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12 Jul 2017
DevOps lessons learned: Advice for IT leaders
The Enterprisers Project, July 12th 2017

"DevOps is often described as a journey, a movement, or a culture. DevOps isn't just a set of tools that IT leaders can buy and put into practice the next day. It requires careful planning, continued attention, and a purposeful approach, such as creating a center of excellence or updating your DevOps team model..."
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10 Jul 2017
DevOps metrics: Are you measuring what matters?
The Enterprisers Project, July 10th 2017

"How do you measure DevOps success? Talk 'metrics' for DevOps work or cloud-native infrastructures, and the conversation tends to revolve around familiar operational and productivity measures. Uptime. Transactions per second. Bugs fixed. Commits. Familiar categories of data that are straightforward to track and would seem to at least passingly correlate with some combination of efficiency, health of the environment, and development speed..."
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