and enhancements to the Solaris 8 OE featuring an unlimited development and evaluation license for the iPlanetTM Application Server

  • Continued support around emerging web services and XML standards, including SOAP, through JavaTM technology APIs for XML
  • The creation of the Sun ONE Consulting Specialty and Sun ONE Services Suite to help customers architect, implement and manage services on demand based on the Sun ONE platform
  • iForceTM Reference Architecture to help customers quickly deploy tested Sun ONE implementations to reduce risk, improve business efficiency and speed time to new services using open platforms

The Sun ONE platform includes Solaris OE and ForteTM tools to JavaTM technology as the development platform and the entire stack of iPlanet products. Sun ONE will provide SunToneSM Certification and Branding program, iForceTM Initiative and Professional Services solution offerings.

Sun is expanding the services infrastructure by enabling portals and simplifying business process integration. ForteTM for JavaTM Tools, the iPlanet Application Server, iPlanetTM Web Server and iPlanetTM Integration Server, all feature XML and SOAP support, allowing IT departments to bridge existing systems with the world of web services. The Java Web Service Designer wraps Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM) methods as XML operations and allows them to be combined into web services. The Java Enterprise Service Presentation (ESP) toolkit then enables access to that service. The iPlanetTM Portal Server serves as the visual presentation and integration vehicle, helping employees, partners and customers to improve productivity with higher quality of service and lower costs. The iPlanet Portal Server features the new Instant Collaboration Pack, a platform that allows enterprises to instantly identify online member presence and then message, exchange documents and collaborate in real-time securely.

This announcement is the first phase of a multi-phase roadmap detailed by the company to deliver on the entire Sun ONE offering.

In 2002: Private Web Service Registries. The next phase focuses on the re-use of the business processes by exposing these processes as web services and registering them in private or extranet registries for use with selected value chain partners. Lower operating costs will result by simplified single sign-on, authentication and authorization. Sun products will include the next generation Solaris 9 OE, Forte Tools featuring a single IDE for multi-language support and the UDDI- and Liberty-enabled iPlanet Directory Server.

In 2003: Federated Public Services Registries. In this phase of the Sun ONE roadmap, Sun will provide products and technologies to customers for the dynamic discovery and deployment of services on demand where services will be advertised via a public directory. This will simplify value-chain integration, further reducing costs while increasing partnership options and flexibility.

Over 25 systems integrators and ISVs demonstrated solutions at the Services on Demand Summit (October 22-24, Santa Clara Marriott, Calif.), and over 30 industry partners also announced their endorsement of the Sun ONE architecture, across a range of Forte Extension partners, Java technology developers, commercial software vendors and iPlanet partners and system integrators.

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