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Oracle News
Finance and HR Leaders Shape Digital Disruption, New Research Finds
Oracle, July 4th 2017
"New Oracle and MIT Technology Review study reveals the human drivers of cloud automation as the roles of finance, HR, and IT evolve to meet the needs of a more connected organization...

To enable organizations to thrive in a competitive digital marketplace, Oracle and the MIT Technology Review - an independent media company founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1899 - today released a new study that highlights the importance of collaboration between finance and human resources (HR) teams with a unified cloud. The study, Finance and HR: The Cloud's New Power Partnership, outlines how a holistic view into finance and HR information, delivered via cloud technology, empowers organizations to better manage continuous change..."

Oracle In-Memory Toolkit For SAP Applications
By Andy Rivenes
Andy blogs, "If you're running SAP NetWeaver applications and you don't know about the Oracle 12c In-Memory Toolkit for SAP NetWeaver then this post is for you. Based on work done by the Oracle Real World Performance Team, the Oracle 12c In-Memory Toolkit can be used to enable your SAP applications to take advantage of Oracle Database In-Memory on Oracle Database 12c. The toolkit is also available as SAP Note 2351252..."
Oracle ERP Cloud A Leader In Gartner Magic Quadrant
By Rondy Ng
Rondy blogs, "This week, Gartner issued its first Magic Quadrant report for a new category, Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises. We're thrilled to announce that Oracle ERP Cloud has been named a leader and is positioned the highest for ability to execute and furthest for completeness of vision.

We're making the full report available to readers with our compliments..."

AI Will Drive Productivity Not Threaten Workers' Jobs
Information Age, July 5th 2017
"Much has been made of the impact artificial intelligence will have on job loss, but are these predictions accurate?

Suddenly, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). This has been seen first-hand at Ceterna in the ongoing discussion and debate that the launch of Salesforce Einstein continues to generate..."

    Artificial Intelligence Will Enable 38% Profit Gains By 2035
    Business 2 Community, July 5th 2017
    "By 2035 AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity 40% or more...

    • AI will increase economic growth an average of 1.7% across 16 industries by 2035.
    • Information and Communication, Manufacturing and Financial Services will be the top three industries that gain economic growth in 2035 from AI's benefits.
    • AI will have the most positive effect on Education, Accommodation and Food Services and Construction industry profitability in 2035.

    Accenture Research and Frontier Economics published How AI Boosts Industry Profits and Innovation. The report is downloadable..."

      How Automation And AI Drive Tech Transformations (Slideshow)
      CIO Insight, July 7th 2017
      "While nearly all IT and business decision-makers believe automation plays a critical role in ongoing digital transformation efforts, most admit that they haven't made enough progress in this area, according to a recent survey from Infosys.

      The resulting report, "Human Amplification in the Enterprise: Automation. Innovation. Learning," indicates that liberating employees from mundane tasks allows more opportunity for experimentation and innovation. Increased automation would encourage this, as would greater deployment of artificial intelligence (AI)..."

        Oracle chip designers quietly work on new SPARC CPU
        The Register, July 5th 2017
        "Would be the first M-line server processor since 2015's M7...

        Oracle engineers are seemingly working on a new SPARC processor: the M8.

        This is judging from a series of patches submitted by Oracle developer Jose Marchesi to the widely used free-as-in-freedom compiler toolkit GCC.

        The code "adds support for the SPARC M8 processor to GCC. The SPARC M8 processor implements the Oracle SPARC Architecture 2017," according to Marchesi, who runs the GNU Linux toolchain team at Oracle. Spokespeople for the database giant declined to comment further..."

        Oracle VM Virtualbox 5.1: 3D Acceleration For Ubuntu Guests
        By Simon Coter
        Simon blogs, "VirtualBox offers 3D acceleration by intercepting OpenGL requests made by the guest vm, and passing then down to the host's OpenGL library to be executed directly by the host..."
        IT - Storage
        Object-Level Storage Poised To Replace NAS In The Enterprise
        SearchStorage, July 6th 2017
        "Many vendors offer highly scalable object storage-based products with file interfaces, making the technology more accessible than ever as an alternative to NAS.

        For the past 25 years, NAS file servers, or filers, have been the traditional way to store unstructured data, or data that isn't within a classic database format. Calling it unstructured data doesn't mean the data doesn't have structure within itself, but that the file is essentially a binary object. With that in mind, we are seeing the rise of object stores as an alternative to traditional file servers, with many vendors offering object-level storage and file-based interfaces to the same data..."

        Toshiba: QLC BiCS Flash 3D Memory With 4-Bit-Per-Cell ..., July 4th 2017
        "Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) announced the latest generation of its BiCS Flash three-dimensional (3D) flash memory.

        This BiCS Flash device features 4-bit-per-cell, quadruple-level cell (QLC) technology and is the first 3D flash memory device to do so. QLC technology enables larger (768Gb) die capacity than the company's third-generation 512Gb 3-bit-per-cell, TLC, and pushes the boundaries of flash memory technology..."

        Caching Vs. Tiering: Comparing Storage Optimization Techniques
        SearchStorage, July 6th 2017
        "There are many factors to consider when choosing between caching and tiering storage techniques to optimize storage. Knowing how and when to use either can make a big difference.

        The difference between the fastest and slowest server storage is huge. Response time for an Ethernet-connected iSCSI SAN system can be six or seven times that of RAM or 3D XPoint. What takes nanoseconds for RAM can take less than a microsecond for 3D XPoint or PCI Express nonvolatile memory express SSDs, milliseconds for SAN storage and as much as 100 milliseconds for disk-based SAN or NAS systems. From the fastest to the slowest, that's a factor of millions of times..."

        Western Digital: 96-Layer 3D NAND, July 4th 2017
        "Western Digital Corp. (WDC) developed its next-generation 3D NAND technology, BiCS4, with 96 layers of vertical storage capability.

        Sampling to OEM customers is expected to commence in the second half of calendar year 2017 and initial production output is expected in calendar year 2018.

        BiCS4, which was developed jointly with the company's technology and manufacturing partner Toshiba Corporation, will be initially deployed in a 256-gigabit chip and will subsequently ship in a range of capacities, including a terabit on a single chip..."

        IT - Technology
        The Future Of Vacuums: How We Will Clean Our Homes In 2030
        AmongTech, July 3rd 2017
        "Vacuum technology has been the core to important development in science since the 1800s. Although there were many inventors of the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison came up with a version better than the others. It was because he achieved a higher vacuum allowing the carbon filament to burn brighter for longer.

        In 1904 a British engineer John Fleming patented a vacuum tube called the thermionic valve. It heralded an age of the modern wireless..."

          'Qudits' Join The Strange Zoo Of Quantum Computing
          HPCWire, July 3rd 2017
          "By now the sheer repetition of the term qubit has made it seem comprehensible and quantum computing not so strange. Brace yourself. Here comes the 'qudit' - another form of quantum information but one that is able to assume very many values at once..."

          "Instead of creating quantum computers based on qubits that can each adopt only two possible options, scientists have now developed a microchip that can generate 'qudits' that can each assume 10 or more states, potentially opening up a new way to creating incredibly powerful quantum computers, a new study finds," writes Charles Choi for the IEEE Spectrum.

          Free and Open Source S/W
          Oracle Debuts Three New Open-Source Container Tools
          eWeek, July 5th 2017
          Sean Michael Kerner blogs, "Oracle aims to help improve container deployment and management with a new container runtime, secure container building and debugging tools.

          Oracle is expanding its container efforts with the official public debut of three new open-source utilities designed to help improve application container security and performance. The tools include the Smith secure container builder, Crashcart container debugging tool and the Railcar container runtime..."

          IT - Bitcoin
          Report: Cryptocurrency Market Has More Than Tripled Since 2016
          Government Technology, July 5th 2017
          "Plus, a robotic falcon patrols Canada's Edmonton Airport to keep live birds safe, and a 'traffic light for the workplace' to help increase employee productivity...

          A report by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance gathered data from 144 companies and individuals in 38 countries, and determined that the cryptocurrency market has more than tripled since early 2016, reaching $25 billion in March. Bitcoin remains the most popular platform, but other large players are Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Ripple and Litecoin..."

          IT - FOSS
          Happy 23rd birthday to FreeDOS!
          Network World, June 29th 2017
          "Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, I was a big DOS user. I used DOS for everything: writing papers for class, doing lab analysis, dialing into the campus computer lab. I loved the DOS command line. I considered myself something of a DOS "power user" at the time, and I even wrote my own utilities to expand the MS-DOS command line.

          So I was a bit irritated in 1994 when Microsoft announced, by way of doing interviews with tech magazines of the time, that MS-DOS would soon go away...."

          IT - DevOps
          DevOps, Meet NetOps And SecOps
          Network Computing, July 3rd 2017
          "With automation, network and security operations teams support today's application-centric world

          Evolution comes in fits and starts; some metamorphoses stick and others are washed away over time. The 'software-defined' era we're experiencing today is no different. It's anyone's guess as to which species of technology, strategy and culture will survive to define application delivery for the next decade or more. There are, however, a few safe bets that form the nexus of whichever variation wins out over time..."

          How To Build A DevOps Center Of Excellence: 4 Steps
          The Enterprisers Project, July 5th 2017
          "For leaders seeking to transition IT teams from traditional, waterfall-style development to a DevOps approach, culture shock danger looms large. How do you make such a deeply transformative change without causing severe disruption? One answer is to create a center of excellence within your organization, where a DevOps approach has the chance to start small, and then grow and flourish as the approach proves itself, says Kevin Baril, technology strategy & management principal at advisory firm Grant Thornton..."
          PHP With MySQL
          By Dave Stokes
          "I have had quite a few questions from PHP Developers who are very interested in the new MySQL Document Store versus the traditional use of MySQL with PHP. You used to have to write queries in Structured Query Language (SQL) by outing them in strings within your PHP code. In the past I have heard many folks complain about having to use a programming language within a programming language. And several of you have just skipped all than an started using an ORM. And roughly two percent of the developers at conferences tell me they have had any formal training in SQL, relational theory, or sets!..."
          MySQL Connector/NET 6.10.2 beta

          Nawaz Nazeer Ahamed blogs, "MySQL Connector/Net 6.10.2 beta is the third release which supports Scaffold-DbContext, that enables the creation of corresponding model classes from an existing database that are compatible with Entity Framework (EF) Core 1.1..."
          Training Thursdays: Oracle Linux On Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service
          By Antoinette Osullivan
          Antoinette writes, "You can used Oracle Linux across different deployment types, benefiting from this optimized operating system equally well no matter what solution you choose.

          One of the great things about Oracle Cloud is that it includes full Oracle Linux support. Watch these 4 demos to see how Oracle Linux users can get started on the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service:

          • Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services Overview (10 minutes)
          • Create Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services Virtual Cloud Network (13 minutes)
          • Launch an Oracle Linux instance on the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services (12 minutes)
          • Attach a Block Volume to an Oracle Linux instance on the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services (10 minutes)

          Read on for details.

          IT - Cloud
          Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenues Grew 14.9% To $8 Billion In 1Q17
          Help Net Security, July 3rd 2017
          "Vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud IT, including public and private cloud, grew 14.9% year over year in the first quarter of 2017 (1Q17), reaching $8 billion, according to IDC.

          Cloud IT infrastructure sales as a share of overall worldwide IT spending climbed to 39% in 1Q17, a significant increase from 33.9% a year ago. Revenue from infrastructure sales to private cloud grew by 6.0% to $3.1 billion, and to public cloud by 21.7% to $4.8 billion. In comparison, revenue in the traditional (non-cloud) IT infrastructure segment decreased 8.0% year over year in the first quarter of the year..."

          Tips To Optimize The Cloud For Scaling
, July 3rd 2017
          "When I first started migrating companies to the cloud (about seven years ago), companies would ask me, 'How come the app isn't scaling? How come users are still complaining about the slowness?' I would explain that the cloud enables auto-scaling, but you still have to make sure your app can scale in the cloud. In people's minds, auto-scaling and the cloud was synonyms..."
            When The Cloud Becomes Just Normal Infrastructure
            ITBusinessEdge, July 3rd 2017
            "Strange as it may seem, the cloud only holds about a fifth of the total enterprise workload, which means there is still time for the enterprise to suddenly decide that the risks are not worth the rewards and start pulling data and applications back to legacy infrastructure.

            Unlikely as this is, it nonetheless points out the fact that there are still many unknowns when it comes to the cloud, particularly its ability to provide the lion's share of data infrastructure in ways that are both cheaper and more amenable to enterprise objectives..."

            Common Myths Stalling Organizations From Adopting The Cloud
            ITProPortal, July 4th 2017
            "Cloud adoption is accelerating at the blink of an eye, easing the burden of managing data-rich workloads for enterprises big and small. Yet, common myths and misconceptions about the hybrid cloud are delaying enterprises from reaping the benefits. According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, the percentage of enterprises that have a multi-cloud strategy only grew three percent since 2016. In this article, we will debunk five of the top most commonly believed myths that keep companies from strengthening their infrastructure with a hybrid approach..."
            Worldwide Cloud It Infrastructure Revenue Up 15% To $8 Billion In 1Q17 - IDC
  , July 5th 2017
            "According to the International Data Corporation's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud IT, including public and private cloud, grew 14.9% year over year in 1Q17, reaching $8 billion.

            Cloud IT infrastructure sales as a share of overall worldwide IT spending climbed to 39% in 1Q17, a significant increase from 33.9% a year ago..."

            Cloud Services Fastest Growing It Deployment Model - IDC
            Information Age, July 6th 2017
            "IDC has released its latest IT infrastructure spending figures, finding cloud services will be the fastest growing IT deployment model in 2017 in the process.

            According to the new forecast public cloud data centres will account for the majority of this spending (60.7%), and will grow at the fastest rate year over year (13.8%). Off-premises private cloud environments will represent 14.9% of overall spending and will grow 11.9% year over year. On-premises private clouds will account for 62.2% of spending on private cloud IT infrastructure and will grow 9.6% year over year in 2017..."

            Multi-Cloud Vs. Hybrid Cloud: What's The Difference?
            The Enterprisers Project, July 7th 2017
            "The increasing buzz around the term 'multi-cloud' prompts a reasonable question: Is this just another way of saying hybrid cloud? Is this another IT rendition of: "You say tomato, I say toe-mah-toe?" Not quite.

            While multi-cloud and hybrid cloud are closely related, they're not one and the same..."

              IT - CxO
              Security Programs Aren't As Efficient As IT Thinks (Slideshow)
              CIO Insight, July 3rd 2017
              "Operations teams are frustrated and stressed due to 'a facade of program maturity,' as each level of security is buffering the level above from many stress-related issues in an effort to appear more efficient, according to a new study. This results in an 'overinflated opinion of program security program maturity,' said the authors of 'A Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Pro,' a study commissioned by Bay Dynamics..."
              Seven Secrets Of CIO Success As Taught By The CIO 100
              CIO, July 5th 2017
              " recently published its Top 100 most transformative and disruptive CIOs in the UK.

              Each name on the list has given a neat interview that gives a unique insight into the thinking of this country's leading CIOs. I wondered if common threads and themes appeared in these interviews, might we have stumbled upon the keys to success?

              I have had the pleasure of working with several who have made this year's list and previous lists, so I am massively proud of their inclusion.

              As I suspected there ARE some standout themes that recur throughout the interviews with these stand out individuals. Here are just Seven..."

              18 Books IT Leaders Should Read This Summer
              Information Management, July 3rd 2017
              "Each year, participants in the Society for Information Management's Regional Leadership Forums read and discuss more than two dozen books throughout the course of the 9 month program. The selections may be just the thing to boost any IT leadership career..."
              Ransomware Is A C-Level Problem, Not A Hacker Issue
              TechZone360, July 5th 2017
              "Is There a Silver Bullet for Ransomware?

              CEOs, CIOs, CROs and business owners. Listen up for a minute. If you have never been in the situation where your entire IT infrastructure is down, it's hard to understand the complete and useless feeling. You can sympathize, but you can't understand.

              If I could only convey the feeling of uselessness ... of second guessing. What could we have done better? How are our backups? Is Best Buy open at 3 a.m. to get jump drive needed to restore a critical system? At that moment when you realize 'OH NO!*@# - Every system you have is down.' If I could convey the feeling, the topic of ransomware would be very easy.

              Until you are there, you cannot imagine what it feels like. And if you don't have good backups, your systems are never coming back up. Imagine that..."

              The Chief Data Protection Officer And The Chief Data Officer - How These Roles Can Change Your Business
              ITProPortal, July 6th 2017
              "As of the 25th of May 2018, businesses and retailers based in the EU, have customers that reside in the EU, and handle the personal data of EU citizens, will have to comply with new data protection regulations: the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

              GDPR represents the most significant change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. Organisations which fail to adhere to the GDPR's data compliance rules will receive fines of 4 per cent of the business' worldwide turnover, or 20 million Euros, depending on which amount is greater. And, under GDPR, the Data Protection Authority (DPA) must be informed of data breaches within 72 hours of that breach being detected..."

                5 Must-Read Harvard Business Review Articles In July
                The Enterprisers Project, July 6th 2017
                "Each month, through our partnership with Harvard Business Review, we refresh our Business Library for CIOs with five new HBR articles we believe CIOs and IT leaders will value highly. These curated pieces are available now through the end of June..."

                • If Your Company Isn't Good at Analytics, It's Not Ready for AI
                • Convincing Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technology
                • Be yourself, but carefully
                • How to build a culture of Originality
                • Find Innovation Where You Least Expect It

                Read on for details.

                What's Next for the CIO?
                Government Technology, July 6th 2017
                "As outside forces reshape how IT interacts with government agencies, the role of CIO must evolve. But how?...

                Like the leader of an itinerant rock band, Doug Robinson has been traveling the country on what he calls his 'Forces of Change' tour. 'I don't have a T-shirt or backup band,' said the executive director of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), 'but disruptive change has been the theme of all my presentations'..."

                CIOs Are Concerned About the Impact of the GDPR (Slideshow)
                CIO Insight, July 4th 2017
                "While the majority of U.S. CIOs consider themselves well-briefed about the European Union's pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they are concerned about its impact on their ability to use data related to European customers and individuals, according to a recent survey from Compuware. With the May 25, 2018 deadline approaching, the 'Compuware GDPR Readiness Survey' reveals that most CIOs have prepared a 'detailed and far-reaching plan' for compliance..."
                  What CIOs Need To Know About Authentication
                  CIO, July 5th 2017
                  "Email is so critical to business communications today that many assume it's a safe and trustworthy medium, but recent cyberattacks prove it's not. What CIOs need to know about authentication and DMARC, a key tool to address this shortcoming.

                  Over the past two or three decades the internet has enabled humans to reach far beyond their physical constraints. We log into our company from home, use banking services located thousands of miles away, store our photos who knows where in the cloud, and email our friends and coworkers across the globe..."

                    Exclusive SFTA Seminar: Navigating Enterprise Cloud and SaaS Deal Negotiations with Mark Grossman
                    Thursday, September 14th, 2017: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
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                    You are invited to join this exclusive sfta seminar featuring leading tech lawyer mark grossman who is an internationally recognized technology law guru, keynoter and was the author of the miami herald's weekly "Techlaw" column.

                    Whether you buy or sell cloud and saas solutions, mark grossman will lead you through proven techniques to negotiate the best cloud and saas deals for your company.

                    Enterprises of all sizes are now comfortable with saas and cloud solutions. However, saas and cloud deals raise many complex legal issues that need to be thoroughly negotiated and documented in agreements. In this session - lawyer, author and frequent speaker on negotiating cloud and saas deals - mark will give you the benefit of what he has learned in his career as a tech deal negotiator.

                    In this session, he will speak to the unique customs, usages, and norms of saas and cloud deals, and the particular provisions that are critical to agreements in this area. The discussion will include issues common to saas agreements including intellectual property, warranties, and limitations of liability.

                    South Florida Technology Alliance

                    ITPalooza 2017 - Save The Date
                    Thursday, December 7th, 2017: All Day
                    You are invited to join the largest gathering of the South Florida technology community for ITP17. You'll connect with peers and industry experts, attend technology education sessions presented by regional and national subject matter experts all while experiencing the best IT and Technology available in our region.

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                    IT - Wireless
                    Five Ways To Improve Your Wi-Fi Performance
                    ZDNet, July 7th 2017
                    "OK, so maybe we need food and water more than Wi-Fi... maybe. But, in today's homes and offices, we might rather go hungry and thirsty for a few hours rather than struggle with a slow internet connection. Here are some easy ways to make sure your precious stream of documents, Netflix videos, and email keeps flowing smoothly..."
                    SFTA Weekly Social Meetups: vBeers @ Funky Buddha Brewery - Wednesday, July 12th
                    4 Weekly Meeting Each Month
                    The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                    These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other hands-on IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                    - Wednesday, July 12th @ Funky Buddha Brewery -

                    Upcoming Events:

                    • Wednesday, July 19th @ Biergarten Boca, Boca Raton
                    • Wednesday, July 26th @ Tap42 Midtown
                    • Wednesday, August 2nd @ Yard House, Palm Beach Gardens

                    Read on for detailed schedule

                    SFTA Weekly Social Meetups: vBeers @ Biergarten Boca - Wednesday, July 19th
                    4 Weekly Meeting Each Month
                    The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                    These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other hands-on IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                    Wednesday, July 19th @ Biergarten Boca

                    • 309 Via De Palmas #90, Boca Raton,FL 33432
                    • 5:00PM - 8:30PM
                    • features $5 burger and fries and happy hour beer prices -

                    Upcoming Events:

                    • Wednesday, July 19th @ Biergarten Boca, Boca Raton
                    • Wednesday, July 26th @ Tap42 Midtown
                    • Wednesday, August 2nd @ Yard House, Palm Beach Gardens
                    • Wednesday, August 9th @ Funky Buddha Brewery, Oakland Park

                    Read on for detailed schedule

                    Friday Spotlight: Oracle Secure Global Desktop Use Cases In Oracle Cloud
                    By Jan Hendrik Mangold
                    Jan blogs, "Rondy blogs, "Nowadays the 'Cloud' provides us helpful services, primarily accessed either within an App, or directly by web browser if it is a web based application. The benefit for the customer is the ability to dynamically grow or shrink their footprint, based on demand, and not worry about how the service is built, the security involved and the reliability. The service is there. The service is provided with servers, storage, database, network etc. This is called the cloud infrastructure..."
                    IT - DR
                    Is The Public Cloud Out For Disaster Recovery?
                    The Datacenter Journal, July 3rd 2017
                    "ComputerWeekly's Cliff Saran wrote that 'AWS Outage Shows Vulnerability of Cloud Disaster Recovery' in his article of March 6, 2017. He cites the S3 outage suffered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on February 28, 2017, as an example of the risks you face by running critical systems in the public cloud. 'The consensus is that the public cloud is superior to on-premise datacentres, but AWS's outage, caused by human error, shows that even the most sophisticated cloud IT infrastructure is not infallible,' he said..."
                    6 Reasons Why IT Recoveries Fail
                    CSO Online, July 5th 2017
                    "The top 6 reasons IT recoveries fail to meet SLAs...

                    Few of us believe that our Disaster Recovery solution will fail when we have the need to use it. We plan and prepare and test for such eventualities so we are protected against the embarrassing stories of lengthy IT downtime that we hear about in the press - right? Yet companies like BA, the NHS and county councils (some of who are driven by codes of practice and guidelines) are still today experiencing IT downtime out of their control and beyond reasonable expectations. How is this being allowed to happen and what's really going wrong?

                    Here are the top 6 reasons recoveries fail to meet their SLAs: ..."

                    IT - IoT
                    Tapping IoT To Monitor The Flow Of Free Beer
                    CIO, July 3rd 2017
                    "Unaccountable product loss is a retailer's nightmare. And for those in the restaurant industry, this loss can be summed up in two words: free beer.

                    Buffalo Wild Wings, the restaurant chain famous for its sauce varieties and microbrews, has deployed a sophisticated internet of things (IoT) solution to help staunch a pervasive restaurant industry challenge: The bartender who goes heavy on the pour and light on ringing in the sale. Thanks to this timeless grift, the average bar loses 24 pints from every keg..."

                    Better, Faster, Cheaper Raspberry Pi Alternatives
                    ZDNet, July 5th 2017
                    "Here is a selection of single board computers for homebrew projects and automation, with prices starting at only $5..."

                    • NanoPi NEO Plus2
                    • Huawei HiKey 960
                    • ODROID-XU4
                    • Cubieboard4 CC-A80 High-performance Mini PC Development Board
                    • Parallella
                    • BBC micro:bit
                    • PixelPro
                    • Arduino INDUSTRIAL 101
                    • C.H.I.P.
                    • NanoPC-T3
                    • NanoPi 2 Fire
                    • Raspberry Pi Zero W
                    • Banana Pi M3
                    • cloudBit
                    • Omega 2
                    • MinnowBoard MAX
                    • BeagleBone Black
                    • Udoo Quad
                    • VoCore

                    Read on for details.

                    Fraud And The Internet Of Things
                    NetworkWorld , July 6th 2017
                    "During the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the hottest movements of our time. Although many technology trends and buzzwords come and go overnight, it's clear that the IoT is here to stay. Almost half of the world's population is online, and technology is a deeply integrated part of our lives. Smart thermostats regulate our business and household temperatures, connected cameras watch over our homes and pets, online TVs and speakers respond to our every need, and intelligent devices constantly monitor our health.

                    According to Gartner, the number of world-wide Internet connected devices will grow to 11.4 billion by 2018. It's a phenomenal trend that will continue to spread until human and machine connectivity becomes ubiquitous and unavoidably present..."

                    Securing The Internet Of Things
                    Business 2 Community, July 6th 2017
                    "In just a few short years, the Internet-of-Things has gone from a buzzed-about trend to a major force driving business and technological development across dozens of industries. The numbers alone tell a story of remarkable growth: In 2015 there were around 15.4 billion devices installed, and that number is expected to nearly double by 2020, and then more than double again by 2025. However, those rosy predictions may be derailed by serious security vulnerabilities..."
                    IT - Linux
                    Eternal Terminal - A Remote Shell That Automatically Reconnects Without Interrupting The Session
                    OSTechNix, July 4th 2017
                    "Eternal Terminal (ET) is a remote shell that automatically reconnects without interrupting the session. Unlike the normal SSH session, ET session will survive even after the network outages or IP changes. Please note that ET is not a terminal emulator, it's only a remote shell. ET is mainly made for IP changes. That means even if the IP address of your remote host is changed, Eternal Terminal will keep you connected with the remote system. Another notable feature of ET is we can run tmux/screen inside a ET session..."
                    Linux 4.12 Kernel Debuts New Schedulers In Big Release
                    ServerWatch, July 3rd 2017
                    "Linux creator Linus Torvalds officially released the Linux 4.12 kernel on July 2, providing improved capabilities that will help improve the scalability and performance of Linux operating systems.

                    The 4.12 kernel is the third major Linux kernel release of 2017, and it follows the most recent April 30th Linux 4.11 kernel release. In his 4.12 kernel announcement, Torvalds commented on the large size of the Linux 4.12 release..."

                    IT - Operations
                    Puppet 5 Platform Has Been Released: What's New And Noteworthy
                    jaxenter, July 3rd 2017
                    "Puppet 5 Platform comes bearing gifts: In addition to the new features, this release also contains some substantial performance boosts. Let's have a look at the new features, enhancements and deprecations..."
                    The Complete Guide To Asynchronous Communication In Remote Teams
                    Business 2 Community, July 3rd 2017
                    "I'm writing this blog post to solve a very specific problem. On one of our regular marketing meetings, Vinay assigned me this post and said he wants it to be written so he can link it to everyone who messages him just 'hey Vinay' on Slack and waits for a response before saying anything else.

                    Like many managers in remote teams, Vinay's sick of our tendencies to under-communicate. Just saying 'hey Vinay' and hoping to get a synchronous chat going is a waste of time, especially if there are time zone differences, or if general busy-ness prevents a polite, fully-fledged chat.

                    And so, in the spirit of that real example, this article will solve the problem of communication in remote teams..."

                      Machine Learning Tools Are Coming To The Data Center
                      Data Center Knowledge, July 5th 2017
                      "Back at the dawn of the internet, data centers could be small and simple. A large ecommerce service could do with a couple of 19-inch racks with all the necessary servers, storage, and networking. Today's hyper-scale data centers cover acres, with tens of thousands of hardware boxes sitting in thousands of racks. Along with the design changes, these mega-server farms have been built in new, remote locations, trading proximity to large population centers for cheap power..."
                        How Much Is Data Center Downtime Costing You?
                        SmartDataCollective, July 7th 2017
                        "Data centers are crucial for most modern business operations, thanks to the surge in big data availability and interest. However, most businesses underestimate just how important it is to keep those data centers up and running; according to an Emerson Network Power study, a single minute of downtime costs the average business more than $8,800 - in lost productivity, functionality, and necessary repairs.

                        So why is data center downtime so common, and how can you avoid such a costly event?..."

                        IT - Security
                        Five Crucial Ways To Help Keep A System Safe From Harm
                        Help Net Security, July 6th 2017
                        "We're living in an incredible age of technology, invention and innovation. It's hard to imagine that just a short time ago we couldn't order groceries for delivery from our phones, or ask into the air any question, to be answered immediately by a robot sitting on a countertop. 'Okay, Google - what do I have to do today?'

                        What once was the technology of our imagination, has materialized right before our eyes, and our fingertips. Processes have become faster and easier, particularly for the payments industry..."

                        Black Hat Survey: Security Pros Expect Major Breaches In Next Two Years
                        Dark Reading, July 6th 2017
                        "Significant compromises are not just feared, but expected, Black Hat attendees say

                        A major compromise of U.S. critical infrastructure will occur in the next couple of years, according to a majority of IT security professionals -- and most expect breaches of their own enterprise networks to occur even sooner.

                        These serious concerns are among those registered by respondents to the 2017 Black Hat Attendee Survey, the results of which are being published Wednesday. The survey offers insights on the plans and attitudes of 580 experienced security professionals, including many cybersecurity leaders who work in critical-infrastructure industries..."

                        IT - Careers
                        Four Things You Must Do To Retain Top Tech Talent
                        InformationWeek, July 3rd 2017
                        "In the technology sector, improving employee retention is a critical business priority, particularly since technology companies have one of the lowest average tenures when compared to other industries.

                        According to Payscale's recent employee turnover report, even tech giants like Amazon and Google have an average employee tenure of only one year and 1.1 years, respectively. In fact, Payscale reports that the employee turnover rates among Fortune 500 companies in the IT industry are highest among all the industries that they surveyed..."

                        IT - Database
                        Team MySQL v Team PostgreSQL: These Companies are Betting on Them
                        jaxenter, July 4th 2017
                        "There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing databases. Every database is suitable for certain projects and requirements but the fight seems to be between MySQL and PostgreSQL - these are the databases used by giants such as GitHub, Reddit, Airbnb, Spotify and more. Which team are you on?..."
                        Database Dilemma: Selecting The Best Database For Your Organisation
                        ITProPortal, July 7th 2017
                        "For any CIO looking to take advantage of cloud computing to lower IT spend and mitigate risk there are many options.

                        Cloud computing has led to a paradigm shift in client-server technology. Just as the mainframe morphed into mini-computing, which led to the client-server model, the ubiquity of the cloud is the next phase in the evolution of IT. Applications, data and services are now being moved to the edge of the enterprise data centre..."

                        IT - Big Data
                        Advanced Analytics Solution: To Build Or Buy
                        SmartDataCollective, July 3rd 2017
                        "All you need to ask yourself at this stage is - are you ready for advanced analytics?...

                        Prior to the digital age, businesses had direct relationships with their customers. A company could ask the customer for feedback, such as what they thought of the product, if they could suggest any improvements, or the service met their expectations. Customers were vividly sharing their experiences and willingly provided feedback..."

                        Do You Have The Data Agility Your Business Needs?
                        ITProPortal, July 3rd 2017
                        "Data is the new battleground. For companies, the situation is clear - their future depends on how quickly and efficiently they can turn data into accurate insights. This challenge has put immense pressure on CIOs to not only manage ever-growing data volumes, sources, and types, but to also support more and more data users as well as new and increasingly complex use cases..."
                          Big Data Trends
                          Datamation, July 5th 2017
                          "Big data is no longer just a buzzword. Researchers at Forrester have 'found that, in 2016, almost 40 percent of firms are implementing and expanding big data technology adoption. Another 30 percent are planning to adopt big data in the next 12 months.' Similarly, the Big Data Executive Survey 2016 from NewVantage Partners found that 62.5 percent of firms now have at least one big data project in production, and only 5.4 percent of organizations have no big data initiatives planned or underway..."
                          Why Is Big Data Security So Difficult?
                          jaxenter, July 6th 2017
                          "With data breaches hitting the news every other day, how can developers keep information secure? In this article, Rick Delgado explores how companies can improve their security practices and save everyone a whole lot of trouble in the meantime..."
                          Is R The Next Generation Programming Language For Big Data?
                          SmartDataCollective, July 7th 2017
                          "R has been a fairly popular programming language for nearly 25 years, but it never gained as much traction as C and its predecessors.

                          Despite all its benefits, big data has created a number of headaches for developers. Many have discovered that traditional programming languages are inadequate for dealing with many of the challenges they encounter..."

                          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                          Vol 232 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 231 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
                          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                          • 2018 Will Be The Year Of Automation In Enterprise
                          • Software Defined Networking (SDN) - Architecture And Role Of Openflow
                          • Debian 9 'Stretch' Offers Improved Security On Multiple Architectures
                          • 10 Most Important Open Source Networking Projects
                          • How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Banking
                          • 5 Fun AIs That Let You Play With Images In Unexpected Ways
                          • Hidden Cloud Migration Gotchas - And How To Avoid Them
                          • 5 Quick Tips About Bitcoin And How To Use It In The Right Way
                          • HR Professionals Say These Big Data Jobs Are In High Demand
                          • The Best Bitcoin Apps Of 2017

                          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                            IT - Server
                            WW Spending On IT Infrastructure (Server, Enterprise Storage And Ethernet Switches) For Deployment In Cloud Environments Up 12.4% Y/Y In 2017 To $40 Billion - IDC
                  , July 6th 2017
                            "According to a forecast from the International Data Corporation's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, total spending on IT infrastructure products (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switches) for deployment in cloud environments will increase 12.4% year over year in 2017 to $40.1 billion.

                            Public cloud datacenters will account for the majority of this spending (60.7%) and will grow at the fastest rate year over year (13.8%). Off-premises private cloud environments will represent 14.9% of overall spending and will grow 11.9% year over year. On-premises private clouds will account for 62.2% of spending on private cloud IT infrastructure and will grow 9.6% Y/Y in 2017..."

                            Why Serverless, Inc Is Crushing It Right Now (Video)
                            RedMonk, July 5th 2017
                            "Serverless apps are auto-scaling, pay-per-execution, and event-driven. I wrote a post recently looking at the the growth of interest in serverless frameworks, with a specific question in mind about OpenWhisk. But as the chart above (which was actually at the bottom of that post) shows, interest in the Serverless framework, as least as far as GitHub stars is concerned, is skyrocketing..."
                              IT Hardware Spending Growth To Decline In 2017
                              siliconANGLE, July 3rd 2017
                              "Information technology hardware manufacturers should brace themselves for a disappointing year, with spending growth likely to slow through 2017, according to a new market report from Morgan Stanley Research.

                              Morgan Stanley's June 2017 AlphaWise CIO survey shows that hardware spending will actually increase by around 2.6 percent this year compared to one year ago, but that rate of growth is less than the 2.8 percent growth recorded in the year before..."

                              IT - Tape
                              Tape Here To Stay, Says Spectra Logic With LTO-8 2X Capacity Gain
                              ComputerWeekly, July 6th 2017
                              "'Tape is here to stay' - that is the view of Spectra Logic, which has told customers that if they buy its LTO-7 products now, they will get LTO-8 equivalents when available, probably by the end of this year.

                              Matt Starr, CTO at Spectra Logic, pointed out that the next generation LTO-8 tape standard will use TMR (tunnel magnetoresistance) to double tape cartridge capacity to 12TB uncompressed. He said he expected the use of TMR to boost tape capacity significantly over its next three or four generations..."

                              IT - Java
                              Top 10 Java Stories Of June
                              jaxenter, July 3rd 2017
                              "Things are heating up as June gives way to July. What were we reading this month? Well, in addition to diving deep into the archives, readers were really interested in Angular 4, Eclipse Oxygen, ML libraries and the biggest trends in tech right now..."
                                The Security Operations Center Is Dead ... Long Live The SOC By Dan Koloski
                                By Dan Koloski
                                Dan blogs, "The traditional security operations center can't deal with present reality. We must rethink the concept in a way that prepares for the future.

                                I recently moderated a CISO panel that featured security leaders from a diverse set of industries. A group of hardworking, knowledgeable, professional experts in the field of cyber-security (most with decades of experience) discussed how difficult their jobs have become and how vulnerable they felt their organizations were despite their best efforts..."

                                Nexenta News
                                Webinar with 451 Research: Software-Defined vs. Storage Appliances? Get the Best of Both Worlds
                                July 26th at 8AM PST/11AM EST to learn more about the possibilities of the Lenovo DX8200N.
                                Join 451 Research, Lenovo & Nexenta

                                In today's IT environment, managing traditional data storage can be rigid and expensive, but you've heard software-defined can be complex.

                                Enter: Lenovo DX8200N powered by NexentaStor

                                This storage appliance gives you the best of both worlds. The end result? A simplified, enterprise-grade storage solution that is easy to manage and scales with your business.

                                Who's talking?

                                • Henry Baltazar, Lead Storage Analyst, 451 Research
                                • Bill Hansen, Senior Product Manager, Lenovo
                                • Michael Letschin, Field CTO, Nexenta


                                Red Hat News
                                Friday Five - July 7, 2017
                                Red Hat, July 7th 2017
                                The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                • CRN - Red Hat's New Boston Location Provides Partners, Customers A More Hands-On Experience
                                • CIO - What are containers and why do you need them?
                                • Digital News Asia - The new engine for disruptive technologies, by Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, senior vice president and general manager, Red Hat Asia Pacific
                                • Integration developer news - With Ansible Automation, Red Hat Insights Can Resolve Critical Infrastructure Outages Security Risks
                                • SD Times - Industry Spotlight: Citizen developers are a necessity

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