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Tested, Integratable Hardware and Software Architectures
Sun Simplifies and Accelerates Deployment
October 23, 2001,
Volume 44, Issue 4

At its Services on Demand Summit, Sun announced iForceSM Reference Architectures based on the SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) framework, Sun servers and Sun StorEdgeTM arrays. Sun unveiled its iForce Multi-network Communication Services Reference Architecture, which documents best practices for enabling secure access across wireline and wireless networks to enterprise and consumer collaboration services, including email, calendar and address information, with a design proven to scale to millions of users. Sun is also announcing an enhanced version of its iForce ISP Messaging Reference Architecture solution, simplifying delivery of core wireline email services with sizing guidance suitable to consumer and enterprise services.

iForce Reference Architectures provide specific, tested sizing and configuration guides for simplifying assembly of integratable stacks of hardware and software from standard components. They document the infrastructure required to scale from small installations to multi-million site deployments with a full range of communication and productivity services accessed through fixed and mobile, thin, and desktop clients.

"Unlike other vendors who force customers into costly, closed, complex, custom integration projects, Sun's strategy is to simplify deployment and management of open, cost-effective solutions. By doing much of the hard work ourselves and sharing this expertise with members of the community, we are offloading risk and expense from customers and setting a new standard for Solutions Providers in the industry," said John Shoemaker, Executive Vice President, Computer Systems at Sun.

The new iForce Multi-network Communication Services Reference Architecture applies the design principles, such as horizontal scaling, to key productivity services delivered across wireless and wireline infrastructures to ensure throughput and performance expectations are met. The architecture is based on the Sun ONE framework: iPlanetTM Messaging, Calendar and Directory Servers, and iPlanetTM Portal Server: Mobile Access Pack software, as well as the SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Sun servers, and Sun StorEdge arrays. It uses Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateways, load balancing servers, firewall software and SMS (Short Message Service) centers from Sun and iForce partners.

Sun also enhanced its iForce ISP Messaging Reference Architecture. It helps Internet Service Providers deploy a highly available messaging architecture that supports hundreds of thousands of users.

iForce Enterprise Wireless Reference Architecture, incorporating the iPlanet Directory Server and iPlanetTM Web Server with third-party products is also based on the Sun ONE architecture.

Sun plans to expand the range of technologies it incorporates in these architectures to reflect the impact of its investments in hardware, software and networking technologies. Reference Architectures are part of Sun's iForce Initiative, which brings together Sun systems, software, services and best-of-breed iForce partners to create and deliver customer-driven solutions that help large and small customers leverage the network to improve business processes.

iForce Reference Architectures are being deployed in iForce Ready Centers worldwide to allow customers to build proof-of-concept demonstrations that meet their unique environments.

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