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September 3, 2001,
Volume 43, Issue 1

XML-based web services are technologies that support creation, assembly, deployment, and discovery of dynamic distributed applications and are evolving rapidly. JavaTM technologies, including the JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM), and the JavaTM APIs for XML (JAX Pack), provide the ideal path to using the latest web service capabilities. The Java technology web site offers a roadmap of web services offerings.

J2EE is architected to provide a portable infrastructure for building the distributed applications that are the core of web services. The flexible J2EE application model is capable of supporting web services in both the web tier and the business logic tier.

The Java APIs and Architectures for XML provide the technology toolkits required to begin developing web services components and applications today. Technical articles and white papers available on the web site include:

  • Developer's Guide to Building XML-based Web Services with J2EE--This white paper details how the J2EE platform provides an ideal foundation for building web service applications.

  • Web Services Made Easier: The Java APIs and Architectures for XML--This white paper gives an overview of the web service APIs currently available or soon to be available from Sun.

  • Developing XML Solutions with JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) Technology--This paper describes how to use JSP to implement applications that send, receive, and process XML-based content and messages.

  • J2EE versus Microsoft .NET--This paper describes how, as an industry supported open standard, J2EE can support web services technologies as they evolve, without relying on a single vendor or product line to enable developers. It also offers a comparison of building XML-based web services.

  • Web Services Special Edition for Developers--Dot-Com Builder has a new section on web services. Included are articles on UDDI, SOAP, eBXML, WSDL, security, design strategy, and interviews with industry experts.

  • J2EE BluePrints for Web Services--This article, written by the J2EE BluePrints team, provides recommendations for developers on how to better understand and adopt the web service technologies of the J2EE platform.

  • Java APIs for XML--The Java Technology and XML page gives an overview of the Java technologies currently available for implementing XML-based web services.

  • J2EE version 1.3--J2EE provides the ideal infrastructure for building web service applications. Because it supports distributed, network-based applications, J2EE is the ideal platform for web services. J2EE 1.3 beta 2 is available now.

  • JAX Pack--JAX Pack will combine Sun's latest offerings in Java APIs for XML. Released regularly on our web site, each JAX Pack will deliver the XML technologies needed to explore the field of web services as it evolves.

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