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CXO Candidates: Here's How to Answer 6 Common Interview Questions
TechRepublic, May 8th 2017
May 8, 2017,
Volume 231, Issue 2

"When they hire executives, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson looks for 'personality or passion,' and AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions president and CEO Richard de la Vega looks for integrity and capability.

Neither of these qualities is discoverable from a CXO candidate's resume, but they constitute important 'need to know' questions for CEOs who interview.

For this and other reasons, it is important for CXO job candidates to develop their understanding about a company as much they can before they walk through the doors for an interview. It is equally important to keep this caveat in mind: when companies go seeking CXOs, they are usually doing it because 1) they've created a new position that no one internally can or wants to take, or 2) they want to replace someone they've either lost or fired..."

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