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3 Aug 2017
Is The Global Economy On The Cusp Of A 'Super-Cycle' Breakthrough?
By Rob Preston

Rob writes in Forbes, "Every generation seems to think its economic future is at dire risk, from the Panic of 1893 to the present. OPEC-induced oil shocks and runaway inflation rattled consumer confidence in the 1970s. 'Japan Inc.' and other foreign competitors started menacing the Western manufacturing establishment a decade later, portending a shift in economic power and the birth of the 'Asian century.' The 1990s brought relative prosperity worldwide, only to collapse as the dot-com and, later, credit bubbles burst..."
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2 Aug 2017
Enterprise AI: Why Should You Care?
By Chuck Hollis

Chuck writes in Forbes, "Business leaders often tell me they feel barraged by technology vendors touting their latest shiny thing as 'disruptive' and 'game changing.' Some technologies, like internet and mobile, did turn out to be powerful forces that transformed how we do business. But other technologies, not so much.

As someone who has worked a full career at the intersection of business and technology, I've learned to be extremely judicious and selective when making my case for a new enterprise technology. And I do what I can to avoid hyping a trend..."
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1 Aug 2017
Research Says People Will Learn More Than Ever At Oracle OpenWorld 2017
By Jeff Erickson

Jeff writes in Forbes, "Oracle OpenWorld may be one of the world's largest annual business tech conferences, but this year the focus is on just you - namely, improving your individual journey on the path to greater learning.

For Oracle OpenWorld 2017, which takes place at San Francisco's Moscone Center this October 1-5, that means new session formats that foster deeper learning and retention through more active participation and collaboration among attendees, and more access to open meeting spaces..."
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31 Jul 2017
Gaps In The Electric Grid Aside, African Economies Are On The Rise
By Linda Currey

Linda writes in Forbes, "The African Development Bank Group recently wrapped up its 2017 annual meeting in Ahmedabad, India, with an optimistic assessment of the country's progress made in improving agriculture and ending hunger and poverty.

The group also noted its funding of the New Deal on Energy for Africa, a far-reaching partnership that aspires to bring electricity to the continent's most remote areas by 2025..."
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