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Oracle News
Oracle Announces Data Center Plans for India
Oracle, May 10th 2017
Oracle announced it will expand its cloud services in India over the next six to nine months with plans for an Oracle data center in India.

Over the coming months Oracle will be reviewing proposals from government and business partners to provide customers with the capability to build and move workloads to an India-based cloud. The services will offer uncompromised security and performance at a significant price advantage over both existing on-premises infrastructure and competitive cloud offerings.

Why And How You Must Replace Your Clunker Of A Financial System
By Margaret Harrist
Margaret Harrist writes in Forbes, "Finance leaders are recognizing that their current ERP systems, often heavily customized and woefully behind on updates, are becoming an albatross - and they're moving quickly to explore new applications.

An Accenture survey of some 250 finance executives found that their organizations have adopted blockchain, in-memory computing, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation at nearly the same rates as mobile, data analytics, and cloud technologies. But implementing such modern technologies while clinging to old processes and organizational structures built on old ERP platforms is like replacing the engine in a Tesla with one from a lawn mower. You'll end up stranded on the side of the road while others speed by your expensive heap..."

Emerson Adopts Oracle HCM Cloud Suite to Unify its Global Workforce
Oracle, May 11th 2017
Oracle announced that Emerson, a global technology and engineering solutions company, has adopted Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud to gain an in-depth view into its global employee base. The full Oracle HCM Cloud suite implementation for Emerson includes: Core HR, Payroll, Performance Management, Goal Management, Career Development, Talent Review & Succession Management and Workforce Compensation. The data analytics delivered by Oracle HCM Cloud will enable Emerson to support the complexities of a varied and shifting workforce as it transforms its business model from traditional manufacturing to a value-added, solutions provider.
Oracle Cloud Platform Adds New Levels of Performance, Availability, and Access for Oracle Database Applications
Oracle, May 9th 2017
Oracle announced major enhancements that make it easier for organizations to move enterprise database applications to the cloud. Oracle now offers Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle FastConnect private networking capabilities, and Microsoft Windows Server support for Oracle's high performance next generation IaaS. These offerings enable a new range of customers to deploy and access Oracle Database applications in the cloud with performance and availability on par or exceeding on-premises, and demonstrate performance of up to 20 times faster on benchmark tests compared with Oracle running on a competitor's cloud.
Lenox Deploys Oracle Commerce Cloud to Modernize Shopping Experience
Oracle, May 8th 2017
Oracle announced that Lenox is using Oracle Commerce Cloud to modernize its omnichannel shopping experience and deliver a steady stream of new products and features at its namesake Lenox and Reed & Barton brands. By leveraging Oracle Commerce Cloud's configurable, customizable storefront, Lenox can now personalize what customers see based on preferences and shopping patterns, and streamline business operations while supporting its mobile and desktop sales.
Oracle Optimizes Global Transportation and Trade Compliance Processes
Oracle, May 8th 2017
Oracle announced a broad set of market-driven enhancements to Oracle Logistics Cloud that empower organizations to streamline global transportation and trade compliance processes. Under constant pressure to deliver goods faster, organizations can take advantage of the latest release of Oracle Logistics Cloud to streamline transportation processes, increase the occurrence of perfect order performance and reduce order cycle times. The new capabilities will also help organizations speed up delivery across all modes of domestic and international transport in order to help customers receive goods faster.
Western Alliance Bank Leans On Cloud Tools To Grow Profitably
Forbes, May 9th 2017
Chris Murphy writes, "Andrew Boucher has looked at about 40 potential acquisitions for Western Alliance Bancorporation during the past four years. Only four of them ended up as deals..."

"We are very selective on our acquisitions, we look for the best fit for our strategic objectives," says Boucher, vice president of financial planning and analysis at Western Alliance, which provides banking services to mainly business customers in Arizona, California, and Nevada and specialized financing solutions nationwide.

    An Architect's Perspective: Applying Moore's Law To The Cloud
    By Alexa Morales
    Alexa writes in Forbes, "As modern as the cloud seems, it might be hard to believe that the developers building the next-generation cloud at Oracle have mined networking's forerunner, telephony, for insights. A decade before becoming an architect for Oracle's cloud networking team, Jag Brar spent formative years designing Amazon Web Services. He was part of the team that worked on the underlying network for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Later, he applied techniques he found described in a 1953 research paper to help scale the underlying network..."
    Oracle API Platform Cloud Enables Customers to Drive Business Transformation and API-First Thinking
    Oracle, May 10th 2017
    Oracle expanded Oracle Cloud Platform's integration offerings with the availability of Oracle API Platform Cloud Service. Bringing together leading API-first design and governance capabilities from recently acquired Apiary and API management from Oracle, the new cloud service delivers end-to-end capabilities for designing, prototyping, documenting, testing, and managing the proliferation of critical APIs. Through a completely new and simplified API management experience, users can easily support changing business demands while having clear visibility into who is using APIs for better control and monetization of digital assets.
    Cloud Apps Prep Flower Delivery Startup For Mother's Day And Beyond
    By Sasha Banks-Louie
    Sasha writes, "Just-in-time flower delivery service BloomThat is relying on cloud applications to ensure that it has the inventory and distribution in place for the upcoming main event: Mother's Day, which is forecast to generate $2.6 billion in sales for all US flower vendors this year.

    BloomThat started four years ago with the promise that its bicycle messengers will deliver a reasonably priced bouquet anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area in 90 minutes or less. The company now also provides same-day service to its app and online users in New York and Los Angeles, and next-day service to other customers nationwide - appealing to procrastinators and go-getters alike..."

    Customers Rapidly Adopting Oracle's New Security Cloud Services
    Oracle, May 12th 2017
    Oracle announced that Oracle's Identity-based, Security Operations Center (SOC) cloud services portfolio is experiencing exceptional growth, well surpassing 1 million users since its launch just six months ago. Oracle's Identity SOC framework provides next-generation, integrated and intelligent security monitoring, threat detection, analytics and remediation across heterogeneous, hybrid clouds-powered by comprehensive identity context and enforcement. Edgile, Levi Strauss & Company, Marlette Funding, New Mexico Human Services Department, Nomis Solutions, Ooyala, Pragmatyxs and UBI Banca are among the many organizations around the world who have chosen Oracle's comprehensive security cloud services portfolio to address complex security and management challenges across their hybrid IT environments.
    IT - AI
    What AI Teams Need To Succeed
    The Enterprisers Project, May 8th 2017
    "What do teams working with artificial intelligence need to succeed? At Seal Software, which makes contract discovery and analytics software, AI and blockchain experts thrive on trust and empowerment, says CTO Kevin Gidney. Gidney shares his thoughts on AI, innovation, and the value of failing and learning fast..."
    Nvidia Aims To Train 100,000 Developers In Deep Learning, AI Technologies
    ZDNet, May 9th 2017
    "Nvidia said it plans to train 100,000 developers through its Deep Learning Institute.

    For Nvidia, the Deep Learning Institute, an effort to train developers in machine learning and artificial intelligence, is a way to create a well of expertise that can ultimately lead to more sales of GPUs.

    The bet for Nvidia is that IDC estimates that 80 percent of all applications will have AI as a component by 2020..."

    AI Is Coming For Some IT Jobs
    Datamation, May 9th 2017
    "Here's another reason not to get complacent with one's career.

    Gartner today predicted that by 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) systems and the smart devices they power may take the place of highly trained professionals. 'The economics of AI and machine learning will lead to many tasks performed by professionals today becoming low-cost utilities,' remarked Gartner vice president and fellow Stephen Prentice, in a statement..."

    Friday Spotlight: Migrate Virtual Machines from VMware to Oracle VM
    By Simon Coter
    Simon Coter blogs, "We are very pleased to announce a new whitepaper and tool that help customers migrate virtual machines from VMware to Oracle VM.

    More and more customers would like to move away from the high cost and proprietary virtualization solution to the open cloud infrastructure built on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. In this white paper, we discuss 4 methods to approach what was a painful migration from VMware to Oracle VM; in fact, into this whitepaper you'll find 4 different main chapters:..."

    Oracle VM Release 3.4.3
    By John Priest
    John Priest blogs, "Oracle VM is engineered for open cloud infrastructure. It delivers leading performance, scalability and reliability for enterprise SaaS and PaaS workloads as well as traditional enterprise applications.

    What's New?

    Oracle VM Release 3.4.3 offers updated versions of all components, delivering new features, security updates and cumulative bug fixes since the previous 3.4.2 release. The notable enhancements with this release are:..."

    IT - Storage
    63% Of Enterprise IT Pros Heading To Software-Defined Storage In Coming Year, May 10th 2017
    "Software-defined storage (SDS) is becoming reality in the enterprise, as 95% of companies express an interest in the flexible storage approach, and nearly two-thirds - 63% - say their organization will realistically begin to adopt a SDS approach in the next 12 months.

    That's according to an international study of IT professionals commissioned and released by enterprise open source infrastructure solution provider SUSE LLC..."

    Backblaze Releases Its Q1 2017 Hdd Reliability Results, May 10th 2017
    "Backblaze has released its latest HDD reliability results, withthe results are for the first quarter of 2017. This time Backblaze is looking at over 80,000 HDDs, increasing it from the previous 70,000. And a new addition to the testing is enterprise HDDs...

    The setup/testing environment is still the same as we mentioned last time: Since 2007 Backblaze has been offering an online backup service. For the backup service Backblaze uses storage pods that holds at least 45 HDDs (the newer pods hold 60 HDDs). They put 20 storage pods together to make a storage vault that can hold up to 1,200 HDDs. Backblaze uses hard drives from primarily four main vendors: Seagate, WD, HGST, and Toshiba..."

      IT - Technology
      Computer Accurately Identifies And Delineates Breast Cancers On Digital Tissue Slides
      Science Daily, May 10th 2017
      "A deep-learning computer network was 100 percent accurate in determining whether invasive forms of breast cancer were present in whole biopsy slides. The network correctly made the same determination in each individual pixel of the slide 97 percent of the time, rendering near-exact delineations of the tumors..."
        IT - Bitcoin
        Well Known Investors Are Betting Big On Bitcoin, May 7th 2017
        "The price of bitcoin is soaring as a whole lot of new money is coming into the cryptocurrency economy. With new money flowing in it seems mainstream investors are catching wind of bitcoin's benefits. Bitcoin is considered a safe haven from worldwide economies that are failing, as well as an asset class that is outperforming many traditional investments found today..."
        Australian's New Budget Includes A Bitcoin Tax Cut
        CoinDesk, May 9th 2017
        "Australia's latest national budget eliminates goods-and-services tax (GST) on bitcoin purchases.

        The cut, announced today by the Australian Department of the Treasury, brings an end to a years-long controversy over the way consumers faced the prospect of paying double GST when first buying, then spending digital currencies.

        The government began looking into the matter in mid-2015, and the removal of the tax comes just days after officials reaffirmed their pledge to resolve the issue. If the new budget is approved, the policy will go into effect on 1st July, according to the Treasury Department..."

        Australian Bitcoin Bill Pay Service Processes $4 Million In 16 Months, May 9th 2017
        "Australian Bitcoin bill payment service Living Room of Satoshi announced on Monday that it has processed over 5 million Australian dollars worth of household bills. talked to co-founder and CTO Daniel Alexiuc to learn more about how this milestone was reached and the company's future plans. He revealed that $4 million worth of bills were paid in bitcoin in the last 16 months alone..."
        Cryptocurrency Market Cap Swells Past $50 Billion
        CryptoCoinsNews, May 11th 2017
        "The cryptocurrency ecosystem is on a roll, as its total market capitalization has surpassed the $50 billion mark. Cyrptocurrency's market cap hit $53.726 billion today, according to Most altcoins bounced back after a recent surge ended yesterday, when all but a handful of altcoins with $100 million and more in capitalization suffered losses.

        Bitcoin has led the charge, posting steady gains daily and having recently surpassed the $1,800 price point. Bitcoin's price gained 4.82% points in the recent 24-hour period to $1,848.11, and has surpassed $30 billion in capitalization at $30.168 billion..."

        IT - FOSS
        LibreOffice 5.3.3
        The Document Foundation, May 11th 2017
        The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 5.3.3, focused on bleeding edge features, and as such targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters, and power users. LibreOffice 5.3.3 integrates over 70 patches, with an update of the Sifr monochrome icon set and several fixes for interoperability with Microsoft Office documents.
        IT - DevOps
        DevOps, Security, Hybrid IT: Priorities Of Successful IT Pros
        The Enterprisers Project, May 9th 2017
        "Consider how much the role of the IT professional has changed during the last 10 years. As traditional, siloed IT roles - such as network administrators, storage administrators, systems administrators, and database administrators - continue to include new responsibilities, IT professionals can no longer get by as specialists.

        These days, they're are expected to be implementing new technologies and trends, including containers, serverless architecture, and IoT, while working with cloud service providers. They're acting as liaisons to business leaders. On top of all that, they must still manage traditional technologies and infrastructure, such as on-premises servers, networks, databases, and virtualization, which, for all the new technologies and trends, still have their place..."

        Get Your DevOps Right With These 7 Technologies, May 8th 2017
        "There was a time when the operations team and the developers regularly were at each other's throats. The developers were never satisfied with production code updates and the server administrators chafed at developers piling up the serve requests and circumventing the processes.

        However, the battle lines have been somewhat erased since the advent of DevOps. IT teams adopting DevOps can move rapidly from concept to production to enhance the business impact, quality and velocity of the application delivery. Many organizations are shifting to DevOps because of its high efficiency and the number of people taking DevOps training are also increasing due to numerous job opportunities in this field..."

        Using DevOps To Be An Innovation Champion, May 11th 2017
        "Innovation, which increasingly is cited as the competitive advantage businesses need to meet their digital challenges, is widely misunderstood; it's mistakenly reduced to the sophisticated features of a technology or a service.

        As a competitive matter, innovation is more than that; it's primarily the process of translating ideas or inventions into high-value technology features or added-value services. In other words, to be called innovation, a technology or a service must satisfy a specific need and create value for customers..."

          Docker Images for MySQL Cluster
          By Trond Humborstad
          Trond blogs, "We're constantly working to improve packaging and distribution of MySQL products. We have official Docker images for MySQL Server and we use Docker images to provide easy to use previews of upcoming and experimental setups and features in our products. Today we're dockerizing another major product by releasing preview Docker images for MySQL Cluster. In this blog post, we'll see just how easy it is to have your own dockerized cluster up and running in less than five minutes.

          Just a brief but important note on the status of these images first: While the MySQL Cluster version in these images is a fully tested and supported GA version, the Docker image setup is still experimental and should not at this time be utilized for production purposes..."

          MySQL Server 5.5.56
          By MySQL Release Engineering Team
          "MySQL Server 5.5.56, new versions of the popular Open Source Database Management System, have been released. These releases are recommended for use on production systems..."
          IT - Cloud
          Your Instance Management Tool Checklist
          Business 2 Community, May 8th 2017
          "When you start looking for an instance management tool to help manage your cloud infrastructure costs, you'll realize there are a lot of options. While evaluating such tools, you need to make sure to have a list of requirements to make sure the software fits your needs and will help you reduce cloud waste. Here are a few items you might want to have on your checklist:..."
          The 3 Big Speed Bumps To Devops In The Cloud
          InfoWorld, May 9th 2017
          "Devops and cloud - both concepts are hot, for good reason. Let's take a look at the current state of devops and cloud, and how they fit into today's technology sets.

          Devops provides an approach and a group of technologies that help enterprise developers do a better, faster job of creating applications. It also eliminates the barriers between development and operations (thus the name 'devops').

          The cloud, meaning the public cloud, provides the platform for devops. Although you can certainly do devops on premises, most enterprises want to reduce costs and increase speed. The cloud is where you look for those benefits..."

          Build A Cloud-Based Infrastructure One Layer At A Time
          SearchCloudComputing, May 11th 2017
          "Cloud computing is certainly not a new concept, but regardless of where you are on the adoption curve, the technology continues to affect IT in new and significant ways.

          A shift to cloud over the next five years will account for more than $1 trillion of IT spending -- either directly or indirectly -- according to Gartner. With this shift, it's crucial to understand the mechanics of cloud-based infrastructure, individual segments within the technology stack and how to apply each facet to your organization..."

          3 Simple Steps For Expanding Your Knowledge Of Cloud Security
          Business 2 Community, May 10th 2017
          "As cloud storage grows in adoption, both among businesses and for personal users, the discussion of security becomes increasingly vital.

          It's clear that many users desire better cloud security knowledge. A recent survey by Clutch found that, when asked what they think is the best means of improving cloud security, 40% of cloud-based app users said 'better user knowledge.'

          With this data in mind, here are a few simple steps that can help a user of any experience level build their cloud security knowledge - and potentially save their data from being compromised..."

          IT - CxO
          What Healthcare CISOs Should Know
          Help Net Security, May 9th 2017
          "'Are we more secure today than yesterday?' is the question every healthcare organization needs to asks itself every day. In order to develop a more effective security posture, says Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks.

          It used to be that retail and financial services were the most popular targets for breaches and malicious attacks, but the healthcare industry is now right up there with them..."

          Ineffective Communications Waste Millions A Year
          CIO Insight, May 9th 2017
          "A new study on workplace productivity and communications technology finds that today's workers communicate inefficiently, and that ends up wasting money for their employers. The study, '2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology,' also found that workers spend three hours daily communicating during phone calls and face-to-face meetings. The yearly impact and productivity losses are costing companies an average of $11,000 per employee..."
            Leadership For The IT Revolution
            ComputerWorld, May 9th 2017
            "Leadership in some form or fashion is taught in every college and university on the planet and has been practiced in every organization that ever existed. Despite that omnipresence, as well as society's fascination with leadership and ample journalistic treatment of what appears to be a perennial 'leadership crisis,' many executives lack a framework to evaluate and improve their own leadership. 'Good' and 'bad' leadership remains for the most part a subjective, bordering-on-mood-based assessment..."
              Why So Much Of A CIO's Day Is Devoted To Security
              CIO Insight, May 11th 2017
              "A growing number of CIOs, other technology leaders and IT professionals are spending a considerable amount of their time troubleshooting security-related issues, according to a recent survey from Viavi Solutions. The resulting report, "State of the Network Study," reveals that a significant number of survey respondents are spending a quarter of a standard work week on the detection and mitigation of threats. One of the trend-drivers is that email and browser-based malware has increased over the past 12 months, as has the overall sophistication of attack methods..."
              Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Dead?
              Business 2 Community, May 11th 2017
              "Your grandfather's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are dying. Traditional ERP tools were built to be comprehensive; they were full suites that combined business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), general ledger accounting, and human resources (HR) applications. They were built as on-premises apps that tied directly to preconceived, specific business use cases and devices. Although the majority of companies still use on-premises ERP, according to data from Panorama Consulting, a shift to cloud-based ERP is not only changing how companies access ERP tools but how they construct them as well..."
              Kaiser CIO Shares IT Lessons For The Future Of Healthcare
              CIO, May 10th 2017
              "Kaiser Permanente crossed an important threshold last year when 52 percent of its patient interactions were digital. That's a dramatic change from the traditional in-person doctor or nurse visits, but Kaiser CIO Dick Daniels said it was inevitable.

              'The consumer is in the driver's seat. On-demand everything is a resounding drumbeat where people expect services 24 x 7 and pay for what they use,' Daniels said during his keynote address at the CIO Perspectives conference here..."

              8 Things CMOs Need to Know Right Now
              CIO, May 8th 2017
              "At the recent Marketing Nation Summit, industry leaders offered CMOs tips and strategies for success - including why less is more when marketing to customers...

              What's the best way for CMOs to evaluate marketing ROI? What will be the next big revolution in marketing? And what advice does James Corden of 'Carpool Karaoke' fame have to give CMOs?

              Here are answers to these questions and more tips, strategies and sage advice for CMOs from the recent Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco..."

              CXO Candidates: Here's How to Answer 6 Common Interview Questions
              TechRepublic, May 8th 2017
              "When they hire executives, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson looks for 'personality or passion,' and AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions president and CEO Richard de la Vega looks for integrity and capability.

              Neither of these qualities is discoverable from a CXO candidate's resume, but they constitute important 'need to know' questions for CEOs who interview.

              For this and other reasons, it is important for CXO job candidates to develop their understanding about a company as much they can before they walk through the doors for an interview. It is equally important to keep this caveat in mind: when companies go seeking CXOs, they are usually doing it because 1) they've created a new position that no one internally can or wants to take, or 2) they want to replace someone they've either lost or fired..."

              vBeers @ Boca
              Wednesday, May 17th 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
              • Biergarten Boca
              • 309 Via De Palmas #90, Boca Raton, FL 33432
              • 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

              The South Florida Technology Alliance and vBeers South Florida invites you to join us for vBeers @ Boca. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Boca Raton, FL.

              The meeting will be at Biergarten Boca, which is located in on US 1, just South of Palmetto Park and East of I-95.

              $5 burger/fries and $3 featured drafts during happy hour!

              Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida.

              Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

              Please Register.

              vBeers - we're about:

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              John McLaughlin

              IT - DR
              Top DRAAS Companies To Watch
              CSO Online, May 10th 2017
              "Forrester Research recently released its report naming Sungard AS, Bluelock, IBM and iland as the top disaster recovery-as-a-service companies.

              With enterprises expecting their network up at all times, backup and recovery are key to keeping things running smoothly with no downtime. With ransomware waiting to pounce the minute a user clicks on a link, companies rely on network recovery in a matter of minutes not days.

              Enterprise DRaaS adoption has grown steadily in recent years; currently, 40 percent of enterprises have adopted it, with another 24 percent planning to do so, according to the research firm..."

              The Data Center Of The Future And Cloud Disaster Recovery
              Data Center Knowledge, May 10th 2017
              "The data center of the future is a constantly evolving concept. If you go back to World War II, the ideal was to have a massive mainframe in a large room fed by punched cards. A few decades later, distributed computing promoted an Indiana Jones-like warehouse with endless racks of servers, each hosting one application. Virtualization upset that apple cart by enabling massive consolidation and greatly reducing the number of physical servers inside the data center..."
                Is Mutual Mystification Part Of Your Disaster Recovery Plan?
                Storage-Switzerland, May 10th 2017
                "It is impossible for all applications to be recovered instantly with no data loss after a disaster. But that is exactly what users expect. We find in some organizations IT avoids having the necessary conversation that brings users and application owners back down to reality. We call this mutual mystification. The problem is users think IT can do the impossible and IT knows it can't. Instead IT needs to communicate reality to the organization. That is why Storage Switzerland has built its Backup and Disaster Recovery Training on the foundation of Service Level Objectives..."
                IT - PM
                Ten Project Management Myths
                Business 2 Community, May 10th 2017
                "Projects are complicated, which is why an evidence based project management methodology (PMBOK, 2013) is so useful. This method, if used in its entirety, almost gives off the impression of being seamless and 'air tight'; considering almost every angle, roadblock, and issue that could possibly surface during a project.

                This might be true from a technical standpoint, but for the sake of argument let's propose that experience, knowledge, and the 'great next idea' makes the difference between a 'bad project' and a 'great project.' Success is not just measured whether a strategy realizes what it intends but whether or not it delivers value for the company and the customer..."

                IT - Networks
                Network Check-Ups Critically Important To A Business' Health
                Network World, May 8th 2017
                "Network check-ups, like health check-ups, are important. Now, new analytics software makes it easy to check a network's health and ID issues and remedies...

                It's best practice that every year we see our primary care doctor for a full physical exam. According to the CDC, regular health check-ups can help find problems before they start and improve the chances of treatment and recovery from illnesses. So, with just an annual exam, we should be in great shape, right? Most Americans, of all ages, are in poorer health when compared to their counterparts in comparable countries. So, where's the disconnect, and what lessons can those of us in the technology industry take away?..."

                SD-WAN Steps Up As An IoT Enabler
                CIO, May 8th 2017
                "The SD-WAN market is ready for takeoff, with significant business and network upsides...

                Unlike the software-defined network (SDN) - which is like network virtualization on steroids, but primarily datacenter-based - the software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is essentially application routing capabilities for WANs, primarily everywhere but the data center. And it is getting a lot of market traction. While the forecasts vary wildly, SD-WAN will see only more growth as the Internet of Things (IoT) really starts to take off..."

                State Of The WAN: 50% Of WAN Traffic Is In The Cloud
                Network World, May 11th 2017
                "Aryaka's 2017 State of the WAN report shows the cloud era has arrived in a big way, making SD-WANs business-critical. Companies must adopt this technology or risk falling behind and hurting business performance.

                This week, SD-WAN vendor Aryaka released its '2017 State of the WAN Report,' which summarizes a global study conducted by the vendor that looks at WAN trends across a number of verticals and across every region of the globe for 2016..."

                IT - IoT
                IoT Security Companies Take On Device Discovery, Authentication
                IoT Agenda, May 8th 2017
                "There are multiple facets to ensuring a safe connected environment; here's how three IoT security companies are facing device discovery and authentication head on.

                When Jeff Wright, cybersecurity manager at RTI Surgical, a global surgical implant company in Alachua, Fla., began expanding the company's security program, one of the first challenges he faced was how to know when a new device connected to the network..."

                Six Things You Need To Know About Iot Security
                CSO Online, May 9th 2017
                "The emergence of IoT is altering our personal technology security paradigm and is a game-changer in customer/business interaction, in part due to the wide scope of available data and sheer number of devices collecting this data. McKinsey & Company estimates the IoT ecosystem will generate $6 trillion in value by 2025. Successful IoT offerings rely on the perception of benefit they can deliver to businesses and consumers while creating a proportionate foundation of security, trust, and data integrity. There are important ways that IoT technology can reduce data security risk while improving customer experience in a connected world..."
                Your IoT Baby Isn't As Beautiful As You Think It Is
                Dark Reading, May 10th 2017
                ong. That must stop.

                There is a hilarious episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry and Elaine stand over a crib to get a glimpse at their friend's new baby. The little cherub isn't exactly beautiful, and Jerry's reaction to the seemingly ugly baby is priceless.

                My reaction to the majority of Internet of Things-enabled products I see when meeting with product managers who think their "baby" is beautiful isn't much different. In almost every case, the baby is indeed very ugly - and by that, I mean horribly insecure. (I even had the same reaction to one product although the product manager was so proud of it that he got a tattoo to commemorate its launch!)..."

                Why Your Security Appliance Will Be Hacked
                InfoWorld, May 9th 2017
                "You'd think a device built to protect your organization would contain supersecure code. Think again...

                I'm no world-class hacker/penetration tester, but I've been able to break into any organization I've been (legally) hired to do so in an hour or less, except for one place that took me three hours. That was on my second engagement with the customer after it had implemented many of the protections I had recommended during my first visit..."

                  IT - Linux
                  Why The Largest Companies In The World Count On Linux Servers
                  Linux Journal, May 7th 2017
                  "Linux started its life in the data center as a cheaper alternative to UNIX. At the time, UNIX operating systems ruled the industry and for good reason. They were performant, fault tolerant and extremely stable. They also were very expensive and ran on very proprietary hardware. A lot of the familiar utilities and applications developed for those UNIX platforms eventually were ported over to Linux. So, once Linux ran services like Apache, it came as no surprise that Linux would usurp and replace the very same technologies that once inspired its creation. The very best part was that Linux ran on commodity x86 hardware. At the end of the day, anyone could deploy a Linux server at a fraction of the cost to deploy something from Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics (SGI) or from any other UNIX distributor..."
                  Microsoft To Add Support For Suse, Fedora Bash Shells To Windows 10
                  ZDNet, May 11th 2017
                  "Microsoft is continuing to bring more Linux shell options to Windows 10, Windows Server and its Azure Portal...

                  Microsoft already offers Ubuntu Linux via its Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 10.

                  Now the company is set to add support for more Linux distributions in the coming months, officials said on May 11 during Microsoft's Build 2017 Day 2 keynote.

                  The SuSE and Fedora Bash shells -- as well as the existing Ubuntu shell -- are all going to be available for download from the Windows Store, said Microsoft Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices Terry Myerson..."

                  IT - Operations
                  Effective Risk Management In The Data Center
                  Data Center Knowledge, May 8th 2017
                  "Data center managers are fighting a constant battle with risk. Their jobs, aside from cramming computing resource into a constrained space using limited power and cooling capacity, involves ensuring that this resource is available, all of the time. That means identifying and managing risks from various sources.

                  A standards-based risk management methodology can help with that challenge. It can help data center managers to prioritize their risks, and to prepare for a data center or critical environments audit. Where to start?..."

                  Bridgestone Modernizes Data Center, Hauls Out 13 Tons Of Copper Wire
                  ComputerWorld, May 8th 2017
                  "50-year-old data center gets a major upgrade as tire maker simplifies IT...

                  In October 1968, Lyndon Johnson was president, the Beatles released Hey Jude, and computer scientist Douglas Engelbart presented the "Mother of All Demos."

                  It was also the year tire-making giant Bridgestone Corp. opened a data center in Akron, Ohio. If walls could talk, this data center could tell the story of IT.

                  That center opened on Oct. 9, 1968, with racks and racks of tapes and a water-cooled mainframe. Today, it is the home of systems supporting an almost completely virtualized environment..."

                    IT - Security
                    The Rise Of Enterprise-Class Cybersecurity Vendors
                    Network World, May 9th 2017
                    "Cybersecurity professionals stress that enterprise-class cybersecurity vendors must offer industry experience, support for IT initiatives and a commitment to streamlining security operations...

                    When I'm asked to explain what's happening with enterprise cybersecurity technology, I often use an analogy from the business software market in the 1990s.

                    Back then, application vendors tended to specialize in one area - PeopleSoft owned HR, Baan offered manufacturing apps, JD Edwards played in finance, etc. Around 1995, companies began replacing these departmental applications with enterprise-class ERP solutions from Oracle and SAP. The objective? Centralize all business data into a common repository that could anchor the business and be updated and used for various departmental functions and business processes in real time. .."

                    Vendors Approve Of NIST Password Draft
                    CSO Online, May 9th 2017
                    "Standards group recommends removing periodic password change requirements...

                    A recently released draft of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST's) digital identity guidelines has met with approval by vendors. The draft guidelines revise password security recommendations and altering many of the standards and best practices security professionals use when forming policies for their companies.

                    The new framework recommends, among other things:..."

                    Most Companies Falsely Believe Their Active Directory Is Secure
                    Help Net Security, May 11th 2017
                    "A majority of companies falsely believe their Active Directory (AD) is secure, according to a new survey conducted jointly by Skyport Systems and Redmond Magazine.

                    The response from more than 300 IT professionals located in North America revealed that AD security is in fact underperforming at those companies participating in the survey, leaving organizations open to attack from outside hackers and insider threats.

                    The survey sheds new light on how organizations are protecting their privileged credentials stored in AD against a backdrop of escalating daily attacks..."

                    Making Multifactor Authentication A Reality
                    GCN, May 11th 2017
                    "What: 'Strong Authentication in Cyberspace,' a Chertoff Group report that lays out eight principles of authentication for policymakers.

                    Why: A large number of network intrusions are the result of compromised passwords. Modern, standards-compliant, multifactor authentication is one of the most effective ways organizations can reduce cyber risk.

                    Findings: Multifactor authentication requires a user to provide at least two types of authentication like a password, biometric data, a cellphone or other information. To drive adoption of authentication that is secure, usable and protects privacy, governments should follow these principles when crafting legislation or policy:..."

                      Passwords: The Keys To Your Online Life
                      Business 2 Community, May 11th 2017
                      "When's the last time you thought about your passwords? With over 90 billion passwords in existence today, the overall shift to online platforms and the boom in social media usage have made passwords an integral part of our daily online lives.

                      Whether it's connecting to a game with a Facebook profile, sharing Netflix credentials with a roommate, or asking a spouse to check a bank account statement, sharing our passwords has become a trend that we don't often realize is putting our information at risk..."

                      Security Awareness Is Good, But Good Security Culture Is Better
                      HelpNet Security, May 8th 2017
                      "As an efficient mechanism to influence employee behavior, security culture is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, aspects of organizational security.

                      'A common flaw in our industry is that awareness trainings will change, i.e. improve, security behavior,' says Kai Roer, co-founder of European security startup CTLRe (and Help Net Security columnist)..."

                      Top Tips For Finding The Right Cybersecurity Products
                      CIO, May 8th 2017
                      "Security pros offer advice from the trenches of a noisy, hype-filled market...

                      Having trouble finding the right security products for your business? You're not the only one.

                      Today's market is filled with hundreds of vendors and plenty of marketing hype. But figuring out which solutions are worthwhile can be a challenge, especially for businesses with little experience in cybersecurity.

                      So we asked actual buyers of enterprise security products for tips, and here's what they said..."

                      Zero Day Exploits: The Smart Person's Guide
                      TechRepublic, May 8th 2017
                      "This guide covers everything you need to know about zero day security exploits, which are secret vulnerabilities used by hackers to infiltrate PCs, networks, mobile phones, and IoT devices..."

                      "I have sold a few social media exploits in the past," said the hacker known as S1ege. "But I don't sell now and haven't for a long time." Zero day exploits - hidden vulnerabilities known to hackers but unknown to the software's creator - are "like gold," he said in a 2016 interview with TechRepublic. "Having a collection [of exploits] is like having a trophy [collection]."

                      Threat Detection Automation Won't Solve All Your Problems
                      Network World, May 9th 2017
                      "To close the cybersecurity gap, look to incident response automation...

                      A recent Network World article argued that automated threat detection (TD) is more important than automated incident response (IR). But the piece was predicated on flawed and misguided information.

                      The article shared an example of a financial institution in which analysts investigated 750 alerts per month only to find two verified threats. The piece claimed that, in this scenario, automated IR could only be applied to the two verified threat instances, therefore making automated threat detection upstream a more important capability by 'orders of magnitude'..."

                        IT - Careers
                        12 Top Tech Fields Of The Future
                        Network World, May 8th 2017
                        "Tech jobs of the future will include programmers, analysts, application and system developers, database and network administrators, engineers, designers, architects, scientists, researchers, statisticians, specialists, project and system managers, system and data integrators, technicians and tech support, quality controllers, trainers, and consultants in each of the following 12 areas..."
                          15 Of The Highest Paying Jobs In IT
                          CIO, May 9th 2017
                          "Technology offers some of the highest paying and diverse jobs of any industry. While traditional tech roles like software engineer and product manager are still in high demand as CIOs struggle to find skilled IT pros, roles in sales, marketing and business development all offer healthy salaries and an alternate path into the industry.

                          According to the latest LinkedIn Salary data, sales roles consist of almost half of the 10 top-paying jobs in the sector, including the top spot with vice president of sales, while engineers, marketers and product managers occupy the rest. In some cases, salaries for sales, marketing and business development talent are exceeding that of engineering and technical talent, according to the LinkedIn Salary data..."

                            What It Takes To Be A Security Architect
                            CSO Online, May 9th 2017
                            "Security architects are the people responsible for maintaining the security of their organizations' computer systems, and as such they must be able to think as hackers do in order to anticipate the tactics attackers can use to gain unauthorized access to those systems, according to the InfoSec Institute.

                            Anyone in this position can expect to have to work odd hours on occasion, and needs to be constantly up to date on the latest security threats and available tools..."

                            IT - Virtualization
                            Coming To Terms With Container Security
                            Container Journal, May 8th 2017
                            "When it comes to emerging technologies of almost any kind, there's a natural amount of fear and loathing involving IT security. In almost every case, security is cited as the No. 1 barrier to adoption. Regardless of those concerns, the productivity gains enabled by that technology always trump security concerns. Containers and container security are no exception.

                            A recent survey of 1,105 security professionals published by Thales in collaboration with 451 Research makes that point A full 87 percent of respondents have plans to use containers in 2017 with 40 percent already in production..."

                            What Is Docker And Why Is It So Darn Popular?
                            ZDNet, May 8th 2017
                            "Docker is hotter than hot because it makes it possible to get far more apps running on the same old servers and it also makes it very easy to package and ship programs. Here's what you need to know about it...

                            If you're in data center or cloud IT circles, you've been hearing about containers in general and Docker in particular non-stop for a few years now. With the release of Docker 1.0 in June 2014, the buzz became a roar..."

                            IT - Email
                            Email, Email, In The Cloud
                            ComputerWorld, May 8th 2017
                            "The transition from on-premises to cloud-based email is an opportunity to tighten security controls...

                            As my company continues to move enterprise applications to the cloud, the latest development presents a security opportunity. We are giving up our on-premises Microsoft Exchange email in favor of the Microsoft Office 365 service. With the transition, we might be able to curtail the common employee practice of communicating and storing sensitive business-related data in email.

                            I am encouraging the IT organization to tighten security by implementing controls that were either not available in our on-premises deployment or never implemented. The first order of business is a cleanup of accounts and distribution lists. We have hundreds of email-enabled distribution lists, and too many of them are available to the world. We should be able to cut down the number of lists and set rules about who can use them..."

                            Business Email Compromise Scams Continue To Grow With $5.3B In Losses
                            eWeek, May 8th 2017
                            "The FBI revises its figures on the impact of business email compromise, revealing a significant spike in reported attacks during 2016.

                            Business email compromise (BEC) scams have resulted in $5.3 billion in financial losses since October 2013, according to new data released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), based on global reports.

                            BEC fraud, also known as email account compromise (EAC), is a type of scam where an attacker uses a phishing email to trick a company into paying fraudulent invoices and accounts payable requests.

                            The FBI has been warning the public about the dangers of BEC since at least January 2015, when it reported that the global impact of BEC attacks from Oct. 1, 2013, to Dec. 1, 2014, totaled $215 million. In June 2016, the FBI reported that the total value of BEC-related fraud losses had cumulatively grown to $3.1 billion..."

                              Why Email Is The Weakest Security Link g And How To Fix It
                              Information Age, May 10th 2017
                              "How can companies protect their email domains against phishing attacks and exploitation?

                              According to a recent report by corporate investigations and risk consulting firm Kroll, UK businesses are the second biggest victims of cybercrime in the world, with 92% of executives saying they had experienced an attack or information loss in the last year.

                              Phishing is one of the most common types of cyber attack, with 30% of phishing emails getting opened, according to Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report. It's the easiest way to hijack accounts - as happened to Hillary Clinton's election campaign chairman John Podesta last year..."

                                Email, Email, In The Cloud
                                ComputerWorld, May 8th 2017
                                "The transition from on-premises to cloud-based email is an opportunity to tighten security controls...

                                As my company continues to move enterprise applications to the cloud, the latest development presents a security opportunity. We are giving up our on-premises Microsoft Exchange email in favor of the Microsoft Office 365 service. With the transition, we might be able to curtail the common employee practice of communicating and storing sensitive business-related data in email..."

                                IT - Database
                                NoSQL, No Problem: Why MySQL Is Still King
                                InfoWorld, May 10th 2017
                                "You'd think the advent of 'webscale' NoSQL databases would have consigned MySQL to history. But you'd be very wrong...

                                MySQL is a bit of an attention hog. With relational databases supposedly put on deathwatch by NoSQL, MySQL should have been edging gracefully to the exit by now (or not so gracefully, like IBM's DB2).

                                Instead, MySQL remains neck-and-neck with Oracle in the database popularity contest, despite nearly two decades less time in the market. More impressive still, while Oracle's popularity keeps falling, MySQL is holding steady. Why?..."

                                IT - Backup
                                Backup And Recovery Software: IT Pros Weigh In
                                Network Computing, May 10th 2017
                                "How can enterprise IT professionals know which data backup and recovery software to choose for their business? There are numerous products on the market for this critical data center function.

                                Peer reviews published by real users facilitate this software decision-making with user feedback, insight, and product rankings that collectively indicate which solutions are in the lead. With this knowledge, potential users are equipped to choose the product offering best-suited to their organizational needs..."

                                  Did Cloud Kill Backup?
                                  Network World, May 9th 2017
                                  "With enterprises rapidly adopting hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and migrating traditional workloads to the cloud, distributed architectures have become de-facto standard, but traditional backup and recovery strategies have not kept pace. A new cloud-first approach to data protection is required.

                                  According to IDC, 70% of CIOs have a cloud-first strategy, and it is safe to assume most enterprises have a multi-cloud infrastructure, deploying applications on the best suited cloud whether private, public or managed. This evolution to multi-cloud has created two transformative shifts that are disrupting the application tier of the infrastructure world..."

                                  IT - Mobile
                                  Making Mobile Video VR A Reality
                                  ITProPortal, May 11th 2017
                                  "Soon, immersive VR will go mainstream not on laptops, smart TVs or games consoles but on mobiles...

                                  Soon every smartphone will be VR-enabled. This will open up the virtual floodgates, making video-based VR experiences more affordable and accessible. Immersive VR will go mainstream not on laptops, smart TVs or games consoles but on mobiles.

                                  Affordable headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and the recently released Google Daydream View are already gaining traction with early adopters for VR gaming and content streaming via apps such as Netflix VR and HBO Now VR..."

                                  IT - Big Data
                                  Report: New Logistics Pave Road For Machine Data Analytics
                                  SmartDataCollective, May 9th 2017
                                  "Machine data analytics is the process of using big data from a variety of devices to solve complex, real-world challenges. Machine data analytics can aggregate data from smartphones, websites, desktop devices and Internet servers.

                                  How Brands Are Turning to Machine Data Analytics

                                  Machine data is expected to transform the service models of countless businesses across the world. Machine data analytics can be used in a variety of other applications, including:..."

                                  Big Data Use Case g Ticketmaster: Cloud Migration Experiences
                                  insideBIGDATA, May 9th 2017
                                  "The insideBIGDATA technology use case guide - Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud Capitalizing on Performance, Analytics, and Data to Deliver Insights provides an in-depth look at a high-profile cloud migration use case. One of the most widely discussed topics in IT today is moving workloads to cloud. The process of deciding whether or when to migrate to the cloud can be daunting. Further, finding the right technology fit for your enterprise objectives can be challenging with a cloud solution ecosystem filled with alternatives. To make the cloud adoption process more straightforward, this white paper provided a number of areas for consideration when evaluating a cloud platform..."
                                  Intel Case Study: Speeding Up A Big Data Platform
                                  insideBIGDATA, May 11th 2017
                                  "In this technology cast study, we'll examine MeritData, Inc., a leading big data analysis technology and service provider in China. The company's product is called Tempo, a big data platform that has been widely used by well-known power, manufacturing, financial, and global enterprises and by cloud service providers. MeritData helps its customers explore and exploit data value - and ultimately creates value through data processing, data mining, and data visualization solutions. This is achieved through the fusion of high-performance computing (HPC) technology, leading data analysis algorithms, high-dimensional visualization, and creative data visualization language.
                                  Data Scientist Skills Range From Data Prep To Storytelling
                                  Search Business Analytics, May 10th 2017
                                  "There isn't one type of data scientist. Some started out as developers, others IT analysts, some are jack-of-all-trade data creatives and others are businesspeople turned data junkies.

                                  That variety was on display at the TDWI Accelerate conference in Boston recently, where software developers, business analysts, IT pros, database administrators, an astrophysics major and even a lawyer converged to learn about data scientist skills, as well as the strategies they'll need to work in that role -- or at least to understand the growing number of people who do..."

                                    Building A Data Lake Takes Meticulous Planning -- And Flexibility
                                    Search Data Management, May 10th 2017
                                    "Data lakes can give organizations more freedom on storing and analyzing data than they get from traditional data warehouses. But building a data lake architecture also presents IT teams with a raft of challenges.

                                    TDWI data management analyst Philip Russom detailed the potential benefits and pitfalls of data lakes in a webinar this month; he also offered advice on priorities and best practices for a data lake implementation, highlighting things such as the need to tie it to real business issues and ensure that solid data governance processes are in place..."

                                    'Minority Report' Moves Closer To Reality
                                    GCN, May 8th 2017
                                    "In the wake of terrorist attacks like those in Paris and Orlando, Fla., domestic and international law enforcement agencies alike are investigating how attackers were able to slip through intelligence-gathering networks and what can be done to prevent future attacks.

                                    Big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies offer federal, state and local law enforcement agencies the opportunity to predict the probability of terror attacks based on many factors, according to David Rubal, DLT Solutions' chief technologist of data and analytics and principal data scientist..."

                                    5 Choices You Will Regret Forever
                                    The Ladders, May 9th 2017
                                    "Our days are filled with a constant stream of decisions. Most are mundane, but some are so important that they can haunt you for the rest of your life.

                                    A recent study from Columbia University found that we're bogged down by more than 70 decisions a day. The sheer number of decisions we have to make each day leads to a phenomenon called decision fatigue, whereby your brain actually tires like a muscle.

                                    A recent study from the University of Texas shows that even when our brains aren't tired, they can make it very difficult for us to make good decisions. When making a decision, instead of referencing the knowledge we've accumulated, our brains focus on specific, detailed memories..."

                                      Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                      Vol 231 Issue 1 ; Vol 230 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 229 Issues 3, 4 and 5
                                      We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                      • Oracle and AT&T Enter into Strategic Agreement
                                      • AT&T Taps Oracle Cloud Services In 'Historic' Agreement
                                      • Oracle Taps Into LinkedIn Data
                                      • Oracle Announces EU Region Expansion in Germany
                                      • 5 Ways NetSuite Delivers More Now That It's Part Of Oracle
                                      • Oracle and Partners Make It Easier for Global Organizations to Move to the Cloud
                                      • Trek Bicycle Shifts to Oracle Cloud to Improve Customer Experience
                                      • From Spreadsheets To Data Science: Cummins Revs Up Its Talent Engine
                                      • VMware and Oracle Collaborate to Enable Advanced Security Features and Streamlined Management of Oracle Mobile Enterprise Applications
                                      • MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.8

                                      The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                        Libreoffice 5.3.3
                                        The Document Foundation, May 11th 2017
                                        "The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 5.3.3, focused on bleeding edge features, and as such targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters, and power users. LibreOffice 5.3.3 integrates over 70 patches, with an update of the Sifr monochrome icon set and several fixes for interoperability with Microsoft Office documents.

                                        For all other users and enterprise deployments, TDF suggests LibreOffice 5.2.7, with the backing of professional support..."

                                        IT - Developer
                                        Netbeans vs. Eclipse: Comparing Two Java IDEs
                                        Business 2 Community, May 12th 2017
                                        "Why would you use an IDE over a text editor when creating an application? While text editors like Sublime allow you to write and edit code easily, for Java developers in particular sometimes you need a little more under the hood to get started and stay organized. When more complicated Java concepts come into play (things like Applets, the Swing GUI, frameworks like Struts, or Servlets) that's where an IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans can really accelerate productivity..."
                                        Veritas News
                                        Veritas Unveils New Software-Defined Storage for OpenStack
                                        Vertias, May 8th 2017
                                        Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack optimizes performance and protection of cloud workloads

                                        Veritas, the leader in information management, announced at OpenStack Summit, Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack, a new software-defined storage solution designed to maximize workload performance, lower operating costs and protect data in OpenStack-based cloud environments.

                                        As OpenStack gains traction as an open source platform for cloud infrastructures, some of its components are at vastly different stages of maturity. While enterprises and app developers enjoy the flexibility and agility the environment provides, storage management capabilities are not as advanced. As a result, organizations often face challenges with workload performance, reliability and efficiency as well as with storage optimization and data protection. Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack addresses these issues directly.

                                        Cisco News
                                        Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire MindMeld
                                        Cisco, May 11th 2017
                                        Cisco announced its intent to acquire MindMeld Inc., a privately held artificial intelligence (AI) company based in San Francisco. MindMeld has pioneered the development of a unique AI platform that enables customers to build intelligent and human-like conversational interfaces for any application or device. Through its proprietary machine learning (ML) technology, MindMeld delivers incredible accuracy to help users interact with voice and chat assistants in a more natural way.
                                        Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire MindMeld
                                        Cisco, May 11th 2017
                                        Cisco announced its intent to acquire MindMeld Inc., a privately held artificial intelligence (AI) company based in San Francisco. MindMeld has pioneered the development of a unique AI platform that enables customers to build intelligent and human-like conversational interfaces for any application or device. Through its proprietary machine learning (ML) technology, MindMeld delivers incredible accuracy to help users interact with voice and chat assistants in a more natural way.
                                        Samsung and Cisco Team with Verizon to Deliver First Interconnected Multi-Vendor 5G Trials
                                        Cisco, May 10th 2017
                                        Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Cisco, in partnership with Verizon, announced the successful deployment of the first multi-vendor end-to-end 5G trial network in the field, which took place in Ann Arbor, a suburb of metropolitan Detroit, Michigan.

                                        Earlier this year, Verizon announced plans for customer trials of 5G technology for home broadband service (Fixed Wireless Access). Five U.S. cities are scheduled to begin trials in the second quarter of 2017, with pilot trials in a total of 11 markets expected by the middle of the year.

                                        Dell News
                                        Dell EMC Drives IT Transformation With the New 14th Generation of PowerEdge Servers
                                        Dell, May 8th 2017
                                        Dell EMC is previewing its most cutting-edge portfolio of PowerEdge servers ever to help customers drive IT Transformations. The newly designed 14th generation of the Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio forms a secure, scalable compute platform that is the ideal foundation for cloud, analytics or software-defined data center initiatives. The new portfolio delivers innovation in three key areas:

                                        • Scalable business architecture optimizes data centers for a wide variety of new and emerging workload requirements

                                        • Intelligent automation via expanded APIs and the all-new OpenManage Enterprise console enable IT to spend more time on higher priority work

                                        • Integrated security protects customers' businesses and data for the life of the server

                                        "In today's digital economy, technology must transform at the speed of business to develop and deploy new applications, optimize resources and deliver an ideal customer experience," said Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, president, Server Solutions Division at Dell EMC. "With our leadership in server technology innovations, the newest generation of PowerEdge servers are the bedrock of the modern data center."

                                        Atos and Dell EMC Join Forces to Address the Growing Internet of Things Market
                                        Dell, May 9th 2017
                                        Atos, a leader in digital transformation, and Dell EMC announced they are joining forces to address the growing Internet of Things (IoT) and business analytics markets. This collaboration is based on best-in-class hardware and software from Dell EMC combined with the Atos Codex, a complete set of solutions and capabilities to design, build, run and secure smart data business services, data platforms and Internet of Things. The offering will initially focus on North America and Europe.

                                        By 2020, nearly 40% of IoT-related revenue will come from services according to Markets and Markets. This number is expected to increase annually due to an increasing need for IT consulting and support. IoT professional services accounted for $57 billion in 2016 and are expected to reach $158 billion by 2021, a CAGR of over 22%.

                                        Dell Technologies Simplifies IoT for Customers with New IoT Products and Partnerships
                                        Dell, May 9th 2017
                                        Dell Technologies announces new Internet of Things (IoT) products and partnerships to help customers take the complexity out of their IoT deployments and more quickly realize Digital Transformation.

                                        According to a recent Gartner report, there will be 20.4 billion connected things in use globally by 2020. Companies are looking for faster, real-time analysis of the massive amount of data produced by all of these "things" on their networks. For some, it's too expensive to move all the data from the edge of the network near the devices to the data center. Computing at the edge helps determine which data sets are interesting, relevant and need to be sent back to the data center or the cloud for further analytics and longer term storage, saving bandwidth and reducing costs and security concerns.

                                        Microsoft News
                                        Microsoft announces the next wave of creativity with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
                                        Microsoft, May 11th 2017
                                        Available later this year, the Fall Creators Update delivers new experiences for more than 500 million Windows 10 devices

                                        At the Build 2017 developer conference in Seattle, Microsoft Corp. shared the first details of the next major update to Windows, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Available later this year, the Fall Creators Update delivers new experiences for more than 500 million Windows 10 devices: a new design system; creative experiences that will move with you across Windows, iOS and Android; new apps coming to the Windows Store - including iTunes; new tools that make Windows home for all developers; and the world's first Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers - no markers required.

                                        Symantec News
                                        Symantec Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2017 Results
                                        Symantec, May 10th 2017
                                        Symantec Corp. reported its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2017 results, ended March 31, 2017.

                                        Greg Clark, Symantec CEO said, "Symantec's fourth quarter results demonstrate consistent execution relative to expectations across our Enterprise and Consumer Digital Safety businesses. The industrial logic of combining Symantec and Blue Coat is proving out, with Enterprise Security growing organically year over year and Blue Coat cloud subscription revenue growing 67%. Our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform is gaining traction with enterprise customers. Our consumer business has transformed from PC malware protection to Consumer Digital Safety, with total addressable market expansion to $10 billion. We are on-track to deliver long-term, sustainable growth and industry-leading profitability as the new Symantec."

                                        IBM News
                                        Everest Group Names IBM the Leader in IT Infrastructure Automation
                                        IBM, May 9th 2017
                                        IBM announced that Everest Group has named IBM as the top Leader in the research firm's recent IT infrastructure automation - Market Update and PEAK Matrix Assessment for Solutions report.

                                        According to Everest Group, businesses are struggling with reaping the full benefits on their investments because they lack a coherent and business centered IT infrastructure services automation strategy. Once they do, enterprises have the foundation to establish an agile, resilient and cost effective infrastructure to deliver new products to the market faster than their competitors.

                                        IBM Unveils New AI Software, Reduces Barriers for Data Scientists to Fuel Cognitive Development
                                        IBM, May 10th 2017
                                        New PowerAI solution reduces training of Deep Learning from weeks to hours

                                        IBM announced a significant new release of its PowerAI deep learning software distribution on Power Systems that attacks the major challenges facing data scientists and developers by simplifying the development experience with tools and data preparation while also dramatically reducing the time required for AI system training from weeks to hours.

                                        Data scientists and developers use deep learning to develop applications ranging from computer vision for self-driving cars to real time fraud detection and credit risk analysis systems. These cognitive applications are much more compute resource hungry than traditional applications and can often overwhelm x86 systems.

                                        New IBM Cloud Video Features Enhance Viewer Navigation of Content
                                        IBM, May 12th 2017
                                        New chaptering functions designed to make it easier to identify sections and take viewers to relevant content

                                        IBM has added new features to the chaptering capabilities of its IBM Cloud Video enterprise solution that are designed to make it easier for viewers to find specific content in video that interests them.

                                        Video is one of the fastest growing areas of data in the cloud as companies across industries increasingly use video to connect with customers, employees and business partners. New features for IBM Cloud Video's chaptering capabilities are designed to make it easier for users to identify content within their videos so viewers can find the information they want...

                                        The Weather Channel Adds Uber, Groupon,, Caviar, And Resy as Third-party Service Options to Mobile Website
                                        IBM, May 11th 2017
                                        Powered by the Button Marketplace, These Mobile Leaders Among the First Brands to Feature Services For The Weather Channel Mobile Web Users...

                                        Button, the leading platform powering connections across the mobile economy, announced its relationship with The Weather Channel, part of The Weather Company, an IBM Business, enabling mobile integrations with brands including ridesharing service Uber, activities marketplace Groupon, hospitality and reservations technology company Resy, leading food and alcohol delivery service, and full-fledged food ordering platform Caviar. Through these integrations, The Weather Channel mobile site will now provide complementary services alongside weather data, enhancing their users' overall mobile web experience.

                                        IBM Study Sheds New Light on Loneliness in the Aging Population
                                        IBM, May 10th 2017
                                        Communities can help rebuild aging adults' social capital with human and community-centric technology

                                        Despite the societal impact of a rapidly growing aging population struggling with loneliness, a recent study by IBM finds there is also a tremendous opportunity for new and existing organizations to create solutions that improve how older adults engage with the world. Cognitive and cloud technology can be used to aggregate and interpret data, connect organizations, and help prevent loneliness by delivering personalized resources and social support within communities.

                                        By 2050, the United Nations expects that Japan and Germany will have close to 40 percent or more of their population over the age of 60, and the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom will have approximately 30 percent of the same age group.

                                        KBR and IBM Partner for Digital Solutions for Hydrocarbons Industry
                                        IBM, May 10th 2017
                                        KBR, Inc. and announced they have entered an agreement to collaborate on the development of digital products and services to help oil and gas and petrochemical customers reduce costs and increase profit, reliability and safety.

                                        Falling crude prices, volatile socio-economic and political environments and ever-increasing demands for sustainability and safety are disrupting the industry. Chemical and petroleum organizations require new levels of innovation and digital solutions to improve and enhance exploration and production, promote project capital and execution efficiency, and optimize operations, maintenance and safety.

                                          IBM and Andres Cepeda introduce First 'Cognitive Music' Project in Latin America
                                          IBM, May 9th 2017
                                          IBM and Grammy-winning Colombian singer, songwriter and producer Andres Cepeda will partner to collaboratively compose the artist's next single, a pioneering initiative in the region, marking the convergence of artistic talent and artificial intelligence technology.

                                          To that end, Andres Cepeda will make available to IBM part of his music history for IBM Watson - through technologies such as Watson Beat and Watson Tone Analyzer - to indicate the emotional tone, language and music structure that match the sentiment of his fans. The technology will help him compose a full song (music and lyrics) whose final arrangement and performance will be the responsibility of the artist.

                                          IBM Watson for Cyber Security Powers Smarttech's Security Operation Center
                                          IBM, May 11th 2017
                                          Smarttech Analysts Respond to 3x More Security Incidents Using IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson

                                          IBM Security announced Smarttech, a security services provider based in Ireland, is leveraging IBM Watson for Cyber Security in their Security Operations Center (SOC). The new tool is enabling the company's analysts to investigate and respond to three times as many security incidents with greater speed and accuracy. Smarttech was one of 40 companies around the world to participate in the IBM Watson for Cyber Security Beta Program, and is now a customer.

                                          Powered by IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson, Smarttech's SOC now takes advantage of the cognitive capabilities of Watson along with industry leading IBM Security QRadar Security Analytics Platform to uncover hidden threats and automate insights. IBM has trained Watson on the language of cyber security, with the system ingesting over one million security documents, and can now help security analysts with insights from hundreds of thousands of natural language research sources that have never before been accessible to modern security tools.

                                          IBM Extends Data Science Collaborative Workspace to the Private Cloud
                                          IBM, May 10th 2017
                                          New Data Science Experience Local offers unique, cross-team development environment to data scientists in a private cloud setting; reinforces IBM's data-first approach

                                          IBM announced the availability of a collaborative workspace for private clouds geared towards organizations and data scientists working with sensitive data. Using Data Science Experience Local, data scientists are now able to more easily and quickly collaborate on analytic models and deliver insights that developers can use to build intelligent applications.

                                          Increasingly, data scientists are faced with having to work with mountains of data that are pulled into servers and data centers. For some organizations, moving that data to the cloud for greater access and management isn't an option due to such constraints as volume, siloed systems and compliance requirements.

                                          Signzy Technologies Uses IBM Watson Cognitive Cloud Technology to Help Banks Streamline Customer Identification
                                          IBM, May 11th 2017
                                          First-of-its-kind digital platform mitigates risk of identity theft, money laundering and fraud...

                                          IBM announced that Signzy Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a financial technology company based in Bangalore, India, is using IBM Watson and IBM Blockchain services to develop a digital trust platform that cuts the identity verification process for financial institutions by as much as 80 percent, thus improving its ability to comply with regulations and help reduce fraud.

                                          Financial institutions are required to follow rigorous verification processes of their customers to mitigate fraud risk. In India, the Know Your Customer (KYC) norms mandated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) require banks to verify each customer's identity and provide approved documentation. Banks are under tremendous pressure to comply with these requirements, but there is a lack of digital tools to accomplish this efficiently. Most banks are forced to use manual processes that are costly and time consuming...

                                          IBM Names Top Security Elements for Hybrid Cloud Adoption in Banks
                                          IBM, May 10th 2017
                                          IBM has identified ten essential elements for banks to consider as they face heightened expectations from customers, regulators, and internal stakeholders to provide innovation, transparency, and reduce operating costs.

                                          A recent study by 451 Research reveals that organizations expect to grow their hosting and cloud services spending by an average of 33.3 percent in 2017. One driver of growth among financial institutions is the implementation of hybrid cloud, a combination of on-premise private cloud and third-party public cloud services, as part of their core technology and infrastructure.

                                          IBM and Ubisoft Partner to Bring Voice Command with Watson to Virtual Reality in Star Trek: Bridge Crew
                                          IBM, May 11th 2017
                                          IBM Makes New SDK Available to Developers, Enables Natural Language Interactions and Enhances Immersive Gaming Experience With Watson

                                          IBM announced that Ubisoft's Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a new virtual reality game, will include IBM Watson's interactive speech and cognitive capabilities. The feature will be available later this summer during an experimental Beta period following the game's launch this May. With IBM Watson, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will provide players the opportunity to use their voice and natural-language commands to interact with their virtual Starfleet crew members. This feature is part of a strategic partnership with Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services.

                                          BSE Selects IBM to Build and Manage New Security Operations Center
                                          IBM, May 11th 2017
                                          Next-generation cyber Security Operations Center to provide BSE round-the-clock security, strengthen cyber defense and safeguard stakeholder assets

                                          IBM announced that BSE (formerly known as the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd), the oldest stock exchange in Asia and now the fastest exchange in world, has selected IBM Security to design, build and manage a cyber Security Operations Center to safeguard the company's assets and protect stakeholder data. Under the five-year managed security services agreement, the center will enable around-the-clock security event monitoring, event handling, security analysis, incident management and response along with synchronized management of devices, networks and applications.

                                          Given that the financial services sector continues to be targeted by cybercriminals, BSE wanted to build a next generation security center to protect valuable digital assets belonging to the company, customers and stakeholders, while complying with SEBI & National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cyber security framework.

                                          VMware News
                                          Amadeus Transforms Travel Industry Services with Private Cloud Based on VMware Integrated OpenStack
                                          VMware, May 8th 2017
                                          Global IT Provider for Travel Industry Rolls Out Private Cloud to Support DevOps Practices, Deliver Highly-Available Cloud-Native Applications to Customers

                                          VMware announced that Amadeus IT Group, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, has deployed an enterprise private cloud based on VMware Integrated OpenStack to support digital transformation initiatives. VMware Integrated OpenStack provided Amadeus with the fastest path to supporting VMware vSphere workloads in an API-driven OpenStack cloud.

                                          "Amadeus Cloud Services enables us to be innovative and to really have the end-to-end responsibility for what we are doing," said Wolfgang Krips, senior vice president, Global Operations, Amadeus. "Stability is one important aspect here, and products like VMware Integrated OpenStack and NSX help us to achieve the level of stability our customers expect."

                                          Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure
                                          VMware, May 8th 2017
                                          About 80% of x86 server workloads are virtualized, but virtualization technologies are becoming more lightweight, supporting more workloads and agile development. Price, modernization and specific use cases are driving enterprises to deploy different, and often multiple, virtualization technologies.

                                          The x86 server virtualization infrastructure market is defined by organizations that are looking for solutions to virtualize applications from their x86 server hardware or OSs, thereby improving server hardware utilization and associated hardware costs while increasing agility in delivering the server capacity that applications need. The x86 server virtualization infrastructure market supports all x86-based workloads (both server and desktop) deployed on standard x86-based physical servers.

                                          VMware Unveils IoT Management Solution to Help Customers Take Control of IoT
                                          VMware, May 9th 2017
                                          From Edge to Core to Cloud, VMware Pulse IoT Center Will Help Customers Manage Across Their Diverse 'Things' as Easily as One

                                          VMware, Inc. unveiled VMware Pulse IoT Center, a secure, enterprise grade Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure management solution that will enable information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) teams to have complete control of their IoT infrastructure and things. The first solution in a new family of VMware IoT offerings, VMware Pulse IoT Center will help customers to more efficiently manage, operate, scale and protect their IoT projects from the edge to the cloud.

                                          Gartner estimates that through 2020, 90 percent of IoT projects will use some form of IoT gateway. Additionally, the worldwide installed base of IoT endpoints is expected to grow from 12.1 billion at the end of 2015 to more than 30 billion in 2020, according to IDC. As IoT becomes prevalent in the enterprises, organizations need a simplified approach to manage, monitor and secure their infrastructure and data.

                                          VMware Introduces Integrations with Dell EMC to Accelerate Workforce Transformation
                                          VMware, May 9th 2017
                                          Combining industry-leading VMware End-User Computing solutions and Dell client management and VDI infrastructure solutions streamlines management and can drive down costs

                                          VMware, Inc. introduced new technology integrations with Dell that enhance VMware End-User Computing solutions to help customers realize the benefits of workplace transformation through mobile, desktop and cloud technologies. Integrating industry-leading solutions, organizations of all sizes and industries with various use cases will be able to leverage converged infrastructure to optimize integrated desktop and application workloads and utilize unified endpoint management (UEM) to streamline management and significantly drive down costs.

                                          VMware and Google Expand Partnership to Accelerate the Adoption of Chromebooks
                                          VMware, May 9th 2017
                                          VMware Workspace ONE to enable one-click secure authentication and management of applications -- cloud, web and virtual -- for enterprise Chrome OS users

                                          VMware announced an expanded partnership with Google to accelerate the adoption of Chromebooks. Enhancing existing application accessibility of the devices, VMware Workspace ONE will enable one-click secure authentication and management of applications -- cloud, web and virtual -- for organizations deploying Chromebooks. Workspace ONE is a platform that unifies endpoint management for IT and delivers a unified access experience for end users to help organizations evolve away from silo-ed application and device management strategies to better embrace digital transformation.

                                          VMware and Pivotal Extend Strategic Alliance to Integrate VMware NSX and Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Deliver New "Developer-Ready Infrastructure"
                                          VMware, May 9th 2017
                                          Keynote at Dell EMC World from VMware CEO Describes Customer Benefits when Microservices Meet Micro-segmentation

                                          VMware unveiled that the company is working with Pivotal to deliver "Developer-Ready Infrastructure." Highlighted today in a keynote address from VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger at Dell EMC World 2017, Developer-Ready Infrastructure mitigates friction between application developers and IT operations teams by increasing feature velocity and service levels, decreasing costs, and supporting ever more complex systems and application frameworks. Developer-Ready Infrastructure brings together Pivotal Cloud Foundry, one of the world's most powerful cloud-native application platforms, and VMware software-defined data center solutions.

                                          Red Hat News
                                          Friday Five - May 12, 2017
                                          Red Hat, May 12th 2017
                                          The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                          • Network World - Red Hat nicely positioned for the turn to cloud
                                          • Red Hat Blog - Build anything, deploy everywhere and transform business with Red Hat
                                          • Red Hat Blog - AWS and Red Hat - Digging a little deeper
                                          • Network World - Why the Red Hat-Amazon partnership is a big deal in the cloud
                                          • CRN - 5 Takeaways From Red Hat Summit 2017

                                          Read on for details.

                                          Red Hat Adds Open Source Might to Massachusetts Open Cloud's Big Data Analysis
                                          Red Hat, May 8th 2017
                                          Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC), an initiative dedicated to the creation of publicly-available cloud computing resources for running big data workloads, has standardized on Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage for its open, scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure. Combined with Red Hat Consulting and Red Hat Training services, MOC now has the highly-available, open architecture it required to drive innovation in big data along with the skills and knowledge to continue evolving their offering.
                                          Oak Ridge National Laboratory Delivers Accessible, Powerful Supercomputing Environment with Red Hat OpenStack Platform
                                          Red Hat, May 8th 2017
                                          Red Hat, Inc. announced that Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), a multiprogram science and technology laboratory managed by the United States Department of Energy, is using Red Hat OpenStack Platform to deliver cloud services in its Compute And Data Environment for Science (CADES). The cloud operations at ORNL have been customized to offer self-serve, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities for ORNL's staff and is being progressively expanded with platform and analytics services specific to the research needs of the scientific staff. CADES uses the flexible, highly scalable power of Red Hat OpenStack Platform to extend the accessibility of ORNL's world-class supercomputing environment to a broader set of scientific research projects.
                                          Red Hat Drives Cloud Infrastructure Upgrades with Latest Version of Production-Ready OpenStack Platform
                                          Red Hat, May 8th 2017
                                          Red Hat, Inc. announced Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11, the latest version of Red Hat's massively-scalable and agile cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Based on the OpenStack "Ocata" release, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11 delivers enhanced support for upgrades with composable roles, new networking capabilities, and improved integration with Red Hat CloudForms for cloud management.
                                          Level3 News
                                          Level 3 Recognizes Diversity and Inclusion with Weeklong Celebration
                                          Level(3), May 11th 2017
                                          In anticipation of the United Nations' World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, Level 3 Communications is hosting its own weeklong celebration recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Level 3's Diversity and Inclusion Week is set to the theme of 'Minds Wide Open' and runs May 15-19. The week will feature a variety of speakers, stories highlighting employee diversity and how that diversity has affected employees for the better, and the distribution of Level 3's second annual Diversity and Inclusion Report.
                                            HP News
                                            HPE Accelerates Real-Time Insights for Deep Learning
                                            HPE, May 10th 2017
                                            Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a comprehensive set of computing innovations to accelerate Deep Learning analytics and insights across all organizations with innovations spanning systems design, partner ecosystem collaboration, and expertise including flexible consumption models from HPE Pointnext Services.

                                            Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, such as Deep Learning, are growing in popularity across various sectors including financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, energy, government and retail. HPE has a strong track record of delivering comprehensive, workload optimized compute solutions for all AI and Deep Learning with its purpose-built HPE Apollo portfolio that maximizes performance, scale and efficiency. With the latest innovations specifically targeted to Deep Learning, leveraging capabilities from the recent SGI acquisition, HPE now offers greater choice for larger scale, dense GPU environments and addresses key gaps in technology integration and expertise with integrated solutions and services offerings.

                                            Comcast News
                                            Comcast, Charter to Explore Operational Efficiencies to Speed Entry Into Wireless Market
                                            Comcast, May 8th 2017
                                            Comcast and Charter, both regional cable operators, announced an agreement to explore potential opportunities for operational cooperation in their respective wireless businesses to accelerate and enhance each company's ability to participate in the national wireless marketplace. The companies, which have each separately activated a mobile virtual network operator ("MVNO") reseller agreement with Verizon Wireless, have agreed to explore working together in a number of potential operational areas in the wireless space, including: creating common operating platforms; technical standards development and harmonization; device forward and reverse logistics; and emerging wireless technology platforms.
                                              Windstream News
                                              Windstream Wholesale's nationwide high-capacity, long-haul network joins Switch CONNECT portfolio
                                              Windstream, May 11th 2017
                                              Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced today that Switch, the technology infrastructure ecosystem corporation, has added Windstream to the diverse Switch CONNECT portfolio of carriers. Windstream Wholesale will provide additional high-capacity transport connectivity between three rapidly growing Switch data center campus locations in Las Vegas, Nev. (The Core Campus), Tahoe Reno, Nev. (The Citadel Campus), and Grand Rapids, Mich. (The Pyramid Campus).

                                              "Adding Windstream Wholesale to Switch CONNECT and leveraging their significant, rapidly expanding national on-net footprint gives our customers great high-speed connectivity options to securely access our superscale campus locations across the U.S., as well as any location within the Windstream footprint," said Scott Gutierrez, senior vice president of Connectivity Sales at Switch. "During implementation, the Windstream Wholesale team performed exceptionally well in meeting timelines and collaborating with us to get things done with the same mission-critical mindset we have at Switch."

                                              F5 News
                                              Delivery and Deployment Toolchains: Still Subject to the Weakest Link Axiom
                                              F5, May 11th 2017
                                              You can hardly turn around these days without someone mentioning their DevOps-supporting toolchain. Everyone's got one (yes, even us) and all of them are enabled by the (other) API economy. According to Wikipedia, a DevOps toolchain is: "a set or combination of tools that aid in the delivery, development, and management of applications throughout the software development lifecycle, as coordinated by an organization that uses DevOps practices."

                                              Now, that focuses mainly on the app, but there's also the production side of the house - where software generally spends a good deal of its life (one hopes, at least). The same definition works for that, too, with the caveat that its focus (based on my perspective) is on the "provisioning, configuration, and management of network and app services throughout the app lifecycle, as coordinated by an organization that uses DevOps practices."

                                              Why Networks Matter to App Architecture
                                              F5, May 8th 2017
                                              Lori MacVittie blogs, "I've been writing a lot on the topic of the sometimes tumultuous relationship between app architectures and the network. For the most part, these have focused on how changes in the app architecture impact the network and the app services used to provide speed, scale, and security. Today, however, we're going to turn that relationship around and look at how the network has a pretty significant impact on applications and, in turn, on innovation..."
                                              Netapp News
                                              NetApp Releases Next-Generation Object Storage Software at OpenStack Summit Boston
                                              NetApp, May 8th 2017
                                              New version of NetApp StorageGRID Webscale simplifies OpenStack storage deployments, supports Docker container deployment on bare-metal servers

                                              NetApp introduced the latest version of its next-generation object storage software to help enterprises take control of rich content data and accelerate their digital transformation.

                                              The announcement was made at the OpenStack Summit, taking place May 8-11, 2017, at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston.

                                              "The accelerated pace of digitization is creating significant data management challenges for geo-dispersed enterprises and service providers," said Amita Potnis, research manager at IDC. "NetApp StorageGRID Webscale is an easy-to-deploy, highly scalable solution that will help users create the necessary infrastructure to support massive growth in both structured and unstructured data."

                                              NetApp Showcases Hybrid Cloud Data Management Solutions for SAP HANA and Applications at 2017 SAPPHIRE NOW
                                              NetApp, May 10th 2017
                                              NetApp Innovation Helps Enterprises Accelerate SAP Projects, Optimize Investment

                                              NetApp, an SAP partner for more than 17 years, will showcase collaborative solutions for the hybrid cloud that speed SAP implementations, improve operational efficiency, and reduce risk at 2017 SAPPHIRE NOW. The event will take place May 16-18, 2017, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

                                              With more than 26,000 joint customers, NetApp and SAP have extensive experience in solution development for hybrid cloud, converged infrastructure, CRM, and predictive analytics. The companies bring together their expertise on projects ranging from co-innovation labs to supporting the world's largest data warehouse.

                                              NetApp Showcases Cloud-Connected Data Management Solutions at VeeamON 2017
                                              NetApp, May 11th 2017
                                              NetApp, a VeeamON 2017 premier sponsor, will showcase a variety of data management solutions designed to help customers unleash the full potential of their data, whether on-premises, or in the public or hybrid cloud. VeeamON 2017 will take place May 16 - 18, 2017 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. in New Orleans. Attendees can visit NetApp in booth #102.

                                              NetApp's expertise in enterprise data management - combined with Veeam's proven data backup, replication, and recovery software - helps thousands of customers around the world ensure their data is available, discoverable and secure. NetApp will host three breakout sessions at the conference...

                                              Aerohive Networks News
                                              Aerohive Announces 2017 Partner Roadshow in North America
                                              Aerohive, May 10th 2017
                                              Aerohive Networks (NYSE:HIVE) today announced the launch of its 2017 Partner Roadshow, taking place from May 23rd to June 20th in select cities across North America.

                                              Aerohive's Partner Roadshow, exclusively sponsored by SYNNEX Corporation, is an opportunity for partners to gain insight into the vision, products, services and future direction of Aerohive.

                                              "As a channel-first company, we recognize the importance of spending face-to-face time with our partner community," said Michael O'Brien, vice president of global channels, Aerohive Networks. "Aerohive's Partner Roadshow is an exclusive event designed for our partners to learn about future market trends, business plans to increase service and reoccurring revenue, and profitable programs that will drive double-digit margins for their business."

                                                Druva News
                                                Druva Announces Record Growth in Cloud Server Data Protection
                                                Dell, May 9th 2017
                                                Druva, the leader in cloud data protection and information management, announced record growth across its server data protection business. With over 300 percent year-over-year revenue growth across this line of business, the company announced it has added more than 150 marquee brands to the Druva Phoenix customer list. With cloud data protection and management becoming an IT imperative, total Druva Cloud deployments now expand to over 4000 enterprise customers, including 10 percent of the world's Fortune 500 companies such as Continental, Emerson, Flex, Fujitsu and Lockheed Martin.
                                                Centrify News
                                                Strategically Moving Towards a Secure Hybrid IT
                                                Centrify, May 10th 2017
                                                Owing to lack of strategic foresight or sheer laziness, security has traditionally taken a back seat in IT Systems integrations. Lack of security foresight in IT endeavors can impact businesses in the course of time, thus it is recommended to look into security related aspects from the very start - be it at the time of integration, upgrades or migration of IT tool or solutions. Nowadays, security considerations such as in Software Development Life Cycle are integrated into each layer of technology engagement. With that backdrop, security loopholes and cyber vulnerabilities are becoming complex, leading to obstructing identity, data and information theft. Present day IT setup needs to expand and cater to a wider base - move ahead of on-premise and embrace hybrid IT.
                                                Commvault News
                                                Commvault Named Among Top Ten Best Places to Work in New Jersey
                                                Commvault, May 8th 2017
                                                Commvault (NASDAQ: CVLT), a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, announced today that it was named the sixth-best place to work for large-sized companies by "New Jersey Business Journal's ( 2017 Best Places to Work in New Jersey." The company's sixth-place ranking was revealed at the awards reception and ceremony on April 26, 2017.

                                                This survey and awards program identifies, recognizes and honors the top places of employment in New Jersey that benefit the state's economy, workforce and businesses. The Best Places to Work in New Jersey program is made up of 100 companies split into two groups: 65 small/medium-sized companies (15-249 employees) and 35 large-sized companies (more than 250 employees).

                                                  Nutanix News
                                                  St. Francis Xavier College Simplifies IT Infrastructure with Nutanix
                                                  Nutanix, May 11th 2017
                                                  Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced St. Francis Xavier College in Canberra has overhauled its three-tier storage area network (SAN) infrastructure and replaced it with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

                                                  Based in Canberra, St. Francis Xavier College is a co-educational school for years 7 through 12. The college has approximately 1,200 students and 150 staff. These students and staff rely on many applications and services running across 40 virtual servers, including ClickView video library, a student information system, helpdesk, web and print services, Microsoft Exchange 2016, Casper for iOS, and more.

                                                  Nutanix Adds New Speakers from Google, Dropbox, Harvard Business School, Indiana Pacers and More to .NEXT Conference 2017
                                                  Nutanix, May 8th 2017
                                                  Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced additional industry speakers at .NEXT 2017, the company's annual user conference, including Diane Greene, Senior Vice President, Google Cloud; Kirk Skaugen, Executive Vice President and President of Lenovo's Data Center Group; Deepak Malhotra, Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School; Adriana Gascoigne, CEO and Founder of Girls in Tech; John Bates, author of Thingalytics; and former NASA Principal Investigator and CTO of Houston Mechatronics, Nicolaus Radford.
                                                  Palo Alto Networks News
                                                  Verge Health Secures Protected Health Information on AWS Cloud With the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform
                                                  Palo Alto Networks, May 8th 2017
                                                  Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, today announced that Verge Health - a global provider of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for healthcare governance, risk and compliance - has selected the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform to prevent cyberattacks targeting protected health information.

                                                  Verge Health's SaaS platform, Converge, is used by more than 900 hospitals to securely work with quality and patient safety data, while protecting caregivers and their organizations against errors, adverse events and policy violations. To do this, the company required an automated and integrated cybersecurity platform, optimized for Amazon Web Services and able to defend against threat actors in pursuit of highly coveted patient medical records and personal information. Due to the sensitive nature of this data, ensuring high availability of the security platform on AWS was a top priority.

                                                  SuperMicro News
                                                  Supermicro Systems Deliver 170 TFLOPS FP16 of Peak Performance for Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning, at GTC 2017
                                                  SuperMicro, May 8th 2017
                                                  Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies including green computing, will exhibit new GPU-based servers at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) from May 8 to 11 at the San Jose Convention Center.

                                                  Optimized applications for Supermicro GPU supercomputing systems include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, HPC, Cloud and Virtualized graphics, and Hyperscale Workloads. Supermicro will have on display the SYS-1028GQ-TXRT and SYS-4028GR-TXRT with support for four and eight NVIDIA Tesla P100 SXM 2.0 modules, respectively, both featuring NVIDIA NVLink interconnect technology. Supermicro will also be displaying its multi-node GPU solutions and high-performance workstations with support for 4 PCIe 3.0 x16 slots.

                                                  SUSE News
                                                  SUSE Unveils SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring to Simplify and Manage OpenStack Cloud Deployments
                                                  SUSE, May 8th 2017
                                                  SUSE unveiled SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring, an open source software solution that makes it simple to monitor and manage the health and performance of enterprise OpenStack cloud environments and workloads. Based on the OpenStack Monasca project, SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring makes it easy for operators and users to monitor and analyze the health and performance of complex private clouds, delivers reliability, performance and high service levels for OpenStack clouds, and reduces costs by simplifying, automating and pre-configuring cloud monitoring and management.
                                                  SUSE Academic Program Opens Door to Open Source for Students Globally
                                                  SUSE, May 8th 2017
                                                  SUSE is opening the door to the world of open source software for students around the globe through the new SUSE Academic Program. SUSE is sharing no- or low-cost open source software, training curriculum, tools and support to help schools, universities, teaching hospitals and other academic organizations use, teach and develop open source software with their students. The curriculum includes courses for SUSE Linux Certified Administrator (SCA) , among others.
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