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Oracle News
Can't Find Analytic Experts? Here's How Academic Collaboration Can Help Close the Talent Gap
By Rich Clayton - Oracle, June 12th 2017
Rich Clayton writes in Forbes, "Ask any corporate recruiter about finding deep analytic talent, and you're sure to get the same answer: 'impossible.' While the amount of business data increases exponentially every day, the number of people able to successfully derive value from that data has not increased proportionally.

Four years ago, I wrote an article about the talent gap and its impact on the business leaders who must master analytics. Much has changed in four years, but the mandate remains the same..."

Hothead Games Fuels Business Growth with NetSuite OneWorld
Oracle, June 14th 2017
Rapid OneWorld Implementation Gives Canadian Mobile Game Developer Operational Efficiency and Scalability

Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, one of the world's leading providers of cloud-based financials / ERP, HR, Professional Services Automation (PSA) and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced that Canada-based Hothead Games, one of the top 100 mobile game developers in the world, implemented NetSuite OneWorld to manage its rapidly growing business.

Hothead Games uses NetSuite OneWorld to manage mission-critical business processes including financial consolidation, accounting, purchasing, revenue recognition, multi-currency transactions and multi-country tax compliance. Since going live on NetSuite OneWorld in February 2016 after a rapid two-month implementation, Hothead Games has increased operational efficiency and gained the scalability needed to grow its business.

Team New Zealand Jumps Out To Early America's Cup Lead
By Rob Preston - Oracle, June 14th 2017
Rob writes, "The much-heralded America's Cup grudge match between two-time defending champion ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand started as the Cup finals did four years ago, with the Kiwis jumping out to an early lead, winning the first two races on Saturday, Day 1 of the international sailing competition..."
How Finance Teams Are Profiting From Cloud Automation
By Linda Currey Post - Oracle, June 15th 2017
Linda writes, "Forward-thinking business leaders are automating their companies' financial processes end to end.

They're depending less on standalone spreadsheets, while streamlining account reconciliations, shortening the monthly close, and freeing their financial experts to spend more time on strategic matters. The time that automation gives back 'is the most essential resource that any organization has,' says Steve Cox, Oracle vice president for ERP and EPM Cloud. That is, when finance teams reduce the time they spend gathering and organizing their data, they can spend more time analyzing it to 'make significantly better decisions'..."

Can Women Really 'Have It All'? Ask A Software Developer
By Linda Currey Post - Oracle, June 14th 2017
Linda Currey Post writes, "Last week, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee fought back tears when describing the tension inherent in raising children while working in a demanding, high-profile position. 'It's hard to have it all,' said Ronna Romney McDaniel during a CNN panel discussion.

Many parents can relate to the challenge of finding a work-life balance. Some careers offer more flexibility than others and computer programming is one of them. Just ask Leor Chechik, a software developer at Oracle. Chechik uses the Java programming language to write new, cloud-based financial applications. At home, she is 'mommy' to two youngsters, Evan, 4, and Aurora, 2..."

How One IT Services Firm Is Helping Angola Prep For Economic Growth
By Sasha Banks-Louie
Sasha blogs, "New economic stimulus programs in formerly war-torn Angola have led to the emergence of thousands of new businesses in the last 15 years across a wide spectrum of industries, creating new opportunities for IT services firm Jupiter Desenvolvimento Informatico. But the company has been having trouble managing the resulting double-digit growth as it struggles with the inefficiency of antiquated IT business and financial systems..."
    How To Become A Customer Success Leader
    By Jeb Dasteel - Oracle, June 12th 2017
    Jeb Dasteel writes in Forbes, "'The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.' This quote comes from Max De Pree, the former CEO of Herman Miller, an office furniture company. I believe De Pree was speaking about leadership generically, but his quote couldn't ring truer than in reference to customer success..."
    Video: Chatbot Challenges - A Human Conversation
    By Bob Rhubart
    Bob blogs, "Chatbots won't make you rich, according to Frank Nimphius, Senior Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Mobile Platform Group. That takes a good business model. 'But once you have a good business model, a chatbot can really help you to reach out to an audience that otherwise might not be interested in doing business with you,' Frank says. Like millenials.

    But as Frank explains, developing chatbots is not without its challenges. One such challenge is identifying design patterns that work with chatbots, just as there are design patterns for web applications and mobile applications..."

    IT - AI
    Deep Learning's Growing Impact On Security
    Dark Reading, June 13th 2017
    "Neural networks are now practical for real-world applications, cutting back on work needed from analysts.

    Deep learning is one of the buzziest buzzwords of 2017, and for good reason. Deep learning (more accurately called deep neural networks) attempts to mimic the activities of the brain. The basic principles of neural networks have existed since the late 1950s, yet it wasn't until around 2010 that computers became powerful enough (and data got big enough) for highly complex 'deep' neural networks to become practical for real-world applications..."

      Machine Learning Demystified: The Importance Of Data
      Information Age, June 13th 2017
      "Implementing machine learning into business operations can be daunting, but it is now necessary to move ambitious business's forward. And data is the key...

      Machine learning (ML) may sound like a daunting concept to anyone unfamiliar with it, some may believe it to lead to outlandish ideas about machines poised to enslave mankind. Fortunately this isn't what ML is, it's basically a major advancement in the development of Information Technology (IT). For ML to benefit an organisation it first has to understand the full benefit and limitations it offers..."

        Microsoft's AI Beats Ms. Pac-Man
        TechCrunch, June 15th 2017
        "As with so many things in the world, the key to cracking Ms. Pac-Man is team work and a bit of positive reinforcement. That... and access to funding from Microsoft and 150-plus artificial intelligence agents - as Maluuba can now attest.

        Last month, the Canadian deep learning company (a subsidiary of Microsoft as of January) became the first team of AI programmers to beat the 36-year-old classic.

        It was a fairly anticlimactic defeat. The number hit 999,990, before the odometer flipped back over to zero. But it was an impressive victory nonetheless, marking the first time anyone - human or machine - has achieved the feat. It's been a white whale for the AI community for a while now..."

        New York Times Moderates Comments Using Google's AA
        siliconANGLE, June 13th 2017
        "In a perfect world, comment sections on news sites would be a great place to have rational discussions about what is happening in the world. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and bitter disagreement and name calling often lead many sites to choose to lock comments entirely rather than deal with them.

        The New York Times is looking to solve that problem through the use of artificial intelligence. Today, the Times is rolling out a new AI comment moderator built using Perspective, an AI application programming interface built by Jigsaw, which is a think tank that was spun out of Google Inc. parent Alphabet Inc. According to the Times, its new AI, which is simply called 'Moderator,' will allow the site to open up comments for more articles..."

        Perception And Reality: The Role Of AI And Automated Cyber Defenses
        Help Net Security, June 15th 2017
        "Executives in the U.S. and Europe now place broad trust in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems, designed to protect organizations from more dynamic pernicious cyber threats, according to Radware.

        Each year, Radware publishes the findings and analysis of its information security industry survey. Complementing that research is Radware's annual executive survey. In Q2 of this year, Radware conducted a global survey of C-suite executives. The goal: to understand their greatest business concerns; evolving and preferred technological and staffing techniques for preparedness; compliance with and desired oversight with respect to governmental regulations and directional attitudes when pursuant to cyber security..."

        What Is Machine Learning?
        Information Age, June 12th 2017
        "Machine learning has been built into industries looking to break new ground in how they deliver services and improve internal operations...

        Machine learning's development stems from the mid-20th century where it was defined by Arthur Samuel as a 'field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed'.

        Indeed, the technology provides computers with the ability to learn from exposure to data, rather than being explicitly programmed - like a human brain. The technology's function is to learn and improve internal procedures and external delivery across a range of industries, from entertainment to cyber security, to manufacturing and finance..."

        Friday Spotlight: New Oracle VM Server for x86 Implementation Training Released
        By Antoinette Osullivan
        Antoinette blogs, "The Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation course has been updated to cover Oracle VM 3.4 so now is the moment to deepen your knowledge of Oracle VM.

        This 3-day course is ideal for those who are already familiar with installing and configuring Oracle VM and want to learn about:

        • Administering the Oracle VM environment by using the appropriate management tools
        • Redeploying cloud resources
        • Tracking and solving issues at each operational layer
        • Protecting Oracle VM resources
        • Incorporating key components into your disaster and recovery strategy

        If you are new to Oracle VM, you can start on your Oracle VM journey by taking the Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration course..."

        IT - Storage
        WW Enterprise Storage Market Down 0.5% Y/Y In 1Q17 At $9.2 Billion - IDC, June 12th 2017
        "Total worldwide enterprise storage systems factory revenue was down 0.5% year over year and reached $9.2 billion in 1Q17, according to the International Data Corporation's Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker.

        Total capacity shipments were up 41.4% year over year to 50.1EB during the quarter.

        Revenue growth increased within the group of original design manufacturers (ODMs) that sell directly to hyperscale datacenters. This portion of the market was up 78.2% year over year to $1.2 billion..."

          Storage Performance Testing Vital, Says Ex-Morrisons It Chief
          ComputerWeekly, June 14th 2017
          "Former Morrisons head of technology says testing and monitoring storage performance is key to avoiding outages and getting the benefits from infrastructure upgrades...

          Organisations need to regularly monitor storage performance or risk catastrophic failures. Testing is also vital during times of infrastructure change to ensure upgrades meet performance improvement targets..."

          Sector Roadmap: Object Storage For Enterprise Capacity-Driven Workloads - Gigaom Research
, June 13th 2017
          "This report was written by Enrico Signoretti, analyst, advisor and blogger, founder of Juku Consulting and head of product strategy at OpenIO Italy for Gigaom, a technology research and analysis firm..."

          "During the first decade of this century, we shifted fairly quickly from a relatively simple set of storage technologies and implementations to a very large spectrum of options, with vendors proposing solutions for all kinds of data and applications. They are responding to an increasing demand for storage specialization, introduced by the necessity for overall efficiency, cost reduction, and today's large capacities..."

            IT - Technology
            Graphene Transistor Could Mean Computers That Are 1,000 Times Faster
            Science Daily, June 13th 2017
            "Next-gen, carbon-based transistors would far outperform today's silicon ones..."

            "A University of Central Florida professor is part of a research team that developed a graphene-based transistor that could someday lead to computers that are a thousand times faster and use a hundredth of the power..."

              How Aviation Technology Inspires Autonomous Driving
              ITProPortal, June 12th 2017
              "Over the air updates and black box technology will both be essential to the success of driverless cars...

              Autonomous vehicles (AVs), or driverless cars, are no longer a fantasy idea found only in sci-fi movies. With several car manufacturers already developing self-driving features, and a reported 10 million driverless cars set to hit the road by 2020, it is quickly becoming reality..."

                Seaweed Derivative Could Be Just What Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Need
                Science Daily, June 13th 2017
                "Surprising discovery is a major advance for low-cost, high-energy batteries...

                Lithium-sulfur batteries have great potential as a low-cost, high-energy, energy source for both vehicle and grid applications. However, they suffer from significant capacity fading. Now scientists have made a surprising discovery that could fix this problem..."

                  VR's Killer App: Business Services
                  TechCrunch, June 15th 2017
                  "Virtual reality and augmented reality had a reality check in 2016. Despite heavy investment and industry buzz, the predicted mass adoption of VR/AR never materialized. Scratch below the surface, however, and you can see the beginnings of real movement for the technology - albeit from a decidedly un-glitzy place.

                  B2B and enterprise applications of VR/AR quietly had a very active year, and continue to gain traction in 2017. Application revenues from enterprise VR, in fact, are now projected to outpace consumer entertainment revenues by 2020. And without any of the hype..."

                  IT - Bitcoin
                  3 Signs The Cryptocurrency Exchange Market Is Maturing
                  CoinDesk, June 11th 2017
                  "Underlying bitcoin and ether's all-time-high price rallies in Q1 was a dramatically shifting global exchange market.

                  So far in 2017, trading volumes have seen big changes, ones that indicate a reshaping of the global market.

                  Global exchange volume for bitcoin, for example, plummeted in January after the People's Bank of China (PBoC) issued guidance to domestic exchanges around their regulatory and operational policies. The development led to periods where withdrawals and margin trading were stalled, and trading fees were instituted after years of no-fee trading.

                  Despite the substantial shifts, here are three trends that CoinDesk Research has highlighted as signs of a maturing overall market in Q1 and the period since..."

                  As Bitcoin's Price Rises Security Shouldn't Be Taken For Granted
        , June 11th 2017
                  "Recently there have been numerous reports of people losing their bitcoins to hackers and malware as bitcoin's price continues to grow in value. It is safe to assume that organizations and individuals trying to steal people's bitcoin reserves will persistently increase because the decentralized cryptocurrency becomes more valuable to thieves..."
                  Global Bitcoin ATM Proliferation Nearly Doubled During May
        , June 15th 2017
                  "The global proliferation of bitcoin ATMs nearly doubled during May when compared with April. The United States and Canada saw increases in the number of bitcoin ATMs by almost 8%, whilst Russia's bitcoin ATM presence evaporated following the withdrawal of Bitlish...

                  May saw significant price gains. Last month also saw a considerable expansion in the number of bitcoin ATMs internationally..."

                  Op Ed: New Study Finds That 3 Million+ People Use Cryptocurrencies
                  Bitcoin Magazine, June 12th 2017
                  "Bridging the gap between financial systems and computer whizzes, cryptocurrencies are poised to gain ground in today's markets. These peer-to-peer systems utilize blockchain technology to conduct and verify transactions.

                  Since the network is decentralized, there is no main authority to judge whether transactions are legitimate or not. The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, worked around this by having participants' computers solve part of a cryptographic puzzle. Helping to solve this verifies the blockchain and grants a specific number - or fractions - of bitcoins..."

                  What Service Providers Need To Know About Bitcoin
                  The VAR Guy, June 12th 2017
                  "A growing number of web hosts accept Bitcoin, and as the digital currency gains users and acceptance, the trend is likely to grow. As a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology rather than a national currency, Bitcoin is considered by its proponents to provide unmatched privacy and security, compared to other currencies or payment systems, with little or no transaction fees or taxes.

                  Some of these same advantages also make Bitcoin popular among those conducting criminal business online, and security issues with Bitcoin exchanges and wallets contribute to its extreme volatility..."

                  PwC Principal: Cryptocurrencies Could Power New Economy
                  CoinDesk, June 14th 2017
                  "Talking boldly, and publicly, about a possible future enabled by bitcoin, ether and cryptocurrencies is suddenly very much in vogue.

                  After years of being taboo, the word is apparently one that senior executives and global financial institutions are no longer afraid to say - at least, that's if the conversation at a conference held today by New York-based news source American Banker was any indication..."

                  The Rise Of Digital Money Has Exploded Since Bitcoin's Creation
        , June 12th 2017
                  "Bitcoin changed the landscape of digital money when it was introduced to the world in 2009, and was followed by many other types of cryptocurrencies. Now bitcoin and the over 800 copycats (so called altcoins) have reached a very large market valuation of $110 billion. Let's take a look at how this emerging digital assets landscape began and where we are today..."
                  IT - FOSS
                  Parted Magic Disk Partitioning Live CD Updated With Linux 4.11.4, ZFS On Linux
                  Softpedia, June 12th 2017
                  "Powered by the latest Linux 4.11.4 kernel, Parted Magic 2017_06_12 includes all sorts of up-to-date components, including the Clonezilla 3.25.11 partition and disk imaging/cloning program, the Wxfixboot 2.0.1 tool for modifying and fixing bootloaders, as well as the DDRescue-GUI 1.7.1 graphical user interface for GNU ddrescue.

                  On top of that, the new Parted Magic updated ISO snapshot ships with zfs-linux drivers and a screen magnifier, FileZilla 3.25.1 as default FTP program instead of gFTP, and it looks like the X.Org components have been updated to their latest versions. Many bugs and security vulnerabilities have been fixed in Parted Magic 2017_06_12..."

                  Why Open Source Is Really Disrupting Enterprise Software
                  Forrester, June 12th 2017
                  "I had an epiphany today about a major reason open source is disrupting enterprise software. This is perhaps one of those things that you have heard so much, you've gone numb to it. All the big giants are still alive and kicking, however; so is this really happening? The answer is yes, however the mechanics are not what you think. It is not simply just a cost play. The acquisition - one of the main weapons that big software vendors had to fight disruptors - is losing effectiveness. And that changes everything. Allow me to explain:.."
                  IT - DevOps
                  Embedding Ownership: A Devops Best Practice
        , June 12th 2017
                  "From where I sit in the DevOps community, there is often more focus on dev than on ops. Damon Edwards (@damonedwards) of SimplifyOps sought to change that with his talk, 'Ops Happens: DevOps Beyond Deployment,' at the All Day DevOps conference.

                  Damon dove right into the primary, systemic force behind most DevOps problems: silos. The product development process goes like this: Planning-->Dev-->Release-->Operate. The problem lies in the tendency of many enterprises to place similar functions together. Everyone ends up in a silo. Then walls build up between the silos. Eventually, people only know life in their silo, making handoffs even harder..."

                  John Willis Discusses The Human Factor Of DevOps
                  jaxenter, June 12th 2017
                  "High-performing organizations seem to have one common pattern: they put a high value on human capital. JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser talked to John Willis, Director of Ecosystem Development at Docker, Inc about how to turn human capital into high performance organizational capital..."
                  DevOps Research Says Practice Yields Benefits Beyond Code
                  InformationWeek, June 13th 2017
                  "Survey: Organizations that adopt disciplined DevOps thrive in ways that remain difficult for others; automation, quality, continuous delivery.

                  Over the course of six years, the DevOps Research and Assessment consulting firm has conducted 27,000 interviews among DevOps practitioners. It's latest, The State of DevOps Report, summarizes the results of 3,200 interviews this year and contains a simple conclusion: DevOps is become a widely accepted method of transforming the organization..."

                  DevOps Success: A New Team Model Emerges
                  The Enterprisers Project, June 14th 2017
                  "When DevOps began, so did a shorthand description for the model: It broke down the wall between dev and ops. The teams communicated better and operated with a shared set of objectives and concerns. At the extreme, there were no longer devs and ops people, but DevOps skill sets. But now, another view of DevOps has emerged: It's about enabling ops to provide an environment for developers, then get out of the way as much as possible.

                  Is this model a good fit for your business needs - and do you understand what the dev and ops teams inside your organization would need to make it work? Let's take a look..."

                  Here's Why Release Managers Are Crucial To DevOps
                  ITProPortal, June 13th 2017
                  "DevOps is not the threat that release managers believe it to be...

                  Due to the accelerated pace of delivery, decentralization of control, and other disruptions that come with DevOps, many career release managers today are feeling a little off balance. Software deployment teams are operating more independently and complexity is growing exponentially (in no small part due to many small, interdependent changes being continuously deployed to production). The idea that one person or team can coordinate the planning and delivery of it all is being tested to the breaking point..."

                  Survey: Devops Divide Grows A Little Wider
        , June 12th 2017
                  "The gap between the number of organizations that have invested in DevOps is starting to narrow, and IT organizations that made the transition to DevOps earlier are starting to see accelerated returns on that investment, according to the latest survey by Puppet.

                  The annual 'State of DevOps Report' finds that out of 3,200 IT professionals surveyed, only 11 percent were part of organizations that could be considered high DevOps performers. High performers are deemed to have higher deployment frequencies, lower lead times for changes, better mean time to recovery (MTTR) and better change failure rates..."

                  How to configure MySQL Multi-Master Replication on Oracle Linux
                  HowtoForge, June 12th 2017
                  "This tutorial explains how to setup and configure MySQL multi-master replication on Oracle Linux. As you all may already know, MySQL is a well known top notch database product that has proven to be enterprise ready.

                  As data is crucial for every organization, most database administrators are looking for a suitable solution to setup high availability to ensure user are able to access their data 24/7. MySQL replication is a solution that can ensure a high availability policy.

                  On top of that, MySQL replication is also able to help database administrators to distribute the load on multiple database servers by load balancing the READ and WRITE requests. Unfortunately, basic replication can only offer benefits on READ requests. Due to that, MySQL multi-master replication was introduced to offer replication for WRITE request as well..."

                  Watch the tutorial: backup best practices for MySQL, MariaDB and Galera Cluster
                  By Severalnines
                  Jean-Jerome Schmidt blogs, "Many thanks to everyone who registered and/or participated in Tuesday's webinar on backup strategies and best practices for MySQL, MariaDB and Galera clusters led by Krzysztof Ksi&#261;&#380;ek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines. If you missed the session, would like to watch it again or browse through the slides, they're now online for viewing. Also check out the transcript of the Q&A session below..."
                  MySQL Triggers and Updatable Views
                  By Percona
                  Agustin Gallego writes in Percona, "In this post we'll review how MySQL triggers can affect queries.

                  Contrary to what the documentation states, we can activate triggers even while operating on views:...

                  'Important: MySQL triggers activate only for changes made to tables by SQL statements. They do not activate for changes in views, nor by changes to tables made by APIs that do not transmit SQL statements to the MySQL server...'"

                  Cloud Computing
                  Accelerate Innovation In Your Business
                  By Yaldah Hakim Rashid
                  Yaldah blogs, "All business needs are unique. If you see a cloud provider offering a one size fits all solution for your business- turnaround and run as fast as you can. There is not a one size fits all solution because all industries and businesses are different.

                  In order to have the best growth strategy in place for your business - you need a complete and personalized cloud that can be tailored for your unique business needs.

                  With a personalized cloud, there are a number of benefits including the following:..."

                    Bridge Consulting: Oracle Empowers Data Monitoring in the Cloud
                    By Daniel Schrijver
                    Daniel blogs, "Oracle Gold Partner Bridge Consulting in Italy is taking a very pragmatic approach to moving to the cloud. They help their customers move their Oracle applications, middleware and database to the cloud and start wherever it makes the most sense. This could be setting up of a database in the cloud for test purposes. Or it could be middleware for developing a java application.

                    But whenever and wherever you start, one of the main points to consider is how you're going to manage these new IT environments AND your existing IT. You need a single pane of glass for managing all your applications, middleware and databases regardless of whether they run in the cloud or on-premises.

                    In this video, you'll hear Simone Traversari talk about the value that Oracle Management Cloud brings to his customers..."

                    3 Key Additions for Companies Moving Enterprise Workloads to the Cloud
                    By Chris Murphy
                    Chris blogs, "Oracle is providing new tools for organizations that are moving enterprise workloads to the cloud.

                    IT shops are increasingly exploring the cloud for existing workloads, and are expecting the same type of choice, control, and tools they get with in-house data centers, but with the agility and lower capital approach delivered by the cloud.

                    Oracle's latest enhancements to Oracle's infrastructure as a service (IaaS) help meet those expectations. They are:..."

                    Announcing Oracle Linux 5 Extended Support
                    By Scott Lynn
                    Scott blogs, "Oracle is pleased to offer Extended Support for Oracle Linux 5 - effective June 27, 2017, and ending on June 26, 2020.

                    The Oracle Linux operating system is engineered for open cloud infrastructure. As part of our commitment to openness and flexibility, Oracle Linux 5 Extended Support gives you greater choice about when to move your systems to a new generation of Linux software..."

                    IT - Cloud
                    3 Killer Cloud Skills That Will Get You Hired Today
                    InfoWorld, June 13th 2017
                    "One of the most common questions that I'm asked is: 'What cloud skills do I need that will get me hired quickly?'

                    First, keep in mind that this is an emerging area, so what employers are looking for is constantly shifting. Second, even if they do hire you for a specific skill, you'll be asked to retrain and retool as the cloud technology matures..."

                      CIA CIO: Private Cloud 'The Best Decision We've Ever Made'
                      FCW, June 15th 2017
                      "More than four years have passed since the CIA announced its watershed deal with Amazon Web Services to build out a private cloud for the intelligence community. According to CIA CIO John Edwards, 'it's the best decision we've ever made.'

                      'It's the most innovative thing we've ever done,' Edwards said in a June 14 speech at AWS' Public Sector Summit. 'It is having a material impact on both the CIA and the IC'..."

                      Costs Of Cloud Computing At Odds With Growing Complexity
                      eWeek, June 9th 2017
                      "Cloud customers are dealing with confusion over cloud computing costs and the complexity of the services they are paying for. Some are finding cloud-based applications can get very expensive as demand spikes for certain services.

                      A little more than a decade into the public cloud era, the costs of cloud computing are still far from settling into predictable and repeatable patterns.

                      The reason is why cloud computing became popular in the first place. Users can free themselves from IT CAPEX - capital expenditures - which for even mid-sized businesses can result in millions of dollars of up-front costs for a data center refresh, staff salaries and yearly maintenance fees..."

                      Fine-Tune Your Cloud-First Strategy With Better Metrics
                      Search CIO, June 12th 2017
                      "Calculating the risks and benefits of a cloud-first strategy is a difficult problem for CIOs with large, complex IT environments. Experts discuss the salient metrics to use.

                      Some calculations are easy: A small company with a couple racks of servers running a few off-the-shelf applications can easily figure out the return on investment for moving to the cloud..."

                        Gartner Puts AWS, Microsoft Azure Top Of Its Magic Quadrant For IaaS
                        ZDNet, June 15th 2017
                        "But Google is emerging as a No. 3 option in a hurry. Also note Alibaba Cloud is on the rise...

                        Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure dominate the infrastructure-as-a-service field, according to Gartner, which released its IaaS Magic Quadrant.

                        However, Google Cloud is emerging as a key challenger..."

                        Multi-Cloud: Today's Preference, Tomorrow's Necessity
                        IT Business Edge, June 12th 2017
                        "The hybrid cloud has emerged as the preferred way for the enterprise to manage applications and workloads across distributed infrastructure. But even though the kinks are still being worked out linking local resources to a single cloud, the IT industry is already looking toward multi-cloud architectures.

                        By and large, the same challenges exist with one or many clouds, although the scale and orchestration are certainly greater with the latter. But ultimately, the need for a distributed, redundant data ecosystem is growing due to the increasing dependence on digital services by core business processes. So not only will the multi-cloud architecture need to be reliable, it must operate with low latency and in a near seamless fashion to provide optimal support for critical applications..."

                        No Shortcuts! Do Cloud Requirements Discovery Right
                        CIO, June 12th 2017
                        "The discovery phase is the weakest part of any cloud project, but getting it wrong can cost you dearly..."

                        "In a cloud project of any size, discovery is the crux of project risk. Although the discovery and architecture phases of a project may represent only 15 percent of the overall effort, an error or omission early on can cause overruns of 150 percent or more.

                        Unfortunately, this is also the honeymoon phase of the project, where over-optimism and a false sense of security can mask the inherent risk. This is the time when the vendor's project lead must be most assertive, guiding the client through tough decisions and forcing the client to acknowledge unpleasant tradeoffs. Serious client hand-holding is a key success factor during discovery..."

                        Six Steps To Achieve The Joys Of Serverless Architectures
                        InformationWeek, June 14th 2017
                        "The are solid benefits in a move to a serverless architecture, but remember these six important considerations to undertake before going serverless.

                        Today serverless architecture is enjoying a well-deserved designation as one of the hottest current trends in technology. It is an instrumental and increasingly essential element in today's IT environment. To be certain, serverless has proven to lower operational costs, deploy services faster and dramatically increase companies' responsiveness to customer demand..."

                          IT - CxO
                          How Great CIOs Push Their Careers To New Heights
                          CIO, June 12th 2017
                          "CIOs looking to progress beyond IT leadership need to buddy up with the business, be operationally savvy and get in tune with customers, say former CIOs who moved on to COO, CEO and other roles...

                          A new adage, coined by MIT research scientist George Westerman, is making its rounds through the world of digital business practitioners: 'There's never been a better time to be a great CIO, and there's never been a worse time to be an average one'..."

                          5 Warning Signs Of Legacy Syndrome In Busines
                          Information Age, June 12th 2017
                          "What are the key challenges for businesses as they try to adapt to meet customer needs in the digital age?...

                          In an increasingly competitive and uncertain climate, businesses of all kinds need agility to adapt in response to market pressures. In Edo's experience a key barrier to change is that established ways of working are tied to legacy technologies. Businesses cannot react quickly if their technology stack does not allow them to implement change. Here are five key warning signs that a business is at risk - and what can be done about it..."

                            Why CIOs Struggle To Drive Business Innovation (Slideshow)
                            CIO Insight, June 15th 2017
                            "While the majority of CIOs and other technology leaders believe they should be leading innovation efforts throughout their organization's business efforts, relatively few are actually doing this, according to the recent CIO survey from Harvey Nash and KPMG. The resulting report, 'CIO Survey 2017: Navigating Uncertainty,' states that few CIOs believe their company has been 'very effective' in leveraging technology to advance business goals..."
                            12 'Best Practices' IT Should Avoid At All Costs
                            CIO, June 13th 2017
                            "From telling everyone they're your customer to establishing a cloud strategy, these 'industry best practices' are sure to sink your chances of IT success...

                            What makes IT organizations fail? Often, it's the adoption of what's described as 'industry best practices' by people who ought to know better but don't, probably because they've never had to do the job.

                            From establishing internal customers to instituting charge-backs to insisting on ROI, a lot of this advice looks plausible when viewed from 50,000 feet or more. Scratch the surface, however, and you begin to find these surefire recipes for IT success are often formulas for failure..."

                              Can The CIO Rise To Digital Policy Leadership?
                              Business 2 Community, June 16th 2017
                              "Creating and maintaining digital policies is, by nature, a team endeavor. After all, it's hard to think of a single aspect of modern business that hasn't been impacted - if not completely disrupted - by the digital revolution. So coming up with policies that make sense and will actually be used requires input from many functional areas.

                              Somebody, however, has to be the owner. Someone has to lead the effort. Frequently, that role falls defacto to the CIO as head of IT. But can the CIO own digital policy?..."

                              CIO Quick Takes: How CIOs Assess The Value Of Emerging Technology
                              CIO, June 16th 2017
                              "Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, wrote that 'any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' A pithy maxim, to be sure, but one that deserves scrutiny.

                              After all, emerging technology isn't conjured up like one of Merlin's spells. Emerging technology represents a series of potential investments - in pure capital, time and energy - that have massive implications for the enterprise. Whether the discussion revolves around robotics or virtual reality, or what analyst firm IDC dubs 'augmented humanity,' CIOs have an obligation to keep their eyes to the technological horizon. They must be judicious when assessing the emerging technology landscape, advocating for the smart calls that will help secure their respective organizations' futures.

                              In this latest edition of our ongoing Quick Takes series, IT leaders from the CIO Executive Council provide their own in-depth takes on how they measure the value of emerging technology..."

                              CIO Strives To Tie Cloud Metrics To Business Value
                              Search CIO, June 12th 2017
                              "As CIOs gain experience in cloud computing, the cloud metrics they use are changing. Read how one CIO makes business value a priority in deciding which cloud services make sense...

                              When Thomas Phelps IV joined software company Laserfiche as its CIO and vice president of corporate strategy in 2014, the company had only a dozen or so of its 200-plus applications running in the cloud.

                              Now about a third of them are in the cloud..."

                              Dealing with Data Under GDPR
                              ComputerWeekly, June 14th 2017
                              "With the General Data Protection Regulation due to be enforced next year, Computer Weekly looks at how to address the requirements to suit your business...

                              Most organisations will now be aware that the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already law and will be enforced from 25 May 2018..."

                                How To Stop Wasting Money On Security Shelfware
                                CSO Online, June 14th 2017
                                "Investing in security tools that end-up on the shelf or underutilized is not inevitable, and it can be reduced or even eliminated by some proactive and surprisingly simple first steps...

                                Shelfware is the big security problem that no one wants to talk about. Loosely defined as technology that remains unused, underutilized or implemented incorrectly, it is the elephant in the room for many chief information security officers (CISOs)..."

                                No Crystal Ball Required: Coming Security Challenges
                                The VAR Guy, June 13th 2017
                                "Describing today's threat environment as 'dynamic' would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. As soon as one type of security threat appears to be under control- - or is at least waning in strength - another springs up to wreak havoc. Keeping abreast of this constantly shifting security landscape is hard enough for MSPs working to keep their clients ahead of the curve; projecting future threat trends is even more difficult - but necessary, to ensure that you (and, more importantly, your clients) are not caught off-guard..."
                                The Best Identity Management Advice Right Now
                                CSO Online, June 12th 2017
                                "We've never been closer to getting pervasive, global identities. And with 2FA/MFA, you get all of the benefit with less of the risk...

                                Identity is the only security boundary that has ever mattered in computer security defense. Physical boundaries, firewall boundaries, security domains, forests, realms and virtual networks... none of those matter if a single logon credential that can access multiple domains is compromised.

                                Today's identity solutions are able to access sometimes hundreds of thousands of different security domains using a single credential, but surprisingly can do so while decreasing overall risk. How is this possible?..."

                                SFTA vBeers - Wed June 21st @ Biergarten Boca
                                4 Weekly Meeting Each Month
                                The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                                These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other hands-on IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                                Feel free to arrive and depart at your convenience. People start gathering around 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and most people leave by 8:30 or 9:00 PM.

                                • Wednesday, June 21st @ Biergarten Boca
                                • Wednesday, June 28th @ Tap42 Midtown Miami
                                • Wednesday, July 5th @ Twisted Trunk Brewing
                                • Wednesday, July 12th @ Funky Buddha Brewery

                                Read on for detailed schedule

                                IT - DR
                                Are Business Recovery Plans Useful Beyond Pure DR Reasons?
                                Search Disaster Recovery, June 15th 2017
                                "Business disaster recovery plans can identify opportunities for process improvement, and can be employed as reference documents for use in other new activities...

                                Developing business recovery plans is a complex process involving research and analysis. The goal of these multifunction documents is to get the organization operational as quickly as possible after a technology disruption. But information gleaned from their development can occasionally be used in other areas..."

                                How To Make DR Testing Less Painful
                                Storage-Switzerland, June 13th 2017
                                "While every IT professional will admit that it is important, disaster recovery testing generally falls to the bottom of the IT to do list, right after root canal. But if testing is not a key component, the process of creating a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a wasted effort. In fact, most recoveries that either fail or don't meet the required objectives do so because of a lack of testing..."
                                The Hidden Cost Of 'Dark Dr:'The Economic Argument For Active/Active Operations
                                ITProPortal, June 14th 2017
                                "For decades, Disaster Recovery (DR) has dominated the landscape as the best architecture for business continuity. The problem is, DR expects you to have a disaster, and then to recover from that disaster. Because that capacity sits idle until disaster strikes, many customers call that 'Dark DR.'

                                In today's digital business world, of course, disasters aren't tolerated well..."

                                IT - PM
                                3 Reasons Why Marketers Need Project Management Tools
                                Business 2 Community, June 12th 2017
                                "Marketers live and die by their automation solutions. Without them, everything is done manually, doesn't scale, takes too much time, and ultimately descends into chaos.

                                It would seem marketers don't need any other tools. However, marketers often work with other teams across the organization like developers, product management, and even the accounting folks. And in that work, there's a lot of time and energy spent passing information back and forth between those teams, who are, you guessed it, using project management tools.

                                Wouldn't it be so much easier if project management software did all that busy work for us?..."

                                IT - Networks
                                Don't Be Left Behind by IPv6 deployment, ISOC Warns Enterprises
                                Network World, June 6h 2017
                                "Deployment of IPv6 is accelerating - but it's home and mobile users that are benefitting from the performance improvements first, a new report says ...

                                They have the resources, the expertise and, though they may not realize it, the need -- but it turns out that enterprises are often the ones that don't yet have IPv6.

                                That's the finding of the Internet Society its latest report on IPv6 deployment, published five years after the organization began a worldwide push to deploy the new addressing protocol and almost 20 years after the protocol was defined..."

                                Troubleshooting Network Latency: 6 Tools
                                Network Computing, June 12th 2017
                                "Learn how utilities like traceroute, SNMP, and NetFlow help track down sources of network performance problems.

                                Now that we live in a world of real-time collection and streaming of data, any latency or jitter on our network can quickly escalate into a serious problem. Network administrators are tasked with troubleshooting, but tracking down the root cause of network latency is easier said than done. In some ways, it's a cat-and-mouse game that requires multiple tools to diagnose the origin of the problem. Identifying and fixing network latency culprits is a three-step process..."

                                SD-Wan: What It Is And Why You'll Use It One Day
                                Network World, June 12th 2017
                                "Managing the Wide Area Network (WAN) for Redmond Inc., a supplier of industrial and commercial products - from salt that's used to protect winter roadways to organic dairy products and health items - is an easier job today for the company's technical project manager Aaron Gabrielson than it was a year ago.

                                Redmond manages a phone system, point of sale and fax centrally out of headquarters in Heber City, Utah, which means each of Redmond's 10 branch sites across the Midwest need a reliable connection back to headquarters in Utah. That's easier for some sites, like those in Salt Lake City, than others, such as rural areas where there may only be a handful of workers on a farm..."

                                9 Free Wi-Fi Stumbling And Surveying Tools
                                Network World, June 13th 2017
                                "Discover SSIDs, signal strength, channels, MAC addresses, security status and more...

                                Here are 9 tools that provide important details on known and unknown aspects of your Wi-Fi network. Each of these tools gives you the basic wireless details: SSIDs, signal strength, channels, MAC addresses and security status. Some can even reveal 'hidden' or non-broadcasted SSIDs, display the noise levels, or display statistics on successful and failed packets of your wireless connection. Two of the tools include Wi-Fi password cracking tools as well, useful for educational or penetration testing purposes..."

                                IT - IoT
                                3 Things Developers Need To Know About Managing Iot Data
                                jaxenter, June 13th 2017
                                "The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm. In fact, a 2016 report by Ericsson predicts that IoT gadgets will outnumber mobile devices by 2018!

                                Big data is the life and blood of the IoT. Every item and app is built to harvest it for analysis. Much of a developer's success comes from their ability to properly read and manage the right data and glean relevant insights.

                                IoT management systems must be able to efficiently secure data and summarize it while providing storage, logging, and auditing.

                                First of all, developers need to have a firm understanding of the IoT data lifecycle..."

                                Data Breaches Impact Nearly Half Of Iot Organizations
                                Information Management, June 13th 2017
                                "Nearly half of U.S.-based companies using an Internet of Things network have been hit by a recent security breach, according to new survey data released by strategy consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Company.

                                The April 2017 survey of 397 IT executives across 19 industries showed that 48 percent of organizations have experienced at least one IoT security breach..."

                                IoT Spending To Surpass $800 Billion In 2017, Led By Hardware: IDC
                                ZDNet, June 14th 2017
                                "By 2021, global IoT spending is expected to total nearly $1.4 trillion, according to the research firm...

                                Research firm IDC has released updated spending estimates for the Internet of Things. Overall, IDC expects IoT spending to grow 16.7 percent year-over-year in 2017, reaching just over $800 billion.

                                By 2021, global IoT spending is expected to total nearly $1.4 trillion, led by enterprise investments IoT hardware, software, services, and connectivity..."

                                Islands Of Connectivity: How Iot Keeps Growing
                                insideBIGDATA, June 14th 2017
                                "In this special guest feature, William Webb, IEEE Fellow and CEO of Weightless SIG, takes a high-level look at the IoT hype cycle and where we stand at this particular point in time. William Webb is an IEEE Fellow and the CEO of the Weightless SIG, the standards body developing a new global M2M technology. He is a Director at Webb Search, an independent consultancy, and President of the IET..."
                                The Top 7 Linux IoT Projects
                                Network World, June 13th 2017
                                "It's a Linux world, and the rest of computing is just living in it - often literally, thanks to containerization. IoT, in all of its manifold forms, is no exception, and the Linux Foundation lists these seven projects as the key players in the march of connected open-source systems. Here's a quick rundown..."
                                IT - Operations
                                Data Centre Industry Outlook - Key Trends For 2017
                                ITProPortal, June 12th 2017
                                "Compared to 2016, nearly 75 per cent of companies' data centre budgets have increased or stayed consistent this year.

                                Even as the majority of IT organisations are moving some of their workloads to the cloud, the percentage of workloads residing in enterprise-owned/operated data centres has remained stable at 65 per cent since 2014. That's a key finding of Uptime Institute's seventh annual Data Center Industry Survey, which examines the major trends and developments shaping today's IT infrastructure industry. The takeaway is that with the explosive growth in business-critical applications and data, enterprises continue to see the data centre as not just important, but essential to their digital-centric strategies..."

                                IT - Security
                                Building A Strong Cybersecurity Program For The Long Haul
                                Help Net Security, June 12th 2017
                                "Patch Tuesday is approaching and there is a chance it might be a boring one. Hopefully, I didn't jinx things by saying that, but I think most of what we'll see is a bit of volume on the third-party side. Before we get into the forecast, though, let's talk about the recent roller coaster we've all been on..."
                                The Detection Trap: Improving Cybersecurity By Learning From The Secret Service
                                Dark Reading, June 12th 2017
                                "Intruders often understand the networks they target better than their defenders do.

                                It's surprisingly easy to break into the White House grounds - in March, someone slipped over the fence and roamed the compound before being caught. Nevertheless, the White House is still the most secure public space in the world, because whether they get tackled on the lawn, arrested at the front door, or stopped at the stairs to the residence, intruders consistently get caught before they reach the president..."

                                  Protection From Insider Threats
                                  GCN, June 12th 2017
                                  "Insider threats remain one of the top counterintelligence issues facing the U.S. government as identified by the National Counterintelligence and Security Center.

                                  In November 2012, the White House issued the National Insider Threat Policy and the Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs. The policy aims to 'deter cleared employees from becoming insider threats; detect insiders who pose a risk to classified information; and mitigate the risks through administrative, investigative or other response actions.'

                                  But how can insider threats be detected and mitigated? It starts with privileged account management..."

                                  Gartner Identifies The Top Technologies For Security In 2017
                                  Gartner, June 14th 2017
                                  Gartner recently highlighted the top technologies for information security and their implications for security organizations in 2017. Analysts presented their findings during the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit.

                                  "In 2017, the threat level to enterprise IT continues to be at very high levels, with daily accounts in the media of large breaches and attacks. As attackers improve their capabilities, enterprises must also improve their ability to protect access and protect from attacks," said Neil MacDonald, vice president, distinguished analyst and Gartner Fellow Emeritus. "Security and risk leaders must evaluate and engage with the latest technologies to protect against advanced attacks, better enable digital business transformation and embrace new computing styles such as cloud, mobile and DevOps."

                                  IT Professionals Believe Their Data Is Safer In The Cloud Than On-Premise
                                  Help Net Security, June 12th 2017
                                  "Nearly seven in 10 executives and over half of IT professionals revealed that they would prefer having a single cloud services provider handling their varied hosted deployments, according to Evolve IP.

                                  The survey also revealed that for the second consecutive year IT professionals and executives believe that when facing hardware malfunctions, malicious attacks and environmental disasters, their organization's data is safer in the cloud than on-premises. The survey of more than 1,500 professionals, which provides current cloud adoption trends and future cloud deployment insights, also revealed that just under nine in 10 organizations plan to move new or additional services to the cloud in the next three years..."

                                    Network Routers Can Covertly Leak Data
                                    Homeland Security News Wire, June 12th 2017
                                    "Researchers have demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to covertly siphon sensitive files, passwords or other critical data from any common router.

                                    'Unlike network traffic that is heavily monitored and controlled by firewalls, this covert channel is currently not monitored,' one researcher says. 'As a result, it enables attackers to leak data while evading firewalls, air-gaps (computers not hooked up to the internet) and other data-leakage prevention methods'..."

                                    Relentless Attackers Try Over 100,000 Times Before They Breach A System
                                    Dark Reading, June 14th 2017
                                    "New report from startup tCell shows XSS attempts a noisy reminder of the overwhelming scale of automated attack techniques.

                                    One of the big reasons why security teams struggle to keep up with threats is because the bad guys are relentless with their attack attempts. The security community has long warned enterprises of the scope of cybercriminal efforts to seek out vulnerable targets of opportunity through automated attack tools. But sometimes it is hard to take in the scale of it all without a number to back it up. New research out this week from security start-up tCell did just that..."

                                    IT - Careers
                                    Four Must-Have Skill Sets For SDDC Architecture
                                    SearchDataCenter, June 12th 2017
                                    "A learning curve for IT staff -- especially around automation, scripting and APIs -- is a major hurdle during SDDC deployment. Is your data center team ready to make the move?

                                    A software-defined data center reshapes IT operations. It gives admins programmatic control, instead of clicking through a GUI, which presents a significant change in their day-to-day activities..."

                                      Needed Now And For The Foreseeable Future: Five Hot IT Skills
                                      Search CIO, June 12th 2017
                                      "Demand for IT talent is at an all-time high, Niel Nickolaisen says, because every company today really is a technology company. Here are the hot IT skills he's on the lookout for.

                                      I lived through the dot-com bubble and collapse. I mention this because in some ways the current technology startup and IT salary craziness seem eerily similar to that -- but with one critical difference..."

                                      Signs You Should Not Take That Programming Job
                                      InfoWorld, June 12th 2017
                                      "From the job description to the final offer, here's how to avoid getting stuck in a dead-end coding gig...

                                      A new programming gig can be a great path forward - or a dead end you didn't see coming. Not everyone caught in a heads-down job at a coding sweatshop knows that's what they were in for when they agreed to the job. So, if you're one of the 75 percent of developers open to new job opportunities, how can you tell if a new development gig is a good fit before you sign on? Or, more to the point, what's the best way to avoid a disastrous new coding job?..."

                                        The 13 Most Valuable IT Certifications Today
                                        CIO, June 15th 2017
                                        "Looking for a leg up in your IT career? IT certifications remain a proven way to quickly gain valuable skills and demonstrate deeper interest and know-how in a domain that will further your career...

                                        In IT, experience is king. Yet IT certifications remain a valuable tool for advancing your career. IT certifications give junior-level workers an opportunity to gain more resume-worthy experience in the IT industry. For tenured employees, certifications help you continually grow and adapt your skillset to fit the changing landscape of IT. Because there are an overwhelming number of IT certifications offered today, it's important to do your research - some are more valuable than others..."

                                          What's An IT Architect, And Could You Become One?
                                          Help Net Security, June 13th 2017
                                          "If you're a Computer Science student or an IT professional looking for a new job that's interesting, well paid, and for which demand is constant, you might want to consider becoming an IT architect."

                                          What does an IT architect do, exactly?

                                          "Basically, the IT architect is a person who can come up with a high level solution for a business portfolio, application, system, infrastructure or the entire enterprise," says Cristian Bojinca, Enterprise Solution Architect at RBC, and the author of a book aptly named "How to Become an IT Architect."

                                          Why Hiring Managers Must Look Beyond First Impressions To Find The Best Employees
                                          TechRepublic, June 14th 2017
                                          "In his new book, professor Alexander Todorov explores the significance of snap judgments. Here's why taking a deeper look at potential employees can result in a bigger payoff for hiring managers.

                                          In the business world, it's no secret that appearance matters. From posting your best profile photo on LinkedIn to assembling a professional wardrobe for job interviews to donning your sharpest suit for a client meeting, it's widely understood among professionals that first impressions carries weight.

                                          But just how much weight?..."

                                            IT - Virtualization
                                            How To Get Started With Containerization
                                            InfoWorld, June 12th 2017
                                            "Given how truly disruptive containers are, it's easy to get excited and want to go all in. But there's much to be gained by getting a lay of the land before you jump...

                                            As part of my job, I regularly meet with devops people to discuss their container strategy. Most of the time, the people I talk to are eager to reap the many benefits containers offer, but they are new to working with them. They might have a container-based system or two on-premises or in the cloud, but no clear strategy..."

                                            The Challenge Of Container Networking
                                            Container Journal, June 11th 2017
                                            "Understanding container networking is crucial for building an effective containerized environment. Containers change the networking game in several key ways that require you to forget everything you know about traditional networks - and even SDN - when setting up Docker.

                                            To understand just how novel container networking is, it's worth thinking about how computer networks have evolved over the past several decades. You can break that evolution down into several stages:..."

                                            IT - Email
                                            Email Impersonation Attacks On The Rise, Mimecast Finds
                                            eWeek, June 7th 2017
                                            "Email security vendor Mimecast released its latest quarterly Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report on June 6, providing insight from data collected across 44,644 participating users over a 287-day period.

                                            During the quarter, the ESRA test found 9 million emails that Mimecast categorized as some form of unwanted emails (spam), which included various threats and risks. Of the spam caught by Mimecast, there were 8,605 impersonation attacks detected, which is a 400 percent increase over the number of such attacks that Mimecast detected in its first-quarter 2017 report.

                                            This slide show takes a look at some of the highlights of the May 2017 Mimecast ESRA report..."

                                            IT - Backup
                                            Strategies For Enhancing Data Restoration Plans
                                            Data Center Knowledge, June 9h 2017
                                            "The key for creating a data recovery strategy is to act proactively. You don't want to scramble to locate and recover data after a breach/accident/flood, you want to have systems in place that protect your company from data loss. Surprisingly, many companies still argue that they cannot afford a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, despite the massive risks of losing data or not trusting the integrity of the data. The costs of improved malware security, better storage, and access control are exceedingly cheap when compared to the costs of a data breach caused by either internal or external agents..."
                                            IT - Big Data
                                            Big Data Companies
                                            Datamation, June 14th 2017
                                            "Big Data companies come in many different shapes and flavors. In fact you might say, a list of Big Data companies necessarily contains vendors with highly contrasting strategies - clearly, the data analytics market is in rapid flux.

                                            Standards? Kind of. Not exactly. Depends who you ask.

                                            It has been just seven years since Yahoo introduced Hadoop but the concept behind it, Big Data, has exploded in popularity as more and more firms launch pilot programs to gain insight from the massive amounts of data at their disposal..."

                                            IT Teams Take Steps To Simplify Big Data Analytics Process
                                            Search Business Analytics, June 13th 2017
                                            "Companies such as Yahoo, Merck, Macy's and eBay have moved to clear obstacles that were blocking the path to success with big data analytics applications.

                                            Even with the expanding array of advanced analytics tools now available for use, analytics teams still face plenty of challenges in developing big data applications and getting useful information from them..."

                                            How Bad Data Alters Machine Learning Results
                                            Dark Reading, June 13th 2017
                                            "Machine learning models tested on single sources of data can prove inaccurate when presented with new sources of information.

                                            The effectiveness of machine learning models may vary between the test phase and their use 'in the wild' on actual consumer data.

                                            Many research papers claim high rates of malware detection and false positives with machine learning, and often deep learning, models. However, nearly all of these rates are within the context of a single source of data, which authors use to train and test their models..."

                                              Big Data Privacy Issues That Should Worry Every Internet User
                                              SmartDataCollective, June 12th 2017
                                              "Big data has been one of the most promising developments of the 21st-century. It has opened the door for a massive technological revolution, encapsulating the Internet of Things, more personal brand relationships with customers and far more effective solutions to many of her everyday problems.

                                              However, there is also a dark side to big data. It has created a number of privacy concerns that customers need to be aware of. The White House and European Parliament have both addressed these concerns over the past year, but may not outline any viable solutions for the foreseeable future..."

                                              Data Lake Vs Data Warehouse
                                              Datamation, June 16th 2017
                                              "The term 'Data Lake' has been growing in popularity as one of the big new buzzwords surrounding Big Data, and for those of you who have invested decades into building one or more data warehouses, you may be wondering if this means starting all over from scratch.

                                              Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Data Lakes and Data Warehouses are two very different concepts that are quite capable of co-existing and working together quite effectively. Both are capable of providing business insight and information to run your business. You just need to learn the key differences and how their synergy works.

                                              The only commonality between the two is that they are both data storage repositories. That's it..."

                                              Data Quality, Staffing Issues Still Plague Analytics Efforts
                                              Information Management, June 13th 2017
                                              "Despite the growth in consumption and use of data, many organizations still struggle with their analytics efforts, complaining of poor data quality, insufficient expertise in-house and a shortage of trained data professionals in general.

                                              Those are among the findings of a new study by Forbes, which says that the majority of organizations lack tools and investment necessary for analytics usage in business. Indeed, 59 percent of organizations surveyed for the study reveal they are not using predictive models or advanced analytics..."

                                              Data Science With Java
                                              O'Reilly, June 12th 2017
                                              "Data Science is booming thanks to R and Python, but Java brings the robustness, convenience, and ability to scale critical to today's data science applications. With this practical book, Java software engineers looking to add data science skills will take a logical journey through the data science pipeline. Author Michael Brzustowicz explains the basic math theory behind each step of the data science process, as well as how to apply these concepts with Java.

                                              You'll learn the critical roles that data IO, linear algebra, statistics, data operations, learning and prediction, and Hadoop MapReduce play in the process..."

                                              Is Disaster Recovery A Good Data Lake Use Case?
                                              Search Disaster Recovery, June 15th 2017
                                              "Before wading into a data lake to help with protection, it's important to analyze what you're doing with your data and its backup and disaster recovery.

                                              Data lake technology typically involves a single namespace with petabytes of storage. It may seem tempting to split off a section of the primary space and use it as backup storage and DR archiving, since this can be done without copying any data, which is always attractive, even more so with unstructured big data..."

                                              IT - Mobile
                                              Managing The Mobile And IoT Tsunami
                                              Information Age, June 13th 2017
                                              "With the sheer amount of mobile devices being used to carry out business critical activity, such as managing accounts and maintaining productivity while travelling to meetings, it's never been more important for businesses can stay on top of their devices from one place without being forced to take hours out of their days to do so..."
                                                Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                Vol 232 Issue 1; Vol 231 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ; Vol 230 Issues 3 and 4
                                                We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                • Cloud Predictions 2017
                                                • Video: No Pain, No Gain - Getting Started With Containers
                                                • Oracle Continues Innovation and Expansion of Cloud Security Offerings
                                                • New to Oracle OpenWorld: The Exchange
                                                • Oracle Linux on Oracle Compute Cloud Service
                                                • How An Architect Becomes A Cloud Architect: The Modern IT Career
                                                • Call for Nominations: Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation 2017
                                                • Oracle: We Will 'Earn Our Spot' In Kubernetes Open Source Community
                                                • Want More from Cloud? New Exadata Subscription-Based On-Premise Services
                                                • The future of the automotive industry

                                                The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                  IT - Server
                                                  9 Shell Tips Every Developer Should Know
                                                  InfoWorld, June 15th 2017
                                                  "Every wizened Unix hacker will have his or her own special tool set for using the command line for dev-fu. Here are mine...

                                                  The shell is your friend. But many developers don't really know the shell, the Unix or Linux command-line environment available in several operating systems. (Bash is the best known, but there are others.)

                                                  Some of you, when you transitioned from Windows to Mac, took your (slow) clickety habits with you, not realizing that the power laid in that app called Terminal hidden under Applications somewhere. Some of you have been shelling into 'the server' to tweak a setting or two without realizing that you could automate your life away without even cracking a devops tool..."

                                                  Forget The GUI: The Return Of The Command Line
                                                  InfoWorld, June 13th 2017
                                                  "Managing Windows at the scale of the cloud means going back to the command line with PowerShell and Bash...

                                                  If you immerse yourself in Microsoft history for long enough, you'll come across more than one story about staff trying to add more command-line features to its operating systems. The plans go up the corporate tree, to the rarified heights of a Bill Gates review, where the executives ask, 'What part of the name Windows do you have a problem with?'

                                                  Corporate legends aside, Windows on both the desktop and server have long been the province of GUIs, point-and-click experiences driving everything from files on desktop PCs to managing entire virtual networks in the public cloud. That was all very well when you were dealing with tens of PCs and a handful of servers in an office. It even still worked for client-server enterprise applications or a small farm of web servers/

                                                  Now, however, we have the cloud..."

                                                  Oracle to 'Earn Our Spot' In Kubernetes Community
                                                  By Chris Murphy
                                                  Chris blogs, "As two Oracle technologists took the stage to announce Oracle's support for the Kubernetes open source software initiative, they were clearly aware of one fact: Open source folks aren't much impressed with announcements.

                                                  Instead, the open source community judges factors such as code contributed, community questions answered, and problems fixed. The Oracle technologists, Mark Cavage and TJ Fontaine, made clear they don't expect a free pass..."

                                                  Oracle Code: The Microservices Beat Goes On
                                                  By Bob Rhubart
                                                  Bob blogs, "As the Oracle Code tour makes its way around the world --- San Francisco, Austin, New York City, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Brussels, New Delhi, and Tokyo completed, Atlanta, Sao, Paolo, Mexico City, Rishon LeZion, Sydney, Beijing, Bangalore, and Seoul still to come -- the microservices drumbeat continues.

                                                  Microservice development is a key theme across all of the Oracle Code events, and session speakers at the various events have come at microservices from a variety of technical and conceptual angles. The videos listed below are among the most-watched microservices sessions and interviews from various cities on the tour..."

                                                  Code Online : Virtual Event for Developers and DevOps Engineers
                                                  By Zeynep Koch
                                                  Zeynep blogs, "Are you a developer? DevOps Engineer? Interested in coding and want to enhance your knowledge about Oracle's developer tools? Here's a great virtual event for you that you can attend without traveling.

                                                  Oracle Code Online is an online event that includes technical demonstrations and presentations from community advocates, Oracle ACEs, Product Leads and Java Champions. The content is organized into five tracks, with the individual sessions located within each one.

                                                  During each live session you will be able to chat instantaneously with any questions or comments about the presentation.

                                                  Register based on your region and attend on the day..."

                                                  IT - HPC
                                                  Inflection Point In HPC Wattage Driving Demand For Distributed Liquid Cooling
                                                  HPCWire, June 12th 2017
                                                  "Increasing wattage of CPUs and CPUs has been the trend in HPC for many years. So why is it that in the run up to ISC17, there is an increasing amount of buzz about this increased wattage? Many sense that an inflection point has been reached in the relationship between server density, the wattage of key silicon components and heat rejection..."
                                                  Red Hat News
                                                  Friday Five - June 16, 2017
                                                  Red Hat, June 16th 2017
                                                  "The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                                  • Red Hat Blog - Fedora 26 Beta now available
                                                  • Lenovo achieves digital transformation with Red Hat OpenShift
                                                  • - Why The Future Of Innovation Is Open
                                                  • Turkcell scales cloud storage with Red Hat OpenStack Platform
                                                  • Red Hat Services Speak Blog - Red Hat offers free Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux introductory course through

                                                  Read on for details."

                                                  Rackspace Wins 2017 Red Hat Innovator of the Year Award
                                                  Red Hat, June 13th 2017
                                                  "Red Hat announced that Rackspace, a leading managed cloud provider, won the 2017 Red Hat Innovator of the Year award. It was selected as the Innovator of the Year out of five finalists and category winners for the 2017 Red Hat Innovation Awards after a public vote.

                                                  Rackspace was recognized for its collaboration with Red Hat to build an enterprise, managed private cloud solution built on Red Hat OpenStack Platform. The result was Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Red Hat, which launched in February 2016. This offering includes other Red Hat technologies such as Red Hat Ceph Storage, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat CloudForms, with Fanatical Support and operations from Rackspace layered on top..."

                                                  British Army Migrates Cloud Infrastructure to Red Hat Solutions
                                                  Red Hat, June 22nd 2017
                                                  Red Hat announced that the British Army has migrated its private cloud environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is using Ansible Tower by Red Hat for automation and orchestration. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ansible Tower by Red Hat, the British Army is able to deliver applications more quickly and efficiently, with less downtime, to better meet the needs of end users.
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