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8 May 2017
Well Known Investors Are Betting Big On Bitcoin, May 7th 2017

"The price of bitcoin is soaring as a whole lot of new money is coming into the cryptocurrency economy. With new money flowing in it seems mainstream investors are catching wind of bitcoin's benefits. Bitcoin is considered a safe haven from worldwide economies that are failing, as well as an asset class that is outperforming many traditional investments found today..."
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9 May 2017
Australian's New Budget Includes A Bitcoin Tax Cut
CoinDesk, May 9th 2017

"Australia's latest national budget eliminates goods-and-services tax (GST) on bitcoin purchases.

The cut, announced today by the Australian Department of the Treasury, brings an end to a years-long controversy over the way consumers faced the prospect of paying double GST when first buying, then spending digital currencies.

The government began looking into the matter in mid-2015, and the removal of the tax comes just days after officials reaffirmed their pledge to resolve the issue. If the new budget is approved, the policy will go into effect on 1st July, according to the Treasury Department..."
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9 May 2017
Australian Bitcoin Bill Pay Service Processes $4 Million In 16 Months, May 9th 2017

"Australian Bitcoin bill payment service Living Room of Satoshi announced on Monday that it has processed over 5 million Australian dollars worth of household bills. talked to co-founder and CTO Daniel Alexiuc to learn more about how this milestone was reached and the company's future plans. He revealed that $4 million worth of bills were paid in bitcoin in the last 16 months alone..."
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11 May 2017
Cryptocurrency Market Cap Swells Past $50 Billion
CryptoCoinsNews, May 11th 2017

"The cryptocurrency ecosystem is on a roll, as its total market capitalization has surpassed the $50 billion mark. Cyrptocurrency's market cap hit $53.726 billion today, according to Most altcoins bounced back after a recent surge ended yesterday, when all but a handful of altcoins with $100 million and more in capitalization suffered losses.

Bitcoin has led the charge, posting steady gains daily and having recently surpassed the $1,800 price point. Bitcoin's price gained 4.82% points in the recent 24-hour period to $1,848.11, and has surpassed $30 billion in capitalization at $30.168 billion..."
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