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Oracle News
DIY Home Center Sets Foundation for Growth and Customer Experience Innovation with NetSuite Unified Cloud Commerce Platform
Oracle, May 31st 2017
Online home improvement distributor sees 16% increase in conversion rate and 6% increase in average order value with new commerce platform

Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, one of the world's leading providers of cloud-based financials / ERP, HR, Professional Services Automation (PSA) and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced that DIY Home Center, an online distributor of decking products and outdoor furniture, has implemented NetSuite's unified cloud commerce platform to power its B2C and B2B ecommerce, inventory and order management, CRM and ERP.

Soccer Express Scales Omnichannel Business with NetSuite Unified Cloud Commerce Platform
Oracle, May 31st 2017
Canada's largest soccer store delivers personalized, digital-first shopping experiences

Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, one of the world's leading providers of cloud-based financials / ERP, HR, Professional Services Automation (PSA) and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced that Soccer Express, Canada's largest distributor and retailer of soccer equipment and apparel, has implemented NetSuite's unified cloud commerce platform to run its omnichannel sales spanning ecommerce and in- store point of sale (POS) across four stores, inventory management, order management and ERP. As a result of the implementation, Soccer Express has increased revenue by 25 percent.

ORACLE TEAM USA Earns America's Cup Bonus Point with Crucial Victory
Oracle, June 4th 2017
Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "ORACLE TEAM USA heads into the America's Cup Match finals in two weeks with a hard-earned bonus point, having won the double round-robin series of qualifier races on Bermuda's Great Sound. ORACLE TEAM USA defeated its closest rival, Emirates Team New Zealand, and four other national sailing teams in the series..."
How Machine Learning Will Drive The Adaptive Enterprise
Oracle, May 30th 2017
"Continual learning is integral to the human experience," notes Chuck Hollis in Forbes. "People who can learn faster and better than others tend to do well in life. The same is true for successful organizations.

Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, has shown the ability to help organizations large and small learn faster than before. It has demonstrated the potential to continually improve the effectiveness of decision-making and business processes at a rate unachievable by prior methods..."

Expanding Business Opportunities With Oracle Data Management Solutions - The Story Of Dunnhumby
Oracle, June 2nd 2017
"As companies mature they are often faced with challenges to keep pace with desired growth expectations," writes Edgar Hare. "Many firms struggle to spur top-line growth, often turning to general cost reductions or reductions in workforce as a means to increase profitability. Unfortunately, this is a short term win, and if these organizations fail to implement a strategic vision they are doomed to repeat this negative activity over and over. However, other leading edge companies are looking to the power of data analytics to help build strategic initiatives for more sustainable growth. "
A Digital Lifeline for Human Services
Oracle, June 1st 2017
Franco Amalfi writes with Donna-Mae Shyduik, "The broad adoption of social media, mobile devices and responsive web content demand that human services agencies think differently about their outreach and engagement tactics with today's connected citizens. If not, they risk the possibility of failing to meet their core mission and goals of providing services to those who may need it the most, an expanding population of divorced parents, teenage mothers, children entering the welfare system and citizens struggling with opioid addition and other health issues..."
Spreading the Wealth of Data Capitalism
Oracle, June 1st 2017
Claude Robinson blogs, 'Two weeks ago The Economist's cover article was about the data economy. It declared data the worldÂ’s most valuable resource and pointed out that "the five most valuable listed firms in the world" are data-heavy technology companies.

The Economist is not alone in marveling at both the value of data and how concentrated its benefits are. A recent Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) paper showed that average productivity growth among the top 100 most productive manufacturers was 3.5%, while the rest of the entire market was at 0.5% The gap is even bigger in the services sector..."

    Gartner Recognizes Oracle as a 'Leader' in Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Eighth Time in a Row
    Oracle, May 31st 2017
    Molly Ambrogi Yanson writes, "Since 2010, Oracle has been named a 'Leader' in the Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) for the CRM Customer Engagement Center, earning its most recent position in the Leader quadrant this May.

    'Leaders,' according to Gartner Research, Inc, 'demonstrate market-defining Completeness of Vision and the Ability to Execute that vision through products, services, sales figures and solid new references for multiple geographies and industries. Clients report that these vendors deliver high levels of value and return on their investment. These vendors' development teams have a clear vision for the emerging area of customer engagement'..."

    How the Right IT Infrastructure Can Deliver an Extraordinary Customer Experience
    Oracle, May 30th 2017
    Linda Tsan blogs, "It's no secret that digital business requires tools, solutions, and technologies that allow data and information to flow through the enterprise efficiently. Yet, when it comes to building out the right infrastructure, the devil is in the details. Not all IT systems are created with customer experience in mind..."
    OracleVoice: Positioning A Startup For A Future Of Maturity And Growth
    Oracle, June 1st 2017
    Reggie Bradford writes in Forbes, "How do you capture the enthusiasm and pace of a startup so it will carry through when you aren't a startup anymore?

    Here's a hint: You're going to need more than bean bag chairs and free food. You must start making changes that will set the business up for continued growth, whether that be hiring VPs to take on some of the work or integrating the back-end systems for better coordination. Most importantly, share your vision for sustained growth with employees so they have something to look forward to and be proud of as well..."

    OracleVoice: How We 'Drive' Optimal UX Design
    Oracle, May 31st 2017
    Jeremy Ashley writes in Forbes, "You can't take everyone through the same user experience. That has become a foundational principle in developing the Oracle applications UX, based on the feedback we've received from our customers.

    I first wrote about this principle 18 months ago, and it's even more important today. A great UX can't just be pretty; an enterprise application must give users the kind of control they need to be productive at work. And for that to happen, we need a deep understanding of our users..."

    IT - AI
    AI In The Workplace: Augment, Instead Of Replacing Humans
    InformationWeek, May 29th 2017
    "AI and machine learning won't create massive job losses in the foreseeable future, but some societal issues do come to mind.

    There's a perception of what artificial intelligence and machine learning mean to the breadth of the workforce: Truck drivers, middle managers, factory workers, even the programmers who teach the machines, all destined to unemployed years spent sprawled on the couch, watching soap operas, eating pizza, and swilling beer.

    Granted, some out there might think that's a mighty fine way to live out their years. But don't call Dominos yet..."

      Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: How To Invest For The Enterprise
      ZDNet, May 28th 2017
      "Investing in AI requires different skills and approaches from buying process automation software like ERP or CRM. A world-leading expert explains what you need to know...

      Virtually every enterprise software vendor is creating noise in the market about artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, much of that marketing buzz offers little substance and creates confusion for customers about what's real. Given this FUD, the challenge for business people is deciding where to invest..."

        Machine Learning Systems Are A 'Land Rush' Of Opportunity For CIOs
        SearchCIO, May 30th 2017
        "Intelligent automation is more disruptive than predicted, and it's opening up a world of possibilities for CIOs. The Data Mill reports from the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

        Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, co-authors of the forthcoming Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future, said some machine learning algorithms are improving faster than anticipated, thanks to enormous data sets and access to more compute power. And the rapid rate of change is opening up new avenues for machines and new opportunities for CIOs..."

        What Does It Take To Get Started With AI?
        insideHPC, May 29th 2017
        "This article is part of a special insideHPC report that explores trends in machine learning and deep learning. The complete report covers how businesses are using machine learning and deep learning, differentiating between AI, machine learning and deep learning, what it takes to get started and more.

        We'll start off by providing a handy five-step enterprise AI strategy designed to ensure your early AI deployment projects are a success. We'll also highlight several hardware and software tracks that will assist you along the way..."

          IT - Technology
          'Instantly Rechargeable' Battery Could Change The Future Of Electric And Hybrid Automobiles
          Science Daily, June 1st 2017
          "New technology could provide an 'instantly rechargeable' method that is safe, affordable and environmentally friendly for recharging electric and hybrid vehicle batteries through a quick and easy process similar to refueling a car at a gas station...

          A technology developed by Purdue researchers could provide an "instantly rechargeable" method that is safe, affordable and environmentally friendly for recharging electric and hybrid vehicle batteries through a quick and easy process similar to refueling a car at a gas station..."

            6 Reasons Chip Hacks Will Become More Popular
            CSO Online, May 29th 2017
            "Code embedded in hardware has vulnerabilities and it's harder to patch. That will make it a target for hackers...

            The recent Intel firmware vulnerability reminded me of an article I've been wanting to write for a few months. The essence is that firmware and chips can be hacked. They (or their related controller chips) contain software-like instructions that usually contain vulnerable security flaws. They are just harder to update.

            Repeat after me: 'Chips and firmware are just harder-to-patch software.' Because of this, and other reasons, I fully expect more frequent hacks at the firmware and hardware-layer in the future...:

            A Network Of Crystals For Long-Distance Quantum Communication
  , May 29th 2017
            "Quantum physic can guarantee that a message has not be intercepted before reaching its destination. Thanks to the laws of quantum physic, a particle of light - a photon - can be in two distinct states simultaneously, comparable to a coin thrown in the air, which is virtually both head and tail before reaching the ground. Like when the coin is grabbed, this superposition of states is destroyed as soon as it is read.

            This peculiar feature allow one to detect an evil eavesdropper when sending a message. However, this technique is so far limited to short distances. In order to extend the reach of these quantum communications, researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, have demonstrated a novel protocol based on a crystal than can emit quantum light as well as store it for arbitrary long times. This work, to appear in Physical Review Letters, paves the way for a future quantum repeater..."

              Graphene And Quantum Dots Put In Motion A Cmos-Integrated Camera That Can See The Invisible
              Science Daily, May 29th 2017
              "The first graphene-based camera has now been developed. It is capable of imaging visible and infrared light at the same time. The camera will be useful for many applications such as night vision, food inspection, fire control, vision under extreme weather conditions, among others...

              Over the past 40 years, microelectronics have advanced by leaps and bounds thanks to silicon and CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide semiconductors) technology, making possible computing, smartphones, compact and low-cost digital cameras, as well as most of the electronic gadgets we rely on today..."

                Intel Reveals Its New 18-Core, 36-Thread 'Xtreme' Core I9 Processor
                TechCrunch, May 30th 2017
                "At its Computex event in Taipei today, Intel unveiled its new Core X-series of processors. The debut of its latest high-end desktop CPUs wasn't a surprise after plans were leaked earlier this month, but the series' flagship model - the 18-core, 36-thread Intel i9-7980XE - still makes a very loud splash.

                Priced at an eye-watering $1,999, the Intel i9-7980XE will remain aspirational for all but a handful of consumers, but it serves as Intel's salvo in its ongoing processor battle with AMD. With 16-cores and 32-threads, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper, announced earlier this month, was supposed to be a contender for the world's most powerful consumer CPU, but it looks like Intel has taken back the mantle for now..."

                Mary Meeker's 355-Slide 2017 Internet Trends Report: All The Slides, Plus Analysis
                Recode, May 31st 2017
                "Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker is delivering her annual rapid-fire internet trends report right now at Code Conference at the Terranea Resort in California.

                Here's a first look at the most highly anticipated slide deck in Silicon Valley. This year's report includes 355 slides and tons of information, including a new section on healthcare that Meeker didn't present live.

                Here are some of our takeaways: ..."

                IT - Bitcoin
                Infographic: The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies In Malaysia
                Bitcoin Magazine, June 2nd 2017
                "According to a new survey conducted by Luno, the rate of cryptocurrency adoption in Malaysia is on the rise, with bitcoin emerging as a clear favorite.

                The infographic below breaks down the hows and whys, covering areas such as bitcoin usage, favorite alternative cryptocurrencies, bitcoin as an investment and its favorability compared to gold, user engagement, and payments with bitcoin..."

                Japan's Bitpoint To Add Bitcoin Payments To 100,000+ Stores
      , May 29th 2017
                "Bitpoint has recently partnered with Peach Aviation to provide bitcoin payment tech to the company, and now plans to do the same at 'hundreds of thousands of Japanese retail outlets'...

                Peach Aviation Ltd announced last week that it will be the first Japanese airline to accept bitcoin for tickets. Peach is Japan's first Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) and is majority owned by the country's largest airline, All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd (ANA)..."

                IT - FOSS
                As Open-Source Adoption Skyrockets In Enterprise, Linux Addresses Ease Of Use
                SilconAngle, June 2nd 2017
                "Open source technology is not just a tool for developers anymore. Two 2016 surveys highlight the prevalence of open-source adoption for businesses of all sizes. Both surveys indicate that around 90 percent of respondents - comprised of enterprise, mid-market and small businesses - have all entered into the open-source ecosystem..."
                Top 5 Reasons To Consider Open Source
                Business 2 Community, May 31st 2017
                "Long gone are the days of open source being a fad or niche. Open source technology now can be found in nearly every server room due to a myriad of factors, including cost and compatibility. Not only is open source playing a factor in the rise of technologies such as the cloud and big data, but it's finally being embraced by tech titans such as Microsoft!

                So, if you haven't already, let's explore several reasons why you or your organization should consider using open source, sooner rather than later..."

                Cloud Computing
                Getting Clear About Clouds: How to Find the Best Approach for Your Enterprise
                Oracle, May 31st 2017
                Maywun Wong writes, "Most business and IT executives understand the extent to which cloud computing is transforming business and disrupting IT organizations. These services and solutions - including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - are ushering in new cost efficiencies, productivity gains, and innovation.

                However, sorting through the options and choosing the right approach can be daunting..."

                IT - Cloud
                Focusing On The Cheapest Cloud Price Could Cost You More
                InfoWorld, May 30th 2017
                "If you skip doing cost governance and cost monitoring, any savings you get upfront will evaporate over time as your actual costs grow...

                Amazon Web Services really leads the way in determining market price for cloud services, and the second-, third-, and lower-tier cloud providers try to price their cloud services below that of AWS to steal its business. That is, until AWS drops prices - again.

                Enterprises that focus only on cloud usage prices are missing the big - and more important - picture..."

                Optimize A Hybrid Cloud Platform With Storage As A Service
                Search Cloud Computing, May 30th 2017
                "In hybrid cloud computing, where you store data has a major impact on overall performance. Learn how SaaS can solve hybrid cloud data management and latency issues.

                Through the ability to cloud burst, a hybrid cloud platform offers tremendous compute flexibility. But proper placement..."

                Taking Control Back From The Cloud
                Science Daily, May 29th 2017
                "A user-controlled file security scheme makes it possible to instantly revoke access to files hosted on Internet cloud servers...

                By securing data files with a 'need-to-know' decryption key, researchers at Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have developed a way to control access to cloud-hosted data in real time, adding an extra layer of security for data sharing via the Internet..."

                IT - CxO
                5 Myths About Digital Transformation
                ComputerWorld, May 31st 2017
                "You've heard what digital transformation is. How about what it isn't? Experts bust through myths about digitizing business operations and explain why IT can't do it alone...

                IT managers can be forgiven for feeling under pressure these days to digitally transform their organizations.

                Academics, research firms and, yes, even this very publication are promoting the idea that organizations can radically improve their performance and identify new areas of business by strategically applying digital technologies to their organizational and operational processes.

                Yet for all the hype, and despite decades of investments in IT infrastructure, very few companies say they're hitting the mark..."

                Companies Struggling to Meet GDPR Standards
                HelpNet Security, May 30th 2017
                "A new survey conducted by Vanson Bourne asked IT leaders in the U.S., UK, Germany and France about their current data policies to see how well aligned they are with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on May 25, 2018.

                The survey of 500 IT decision makers did not name GDPR in its questions, but asked about areas of policy that would be impacted by the regulation. It found 54% could not say all personally identifiable information was protected through anonymization and encryption in all digital locations..."

                How Digital Transformations Make IT Profitable
                CIO Insight, May 29th 2017
                "Digital transformations are about more than innovation for its own sake: They are turning IT departments into profit centers, according to a recent survey from Dell EMC. The report, "How IT Transformation Maturity Drives IT Agility, Innovation and Improved Business Outcomes," divides organizations into those that are considered digitally transformed and those that are still legacy driven. Transformed organizations clearly command an edge in completing IT projects ahead of schedule and under budget. They also allocate more of their tech budget for innovative projects and initiatives, and are much more likely to view IT efforts as competitive differentiators..."
                Questions To Ask About Emerging Trends
                Business 2 Community, June 1st 2017
                "Every technology blog out there will tell you about the rapid pace of change: financial institutions rushing to keep up with new technology, healthcare companies that are learning about new cybersecurity threats, even our government is working to modernize. But how do you track these new trends and what questions are you asking to make sure that these trends are relevant to you?

                One of the first activities that innovators have to take on is finding a meaningful problem to solve. After all, solutions come from needs and problems that exist in our environment. But one of the first things that they have to do when identifying a problem is look at existing information. That might be employee feedback, customer feedback or they could start by looking at the emerging trends around them..."

                Secure Your Data, Not Just The Perimeter (Slideshow)
                CIO Insight, May 30th 2017
                "Last year, hackers shifted their focus from targeting financial institutions to infiltrating the large databases of social media and entertainment sites, according to a new study. Hackers also used encryption for 4 percent of breaches to render that data unreadable and then demanded ransom from those organizations and their customers. Because of this transition, the Gemalto report, "2016 Mining for Database Gold," recommends a "new mindset," in which companies focus more on the protection of the data itself than on securing the perimeter. Although this strategy implies accepting breaches as inevitable, the report says it also means that "security can be built around the understanding that the movement and sharing of data is fundamental to business success."
                Taking Executive Responsibility For Cybersecurity
                ITProPortal, May 30th 2017
                "By familiarizing themselves with their organisation's security measures, c-suite executives can better understand the scope and severity of potential cyber threats...

                The ideal scenario for cybersecurity infrastructure is that it be neither seen nor heard, effectively doing its vital work without notice behind the scenes. It is not intended to slow or halt the flow of business, but that is sometimes the case as organizations seek to protect their critical data. It is often thought of a cost center as well, but when looked at from a broader perspective, cybersecurity could be the thing that enable growth or differentiates the company. How? By enabling investment in innovative ideas that provide entre into new markets..."

                The Case For Disclosing Insider Breaches
                Dark Reading, May 31st 2017
                "Too often organizations try to sweep intentional, accidental or negligent employee theft of data under the rug. Here's why they shouldn't.

                Stolen credentials are often the entry point attackers use to access sensitive data, and often the first thing to come to mind is a cyber activist with an ax to grind, or a state-sponsored crime ring bent on financial gain or IP theft. But executives would do well to recognize that their own employees can play a significant role in compromising their organizations' cybersecurity. Insider threats - accidental and inadvertent, or deliberate and malicious - are becoming increasingly common as technology rapidly evolves and employee education struggles to keep pace..."

                  Why Are Companies Moving IT Back In House?
                  Network Computing, May 31st 2017
                  "Open source is becoming mainstream. Here's why you should join the crowd.

                  Long gone are the days of open source being a fad or niche. Open source technology now can be found in nearly every server room due to a myriad of factors, including cost and compatibility. Not only is open source playing a factor in the rise of technologies such as the cloud and big data, but it's finally being embraced by tech titans such as Microsoft!

                  So, if you haven't already, let's explore several reasons why you or your organization should consider using open source, sooner rather than later..."

                  Wine Down eMerge 2017 with SFTA VIP After-Party
                  Tuesday, June 13th, 2017: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                  WeWork, Lincoln Rd - Miami Beach (7 minute walk from the Convention Center)

                  Join the eMerge and SFTA teams as we celebrate another successful eMerge Americas event!

                  Table sponsorships are available.

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                  SFTA, John McLaughlin

                  SFTA vBeers - Wed June 7th@Palm Beach Gardens
                  4 Weekly Meeting Each Month
                  The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

                  These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other hands-on IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

                  Feel free to arrive and depart at your convenience. People start gathering around 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and most people leave by 8:30 or 9:00 PM.

                  • Wednesday, June 7th @ Twisted Trunk Brewing
                  • Wednesday, June 14th @ Funky Buddha Brewery
                  • Wednesday, June 21st @ Biergarten Boca
                  • Wednesday, June 28th @ vBeers @ Miami

                  Read on for detailed schedule

                  IT - DR
                  IT Resiliency - A Move Beyond Simple DR
                  ITProPortal, June 2nd 2017
                  "IT Resiliency has gained popularity in the tech industry by bringing together security, continuity and IT operations under one big umbrella...

                  The IT industry is no stranger to buzzwords. Poke around most technology websites and you'll find industry jargon galore. Occasionally, one term pushes through the noise, becoming a topic that is on everyone's agenda. IT resiliency is most definitely the new kid on the block, having permeated the minds of IT professionals and C-suites alike. So what actually is it, and why should we care? ..."

                  IT - Networks
                  Networking Pros Will Need These Skills
                  NetCraftsmen, June 1st 2017
                  "Recently, I've come across a number of blogs about networking skills. I have some thoughts on the subject, which may be a good bit different than what you've been reading. I'm curious whether people agree with me or I'm just being contrary - so leave a polite comment either way!..."
                    IT - IoT
                    A Common-Sense Approach To IoT
                    Information Week, June 1st 2017
                    "The relative immaturity of IoT drives a conversation focused more on enabling parts of the ecosystem rather than commercial benefits. In a lot of ways, it's like the PC business of years past; selling on 'speeds and feeds' rather than focusing on solving business challenges that can be solved by IoT technology.

                    Based on lessons learned from hundreds of IoT projects, from Fortune 100 companies to startups, there are seven essential IoT actions that determine success. This is by no means a comprehensive list, rather a guide for businesses leaders in which they can learn from the experiences of others..."

                    Driving The Future Of Smart Cities With IoT
                    GCN, June 2nd 2017
                    "Who knew 10 years ago that small sensors would make a big idea like smart cities even bigger?

                    The concept of smart cities has been around for nearly a decade. It's always been about delivering better, more efficient and affordable services at the level of government that has the closest connection to constituents' daily lives. But it has gone through some dramatic twists and turns with the emergence of key enablers like the internet of things..."

                      Five Nightmarish Attacks That Show The Risks Of IoT Security
                      ZDnet, June 1st 2017
                      "The Internet of Things is not going away -- and neither are the attacks that exploit device vulnerabilities. Here are five incidents that illustrate what users and device developers need to do to prevent breaches...

                      When it first appeared, the Internet of Things (IoT) seemed to be nothing more than an idea with no substance. What was it? Was it the new 'IT' (remember that)? Eventually, IoT came to fruition and consumers lapped it up. Smart thermostats, toasters, locks, lighting, Echo, Google Home... the list goes on and on. As more homes and businesses adopt such devices, you can imagine what follows. Security breaches..."

                      IoT World Forum: Mind The Skills Gap With Insights Services
                      Forrester, May 29th 2017
                      Jennifer Belissent blogs, "IoT World Forum 2017 has just wrapped up and the biggest takeaway for me was the skills gap. Companies don't have the expertise to fully implement and benefit from their IoT initiatives.

                      This was the fourth year of the event, with a theme of 'taking IoT to the next level' and 'bringing it all together.' The organizers were clear on their mission to help the audience with concrete 'how to' sessions..."

                      Security Best Practices For The Internet Of Things (Slideshow)
                      CIO Insight, May 31st 2017
                      "While a majority of organizations employ third-party service providers for some IT needs, a significant number of them plan to increase their use of in-house IT services in 2017, according to a recent survey from Clutch. The accompanying report, "IT Services for the Enterprise: Sourcing Decisions," indicates that there's plenty of room for both internal and outside parties to play a role. However, when selecting a service partner, many companies prefer to work with firms that are based domestically..."
                        Without Enterprise Architecture, The Internet Of Things Is Just... Things
                        ZDnet, May 31st 2017
                        "From microservices enablement to device communications, architectural approaches will keep IoT aligned with business designs...

                        With the rise of the Internet of Things, there's never been a more critical time for enterprise architects.

                        In a recent piece in AnalyticsWeek, Jelani Harper discusses how enterprise architecture -- employing containers and microservices -- helps smooth the path to IoT..."

                        IT - Linux
                        Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Includes Improved Security Features
                        eWeek, May 26th 2017
                        "Today's topics include improved security features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4, how Google, IBM and Lyft collaborated on the Istio open microservices technology; Infosys' effort to harness purposeful AI; and the new DIY functionality added to the Quick Base app development product.

                        The upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 release is set to provide organizations with a series of new features and enhancements that will improve security and performance. Red Hat released a beta version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4 on May 23, providing organizations with an opportunity to preview the new features..."

                        IT - Operations
                        After A Data Spill: Containing And Repairing The Damage
                        GCN, June 1st 2017
                        "According to the Identify Theft Resource Center, U.S. companies and government agencies suffered a record 1,093 data breaches in 2016, a 40 percent increase from 2015. Not only are data spills becoming more prevalent, but the price tag associated with each is also on the rise. The 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis released by the Ponemon Institute reports that the average total cost of a data breach for 383 companies surveyed increased from $3.79 to $4 million from 2015 to 2016.

                        Data spills, also known as data breaches or data leaks according to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies, are the unauthorized movement or disclosure of classified or sensitive information to a party not authorized to possess or view the material. Unlike a hack, where an unauthorized user attempts to gain and maliciously use data, spills are usually the result of human error or carelessness..."

                          IT - Security
                          5 Incident Response Practices That Keep Enterprises From Adapting To New Threats
                          Help Net Security, May 29th 2017
                          "Security analysts within enterprises are living a nightmare that never ends. 24 hours a day, their organizations are being attacked by outside (and sometimes inside) perpetrators - hackers, hacktivists, competitors, disgruntled employees, etc. Attacks range in scope and sophistication, but are always there, haunting the security teams tasked with guarding against them...."
                          How To Measure Your Organization's Cyber Security Maturity
                          IT World Canada, May 31st 2017
                          "Spending money on cyber security doesn't prove an organization is getting better at it.

                          Ask Nicholas Johnston, Toronto-based vice president of the global data risk group at Duff & Phelps, an international consultancy.

                          'It is painful how many people are not doing detect and respond,' he said in an interview. 'They put in a big firewall and then not do anything else. Having logs and firewalls is great, but if nobody's looking at it, it is doing absolutely no good'..."

                          The Cyber Security Industry Could Be The Greatest Threat To Cyber Security Today
                          CIO, May 30th 2017
                          "Cyber security is a never ending process, beware of those claiming silver bullet solutions to all your cyber woes...

                          I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it: The greatest threat to cyber security is the cyber security industry itself and the 'good enough' mindset.

                          Every day there is a claim of a new product that will be the silver bullet to protect your organization against a breach, and every day a company spins up new 'Cyber Security' services division. They're hopping on the security bandwagon usually with little to no credentials..."

                          IT - Careers
                          3 IT Roles That Will Decline By 2020
                          CBT Nuggets, June 1st 2017
                          "With the rise of technologies such as virtualization and the cloud, roles within the IT sphere are changing. Here are several that we think could decline as companies look to automate and streamline more of their IT processes.

                          We also take a look at how some of these roles are going to evolve - and the skills you might need to keep up with the changes. (Spoiler alert: Getting up to speed on DevOps will be huge!)..."

                          9 Things Smart People Do After They Screw Up At Work
                          The Ladders, May 30th 2017
                          "It happens to the best of us: No matter how much you plan or prepare, there are times when you just spectacularly mess up a pitch, proposal or gasp, even an interview.

                          The first order of business: don't panic. Nothing is permanent, not even screwups. Things can shift and people can move on, but it takes some effort to read the room to understand how to guide that along.

                          So how do you know if it's time to save your reputation or if you're better off beating a hasty retreat?..."

                            IT Staffing: When To Retrain, When To Hire Fresh
                            ComputerWorld, May 30th 2017
                            "Staffing new projects is no picnic these days -- skilled help is in short supply, but retraining takes time and money, and doesn't always work. Here's how to decide which path to take...

                            As more companies undertake digital transformation projects, having the right IT professionals with the right skills has become more important than ever.

                            IT managers gearing up for such projects say they particularly need experts in big data, analytics and cybersecurity -- the very skill sets that are in acute short supply. Even if they are able to find candidates, there are usually not enough or not exactly the right match. And training existing staff for in-demand skills is challenging and takes time..."

                            Most Productive People: 6 Things They Do Every Day
                            The Ladders, May 31st 2017
                            "Ever feel like you're just not getting enough done?

                            Know how many days per week you're actually productive?

                            About 3:

                            • People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 17 of those hours to be unproductive (U.S.: 45 hours a week; 16 hours are considered unproductive).

                            We could all be accomplishing a lot more - but then again, none of us wants to be a workaholic either.

                            It'd be great to get tons done and have work/life balance. But how do we do that? I decided to get some answers..."

                              Why More Of Your Employees Should Be Working Remotely
                              Business 2 Community, May 30th 2017
                              "Working remotely is a growing trend that's showing no signs of slowing down. Forty-three percent of the US workforce worked remotely in 2016, and 34 percent of business leaders say half of their company's full-time workforce will be working virtually by the year 2020. This trend can be attributed to the desire for more flexibility in when and where they work - research has found that virtual work is the most desired flexible work option people want in a job..."
                                Yes, You Should Be Concerned About Rogue Employees (And Here's Why)
                                Business 2 Community, May 31st 2017
                                "In IT security, it's often said that a company's employees are its weakest link. As technology grows increasingly user-friendly, and the rules of digital 'ownership' blur, rogue employees - those who don't follow the standard IT security rules for one reason or another - are emerging as a significant threat to corporate security.

                                At your organization, IT assets are likely well-protected by firewalls, network segmentation, and data security software, including email security, antivirus, antimalware, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. But what would happen if employees were intentionally sending valuable data off-site? What impact would this type of rogue behavior have on overall IT security?..."

                                IT - Virtualization
                                8 Ways To Make Sure You Really Need Microservices
                                ZDNet, May 30th 2017
                                "You may not even need microservices to manage your monolith. A tech transformation expert offers some ways to test your readiness...

                                Microservices -- today's service oriented architecture du jour -- are great, but not for everyone. There are many situations where they may do more harm than good.

                                That's the word from Adam Drake, a technical business transformation expert, who recently posted some words of caution about microservices. He warns of increased operational overhead, performance issues, and scalability problems..."

                                Containers: A Primer for Enterprise IT Pros
                                Network Computing, May 30th 2017
                                "Stephen Foskett provides an introduction to application containerization at Interop ITX.

                                The buzz around containers, particularly the Docker container platform, is hard to avoid. Containerization of applications promises speed and agility, capabilities that are essential in today's fast-paced IT environment. But outside the world of DevOps, containers can still be an unfamiliar technology.

                                At Interop ITX, Stephen Foskett, organizer of Tech Field Day and proprietor of Gestalt IT, provided some clarity about application containerization. In a presentation entitled, "The Case For Containers," he explained the basics about the technology and what enterprise IT shops can expect from it..."

                                Serverless Computing: The Basics
                                CIO, May 29th 2017
                                "The latest cloud buzzword sounds like an oxymoron; it's actually a new programming model that abstracts away even more complexity and offers great economics - in the cloud or even on your own servers. Here's what savvy CIOs need to know.

                                The cloud, goes the old joke, is just someone else's computer. That's true; except that it's a computer that's probably better run and more frequently patched and better secured than yours, that you didn't have to pay for, that you can rent by the second and that offers services that let you work at a much higher level than powering on a server and installing software on it yourself..."

                                  What Is A Container Orchestrator, Anyway?
                                  Container Journal, May 29th 2017
                                  "Container orchestration has become a hot topic following Docker's ascent. There are lots of orchestrators out there, and people tend to have strong opinions about which one is best. But in this post, I'd like to step back a bit and ask the question, 'What is an orchestrator, anyway?' The term is much less clear than you might think.

                                  This is a question worth asking because the word 'orchestrator,' when used in reference to containers, has become quite ambiguous. You hear it most often to refer to Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Marathon or other platforms. But it is sometimes used in other senses.

                                  So let's take a look at the different meanings of the word 'orchestrator'..."

                                  What's The Hardest Part About Microservices? Your Data
                        , May 30th 2017
                                  Christian Posta writes, "In this article, I'm going to explore perhaps the hardest problem when creating and developing microservices: your data. Using Spring Boot/Dropwizard/Docker doesn't mean you're doing microservices. Taking a hard look at your domain and your data will help you get to microservices..."
                                  IT - Big Data
                                  10 Best Practices For Master Data Management
                                  Information Management, May 30th 2017
                                  "Master data management is all about solving business issues and improving data trustworthiness through the effective and seamless integration of information with business processes.

                                  Unfortunately, a common mistake that some organizations make is to treat MDM as a technical issue. While this approach helps an organization quick start its MDM initiative, it leaves most critical problems unattended, and dilutes the overall benefits of the MDM program..."

                                  Big Data Experts In Big Demand
                                  Data Center Knowledge, May 30th 2017
                                  "Data scientist, named the best job in America for 2016 by the job site Glassdoor, is a mashup of traditional careers, from data analysis, economics, and statistics to computer science and others.

                                  Although tech companies Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM employ the most data scientists (227, 132, and 98, respectively), according to a report by RJ Metrics, these professionals are also in demand in non-tech sectors. Kohl's, AAA, and Publisher's Clearing House are all searching for at least one on Glassdoor..."

                                  Big Data Testing
                                  Datamation, June 1st 2017
                                  "Dealing with big data is a big challenge. Big data is big because of sheer volume, because of the velocity of creation, and because of the huge variety of unstructured data types.

                                  One of its biggest challenges is testing unstructured data for the software industry's big data applications. Traditional big data testing for relational database management systems (RDBMS) isn't a walk in the park, but it's a mature and well defined process. But testing applications' unstructured big data is quite challenging.

                                  Experian recently researched the phenomenon of poor data quality in applications and reported that 75% of businesses are wasting 14% of revenue simply due to poor data quality. Evans data Corporation surveyed big data application developers and reported that 19.2% of them said that quality of data is the biggest problem that they consistently face..."

                                  Big Data: Moving From Technology To Business Value Delivery
                                  Business 2 Community, May 30th 2017
                                  "Absolutely nobody disputes the potential value of big data. It provides an economic way to ask new analytics questions that we were never able to ask before. And that is possible because we are able to combine new, large, and widely disparate data sets in ways that were never economically possible before. The challenge people are now facing is that it getting harder and harder to show business value..."
                                  Deloitte Report Reveals The Power Of Unstructured Data Analytics
                                  Search Business Analytics, May 30th 2017
                                  "The analysis of unstructured data and other so-called dark data types can deliver significant business value, according to a new report from consulting group Deloitte.

                                  As Darth Vader once said, "If you only knew the power of the dark side."

                                  That's the message coming out of Deloitte, whose new report, 'Dark analytics: Illuminating opportunities hidden within unstructured data', doesn't quite present the drama of a galaxy-wide struggle, but nonetheless hints toward substantial gains from analytics practices that are still a dark art for some companies..."

                                  How To Avoid Seven Common Hadoop Mistakes
                                  ITProPortal, June 1st 2017
                                  "To help others avoid common mistakes with Hadoop, I asked our consulting services and enterprise support teams to share their experiences.

                                  Hadoop, for all its strengths, is not without its difficulties. Business needs specialised skills, data integration, and budget all need to factor into planning and implementation. Even when this happens, a large percentage of Hadoop implementations fail..."

                                    Tips For Getting Your Company Started With Analytics
                                    InformationWeek, June 1st 2017
                                    "If you're just getting started with analytics, you can avoid a lot of headaches by learning from the experts. We've tapped a few who have great practical advice.

                                    In today's fast-paced economy, businesses need access to insights faster than before. While periodic reporting still has its place, organizations are looking for deeper and more timely insights that can help them make better decisions, cut costs, improve efficiencies, reduce risks and drive more revenue..."

                                    Using Big Data To Understand And Beat The Competition In 2017
                                    SmartDataCollective, May 30th 2017
                                    "Since the competitive landscape is becoming harsher towards small businesses, big data is more important than ever. According to Gallup, the exit rate for small businesses in the United States is rising every year. Small businesses that use big data have a higher chance of success.

                                    Most enterprises are familiar with the benefits big data offers in terms of cultivating a better customer experience. It goes without saying that using data to anticipate customer needs and create positive experiences can help enterprises to thrive. However, there is one aspect of big data that many enterprises are still unaware of..."

                                    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                    Vol 231 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 ; Vol 230 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                    • Video: Run Java in the Browser without the Plug-in
                                    • Introducing UEK4 and DTrace on Oracle Linux for SPARC
                                    • Oracle JET 3.1.0 released
                                    • Why Walk When You Can "Sprint" to the Cloud?
                                    • High and Maximum Availability Architectures
                                    • Lowes Foods Makes Every Guest Interaction Count
                                    • How Online Sports Retailer Wiggle Competes With The 'Big Kids
                                    • 5 ways utilities can exploit the cloud
                                    • Calculating Distances with MySQL's Spatial Data Extensions
                                    • Micron Earns Trust, Key Award from Alibaba Suppliers Convention 2017

                                    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                      IT - Java
                                      The State Of Java 9
                                      InfoWorld, May 31st 2017
                                      "So close yet so far: What you can expect in Java 9, and when you can expect it...

                                      Java 9 Standard Edition should bring big benefits to developers - as soon as it actually arrives.

                                      The planned update to the popular enterprise language and platform is set to offer a world of new capabilities. Among these are modularity, an experimental version of ahead-of-time compilation, and a REPL (read-eval-print-loop). But the release keeps getting stalled by the major overhaul required for modularization..."

                                      IT - Developer
                                      10 Tips On How To Be A Great Programmer
                                      jaxenter, June 1st 2017
                                      "Talent can be important to succeed, but following common sense rules while programming is vital. In this article, Java champion Lukas Eder shares his top tips on how to code like a great programmer...

                                      This post was originally published over at, a blog focusing on all things open source, Java and software development from the perspective of jOOQ.

                                      I was recently asked in an interview about my opinion on how to be a great programmer. That's an interesting question, and I think we can all be great programmers, regardless of our talent, if we follow a couple of rules that - I believe - should be common sense. In fact, these rules don't all apply to programmers only, but to any professional..."

                                      Nexenta News
                                      Future-Proof Your Storage - with software-defined storage from Nexenta
                                      Nexenta, May 30th 2017
                                      Nexenta provides the freedom to choose the storage you need from a proven, trusted software-defined storage portfolio, scale-up or scale-out, file, block and object, to support your legacy and next generations applications to future-proof your storage strategy.

                                      • Software-Defined
                                      • Simpler Than Ever
                                      • Enterprise Ready
                                      • Lower TCO
                                      • Today & Tomorrow's Application Needs
                                      • Flexible For Your Business

                                      Read on for details

                                      Cisco News
                                      Cisco Introduces Single Enterprise Agreement Spanning Infrastructure, Collaboration and Security
                                      Cisco, May 31st 2017
                                      To help organizations simplify software management and get the most out of their technology investments, Cisco today announced the availability of a new enterprise-wide software product and services agreement that will change how customers purchase, deploy and adopt Cisco technology.

                                      Organizations of all shapes and sizes are demanding simpler ways to purchase, use and renew software technology. Today, most organizations struggle to manage multiple complex licenses, juggle contracts that expire at different times, and face compliance challenges. Organizations need software they can purchase when they want, deploy when and how they need, and easily keep up-to-date.

                                      Cisco and IBM Join Forces to Tackle Cybercrime
                                      Cisco, May 31st 2017
                                      Two Leading Security Companies Aim to Improve Security Effectiveness for Customers Through Technology Integration, Services and Threat Intelligence Collaboration...

                                      Cisco and IBM Security announced they are working together to address the growing global threat of cybercrime. In a new collaboration, Cisco and IBM Security will work closely together across products, services and threat intelligence for the benefit of customers.

                                      Cisco security solutions will integrate with IBM's QRadar to protect organizations across networks, endpoints and cloud. Customers will also benefit from the scale of IBM Global Services support of Cisco products in their Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offerings. The collaboration also establishes a new relationship between the IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos security research teams, who will begin collaborating on threat intelligence research and coordinating on major cybersecurity incidents.

                                      Microsoft News
                                      Microsoft announces 2017 Partner of the Year winners and finalists
                                      Microsoft, June 1st 2017
                                      Microsoft Corp. announced the winners and finalists of the Microsoft 2017 Partner of the Year Awards. The annual awards recognize top Microsoft partners demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. Award winners and finalists from around the world will be recognized at Microsoft Inspire taking place July 9-13, 2017, in Washington, D.C.

                                      This year, Microsoft acknowledged partners in 34 categories celebrating each of the core partner competencies, including cloud technology, public sector, Microsoft Philanthropies and many more. The award finalists and winners were selected from more than 2,800 nominations collected from 115 countries worldwide based on their commitment to customers, their solution's impact on the market and exemplary use of Microsoft technologies.

                                      IBM News
                                      Hackensack Meridian Health to Pilot Combined Watson for Oncology and Cota Technology to Power Value-Based Clinical Decision Support in Cancer Care
                                      IBM, June 2nd 2017
                                      Watson for Oncology Combined with Real World Data from Cota Aims to Help Oncologists Improve Cancer Treatment and Reduce Costs

                                      IBM Watson Health, Cota, and Hackensack Meridian Health, an integrated healthcare system in New Jersey, announced a collaboration to pilot a combination of IBM Watson and Cota technology for the first time. The goal is to bring Cota's value-based care and real-world data into IBM's Watson for Oncology clinical decision support tool, which Hackensack Meridian Health oncologists will then use in a pilot to help inform patient care. The goal is ultimately to help oncologists make evidence- and outcomes-based clinical decisions for their cancer patients, which could reduce total cost of care.

                                      IBM Selected as Red Hat Global Strategic Partner of the Year
                                      IBM, June 2nd 2017
                                      IBM announced it has been named Global Strategic Partner of the Year by Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions. This award was announced at Red Hat Summit, which took place last month in Boston.

                                      Each year, Red Hat gives this honor to the partner that best: delivers visible and compelling business value to Red Hat; shows commitment to Red Hat and positive contributions to the open source community; facilitates and drives successful engagement with the Red Hat field; and strategically aligns their capabilities to Red Hat's emerging technologies.

                                      The alliance between IBM and Red Hat is broad, covering IBM Systems, both Power Systems and z Systems, IBM Technology Support Services and IBM Cloud.

                                      IBM and Sage Bionetworks announce winners of first phase of DREAM Digital Mammography Challenge
                                      IBM, June 2nd 2017
                                      Challenge is aimed at helping to refine cancer detection algorithms so they can be used in routine clinical practice

                                      IBM and Sage Bionetworks announced that the winners of the first phase of its DREAM Digital Mammography (DM) Challenge have developed algorithms that had 5% fewer false-positive errors in breast cancer screenings than recently published state of the art computerized methods. This 5 percent improvement could potentially lead to less anxiety and unnecessary procedures for an estimated two million women per year in the United States and could help reduce costs associated with follow-up exams and biopsies.

                                      At ASCO 2017 Clinicians Present New Evidence about Watson Cognitive Technology and Cancer Care
                                      IBM, June 1st 2017
                                      IBM Watson Health and its collaborators unveiled data that will be presented at ASCO 2017, demonstrating the clinical utility of Watson for Oncology trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering as well as Watson for Clinical Trial Matching (CTM). IBM also announced the latest updates on adoption of Watson oncology offerings, which are now live or being implemented at dozens of hospitals and health organizations in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and the U.S. And, Watson for Oncology was released to support physician's treatment of prostate cancer.
                                      IBM and SAP Collaborate to Build New Infrastructure for Helse Vest in Norway
                                      IBM, June 1st 2017
                                      A variety of IBM services are involved in a deal that represents one of IBM Norway's biggest SAP S/4HANA installations

                                      Helse Vest (the Western Norway Regional Health Authority) has entered into a $42 million contract with IBM and SAP to design and implement a wide-ranging finance and logistics support project. The contract value also covers OEM license maintenance.

                                      Helse Vest is the second largest of the Norwegian regional health authorities, overseeing 50 hospitals and institutions with over 28,000 employees. The new project is part of a long-term strategic effort, LIBRA, to optimize support services across the region through continued consolidation and phasing-out of older systems.

                                      This contract will start in June 2017 and run up to 10 years.

                                      Cisco and IBM Join Forces to Tackle Cybercrime
                                      IBM, May 31st 2017
                                      Two Leading Security Companies Aim to Improve Security Effectiveness for Customers Through Technology Integration, Services and Threat Intelligence Collaboration

                                      Cisco and IBM Security announced they are working together to address the growing global threat of cybercrime. In a new collaboration, Cisco and IBM Security will work closely together across products, services and threat intelligence for the benefit of customers.

                                      Cisco security solutions will integrate with IBM's QRadar to protect organizations across networks, endpoints and cloud. Customers will also benefit from the scale of IBM Global Services support of Cisco products in their Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offerings. The collaboration also establishes a new relationship between the IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos security research teams, who will begin collaborating on threat intelligence research and coordinating on major cybersecurity incidents.

                                      IBM Advancing Hrvatski Telekom's Digital Transformation With New Customer Relationship Management System
                                      IBM, May 30th 2017
                                      Hrvatski Telekom announced it selected IBM to modernize and manage the company's customer relationship processes to help drive its digital transformation.

                                      Hrvatski Telekom serves 2.2 million mobile subscribers, almost 1.0 million fixed lines, 408,000 television services and 763,000 broadband connections.

                                      With an accelerated growth and complexity of converged telecom offerings combined with growing customer demands and implementation of convergent offers, Hrvatski Telekom decided to implement a new CRM system which is expected to raise the user experience to a new, better level.

                                      IBM Launches Cybersecurity Skills Initiative for 'New Collar' Jobs
                                      IBM, May 30th 2017
                                      Announces New Programs & Recommendations to Expand Cybersecurity Workforce Pipeline

                                      IBM Security announced an initiative to help address the projected 1.8 million-person cybersecurity worker shortage through programs and partnerships that promote a "new collar" cybersecurity workforce strategy.

                                      As part of this initiative, IBM is sponsoring alternative education models such as Hacker Highschool and Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), while defining new workforce approaches to reach a broader pipeline of employees based on skills, experience and aptitudes as opposed to traditional hiring models which focus on degrees alone. In fact, nearly 20 percent of IBM Security professionals hired in the U.S. since 2015 fall into this category of "new collar" employees.

                                      World Community Grid Taps IBM Cloud to Help Accelerate Research into Global Humanitarian Challenges
                                      IBM, June 2nd 2017
                                      Adopting IBM Cloud boosts efficiency of crowdsourced volunteer computing program used by scientists for health and sustainability research

                                      IBM announced that World Community Grid, an IBM philanthropic initiative which allows anyone with a computer or Android device to contribute to scientific discovery, has migrated to IBM Cloud as it continues to grow and further its mission to support cutting-edge research into important global humanitarian issues.

                                      World Community Grid has adopted IBM Cloud for 100 percent of its infrastructure, including the infrastructure that prepares the researchers' data sets, distributes tasks to volunteer devices, validates and aggregates the results and returns the data to the researchers. This system manages the workflow of the approximately 2.5 million virtual experiments performed by World Community Grid volunteers every day from more than 3.4 million devices.

                                      IBM-Inspired P-TECH Schools Graduate 100 Teens with College Degrees, Tech Career Skills
                                      IBM, June 1st 2017
                                      IBM announced that, by this summer, P-TECH grades 9 to 14 schools in Brooklyn, NY and Chicago, IL are expected to have graduated 100 students since the schools' recent founding.

                                      More than half of these 100 graduates, who will have received both their high school and tech associate degrees, completed the six-year program ahead of schedule. In fact, the on-time completion rate for the flagship Brooklyn school's first cohort is estimated to have been four times greater than the national on-time average for all community college students.

                                      Spurred in part by these kinds of successes, the P-TECH model will grow to 80 schools globally by this fall.

                                      VMware News
                                      VMware Reports Fiscal 2018 First Quarter Results
                                      VMWare, June 1st 2017
                                      Year-over-year revenue growth of 9% to $1.74 billion, supported by strong growth across all regions

                                      VMware announced financial results for fiscal 2018 first quarter:

                                      • Revenue for the first quarter was $1.74 billion, an increase of 9% from the first quarter of 2016.
                                      • License revenue for the first quarter was $610 million, an increase of 7% from the first quarter of 2016.
                                      • GAAP net income for the first quarter was $232 million, or $0.56 per diluted share, up 48% per diluted share compared to $161 million, or $0.38 per diluted share, for the first quarter of 2016. Non-GAAP net income for the quarter was $412 million, or $0.99 per diluted share, up 15% per diluted share compared to $366 million, or $0.86 per diluted share, for the first quarter of 2016.
                                      • GAAP operating income for the first quarter was $238 million, an increase of 24% from the first quarter of 2016. Non-GAAP operating income for the first quarter was $495 million, an increase of 11% from the first quarter of 2016.
                                      • Operating cash flows for the first quarter were $775 million. Free cash flows for the quarter were $726 million.
                                      • Cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments were $8.6 billion, and unearned revenue was $5.2 billion as of May 5, 2017.
                                      • Total revenue plus sequential change in total unearned revenue grew 10% year-over-year. Excluding the impact on unearned revenue from the sale of vCloud Air, total revenue plus sequential change in total unearned revenue grew 12% year-over-year.
                                      • License revenue plus sequential change in unearned license revenue grew 7% year-over-year. Excluding the impact on unearned revenue from the sale of vCloud Air, license revenue plus sequential change in unearned license revenue grew 10% year-over-year.

                                      "We are very pleased with our strong Q1 results," said Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer, VMware.

                                      Red Hat News
                                      Friday Five - June 2, 2017
                                      Red Hat, June 2nd 2017
                                      The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                      • ESG - Red Hat Lays Out Its Hybrid Cloud Vision
                                      • CRN - Red Hat's Paul Cormier Discusses The Impact Of On Enterprise Computing
                                      • ITWorld - Why Ansible has become the devops darling for software automation
                                      • CBR - Red Hat CEO on being an open source zealot
                                      • Seeking Alpha - Red Hat: The Future Of Open Source

                                      Read on for details

                                      HP News
                                      An overview of HPE's second quarter results
                                      HPE, May 31st 2017
                                      During the past year and a half, we've made significant progress in strengthening HPE to compete and win well into the future. We are focused on becoming a smaller, nimbler, and financially stronger company that is more committed to customers and partners than ever before.

                                      With this goal in mind, we've made a number of strategic decisions, starting with our separation from HPE in November of 2015. Since then, we've spun our Enterprise Services business and merged it with CSC to form DXC Technology. Later this summer, we'll complete the spin-merger of our Software business with Micro Focus. The two spin-merger transactions will deliver more than $20 billion in value based on the current stock prices of DXC and Micro Focus.

                                        Windstream News
                                        Windstream completes first stage of 100 Mbps cable upgrades in North Georgia
                                        Windstream, May 30th 2017
                                        More than 67,000 households across 14 communities to benefit from faster internet speeds

                                        Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced it has completed the first stage of its cable upgrade plan in North Georgia, enabling more than 6,000 households in Blairsville (Union County) to have access to up to 100 megabits-per-second (Mbps) internet speeds. The cable upgrade plan, announced late last year, will provide high speeds to more than 67,000 households by the end of 2017.

                                        After completion of the project, Windstream will have upgraded eligible customers across 13 communities in North Georgia, including Blairsville, Hiawassee, Young Harris, Dawsonville, Helen, Homer, Cornelia, Commerce, Jefferson, Clarkesville, Nicholson, Dahlonega and Cleveland, as well as Hayesville, N.C.

                                          Netapp News
                                          NetApp NASPO ValuePoint Contract Extended for Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services
                                          NetApp, June 1st 2017
                                          NetApp announced that the lead state of Minnesota has issued a multiyear extension to NetApp's National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services Contract, MNWNC-121. The contract is now valid through March 31, 2020. NASPO ValuePoint participation allows state, local government, and education organizations to more easily leverage NetApp technology to modernize their data centers to improve service delivery to their constituents and drive greater efficiencies. NetApp's data management portfolio features the world's fastest, most cloud-connected all-flash storage arrays; proven data protection solutions; and software and services that enable organizations to seamlessly connect to the cloud and build out hybrid cloud and next-generation data center environments.
                                          Kokomo School Corporation Accelerates Learning with NetApp
                                          NetApp, May 30th 2017
                                          School district increases teaching time, adds classroom technology and quickly delivers resources using NetApp converged infrastructure with all-flash arrays

                                          "Our students are our main priority," said Jason Gaunt, director of technology systems for Kokomo School Corporation. "With NetApp, we can be sure that students have access to the technologies they need to learn, while our teachers and administrators have access to the information they need to do their jobs and better support our students."

                                          Aerohive Networks News
                                          Aerohive Networks Named to Silicon Valley's Top 150 Public Companies List
                                          Aerohive, May 30th 2017
                                          Aerohive Networks, the leading independent enterprise Wi-Fi vendor, announced it has been named to the Silicon Valley's Top 150 Public Companies List, published by the Bay Area News Group. The Silicon Valley 150 list is determined by ranking public technology companies headquartered in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties on the basis of worldwide revenue ('sales') for the most recently available four quarters.

                                          "It is an absolute honor to have made this year's Top 150 Public Companies in the Bay Area List due to our continued growth in the market," said John Ritchie, senior vice president, chief financial officer, and chief operating officer, Aerohive Networks. "We are pleased to be ranked among such innovative and successful companies."

                                          Druva News
                                          Druva Phoenix Wins Gold for Disaster Recovery as a Service in the 12th Annual 2017 IT World Awards
                                          Druva, May 30th 2017
                                          Druva, the leader in cloud data protection and information management, announced that Druva Phoenix has been named a gold winner in the in the disaster recovery (DR) as a service category of the 12th Annual 2017 IT World Awards. These premier information technology awards by Network Products Guide honor achievements and recognitions in every facet of the IT industry. Winners will be honored on Monday, June 27, 2017 during the SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner in San Francisco.
                                          Centrify News
                                          Do You Know How Easy It Is to Guess Your Password? (Hint: You Don't Want to Read This!)
                                          Centrify, May 31st 2017
                                          The number of account credentials that has been stolen in the last 10 years has exploded to a degree that is unprecedented. It is now a fait accompli that many of the security tools out there can't help you as 81% of data breaches come from compromised credentials.

                                          Let's delve into how easy it is to break into almost any account. Hackers have invented the digital equivalent of a master key.

                                          Commvault News
                                          Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger and Explorer Sir Robert Swan to Headline Commvault GO 2017
                                          Commvault, June 1st 2017
                                          Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, announced that Capt. 'Sully' Sullenberger and explorer Robert Swan will headline the keynote agenda at its second annual customer conference, Commvault GO 2017, to be held Nov. 6-8, 2017 in Washington D.C.

                                          At Commvault GO 2017, both Sullenberger and Swan will speak about their unique personal experiences accomplishing remarkable things, how data played a key role, and will provide attendees with insight on how they can leverage their own data to unlock new opportunities and strive for competitive advantage.

                                            Nutanix News
                                            Nutanix and Dell Solutions Help Vast-Auto Distribution Obtain Faster Performance and Fewer CapEx and OpEx Costs
                                            Nutanix, May 31st 2017
                                            Nutanix, Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced that Vast-Auto Distribution has opted to use the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Dell EMC XC Series for faster performance and fewer administrative costs. By transitioning to a Nutanix and Dell EMC virtualized solution, the company reduced its previous expenses needed to maintain three expensive HPE LeftHand storage systems by consolidating down to one system with storage and compute functionality included.

                                            Vast-Auto Distribution is a provider of auto parts in Eastern Canada, and oversees hosted IT services for over 50 parts stores and 80 garages. Previously, Vast-Auto Distribution's IT team had been relying on aging five-year-old legacy infrastructure, including SAN servers, which required manually spreading and monitoring all its customers' day-end processes throughout the night.

                                            Palo Alto Networks News
                                            Palo Alto Networks Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results
                                            Palo Alto Networks, May 31st 2017
                                            Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, announced financial results for its fiscal third quarter 2017 ended April 30, 2017.

                                            Total revenue for the fiscal third quarter 2017 grew 25 percent year over year to $431.8 million, compared with total revenue of $345.8 million for the fiscal third quarter 2016. GAAP net loss for the fiscal third quarter 2017 was $60.9 million, or $0.67 per diluted share, compared with GAAP net loss of $64.1 million, or $0.73 per diluted share, for the fiscal third quarter 2016.

                                            SuperMicro News
                                            Supermicro Highlights Award-Winning Portfolio of Server and Storage Products at Computex 2017
                                            SuperMicro, June 1st 2017
                                            Featuring the broadest portfolio of Server and Storage Systems including the BigTwin, Ultra All-Flash NVMe SuperServer and SuperBlade and previewing the new X11 systems based on the upcoming Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family

                                            Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies including green computing, is participating in Computex 2017, being held at the NanGang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4F, May 30 to June 2, 2017. Supermicro will showcase more than 40 Embedded, IoT, Enterprise, Data Center and Gaming solutions in Booth M0120.

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