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IONA Announces iPORTAL Integrator
Key Component of IONA's E-business Platform Prepares Enterprises for the New Era of Business Process Collaboration
May 18, 2001,
Volume 39, Issue 3

IONA Announces iPORTAL Integrator; Key Component of IONA's E-business Platform Prepares Enterprises for the New Era of Business Process Collaboration

iPortal IntegratorTM, IONA's application-to-application integration solution, provides a point-and-click environment for the integration of heterogeneous business systems and the automation of internal business processes. Connecting these applications and systems enables organizations to capitalize on the opportunities for business process collaboration such as trading exchanges, supply-chain automation, and new Web services applications.

"Companies that are adopting B2B strategies to increase the efficiency and velocity of their businesses need a solid infrastructure to interconnect their internal applications," said Michael Waclawiczek, vice president of product management at IONA. "For example, purchase order processing becomes an order of magnitude more efficient when it is directly linked to an organization's ERP system. IONA's enterprise integration strategy, as implemented in iPortal Integrator, assumes that interconnecting internal applications is the key to successful business-to-business integration."

Built on an XML and J2EETM-based infrastructure, the iPortal Integrator combines a scalable JMS messaging infrastructure with an easy-to-use graphical interface, a business process automation engine, an XML integration broker, and a transformation engine. iPortal Integrator also includes a host of highly flexible, intelligent application adapters for a variety of applications, databases and technology standards. With support for leading standards such as XML, J2EE, and CORBA, iPortal Integrator makes it possible for organizations to leverage their internal application integration efforts to connect their internal applications and business systems with those of their partners, suppliers and customers via the Web.

The iPortal Integrator offers the following benefits to customers wanting to integrate and web-enable their existing software applications: Independently Acting, Flexible Application Adapters. Unlike other EAI application adapters, iPortal Integrator's adapters can independently execute logic, yielding great flexibility and performance. These non-intrusive adapters provide real-time communication to and from the applications and allow applications to be sources and targets of messages without coupling of systems to one another.

A scalable messaging infrastructure supports the changing and dynamic needs of today's applications and the ability to scale across the enterprise. This distributed messaging infrastructure is built on a standard JMS implementation and permits de-coupled and asynchronous messaging between components with high scalability and reliability. The iPortal Integrator engine provides a scalable, distributed message routing and transformation broker. Messages are sent by source applications, routed and transformed by a distributed set of services, and sent to the target destinations.

iPortal Integrator's other graphical design and deployment tools enable easy message extraction, transformation definition, and deployment administration. These easy-to-use tools permit rapid integration of systems. iPortal Integrator's graphical Business Process Engine makes it possible for non-technical users to describe and manage business transactions and processes. The engine generates logic supporting integration transactions that may range in duration from seconds to days. The engine supports conditional execution of logic and the ability to call other processes, allowing reuse of process designs. Business processes are defined and stored as XML documents, allowing them to be stored and manipulated through a wide variety of tools.

iPortal Integrator is available in beta and supports Windows NT and 2000, SolarisTM 2.8, HP-UX 11, and AIX 4.3.3. General availability is scheduled in June of 2001.

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