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Free Sun Solutions CD with Java Technology Focus
Feature by Marissa Yasumoto
May 15, 2001,
Volume 39, Issue 3

A free 2-year subscription to the Sun SolutionsTM CD program is now available. The Sun Solutions CD program includes a wealth of updated Sun technology product information every quarter. In addition, links to the Internet from the CD ensure access to additional information, product updates, and try-and-buy software for serious buyers.

"The Sun Solutions CD Volume 2 2001 Special Focus on JavaTM Technology showcases product descriptions, presentations, demos, evaluation software, as well as plenty of money-saving offers" says Marissa Yasumoto, in her article on Sun's Java web site. "This interactive resource provides an in-depth view of the products, and is part of the Sun Solutions CD program, which features a different industry or market focus each quarter. Free quarterly CDs are included with your subscription."

The CD content includes the following sections customized to the industry or market focus featured:

  • Featured Software -- a collection of free evaluation software from Sun business partners.

  • Sun Solutions Catalog -- a current version of the online catalog lists more than 12,000 Sun technology-based solutions, including product and contact information.

  • Solutions Now! -- a series of Internet links to Sun technology-based product demos, downloadable evaluation software, and detailed product information.

  • Resources -- a list of Sun and other technology resources to help you find other solutions.

Read the article and then request your free subscription:

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