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Exellar 2.0
Low Cost, Easy-to-Use, Extendable Mobility Platform
October 15, 2001,
Volume 44, Issue 4

Circata Exellar 2.0 Mobility Platform is the next version of Circata's framework that empowers enterprises to design, deploy, and maintain customized mobile business applications such as CRM, ERP, EDI, SCM, and SRM. The Exellar technology was built using Circata's patent-pending "Multiple Application Processing Engine" (MAPE) technology, which allows the Exellar server platform to run on any operating system, including Linux and SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

Circata's customers have already experienced an early ROI in terms of revenue, productivity, customer acquisition and retention, and they have a competitive advantage over companies who have not yet gone wireless.

Other mobile business applications that can benefit from Circata Exellar 2.0 Mobility Platform include email, instant messaging, alert systems, ASP enabling systems, advertising, IP Telephony VoIP, GPS-based technologies, and virtually any permission-based content delivery.

The user identity module of the Exellar Server Platform allows the user to create and update a personal profile through the wireless device or a web browser. The user profile contains preferences for pushed content, authentication, and navigation, simplifying and improving the usability of the application.

KARE11 TV Provides Wireless Access to Weather Reports

An example of how Circata implements the user ID module is its application for KARE11, one of the largest TV stations in Minnesota and one of 21 NBC network affiliates owned by one of America's largest media group, Gannett Broadcasting. Circata partnered with solution provider Wizmo Consulting to execute a project that includes wireless access to news, weather, traffic, sports, and TV schedules.

The Exellar Server Platform

The Exellar Server Platform connects wireless devices, such as smart phones, PDAs and pagers, to e-commerce applications and data sources via customized connectors. Each connector is specifically designed for each client to ensure accurate data transfer from source to device.

The Exellar supports all portable wireless devices, works on any wireless bearer protocol, offers built-in data encryption, and allows access for up to 5,000 concurrent wireless devices without compromising performance. Circata also provides its customers with end-to-end security from a wireless device to the trusted data center of the enterprise.

Circata's exclusive Software Development Kit (SDK) allows a developer to utilize the various components of Exellar and their exposed APIs. It provides an HTML-based GUI to build wireless applications, which can access content from existing HTML sites, XML pages, various databases, application servers, back-end and legacy systems.

Exellar has been completely developed using core JavaTM technologies and JavaBeansTM and can be ported onto any platform, including Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Linux, UNIXR and Solaris OE. It also supports security solutions that make use of the WTLS layer of Wireless Application Protocol, as well as SSL 2 and 3 Internet protocols. Circata recommends a Pentium class processor (600MHz and higher) or SPARCstationTM (400 MHz and higher) with 256 MB RAM.

Software requirements:

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