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SmartCode 4.0 Metadata Server
Supports Application and Data Modeling
October 22, 2001,
Volume 44, Issue 4

Information Architects' SmartCode 4.0 is a metadata server that provides interactive support for application modeling and data modeling capabilities based on the open Resource Description Framework (RDF) standard from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The primary benefit of SmartCode 4.0 is its ability to aggregate specific fragments of content from any structured or unstructured source, objectize it, and associate it with other SmartCode objectized components. As a result, libraries of reusable components are developed.

SmartCode 4.0 includes a commitment to core distributed infrastructure standards, including the JavaTM Servlet API and JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM). Support for J2EE components includes Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM), JavaTM DataBase Connectivity (JDBCTM), Java Server Pages (JSPTM), and Java Naming and Directory InterfaceTM (JNDI). SmartCode's support for the Java Servlet API and EJB components enables seamless interoperability with all leading web servers and JavaTM technology application server platforms.

The concept of metadata has already been used to create some flexible and powerful standards. XML and ebXML are inherently metadata languages that define universal standards for structuring data. UML and EJB also deploy limited metadata functionality.

SmartCode is an aggregation and syndication solution founded on a metadata framework. Metadata (apart from its other functions) is used to reference the location of the actual data or logic. As a result, access to data stored in a local repository can be streamlined, and its volume reduced.

By combining these features, SmartCode 4.0 reduces the time and cost traditionally associated with building business applications and maintaining dynamic content. In addition, by masking and automating the technical complexities of SmartCode, the SmartCode IDE allows development teams to quickly build complex applications that take advantage of these features. The SmartCode IDE functions as a plug-in to ForteTM for JavaTM Software.

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