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9 May 2017
DevOps, Security, Hybrid IT: Priorities Of Successful IT Pros
The Enterprisers Project, May 9th 2017

"Consider how much the role of the IT professional has changed during the last 10 years. As traditional, siloed IT roles - such as network administrators, storage administrators, systems administrators, and database administrators - continue to include new responsibilities, IT professionals can no longer get by as specialists.

These days, they're are expected to be implementing new technologies and trends, including containers, serverless architecture, and IoT, while working with cloud service providers. They're acting as liaisons to business leaders. On top of all that, they must still manage traditional technologies and infrastructure, such as on-premises servers, networks, databases, and virtualization, which, for all the new technologies and trends, still have their place..."
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8 May 2017
Get Your DevOps Right With These 7 Technologies, May 8th 2017

"There was a time when the operations team and the developers regularly were at each other's throats. The developers were never satisfied with production code updates and the server administrators chafed at developers piling up the serve requests and circumventing the processes.

However, the battle lines have been somewhat erased since the advent of DevOps. IT teams adopting DevOps can move rapidly from concept to production to enhance the business impact, quality and velocity of the application delivery. Many organizations are shifting to DevOps because of its high efficiency and the number of people taking DevOps training are also increasing due to numerous job opportunities in this field..."
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11 May 2017
Using DevOps To Be An Innovation Champion, May 11th 2017

"Innovation, which increasingly is cited as the competitive advantage businesses need to meet their digital challenges, is widely misunderstood; it's mistakenly reduced to the sophisticated features of a technology or a service.

As a competitive matter, innovation is more than that; it's primarily the process of translating ideas or inventions into high-value technology features or added-value services. In other words, to be called innovation, a technology or a service must satisfy a specific need and create value for customers..."
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