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6 Sep 2017
On Open Source Databases. Interview with Peter Zaitsev
By Roberto V. Zicari

"To be competitive with non-open-source cloud deployment options, open source databases need to invest in 'ease-of-use.' There is no tolerance for complexity in many development teams as we move to 'ops-less' deployment models." - Peter Zaitsev

Roberto writes, "I have interviewed Peter Zaitsev, Co-Founder and CEO of Percona. In this interview, Peter talks about the Open Source Databases market; the Cloud; the scalability challenges at Facebook; compares MySQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB; and presents Percona's contribution to the MySQL and MongoDB ecosystems..."
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5 Sep 2017
Now live! MySQL on Docker: Understanding the Basics - The Webinar
By Jean-Jerome Schmidt

Jean-Jerome writes, "We're excited to announce the live version of our blog 'MySQL on Docker: Understanding the Basics', which will be presented by its author, our colleague Ashraf Sharif, on September 27th during this new webinar.

With 100K+ views to date, 'MySQL on Docker: Understanding the Basics' has become a popular go-to resource for MySQL users worldwide who are looking to get an initial understanding of and start experimenting with Docker.

So if you're looking at taking your first steps with Docker for MySQL then this webinar is made for you..."
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