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15 May 2001
Technology Guides/Security Web Site
Includes Security Events and Conferences, Q&A, Links

The Technology Guides/Security web page, part of Sun's Dot-Com Builder web site, includes a number of security resources.
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17 May 2001
The Five Nines Meet 9-1-1
Executive Perspectives Feature by Scott McNealy

"The prime measure of performance today isn't megahertz, it's availability. Let's face it: The fastest server in the world has raw performance of zero whenever it goes down, for whatever reason. We used to talk about the five nines -- 99.999 percent uptime -- but the numbers that mean the most are 9-1-1" says Sun CEO Scott McNealy. In this article, Scott talks about the importance of availabiliy when the servers support an emergency (911) phone operation.
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18 May 2001
All About SunTone Certification
The SunTone Certification and Branding Program

The SunTone Certification and Branding Program defines and audits performance and best practices for service providers. With the SunTone Certified seal as a guide, customers can identify who meets the stringent SunTone requirements for exceptional service quality.
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    18 May 2001
    Wireless at Sun: An Introduction
    The Next wave of the Net Effect

    Wireless is here -- and you need to be part of it. The Internet was the first wave of the Net Effect. Wireless network computing is the next. If you're considering wireless solutions for your business, rely on Sun.
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      16 May 2001
      The Endangered Music Project
      A Digital Journey feature

      Digital Journey is a series of multiformat programs which explore human/technological evolution in the networked era. Digital Journey programs seek to gain a more complete understanding of new and emerging technologies in business, social, environmental, and cultural contexts. The latest presentation in the Digital Journey series is The Endangered Music Project.
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