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Real-Time Event Engine (RTEE) for Finance
Real-Time Market Data Application
May 18, 2001,
Volume 39, Issue 3

The Real-Time Event Engine (RTEE) for Finance is a new software application that can simultaneously capture, organize and query real-time data streams. Market data analysis is necessary for many financial functions and is particularly critical for highly dynamic and distributed environments, such as foreign exchange, equity trading and fixed income operations.

Designed for immediate analysis

The RTEE is a high-performance application for the real-time capture, organization and simultaneous query of streaming event data. It combines extreme scalability with a flexible Cache-ForwardTM architecture to support real-time analysis on streaming event data in distributed environments without impacting capture speed. It ties into any system architecture freeing financial system designers from having to build collection and management applications for real-time event data and allow them to focus on the crucial task of analytics. The RTEE has three main components that address the primary requirements of a comprehensive market data collection and analysis system.

The components are:

  • Collector: Captures market data from external sources in real-time and inserts the data into a persistent store.

  • Reorganizer:Organizes and indexes the data for efficient use, and re-orders out-of-sequence data.

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