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8 May 2017
Your Instance Management Tool Checklist
Business 2 Community, May 8th 2017

"When you start looking for an instance management tool to help manage your cloud infrastructure costs, you'll realize there are a lot of options. While evaluating such tools, you need to make sure to have a list of requirements to make sure the software fits your needs and will help you reduce cloud waste. Here are a few items you might want to have on your checklist:..."
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9 May 2017
The 3 Big Speed Bumps To Devops In The Cloud
InfoWorld, May 9th 2017

"Devops and cloud - both concepts are hot, for good reason. Let's take a look at the current state of devops and cloud, and how they fit into today's technology sets.

Devops provides an approach and a group of technologies that help enterprise developers do a better, faster job of creating applications. It also eliminates the barriers between development and operations (thus the name 'devops').

The cloud, meaning the public cloud, provides the platform for devops. Although you can certainly do devops on premises, most enterprises want to reduce costs and increase speed. The cloud is where you look for those benefits..."
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11 May 2017
Build A Cloud-Based Infrastructure One Layer At A Time
SearchCloudComputing, May 11th 2017

"Cloud computing is certainly not a new concept, but regardless of where you are on the adoption curve, the technology continues to affect IT in new and significant ways.

A shift to cloud over the next five years will account for more than $1 trillion of IT spending -- either directly or indirectly -- according to Gartner. With this shift, it's crucial to understand the mechanics of cloud-based infrastructure, individual segments within the technology stack and how to apply each facet to your organization..."
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10 May 2017
3 Simple Steps For Expanding Your Knowledge Of Cloud Security
Business 2 Community, May 10th 2017

"As cloud storage grows in adoption, both among businesses and for personal users, the discussion of security becomes increasingly vital.

It's clear that many users desire better cloud security knowledge. A recent survey by Clutch found that, when asked what they think is the best means of improving cloud security, 40% of cloud-based app users said 'better user knowledge.'

With this data in mind, here are a few simple steps that can help a user of any experience level build their cloud security knowledge - and potentially save their data from being compromised..."
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