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9 May 2017
What Healthcare CISOs Should Know
Help Net Security, May 9th 2017

"'Are we more secure today than yesterday?' is the question every healthcare organization needs to asks itself every day. In order to develop a more effective security posture, says Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks.

It used to be that retail and financial services were the most popular targets for breaches and malicious attacks, but the healthcare industry is now right up there with them..."
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9 May 2017
Ineffective Communications Waste Millions A Year
CIO Insight, May 9th 2017

"A new study on workplace productivity and communications technology finds that today's workers communicate inefficiently, and that ends up wasting money for their employers. The study, '2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology,' also found that workers spend three hours daily communicating during phone calls and face-to-face meetings. The yearly impact and productivity losses are costing companies an average of $11,000 per employee..."
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    9 May 2017
    Leadership For The IT Revolution
    ComputerWorld, May 9th 2017

    "Leadership in some form or fashion is taught in every college and university on the planet and has been practiced in every organization that ever existed. Despite that omnipresence, as well as society's fascination with leadership and ample journalistic treatment of what appears to be a perennial 'leadership crisis,' many executives lack a framework to evaluate and improve their own leadership. 'Good' and 'bad' leadership remains for the most part a subjective, bordering-on-mood-based assessment..."
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      11 May 2017
      Why So Much Of A CIO's Day Is Devoted To Security
      CIO Insight, May 11th 2017

      "A growing number of CIOs, other technology leaders and IT professionals are spending a considerable amount of their time troubleshooting security-related issues, according to a recent survey from Viavi Solutions. The resulting report, "State of the Network Study," reveals that a significant number of survey respondents are spending a quarter of a standard work week on the detection and mitigation of threats. One of the trend-drivers is that email and browser-based malware has increased over the past 12 months, as has the overall sophistication of attack methods..."
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      11 May 2017
      Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Dead?
      Business 2 Community, May 11th 2017

      "Your grandfather's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are dying. Traditional ERP tools were built to be comprehensive; they were full suites that combined business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), general ledger accounting, and human resources (HR) applications. They were built as on-premises apps that tied directly to preconceived, specific business use cases and devices. Although the majority of companies still use on-premises ERP, according to data from Panorama Consulting, a shift to cloud-based ERP is not only changing how companies access ERP tools but how they construct them as well..."
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      10 May 2017
      Kaiser CIO Shares IT Lessons For The Future Of Healthcare
      CIO, May 10th 2017

      "Kaiser Permanente crossed an important threshold last year when 52 percent of its patient interactions were digital. That's a dramatic change from the traditional in-person doctor or nurse visits, but Kaiser CIO Dick Daniels said it was inevitable.

      'The consumer is in the driver's seat. On-demand everything is a resounding drumbeat where people expect services 24 x 7 and pay for what they use,' Daniels said during his keynote address at the CIO Perspectives conference here..."
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      8 May 2017
      8 Things CMOs Need to Know Right Now
      CIO, May 8th 2017

      "At the recent Marketing Nation Summit, industry leaders offered CMOs tips and strategies for success - including why less is more when marketing to customers...

      What's the best way for CMOs to evaluate marketing ROI? What will be the next big revolution in marketing? And what advice does James Corden of 'Carpool Karaoke' fame have to give CMOs?

      Here are answers to these questions and more tips, strategies and sage advice for CMOs from the recent Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco..."
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      8 May 2017
      CXO Candidates: Here's How to Answer 6 Common Interview Questions
      TechRepublic, May 8th 2017

      "When they hire executives, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson looks for 'personality or passion,' and AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions president and CEO Richard de la Vega looks for integrity and capability.

      Neither of these qualities is discoverable from a CXO candidate's resume, but they constitute important 'need to know' questions for CEOs who interview.

      For this and other reasons, it is important for CXO job candidates to develop their understanding about a company as much they can before they walk through the doors for an interview. It is equally important to keep this caveat in mind: when companies go seeking CXOs, they are usually doing it because 1) they've created a new position that no one internally can or wants to take, or 2) they want to replace someone they've either lost or fired..."
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