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31 Jul 2017
Second Life Developer Breathes Life Into Social VR With New Virtual World, Sansar
siliconANGLE, July 31st, 2017

" Linden Lab, the creator of the world's most popular and prolific virtual world Second Life, released its newest creation, the virtual reality world of Sansar, to the public today.

Sansar's open beta gives creative access to developers and artists with the tools needed to create and market immersive, social 3-D experiences. The objective of the virtual world is to provide a platform for social interaction in VR for individuals, communities, schools, studios, corporations, brands and others..."
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1 Aug 2017
A Smart Torque Wrench And Google Glass Improve GE Aviation Mechanics' Efficiency By 8-12%
TechRepublic, August 1st, 2017

"GE Aviation is using Upskill's Skylight industrial AR platform with Google Glass to improve efficiency and avoid manufacturing maintenance errors...

Avoiding maintenance errors and improving efficiency are key ways to save money in a manufacturing environment, and GE Aviation recently found a way to do both by arming its mechanics with Google Glass and a smart wrench as part of a pilot program..."
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4 Aug 2017
Quantum Leap: Obstacles Remain, But A Revolution In Computing Is Almost Here
siliconANGLE, August 4th, 2017

"Salesman Tom is about to hit the road for a month long journey to visit customers and sales prospects, a trip that will take him to 50 destinations across the United States.

Tom needs to optimize the trip by three priorities. He must first maximize the time he spends with each client. Second, he must complete the trip in the shortest possible distance. Finally, he needs to do it at the lowest possible cost.

This variation on the classic "traveling salesman problem" would take one of today's off-the-shelf computer servers decades to solve definitively, if it could solve the problem at all. A quantum computer could knock it off in seconds..."
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