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Oracle News
Startups, Smart Cities Are Springing Up Across India
Oracle, May 15th 2017
John Foley writes in Forbes, "Silicon Valley, meet Jharkhand. The government of Jharkhand, a state of about 33 million people in eastern India and home to tigers and elephants, has signed an agreement with Oracle that, in addition to improving government services, aims to make Jharkhand an attractive place for startups..."

'We want to be the top choice with global companies for investments and be India's startup hub,' Raghubar Das, chief minister of Jharkhand, said in a formal announcement of the memorandum of understanding with Oracle.

OracleVoice: Charity Serves India's Elderly With Help Of Cloud Tools
Oracle, May 18th 2017
Sasha Banks-Louie writes in Forbes. "HelpAge India is launching new programs designed to help millions of senior citizens across the country combat degenerative illnesses, get out of poverty, and lead dignified, independent lives. A big challenge, however, is getting the right resources and supplies to them efficiently - and in time to make an impact.

Established in 1978, HelpAge India is one of the founding members of HelpAge International, a philanthropic body that now consists of 119 national organizations serving the elderly..."

Succeed By Failing: How To Speed Your Software Development -- And Why It Matters
Oracle, May 18th 2017
Alexa writes, "The way to succeed in business these days is to fail. Not just once but often, and quickly.

So say many experts, among them Siddhartha Agarwal, vice president of product management and strategy for Oracle Cloud Platform. To beat the competition, companies need to produce innovative products and experiences for their customers, and the only way to get there ahead of anyone else is by producing innovation-boosting software faster than the competition..."

Convenience Store Chain Royal Farms Automates HR 24/7
Oracle, May 16th 2017
Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "Talent management isn't just the realm of hot tech companies, pro sports franchises, and tony investment banks. A chain of convenience stores on the US East Coast has turned to modern HR systems to recruit, onboard, and train its people, among other functions, in part to manage employee attrition that has hovered at almost 80% a year.

Royal Farms, a family-owned company that operates more than 160 stores in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and most recently New Jersey, employs about 4,000 people. But that number doesn't adequately represent the scale of its talent challenge..."

The Digital CFO Challenge
Oracle, May 17th 2017
Francois Lancon writes in Forbes, "The CFO is one of only two executives at a company (the CEO is the other) who could go to jail should the company publish misleading financial information (depending on local laws and regulations).

That possibility is something every CFO must live with, while still trying to close the books more quickly and provide the kind of information that can help the entire executive team make better decisions. And while closing the books in a timely manner seems like table stakes, many large, complex organizations operate as semi-independent fiefdoms run on Excel spreadsheets. Outdated applications and disconnected processes also make it hard to hold individual budget overseers accountable for financial performance..."

Oracle's SQL Based Statistical Functions - FREE in every Oracle Database On-Premise on in Cloud
By: Charlie Berger
Charlie blogs, "Included in every Oracle Database is a collection of basic statistical functions accessible via SQL. These include descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, correlations analysis, test for distribution fits, cross tabs with Chi-square statistics, and analysis of variance (ANOVA). The basic statistical functions are implemented as SQL functions and leverage all the strengths of the Oracle Database. The SQL statistical functions work on Oracle tables and views and exploit all database parallelism, scalability, user privileges and security schemes. Hence the SQL statistical functions can be included and exposed within SQL queries, BI dashboards and embedded in real-time Applications. The SQL statistical functions can be used in a variety of ways...."
Oracle's Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics 12.2 and Oracle Data Miner 4.2 New Features
By: Charlie Berger
Charlie Berger blogs, "This Oracle presentation highlights the new machine learning algorithms, features, functions, and "differentiators" added to Oracle Database Release 12.2 and Oracle SQL Developer4.2. These features and functions are packaged as part of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Database Option and Oracle Data Miner workflow UI on-premises and in the Oracle Database Cloud Service High and Extreme Editions. I hope you enjoy the video!..."
5 Machine Learning Trends That Will Define 2017
CIO, May 15th 2017
"Machine learning has been quietly working in the background for years, powering mobile applications and search engines. But recently it has become a more widely circulated buzzword, with virtually all recent technological advancements involving some aspect of machine learning. An impressive rise in data and computing capabilities has made this exponential progress possible.

The remarkable growth in sophistication and applications of machine learning will define the technological trends of 2017. Their effects will depend on whether the application adds value and benefits to society as a whole and whether it has the potential to solve real world problems. Here are the five major trends that will define machine learning in 2017..."

    AI In 5 Years: One CTO's Take
    The Enterprisers Project, May 17th 2017
    "How will artificial intelligence change the way we do business five years from now? In part two of our conversation with Seal Software CTO Kevin Gidney, he explains how AI is revolutionizing industries and changing ideas about what jobs will require humans...

    The Enterprisers Project (TEP): What can we do with AI now that we couldn't do five years ago?

    Gidney: So many things become possible when hardware and software performance increases to allow the most complex of tasks to be done within a few seconds..."

    AI Solutions In The Future
    ZDNet, May 17th 2017
    "What happens when natural-language processing, cloud-based neural frameworks, and a universe of connected 'things' are all in place? We explore the possibilities and emphasize the steps ITIs need to take now to thrive in this future...
      AI Works Better With Human Intelligence, Too
      Information Week, May 18th 2017
      "In healthcare, machine learning may yield fast, accurate insights. But humans are still better able to detect ridiculous anomalies and discover problems that machines have not yet learned to detect.

      Artificial intelligence applied to the right tasks can reveal insights that wouldn't otherwise be surfaced, and do it faster thn manual human efforts. But there are still some tasks that humans perform better than machines. Eric Williams, VP of Data Science & Analytics at Omada Health provided a view into how his digital therapeutics company is combining AI with human intelligence to help pre-diabetic patients lose weight..."

      Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Life
      insideBIGDATA, May 18th 2017
      "Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a vision for a distant future, but in truth, AI is all around us as machines are increasingly learning to sense, learn, reason, act and adapt in the real world. This is transforming industries and changing our lives in amazing new ways, by amplifying human capabilities, automating tedious or dangerous tasks, and solving some of our most challenging societal problems. In this article, we'll discuss the path to AI with Intel technologies. Let's take a closer look at AI's primary enabler machine learning as well as its younger sibling deep learning..."
      Freelancers Should Dust Off Their AI And Ml Skills For Fun And Profit
      jaxenter, May 15th 2017
      "What's the hottest skill a coder should know these days? It turns out, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are so in demand, even freelancers are getting in on the action.

      Artificial intelligence's long winter is over. We're pretty excited to see new developments in this groundbreaking field. The resurgence of AI is nothing short of astounding. Unfortunately, because AI was so unpopular for so long, there's a real shortage of developers with AI skills.

      Upwork, a website that matches freelancers with the appropriate employers, has put out their latest survey of the fastest-growing job skills of Q1. The number one developer skill? Artificial intelligence..."

        Google Shows Off Its Artificial Intelligence Muscle
        Information Management, May 18th 2017
        "During a two hour keynote presentation at its I/O developer conference, Alphabet Inc.'s Google showed off its prowess in the technology world's hottest field: artificial intelligence. From its voice-based digital Assistant to photo sharing and automatic image recognition, AI is everywhere it can possibly be in Google's product portfolio.

        Here's what you should care about from the event's main stage on day one..."

        Machine Learning Is Much Bigger Than Just Google
        Business 2 Community, May 15th 2017
        "There are plenty of articles covering machine learning right now but most of them talk about how it will impact search engines and the way we optimise for them. Which is fine, except there is another side of the story: what machine learning will do for marketers.

        It's time to stop obsessing about Google's algorithm and realise that machine learning is much bigger than Google. This technology is going to provide us with marketing tools like we've never had before - and knowing how to make the most of machine learning will be one of the most important marketing skills you can have..."

        IT - Storage
        2017 Strategic Roadmap For Storage By Gartner, May 15th 2017
        "Emerging storage hardware and software enable I&O leaders to lower acquisition costs per terabyte and improve manageability. In addition to focusing on agility, automation and cost reductions, IT leaders should address the cultural changes and skill set shortages caused by digital business projects..."
          6 Steps For A Future-Ready Cloud Storage Strategy
          CIO, May 17th 2017
          "Blame it on poor copy data management, compliance requirements or the internet of things (IoT), but data storage volumes are growing exponentially, and that growth shows no signs of abating. Managing skyrocketing storage demands on limited resources is a top challenge for many enterprises. To alleviate the burden, many organizations have turned to the cloud.

          A survey of 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance members illustrates the extent to which businesses are growing their off-premises storage footprint. Thirty-five percent of the 647 enterprise technology and IT professionals surveyed said are considering cloud-based storage for immediate purchase. While currently only 20 percent of storage is in the cloud, survey respondents estimate that within two years one-third will reside in either the public cloud or a SaaS environment..."

          Where All-Flash Storage Makes No Sense
          Enterprise Storage Forum, May 18th 2017
          "'Go all-flash, young man,' appears to be the current mantra of the storage industry. Vendor after vendor is urging enterprises to ditch hard disk drives (HDDs) in favor of solid state drives (SSDs). You also hear about flash-first strategies that urge organizations to look at flash storage first, last and always.

          While this approach makes sense in many cases, what about existing storage assets? And in particular, are there any times when all-flash storage just doesn't make sense?

          Here are some possible situations where it might be wise to skip the flash:..."

          IT - Technology
          It's Time To Decide How Quantum Computing Will Help Your Business
          ComputerWorld, May 17th 2017
          "If you're not ready to start using quantum computing in your enterprise, you should at least be planning how to do so.

          Researchers say companies may be less than five to 10 years away from turning to quantum computing to solve big business problems..."

          "Quantum computing has the potential to not just do things faster but to allow companies to do things entirely differently," said David Schatsky, managing director of Deloitte LLP, a global consulting and financial advisory company. "If they have certain analytical workloads that could take them weeks to run and they could do it almost instantaneously, how would that change the way they make decisions, or the risks they're willing to take or what products and services they can offer customers?"

          Virtual Top Hats Allow Swarming Robots To Fly In Tight Formation
          Science Daily, May 15th 2017
          "Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have created a team of free-flying robots that obeys the two rules of the air: don't collide or undercut each other. They've also built autonomous blimps that recognize hand gestures and detect faces.

          Both projects will be presented at the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) May 29 -- June 3 in Singapore.

          In the first, five swarm quadcopters zip back and forth in formation, then change their behaviors based on user commands. The trick is to maneuver without smacking into each other or flying underneath another machine. If a robot cuts into the airstream of a higher flying quadcopter, the lower machine must quickly recover from the turbulent air or risk falling out of the sky..."

          What Is UEFI, and How Is It Different from BIOS?
          How-To Geek, May 16th 2017
          "New computers use UEFI firmware instead of the traditional BIOS. Both are low-level software that starts when you boot your PC before booting your operating system, but UEFI is a more modern solution, supporting larger hard drives, faster boot times, more security features, and - conveniently - graphics and mouse cursors.

          We've seen newer PCs that ship with UEFI still refer to it as the 'BIOS' to avoid confusing people who are used to a traditional PC BIOS. Even if your PC uses the term 'BIOS', modern PCs you buy today almost certainly ship with UEFI firmware instead of a BIOS..."

          IT - Bitcoin
          Bitcoin Price Breaks Beyond $1,900
          CryptoCoinsNews, May 18th 2017
          "Bitcoin price has now hit a new all-time high with a global average of $1,937.15, scaling above the $1,900 figure for the first time ever.

          Bitcoin's remarkable year in making gains continues, as prices have now nearly doubled since the cryptocurrency scaled $1,000 at the turn of the year.

          Led by Japanese markets with a volume of over $300 million over the last 24 hours, the world's most prominent cryptocurrency is continuing to see increased activity in Asia. Japan and Korea now account for two of the top five bitcoin trading markets in the world, combining for over 47% of the market share..."

          How Five States Are Approaching Bitcoin Regulation
          Bitcoin Magazine, May 15th 2017
          "Cryptocurrency should be regulated. Cryptocurrency should not be regulated. Cryptocurrency can't be regulated. These are all common refrains emanating from the media these days. Now lawmakers across the United States and around the world are at a crossroads as to what is next in terms of this regulatory space.

          Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency present a monumental challenge for legislators, requiring a broad understanding of blockchain technology, especially in terms of its impact on tech innovation. Amid assertions that the U.S. is falling behind in terms of Bitcoin regulation, it could be argued that the regulatory picture is becoming clearer in 2017..."

          How To Use Blockchain: Following An Asset Through Its Lifecycle To Learn More
          Network World, May 15th 2017
          "Possession is nine-tenths of the law, right? But thanks to blockchain, this old adage may no longer be a viable way to settle property disputes.

          Artists and enterprises alike have long struggled to prove ownership of their work after it has been disseminated, especially when it is uploaded online. What if there was a way to use technology to reliably track asset provenance with absolute certainty, from creation to marketplace and beyond? The reality is that this is already possible with the help of blockchain, and the benefits to the enterprise are many.

          Let's follow a blockchain asset through its lifecycle to learn more..."

            Intertwining Artificial Intelligence With Blockchain
            LinuxInsider, May 18th 2017
            "Except for those folks living under rocks (sounds uncomfortable), everyone knows about or at least has heard of bitcoin. However, not everyone understands the technology of bitcoin, which extends well beyond Internet-based currency.

            For the rock people, bitcoin is an Internet-based currency that allows for transparency with respect to each transfer of the currency through the use of a distributed database. Each transaction is locked in a block, and blocks are connected to form a 'blockchain'..."

            IT - DevOps
            5 Team Skills That Make DevOps A Success
  , May 18th 2017
            "When starting their DevOps journey, your team will discover it needs to develop some new skills. Most likely the team is good at typing code and solving issues, but what about the soft skills?

            Many teams have to learn how to deal with issues themselves - as self-supporting teams, there is no longer a manager who will help them out and tell them what to do.

            During the Phoenix Project DevOps business simulation, the majority of teams discover collaboration and communication are skills they lack. I am often surprised how few people can really facilitate standups, retrospectives, Andon-sessions and other communication methods.

            Here are the five team skills that participants recognize as core skills they learn (or could learn) during the simulation..."

            What's The Point Of DevOps?
  , May 16th 2017
            "Think about the last time you tried to change a personal habit. You likely hit a point where you needed to alter the way you think and make the habit less a part of your identity. This is difficult - and you're only trying to change your own ways of thinking.

            So you may have tried to put yourself in new situations. New situations can actually help us create new habits, which in turn lead to new ways of thinking..."

              MySQL Shell: eye candy for a future release !
              By: Lefred
              Lefred blogs, "Today I presented MySQL InnoDB Cluster at the Helsinki MySQL User Group.

              To demonstrate how easy it's to deploy a cluster with MySQL Shell and used the prompt that will be part of a future release just because it's beautiful.

              If you also want to see how it looks like, just check the video below:..."

              MySQL Enterprise backup : How to setup a slave for a standalone server with zero downtime?
              By aravinth C
              "It's a well know fact that we could take backups with almost zero downtime with the 'mysqldump' tool provided with the community edition of MySQL with a magical option -- single-transaction on one condition that all the tables are InnoDB. Myisam tables locked even with single transaction option. Now let us talk about the MySQL Enterprise backup tool that is only available with the Enterprise edition. We are also offered a 30 day trial. It has been said that MEB(let us just call the MySQL Enterprise backup, MEB) provides hot online backups with zero downtime. So a hot backup is done online and doesn't disrupt the normal operations of the database and it even captures the database operations happening during the backup process and applies it during the restoration process. This is applicable only to InnoDB tables..."
              MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.9
              by MySQL Release Engineering
              MySQL Release Engineering blogs, "been made available: MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.9 GA. The MySQL Connector/C++ provides a C++ API for connecting client applications to the MySQL Server 5.5 or newer..."
              Cloud Computing
              Oracle Analytics Cloud Service is Now Live!
              By: Edgar Haren
              Edgar blogs, "Today we have a guest blogger, Tim Vlamis VP & Analytics Strategist for Vlamis Software Solutions. Vlamis Software Solutions is an Oracle partner that specializes in the analytic options of Oracle Database including Oracle Advanced Analytics (Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise), OLAP, Spatial and Graph, and Database In-Memory options and their integration with OBIEE and business analytics systems. In this segment, Tim discusses Oracle's new Oracle Analytics Cloud, and the benefits this cloud service can offer their customers..."
              IT - Cloud
              11 Simple Yet Important Tips To Secure AWS Deployments
              eWeek, May 15th 2017
              "With cloud security constantly improving and the volume of data growing exponentially, companies of all sizes are increasingly migrating applications and workloads to the cloud. In fact, Gartner Research recently predicted that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow from $209 billion in 2016 to $247 billion in 2017. As cloud computing continues to gain traction in the enterprise, it's important to be aware of the security challenges associated with cloud environments, in particular, Amazon Web Services. AWS currently owns about 31 percent of the overall global cloud services market. In this eWEEK slide show, using industry information from Jaime Blasco, VP and chief scientist at AlienVault, we present 11 simple yet important tips to help organizations secure their AWS environments..."
              16 Terabytes Of RAM Should Be Enough For Anyone. Wait. What?
              The Register, May 16th 2017
              "Amazon Web Services is working on new instance types that will offer either eight or 16 terabytes of random access memory.

              You read that right: 8TB or 16TB of RAM, with the target workload being in-memory computing and especially SAP HANA. The cloud colossus is also working on HANA clusters that span 17 nodes and pack a combined 34 TB of memory.

              There's also a new instance type in the works, dubbed 'x1e.32xlarge' packing 4TB of memory and offering 128 vCPUs on four 2.3 GHz Xeon E7 8880 v3 CPUS. But this instance type will only be sold as a virtual private cloud, an arrangement under which users can apply their preferred IP addresses to instances to their rented clouds and impose their preferred security policies on AWS..."

              Five Overlooked Costs That Add To A Public Cloud Bill
              SearchCloudComputing, May 18th 2017
              "AWS, Google and Azure offer tools that help users estimate cloud costs. But overlooked services, usage spikes and outages can cause actual cloud bills to far exceed those estimates.

              Compared to on-premises infrastructure, public cloud computing often reduces enterprise costs. But for many organizations, it's still difficult to make objective cost estimates for public cloud deployments.

              Major public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, have tools that allow users to predict monthly cloud costs. However, the use of these cloud cost estimators doesn't guarantee accurate results; they are only as precise as the information that users provide.

              From unplanned usage spikes to outages, here are five potential factors that can skew your cost estimates and raise your cloud bill..."

              How To Talk To Your Business Partners About The Cloud
              Business 2 Community, May 15th 2017
              "In a perfectly seasoned, exquisitely prepared main dish, lots of different ingredients come together in perfect harmony to create an experience. Each ingredient exists as part of the dish because of the unique elements it offers. The combination of those ingredients, in the right amounts, create a singular expression of the combined elements that the individual ingredients could never accomplish on their own.

              In a successful company, you bring together a lot of different experts with many different skill sets. Each one is critically important to the continued success of the business. And each one has a different set of skills than the others..."

                Seven Tips For Staying Safe In The Cloud
                ITProPortal, May 17th 2017
                "The rise of the cloud has, for the first time ever, allowed businesses to truly operate independent of location and geography, but it's also created a new class of security concerns within many organisations. Do you know what it looks like to stay safe in the cloud - especially when it comes to using SaaS software and other solutions?...

                The cloud market is growing faster than experts could have ever anticipated five or six years ago. Garter suggests that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow by 18 per cent in 2017 alone - putting it just shy of $247 billion. The SaaS niche will be one of the fastest growing, scaling by 20.1 per cent to $46.3 billion..."

                Why It Needs Effective Monitoring For Cloud Applications
                ComputerWeekly, May 15th 2017
                "IaaS and PaaS free up IT from running day-to-day administration tasks, but the cloud can become a black box, limiting visibility...

                Amazon Web Services (AWS) recommends that IT departments should collect monitoring data from all parts of the AWS technology stack used in their application so that a multi-point failure can be debugged more easily.

                Areas to monitor include all metrics relating to CPU utilisation, memory, disk, networking and operating system health..."

                IT - CxO
                Despite Security Risks, 75% Of CEOs Use Applications That Aren't Approved By IT
                TechRepublic, May 16th 2017
                "CEOs and business decision makers (BDMs) say they understand the massive cybersecurity risks facing organizations today. However, that does not stop 75% of CEOs and 52% of BDMs from using applications and programs that are not approved by their IT department, according to a new report from Code42. About half of these professionals said they have experienced a security breach within the last 18 months.

                The report, which surveyed more than 800 IT decision makers and 400 BDMs, found that 91% of CEOs and 83% of BDMs acknowledged that their behaviors could be considered a security risk to their organization. So why do it? The vast majority said they use such unauthorized programs to enhance productivity..."

                C-Level Business Executives Are Playing A Bigger Role In Tech Spending, But CIOs Still Remain Dominant
                Forrester, May 16th 2017
                "Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a vision for a distant future, but in truth, AI is all around us as machines are increasingly learning to sense, learn, reason, act and adapt in the real world. This is transforming industries and changing our lives in amazing new ways, by amplifying human capabilities, automating tedious or dangerous tasks, and solving some of our most challenging societal problems. In this article, we'll discuss the path to AI with Intel technologies. Let's take a closer look at AI's primary enabler machine learning as well as its younger sibling deep learning..."
                3 In 5 Companies Expect To Be Breached In 2017
                HelpNet Security, May 18th 2017
                "New research found that of the 50 percent who reported being breached in 2016, the average material impact to the business was $4 million.

                Vanson Bourne interviewed 600 senior IT decision-makers at organisations with at least 1,000 employees across Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

                The survey found that 35 percent of companies suffered two or more breaches in the last twelve months. Unfortunately, 3 in 5 expect to be breached in 2017, with 29 percent believing they won't even know they were breached when it happens. As a result, survey respondents are focused on mitigating their exposure points as an organisation - with 65 percent seeing identity management as a foundation of their security strategy..."

                6 Technology Trends That Will Change The Way Business Leaders Think About Risk
                TechRepublic, May 17th 2017
                "As cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) gain prominence in the enterprise, tech and business leaders alike must reconsider risk management plans and how they impact business objectives, according to French Caldwell, a former White House cybersecurity advisor, former Gartner fellow and vice president, and current chief evangelist for MetricStream.

                In the past, risk management meetings occurred quarterly or even annually, and ongoing monitoring was rare. This is not wise to do with emerging technologies and digital transformation efforts underway at many companies, Caldwell said..."

                8 Ways To Manage An Internet Or Security Crisis
                CIO, May 15th 2017
                "Your business is hit with a ransomware attack. Or your ecommerce site crashes. Your legacy system stops working. Or maybe your latest software release has a major bug. These are just some of the problems that ecommerce, technology and other companies experience at one time or another.

                The issue is not if a problem - or crisis - occurs, but how your company handles it when it does. Manage the problem poorly, you risk losing customers, or worse. Handle a crisis promptly and professionally, you can fend off a public relations disaster and might even gain new customers.

                So what steps can businesses take to mitigate and effectively manage an IT-related crisis? Here are eight suggestions..."

                  Companies Grow More Vulnerable To Insider Threats (Slideshow)
                  CIO Insight, May 18th 2017
                  "An increasing majority of managers feel their company is more vulnerable to insider threats compared to last year, according to a new survey. Seventy-four percent of respondents to Haystax Technology's "Insider Attacks Industry Survey" feel exposed to threats from employees, a dramatic seven-point increase since the 2015 survey. Haystax, a security and analytics firm, and Crowd Research Partners conducted the crowd-based survey on 300,000 members of LinkedIn's Information Security Community..."
                  How CISOs Can Answer Difficult Questions From CEOs
                  CSO Online, May 15th 2017
                  "A hypothetical conversation about issues such as cloud security, ransomware, phishing attacks, identity theft or data leaks can become all too real. These are the answers you should be prepared to give.

                  The CEO puts all the trust in the chief security officer to keep the company off the front page and out of danger. But as the number of attacks across the internet skyrockets, that trust has slowly eroded or at the very least is increasingly questioned..."

                  IT Leadership Still Struggles To Satisfy The Business, Deliver Innovation
        , May 15th 2017
                  "If a recently published report by Salesforce is to be believed, the rest of IT leadership is starting to catch up with what IT leaders have long known: Business technology needs to be customer experience-driven. This year's report, Salesforce's second annual broad look at the state of enterprise IT found that the line continues to blur between business leadership and IT leadership, driving innovation is the imperative, and IT is focused more than ever on providing business value..."
                    Majority Of CISOs Begin Prioritising GDPR Compliance
                    Information Age, May 16th 2017
                    "Over half (52%) of financial services CISOs are focusing on GDPR compliance as an investment priority for the upcoming year, data from the Network Group Events' 2017 Financial Services Information Security Network event shows.

                    The survey found that nearly three quarters (74%) of CISOs in the sector were prioritising security governance and compliance management in their cyber-security strategies, up from 64% at the 2016 event. This data highlights the areas of compliance CISOs will be focussing on ahead of the GDPR regulation coming into effect in May 2018..."

                    Prepare For Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration (Slideshow)
                    CIO Insight, May 15th 2017
                    "A recent report predicts that traditional business models will be disrupted over the next two years, and it advocates 'unprecedented levels of collaboration' within enterprises and among external partners, manufacturers, vendors and regulators to safeguard security. Disruption results from an over-reliance on fragile connectivity, which includes two other themes - distortion and deterioration, the report says. Distortion occurs because of the loss of the information integrity, which will require monitoring access and changes to sensitive information. Deterioration happens when regulations and technology erode controls..."
                    The CIO Role Is Changing
                    Datamation, May 18th 2017
                    "Nowadays, chief information officers (CIOs) are charged with more than keeping their organization's IT operations up and running, according to a new study from IT staffing specialist Robert Half Technology.

                    In a survey of 2,500 CIOs in the U.S., the firm discovered that 35 percent of CIOs now consider their roles as chiefly functional, down from 44 percent five years ago. More than a third (34 percent) of the technology executives said their role was mostly strategic, up from 32 percent five years ago. Twenty-one percent view their role as transformational, up from 19 percent, and nine percent said their roles were a combination of all three..."

                      vBeers @ Miami (Coral Gables)
                      Wednesday, May 24th, 2017: 7:00 PM to ...
                      320 Gastrolounge - Coral Gables

                      Join us for the next vBeers @ Miami. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month in Miami. Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida.

                      This will be a joint meetup with the Miami VMware Users Group (VMUG).

                      Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

                      Registration is required for this location.

                      John Mclaughlin, Andres Hurtado Rangel

                      IT - PM
                      How To Avoid The 3 Top It Project Risks
                      GCN, May 18th 2017
                      "For a number of years, the federal government has been on a mission to reduce waste and enhance efficiencies across departments, including IT. A recent example of this is President Trump's innovation team, which is powered by some of the tech industry's biggest names and echoes a similar program that President Barack Obama initiated in 2008. The goal for both programs: streamline government, raise accountability and improve performance -- without sacrificing innovation..."
                      IT - Networks
                      Addressing SDN Security Challenges Means Securing The Controller
                      SearchSDN, May 18th 2017
                      "SDN security challenges become more of a concern, as deployments bring vulnerabilities to the forefront. But vendors and researchers are creating SDN products with security in mind.

                      Software-defined networks are no more immune from attack than traditionally managed networks. A long and continuing series of attacks has revealed many areas of network vulnerability, but SDN is a relatively new technology that is just beginning to be deployed widely. As such, any SDN security challenges and vulnerabilities, in addition to those that have been revealed in earlier network technologies, must be carefully considered and addressed..."

                      SDN In The Enterprise
                      Network Computing, May 18th 2017
                      "At Interop ITX, enterprise IT practitioners talk about implementing software-defined networking.

                      The hype around software-defined networking used to be inescapable; today, some vendors even steer clear on the term. But a panel at Interop ITX showed that the technology is still very much alive and changing the way enterprises run their networks.

                      'If you watched the Super Bowl on Fox, you watched SDN,' Thomas Edwards, VP of engineering and development at FOX Networks Engineering & Operations. "We use SDN to have fine-grained control over packets on our network," he said, explaining how the company uses SDN to move compressed videos to its regional networks..."

                      The Fundamental Flaw in TCP/IP: Connecting Everything
                      Dark Reading, May 17th 2017
                      "Almost 30 years after its inception, it's time to fix the engine that both fuels the modern day Internet and is the root cause of its most vexing security challenges.

                      It probably seemed like science fiction back in 1962 when a scientist from MIT and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) named J.C.R. Licklider proposed that the United States develop a 'galactic network' of computers to talk to each other in the event of a military strike from the Soviet Union that could knock out our fragile copper wire-based telephone network..."

                      The Next Generation Wan - Where Are We With 5G?
                      ITProPortal, May 16th 2017
                      "By combining a number of features from the networks that came before it, 5G will let users connect with virtually zero latency and gigabit throughput.

                      According to the GSMA, 5G is set to arrive within the next three years and will account for more than one billion connections by 2025, when 5G networks will be accessible by one third of the world's population. Described as the next-generation WAN, 5G has the potential to be as transformative as the introduction of electricity itself.

                      These are awesome claims - in the true sense of the word - but are they founded in fact? Behind the heated, hyperbolic, super-shifting paradigm, what do we actually know about the details of 5G?..."

                        Use Wired Networks For Gigabit, Not Wi-Fi
                        Network World, May 18th 2017
                        "Thousand megabit broadband is a turning point for internet delivery speeds. Newer tech, such as virtual reality, and the incumbents, such as video streaming, will benefit. Right now, though, only about 17 percent of the U.S.'s population has access to those super-fast speeds, which are primarily delivered by fiber, according to Viavi Solution's latest Gigabit Monitor report.

                        Although Gigabit is kicking in, it's not going to be particularly simple to implement at the networking level, internet metrics company Ookla said earlier this month. Upgraded, wired installs will likely handle the throughput better than existing, now commonly used Wi-Fi, among other things, the company said..."

                        IT - IoT
                        IoT Likely To Be Full Of Silos, At First
                        IT Business Edge, May 17th 2017
                        "Internet of Things (IoT) management platforms are hitting the channel at a rapid clip this year, all promising to ramp up the enterprise's data collection and device connectivity challenges without requiring overly burdensome upfront investments in infrastructure.

                        But organizations looking to manage their IoT footprints should be aware that most of these solutions are aimed at the enterprise's relatively limited set of IoT devices and data flows. Even for the largest of companies, this is an extremely finite pool of IoT resources, which poses the risk of locking out potentially critical data sets that could vastly alter analytics results and the versions of truth they provide to decision-makers..."

                        IT - Linux
                        Amazing Facts About Dennis Ritchie, The Inventor Of C Programming Language And Unix
                        TechWorm, May 16th 2017
                        "The internet is filled with stories and praises of software giants such as Steve Jobs. However, the one man responsible for the rise of software, the man who's work enabled men like Steve Jobs to build their technology empires on - Dennie Ritchie - is someone whom the world at large has forgotten. For many of us unfamiliar with the name, here's why we should be singing his praises..."
                          IT - Operations
                          100% Of Tech Leaders Still Run On-Premise Data Centers
                          TechRepublic, May 15th 2017
                          'While many organizations are moving toward cloud-native applications that run in a hybrid cloud infrastructure, traditional on-premise data centers remain the norm, as ZDNet's Charles McLellan reported. TechRepublic's panel of experts agreed: When asked "Does your company still run its own data center?" all 12 members of the CIO Jury said "yes."

                          "We still run our own data center, but we've dramatically reduced the footprint through virtualization and other infrastructure consolidation saving quite a bit on power and cooling," said Michael Spears, CIO and chief data officer of the National Council on Compensation Insurance. "We are moving to a private/hybrid cloud model and don't anticipate eliminating the entire data center any time soon"...'

                          Justify CMDB ROI With These Strategies
                          SearchITOperations, May 12th 2017
                          "IT pros can easily list off CMDB benefits. But when it comes to convincing the business to pay for a CMDB implementation, you'll need to discuss ROI...

                          Change is a constant in data centers -- and a constant problem, at that. Change one thing on a server here and something may break on a server there, often in surprising ways.

                          Configuration management databases (CMDBs) promise to make critical configuration dependencies more obvious, lay the foundation for orderly change and eliminate unpleasant surprises caused by changes to the IT estate..."

                          Nonstop IT And The Myth Of Zero-Downtime
                          CIO, May 15th 2017
                          "A common idea in modern applications is that they 'run forever'. That's a fine objective, and a valuable one. But it is elusive, particularly for applications that were never cloud-native in the first place. And it raises quite fundamental issues at the data management layer of the stack. Diamonds may be forever but they are non-trivial to produce; applications that are forever may be nearly as challenging to create.

                          Downtime cost estimates generally produce arresting numbers, but for many CIOs they don't really tell the story. Your downtime costs could be measured in hundreds of dollars per hour or millions of dollars per hour, and your downtime risks could be measured in billions of dollars..."

                          Report: AI Tells AWS How Many Servers To Buy And When
                          Data Center Knowledge, May 18th 2017
                          "Internet giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook use Machine Learning to enhance their services for end users, such as real-time search suggestions, face recognition in photos, voice commands, or cloud services for software developers, but they also use Artificial Intelligence to optimize their internal operations. Google revealed in 2014 that it uses Machine Learning to improve energy efficiency of its data centers, and Amazon's use of AI to manage warehouses for its e-commerce business hasn't been a secret since at least 2015..."
                          Stop Disabling Automatic Updates, People!
                          ZDnet, May 15th 2017
                          "If you're regularly delaying the roll out of patches and updates, then you're part of the problem. But then companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google are also a part of the problem...

                          You're either part of the problem, or part of the solution, and when it comes to the IT industry, there's plenty of blame to go around.

                          Malware attacks such as WannaCrypt are a perfect example of why the prompt patching of PCs and other devices is essential. But patching can be a painful process, and companies such as Microsoft and Apple have a big part to play in encouraging users to patch quickly..."

                          IT - Security
                          5 Ways To Reduce Insider Security Risks
                          TechRepublic, May 15th 2017
                          "IT security risks involve more than just shadowy overseas hackers looking for millions or malware running amok on production or end-user systems. Employees themselves can pose a significant threat to the business if they possess inappropriate access, their activities are left unchecked, or they fall prey to external compromise or manipulation. Rogue system administrators who circumvent established security regulations and policies can be especially dangerous, even if their intentions are benevolent..."
                          6 Security Measures You've Put Off Too Long
                          InfoWorld, May 16th 2017
                          "At last count, more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries have been hit with the weaponized WannaCry ransomware worm. In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service was hit hard by the worm, potentially threatening patients' lives.

                          Haven't we had enough? It's time to stop pretending that lukewarm, poorly executed security measures are really doing something about the problem. Good computer security solutions exist that will absolutely diminish cybercrime. We just have to recognize and apply them..."

                          How Many People Does It Take To Defend A Network?
                          Dark Reading, May 16th 2017
                          "The question is hard to answer because there aren't enough cybersecurity pros to go around.

                          How many people does it take to defend a network? The short answer is: more than most organizations can afford. This means real danger as the number of attacks against our collective enterprises increases exponentially year after year..."

                            Organised Crime Exploiting New Technology
                            ComputerWeekly, May 17th 2017
                            "European law enforcement is to focus on collaborating with industry around cyber crime as organised crime groups increasingly exploit new technologies, according to a regional crime threat report...

                            With the release of the Serious and organised crime threat assessment (Socta) for 2017, the European Police Commission (Europol) has set out the policy framework for its focus over the next four years. Unsurprisingly, given the number of recent network attacks, one of the key issues highlighted in the document is cyber crime..."

                              Risks To The Enterprise From The One-Trick Pony
                              CSO Online, May 15th 2017
                              "With the rise of as-a-service products, there's been some buzz about the growing number of unsophisticated attackers. Whether an adversary is highly skilled and targeting an organization or taking advantage of a black market service to make a few bucks, any threat is a threat.

                              In fact, some one-trick pony adversaries may well be quite sophisticated. Simply because they rely on a singular tried-and-true method doesn't mean their attack poses any less of a risk..."

                                The Grim Reality Of Ransomware Moves Beyond Data Loss
                                Information Age, May 15th 2017
                                Friday's unprecedented global ransomware attack showed how many organisations worldwide are still vulnerable to cyber attacks. In fact, a staggering two thirds (63%) of UK businesses have no official ransomware policy in place to guide staff on what to do when an attack occurs, leaving them vulnerable to huge and unquantifiable financial and data loss, according to research from Timico, an end-to-end, managed cloud service provider in partnership with Datto , a business continuity solutions provider.

                                Another major cyber attack could be imminent - as soon as from today according to UK security researcher Malware Tech, who helped to limit Friday's ransomware attack, and Europol. Security experts have warned companies over the weekend to ensure their security is up to date and 'patched.'..."

                                Unmanaged, Orphaned SSH Keys Remain A Serious Enterprise Risk
                                CSO Online, May 17th 2017
                                "There are many ways attackers can try to infiltrate an enterprise, but many times enterprises make it so easy that the attackers don't have to try too hard. Consider the current state of orphan SSH (Secure Shell) keys and how these keys represent one of the biggest risks in the enterprise.

                                These keys are a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services and are used for system to system automation and authentication, application integration, system management and other common functions. Should an attacker get ahold of these keys, they could find it very easy to burrow their way deeper into the network..."

                                What's Next for NIST Cybersecurity Framework?
                                GCN, May 16th 2017
                                "While it is too soon to assess the total effect of the WannaCry ransomware attacks that affected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, officials at a May 16 National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework event emphasized the need for good cyber hygiene.

                                'We will never able to block all attacks, but we can make sure that the damage isn't too big,' said Aviram Atzaba, head of the methodology center at Israel's National Cyber Security Authority. 'We should be able to keep the hygiene so once something like the attack happens, we are able to detect and recover from it in a manner in which the business is not affected.'..."

                                Why One Of The Biggest Threats To Cyber Security Is 'Security Overload'
                                ITProPortal, May 18th 2017
                                "Businesses are paying high salaries to recruit graduates that can demonstrate a theoretical understanding of cyber security...

                                Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are responsible for managing information security risk. They do this by deploying appropriate tools, processes and resources to protect networks and digital assets from cyber-attacks. Whilst a lot of attention is rightly directed at identifying the type and nature of the specific cyber threats, serious consideration must also be given to building a capability that will effectively handle the data that is generated by the attacks..."

                                IT - Careers
                                10 Most In-Demand Tech Skills
                                CIO, May 16th 2017
                                "Trying to land a new job or angling for a promotion? Recruiters and hiring managers are always on the hunt for ideal candidates with just the right mix of tech savvy, experience and soft skills to give their organizations a competitive advantage. But all technology skills are not created equal.

                                HiringSolved's artificial intelligence software, RAI, aggregated data from over 10,000 public social profiles to determine which technology skills were most likely to result in a person's being hired or promoted. Based on this data, HiringSolved reveals which technology skills are most in-demand for the 2017 job market, so you can focus on the ones that will get you hired or promoted..."

                                  6 Honest Mistakes That Can Get You Fired
                                  The Ladders, May 16th 2017
                                  "There are so many things that can get good, hard-working people fired. Honest mistakes often carry hard-hitting consequences. A recent study from the ePolicy Institute surveyed more than 300 companies and found that a third of them have fired employees for the misuse of company technology.

                                  Companies are so worried about employee abuse of technology that 45% of those surveyed admitted that they track employee technology use (some all the way down to the keystroke), yet only two US states require employers to notify employees when they're monitoring them.

                                  When it comes to reasons for getting fired, digital faux pas steal the spotlight. Every week, it seems, we read about someone getting fired for something they posted on social media..."

                                  Say Goodbye: This Is Why We Quit
                                  Business 2 Community, May 15th 2017
                                  "No, it's not the start of the most boring Dickensian fanfic ever, it's the tale of the disappearing employee. Whether you're the world's coolest boss or someone who conjures up Office Space in the minds of his employees... you've had someone quit. About one-third of new hires quit their job within 6 months, which can be alarming.

                                  Sometimes the signs are obvious: he was never on time, she was disengaged and unhappy, he didn't get along well with coworkers, she just couldn't do the job. But sometimes the signs are less obvious: she never spoke up in meetings, he asked for a raise he didn't get, she wanted something more than the job could give. In fact, 33% of employees knew whether they would stay with their company long term after their first week..."

                                    So, You Want A Career In DevOps?
                                    Data Center Knowledge, May 18th 2017
                                    "Aspiring technologists sometimes ask me how to pursue a career in DevOps. My first question is, 'Which DevOps?'

                                    The term has become loaded almost beyond recognition, like a camel carrying your entire set of living-room furniture. You see what the animal is hauling (often, an entire company), but you can't see the creature beneath. DevOps means different things to different people.

                                    However, all 'shades' of DevOps have similarities and demand comparable skillsets. Understanding this common ground will help you land a DevOps' job with any company..."

                                    The Working Dead: IT Jobs Bound For Extinction
                                    Infoworld, May 15th 2017
                                    "Remember CD-ROMs?

                                    Rob Terry does. For a few years in the mid-1990s, he helped develop interactive discs for several companies, including InfoWorld's sister publication PC World. Terry's job was to create electronic versions of the magazine that connected with this new thing everyone was talking about called the internet...

                                    It didn't last long..."

                                    IT - Social Media
                                    How To Become A Thought Leader
                                    Business 2 Community, May 17th 2017
                                    "The term 'thought leader' isn't new but it's certainly gaining momentum in the business world. A thought leader is anyone who is considered an expert in their field of expertise. Thought leaders are typically your go-to people when you have a question pertaining to their industry. They're highly knowledgeable and are always staying abreast of new trends in their field.

                                    Not everyone can or will become a thought leader; it takes hard work, dedication, and persistence. You need to take a genuine interest in what you do, not just be good at it, to become an expert.

                                    Here are some tips to becoming a thought leader..."

                                      IT - Virtualization
                                      Are VMs More Secure Than Containers?
                                      Network World, May 18th 2017
                                      "We often say, 'HTTPS is secure,' or 'HTTP is not secure.' But what we mean is that 'HTTPS is hard to snoop and makes man-in-the-middle attacks difficult' or 'my grandmother has no trouble snooping HTTP.'

                                      Nevertheless, HTTPS has been hacked, and under some circumstances, HTTP is secure enough. Furthermore, if I discover an exploitable defect in a common implementation supporting HTTPS (think OpenSSL and Heartbleed), HTTPS can become a hacking gateway until the implementation is corrected.

                                      HTTP and HTTPS are protocols defined in IETF RFCs 7230-7237 and 2828. HTTPS was designed as a secure HTTP, but saying HTTPS is secure and HTTP is not still hides important exceptions.

                                      Virtual machines (VMs) and containers are less rigorously defined, and neither was intentionally designed to be more secure than the other. Therefore, the security issues are still murkier..."

                                      Microservices: The Latest Twist In Distributed Computing
                                      ZDNet, May 16th 2017
                                      "There's a new wave of technology -- especially microservices and containers -- which seeks to break down all the monoliths and silos that have sprung up across enterprise systems over the years. But is this really a new mode of computing, or simply, as they say, old wine in a new bottle?

                                      This and other questions were explored at a panel, convened at the recent Voxxed Days Bristol conference, that looked at the issues and opportunities in today's IT environment..."

                                      IT - Big Data
                                      Big Data Use Case - What Ticketmaster Learned
                                      insideBIGDATA, May 17th 2017
                                      "The insideBIGDATA technology use case guide - Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud Capitalizing on Performance, Analytics, and Data to Deliver Insights provides an in-depth look at a high-profile cloud migration use case. One of the most widely discussed topics in IT today is moving workloads to cloud. The process of deciding whether or when to migrate to the cloud can be daunting. Further, finding the right technology fit for your enterprise objectives can be challenging with a cloud solution ecosystem filled with alternatives. To make the cloud adoption process more straightforward, this white paper provided a number of areas for consideration when evaluating a cloud platform..."
                                      How To Maintain Data Oversight To Avoid 'Shadow Data'
                                      CSO Online, May 18th 2017
                                      "Before his retirement, an employee of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) uploaded more than 10,000 OCC records onto two removable thumb drives. He retired in November 2015; the agency didn't discover the breach until the following September. That left almost a year between breach and detection. The OCC was not able to recover the thumb drives.

                                      It illustrates what happens when business administrators fail to adequately oversee how employees handle sensitive corporate data. Many companies attempt to combat this problem by cracking down on Shadow IT - the employee use of unsanctioned apps and devices..."

                                        Overcoming Data Inequality
                                        InformationWeek, May 15th 2017
                                        "Businesses say they want to integrate external data with in-house data, but bias and a lack of tools stand in the way.

                                        For many organizations, the goal of business intelligence (BI) and Big Data is to better understand and leverage the complete data landscape for commercial advantage. Internal company data most often serves as the fuel for BI and Big Data initiatives, but in reality this is only part of the picture..."

                                        Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                        Vol 231 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 230 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 229 Issues 4 and 5
                                        We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                        • Oracle Announces Data Center Plans for India
                                        • An Architect's Perspective: Applying Moore's Law To The Cloud
                                        • Libreoffice 5.3.3
                                        • Customers Rapidly Adopting Oracle's New Security Cloud Services
                                        • Docker Images for MySQL Cluster
                                        • Oracle Cloud Platform Adds New Levels of Performance, Availability, and Access for Oracle Database Applications
                                        • Cloud Apps Prep Flower Delivery Startup For Mother's Day And Beyond
                                        • Lenox Deploys Oracle Commerce Cloud to Modernize Shopping Experience
                                        • Oracle Optimizes Global Transportation and Trade Compliance Processes
                                        • Emerson Adopts Oracle HCM Cloud Suite to Unify its Global Workforce

                                        The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                          IT - Encryption
                                          How To Make Fully Homomorphic Encryption 'Practical And Usable'
                                          Network World, May 15th 2017
                                          "Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) for years has been a promising approach to protecting data while it's being computed on, but making it fast enough and easy enough to use has been a challenge.

                                          The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, which has been leading the Department of Defense's examination of this topic, recently awarded research and development firm Galois a $1M contract to explore ways to bring FHE to programmers..."

                                          IT - Tape
                                          IBM TS1155 Tape Drive for TS4500 Tape Library With Record of 15TB
                                , May 16th 2017
                                          "TS1155 Tape Drive models for the TS4500 tape library deliver up to 15TB native capacity and enable reuse of existing JD media with increased capacity for investment protection

                                          IBM TS1155 Tape Drive is designed to provide an increased capacity of 50% on JD media types compared to its predecessors and consists of two models designed for the TS4500 tape library:

                                          • 3592 55F (FC)
                                          • 3592 55E (Ethernet)

                                          The TS1155 Tape Drive Model 55F delivers a native data rate of 360MB/s, the same load/ready, locate speeds, and access times as the TS1150, and includes dual-port 8Gb FC support. It is supported in IBM TS4500 tape libraries as well as rackmount installations..."

                                          Is It Time To De-Tape Your Archive?
                                          Storage-Switzerland, May 18th 2017
                                          "Enterprises want more value from their archived data assets but tape doesn't really enable the real-time archive that organizations need. The challenges is that any enterprise in existence for 10 years or longer more than likely has terabytes, even petabytes, of data on tape media. The problem is tape-based archives can't really be queried or indexed in real-time. Enterprises need to de-tape the archive so they can get more value from their archived data..."
                                          IT - HPC
                                          Infiniband Roadmap Foretells A World Where Server Connectivity Is At 1000 Gb/sec
                                          insideHPC, May 14th 2017
                                          "The InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) has updated their InfiniBand Roadmap. With HDR 200 Gb/sec technologies shipping this year, the roadmap looks out to an XDR world where server connectivity reaches 1000 Gb/sec...

                                          Founded in 1999, the IBTA is chartered with maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand Architecture specification defining hardware transport protocols sufficient to support both reliable messaging (send/receive) and memory manipulation semantics (e.g. remote DMA) without software intervention in the data movement path. These transport protocols are defined to run over Ethernet (RoCE) as well as InfiniBand fabrics."

                                          Friday Spotlight: Security and Patch Updates to Secure Global Desktop
                                          By: Jan Hendrik Mangold
                                          Jan blogs, "We've now publicly released an important set of patch set updates for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) in parallel with Oracle's April 2017 Critical Patch Update (CPU). The patch set updates include security and stability fixes for SGD releases 5.3, 5.2 and 4.71.

                                          The following reference documentation has been updated in parallel with these releases, and includes detailed information regarding the content of these updates for various platforms, as well as instructions for procuring and installing the patches in existing SGD deployments..."

                                          Cisco News
                                          Cisco Reports Third Quarter Earnings
                                          Cisco, May 17th 2017
                                          Cisco reported third quarter results for the period ended April 29, 2017. Cisco reported third quarter revenue of $11.9 billion, net income on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of $2.5 billion or $0.50 per share, and non-GAAP net income of $3.0 billion or $0.60 per share.

                                          "I am pleased with the progress we are making on the multi-year transformation of our business," said Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco. "The Network is becoming even more critical to business success as our customers add billions of new connections to their enterprises. We are laser focused on delivering unparalleled value through highly secure, software-defined, automated and intelligent infrastructure."

                                          Businesses Select Cisco UCS for SAP HANA Deployment
                                          Cisco, May 15th 2017
                                          Cisco announced that global IT organizations and service providers such as CenturyLink, Valley Proteins, and Mohawk Industries, are selecting Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and SAP HANA to streamline operations and optimize profitability. Cisco and SAP are also working to optimize the SAP-UCS customer experience with unique features for smoother manageability and better return-on-investment (ROI), resulting in an industry leading position.
                                          Microsoft News
                                          Technology for human rights: UN Human Rights Office announces landmark partnership with Microsoft
                                          Microsoft, May 16th 2017
                                          The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights announced a landmark five-year partnership with Microsoft Corp. As part of the agreement, Microsoft will provide a grant of $5 million (USD) to support the work of the UN Human Rights Office. This represents an unprecedented level of support from a private-sector organization.

                                          A particular area of focus for the partnership will be the development and use of advanced technology designed to better predict, analyze and respond to critical human rights situations, which currently appear not only to be proliferating in many parts of the world - including areas previously viewed as stable - but also growing in complexity.

                                          Indegene and Microsoft announce strategic alliance to deliver new life-sciences-focused business applications
                                          Microsoft, May 16th 2017
                                          Indegene (, a global healthcare solutions provider, and Microsoft Corp. are collaborating to deliver the next generation of commercial cloud applications to life sciences. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will combine with the Indegene Omnipresence platform to create a modern, mobile, multichannel CRM solution specifically for sales and medical representatives to better engage healthcare practitioners. The solution will help simplify digital content development and management as well as provide in-line analytics and optimization to support the representatives and improve the customer experience.
                                          Microsoft Philanthropies expands program that sends tech company volunteers into high schools to teach computer science
                                          Microsoft, May 15th 2017
                                          Microsoft Philanthropies announced the expansion of TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools), which pairs technology professionals with teachers to 'co-teach' computer science. The TEALS program will add nearly 100 schools in the United States, and will recruit 1,100 volunteers, for the coming school year. Volunteers come from companies ranging from small startups to large brands such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Corp., among others. Volunteers are invited to apply through the TEALS website.
                                          Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Cloud from datacenters in Africa
                                          Microsoft, May 18th 2017
                                          Few places in the world are as dynamic and diverse as Africa today. In this landscape, we see enormous opportunity for the cloud to accelerate innovation, support people across the continent who are working to transform their businesses, explore new entrepreneurship opportunities and help solve some of the world's hardest problems. For these reasons, I'm very excited to share our plans to deliver the Microsoft Cloud from datacenters in Africa.
                                          Symantec News
                                          WannaCry Ransomware: 6 Implications for the Insurance Industry
                                          Symantec News, May 15th 2017
                                          Pascal Millaire blogs, "The WannaCry ransomware is one of the most significant and widespread cyber security attacks ever experienced. In addition to causing substantial disruption to businesses globally, it also illustrates the emerging risks that the insurance industry faces when it comes to cyber attacks.

                                          This article provides background about the attack, which continues to unfold, and calls out implications for the insurance industry as cyber risk permeates more aspects of the global economy..."

                                          An Integrated Defense Strategy to Fight Ransomware at Every Attack Point
                                          Symantec News, May 19th 2017
                                          Naveen Palavalli blogs, "The WannaCry ransomware attack has wreaked havoc across the globe and dominated headlines for days. There is a lot of good research out there that has covered this attack. Unfortunately, this is just the latest - and perhaps the starkest - reminder that ransomware is on the rise. As noted in Symantec's latest Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR-22), in just the last year, we saw more than one million new malware variants every day and the number of ransomware 'families' tripled.

                                          Given those trends, we can be sure the WannaCry ransomware attack will not be the last..."

                                          Despite Increased Focus, Government Insider Threats Not Declining
                                          Symantec News, May 17th 2017
                                          Chris Townsend blogs, "This week - in conjunction with MeriTalk - we released 'Inside Job: The Sequel - The 2017 Federal Insider Threat Report,' which surveyed 150 Federal IT managers to find out where agencies stand on insider threat protection. What's working? What's not? What are the challenges and solutions?

                                          First, the good news: 85 percent of respondents say their agency is more focused on combating insider threats today than one year ago (up from 76 percent in 2015). In addition, most agencies are formalizing their efforts - 86 percent say they have a formal insider threat prevention program, a big jump up from just 55 percent in 2015..."

                                            IBM News
                                            IBM Watson Health and MAP Health Management Partner to Curb Incidence of Substance Abuse Relapse in the United States
                                            IBM, May 16th 2017
                                            MAP Health Management and IBM Watson Health announced a partnership that aims to address the pervasive problem of relapse among Americans suffering from Substance Use Disorder, a chronic disease. MAP will integrate Watson cognitive technologies into the MAP Recovery Network Platform to enhance the platform's existing capabilities around patient risk models. In doing so, it is anticipated that behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers that use the MAP platform will be better able to predict and prevent incidence of relapse nationwide.

                                            Addiction and substance abuse claim more than 125,0001 lives per year in the United States and result in economic costs of up to 7002 billion annually. More than 22.5 million Americans need help with a Substance Use Disorder and only 2.6 million Americans are receiving treatment3. Currently, many treatment programs do not provide sufficient support following acute treatment and lack a standardized means to collect data on long-term treatment program results4. MAP is helping to fill that gap, and believes that using near real-time data and technology will enable them to better understand which patients are at greatest risk of relapse.

                                            IBM and Nutanix Launch Hyperconverged Initiative to bring Enterprises into the Cognitive Era
                                            IBM, May 16th 2017
                                            IBM and Nutanix (Nasdaq: NTNX) announced a multi-year initiative to bring new workloads to hyperconverged deployments.

                                            The integrated offering aims to combine Nutanix's Enterprise Cloud Platform software with IBM Power Systems, to deliver a turnkey hyperconverged solution targeting critical workloads in large enterprises. The partnership plans to deliver a full-stack combination with built-in AHV virtualization for a simple experience within the datacenter.

                                            IBM Named to Working Mother's Best Companies for Multicultural Women List for 15th Consecutive Year
                                            IBM, May 19th 2017
                                            IBM has again been named to Working Mother magazine's Best Companies for Multicultural Women list, which recognizes U.S. companies that create and use best practices in hiring, retaining and promoting women of color. IBM is one of only two companies listed since the initiative launched 15 years ago.
                                            IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps to be Launched on Singapore Airlines Flights
                                            IBM, May 18th 2017
                                            IBM announced the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group selected MobileFirst for iOS apps to provide a seamless experience across flight operations processes. With apps, Fly Now and Roster for iPad, pilots will be equipped with relevant information and flight-related updates.

                                            The use of the apps are expected to enhance pilot productivity by digitizing manual processes related to airline operations and regulations. These mandatory processes are critical aspects of flight readiness from pre-flight right through post-flight operations.

                                            IBM Builds Its Most Powerful Universal Quantum Computing Processors
                                            IBM, May 17th 2017
                                            IBM announced it has successfully built and tested its most powerful universal quantum computing processors. The first upgraded processor will be available for use by developers, researchers, and programmers to explore quantum computing using a real quantum processor at no cost via the IBM Cloud. The second is a new prototype of a commercial processor, which will be the core for the first IBM Q early-access commercial systems.

                                            Launched in March 2017, IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems for business and science applications. IBM Q systems and services will be delivered via the IBM Cloud platform. IBM first opened public access to its quantum processors one year ago, to serve as an enablement tool for scientific research, a resource for university classrooms, and a catalyst of enthusiasm for the field. To date users have run more than 300,000 quantum experiments on the IBM Cloud.

                                            Bombardier Selects IBM Services and Cloud to Accelerate IT Business Transformation
                                            IBM, May 17th 2017
                                            Bombardier is extending its long-term partnership with IBM through a new six-year deal valued at approximately $700 million, which includes IBM Services and IBM Cloud management of Bombardier's worldwide IT infrastructure and operations.

                                            The services management agreement spans 47 countries and represents one of IBM's largest cloud partnerships in Canada.

                                            IBM Launches Accelerator Program to Kickstart Blockchain Adoption for Enterprises
                                            IBM, May 18th 2017
                                            IBM announced the IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator to help enterprises and enterprise developers take blockchain networks into production faster. The accelerator is the first program available that provides expertise and support across the technology, legal and business considerations of establishing new blockchain networks. Enterprises can join to gain exclusive access to technology and consulting expertise.

                                            As an expansion of the blockchain ecosystem program, the IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator is designed to address the key challenges many early adopters and enterprise developers have identified through the development of leading blockchain networks. It aims to share this collective knowledge with enterprise founders to drive the rapid adoption of production blockchains. The program provides one-on-one mentorship and support by network founders and technologists across a range of needs such as business case development, network membership incentives, technical development, governance and legal issues.

                                            IBM and Chile's Santiago Exchange to Deliver World's First Securities Lending Blockchain Solution
                                            IBM, May 17th 2017
                                            IBM and Chile's Santiago Exchange, the largest in the country, announced a partnership to introduce blockchain technology across the country's financial sector. The agreement makes the Santiago Exchange the first stock market in Latin America to apply IBM Blockchain technology within its short selling system for securities lending.

                                            Blockchain works as an immutable ledger that records transactions, allowing secure information exchange. Built by IBM and Chile's Santiago Exchange, the solution is designed to help reduce errors, possible fraud, and processing time for each transaction, while also improving transaction management and lowering costs. In the case of the Santiago Exchange, the solution will result in significant time savings for the back-office processes.

                                            IBM Study: C-Suite Executives Exploring Blockchain Aim to Disrupt, Not Defend
                                            IBM, May 18th 2017
                                            "In the largest study to date among C-Suite executives seeking their perspective on blockchain, one third of almost 3,000 executives surveyed are using or considering blockchain in their business. According to the new IBM (NYSE: IBM) study, eight in ten of those exploring blockchain are investing either in response to financial shifts in their industry or for the opportunity to develop entirely new business models.

                                            The study, part of a series of C-Suite studies, is based on findings from interviews with C-Suite executives across industries on how they intend to operate, generate revenue, and respond to customers, partners, and competitors alike using blockchain..."

                                            IBM Named to CRN Mobility 100
                                            IBM, May 19th 2017
                                            IBM announced that CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has named IBM to its 2017 Mobility 100 list, ranking the company as as one of the top 30 Coolest Mobile Security & Device Management Vendors. This list recognizes the influential contributions of vendors bringing to market innovative mobile products and services. Compiled by a panel of CRN editors, the Mobility 100 list is divided into four categories: Mobile Hardware, Mobile Security and Device Management, Mobile Software and Services and Mobile App Development.
                                            IBM Scientists Demonstrate Ballistic Nanowire Connections, A Potential Future Key Component for Quantum Computing
                                            IBM, May 18th 2017
                                            IBM scientists have achieved an important milestone toward creating sophisticated quantum devices that could become a key component of quantum computers. As detailed in the peer-review journal Nano Letters, the scientists have shot an electron through a III-V semiconductor nanowire integrated on silicon for the first time.

                                            IBM scientists are driving multiple horizons in quantum computing, from the technology for the next decade based on superconducting qubits, towards novel quantum devices that could push the scaling limit of today's microwave technology down to the nanometer scale and that do not rely on superconducting components, opening a path towards room-temperature operation...

                                            SAP Ariba and IBM Join Forces to Transform Procurement with SAP Leonardo and IBM Watson
                                            IBM, May 17th 2017
                                            Procurement is about to get smarter, faster and more efficient. SAP Ariba and IBM announced a global strategic alliance to deliver cognitive procurement solutions that redefine the source-to-settle process. Leveraging SAP Leonardo, IBM Watson technologies and SAP Ariba, the solutions will bring intelligence from procurement data together with predictive insights from unstructured information to enable improved decision making across supplier management, contracts and sourcing activities.

                                            IBM Global Business Services will provide consulting and services to build, implement and operate the new offerings using tailored roadmaps to help enterprises of all sizes lower costs and realize faster time to value. IBM will also work with SAP Ariba to bring new and existing IBM customers, including those using IBM Emptoris solutions, to the SAP Ariba platform where they can benefit from this expanded functionality and the comprehensive source-to-settle offerings that SAP Ariba provides.

                                            IBM and Rensselaer Team To Research Chronic Diseases With Cognitive Computing
                                            IBM, May 17th 2017
                                            IBM and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced the creation of the new Center for Health Empowerment by Analytics, Learning, and Semantics (HEALS). Located on the Rensselaer campus, the HEALS center is a five-year collaborative research effort aimed at researching how the application of advanced cognitive computing capabilities can help people to understand and improve their own health conditions.

                                            "This collaboration between Rensselaer and IBM, which combines our significant research strengths in cognitive computing, could generate insights which will aid clinicians with more effective treatments for individual patients and overall efficiencies in the health care system," said Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer. "In this expansion of our long-standing research partnership with IBM, I am pleased that HEALS will advance preventive health care."

                                            IBM Named a Leader in Design Thinking
                                            IBM, May 18th 2017
                                            IBM has been recognized in the 'As-a-Service Winner's circle' of the 'HfS Research 2017 Design Thinking in the As-A-Service Economy' for the second consecutive year by HfS Research, The Services Research Company, a leading analyst authority and global community for business operations and IT services.

                                            IBM was recognized for its leadership in using Design Thinking in collaborative engagements with clients to drive business outcomes. The HfS report also merits IBM for making recognizable investments in future capabilities in talent and technology to increase the value of Design Thinking methods across the industry.

                                            Australian Settlements Limited Taps IBM Cloud in Preparation for New Payments Platform
                                            IBM, May 17th 2017
                                            IBM announced that financial services provider, Australian Settlements Limited, has adopted IBM Cloud for its New Payments Platform (NPP) implementation that will provide members real-time payments that can be cleared and settled within seconds.

                                            Australian Settlements Limited (ASL) provides members, including building societies, credit unions and mutual banks, efficient settlement and transaction processing services. To drive its digital transformation further, ASL wanted to develop a secure and reliable NPP implementation that met strict governance requirements. The NPP is an industry-wide initiative to develop new national infrastructure for payments in Australia.

                                            IBM Partners with Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants to Train Accounting and Finance Professionals in AI and Data Science
                                            IBM, May 18th 2017
                                            IBM and the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) announced a partnership to modernize the accounting profession and prepare accounting and finance professionals for future skills in artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and cognitive computing.

                                            IBM will provide an advanced cognitive and data skills platform to accounting professionals to more quickly acquire data science, business analytics and AI skills. By acquiring cognitive skills, accounting professionals can play a bigger role in guiding digital transformation within their organizations. The partnership will transform how accountants work, but also how they learn -- from in-person classes in traditional disciplines to hands-on cognitive learning that will provide skills to extract insight from the sea of data.

                                            Fujitsu News
                                            Fujitsu Develops Technology to Partition, Visualize Complex Business Application Structures by Function
                                            Fujitsu, May 18th 2017
                                            "Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed technology that by analyzing a program can partition internal structures so as to simplify modification of complex business applications.

                                            Conventionally, business applications that repeat revisions due to maintenance or the addition of new features often have internal structures that become complex, and any modifications can have wide-ranging ramifications. As a result, modifying applications in response to business changes is an enormous burden..."

                                            Fujitsu Launches Deep Learning Platform System Offering World-Class Speed
                                            Fujitsu, May 16th 2017
                                            Fujitsu announced development of its Fujitsu AI Solution Zinrai Deep Learning System, comprised of a dedicated deep learning server incorporating the latest GPU from U.S.-based NVIDIA Corporation, along with operationally tested storage and software. Sales of the system begin today in Japan.

                                            Using this system, customers looking to build a system using deep learning in an on-premises environment can quickly set up a deep learning platform offering world-class speed. In addition, depending on needs, the customer can also easily build a hybrid cloud environment incorporating the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 Zinrai Platform Service Zinrai Deep Learning, which provides a deep learning platform in the cloud. Given this, it becomes possible to use according to objective, such as by performing learning processing with low usage frequency in the cloud, and learning processing with a high usage frequency in an on premises environment.

                                            VMware News
                                            VMware to Deliver VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure
                                            VMWare, May 16th 2017
                                            VMware, Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced it will deliver VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. The integration helps customers accelerate the move to Windows 10 and brings VMware virtual desktops and applications to the increasing global presence of Azure in the enterprise -- available in 38 regions globally.

                                            "The addition of VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure puts VMware in a unique position to offer customers several infrastructure options for virtual desktops and applications with the flexibility to move between different platforms," said Sumit Dhawan, senior vice president and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware. "This is an example of VMware executing against its cross-cloud strategy and bringing innovation to the desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) category it pioneered in 2009."

                                            Red Hat News
                                            Friday Five - May 19, 2017
                                            Red Hat, May 19th 2017
                                            The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                            • SiliconANGLE - How this startup used open-source tech to deploy emergency room app
                                            • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Delivers Accessible, Powerful Supercomputing Environment with
                                            • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Taps Red Hat to Support Goal of Becoming Best Digital Airport
                                            • International Airlines Group Picks Red Hat as Technology Partner to Power its Hybrid Cloud Platform
                                            • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Takes Digital Innovation into the Fast Lane with Major European Automaker

                                            Read on for details.

                                            Red Hat Open Innovation Labs Opens in London to Jumpstart Application Development with Open Source and DevOps
                                            Red Hat, May 16th 2017
                                            Immersive collaborative environment enables organisations to use Red Hat technologies and DevOps tools to build real solutions

                                            Red Hat, Inc. announced the opening of Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in London - its first in EMEA - to help customers integrate people, methodology, and technology to catalyze innovation and solve business challenges in an accelerated fashion. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs enable customers to work collaboratively in a residency-oriented lab environment with Red Hat experts. This consultative experience is designed to help customers jumpstart innovation and software development initiatives using open source technology and DevOps methods either at the new physical lab in London or in a pop-up lab at a customer's site.

                                            EMC News
                                            Dell EMC World 2017 Underscores Company's Unique Position To Capitalize On IT Transformation
                                            Forbes, May 15th 2017
                                            When Dell put together the mammoth $67 billon dollar acquisition of big iron storage, virtualization and security giant EMC in late 2015, you could see the obvious synergies of the combined tech juggernaut but you also knew the devil was in the details of execution and integration. At last year's Dell EMC World, Chairman and CEO Michael Dell offered a vision of how the company would pull this off but it was obvious the ink was still drying. At this year's Dell EMC World 2017, (now affectionately referred to as DEW), Michael took the stage like the rock star CEO that he is, with Van Halen thumping over the sound system. Last year Dell looked confident in the direction the company was headed, this year at DEW in Las Vegas he looked downright pumped.
                                            HP News
                                            Enterprise IT at Cloud-Speed
                                            HPE, May 18th 2017
                                            In digital business, speed is critical to gaining competitive advantage. That's why rapid software development concepts such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery are gaining popularity. This requires a shift in mindset by IT departments - so-called 'cloud speed' must also be possible in the enterprise data center.

                                            According to a recent study, increasing competition and the accelerating pace of change are the top issues affecting the way companies do business today. Correspondingly, acceleration of product development and quick execution of new ideas are among the highest priorities of the 300 business and IT leaders surveyed.

                                            One surprising result of this survey was that the most frequently mentioned barrier to speed was a 'rigid and inflexible technology infrastructure'. More than half (54%) of respondents said their systems are only somewhat capable of supporting rapid innovation.

                                            Healthcare service provider EMIS Health deploys HPE Synergy to deliver applications quicker for the NHS
                                            HPE, May 18th 2017
                                            Composable infrastructure helps EMIS-hosted infrastructure teams provide new services rapidly do software developers

                                            Connected healthcare technology is changing the way that medical care is delivered in the UK. The rate of change is increasing all of the time and physicians' needs are constantly changing. EMIS Health, the UK's leading provider of innovative healthcare technologies, must be poised to quickly act on these changes in order to deliver potentially life-saving healthcare services to physicians and their patients.

                                            Comcast News
                                            Comcast Business Announces SD-WAN Beta Trial for Mid-Market and Enterprise Customers
                                            Comcast, May 16th 2017
                                            Comcast Business announced it is beta testing a new software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solution for mid-market and enterprise customers. Comcast Business' SD-WAN solution combines the power of gigabit speeds with the agility of software-defined networks, enabling better application performance, centralized network policy management, and more effective cost controls. The company announced its trial of SD-WAN at Interop ITX in Las Vegas...
                                            Windstream News
                                            Windstream Wholesale unveils 5 new strategic fiber routes on its nationwide 100G network
                                            Windstream, May 15th 2017
                                            Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced at ITW 2017 in Chicago, the opening of five strategically located fiber routes on its nationwide long-haul fiber transport network. This marks another milestone in Windstream's commitment to be a premier nationwide provider of large bandwidth solutions, providing customers cloud connectivity between major interconnection points in Tier 1 cities, as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets across the United States.

                                            Secured as part of Windstream's recent merger with EarthLink, these new routes offer customers cost-effective access to greater network diversity options, improved reliability and higher bandwidth capacity - all of which are crucial in today's business world and especially critical in the data-demanding ecosystem of international carriers, content providers, data center and cloud operators, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

                                              Aerohive Networks News
                                              Statement On Wannacry Ransomware From Aerohive
                                              Aerohive Networks, May 16th 2017
                                              Recently "the 'WannaCry' ransomware worm began infecting Microsoft Windows based platforms worldwide. Partners, resellers, and customers have asked us whether Aerohive was affected by this and whether any Aerohive products are vulnerable.

                                              No Aerohive commercial products are vulnerable. Partners, resellers and customers using Aerohive access points, switches, branch routers, or management solutions do not need to do anything to these products in response to WannaCry..."

                                              Centrify News
                                              Centrify-Commissioned Ponemon Study Finds Stock Prices Fall an Average of 5 percent, Customer Churn Can Increase as Much as 7 percent and Brand Reputation is Tarnished After a Data Breach is Disclosed
                                              Centrify, May 15th 2017
                                              Centrify, the leader in securing hybrid enterprises through the power of identity services, commissioned a new Ponemon research study that revealed data security breaches can negatively impact an entire organization - including sales, marketing and IT - and have a significant negative impact on company finances and shareholder value. Specifically, the study found that the stock value index of 113 companies declined an average of five percent the day the breach was disclosed and experienced up to a seven percent customer churn.

                                              What's more, thirty-one percent of consumers impacted by a breach stated they discontinued their relationship with an organization that experienced a data breach. And while the study found a data breach has a significant impact on brand reputation, a surprising 66 percent of IT practitioners don't believe their company's brand is their responsibility...

                                              Controlling Access is the Key to Cyber Security
                                              Centrify, May 18th 2017
                                              Access is the greatest opportunity and the greatest threat for businesses engaging with the online economy. Increasingly, our business systems gather, digest and disperse data throughout our operations, including confidential details about customers, employees and business partners. Mature cyber security processes are vital to protect this confidential information from unauthorised access, which can expose businesses to punishing and potentially lethal brand damage. In fact, even a cursory review of 2016 cybersecurity breaches - including the Yahoo! billion-user revelations, the DNC hack during the U.S. presidential election and the $81 million malware attack against a Bangladeshi bank - reveal their unprecedented size and impact.
                                              Citrix News
                                              Citrix Synergy 2017 should highlight cohesive vision, cloud desktop model
                                              SearchVirtualDesktop, May 15th 2017
                                              IT pros attending Citrix Synergy 2017 can learn the benefits of the cloud desktop model, and they should expect a much more cohesive Citrix message this year.

                                              Alyssa Provazza blogs, "Despite advancements, desktop virtualization can still be expensive and complicated. Vendors offer a slew of different products and services that organizations can choose from to fill their needs.

                                              As Citrix Synergy 2017 approaches, IT professionals have high expectations for a more simplified vision from the desktop virtualization market leader. Here, Mark Bowker, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group Inc. in Milford, Mass., discusses what IT pros should dig into at the conference, how Citrix needs to prioritize the cloud desktop model and whether Microsoft could potentially acquire the company.

                                              What are the biggest areas where Citrix has made progress in the last year?..."

                                              Commvault News
                                              Commvault Launches Powerful New VM Backup and Recovery Trial Software for Customers and Partners
                                              Commvault, May 16th 2017
                                              Commvault launched its new, free VM Backup and Recovery trial software for customers and partners with significant enhancements on user experience, disaster recovery and cloud on-ramp. Commvault's VM Backup and Recovery software expands the company's leadership in enabling customers to build, protect and optimize VMs throughout their lifecycle and migrate data and VMs to the public cloud of their choice, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware.

                                              The VM Backup and Recovery software provides users the full experience of Commvault's best-in-class software to back up and recover virtual machines, structured and unstructured data, as well as physical machines with speed and enterprise scale. Commvault's VM solution offers customers the simplicity and cost of down-market solutions while providing a far greater range of powerful capabilities and integration with cloud and on-premises solutions than any VM-only provider.

                                              Mellanox News
                                              University of Waterloo Selects Mellanox InfiniBand Solutions to Enable Leading-Edge Research in a Variety of Academic Disciplines
                                              Mellanox, May 15th 2017
                                              Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced that the University of Waterloo selected Mellanox EDR 100G InfiniBand solutions to accelerate their new supercomputer. The new supercomputer will support a broad and diverse range of academic and scientific research in mathematics, astronomy, science, the environment and more.

                                              The University of Waterloo is a member of SHARCNET (, a consortium of 18 universities and colleges operating a network of high-performance compute clusters in south western, central and northern Ontario, Canada.

                                              Nutanix News
                                              IBM and Nutanix Launch Hyperconverged Initiative to bring Enterprises into the Cognitive Era
                                              Nutanix, May 16th 2017
                                              IBM and Nutanix announced a multi-year initiative to bring new workloads to hyperconverged deployments.

                                              The integrated offering aims to combine Nutanix's Enterprise Cloud Platform software with IBM Power Systems, to deliver a turnkey hyperconverged solution targeting critical workloads in large enterprises. The partnership plans to deliver a full-stack combination with built-in AHV virtualization for a simple experience within the datacenter.

                                              In today's technology landscape, processing real-time information is necessary but not sufficient. Being able to react in real-time used to give enterprises a competitive advantage, but this approach no longer guarantees happy customers. The value has now migrated to the ability to rapidly gather large amounts of data, quickly crunch and predict what's likely to happen next - using a combination of analytics, cognitive skills, machine learning and more. This is the start of the insight economy.

                                              Palo Alto Networks News
                                              Threat Brief: WanaCrypt0r- What We Know
                                              Palo Alto, May 16th 2017
                                              Rick Howard blog, "This Unit 42 blog provides an update on the threat situation surrounding the WanaCrypt0r ransomware attacks and how the attack propagates.

                                              Initial reports said that the WanaCrypt0r attack began as part of a spam/phishing campaign. Unit 42 and other researchers have concluded that these reports are not substantiated. While the initial attack vector for these attacks is unknown, it is certain that the spread of the ransomware occurs through active exploitation of the ETERNALBLUE vulnerability (CVE-2017-0144) in Microsoft Windows. Patches for this vulnerability for all supported versions of Windows have been available since March 2017. On Friday May 12, 2017, Microsoft took the extraordinary step of releasing patches for out-of-support versions of Windows to help protect against these attacks..."

                                              Why Directors Feel Inadequate in Terms of Cybersecurity and What They Can Do About It
                                              Palo Alto, May 18th 2017
                                              The National Association of Corporate Directors says that directors do not feel adequate in terms of mitigating cybersecurity issues. The problem is that we have led ourselves to believe that cybersecurity risk is somehow different from all the other risks that directors deal with daily. This is incorrect. The same risk strategies apply: acceptance, avoidance, mitigation and/or transfer. The needed change is that directors must insist that their technical C-level executives transform technical risk into business risk.

                                              The board needs to help them with this because many are not comfortable doing it. But once done, all that is left to do is for the board to learn and understand at a high level some of the technical issues involved in these strategies. Start with the Cybersecurity Canon Project: a collection of network defender-recommended books about all aspects of security. As a priority, read these three books first: "Navigating the Digital Age," "How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk," and "Measuring and Managing Information Risk: A FAIR Approach."

                                              SuperMicro News
                                              Supermicro Expands Business and Technical Collaboration with SAP
                                              SuperMicro, May 18th 2017
                                              SuperMicro announced that SAP has certified its complete portfolio of server and storage solutions to support the SAP NetWeaver technology platform running on Linux. Supermicro is collaborating with SAP to bring its rich portfolio of open cloud-scale computing solutions to enterprise customers looking to transition from traditional high-cost proprietary systems to open, cost-optimized, software-defined architectures. To support this collaboration, Supermicro has joined the SAP global technology partner program.

                                              The company will showcase these workload-optimized compute and storage systems at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference.

                                              SanDisk News
                                              From Bioinformatics to Life Sciences - Accelerating Discovery with Innovative Storage
                                              SanDisk, May 18th 2017
                                              The creation of research data and data generated by instrumentation is exploding! We sat down with OnX enterprise solutions to understand how IT infrastructure is evolving to support modern life sciences.

                                              This month in Boston, over 3,000 life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and IT professionals from around the world will attend the annual Bio-IT World conference. We're excited to be part of this vibrant event, and to showcase our solution ecosystem with partners such as iRODS, Avere Systems, Aspera, Globus, and information technology solutions provider, OnX.

                                              We sat down with Paul F. Mazzola Jr., Principal Solution Architect at OnX Enterprise Solutions, to understand the changes happening in IT infrastructure supporting life sciences, hear what CTOs are contending with and why Bio-IT World is the event to be at.

                                              There's More Than One Way to Manage Data at Scale
                                              SanDisk, May 18th 2017
                                              Data at scale is unlocking a future never thought possible, but it comes with a set of challenges. Learn about the different challenges of managing data at scale and the solutions which can help you manage it better.

                                              We are surrounded by data at scale. Whether you're generating it, storing it, or trying to analyze it, data is unlocking a future never before thought possible. The challenges we now face, are how do we collect, process, and analyze all this data? When the amount of information we're generating is growing at a 40%-50% CAGR (compound annual growth rate), managing data at scale presents different challenges for the storage infrastructure, based on the business, service-level agreements, or the business objectives of the company. And with that brings new concerns such as data accessibility, protection, and ensuring a level of data integrity you can rely upon.

                                              Veeam News
                                              Veeam and Microsoft Extend Storage Alliance to Deliver Unprecedented Availability for the Always-On Cloud
                                              Veeam, May 18th 2017
                                              Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that delivers Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, announces new capabilities enabling any business to deliver the Digital Life experience users expect by protecting applications and data running in Hybrid Cloud leveraging backup and disaster recovery based on Microsoft Azure and Veeam 'Always-On Cloud' Availability Platform.

                                              According to Gartner: 'From 2016 through 2020, the use of either DRaaS or IaaS to support the failover of production applications will grow by more than 200 percent.' Thus, the need for a simple and powerful solution for cloud backup and disaster recovery is growing exponentially, as cloud with its elasticity and pay-as-you-go model represents the best platform for on-demand disaster recovery and availability..."

                                              Veeam Brings Powerful Innovations Designed to Deliver Seamless Digital Life Experience
                                              Veeam, May 17th 2017
                                              Users want the confidence of knowing that their information is available whenever and wherever they need it. In short, they want a seamless Digital Life experience. At VeeamON 2017, annual customer and partner conference, Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, today unveiled a raft of innovations to help enterprises ensure 'Always-On Cloud' Availability in a Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environment.

                                              Veeam helps businesses across the globe enable seamless Digital Life experiences with Veeam Availability Suite for the 'Always on Cloud'.

                                              Veeam Greatly Expands Revenue Opportunities for ProPartners and Service Providers as Customers Move to Cloud
                                              Veeam, May 16th 2017
                                              According to new research, 69 percent of enterprises feel that Availability is a requirement for Digital Transformation. To deliver on these needs, Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, today unveiled several partner-centric initiatives and offerings to help them drive revenue growth and leverage business opportunities as customers move to a Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment.

                                              NEW offerings in Veeam 'Always-On Cloud' Availability Platform enable service providers and resellers to help customers migrate to and manage data in a Multi-Cloud environment while greatly expanding revenue opportunities to manage and protect public cloud and physical workloads.

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