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10 May 2017
Top DRAAS Companies To Watch
CSO Online, May 10th 2017

"Forrester Research recently released its report naming Sungard AS, Bluelock, IBM and iland as the top disaster recovery-as-a-service companies.

With enterprises expecting their network up at all times, backup and recovery are key to keeping things running smoothly with no downtime. With ransomware waiting to pounce the minute a user clicks on a link, companies rely on network recovery in a matter of minutes not days.

Enterprise DRaaS adoption has grown steadily in recent years; currently, 40 percent of enterprises have adopted it, with another 24 percent planning to do so, according to the research firm..."
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10 May 2017
The Data Center Of The Future And Cloud Disaster Recovery
Data Center Knowledge, May 10th 2017

"The data center of the future is a constantly evolving concept. If you go back to World War II, the ideal was to have a massive mainframe in a large room fed by punched cards. A few decades later, distributed computing promoted an Indiana Jones-like warehouse with endless racks of servers, each hosting one application. Virtualization upset that apple cart by enabling massive consolidation and greatly reducing the number of physical servers inside the data center..."
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    10 May 2017
    Is Mutual Mystification Part Of Your Disaster Recovery Plan?
    Storage-Switzerland, May 10th 2017

    "It is impossible for all applications to be recovered instantly with no data loss after a disaster. But that is exactly what users expect. We find in some organizations IT avoids having the necessary conversation that brings users and application owners back down to reality. We call this mutual mystification. The problem is users think IT can do the impossible and IT knows it can't. Instead IT needs to communicate reality to the organization. That is why Storage Switzerland has built its Backup and Disaster Recovery Training on the foundation of Service Level Objectives..."
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