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Oracle News
Oracle Earnings: Q4 FY17 GAAP EPS UP 15% TO $0.76 and NON-GAAP EPS UP 10% TO $0.89
Total Cloud Revenues Up 58% to $1.4 Billion, Total Revenue Up 3% to $10.9 Billion
Oracle Corporation announced fiscal 2017 Q4 results and fiscal 2017 full year results. Comparing Q4 2017 to Q4 last year, SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud revenues were up 67% to $964 million, and non-GAAP SaaS revenues were up 75% to $1.0 billion. Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) plus IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) revenues were up 40% to $397 million, and non-GAAP PaaS plus IaaS revenues were up 42% to $403 million.

Total cloud revenues were up 58% to $1.4 billion, and non-GAAP total cloud revenues were up 64% to $1.4 billion. Cloud plus on-premise software revenues were up 5% to $8.9 billion, and non-GAAP cloud and on-premise software revenues were up 6% to $8.9 billion. Total revenues were up 3% to $10.9 billion.

Oracle's Unified Cloud Platform Promises To Shorten Clinical Trials
By Rob Preston, in Forbes
Rob writes, "The process of standing up clinical trials has come a long way in 20 years, moving from paper forms and faxes to a much more automated, data-intensive endeavor. Still complicating the process, however, is the collection of independent systems that support a clinical trial's many functions - systems that were developed by multiple vendors on different IT platforms and stitched together piecemeal over the years.

As such, the trial setup process remains a lengthy, expensive ordeal with lots of redundant steps, holding up potentially life-saving treatments..."

    Oracle Health Sciences Reimagines Clinical Development Technology with New Cloud-Based eClinical Environment of the Future
    Oracle, June 19th 2017
    Oracle today introduced Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Platform, a cloud-based eClinical environment that is intended to redefine the way technology supports clinical research, and its first capability in the new environment, Clinical One Randomization and Supplies Management.

    Developing a potentially life-saving drug from a promising molecule to an FDA-approved therapy can take more than a decade and cost billions of dollars due to redundant processes, increasing volumes and variety of patient data, and older technology systems that don't communicate with one another. Oracle Health Sciences is tackling these issues with its Clinical One Platform, a new cloud-based eClinical solution that will unify clinical development operations and information in a single environment with shared functions and an easy-to-use interface for sites, clinical coordinators and their counterparts.

    ORACLE TEAM USA Win Puts It Back Into America's Cup Contention
    By Rob Preston, in Forbes
    "The news of ORACLE TEAM USA's demise has been greatly exaggerated.

    Excuse the adaptation of the famous quote from Mark Twain, a local legend because of his frequent travels to this island paradise. But after trailing Emirates Team New Zealand 4-0 in the America's Cup Match finals after the first race on Saturday, June 24, ORACLE TEAM USA snapped back with an impressive victory - and appears to be quite alive in what is clearly a faster boat than the one it raced against the Kiwis last weekend..."

    WannaCry Ransomware Attacks Expose Some Third-Party Support Models
    By Michael Hickins in Forbes
    Michael writes in Forbes, "Support services offered by some third-party vendors run directly counter to newly issued federal guidelines for thwarting malicious software. The guidelines, issued in May by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT, a cybersecurity agency within the US Department of Homeland Security), are a response to the WannaCry ransomware attacks that brought down critical IT infrastructure worldwide.

    Malicious software like WannaCry exploits vulnerabilities in software to cripple the IT infrastructure that is critical to running many businesses. Motivation for this type of attack ranges from the financial to the political, and the outcome can be ruinous for affected organizations. One global automobile manufacturer affected by WannaCry had to halt production at plants in a number of countries, while the UK's National Health Service had to delay some patient treatments..."

    The Robots Are (Not) Coming For HR Jobs
    By Michael Hickins in Forbes
    Michael Hickins writes in Forbes, "Human resources often feels like anything but human, at least to most employees. It turns out the issue isn't with HR professionals, or even company policies, but with the mind-numbing, rote work that occupies most of an HR professional's time.

    Processes such as uploading job descriptions, screening applicant resumes, and filling out compliance forms take time away from doing truly value-added functions, such as helping employees reorient their careers, or helping executives become better managers. Roughly one-third of all HR questions concern payroll or scheduling, according to Bertrand Dussert, vice president of HCM Transformation at Oracle..."

    Oracle Named a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms
    Oracle positioned as a leader based on ability to execute and completeness of vision
    Oracle announced that it has been named a leader in Gartner's 2017 "Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms" report. This recognition is another milestone in the tremendous momentum and growth of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, part of Oracle Cloud Platform, this year.

    "We believe this recognition is another acknowledgement of Oracle's strong market momentum in the mobile and larger PaaS market, driven by the successful adoption of Oracle Cloud Platform offerings by thousands of customers," said Amit Zavery, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud Platform. "By delivering a comprehensive offering with key differentiating capabilities, such as chatbot support, predictive analytics, and adaptive intelligence to make apps more contextual and smarter, Oracle has given customers a powerful option to meet their ever-evolving development needs."

    IT - AI
    Is Business Data AI Compatible?
    Information Age, June 19th 2017
    "Are IT and business leaders preparing their data for the artificial intelligence evolution?...

    Once the topic of dystopian science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is now an integral part of our world. From the algorithms that predict what we want to watch on TV streaming services to the fraud detection systems our banks use to identify card fraud, machine learning impacts our everyday lives. And with virtual assistants and smart homes increasing in popularity, the role of AI is continually growing..."

      Artificial Intelligence And Privacy Engineering: Why It Matters NOW
      ZDNet, June 18th 2017
      "The growth of AI and large data sets pose great risks to privacy. Two top experts explain the issues to help your company manage this crucial part of the technology landscape...

      As artificial intelligence proliferates, companies and governments are aggregating enormous data sets to feed their AI initiatives.

      Although privacy is not a new concept in computing, the growth of aggregated data magnifies privacy challenges and leads to extreme ethical risks such as unintentionally building biased AI systems, among many others..."

        Considering AI For Business? Here Are 4 Fundamentals To Start
        InformationWeek, June 19th 2017
        "Artificial intelligence projects take time, effort, data, and expertise to build a meaningful system. Having the right ecosystem in place will ensure companies are prepared for it.

        Artificial intelligence is a complicated matter, and a solid ecosystem is the foundation of successful development.

        In creating an AI system, my team worked to determine what the 'right' ecosystem for AI looks like. For our system to continuously become smarter, we knew an ecosystem made up of technology, data, industry-specific knowledge, research, and security would be necessary..."

        Google Open Sources More Machine Learning Computer Vision Technology
        eWeek, June 16th 2017
        "TensorFlow Objection Detection API and MobileNets continue company's ongoing efforts to accelerate research related to machine learning and computer vision.

        Google has made more of its extensive research around machine learning and computer vision available to the open source community.

        The company this week publicly released an API that developers and researchers can use to explore a Google computer vision system for automatically detecting and correctly identifying multiple objects in a single image..."

        Machine Learning Platforms Comparison: Amazon, Azure, Google, IBM
        SearchBusinessAnalytics, June 23rd 2017
        "The platform war over machine learning tools is heating up. Use our features comparison chart to see how four top vendors stack up and help you decide which is right for your enterprise.

        Data scientists who want to build machine learning models and put them into production have no shortage of available tools, but choosing the right one comes with some thorny decisions.

        The chart below breaks down some of the most popular machine learning platforms by their key features and price tags. Note that many open source tools are available for machine learning, as well as other vendor offerings, but we focused exclusively on vendor cloud platforms that span the entire machine learning lifecycle from data ingestion to model development to production..."

        Making Machine Learning Work For Your Business
        ITProPortal, June 19th 2017
        "Organisations can leverage the benefits of machine learning today...

        Google 'machine learning' - I dare you. Machine learning is the 'big data' of our time, hopelessly hyped up with outlandish applications for any and every application and business sector under the sun. Machine learning is ranked as a buzzword by Gartner, at the very top of their peak of inflated expectations; in this excitable environment how can businesses cut through the noise and find practical applications for these novel technologies?..."

        Will AI Really Replace All Our Jobs?
        CIO, June 19th 2017
        "The robots are indeed coming. But should we really be scared?

        The robots are here - and they need jobs. Are you ready to work with them?

        One study shows that as much as half of the American workforce is at risk of being replaced by robots in the next decade. Another study shows that 6 percent of U.S. jobs definitely will be automated by 2021.

        If you're in customer service, or you drive a taxi, you're most at risk of being displaced by artificial intelligence. But trust me, you shouldn't fear the robots..."

          Artificial Intelligence vs Machine-Learning - What's The Difference
          ITProPortal, June 21st 2017
          "These two terms have become popular buzzwords among businesses and consumers but what do they really mean?...

          Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is a hot topic in many industries. Most of us, without realizing it, interact with it on a daily, if not an hourly basis. Robotics have been used in factories for decades, Siri has been telling us bad jokes for nearly 7 years and robot hoovers have been transporting cats around kitchens for, well, too long.

          When people hear the term A.I, it might conjure up the image of a robotic child, longing to be a real boy (I'm looking at you Steven Spielberg), or of a robot army lined up in a warehouse waiting for Will Smith to appear.

          While these Hollywood tales touch upon areas of A.I, what does A.I really mean and is machine learning the same thing?..."

            IT - Storage
            5 Hot Storage Technologies To Watch
            Enterprise Storage Forum, June 22nd 2017
            "Many technologies are billed as hot, exciting and revolutionary. But which ones are really deserving of that moniker? Which ones are destined to change - or are changing - the storage universe?

            Enterprise Storage Forum asked the experts.

            • Object Storage
            • Persistent Memory
            • NVMe
            • Containerization
            • Advanced Tiering

            Read on for details ..."

              How Do You Manage Petabytes Of Data?
              Storage-Switzerland, June 19th 2017
              "Managing petabytes of data is fundamentally harder than managing terabytes. Getting management wrong could cost the company thousands or worse lead data lost that could cost the company millions. Problems that you can ignore or confront with brute-force techniques with terabytes of data become insurmountable obstacles when dealing with petabytes. The key to managing this level of data is to understand what your obstacles are and prepare for them with a focused, management approach..."
              IT - Technology
              5 Ways Technology Will Change The Future Of Healthcare
              TechRepublic, June 21st 2017
              "The healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Mike Strazzella, a federal government healthcare attorney, shares his expectations for how technology and new regulations will shape the future of care...

              Companies preparing to launch their health business ventures under the Trump administration's policies have met a state of flux around insurance and regulations.

              But this is nothing new for businesses to grapple with, according to Mike Strazzella, a federal government healthcare attorney at Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PC. Our healthcare system has been in a state of flux for the past eight years, Strazzella said, with former president Barack Obama's commitment to reshaping the healthcare delivery system with the Affordable Care Act..."

              AR To Be Key To Business, As VR Lands With Consumers, Says IDC
              ZDNet, June 19th 2017
              "IDC projected that AR and VR headsets will grow from just under 10 million units in 2016 to nearly 100 million units in 2021...

              Augmented reality will be the domain of the enterprise and consumers will be all about the virtual reality if an IDC forecast plays through 2021.

              IDC projected that AR and VR headsets will grow from just under 10 million units in 2016 to nearly 100 million units in 2021 with a compound annual growth rate of 57.7 percent..."

              Augmented Reality Is Energizing Smart Manufacturing
              Business 2 Community, June 20th 2017
              "The physical and digital worlds are accelerating fast, now colliding head-on. In manufacturing, this collision and resulting fusion represent the frontier of innovation and reinvention. Exemplifying this physical-digital collision is the use of 'Augmented Reality' to design, manufacture, and service products. This blog discusses several exciting use cases for this technology in smart manufacturing..."
                Is The Enterprise Finally Ready For VDI?
                IT Business Edge, June 20th 2017
                "Like the Phoenix, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) continues to rise from the ashes in the hopes that it will one day take its place as a mainstream enterprise solution.

                But this time, it seems that rather than trying to fit VDI into legacy data infrastructure, the technology is seen as a novel way for the enterprise to embrace emerging data needs built around hybrid architectures, the mobile workforce and the cloud..."

                See Japanese Sumo Robots Clash In Ruthless Combat
                CNET, June 20th 2017
                "Witness small but mighty sumo robots pull, shove, trip and smack each other out of a battle ring in a riveting video compilation...

                Two robots step into a ring. Only one emerges triumphant. Immerse yourself in the blink-of-an-eye fighting world of Japanese sumo robots with a compilation video showing a series of dramatic battles. YouTube user Robert McGregor posted the video on Monday. The goal of each match is for one robot to push the other out of the ring..."

                  Two Technologies That Showcase Good VR Could Cost $20K
                  TechZone360, June 23rd 2017
                  "This month, there were two interesting product announcements. The first was very high-resolution displays that should arrive in VR headsets this year that are at eye resolution. The other, even more interesting but farther out product, is a haptic suit that could give you virtual touch. Let's talk VR this week. .."
                  IT - Bitcoin
                  4 Ways Blockchain Is The New Business Collaboration Tool
                  ComputerWorld, June 20th 2017
                  "Smart contracts, like the multinational insurance policy IBM, AIG and Standard Chartered Bank just announced, are being automated by blockchain technology...

                  While blockchain may have cut its teeth on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the distributed electronic ledger technology is quickly making inroads across a variety of industries.

                  That's mainly because of its innate security and its potential for improving systems operations all while reducing costs and creating new revenue streams..."

                  Unicode Consortium Adds Official Bitcoin 'B' Symbol
        , June 21st 2017
                  "On June 20 the Unicode Consortium revealed new version 10.0. They finally added the bitcoin symbol to their code. Now users can type the 'B' symbol with their keyboards. The updated version has 8,518 new characters, with a total of 136,690. The Unicode site also mentions they have new scrips and emoji characters..."
                  IT - DevOps
                  Build A DevOps-Focused Enterprise
                  InformationWeek, June 20th 2017
                  "Why businesses should work to spread DevOps benefits across their entire organization. If DevOps is such a great idea, isn't it time to get other parts of the enterprise to adopt the concept?

                  It's already being done, says Antony Edwards, CTO of Testplant, a London-based test automation tools developer..."

                  "DevOps -- in particular Agile -- is fundamentally about how to productively manage a team in a highly dynamic environment, so the principles are absolutely applicable to any team," he notes...

                  How Containers And DevOps Transformed Duke University's IT Department
        , June 16th 2017
                  It's difficult, even in retrospect, to know which came first for us: containers or a shift towards DevOps culture.

                  At Duke University's Office of Information Technology (OIT), we began looking at containers as a way to achieve higher density from the virtualized infrastructure used to host websites. Virtual machine (VM) sprawl had started to become a problem. We favored separating each client's website onto its own VM for both segregation and organization, but steady growth meant we were managing more servers than we could handle. As we looked for ways to lower management overhead and make better use of resources, Docker hit the news, and we began to experiment with containerization for our web applications..."

                  Top 5 Issues Curtailing DevOps Adoption
        , June 19th 2017
                  "DevOps may seem simple and logical on the surface, yet most of the companies we talk to are struggling in one aspect or another. This is no surprise: Successful DevOps initiatives require putting together a full toolset and simultaneously creating a smart team of developers, testers and project managers who are well-versed in cloud and agile technologies.

                  Those tasks alone can take many months of trial and error until you are ready to start DevOps in earnest. After a period of experimentation, it's time to refine and optimize. Focus shifts to more mature issues such as creating a fully integrated tools stack, supporting a rich test data environment that doesn't undermine privacy and security, and determining the best DevOps infrastructure strategy for your company.

                  Regardless of your DevOps maturity, we've outlined some top issues to consider and mitigate, as your DevOps practice evolves..."

                  Cloud Computing
                  Driving Innovation and Profitability with Modern Cloud Infrastructure in the New Digital Economy
                  By Claude Robinson
                  Claude blogs, "Companies are recognizing that getting real-time insights from their own data is key to building and maintaining their competitive advantage. Those insights enable companies to make better business decisions, and to quickly develop products and services that meet the changing needs of customers. In his recent blog post on 'Spreading the Wealth of Data Capitalism,' Paul Sonderegger, Oracle Big Data Strategist, noted that, 'getting the data you want into the shape you need for the task at hand, is an imperative for any company creating new digital products and services'..."
                  Securing the Oracle Cloud
                  By Troy Kitch
                  Technology safeguards, fewer risks, and unparalleled security motivate CIOs to embrace cloud computing

                  Troy blogs, "If one thing is constant in the IT world, it's change. Consider the age-old dilemma of security versus innovation. Just a few years ago, concerns about data security and privacy prevented some organizations from adopting cloud-based business models.

                  Today, many of these concerns have been alleviated. IT leaders are migrating their applications and data to the cloud in order to benefit from security features offered by some cloud providers. The key is to choose the right technology - one that is designed to protect users, enhance safeguarding of data, and better address requirements under privacy laws. Find out why millions of users rely on advanced and complete cloud services to transform fundamental business processes more quickly and confidently than ever before..."

                  Getting Clear About Clouds: How to Find the Best Approach for Your Enterprise
                  By Edgar Haren
                  Edgar blogs, "Today we have a guest blog from our peers on the Oracle Cloud Machine team. Today Maywun Wong Director, Product Marketing, discusses the value of Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine and the use cases behind this solution.

                  Most business and IT executives understand the extent to which cloud computing is transforming business and disrupting IT organizations. These services and solutions - including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - are ushering in new cost efficiencies, productivity gains, and innovation.

                  However, sorting through the options and choosing the right approach can be daunting. Historically, business and IT decision-makers have had three choices when adopting cloud technologies: private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds. Each approach delivers different features, capabilities, challenges, and benefits. How do you choose the best cloud configuration for your organization? How do you ensure that you are minimizing costs, maximizing gains, and retaining the flexibility and agility required for digital business?..."

                  Training Thursdays: Many Ways to Optimize Use of Oracle Linux
                  By Antoinette Osullivan
                  Antoinette blogs, "Learn about some of the many ways you can optimize Oracle Linux by taking the Oracle Linux advanced administration training. In this training you will learn about topics including a range of virtualization technologies available and about tracing with DTrace.

                  This training is available in different formats to match your training needs..."

                  APAC Webinar: Building Portable Applications Using Docker on Oracle Linux (July 11th)
                  By Zeynep Koch
                  Zeynep shares an invitation to a webinar: "Are you facing challenges on how best to streamline your next generation application development and deployment?

                  Containerization, or the use of containers, are one of the hottest technology trends today, with rapid adoption across enterprises in their digital transformation.

                  Oracle and Docker, as members of the Open Container Initiative, are working to create open platforms for building and deploying applications as containers, making them portable and easy to manage.

                  Join us for the webinar to learn how Oracle Linux supports your vision for delivering applications in the cloud using Docker containers. We will also introduce Oracle's new container registry service that delivers Oracle products, compiled as Docker containers, ready to use in your development environment and data center operations..."

                  Monday Spotlight: How To Install Java SE on Oracle Linux from ULN
                  By Sergio Leunissen
                  Sergio blogs, "This post describes the steps to install and update Java SE, including critical patch updates (CPU) on Oracle Linux via Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN). Customers who have Oracle Linux support and Java SE support from Oracle have access to commercial releases of Java SE via ULN..."
                  IT - Cloud
                  4 Hybrid Cloud Misconceptions, Examined
                  The Enterprises Project, June 21st 2017
                  "The rise of cloud computing, like any evolutionary IT trend, has had its fair share of hype - and the attendant noise that leads to confusion and myth-making.

                  Hybrid cloud is no exception: The hybrid approach has spawned a variety of misconceptions. We asked several cloud experts to share their perspectives on some of the key misunderstandings about hybrid cloud that persist. Here's what they had to say:..."

                  10 Things To Consider Before Moving Your ERP To The Cloud
                  eWeek, June 20th 2017
                  "Enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects gone bad were tales often told over a beer 15 or 20 years ago. But times have changed. Numerous cloud-based ERP services are now available that make upgrade costs, licensing fees and endless consultant fees a thing of the past.

                  Gartner Research has reported that 47 percent of organizations are planning to move their ERP systems to the cloud within the next five years. Despite its bad rap, ERP is arguably the most important IT expenditure a company can make. It manages the vital functions of a business, including accounting, operations and manufacturing. In this eWEEK slide show, CEO Chuck Berger of Kenandy, an enterprise cloud services provider built on Salesforce, shares advice about what to consider if you're in midst of an ERP overhaul..."

                  Cloud-Based Security Services Market To Reach Nearly $9 Billion By 2020
                  Help Net Security, June 19th 2017
                  "Growth in worldwide cloud-based security services will remain strong, reaching $5.9 billion in 2017, up 21 percent from 2016, according to Gartner. Overall growth in the cloud-based security services market is above that of the total information security market. Gartner estimates the cloud-based security services market will reach close to $9 billion by 2020..."
                  Managing The Multi-Cloud: It's Complicated
                  ZDNet, June 19th 2017
                  "When planning out your cloud deployment, keep in mind you'll likely be using multiple clouds. That means you'll need to also and budget for cloud management software and systems...

                  One of the more annoying aspects of the tech industry is the proliferation of buzzwords and marketing-speak. Take "cloud" for example. Somehow, we managed to re-label the practice of filling up giant, power-sucking, heat-spewing, soulless warehouses of computing power into something nice and floaty like "cloud."

                  And now we also have 'multi-cloud.' In the fevered world of IT marketing, what exactly is 'multi-cloud'? Who cares about it? Who uses it?..."

                  IT - CxO
                  CIO Career Path: Building A Resume For The COO Role
                  CIO, June 21st 2017
                  "IT leaders often point to their unique vantage point across the entire enterprise to position themselves for higher roles. And in the digital era, their boards and CEOs may well be taking more notice.

                  In the process, CIOs might blaze a path toward higher office - perhaps to the COO role, which many see as the next logical step for IT leaders, although it has proven rather elusive to date.

                  One longtime CIO recently made that very leap. Earlier this month, Steve Bandrowczak was named COO and CIO of Alight Solutions, a new company formed after Aon sold its outsourcing and benefits administration businesses to Blackstone Group for $4.3 billion..."

                  3-Step Guide To Enterprise IT: Strategy Considerations
                  ITProPortal, June 19th 2017
                  "Organisations with established objectives and an organized strategy will be better equipped to manage their IT strategy...

                  Given its ubiquity in an increasingly digitally-driven business landscape, Information Technology (IT) occupies a central function for nearly every enterprise today.

                  Because of the premium now placed on IT, procurement and management of IT services in turn demand more scrutiny and caution from enterprise firms. In particular, the security of company data now must drive considerations of enterprise decision-makers when formulating strategy or initiatives in IT..."

                  7 CIO Tips: How IT Teams Generate Revenue
                  The Enterprises Project, June 20th 2017
                  "Now that every company is a technology company, the IT organization plays a vastly different role. IT enables competitive advantage for the business. But IT requires an important person to live up to this new mandate: A revenue-generating CIO. How do IT leaders deliver success making money for the business? That's what Harvard Business Review Analytic Services sought to find out when it interviewed 15 leading CIOs for its recent research, 'Revenue-Generating CIOs: Smart Strategies to Grow the Business.'

                  In addition to uncovering the four common practices these revenue generators shared, the report offers firsthand advice for IT leaders based on what they're doing in their own organizations..."

                  Architecting The Digital Enterprise
                  ComputerWeekly, June 21st 2017
                  "A survey of almost 4,500 IT leaders in 90 countries shows that the fastest-growing area of demand in IT this year is for enterprise architects. It is not a skills shortage, but an adoption lag...

                  The predominant mode of IT delivery over the past 30 years has been for structured, waterfall implementations at scale. Many domain areas have experienced consolidation of software into a few, large, ubiquitous products: the dominance of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. The next 30 years will not be the same - not even the next three years..."

                  Data Breach Costs Drop Globally But Increase In US
                  Dark Reading, June 20th 2017
                  "'The average total cost of a data breach declined 10% year-over-year around the world, but in the US edged upward by 5%.

                  The average cost per data breach is now $3.62 million worldwide, marking a 10% drop from the $4 million average cost-per-breach in 2016.

                  This marks the first time data breach cost has decreased overall since IBM created its Cost of Data Breach report, which was published June 20. The good news unfortunately doesn't apply to everyone: cost increased 5% in the US during the same timeframe that it dropped 26% in Europe..."

                  Google's Eric Schmidt: We Need Critical Thinking Now
                  CIO Today, June 23rd 2017
                  "Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company), is optimistic about the future. 'We're entering what I call the age of abundance,' he says. 'And during the age of abundance, we're going to see a new age -- the age of intelligence.

                  "By 2020, most human beings will have access to the internet. When you have everyone harnessed with this information, the world gets more inter-connected. It gets stronger. There's more knowledge sharing. There's more freedom and there's more openness."

                  Schmidt [pictured above] was talking at last week's Viva Technology conference in Paris where he was a headline speaker. Also present was the newly appointed president of France, Emmanuel Macron, who announced: "France is becoming the nation for startups and must succeed in this challenge."

                  Schmidt spoke just a few days before he, along with other technology CEOs, met with President Trump, to discuss modernizing the US government's information technology systems..."

                  How IT Falls Short Of User Expectations (Slideshow)
                  CIO Insight, June 19th 2017
                  "IT managers said they make a wide range of efforts to boost the productivity and effectiveness of their users, but many users don't think the technology department is aligned with the needs of the business, according to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Consulting for Nexthink.

                  The accompanying report, "Mind the (Perception) Gap: How Misaligned Perceptions and Priorities Create a Fissure Between IT And End Users," indicates that a significant number of employees are much less confident in IT than IT is in itself. The vast majority of IT managers, for example, believe they prioritize user satisfaction while aligning the tech department's agenda with that of the business units, but only a minority of employees said this is the case..."

                    Security Awareness Programs Need Full-Time Staff (Slideshow)
                    CIO Insight, June 21st 2017
                    "The number of full-time employees devoted to security awareness programs and their ability to effectively communicate to and engage with employees are two main reasons why security awareness programs either thrive or fail, says a new report.

                    Furthermore, women are twice as likely as men to be dedicated full-time to security awareness. The findings were made by the SANS Institute in its survey, '2017 Security Awareness Report'..."

                    Talking Cyber-Risk With Executives
                    Dark Reading, June 23rd 2017
                    "Explaining risk can be difficult since CISOs and execs don't speak the same language. The key is to tailor your message for the audience.

                    On March 7, a bipartisan bill was introduced to the Senate called the Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2017. The bill's purpose is to 'promote transparency in the oversight of cybersecurity risks at publicly traded companies.' It adds Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements for public companies to disclose what cybersecurity expertise is present within the board of directors..."

                      What To Do When Software Goes Rogue
                      ITProPortal, June 20th 2017
                      "Rogue software can lead to a number of vulnerabilities and even cyber attacks...

                      Going 'rogue' is often characterized as being a renegade: 'no longer obedient, belonging or accepted, and hence not controllable or answerable.'

                      When is software rogue? In today's fast-paced world of data, software that's gone rogue can run the gamut from unapproved software introduced from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies to an approved operating system on a server that has passed its end-of-life (EOL) or end-of-support (EOS) dates.

                      Why does it matter?..."

                      Why Enterprise Ecommerce Is Moving To SaaS: 16 Examples From Toyota To Camelbak
                      Business 2 Community, June 22nd 2017
                      "Enterprise brands earning more than $50 million in annual revenue are no longer strapped to expensive site launches to support businesses initiatives.

                      The retail space is competitive and ever-changing. No one wants to be held to a 12-month launch timeline costing half a million dollars or more for an ecommerce campaign, B2C site or employee site.

                      That's why dozens of enterprise brands at the leading edge of technology are choosing SaaS - specifically, BigCommerce - to power new e-commerce initiatives and stay competitive in a quick-to-innovate market..."

                      CIOs Should Step Into The IoT Oversight Void
                      CIO, June 23rd 2017
                      "The internet of things opens your business to significant security risks, but most boards don't understand the importance of IoT oversight, particularly third-party implementations. That's an opportunity for CIOs to take the lead...

                      If you think your organization is taking oversight of third-party IoT implementations seriously, think again. According to a recent study by security research firm the Ponemon Institute, in conjunction with the Shared Assessments Program, few organizational boards require IoT risk assurances from third parties, providing CIOs a great opportunity to take a leadership position on IoT..."

                      IT - Wireless
                      Five Things Business Needs To Know About 5G
                      IT Proportal, June 19th 2017
                      "The fifth generation of mobile network has been described as the backbone of this connected world.

                      5G, the next generation of mobile technology is set to deliver on the promise of a connected and smarter world. Business needs to prepare for this disruptive technology now, or risk being overtaken, says Caroline Dowling, President of Communications & Enterprise Computing at Flex.

                      Analysts expect around 30 billion smart things will be directly connected to each-other by 2020. All of these connected devices - mobile phones, wearables, smart home devices, and anything with a connected sensor, actuator or microprocessor, are driving unprecedented volumes of data growth. 14 Zettabytes of data is the current estimate, by 2020. For scale, the entire World Wide Web was estimated to contain half a Zettabyte in 2009..."

                        SFTA Weekly Social Meetups: vBeers @ Tap42 Midtown Miami - Wed June 28th
                        4 Weekly Meeting Each Month
                        The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                        These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other hands-on IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                        Wednesday, June 28th @ Tap42 Midtown

                        • 5:00PM - 8:30PM (happy hour specials until 5:30PM)
                        • 3252 NE 1st Ave, Suite 101 Miami, FL 33137 - -With Miami VMware Users group (Miami VMUG)

                        Registration is required for this location: Register

                        Upcoming Events:

                        • Wednesday, July 5th @ Yard House, Palm Beach Gardens
                        • Wednesday, July 12th @ Funky Buddha Brewery, Oakland Park
                        • Wednesday, July 19th @ Biergarten Boca, Boca Raton

                        Read on for detailed schedule

                        IT - DR
                        Magic Quadrant For DR-As-A-Service - Gartner
              , June 22nd 2017
                        The report. "Magic Quadrant for DR as a Service," was published on June 19, 2017, written by Ron Blair, and Mark Thomas Jaggers, analysts at Gartner, Inc.


                        The disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) market consists of hundreds of providers, all with different approaches and capabilities. This creates immense complexity around vendor selection. I&O leaders should use this Magic Quadrant to help them evaluate providers of DRaaS services..."

                        Website Security: Disaster Preparation Checklist
                        Business 2 Community, June 21st 2017
                        "In 1996, Tim Lloyd - a disgruntled network administrator for Omega Engineering - deployed six lines of software that erased all of the company's manufacturing plans. The result: Omega lost more than $10 million in revenue, was forced to lay off 80 workers, and nearly went out of business altogether.

                        It may be an extreme example, but Omega's story highlights the problem of having a single individual in charge of company technology..."

                          IT - PM
                          8 Common Project Management Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them
                          CIO, June 21st 2017
                          "IT executives and certified project management professionals reveal the most common reasons projects get derailed and what project managers can do to keep them on track.

                          So many projects, so much mismanagement. That's the refrain of many IT executives. Indeed, even with project management software, IT projects often wind up taking longer (much longer) than planned and costing more than budgeted..."

                          High-Performing IT Teams: 7 Winning Traits
                          NetworkComputing, June 19th 2017
                          "A new study finds that successful IT teams are more likely to use certain management practices and technologies.

                          One of the best ways for IT leaders to improve their teams' performance is to emulate the characteristics of the world's best IT organizations. But what are those characteristics? What do great IT teams do that sets them apart from the rest of the pack?

                          To answer those questions, team management and collaboration software vendor Atlassian recently commissioned a survey conducted by HDI, a professional association for the technical support industry and part of UBM. In February and March 2017, researchers asked IT professionals a series of questions about their strategy, goals, metrics, technology, tools and approaches. They then looked for characteristics that set apart high-performing teams from the lower performers..."

                          Harness the Power of Big Data: A New Webcast (June 28th, 10:00AM PST)
                          By Aditi Mishra
                          Aditi blogs, "Companies today have built a voracious appetite for data and insights. They demand information at their fingertips, but face the growing complexities of data ingestion, data processing, data management, and data security. Here's where most companies find their dreams for agility come to a screeching halt..."
                          IT - Networks
                          How WAN Design Is Changing
                          NetworkComputing, June 20th 2017
                          "Have you noticed that WAN design is changing? Well, I think it is, and I'd like to share my thoughts.

                          A little history

                          Old TDM networks used to be 'random' meshes of T1s, etc. Part of what drove the design was mileage-centric costs, so one would interconnect nearby sites and end up with a network that looked sort of like chicken wire fencing. Capacity planning was painful, as was multi-hops and latency. And the mesh-iness tended to aggregate traffic, thereby aggravating congestion and cost.

                          As Frame Relay then ATM came in, things gradually evolved to where they are today. We now tend to ignore distance, and just interconnect sites with MPLS or Metro Ethernet WAN 'clouds'..."

                          SDN Application Examples Emerge As Sdn Continues To Mature
                          SearchSDN, June 21st 2017
                          "SDN can benefit more than data centers and cloud. SDN application examples show service providers, hospitals and IoT networks are using the technology as it continues to mature.

                          The question of whether software-defined networking is valuable only as a way to manage cloud environments or data centers is a valid one. SDN discussions often focus solely on details of how SDN controls a cloud, or on its benefits compared to traditional network protocols. After reading these descriptions, it's easy to believe that SDN is applicable only to clouds and large data centers..."

                          VDI Planning: The Network Perspective
                          NetworkComputing, June 21st 2017
                          "Make sure your network can support virtual desktops before deployment.

                          Virtual desktops can be a great way to easily deploy common desktop environments in a centrally managed way. But before you pull the trigger on a VDI rollout, you must look at all aspects of the infrastructure to determine if the network can support it. So often I hear conversations about VDI that focus on server hardware, licensing, and application integration. Yet very little time is spent investigating whether the network can support and scale the way VDI is designed to function.

                          In this blog, I'll look at VDI deployments from a network perspective and discuss out four key areas that could affect the usability of virtual desktops on day one or further down the road..."

                          What Is Intent-Based Networking?
                          Network World, June 23rd 2017
                          "Cisco this week jumped head first into the intent-based networking market, saying the technology that uses machine learning and advanced automation to control networks could be a major shift in how networks are managed.

                          But what exactly is intent-based networking?..."

                          IT - IoT
                          For IoT Over WiFi, 802.11ax Is the New HaLow
                          NetworkComputing, June 22nd 2017
                          "The new .ax standard is better equipped than HaLow to support the internet of things.

                          The Wi-Fi Alliance endorsed IEEE 802.11ah for IoT connectivity nearly 18 months ago and dubbed it HaLow. The standard operates in the unlicensed frequency spectrum below 1 GHz and in narrow channel widths of 1 and 2 MHz.

                          Since IoT applications don't need large data pipes, HaLow provides for data rates as low as 150 Kbps. It has protocol provisions for the long sleep times for clients, because many IoT applications only require intermittent data transfers. Altogether, HaLow provides for lower power consumption, lower complexity and longer range for IoT clients..."

                          Get Ready for IoT by Taking 3 Essential Steps
                          InformationWeek, June 19th 2017
                          "To prepare for IoT, companies need to take advantage of big data and advanced analytics, and adapt their culture, so they are ready for the transformation.

                          In the early 1990s, the general public made its earliest forays into using the Internet. At the time, no one could have imagined where the technology would lead. Social media, e-commerce, mobile apps, cloud computing, software as a service - the list is endless. Entire classes of applications - even industries - were not even a gleam in their creators' eyes. Today these internet-based technologies have transformed the way we live and work..."

                          How Industrial Internet Of Things Is Shaking Off Hype And Getting Real
                          eWeek, June 21st 2017
                          The world is starting to have a greater understanding of the industrial internet of things because a growing number of industries - such as manufacturing, agriculture and logistics - are implementing new IT to make themselves more connected.

                          With more companies such as GE, Comcast, AT&T and Honeywell adopting an IoT approach, the concept of living in an integrated world is moving swiftly from hype to reality. As industrial IoT adoption increases through the use of APIs and microservices, use cases will become more unique - the sky's the limit when it comes to how our world can connect. This eWEEK slide show, using industry information from, explains how we will experience a more connected way of life in the near future - and in ways you might not expect..."

                          IoT Security: Creating a Baseline Trace
                          Network Computing, June 20th 2017
                          "Knowing how an IoT device behaves when it starts up can help troubleshoot security issues.

                          When devices were first introduced as 'internet enabled,' they were portrayed as convenient time savers. IoT devices have had varying levels of success, from internet refrigerators that became digital note boards to widely used webcams, home security devices, DVRs, thermostats and remote computer access systems..."

                          Storage And Networking For The IoT
                          ZDNet, June 21st 2017
                          "IoT data streams can be incredibly valuable, but they can also tax on-premises datacenter resources. Here's how cloud can help your operation scale for IoT processing...

                          Welcome to the Internet of Things. Let's paint the ideal picture of where you are at this point. You have taken the time to create a fully integrated network for your entire organization. Every enabled piece of hardware, embedded device, appliance, and mobile device is part of your IoT landscape..."

                          The Internet Of Things: The Cyber Security Risks And How To Protect Against Them
                          ITProPortal, June 19th 2017
                          "While the IoT affords many advantages by connecting the world, security risks pertaining to IoT are growing and rapidly evolving.

                          Recently, the UK's National Health Service encountered a devastating multi-national cyber-attack. Investigators have since discovered that this was only a small part of a simultaneous attack with over 57,000 'infections' found in 99 countries across the world. Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan were the top targets and UK Prime Minister Theresa May called the attacks 'unprecedented'..."

                          IT - Linux
                          Linux Owns Supercomputing
                          ZDNet, June 23rd 2017
                          "In the latest Top500 supercomputer race, only two -- count 'em, two -- of the world's fastest computers aren't running Linux.

                          The US is falling behind in the supercomputer race, but no matter where a supercomputer is running, one thing remains true: It's running Linux.

                          In the latest Top500 Supercomputer competition, which was revealed in June 2017, 498 out of 500 supercomputers were running Linux. Of the remaining two, both ran Unix..."

                          Is IoT The Future Of Linux?
                          Datamation, June 19th 2017
                          "With Canonical refocusing on becoming profitable and new technologies, some among us have found ourselves pondering where Linux is headed in the future and whether or not IoT (Internet of Things) is the future of Linux? This article aims to address both issues head on.

                          Unknown to most of the non-tech savvy world, there is in fact a few different IoT projects out there that aren't the over-commercialized ones we keep seeing ads for on the Web. The most successful among there has to be the Mycroft project..."

                          IT - Operations
                          In The Age Of Cloud, Should You Invest In A Data Center Upgrade?
                          SearchServerVirtualization, June 20th 2017
                          "Before you rush to replace servers with more of the same, consider your organization's long-term goals and whether a move to the cloud might be the better option...

                          The public cloud continues to mature into a robust business platform. Companies are starting to move core services, such as email and office applications, to cloud-based versions, helping improve flexibility and scalability. While this might be ideal from a business perspective, what happens to your existing data center in the new cloud-based world? Do you delay a data center upgrade or continue to invest in infrastructure that might become obsolete?..."

                          IT - Security
                          Can't Remember Complex Passwords? No Need To Worry!
                          Business 2 Community, June 21st 2017
                          "The days of having to remember a series of complex passwords may soon be over!

                          So, what's changed, you ask? A draft of recommendations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, is.

                          NIST is recommending three changes to password management for organizations. These changes are not mandatory (except for governmental agencies), but are worthy of consideration to help your employees perform more productively and ease some of the burden on your IT staff. You can read the full special publication on the NIST website; Appendix A provides a summary of information on the strength of memorized secrets..."

                          Cybersecurity Fact vs. Fiction
                          Dark Reading, June 20th 2017
                          "Based on popular media, it's easy to be concerned about the security of smart cars, homes, medical devices, and public utilities. But how truly likely are such attacks?

                          Today's security industry is plagued with misinformation and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Is your car safe to drive? Could that insulin pump you rely on give you a deadly dose? Could your power go off and never come back on? Is someone watching you through your smart home devices? Unfortunately, it's getting harder to identify the real threats from the exaggerated ones these days. I'd like to separate fact from fiction by addressing a few questions these headline-grabbing hacking tactics might prompt..."

                          Evaluating Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning-Based Systems For Cyber Security
                          Help Net Security, June 20th 2017
                          "All indicators suggest that 2017 is shaping up to be the year of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for cyber security. As with most trends in our industry, the available protection solutions range from elegantly-designed platforms to clumsily-arranged offerings. The big problem is that many enterprise security teams cannot always tell the difference.

                          I've spent the past few months digging in with a variety of vendors providing products and services in this important area. I've also been actively engaged with CISO teams of all shapes and sizes, trying to learn their experiences using AI and ML to deal with hackers and malware..."

                          Experts Hash Out Next-Generation Cyber Defenses
                          GCN, June 21st 2017
                          "'There are only two types of networks, those that have been compromised and those that are compromised without the operator's awareness,' wrote James Scott, senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, in a collection of essays on next-generation cyber defenses. The writers, ICIT fellows and industry security experts, voiced a common theme: Cyber threats continue to pervade government systems and no one solution is a cure-all..."
                          How To Make Your Employees Care About Cybersecurity: 10 Tips
                          TechRepublic, June 19th 2017
                          "People are the largest security vulnerability in any organization. Here's some expert advice on how to make cybersecurity training more effective and protect your business...

                          Employees are a company's greatest asset, but also its greatest security risk.

                          'If we look at security breaches over the last five to seven years, it's pretty clear that people, whether it's through accidental or intentional introduction of malware, represent the single most important point of failure in terms of security vulnerabilities,' said Eddie Schwartz, chair of ISACA's Cyber Security Advisory Council..."

                          Invisible Invaders: Why Detecting Bot Attacks Is Becoming More Difficult
                          Dark Reading, June 19th 2017
                          "Traditional methods can't block the latest attackers, but a behavioral approach can tell the difference between bots and humans.

                          In a recent automated attack, a large bot army hacked into accounts using brute-force methodology and a highly accurate username and password list. PerimeterX researchers discovered that by overwhelming sites with requests from a network of tens of thousands of Internet of Things devices such as Canon printers and network devices, and with each bot sending just a single request every 10 minutes or so, the attacker completed more than 5 million attempts per day. Furthermore, the attack was successful on 8% of attempts, breaching a shocking 400,000 accounts per day..."

                            IT Departments Struggle To Secure All Endpoints
                            IT Business Edge, June 21st 2017
                            "How many endpoints are connected to your network?

                            Can you answer that question confidently? If you can't - and you aren't alone - then you can't be sure your endpoint security system is working as well as it could or should. And this is costing you, in terms of security and in real dollars.

                            A new Ponemon Institute and Absolute study found that traditional endpoint security approaches aren't working and costing organizations more than $6 million per year in poor detection, slow response and wasted time. One of the biggest problems, the study revealed, is the difficulty companies are having in identifying what they call the dark endpoints -- the rogue, out-of-compliance, or off-network devices that create blind spots. In turn, it is those endpoints that are most likely to create vulnerabilities that allow attackers to get through..."

                            Research Shows How Router Led Lights Can Be Used To Steal Data
                            siliconANGLE, June 18th 2017
                            "Researchers have found a way to steal data from any router in the most unlikely of ways: observing the LED lights on the front of the router.

                            The paper from Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev describes how the LED functionality can be silently overridden by 'xLED,' malware they had developed to infect firmware in the device. Once the xLED malware is installed on the router or switch, it gains full control of the LEDs and uses them to flash data being shared through the device. Then the data can be captured by a camera or light sensor hidden in the room to record the LEDs' activity and decode the signals they share..."

                            Vulnerable vs. Exploitable: Why These Are Different & Why It Matters
                            Business 2 Community, June 19th 2017
                            "Pop quiz: What's the difference between vulnerable and exploitable?

                            As we've written before, a vulnerability is a weakness in a software system. And an exploit is an attack that leverages that vulnerability. So while vulnerable means there is theoretically a way to exploit something (i.e., a vulnerability exists), exploitable means that there is a definite path to doing so in the wild. Naturally, attackers want to find weaknesses that are actually exploitable. As a defender, being vulnerable isn't great, but you should be especially worried about being exploitable.

                            There are a few main reasons why something that is theoretically vulnerable is not actually exploitable:

                            • There may be insufficient public information to enable attackers to exploit the vulnerability.
                            • Doing so may require prior authentication or local system access that the attacker does not have.
                            • Existing security controls may make it hard to attack.

                            Below, we'll explain why this matters and how you can use it to improve your security posture..."

                            IT - Careers
                            4 Skills All IT Professionals Should Consider Learning
                            ITProPortal, June 23rd 2017
                            "Automation and AI have the potential to disrupt many industries and now is the time to invest in yourself...

                            Artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud computing are a catch-22. On one side of the equation, these technologies make our lives so much easier by automating tasks and simplifying work. They can be used to perfect a development or mechanical process too, as a machine will never tire or feel exhaustion like a human. They deliver even, consistent results almost endlessly.

                            They also have the potential to disrupt many industries by saving brands and organizations a considerable amount of money. Therein lies the problem. The rise of modern technologies like these could replace a huge number of jobs, especially among the middle-class..."

                            7 Things Nobody Tells You About Working Remotely
                            Business 2 Community, June 21st 2017
                            "If you've ever been stuck in torrential rain waiting for a delayed train after a long day at the office, the chances are pretty decent that you've fantasized about working remotely at least once or twice.

                            Telecommuting - one of the fancier terms for working remotely - seems to be the perfect arrangement for workers in dozens of industries. And, for the most part, it is. Companies that encourage and support remote work often report higher levels of employee retention and engagement, reduced turnover, higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity and autonomy, and lots of other benefits.

                            Of course, there are plenty of advantages for workers, too, including better work/life balance, greater control over the working environment, and the ability to make your own lunch in your own kitchen, to name just a few.

                            Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to telecommuting - people just don't tend to be as vocal about them.

                            Here are seven things I wish somebody had told me before I took the plunge and became a full-time telecommuter..."

                              Google Launches Its AI-Powered Jobs Search Engine
                              TechCrunch, June 20th 2017
                              "Looking for a new job is getting easier. Google today launched a new jobs search feature right on its search result pages that lets you search for jobs across virtually all of the major online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder and Facebook and others. Google will also include job listings its finds on a company's homepage.

                              The idea here is to give job seekers an easy way to see which jobs are available without having to go to multiple sites only to find duplicate postings and lots of irrelevant jobs..."

                              MSP Fights To Hire Scarce Cloud Engineers
                              Data Center Knowledge, June 22nd 2017
                              "At CorpInfo LLC, cloud is their business and business has been very good.

                              So good, in fact, that the cloud-focused subsidiary of a legacy reseller has grown from fewer than a handful of full-time staffers 18 months ago, to 54 employees today.

                              They expect that headcount to swell past 150 by the end of 2018, with operations expanding beyond current markets in California and Texas, to cities across the U.S. Such rapid growth brings with it a host of exciting if sometimes daunting challenges, and this week, MSPmentor caught up with Josh Binnie - head of talent at CorpInfo - to discuss the gargantuan and hypercompetitive mission of recruiting and hiring so many qualified cloud engineers..."

                                RIP, Systems Administrator, Welcome DevOps
                                , June 23rd 2017
                                "While the traditional sys admin role may fade away, those who are willing to change can take an exciting journey with cloud and DevOps.

                                Looking back at times to the internal IT landscape, a system administrator was a star role in a small to medium enterprise. They were the 911 for IT operations and it was important to have their phone numbers saved, if you had to keep your project moving forward.

                                The role of the system administrator, as we know it, is undergoing a major transformation due to digitization and cloud. This was traditionally a segregated role for those who did all the installations, backups, etc., and owned the on premise infrastructure. They almost always had an ongoing feud with developers to guard their territory and coding was not their forte..."

                                IT - Email
                                Major Rendering Challenges Faced By Email Clients And Their Workarounds
                                Business 2 Community, June 19th 2017
                                "Email Marketing is still a widely used medium to reach a large set of audience. With a plethora of email clients available, it remains a challenge for email marketers to reach each and every subscriber in their list. No doubt, email marketing can bring great prospects for your business, but you need to make sure your email gets delivered and renders smoothly across the diverse email clients and devices used by your subscribers.

                                The recent Email Client Market Share report conducted by Litmus Email Analytics shows that the top 5 widely used email clients are Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple iPad, Apple Mail, and Outlook. Marketers need to take into consideration the following challenges faced by email clients and their solutions while planning for email campaigns..."

                                IT - Database
                                Best Of NoSQL: 7 Document Databases Compared
                                JavaWorld, June 21st 2017
                                "Which document-oriented database is right for your app? Follow this guide to the most developer-friendly NoSQL databases...

                                'The right tool for the right job.' If such wisdom holds true anywhere, it certainly holds true with the choice of database a developer picks for a given application. Document databases, one of the family of data products collectively referred to as 'NoSQL,' are for developers who want to focus on their application rather than the database technology..."

                                Hybrid Databases: Combining Relational And NoSQL
                                Business 2 Community, June 21st 2017
                                "Although NoSQL databases have been gaining popularity over the years, the idea behind them isn't really new. What's changed is the availability of new solutions and their improved reliability and performance, leading to expanded use from a niche audience to a broader one.

                                Nowadays, especially thanks to this broad range of tools for developing robust database systems, we shouldn't stubbornly stick to our preferred solution simply for subjective reasons, but instead make use of the best tools available for a specific task or project requirement. Sometimes, your best bet is a combination of relational and NoSQL databases because one often complements the other..."

                                IT - Big Data
                                Big Data Management
                                Datamation, June 20th 2017
                                "As enterprises data stores have continued to grow exponentially, managing that big data has become increasingly challenging. Organizations often find that the data they have is outdated, that it conflicts with other data in their systems or that it is just plain inaccurate.

                                In its 2017 global data management benchmark report data verification vendor Experian Data Quality found, 'While most organizations around the globe say that data supports their business objectives, less than half of organizations globally (44%) trust their data to make important business decisions'...."

                                How Big Data Is Disrupting Healthcare And Life Sciences
                                CIO, June 19th 2017
                                "Data is the lifeblood of any business. And while advances in machine learning have been revolutionizing almost every industry, some have lagged behind due to technical constraints. Healthcare and life sciences rely on information, but when it comes to data, many professionals in this arena are stuck with legacy technologies when conducting their research.

                                As John Brownstein, Director of the Computational Epidemiology Group at the Boston Children's Hospital put it, 'We're missing the data, we're missing the realtime information, we're missing the forecasting methods. And we're missing the consumer tools that feed back to the patient to inform us about what's happening around us.' The good news is a recent wave of data innovation has been gaining momentum in these industries, with industry veterans, and technology partners developing solutions that are disrupting every layer of the healthcare system..."

                                Big Data Use Cases
                                Datamation, June 21st 2017
                                "Discussions about the benefits of big data often mention the need for 'business insights' in fairly generic terms. That can leave people without big data expertise wondering, what exactly are these 'business insights'? And how exactly would they help my organization?

                                Part of the problem is the huge number of potential use cases for big data solutions. Some big data platforms can be used in so many different ways that vendors hesitate to get too specific lest they turn away some potential customers..."

                                Don't Wait Until It's Too Late To Build A Data Governance Model
                                Search Data Management, June 22nd 2017
                                "As companies amass data from multiple sources, they lose control over data quality and accuracy. Like it or not, it's time to halt the data free-for-all and apply data governance.

                                Most companies don't create a data governance model until there's a problem, and that's an awfully inconvenient time to start -- especially when you're dealing with big data.

                                And when I say 'most' companies, I truly mean a very large majority. While only about 15% of companies take a proactive approach to governing data, 85% do data governance reactively, says Anne Marie Smith, vice president of education and enterprise data governance specialist with data management consultancy EWSolutions Inc..."

                                Finding Data Relationships With Intelligent Graph Analytics
                                Information Management, June 20th 2017
                                "With the explosion of new data management technologies such as NoSQL databases and the higher demand for self-service analytics, there are multiple innovative paths opening up to solve data analytics challenges.

                                Source systems - especially legacy ones - serve highly optimized business processes and are closest to business users and customers. They produce a mix of master and transaction data. Mastering the data from multiple systems has been in practice for many years with varying degrees of success..."

                                Not Doing Big Data In The Cloud? Better Get There
                                Information Week, June 23rd 2017
                                "Forrester Research says competitive advantage will follow big data analytics' move to the cloud; join in, or get left behind.

                                Failure to move your big data into the cloud may prove to be "an extinction level event" for companies that are on the verge of becoming digital dinosaurs, says Brian Hopkins, analyst with Forrester Research.

                                His June 15 report, 'Move Your Big Data Into The Public Cloud: You Won't Be Able To Keep Up With Customers If You Don't,' concludes that companies that wish to be competitive in 2020 need to make use of their big data analytics in the public cloud. He was assisted by Srividya Sridharan, John Rymer, Boris Evelson, Dave Bartoletti and Christian Austin. The report is not publicly available. The Forrester summary of it is here..."

                                Numbers War: How Bayesian Vs. Frequentist Statistics Influence AI
                                The Register, June 22nd 2017
                                "If you want to develop your ML and AI skills, you will need to pick up some statistics and before you have got more than a few steps down that path you will find (whether you like it or not) that you have entered the Twilight Zone that is the frequentist/Bayesian religious war. I use the term "war" advisedly because war, by definition, has moved beyond debate and discussion. "Religious" because the war is based on belief systems, not information.

                                The frequentist world has been briefly described here. The Bayesian world is described in what follows..."

                                  Big Data - A Game Changer In The Music Industry
                                  insideBIGDATA, June 18th 2017
                                  "For a long time, the music industry is in need of a facelift and the advent of big data seems to fulfill this. The musicians might be provided with a more successful revenue model with the emergence of big data. This represents one of the largest industry shifts that music has witnessed in many years. Let us take a look at the possibilities that big data provides for the long-suffering music industry..."
                                  Data Lake
                                  Datamation, June 22nd 2017
                                  "Buzzwords come and go, but if they manage to stick around a while, it means the concept is catching on. A buzzword you're likely hearing more and more of is 'Data Lake' which invokes a body of water, and in many ways, a data lake is like a lake. It's a repository of data (or water) with multiple feeders in and perhaps a few out. It's vast, still, and unmoving, unlike a river. Data (or water) accumulates until it is needed.

                                  So the name, while not very high tech, is actually appropriately descriptive..."

                                    IT - Mobile
                                    5 Billion People Now Subscribe To Mobile Services Around The World
                                    eWeek, June 20th 2017
                                    "The number of mobile device users around the world has grown to 5.035 billion, with the latest billion users being added in just the last four years, according to new statistics released by GSMA Intelligence, the research arm of the GSMA mobile services trade group.

                                    That means that 5 billion of the world's 7.5 billion residents now use mobile devices from smartphones to tablets to cellphones, reaching high saturation around the globe, according to the group..."

                                      How Tivo's CIO Manages Disparate Mobile Platforms
                                      ComputerWorld, June 19th 2017
                                      "It can be done, but it's not easy -- and unified endpoint management remains but a dream...

                                      Like many large companies, TiVo has grown in recent years through mergers and acquisitions, which means CIO Steve Palmucci now faces a disparate set of mobile platforms to secure and manage.

                                      While he's yet to see tools that allow him to bring all mobile devices under one management umbrella, Palmucci has at least managed to standardize how corporate apps and data access get rolled out to employees..."

                                      Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Are Projected To Double In Five Years
                                      Re/code, June 18th 2017
                                      "The number of mobile broadband subscriptions is expected to double in 2022 to 8.3 billion globally. That's up from 4.6 billion in Q1 2017.

                                      Mobile broadband subscriptions - which include subscriptions for smartphones as well as tablets and other devices - grew 25 percent year over year, according to a new report by telecommunications equipment company Ericsson. Broadband subscriptions made up 60 percent of all mobile connections this quarter, up from 57 percent at the end of 2016. Total mobile subscriptions reached 7.6 billion, up 4 percent from last year..."

                                      Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                      Vol 232 Issues 1, 2; Vol 231 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ; Vol 230 Issues 4
                                      We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                      • How Finance Teams Are Profiting From Cloud Automation
                                      • Team New Zealand Jumps Out To Early America's Cup Lead
                                      • Can Women Really 'Have It All'? Ask A Software Developer
                                      • Code Online : Virtual Event for Developers and DevOps Engineers
                                      • Watch the tutorial: backup best practices for MySQL, MariaDB and Galera Cluster
                                      • Video: Chatbot Challenges - A Human Conversation
                                      • Accelerate Innovation In Your Business
                                      • Bridge Consulting: Oracle Empowers Data Monitoring in the Cloud
                                      • MySQL Triggers and Updatable Views
                                      • Hothead Games Fuels Business Growth with NetSuite OneWorld

                                      The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                        IT - Encryption
                                        European MEPs Want To Ban States From Backdooring Encryption
                                        TechCrunch, June 20th 2017
                                        "The European parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) has put forward a proposal that would amend the EU's charter of fundamental rights to extend privacy rights to the digital realm and prevent governments of EU Member States from backdooring end-to-end encrypted services...

                                        "This Regulation aims at ensuring an effective and equal protection of end-users when using functionally equivalent services, so as to ensure the protection of confidentiality, irrespective of the technological medium chosen," they write in the draft eprivacy proposal...

                                          It's Time To Upgrade To TLS 1.3 Already, Says CDN Engineer
                                          CSO Online, June 23rd 2017
                                          "Businesses dragging their heels over rolling out TLS 1.2 on their website might have an excuse to delay a little longer: Version 1.3 of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol will be finalized later this year, and early deployments of it are already under way.

                                          TLS, the successor to SSL, is used to negotiate secure connections to web or mail servers, encrypting data on the move.

                                          Six years in the making, TLS 1.2 added new, stronger encryption options -- but retained all the older, weaker encryption schemes that had gone before in the name of backward compatibility. Unfortunately, this meant that someone able to perform a man-in-the-middle attack could often downgrade connections to a weaker encryption system without the user being aware..."

                                          IT - Server
                                          IDC And Gartner Q1 Sever Shipment Reports Show That Chinese Server Market Is Booming, But The Global Server Market Is In Depression
                                          HPCWire, June 19th 2017
                                          "Both IDC and Gartner recently released their 2017 Q1 Worldwide X86 Server Market Reports. The data indicates that the global server market is still facing a demand slump. According to IDC and Gartner, the worldwide server revenue in the first quarter of this year dropped 4.6% and 4.5% respectively. And the worldwide Top 5 server vendors in shipments are: Dell EMC, HPE, Lenovo, Huawei, Inspur..."
                                          Planning For The New Windows Server Cadence
                                          Data Center Knowledge, June 23rd 2017
                                          "The next version of Windows Server will let you run Linux containers using Hyper-V isolation (and connect to them with bash scripts), encrypt network segments on software-defined networks and deploy the Host Guardian Service as a Shielded VM rather than needing a three-node physical cluster.

                                          Data deduplication for ReFS means Storage Spaces Direct will have 50 percent better disk utilization. Multi-tenancy for Remote Desktop Services Hosting means you can host multiple clients from a single deployment, and virtual machine load balancing is now OS and application aware, so you can prioritize app performance as you balance the load between multiple hosts..."

                                          New Developer Champion Program
                                          By Jennifer Nicholson
                                          Jennifer blogs, "Today we're excited to announce our newest program celebrating modern developers: Oracle Developer Champion. This advocacy group complements OTN's two other advocacy programs, the Oracle ACE and Java Champion programs.

                                          OTN has a long history of supporting our community of developers, admins, and architects who use industry-standard technologies in combination with Oracle products. Here is a summary of our advocate programs and the groups they recognize:..."

                                          IT - Java
                                          Java Will Never Retire, Developers Are Safe
                                          jaxenter, June 20th 2017
                                          "Two decades after its release, Java is still developers' darling. In this post, you will get to know the real reasons that have kept Java secure and away from retirement...

                                          Java is more than a programming language. It is a perfect development platform that has the ability to adapt and remain dynamic in the face of newcomers. Java includes worlds' best platform for cloud development and has over 10 million developers across the world. Moreover, there are 15 billion devices and gadgets running it and fourth, and about 5 million students are studying it.

                                          Java is used by developers who wish to launch their careers, architect the world's best applications, explore human-to-digital interfaces, and unlock innovation everywhere..."

                                          IT - Developer
                                          7 Reasons To Switch To Microservices - And 5 Reasons You Might Not Succeed
                                          CIO, June 20th 2017
                                          "Using a microservices approach to application development can improve resilience and expedite your time to market, but breaking apps into fine-grained services offers complications. Here's what to expect...

                                          Microservices has been making waves among forward-thinking application development organizations since the term was first coined in 2011. A few short years later, microservices is on the verge of going mainstream, as, according to a recent survey from Nginx, 36 percent of enterprises surveyed are currently using microservices, with another 26 percent in the research phase. But what exactly is microservices architecture, and is it right for your organization's culture, skills, and needs?

                                          Here we take a look at seven reasons you should consider microservices for your next application development project - and five hurdles you'll have to clear to be successful..."

                                            Why Git Is Worth The Learning Curve
                                            DZone, June 12th 2017
                                            "Distributed version control systems like Git help developers collaborate and deploy faster and more easily. See why the learning curve is well worth it to use Git...

                                            Over the last decade, distributed version control systems, like Git, have gained popularity and are regarded as the most important development tools by developers. Although the learning curve can pose a challenge, developers told us that Git enhances their ability to work together and ship faster, suggesting that managers have a real incentive to help their teams over the initial hill imposed by the transition to Git..."

                                              IT - HPC
                                              Hyperion: Deep Learning, AI Helping Drive Healthy HPC Industry Growth ($11B In 2016)
                                              HPCWire, June 20th 2017
                                              "To be at the ISC conference in Frankfurt this week is to experience deep immersion in deep learning. Users want to learn about it, vendors want to talk about it, analysts and journalists want to report on it. Deep learning underlays Hyperion Research's optimistic HPC market forecast, with the former IDC HPC analyst team noting that deep learning (and high performance data analytics) is driving HPC into organizations that aren't even aware they're 'doing HPC.'

                                              Adoption of deep learning is one of several 'Dark Energy' forces expanding the HPC universe in ways that are difficult to observe directly, said Hyperion's Bob Sorensen. Other compute- and data-intensive forces pushing industry growth are security anomaly detection, financial services applications and the offloading of HPC workloads to the public cloud..."

                                              Top500 Results: Latest List Trends And What's In Store
                                              HPCwire , June 19th 2017
                                              "Greetings from Frankfurt and the 2017 International Supercomputing Conference where the latest Top500 list has just been revealed. Although there were no major shakeups - China still has the top two spots locked with the the 93-petaflops TaihuLight and the 33.8 petaflops Tianhe-2 - there are some interesting historical and global trends to share, as well as notable Green500 results with Japan capturing the top four spots.

                                              In the top ten strata of the 49th Top500 list, the names are the same but Piz Daint, the Cray XC50 system installed at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), has moved up five positions from number eight to number three..."

                                                Oracle's Security Fixing Practices
                                                By Eric Maurice
                                                Eric Maurice blogs, "In a previous blog entry, we discussed how Oracle customers should take advantage of Oracle's ongoing security assurance effort in order to help preserve their security posture over time. In today's blog entry, we're going to discuss the highlights of Oracle's security fixing practices and their implications for Oracle customers.

                                                As stated in the previous blog entry, the Critical Patch Update program is Oracle's primary mechanism for the delivery of security fixes in all supported Oracle product releases and the Security Alert program provides for the release of fixes for severe vulnerabilities outside of the normal Critical Patch Update schedule. Oracle always recommends that customers remain on actively-supported versions and apply the security fixes provided by Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts as soon as possible..."

                                                Red Hat News
                                                Red Hat Reports First Quarter Results for Fiscal Year 2018
                                                Red Hat, June 20th 2017
                                                Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 ended May 31, 2017.

                                                "The first quarter was a strong start to FY18, with double digit growth across a number of our financial metrics, including 19% total revenue growth in U.S. dollars or 20% measured in constant currency and over 40% growth in our Application Development-related and other emerging technology revenue," stated Jim Whitehurst, President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Hat. "We continued to benefit from our ability to deliver important foundational and cloud enabling technologies, which help our customers to modernize and manage their infrastructure and application development platforms for the hybrid cloud."

                                                Friday Five - June 23, 2017
                                                Red Hat, June 23rd 2017
                                                "The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye...

                                                • GeekWire - Coming off a strong quarter, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst talks public clouds and containers
                                                • - Red Hat launches open source hyper-converged infrastructure
                                                • British Army Migrates Cloud Infrastructure to Red Hat Solutions
                                                • Forbes - What Role Will Container Technology Play In The Digital Journey?
                                                • Red Hat Management Strategy Blog - The business value of automation

                                                Read on for details.

                                                Red Hat Unveils Industry's First Production-Ready Open Source Hyperconverged Infrastructure
                                                Red Hat, June 22nd 2017
                                                Red Hat introduced Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure, the industry's first production-ready fully open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution. By combining innovative virtualization and storage technologies with a stable, proven operating platform, Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure is designed to help enterprises to bring datacenter capabilities into locations with limited space, such as branch offices and other remote facilities.
                                                Molecular Health Migrates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA for Medical Data Management
                                                Red Hat, June 19th 2017
                                                Red Hat announced that Molecular Health, a leading technology company in the field of precision medicine, has deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA, combined with a backup and recovery solution from Bacula Systems. The platform is the basis of its new analytical product Molecular Health GuideTM (MH Guide) for cancer treatment based on a highly reliable knowledge database. This knowledge base is a pre-interpreted collection of curated information from millions of scientific and medical publications, as well as evaluations from globally available databases of clinical and molecular data.
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