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The Rise of the Renaissance Database Administrator
By Edgar Haren
July 14, 2017,
Volume 233, Issue 2

Edgar blogs, "Today, I wanted to share, via our blog, a portion of our new whitepaper entitled "The Rise of the Renaissance Database Administrator: Cloud Opens Up New Career Vistas". For the complete whitepaper please download the asset in the resource section at the end of the blog.

What do these market-defining trends have in common?

  • Analytics for all
  • Analytics as competitive differentiator
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning/Cognitive computing
  • Real-time analytics/event management

They all rely on data - timely, accurate data delivered within an insightful context - to deliver value. The question is: who in the enterprise is most qualified and prepared to help deliver on the vision and values of the data-driven enterprise?..."

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