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Oracle News
Chartis Names Oracle as Top Category Leader for IFRS 9 Solutions
Oracle, July 10th 2017
Oracle has been named the top category leader in IFRS 9 solutions by research firm Chartis Research. Oracle believes its leadership position within the Chartis Research report further affirms their best-in-class offerings for all financial services entities looking to conform to IFRS 9 standards before the January 1, 2018 deadline.
How SuiteBox Uses Oracle Cloud To Revolutionize Collaboration In Financial Services
Alexa Morales, Oracle, July 12th 2017
Alexa writes in Forbes, "If you want to revolutionize the virtual workplace market, a cloud-native approach makes perfect sense - and lets you refactor your approach until you get it right. When New Zealand-based SuiteBox launched six years ago, it started out supplementing annual company meetings with online video. But a few years in, the startup had the foresight to pivot. The new target? A market that Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, DocuSign, and WebEx had missed: virtual meetings in the financial world, providing broad (and legal) identity authentication via real-time digital signatures and video..."
Can't Stop Cyberattacks? Teach Your Computer To Do It
Linda Currey Post, Oracle, July 10th 2017
"Corporate security teams have long built firewalls to keep the information held inside company networks safe," writes Linda Currey Post in Forbes. "But that approach carries fewer safety guarantees today, now that so many companies have embraced telecommuting and allow staffers to work on their own devices. Employees are using their smartphones and tablets to compute at home, in the local coffee shop, on airplanes, and in customer offices around the world..."
Global Accessories Retailer Parfois Establishes a Foundation for Accelerated Growth with Oracle Retail
Oracle, July 10th 2017
Oracle announced that Parfois has successfully deployed the Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Suite and the Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System to support their high growth and international expansion plans. Parfois operates over 750 stores across in 58 countries around the world. In six years, Parfois expects to triple the number of retail stores in their portfolio. Parfois offers affordable and on-trend fashion accessories such as handbags, jewelry, wallets, sunglasses, belts, scarves, watches, and hair accessories. Parfois also recently introduced apparel to their assortment. Parfois designs and develops 3,500 SKUs each season, with new items and merchandising in every store, every week.
Bring A Marketing Mindset To Your Talent Recruitment
Pamela Stroko, Oracle, July 13th 2017
Pamela writes in Forbes, "Building relationships. Tracking interactions. Capturing data. For many of us, these tactics are core to marketing, not human resources.

But in a candidate-driven world, the same tools and methods that marketers use to connect with customers are also valuable to HR organizations in finding and attracting talented people..."

Oracle Picks First Six Companies For Its Startup Cloud Accelerator In Paris
Michael Hickins, Oracle, July 11th 2017
Michael writes in Forbes, "Oracle today named the first six startups selected for its Paris-based Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program. Oracle launched its first accelerator in Bangalore, India, in April 2016 and has now expanded to seven additional accelerators in other parts of the world.

Corporate-run startup accelerators typically offer nascent companies access to financial and other resources they wouldn't otherwise have, while exposing the host companies to the startups' innovative thinking and energy..."

The Rise of the Renaissance Database Administrator
By Edgar Haren
Edgar blogs, "Today, I wanted to share, via our blog, a portion of our new whitepaper entitled "The Rise of the Renaissance Database Administrator: Cloud Opens Up New Career Vistas". For the complete whitepaper please download the asset in the resource section at the end of the blog.

What do these market-defining trends have in common?

  • Analytics for all
  • Analytics as competitive differentiator
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning/Cognitive computing
  • Real-time analytics/event management

They all rely on data - timely, accurate data delivered within an insightful context - to deliver value. The question is: who in the enterprise is most qualified and prepared to help deliver on the vision and values of the data-driven enterprise?..."

Machine Learning Is Transforming Data Security
CIO, July 12th 2017
"A data-centric security strategy, aided by artificial intelligence techniques, will help CIOs keep up with constantly evolving threats.

Organizations have spent considerable amounts of time, effort, and money to implement the proper security systems and protocols - but most IT professionals still worry about data security..."

IT - Storage
Digital Storage Outlook 2017 - Spectra Logic, July 10th 2017
"Predicting the next Oscar or Super Bowl winner is a favorite social pastime and markets exist whereby a person can profit from prescience. Predicting weather is still imperfect, but has come a long way.

Predicting future storage needs and the technologies to satisfy them may not be the hot new game night activity, but it is important to storage and media manufacturers, application developers, and all sizable users of storage capacity. Understanding future costs, technologies, and applications is vital to today's planning..."

    6 Ways SSDs Are Cheaper Than Hard Drives
    Network Computing, July 12th 2017
    "When it comes to TCO, solid-state drives are a better deal than HDDs...

    With all the hype and counter-hype on the issue of solid-state drives versus hard-disk drives, it's a good idea to step back and look at the whole pricing picture. This is a confluence of the relative cost per TB of flash die versus HDD assemblies, the impact of SSD performance on server count for a given workload, and the differential in markups by OEM vendors to their end users..."

    Four Options to Optimize SSD Performance In the Data Center
    Search Data Center, July 12th 2017
    "As more organizations adopt SSDs, practices for storage optimization need to evolve. Learn how tactics, such as disabling defragmentation and using the write cache, can play a role.

    Solid-state drive storage has gained traction as enterprises seek faster and more reliable storage for top-tier applications. But the rise in solid-state drive deployment has also spawned a maintenance dilemma for IT professionals..."

      GDPR brings serious implications for data storage
      ComputerWeekly, July 10th 2017
      "New European Union data protection regulations put tough requirements on organisations that store 'personally identifiable data'. We look at what is needed to achieve compliance...

      In less than 12 months, new legislation comes into place across the European Union (EU) that radically changes the terms of use for personal data..."

        Is enterprise object storage ready to lead?
        SearchStorage, July 12th 2017
        "Since it was first conceived in the mid-1990s, object storage has grown to be one of the largest methods of storing data in use today. The development and commercialization of object storage happened nearly in lockstep with the technology industry that is still its primary user by far, the cloud. Recent advances and shifts in data storage technology have IT buyers wondering if enterprise object storage could become as common as cloud object storage..."
          Viking Technology unveils world's biggest 50TB SSD
          ZDNer, July 14th 2017
          "Viking Technology has unveiled a new Silo Solid State Drive with a record-breaking capacity of 50TB SSD.

          The Silo SSD, which is part of Viking Technology's Ultra High-Capacity (UHC) family of products, enables significant data center space and power reduction compared to HDDs, while offering the same 3.5-inch form factor and standard SAS interface, which eases the migration to flash.

          If 50TB seems too extravagant to you, Viking Technology have a more modest 25TB offering..."

          What Is 3D NAND Memory and Storage?
          How-To Geek, July 11th 2017
          "Flash storage (like SSDs) is all the rage for PCs these days. And though the process isn't going as fast as we might hope for, that storage is getting cheaper and denser all the time, creeping up in value towards conventional spinning disk hard drives. The biggest leap forward as of late has been 3D NAND flash, also known as vertical NAND or 'V-NAND.' What does this mean for you? In layman's terms, cheaper and faster storage and memory. In non-layman's terms, well, let's take a look..."
          Data Protection and Recovery Solution Market at $14.1 Billion by 2025
, July 11th 2017
          The global data protection and recovery solution market is expected to reach $14.1 billion by 2025, according to a study, 'Data Protection and Recovery Solutions Market Analysis By Solution (Email Protection, Endpoint Protection, Recovery Management, Cloud Platforms), By Deployment, By Enterprise Size, By End-use, And Segment Forecasts, 2014 - 2025' ($4,950, 105 pages, June 2017), by Grand View Research, Inc.

          Market size was estimated at $4.70 billion in 2016 and is expected to gain momentum over the forecast period...

          IT - Technology
          Data Center Storage Architecture moves Toward Software-Defined Memory
          Search Data Center, July 12th 2017
          "New IT developments converge storage and memory into a hybrid approach. Consequently, the idea of software-defined memory starts to become more of a reality...

          Software-defined storage is only starting to gel, but the pace of systems evolution is such that the next innovations are already coming into focus..."

            R&D From Researchers at Stanford University and MIT: 3D Chip Combines Computing and Storage
  , July 13th 2017
            "As embedded intelligence is finding its way into ever more areas of our lives, fields ranging from autonomous driving to personalized medicine are generating huge amounts of data. But just as the flood of data is reaching massive proportions, the ability of computer chips to process it into useful information is stalling..."
              The Future of Payments: Sensor Fingerprinting, Facial Recognition, Retinal Scanning and Voice Control
              HelpNet Security, July 12th 2017
              "Viewpost surveyed a cross-section of 1,000 U.S.-based consumers, finding that overall, 80 percent of Americans are in support of payments technologies and currencies, including tools like sensor fingerprinting, facial recognition, retinal scanning and voice control, as well as currencies like bitcoin..."
              Video-editing AI makes fake Obama videos that look real
              siliconAngle, July 12th 2017
              "In a post-Photoshop world, most of us know that pictures can't always be trusted. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, it looks like video might lie to us too.

              Researchers at the University of Washington have developed an AI that can alter video footage of a person speaking to make their lips match up with different audio, literally putting words into their mouth..."

                Why You Might Trust a Quantum Computer with Secrets, Even Over the Internet
                Science Daily, July 12th 2017
                "Researchers have proposed a way you could use a quantum computer securely, even over the internet, explains a new report...

                It may be possible to control a quantum computer over the internet without revealing what you are calculating, thanks to the many possible ways that information can flow through a computation. That's the conclusion of researchers in Singapore and Australia who studied the measurement-based model of quantum computing, reported 11 July in the journal Physical Review X..."

                World's First Demonstration of Space Quantum Communication Using a Microsatellite
                Science Daily, July 10th 2017
                "NICT developed the world's smallest and lightest quantum communication transmitter (SOTA) onboard the microsatellite SOCRATES. We succeeded in the demonstration of the first quantum communication experiment from space, receiving information from the satellite in a single-photon regime in an optical ground station in Koganei city..."
                  IT - DevOps
                  DevOps lessons learned: Advice for IT leaders
                  The Enterprisers Project, July 12th 2017
                  "DevOps is often described as a journey, a movement, or a culture. DevOps isn't just a set of tools that IT leaders can buy and put into practice the next day. It requires careful planning, continued attention, and a purposeful approach, such as creating a center of excellence or updating your DevOps team model..."
                  DevOps metrics: Are you measuring what matters?
                  The Enterprisers Project, July 10th 2017
                  "How do you measure DevOps success? Talk 'metrics' for DevOps work or cloud-native infrastructures, and the conversation tends to revolve around familiar operational and productivity measures. Uptime. Transactions per second. Bugs fixed. Commits. Familiar categories of data that are straightforward to track and would seem to at least passingly correlate with some combination of efficiency, health of the environment, and development speed..."
                  MySQL Connector/Net 8.0.8-dmr has been released
                  By MySQL Release Engineering
                  MySQL Connector/Net 8.0.8 is the fifth development release that expands cross-platform support to Linux and macOS when using Microsoft's .NET Core framework. Now, .NET developers can use the X DevAPI with .NET Core and Entity Framework Core (EF Core) 1.0 to create server applications that run on Windows, Linux and macOS. We are very excited about this change and really look forward to your feedback on it!
                  Cloud Computing
                  New Job Roles in the Age of Cloud and Big Data
                  By Linda Tsan
                  Linda blogs, "Not so long ago, the net worth of many large enterprises derived from their physical assets. Today, the source of an organization's value is its data.

                  Data, when captured and analyzed efficiently, can rapidly drive innovation and product development. Products and services can be developed quickly to meet very specific customer needs, discovered. Cost savings can be achieved through sophisticated modeling. The potential for increasing revenue and decreasing costs through the use of data is vast..."

                    IT - Cloud
                    Cloud security is still a top concern
                    ITProPortal, July 12th 2017
                    "Recent cyber attacks have reminded organisations that the cloud is still not completely secure.

                    If you were to a compare a current survey of the 'top concerns for cloud adoption' with one conducted say five years ago, you would see that the number one issue back then was security, followed by data privacy or protection. Fast forward five years and, worryingly, these concerns have yet to go away..."

                    Top 5: Things to Know About Cloud Security
                    TechRepublic, July 13th 2017
                    "Before you can mount a defense, you need to know what you're defending against. And when your data is in the cloud, defense gets more complex. There's a whole meteorology of cloud risk patterns to analyze, so we're here to help you focus.

                    Here are five cloud security risks you need to know about:.."

                    Why serverless? Meet AWS Lambda
                    Javaworld, July 5th 2017
                    "A first-hand, step-by-step look at the ease and simplicity of Amazon's 'function as a service' platform...

                    Why would a developer use AWS Lambda? In a word, simplicity. AWS Lambda - and other event-driven, 'function-as-a-service' platforms such as Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and IBM OpenWhisk - simplify development by abstracting away everything in the stack below the code. Developers write functions that respond to certain events (a form submission, a webhook, a row added to a database, etc.), upload their code, and pay only when that code executes..."

                    IT - CxO
                    9 forces shaping the future of IT
                    CIO, July 11th 2017
                    "New technologies and approaches will free IT leaders to cut costs, save time and let machine intelligence do the heavy lifting...

                    IT is on the precipice of unprecedented change. Every company, now in the business of technology, is experiencing glimmers of larger shifts to come: automation, decentralized technology budgets, rapid adoption of cloud-based services, and most recently, artificial intelligence as a business necessity..."

                      CIOs Must Balance Daily Operations With Innovation (Slideshow)
                      CIO Insight, July 10th 2017
                      "The line between business and technology strategies has begun to blur, according to a new study, and IT personnel increasingly operate at the core of their organizations. As a result, IT leaders face two sets of challenges: executing day-to-day IT operations efficiently and cost-effectively, and developing the technological foundations for innovation and future growth, according to the "2017 Intelligent Technology Index" report from cloud and service solutions firm Insight..."
                        What is Digital Transformation?
                        Search CIO, July 12th 2017
                        "Digital transformation (DX) is the reworking of the products, processes and strategies within an organization by leveraging current technologies...

                        As such, digital transformation requires an examination and reinvention of most, if not all areas within an organization, from its supply chain and workflow, to its employee skill sets and board-level discussions, to its customer interactions and its value to stakeholders..."

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                          South Florida Technology Alliance

                          IT - Wireless
                          The Risks of Public Wi-Fi
                          Business 2 Community, July 10th 2017
                          "When it comes to personal cybersecurity, most people have at least a vague idea of best practices. They don't share passwords, they use passcodes on their phone, and don't leave their computer open and unlocked in the coffee shop.

                          Unfortunately, that only covers a small part of the cybersecurity risks they face on a daily basis. And when it comes to safety vs. convenience, convenience usually wins out..."

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                            SFTA Weekly Social Meetups: vBeers @ Miami (Tap42, Midtown)
                            4 Weekly Meeting Each Month
                            The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                            These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other hands-on IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                            Wednesday, July 26th @ Tap42 Midtown

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                            IT - Networks
                            How Networks Are Changing
                            Network Computing, July 10th 2017
                            "In a recent blog post, I discussed how the WAN is changing for some organizations. This post considers the broader topic of what else might be changing in networks, affecting staffing and skills. In fact, this topic should perhaps become an annual blog topic to address what's shifted in the last year.

                            Let's treat this as a catch-up blog on trends I'm seeing, which may or may not catch on..."

                              What is SIP Trunking and How Does It Work?
                              Business 2 Community, July 11th 2017
                              "By 2018, American telco Verizon will have ceased its ISDN services - a platform for voice, video, and data exchange introduced in the '80s by the CCITT - in the entire country; in the United Kingdom alone, ISDN lines have seen a decrease of 3 million from a statistical high of 4.7 million back in 2007..."
                                IT - IoT
                                10 Benefits of Analyzing Data at the Edge in an IoT Environment
                                eWeek, July 11th 2017
                                "A tremendous volume of data is created at the sources in most internet of things (IoT) environments. Historically, organizations wanting to immediately analyze all that data from their IoT sources had few options - each with major drawbacks. The use cases for IoT continue to grow, and in many situations, the volume of data generated at the edge requires bandwidth levels that can overwhelm available resources. Computation and analysis of IoT data close to the sources are critical because they allow more efficient and faster decision-making locally while also enabling subsets of the data to be reliably transported to a central analytics deployment. Things are getting more - not less - distributed. In this eWEEK slide show, using industry information from MapR strategist Jack Norris, we share the benefits of serving analytics at the edge in an IoT environment..."
                                How smart sensors and the IoT will evolve supply chains
                                ITProPortal, July 10th 2017
                                "Strategies for overcoming adoption challenges within your organization...

                                The world we live in is full of machine to machine (M2M) communication, some are visible, like our Fitbit, Nest or EZ-Pass and others operate behind the scenes. Pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies use 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and sensors to track and secure expensive shipments, manufacturers to detect when maintenance is needed on equipment, and hospitals employ sensors to monitor staff handwashing compliance to reduce infection rates..."

                                IT - Linux
                                Fedora 26 Brings New Boltron Modularity Technology to Linux Servers
                                eWeek, July 10th 2017
                                "The Fedora Linux community is set to release its second major milestone release of 2017 on July 11, with the debut of Fedora 26. Fedora is a community Linux project that is backed by Red Hat and has often served in the past as a launching platform for new operating system capabilities that are later integrated into Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Fedora 26 has three distinct editions, including Workstation, Cloud and Server, each targeted for specific deployment use-cases..."
                                Streamline Linux system management with these five tips
                                SearchDataCenter, July 11th 2017
                                "Linux systems can be complicated, so efficient management makes all the difference. Learn how tools such as systemd and open source PowerShell can make an admin's life easier...

                                In the data center, Linux can be a double-edged sword: It offers flexibility but also runs the risk of being complex. Fortunately, an arsenal of tools at your disposal can make Linux system management a lot easier..."

                                Why Linux Mint Won
                                Datamation, July 10th 2017
                                "Despite my preference for other distros, Linux Mint remains a leading distro in terms of newbie popularity. And now with Ubuntu shifting most of its focus onto cloud computing, now is the time for Linux Mint to shine.

                                This article will examine what draws people to Linux Mint over other distro, how it differs from Ubuntu and how Ubuntu's shifting focus may affect Linux Mint..."

                                IT - Security
                                Desperately Seeking Security: 6 Skills Most In Demand
                                Dark Reading, July 8th 2017
                                'When people say there's a security skills gap, this is what they really mean...

                                The last several years have seen a slew of reports coming out lamenting the typical enterprise's ability to recruit and retain quality cybersecurity talent.

                                Earlier this year, ISACA's Cybersecurity Nexus survey found that more than one in four organizations take six months or longer to fill priority cybersecurity positions..."

                                How to Write an Information Security Analyst Job Description
                                CSO Online, July 11th 2017
                                "A thorough, clear job description will ensure that security analysts stay on the same page with management expectations.

                                Whatever the role, good communication regarding the duties and expectations of a security professional is key to that person's success. That communication starts with a solid, thorough job description. It will be an important benchmark when hiring for the role, and a touch point for performance once the candidate is on board..."

                                Businesses Overconfident About Keeping Attackers at Bay
                                HelpNet Security, July 11th 2017
                                "Despite the increasing number of data breaches and nearly 1.4 billion data records being lost or stolen in 2016, the vast majority of IT professionals still believe perimeter security is effective at keeping unauthorized users out of their networks. However, companies are under investing in technology that adequately protects their business, according to Gemalto..."
                                Top security tools of 2017
                                CSO Online, July 11th 2017
                                "Go hands-on with some of the most innovative and useful security tools from today's most important cybersecurity technology categories...

                                Threats are constantly evolving and, just like everything else, tend to follow certain trends. Whenever a new type of threat is especially successful or profitable, many others of the same type will inevitably follow. The best defenses need to mirror those trends so users get the most robust protection against the newest wave of threats. Along those lines, Gartner has identified the most important categories in cybersecurity technology for the immediate future..."

                                How Code Vulnerabilities Can Lead to Bad Accidents
                                Dark Reading, July 10th 2017
                                "The software supply chain is broken. To prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities, organizations need to know where their applications are, and whether they are built using trustworthy components.

                                When a car manufacturer discovers a faulty part, it is obliged to issue a recall and notify its customers of the damaged product. The problem is that all these cars are already on the road driving around with a recalled part, causing immense amounts of liability for all parties involved..."

                                  The 5 worst big data privacy risks (and how to guard against them)
                                  CSO Online, July 14th 2017
                                  "There are enormous benefits from Big Data analytics, but also massive potential for exposure that could result in anything from embarrassment to outright discrimination. Here's what to look out for - and how to protect yourself and your employees..."
                                  IT - Careers
                                  5 innovative IT hiring strategies
                                  CIO, July 12th 2017
                                  "If your business is suffering from the IT skills shortage, you might need to inject some creativity into your hiring methods...

                                  The IT skills gap can negatively impact your business in a number of ways - and not just because it makes a hiring manager's job that much harder. Respondents to a recent CompTIA survey report that it hurts staff productivity (52%), customer engagement (38%), profits (33%), time to market (32%), cybersecurity safeguards (32%) and staying competitive (30%).

                                  But a skills shortage doesn't mean you're out of luck when it comes to IT hiring - you just need to rethink your strategy..."

                                    CompTIA: IT Skills Gap Appears to be Growing
                                    InformationWeek, July 12th 2017
                                    'A skills gap frequently exists between what employers want from their IT workforce and what workers can actually deliver. Out of 600 executives surveyed, 46% believe the gap has gotten worse in the last two years.

                                    Despite that, most organizations -- two out of three -- lack any formal strategy to address the gap, according to Charles Eaton, CompTIA's executive VP for social innovation. "Whatever the cause, there is clearly a wide chasm between the skills employers want and their perception of the skills their workers have."'

                                      Event-Driven Architecture to Become Essential Skill
                                      HelpNet Security, July 12th 2017
                                      "Achieving broad competence in event-driven IT will be a top three priority for the majority of global enterprise CIOs by 2020, according to Gartner. Defining an event-centric digital business strategy will be key to delivering on the growth agenda that many CEOs see as their highest business priority..."
                                      IT - Virtualization
                                      Containers vs. Legacy Infrastructure: What Containers Do Differently
                                      Network World, July 10th 2017
                                      "When people discuss containers, they tend to compare them to 'legacy' or 'traditional' solutions without defining what those words actually mean. Let's take a look at how containers compare to alternative technologies and what makes containers different.

                                      In general, words such as 'legacy' and 'traditional' within the context of containers refer to infrastructure in which applications are executed directly on virtual machines or on bare-metal servers..."

                                      How Linux containers have evolved
                            , July 10th 2017
                                      "In the past few years, containers have become a hot topic among not just developers, but also enterprises. This growing interest has caused an increased need for security improvements and hardening, and preparing for scaleability and interoperability. This has necessitated a lot of engineering, and here's the story of how much of that engineering has happened at an enterprise level at Red Hat..."
                                      IT - Big Data
                                      Predictive Analytics: Intersection of Humans, Machines
                                      InformationWeek, July 11th 2017
                                      "Is big data moving your decision-making needle, or, has it only confirmed what you already knew? Predictive analytics and a human touch help make sense out of your data.

                                      Businesses have had a good, long run of succeeding based on instincts and intuition. As data-driven decisions come into vogue, advocates are making convincing arguments that the data knows more than humans do. The argument has merit, to a point..."

                                      Understanding data engineering and what it means for the future
                                      jaxenter, July 10th 2017
                                      "The idea of collecting and analyzing data to gather insights isn't really new. However, the specific roles involved in the collection and analysis of data have grown and evolved considerably over the last decade as the amount of data being created has increased at a staggering rate. In this article, Cher Zavala explains why data engineers are so important..."
                                        Where's the value in big data?
                                        Information Age, July 10th 2017
                                        "Big data is the big buzzword on every business leaders minds, but how can they derive value from this phenomenon?

                                        When The Economist features big data on its cover you know that it has gone mainstream. And, indeed for some time now, the lure of big data has been a seductive one; successfully manage and exploit the explosion in data and commercial nirvana will be assured. Increased revenue will be yours, competition will disappear and customers will love you even more..."

                                        With the Right Tools, CIOs Can Tap the Power of Big Data
                                        StateTech, July 11th 2017
                                        "As data volume continues to rise at an alarming rate, agencies should do more to transform overwhelming amounts of information from a burden into an asset...

                                        Digital information lies at the center of effective state and local government. Leaders rely on data to make sound decisions, and citizens depend on it to access services and navigate their daily lives..."

                                          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                          Vol 233 Issue 1; Vol 232 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 231 Issues 3, 4 and 5
                                          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                          • Oracle chip designers quietly work on new SPARC CPU
                                          • Training Thursdays: Oracle Linux On Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service
                                          • Oracle Debuts Three New Open-Source Container Tools
                                          • Friday Spotlight: Oracle Secure Global Desktop Use Cases In Oracle Cloud
                                          • Oracle In-Memory Toolkit For SAP Applications
                                          • Finance and HR Leaders Shape Digital Disruption, New Research Finds
                                          • The Security Operations Center Is Dead ... Long Live The SOC By Dan Koloski
                                          • Oracle UX Goes Beyond 'Mobile First'
                                          • Full Transcript: Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd On Recode Decode (Plus audio)
                                          • PHP With MySQL

                                          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                            IT - Server
                                            What is hyperconvergence?
                                            Network World, July 11th 2017
                                            "Hyperconvergence is an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system in an effort to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability. Hyperconverged platforms include a hypervisor for virtualized computing, software-defined storage, and virtualized networking, and they typically run on standard, off-the-shelf servers. Multiple nodes can be clustered together to create pools of shared compute and storage resources, designed for convenient consumption..."
                                              IT - Encryption
                                              Q&A: The importance of encryption
                                              ITProPortal, July 12th 2017
                                              "Jerome Mohammed, Operations Director at Scentrics discusses encryption and its importance in the modern business...

                                              1. What is encryption and why is it important?

                                              Encryption is the process of making content unintelligible to anyone or any device without the proper keys to unlock that content. It is important because every time we use a device on the internet we leave a digital footprint that is accessible to those that either want to monetise this information and or those that wish us harm (e.g. terrorists, hackers etc). Encryption, if implemented the right way, puts you back in control over who you allow to view what information..."

                                              IT - Java
                                              No swan song for Java: 10 influencers weigh in on its reputation, rivals and adoption
                                              jaxenter, July 10th 2017
                                              "What's cooking in the Java world? Plenty, actually. Java 9 is coming in September, Jigsaw has finally its approval and our Java influencers are offering us some valuable insight into the future of this programming languages. In this 3-part interview series, we shed some light on where Java is headed to and what language is a worthy opponent..."
                                              Monday Spotlight: Reduce Your Security Vulnerabilities Without Disrupting Operations
                                              By Zeynep Koch
                                              Zeynep blogs, "With security breaches on the rise and as more customers adopt emerging container technologies for the cloud, the ability to patch systems with critical security errata without downtime has become more crucial than ever. Attend this webcast to learn how Ksplice is the only solution that can deliver zero-downtime patching for your core infrastructure, in both kernel and user space, for your traditional workloads as well as your cloud..."
                                              Red Hat News
                                              Friday Five - July 14, 2017
                                              Red Hat, July 14th 2017
                                              "The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                              • Red Hat Introduces Next Generation of OpenShift Online Public Cloud Offering
                                              • Fedora 26 Now Generally Available
                                              • TechTarget - Digital transformation puts middleware on the mind
                                              • Network Computing - Linux Container Security: 10 Essential Elements
                                              • The INQUIRER - How open source took over the world

                                              Read on for details.

                                              Enterprise Mobility Survey Commissioned by Red Hat Reveals Growing Demand for Mobile Applications in ASEAN Countries
                                              Red Hat, July 13th 2017
                                              Red Hat announced the results of a survey on enterprise mobility adoption in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The survey, conducted by IDC and commissioned by Red Hat, includes responses from 275 IT professionals across the three countries.

                                              The survey results, detailed in the IDC InfoBrief, The 'Maturing Mobile Journey for Enterprises - ASEAN Perspectives,' commissioned by Red Hat in February 2017, found that while a significant number of respondents claim to have a strategy in place around mobility, quite a few still struggle when it comes to processes, including execution. Furthermore, the survey also revealed that mobile-specific skills can be difficult to acquire and develop in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

                                              Red Hat Introduces Next Generation of OpenShift Online Public Cloud Offering
                                              Red Hat, July 11th 2017
                                              Red Hat introduced the next generation of Red Hat OpenShift Online, the industry's first open source, container-native, multi-tenant cloud platform. Based on the same Linux container- and Kubernetes-based foundation as the award-winning Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Online gives developers the ability to more quickly and easily build, deploy and scale cloud-native applications in a public cloud environment.
                                              Fedora 26 Now Generally Available
                                              Red Hat, July 11th 2017
                                              The Fedora Project, a Red Hat, Inc., sponsored and community-driven open source collaboration, announced the general availability of Fedora 26, the latest version of the fully-open source Fedora operating system. Fedora 26 provides a set of base packages that form the foundation for three distinct editions - Fedora 26 Atomic Host, Fedora 26 Server and Fedora 26 Workstation.

                                              The underlying packages powering these editions have seen numerous improvements, bug fixes and performance tweaks in Fedora 26 to provide an enhanced user experience across Fedora's use cases.

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