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Oracle News
Oracle and AT&T Enter into Strategic Agreement
Oracle, May 4th 2017
AT&T to Move Databases and Applications Workloads to the Oracle Cloud

Oracle announced that AT&T signed an agreement to move thousands of its large scale internal databases to Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Under the agreement, AT&T will migrate thousands of existing Oracle databases containing petabytes of data plus their associated applications workloads to Oracle Cloud...

Oracle and Partners Make It Easier for Global Organizations to Move to the Cloud
Oracle, May 4th 2017
New and extended partner relationships support the strong demand for Oracle Cloud

Oracle announced the addition of new partners to Oracle Network Cloud Service: FastConnect, a program that enables enterprise cloud connectivity through the points of presence for global members of Oracle PartnerNetwork. The new and extended partner relationships support the strong demand for Oracle Cloud. These collaborations help global enterprise customers break down barriers to cloud adoption and take advantage of performance, cost and innovation benefits of the Oracle Cloud...

Oracle Announces EU Region Expansion in Germany
Oracle, May 4th 2017
New IaaS foundation and capabilities enable customers to move mission-critical applications to the cloud

Continuing its commitment to cloud customers through extensive engineering and infrastructure investments, Oracle today announced enhancements to the Oracle Cloud EU Region in Germany with the addition of modern infrastructure as a service (IaaS) architecture and new IaaS and platform as a service (PaaS) cloud services. German-based modern IaaS will enable organizations to build and move mission-critical workloads to the cloud with uncompromised security and governance at a significant price performance advantage both over existing on-premises infrastructure and competitive cloud offerings.

Trek Bicycle Shifts to Oracle Cloud to Improve Customer Experience
Oracle, May 4th 2017
World renowned bicycle company turns to Oracle Cloud Platform to build brand enthusiasts through innovative mobile solutions, reinvent customer claim process, and rapidly expand its dealer network

Oracle announced that Trek Bicycle, a world leader in manufacturing and distribution of bicycles and cycling products, is using Oracle Cloud Platform to help grow Trek enthusiasts and keep its riders on the road through faster service, as well as to simplify expansion of its global dealer network.

Oracle Cloud Applications Drive Business Transformation Around the World
Oracle, May 4th 2017
Industry-first innovations drive growth of world's largest and fastest-growing suite of cloud applications

Organizations worldwide are increasingly adopting Oracle Cloud Applications to grow faster, differentiate from competitors, and better serve their customers. Oracle Cloud Applications is a complete and fully integrated suite of cloud applications for every function in the enterprise, and is the industry's broadest, deepest, and fastest-growing suite of cloud applications. With Oracle Cloud Applications, organizations across all industries can deliver the experiences customers expect, attract and retain the talent to succeed, and achieve the performance the market demands.

VMware and Oracle Collaborate to Enable Advanced Security Features and Streamlined Management of Oracle Mobile Enterprise Applications
Oracle, May 4th 2017
VMware AirWatch and Workspace ONE customers can now securely manage their Oracle mobile business applications

VMware and Oracle announced a new relationship to simplify management and enable advanced security features for Oracle's suite of mobile business applications and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (OMCS) for mobile devices. Oracle has the most enterprise mobile applications in the Apple App Store and was also named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platforms, Q4 2016. Through this collaboration, Oracle's robust mobile ecosystem can now leverage application management and security through VMware AirWatch.

AT&T Taps Oracle Cloud Services In 'Historic' Agreement
Oracle, May 5th 2017
AT&T will migrate thousands of its existing Oracle databases and related application workloads to run in Oracle Cloud as part of a long-term agreement under which it will tap Oracle platform-, infrastructure-, and software-as-a-service offerings.

Those AT&T databases and applications, which underpin a range of the global telecom carrier's services, contain many petabytes of data.

5 Ways NetSuite Delivers More Now That It's Part Of Oracle
Oracle, May 4th 2017
Jim McGeever, NetSuite's top executive, had the silhouette of an elephant flash behind him when he came on stage at NetSuite's annual SuiteWorld event last week in Las Vegas - the first such event since Oracle acquired the company for $9.3 billion in November.

"If there is one place that I thought we could get an actual, live elephant in the room, it is Vegas," said McGeever, now executive vice president of Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit. "Turns out, no."

Are Droids Running Your Finance Office - Yet?
Oracle, May 3rd 2017
"In the same way that R2D2, the faithful droid from the Star Wars movie franchise, travels the far reaches of the galaxy righting wrongs, the software algorithms that guide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) travel the constellations of data collected by companies, resolving anomalies.

Agile Finance Revealed: The New Operating Model for Modern Finance, a recent study by Oracle and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), predicts that RPA and the related technologies of machine learning and adaptive intelligence will become increasingly important in finance automation as they help finance professionals free up their time for more strategic pursuits..."

Oracle Taps Into LinkedIn Data
By Michael Hickins
Michael blogs, "Oracle and professional social network LinkedIn have struck an agreement making it possible for customers of Oracle Marketing Cloud to tap into data on the more than 460 million users of LinkedIn. This capability gives Oracle customers a big advantage at a time when digital marketing is becoming a more important tool for companies of every stripe.

The new integration between Oracle Eloqua, part of Oracle Marketing Cloud, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager is designed to increase conversion rates and generate more sales by helping marketers personalize and orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels, including email, websites, and digital ads..."

From Spreadsheets To Data Science: Cummins Revs Up Its Talent Engine
By Rob Preston
Rob blogs, "For a company that prides itself on its world-class engineering and its 'hire to develop' culture, Cummins had a decidedly low-tech, inefficient process for identifying its top talent.

Every year Cummins' HR organization would contact more than 1,800 senior managers worldwide and ask them to assess the leadership potential of their direct reports. And then it would spend several months sending out reminders, chasing down and consolidating spreadsheets, and overseeing a series of 'calibration' meetings where the senior managers aligned on who the top talents were in their organizations..."

    IT - AI
    6 Ways AI Can Improve How Government Works Right Now
    GCN, May 2nd 2017
    "What: 'AI-augmented government: Using cognitive technologies to redesign public sector work,' a report by the Deloitte Center for Government Insights that explores how governments can use artificial intelligence to become more efficient.

    Why: At a minimum, AI could save 96.7 million federal hours annually, which would mean potential savings of $3.3 billion, Deloitte says.

    Findings: AI can increase speed, enhance quality and reduce costs. Some of the possibilities include: ..."

      AI Everywhere - Interview With Nvidia's Ceo, Jensen Huang
      TechCrunch, May 5th 2017
      "Nvidia's Jensen Huang is one of those rare CEOs who has, for a remarkably long and storied period, been at the helm of a company he helped create. In 1993, at the age of 30, he co-founded Nvidia and has occupied the top executive spot ever since. What began as a provider of relatively niche graphics processing units (GPUs) with a narrow field of general computing uses has evolved to become, arguably, the bedrock underlying the current AI market explosion..."
        AI Seen As Great 'Equalizer' In Bringing Services To The Masses
        Information Age, May 5th 2017
        "Artificial intelligence is being described as the third great revolution in business, following the Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution. And if some industry observers are correct, it will have a transformative effect on consumers, business and government markets around the world.

        According to the report 'Bot.Me: A revolutionary partnership: How AI is pushing man and machine closer together' from PwC, 'AI has the potential to become the great equalizer. Access to services that were traditionally reserved for a privileged few can be extended to the masses..."

          Have Rogue Employees Met Their Match In AI?
          Information Management, May 5th 2017
          "During a recent visit to IBM's digs in the chic Astor Place section of Manhattan, I got a peek at how Watson - the famous (and increasingly useful) artificial intelligence machine - is being taught to look for signs of improper trading, fraudulent account openings and other employee misdeeds.

          'We take all of traders' emails and chats and run them through our personality insights and tone analyzer and identify whether there's anger, are they happy, are they sad?' said Marc Andrews, vice president of Watson Financial Services Solutions. 'We're analyzing the behavioral patterns that are associated with misconduct: How do people start behaving right before they get involved in misconduct?'..."

          In A World Of Bots, AI And Big Data, How Can Employees And Businesses Survive?
          ITProPortal, May 2nd 2017
          "The Fourth Industrial Revolution is looming and now is the time to prepare for an automated future...

          With the Fourth Industrial Revolution hailed as bringing about a digital boom on the global economy, many may think: 'Are we not we already well into the digital economy era?'.

          It is true that there are now countless apps and computing technologies that allow people to conveniently hail a taxi, book a hotel, or clean floors with a robot. Smart machines can also already drive cars, diagnose patients, and manage finances more effectively than humans. But in a new analysis - What to do when Machines do Everything - we found the real boom is only just beginning..."

            Machine Learning Can Bring More Intelligence To Radiology
            Information Management, May 3rd 2017
            "Machine learning is emerging as one of the key hopes to change the practice of radiology - the opportunity seems ripe, with rising calls for radiologists to demonstrate increased quality and more value, even as technology yields bigger datasets and more complexity.

            But exactly how machine learning will impact the radiology profession - and healthcare in general - remains to be seen. It will just take time and experimentation with machine learning, some say..."

            Top 10 AI And Machine Learning Data Storage Trends
            Enterprise Storage Forum, May 4th 2017
            "Broader adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) has some system and storage managers really excited. Machine learning algorithms, for example, can be incorporated into the control layer to enable administrators to diagnose the various causes of traffic congestions far more easily. This allows them to predict potentially vulnerable network sectors.

            'User requests and data traffic can be channeled to and from alternative storage locations based on network usage patterns,' said Shiladitya Chaterji, an AI analyst at MarketsAndMarkets.

            But it goes far beyond being a mere traffic cop. AI and machine learning are influencing data storage in many different ways. Here are some of the top trends and predictions:..."

              Which Deep Learning Network Is Best For You?
              CIO, May 4th 2017
              "Open source deep learning neural networks are coming of age. There are several frameworks that are providing advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities over proprietary solutions. How do you determine which open source framework is best for you?...

              In 'Big data - a road map for smarter data,' I describe a set of machine learning architectures that will provide advanced capabilities to include image, handwriting, video, and speech recognition, natural language processing and object recognition. There is no perfect deep learning network that will solve all your business problems. Hopefully, the below table with the accommodating descriptive outline will provide you insights towards the best fit for purpose framework for your business problem..."

              Why Human + AI Partnerships Will Deliver The Best Customer Experiences
              Business 2 Community, May 5th 2017
              "Earlier this year, HubSpot released a report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that laid out opportunities for businesses to leverage AI in customer service and ecommerce.

              Additionally, the report detailed how AI would impact nearly all facets of business and modern life in the near future, citing the rapid pace of AI company acquisitions by established technology companies like Google, Twitter, and Intel..."

              Updated Oracle VM Templates for Oracle E-Business Suite
              By Simon Coter
              Simon blogs, "Continuing along the road related to the benefits of Oracle VM Templates (see our announcement last week, related to updated Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database), today we are pleased to congratulate with Oracle E-Business Suite Team for bringing us an other important update for our Oracle VM Templates family; in fact, Oracle VM Virtual Appliance for E-Business Suite 12.2.6 is now available for download..."
              Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.22
              By Simon Coter
              Simon blogs, "Oracle has released VirtualBox 5.1 Maintenance Release 22.

              This release includes improvements and regression fixes for Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1. Between them we can mention following regression for 5.1.20, now fixed:..."

              IT - Storage
              All-Flash, All-Disk Or Hybrid?
              Storage Newsletter, May 1st 2017
              "We started with a simple question: What surprises have you experienced since you started deploying flash storage in your organization? Of course, surprises can be good or they can be bad, but we sought to understand what may have changed - and what's not changed - since our survey respondents deployed flash storage into their environments. To that end, we asked 1,000 people to share with us their attitudes and experiences around storage. In this report, we will share with you what we learned and how you may be able to use this information to better inform your own path forward..."
              Can You Justify An All-Flash Data Center?
              SearchStorage, May 5th 2017
              "The elevated cost of flash technology is a reason to limit flash usage. Find out what other factors go into a flash purchase and how it's used in today's data centers...

              The concept of an all-flash data center has been floating around for several years, driven by the continual decrease in cost of the media and ongoing improvement in the technology that surrounds it. The result is almost every all-flash vendor is claiming price parity with hard disk-based systems..."

              Data Center Storage Architecture Gets Smarter With AI
              SearchStorage, May 5th 2017
              "Trends, such as event-triggered computing, as exemplified by Lambda Architectures, converge on data center storage to hasten data center intelligence evolution...

              Infrastructure is getting smarter by the day. It's reached the point where I'm afraid artificially intelligent IT will soon turn the tables and start telling me how to manage my own personal 'lifecycle.' Well, I would be afraid if I believed all those AI vendors suddenly claiming they offer AI-powered infrastructure..."

              Use The Cloud To Enhance The Functions Of Primary Storage
              SearchStorage, May 5th 2017
              "Learn some of the best ways to leverage public cloud as a storage tier to complement primary storage and make data centers more efficient...

              IT managers viewed cloud storage skeptically or as a threat when services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service and Elastic Block Store started appearing a little over a decade ago. As the logic went, the cloud might serve archiving needs, but I sure wouldn't trust placing primary data there due to security, availability and performance concerns..."

              IT - Technology
              A 'World First' Fusion Reactor Just Created Its First Plasma
    , May 1st 2017
              "After being turned on for the first time, the UK's newest fusion reactor has achieved first plasma. This simply means that the reactor was able to successfully generate a molten mass of electrically-charged gas - plasma - inside its core.

              Called the ST40, the reactor was constructed by Tokamak Energy, one of the leading private fusion energy companies in the world. The company was founded in 2009 with the express purpose of designing and developing small fusion reactors to introduce fusion power into the grid by 2030..."

                Hand That Sees Offers New Hope To Amputees
                Science Daily, May 3rd 2017
                "A new generation of prosthetic limbs which will allow the wearer to reach for objects automatically, without thinking -- just like a real hand -- are to be trialled for the first time.

                Led by biomedical engineers at Newcastle University, UK, and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the bionic hand is fitted with a camera which instantaneously takes a picture of the object in front of it, assesses its shape and size and triggers a series of movements in the hand..."

                  What Is This HDMI ARC Port on My TV?
                  How-To Geek, May 3rd 2017
                  "If you look on the back of your TV, you'll likely see a few HDMI ports - but one of them may be labeled ARC, or something similar. This is no ordinary HDMI port. HDMI ARC can greatly simplify your audio cabling needs and setup if you know where to look for it and how to implement it.

                  HDMI ARC: The HDMI Specification You've Never Heard Of

                  Historically, an AV receivers was the heart of the home media experience, and everything connected through it. DVD/Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game consoles, and other devices all went into the box, and then video and audio signals were split between the TV and the speakers, respectively..."

                    IT - Bitcoin
                    Japan Legalises Bitcoin; Price Goes Through The Roof
                    NEWSBTC, May 3rd 2017
                    "Bitcoin price has almost jumped 7 percent in the initial two days of May to reach a record high of $1469.56 on Tuesday. The Bitcoin price which now nears the record high of $1500 is spurred by the spike in demand from Japan, following the legalization of Bitcoin over there. Japan passed a law to accept bitcoin as a legal payment method which came in effect on April 1, 2017.

                    Bitcoin, which had suffered a dip in price in the latter half of March following the debate over the future of its underlying technology, was resuscitated by the support from Japan after its legalization there. The bitcoin price has been steadily rising since then, with only minor fluctuations..."

                    U.S. Government Cracks Down On Illegal Bitcoin Money Transmitters
                    Bitcoin Magazine, May 5th 2017
                    "Owning and operating a money transmitter service in the U.S. is 'illegal' unless it is registered with State agencies. Unfortunately, this is also true if one uses Bitcoin to exchange for fiat currency. Bitcoin is not immune from State or Federal laws regulating the flow of money, and agents can track bitcoin transfers over the blockchain..."
                    IT - DevOps
                    5 DevOps Management Faults
                    Information Week, May 4th 2017
                    "Sometimes the barriers to success with DevOps can't be blamed on poor tools or poor workmen, but on the managers who are in charge.

                    By all estimations, DevOps has been proven to be effective in accelerating the delivery of applications with a consistent level of code quality. In fact, DevOps has such a big impact on enterprise IT, that some call it a 'key driver of business growth' in 2017. Despite the potential, management of DevOps has proven difficult in some organizations. The biggest problems seem to revolve around improper management practices that should bind operations and development teams together..."

                    MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.8
          , May 1st 2017
                    MySQL Release Engineering writes, "MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.8, a new version of the ODBC driver for the MySQL database management system, has been released.

                    The available downloads include both a Unicode driver and an ANSI driver based on the same modern codebase. Please select the driver type you need based on the type of your application - Unicode or ANSI. Server-side prepared statements are enabled by default. It is suitable for use with any MySQL version from 5.5..."

                    Cloud Computing
                    Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says Enterprise Cloud Migration in Early Stages
                    eWeek, May 4th 2017
                    David Needle writes, "During a 'media day' for journalists, Oracle executives discussed the company's enterprise cloud strategy and announced a big deal with AT&T affecting 70,000 service personnel.

                    When it comes to cloud computing, Oracle Corp. wants it all. The database giant held court on a variety of topics focused mainly on its cloud computing strategy here at company headquarters during a media event...

                    'We think this transition to the cloud fully will take a decade,' said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd in opening remarks...

                    Spacewalk 2.6
                    By Avi Miller
                    Avi blogs, "Spacewalk 2.6 Server is now available for both Oracle Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 6 with client support for Oracle Linux 7, Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 5.

                    In addition to numerous fixes and other small enhancements, the Spacewalk 2.6 release includes the following significant features:..."

                    IT - Cloud
                    Cloud Vs. On-Premises: Finding The Right Balance
                    ComputerWorld, May 1st 2017
                    "The process of figuring out which apps work in the cloud vs. on-premises doesn't yield the same results for everyone...

                    Greg Downer, senior IT director at Oshkosh Corp., a manufacturer of specialty heavy vehicles in Oshkosh, Wisc., wishes he could tip the balance of on-premises vs. cloud more in the direction of the cloud, which currently accounts for only about 20% of his application footprint. However, as a contractor for the Department of Defense, his company is beholden to strict data requirements, including where data is stored..."

                      Hybrid Cloud: The 'New' But Not-New It Service Platform
                      The Register, May 4th 2017
                      "Today, the term hybrid IT is typically used when talking about bridging IT on multiple premises. But this is an oversimplification. Buried deep within any hybrid IT discussion will be a need to talk about standards, compliance and some difficult decisions about how we even conceptualize our approach to IT.

                      As a marketing term 'hybrid-anything' means the integration of two things that were previously separate. A hybrid storage array contains both flash and magnetic media. Hybrid WAN networking is a network topology containing more than one connection type, for example MPLS and an internet-based tunnel..."

                      Making Sense Of All The Cloud-As-A-Service Models
                      Information Management, May 4th 2017
                      "In case you haven't heard, the cloud is like pizza. You can have pizza four different ways - at home, via take and bake, delivery, or dining out at a restaurant.

                      Similarly, there are three different services models when it comes to cloud computing - IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS - and three different cloud types - public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. With each different kind of pizza experience, the diner handles a certain fraction of the process, and a third party handles a certain fraction of the process.

                      Going along with this comparison, the same can be said for the various combinations of service models and cloud types listed above..."

                      Why Everyone's So Excited About Serverless Computing
                      InfoWorld, May 1st 2017
                      "Contrary to popular belief, the cloud doesn't make infrastructure go away - but serverless computing is taking developers a big step closer to that dream ...

                      As part of the normal cycle of things, our most recent boom in enterprise technology development has slowed, which always leaves the industry breathless about whatever's left that's actually new. Witness, for example, the current mania over AI and machine learning.

                      I've had my fill of AI-washing, so the most interesting new area to me today is serverless computing, which hit the radar a couple of years ago when Amazon introduced AWS Lambda. The basic idea is that, finally, developers can build without worrying about physical or virtual servers or even containers..."

                      IT - CxO
                      CIO Strategies: How To Make Your Business Trust It Again
                      ZDNet, May 2nd 2017
                      "CIOs and their teams have a great view across the individual lines of business and should be able to offer useful pointers on how to make the most of digital technology.

                      So, how should IT leaders work with the rest of the c-suite to turn their great ideas into business benefits? Three experts offer their perspectives..."

                        CIOs: Stop Talking About Tech, Start Talking About Value
                        Network World, May 2nd 2017
                        "CIOs need to focus on technology not for the 'cool factor,' but because it can create a better employee experience and create value...

                        Remember scrambling like mad for new technology?

                        I know people who camped out overnight to secure their place in line for the latest version of a smartphone. Others significantly overpaid or added their names to pre-order lists months in advance - just to make sure they had the most up-to-date device. When the iPad2 was released back in 2011, some stores sold out within 10 minutes even though it was estimated that 60 percent of consumers purchasing the tablet already owned the original version launched only the year before..."

                          CISO Job Requires Proven Track Record In Business And Security
                          SearchSecurity, May 3rd 2017
                          "In the security field, certifications and degrees are never a substitute for on-the-job experience. For women in security, the challenges may be even greater...

                          The CISO job is one of those positions that's much easier to get once you have a proven track record. However, companies are seeking first-time CISOs and finding candidates externally, and in rarer instances, from within their ranks.

                          How can CISO job candidates establish that they have security leadership abilities?..."

                          GDPR Requirements: Five High-Priority Actions
                          HelpNet Security, May 3rd 2017
                          "The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have a global impact when it goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2018, more than 50 percent of companies affected by the GDPR will not be in full compliance with its requirements.

                          'The GDPR will affect not only EU-based organizations, but many data controllers and processors outside the EU as well,' said Bart Willemsen, research director at Gartner..."

                          How can CSOs Protect Their CEO?
                          IT World, May 2nd 2017
                          "Company leaders are certainly targets, just ask Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick...

                          Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise with data breaches occurring more frequently every year. Every employee is at risk for being the entry point into an organization's network however your more visible employees may be an easier target. CEOs have a high level of visibility outside the organization and attackers can leverage the data they collect as a way to target them for cybersecurity attacks. Organizations can help protect your CEO from cybersecurity attacks by leveraging the following tips provided by security company Spirent's David DeSanto..."

                          Mounting Security Threats Boost Status Of Cios
                          CIO Insight, May 4th 2017
                          "A recent study, 'Virtualization Makes CIOs' Role Key,' revealed that CEOs consider CIOs among the most important C-level executives, and they stressed that these IT leaders are important to decision-making strategies and to bringing security to board-level thinking. CEOs and board members are worried about the growing number of internal and external security risks that could ruin customer trust and business forecasts. For these reasons, CIOs are expected to rise in their company's hierarchies. Thirty-four percent of IT decision-makers think that their jobs are more important in their company than ever before, while another 30 percent admitted that their job has completely changed in the past five years..."
                          State Of The CIO 2017: Priorities That Can't Wait
                          The Enterprisers Project, May 2nd 2017
                          "CIO magazine just came out with its 16th annual 'State of the CIO' report that tracks evolving views of the CIO and IT's role in the modern organization. Based on surveys of 646 CIOs and other IT leaders and 200 line of business leaders, the report provides a snapshot of where CIOs stand in their organizations today. More important, it provides some deep insight into how the role is evolving, and what to expect over the coming year.

                          Based on the results, here are some ways 2017 will be different from 2016:.."

                          Why CSOs And CISOs Need To Care About Machine Learning
                          CSO Online, May 3rd 2017
                          "Michael A. Davis of CounterTack explains the security challenges around machine learning, and how some of the issues can be solved for free (yes, free!)...

                          Machine learning (or behavioral analytics or artificial intelligence) is one of the buzzwords of 2017 - you've probably heard about this trend long before reading this sentence. Some vendors, especially in the security space, are touting machine learning as a way for overloaded staffs to get rid of the mundane aspects of security alerting and analysis. The technology has also created a lot of FUD as vendors try to define machine learning in their own way..."

                          Why Online Etiquette Matters -- And Why It Leaders Should Care
                          ComputerWorld, May 3rd 2017
                          "High-tech analyst and author Scott Steinberg offers ideas for navigating social media networks with grace and discusses the crucial role CIOs play in promoting -- and enforcing -- good behavior online...

                          It seems that not a week goes by without social media hitting a new high - or, as United Airlines might attest, a new low. Whatever your perspective, there's no denying that social networks and online connections can shape how we work, think and interact to a dramatic degree..."

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                            John McLaughlin

                            Oracle R Distribution 3.3.0
                            By Sherry Lamonica
                            Sherry blogs, "Oracle R Distribution version 3.3.0 has been released on all supported platforms today. This release, code-named "Supposedly Educational", contains several significant bug fixes and improvements to R, including:

                            • Support for downloading data from secure https-enabled sites using download.file
                            • Speed improvements for a number of low-level R functions called by higher-level, commonly used functions. These include speedups for vector selection with boolean data, function argument matching, sorting vectors, and finding a single value in a vector with match.
                            • A new function sigma to calculate residual standard deviation for a variety of statistical models.
                            • A new high-performance radix sort algorithm contributed by Matt Dowle.
                            • Packages built using C++11 code are now supported on Windows.

                            Improvements specific to Oracle's Distribution of R include..."

                            IT - DR
                            Building An IT Resiliency Plan Into An Always-On World
                            SearchStorage, May 5th 2017
                            "A multipronged approach is the best protection against unaffordable and unacceptable downtime in today's 24/7 business cycle...

                            The concepts of recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives are becoming increasingly obsolete. Today's highly connected world has forced most organizations to ensure IT resiliency and make their resources continuously available. More importantly, the cost of downtime continues to increase and has become unacceptable and even unaffordable for many organizations..."

                              Dr Number One Application It Plans To Migrate To Cloud
                    , May 4th 2017
                              "DR is the No. 1 application IT organizations plan to migrate to the cloud (36%). DR is followed by file sharing (30%), backup (30%) and storage (29%).

                              These are among the findings of Cloud Adoption in 2017, a research study conducted by Zetta, Inc., provider of BC solutions..."

                                IT - Networks
                                Do You Need 2.5 And 5 Gigabit Ethernet?
                                Network Computing, May 3rd 2017
                                "Here are some reasons enterprises may want to leverage the new IEEE standard...

                                Considering how long it usually takes the IEEE to ratify critical networking standards, its rapid standardization of the NBASE-T Alliance's development of 2.5 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet over Cat 5e and 6 copper cabling was surprising. In just under two years since the NBASE-T Alliance formed, the IEEE approved the alliance's recommendations and published the 802.3bz standard. Considering all the effort to accelerate industry standards for multi-gigabit Ethernet over copper cables, the demand for such a technology must be sky-high, right?..."

                                Manage Wireless Networks With The Latest Tools And Tech
                                Information Management, May 3rd 2017
                                "To manage wireless networks, IT pros must keep pace with an array of rapidly changing products. Are you up to date on what tools and tech are now on the market?...

                                In general, there are two categories of products available to manage wireless networks: network performance management and network operations management. To choose the right product for their particular company, networking professionals and others involved in purchase decisions must stay on top of what an ever-evolving market of wireless management products and technologies...

                                The Fat New Pipes That Link Facebook Data Centers
                                Data Center Knowledge, May 4th 2017
                                "Earlier this week Facebook announced that over some recent period of time traffic between its data centers has been carried by a separate network backbone than the backbone that connects its data centers to the public internet - a major architectural change for the social network which for 10 years had been moving both types of traffic on a single backbone.

                                The amount of traffic traveling between Facebook data centers today is many times bigger than the amount of traffic that travels between its infrastructure and the internet, where its 2 billion monthly active users access the social network..."

                                IT - IoT
                                Enabling The Industrial IoT With Cyber Security In Mind
                                ITProPortal, May 3rd 2017
                                "As technology has evolved, so has the intelligence and sophistication of cyber terrorists and their tactics...

                                Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networking technology and wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications solutions are critical to the daily operations of an increasingly connected and industrial world. With a greater dependence on providing reliable and secure high-speed connectivity to personnel, smart devices, machinery and many other geographically dispersed assets, electric utility operators require powerful, yet flexible, communications solutions for the business demands. The overall value proposition that these technologies bring is important for decision-makers to adopt and integrate into their smart grid infrastructures. Some of the main benefits are:..."

                                  Key Elements For Success In The IoT
                                  IT Business Edge, May 3rd 2017
                                  "It's probably the understatement of the century so far to say that the future of the enterprise depends on a successful Internet of Things (IoT) deployment. As the economy transforms from the selling of products to the selling of services, companies without a top-notch IoT ecosystem will be at a distinct disadvantage to those that have mastered the technology.

                                  But there are a lot of components to the IoT, and it isn't always easy to tell what works and what doesn't, especially at this stage of the game..."

                                  Tls Client Authentication Ensures Secure IoT Connection
                                  SearchSecurity, May 5th 2017
                                  "The TLS client authentication protocol has been a part of the security standard for years, but is just now coming into its own in certifying secure IoT connections.

                                  Client-side TLS certificates may not be new, but experts said these certs could find new life to ensure secure connections in the boom of internet of things devices, while multifactor authentication is better for humans.

                                  Experts told SearchSecurity that historically, TLS client authentication was thought of as a way to allow humans to avoid using something like a password for authentication when connecting to a website, but it ended up being a complex process..."

                                  IT - Linux
                                  Linux 4.11 Improves Security And Performance
                                  ServerWatch, May 1st 2017
                                  "Linux creator Linus Torvalds officially released the Linux 4.11 kernel on April 30, providing new features that will help improve the performance and storage capabilities of Linux operating systems.

                                  The 4.11 kernel is the second major Linux kernel release of 2017, following the February 19th Linux 4.10 kernel release..."

                                  "Shortlog appended for people who want to peruse the details, but it's a mix all over, with about half being drivers (networking dominates, but some sound fixlets too), with the rest being some arch updates, generic networking, and filesystem (nfs[d])fixes," Torvalds wrote in a mailing list message announcing the new kernel.

                                  IT - Operations
                                  Five Steps To Better Data Center Vendor Vetting
                                  Data Center Knowledge, May 3rd 2017
                                  "Bigger isn't always better, and innovative technologies aren't always best. But, when choosing vendors and suppliers, the best choices aren't always evident until the equipment is installed or the contract has been let. That's when nasty surprises may occur and you realize that what you expected isn't quite what you received, or - worse - what you asked for wasn't exactly what you wanted.

                                  To minimize the odds of that happening to you, use these five steps:.."

                                    How ITSM Can Fast-Forward the Tech Transformation
                                    CIO Insight, May 5th 2017
                                    "Challenged by the fast pace of digital transformation, many companies are increasing their investment in IT service management (ITSM) as a potential solution, according to a recent survey from BMC. The resulting report, 'Delivering Value to Today's Digital Enterprise: The State of IT Service Management 2017,' indicates that a significant percent of businesses are stretched too thin in terms of staffing to keep up with changing IT needs.

                                    At the same time, many are spending too much time and budget on the maintenance and management of existing systems, instead of focusing on new initiatives. Through ITSM - a process-driven approach that stresses customer and user needs and continuous improvement - companies expect to boost operational efficiencies and employee productivity, while better enabling a digital transformation. Plus, they anticipate that they'll achieve all of this at a lower cost..."

                                    Why Enterprises Need Service Lifecycle Management Systems
                                    Business 2 Community, May 1st 2017
                                    "A service lifecycle management system is an all-exclusive customer service approach that covers every single element of service or product lifecycle right from initial customer interaction to invoicing. It is a continuous process that allows a single view of service, which helps in better decision making. Service lifecycle management looks after all the customer service stages including initial customer interaction, closing of orders, invoicing and aftermarket services. Such management systems create scopes of improvements in service delivery, helping businesses to reach economies of scale. Moreover, such service lifecycle management applications interlink traditional aftermarket services with innovative technologies such as connected technology, 3rd platform technology and cloud-based analytical tools to make it simpler for end use customers..."
                                    IT - Security
                                    1 In 4 Banks Struggle With Online Customer Verification
                                    Information Age, May 5th 2017
                                    Online customer verification is proving a challenge for banks looking to maintain strict cyber security practices

                                    "According to the latest Financial Institutions Security Risks survey, 24% of banks worldwide struggle with the identification of their customers when delivering digital and online banking services.

                                    As more than half of banks (59%) anticipate growing financial losses due to fraud in the next three years, the verification of a user's identity should be taking central stage in the cyber security strategies of financial institutions, Kaspersky Lab has warned..."

                                    5 Ways For Encouraging Your Employees To Take Security Measures Seriously
                                    Business 2 Community, May 5th 2017
                                    "There is an undoubtedly need for increasing our security measures these days, especially if we consider the latest news on cyber security breaches and the potential damage that could imply for our business' interests. However, it is a relatively minor part of the total amount of companies available in the market that can proudly announce they found a way to protect their assets that work. Are there any secrets worth considering for taking the idea of a fool-proof business to reality? The only answer to that is your employees.

                                    In this guide, we are going to explain five exciting ways in which we can teach the importance of sticking to security measures in a company..."

                                    7 Steps To Fight Ransomware
                                    Dark Reading, May 3rd 2017
                                    "Perpetrators are shifting to more specific targets. This means companies must strengthen their defenses, and these strategies can help.

                                    Ransomware can be a highly lucrative system for extracting money from a customer. Victims are faced with an unpleasant choice: either pay the ransom or lose access to the encrypted files forever. Until now, ransomware has appeared to be opportunistic and driven through random phishing campaigns. These campaigns often, but not always, rely on large numbers of emails that are harvested without a singular focus on a company or individual..."

                                      IT Security From The Start: 3 Ways To Make It A Business Priority
                                      The Enterprisers Project, May 2nd 2017
                                      "One of the biggest priorities in IT this year will be to finally resolve the ongoing debate: Who is responsible for security? Is it the sole responsibility of IT, the CISO's job, or is it a business problem? From my point of view, if you don't think security is part of your job, you become part of the problem. To truly secure the enterprise, security must become central to everyone's role.

                                      I like to relate this issue to driving. When you're on the road, your job is to drive the car. However, it doesn't matter how good you are at your job - you could be the best driver in the world. But if you're not paying attention to what's going on around you, you are likely to have an accident..."

                                      It's World Password Day But Passwords May Be Headed For Extinction
                                      Network World, May 4th 2017
                                      "Biometrics, cellphones can be as secure, less hassle...

                                      Today is World Password Day but a range of alternative authentication methods is challenging passwords so that within the foreseeable future the day of awareness could become obsolete.

                                      Biometrics and cell phones are important to this replacement, with ongoing trials of how effective they might be. There is a flurry of activity in these areas to do away with passwords:..."

                                        Making Security Everybody's Business Goes Beyond Strong Passwords
                                        Help Net Security, May 4th 2017
                                        "One of my colleagues recently shared a story that unfortunately, is not an uncommon happening among line of business application owners. He was monitoring a high value application using standard monitoring tools. He knew who was logging in, when, from where, and other information most application owners have purview to as part of their daily jobs.

                                        Then, the day took a turn for the worse. Marked urgent, an email came in from his boss - the company's CISO. It included only one sentence, 'Did you know there is a highly critical vulnerability in your application?' The phone rang. The CISO was furious..."

                                        Pitfalls Of Cybersecurity Shopping: Hype And Shoddy Products
                                        CSO Online, May 5th 2017
                                        "In a crowded market with many new products, it can be hard to make sure you're getting what you need...

                                        There's a growing threat on the cybersecurity scene that could drain millions from unsuspecting businesses and leave them vulnerable to hacking threats.

                                        It isn't a new strain of ransomware. It's the cybersecurity industry itself.

                                        It's ironic, but the products vendors sell, and the marketing they use, sometimes leave buyers misinformed and less secure, according to several business directors who actually buy the tech..."

                                          Pitfalls Of Identity Access Management
                                          CSO Online, May 5th 2017
                                          "Whether dealing with a third parties access or tracking an insider through your network, action needs to be take to see who goes where ...

                                          It is easy to overlook identity access management as static infrastructure in the background, and that's the chief problem: Too few organizations treat IAM as the crucial, secure connective tissue between businesses' multiplying employees, contractors, apps, business partners and service providers. Aaron Perry, president at Focal Point Data Risk, Focal Point Data Risk's Identity Governance and Access Management practice, runs through some of IAM's pitfalls..."

                                          Q&A: White Hat Hackers: Are They Ethical?
                                          ITProPortal, May 5th 2017
                                          "As concerns around cyber security increases for enterprises, it's no surprise that more companies are choosing to hire white hat hackers, or 'ethical hackers.'

                                          As concerns around cyber security increases for enterprises, it's no surprise that more companies are choosing to hire white hat hackers, or 'ethical hackers.' The main concept behind this movement is for highly skilled hackers to work on behalf of enterprises to discover vulnerabilities that might otherwise go undetected..."

                                          IT - Careers
                                          13 Interview Tips To Land That Job
                                          Business 2 Community, May 4th 2017
                                          "Interviewing for a position is tough. Many are called, but few are chosen. Following are some basic job interview facts and considerations you should keep in mind as you prepare for your next interview:

                                          1) According to Albert Mehrabian, UCLA professor emeritus of psychology, 55% of communication has to do with body language. Therefore it makes sense to learn how to decode an interviewer's body language and how to minimize your own body language mistakes during an interview..."

                                            Career Advice: Moving Into DevOps
                                            ComputerWorld, May 4th 2017
                                            "A programmer asks our Premier 100 IT Leader how to make the change ...

                                            Q: As a programmer with 12 years of experience, what skills should I acquire to help me get on a DevOps team for the first time?

                                            A: Don't forget that DevOps is not just about the coming together of the development and operations teams, and realize that there is no industry-accepted definition of 'DevOps.' DevOps is a philosophy about how to efficiently develop and deploy the highest-quality software possible, with the goal of achieving continuous customer satisfaction..."

                                            Four Ways To Tell What Your Voice Is Saying About You
                                            Fast Company, May 4th 2017
                                            "From stress levels to confidence, our voices communicate as much about us as the words we speak. Here's how to take a quick vocal audit...

                                            A big multinational company recently sent me a speaking client who 'lacked leadership presence.' Looking at her resume, that seemed odd. She was accomplished. She was energetic. She was focused. What was she missing?

                                            When we met, I quickly realized that her voice sounded rather nasally. So I asked her a question: 'Do you have a hearing problem?'..."

                                            IT - Email
                                            Majority Of Workers Blindly Open Email Attachments
                                            Help Net Security, May 4th 2017
                                            "The vast majority (82 percent) of users open email attachments if they appear to be from a known contact, despite the prevalence of well-known sophisticated social engineering attacks, according to Glasswall. Of these respondents, 44 percent open these email attachments consistently every time they receive one, leaving organizations vulnerable to data breaches sourced to malicious attachments.

                                            Altogether, the survey examined 1,000 office workers in medium and large-scale businesses across the U.S. to determine their email security awareness, particularly regarding known and unknown attachments, and related behaviors around best practices. Among other things, the research demonstrated how lax approaches to popular threat vectors such as email attachments, inadequate threat-awareness, poor work-practices and out-of-date technology, are exposing organizations to hacking, ransomware and zero-day attacks..."

                                            IT - Big Data
                                            Big Data Leads To Bad Insights Without A Data Governance Plan
                                            Search Data Management, May 4th 2017
                                            "Big data holds the potential to provide invaluable insights for business growth, but only if data governance is part of the plan...

                                            The first rule of data governance is you do not talk about data governance.

                                            That's one of the tenets Anne Marie Smith sticks to when she works to break through companies' initial resistance to data governance and other equally stifling terms..."

                                            Big Data Now A $57 Billion Market
                                            ITProPortal, May 2nd 2017
                                            "Big Data is now a $57 billion market, according to a new report from SNS Research. According to the new report, entitled The Big Data Market: 2017 - 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts, vendors will be earning from hardware, software, and professional services revenue.

                                            What's more, the report says the investments are expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 10 per cent over the next four years, reaching $76 billion by the end of 2020..."

                                            Many Firms Struggle To Use Customer Data Effectively
                                            Digital Insurance, May 3rd 2017
                                            "Organizations continue to pour money into big data and analytics to better understand customers, but in many cases there remains a large gap between customer expectations and what organizations are really providing.

                                            That is one of the findings of a new study by Researchscape, which looked at brand loyalty in the age of big data. The study revealed that 'despite a wealth of data available about customer behavior and purchasing choices, companies have a long way to go in terms of effectively using this data to better meet customer expectations.'..."

                                            The Shift To Turn-Key Big Data Intelligence
                                            insideBIGDATA, May 5th 2017
                                            "Big data is growing up. Most large enterprises and carriers have run big data projects and reported significant impacts on diverse areas of their businesses. Yet we're still in the early innings, and two major aspects of maturation are defining the future for big data: the journey from open source to SaaS, and the journey from bespoke business intelligence to real-time operational use cases. These two journeys are related and intertwined..."
                                            Why Data Needs A Story To Make A Difference
                                            TLNT, May 1st 2017
                                            "Trying to sell a new idea or program to senior leadership? Or showcase your organization's features to win a corporate award or land a grant? We've all been told that "making the business case" comes down to having good data. But while data is critical, it's not everything.

                                            Just now I'm reading The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis. Lewis is the brilliant writer responsible for such recent non-fiction classics as Moneyball, The Blind Side and The Big Short. In case you haven't heard about this latest book, it's the story of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Twersky, two Israeli psychologists who turned on its head the world's understanding of how people judge situations, predict the future and make decisions..."

                                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                              Vol 230 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 229 Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5
                                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                              • Hurd: Oracle's New AI Applications Are A Powerful Piece Of Its Winning Cloud Strategy
                                              • MySQL Connector/C 6.1.10 GA
                                              • Friday Spotlight: Running Oracle Linux as a Logical Domain on SPARC
                                              • MySQL Connector/J 5.1.42
                                              • HR Technology Key To Indian Investment Firm's Ambitious Growth Plans
                                              • How ConnectOne Bank Got Agile And Co-Opted Fintechs
                                              • Oracle's Paul Sonderegger On How CFOs Can Grapple 'With The Valuation Of Intangibles'
                                              • BUILT/ Launches Innovative Omnichannel Company on the NetSuite Unified Cloud Commerce Platform
                                              • Beware The Top 3 Obstacles To Modernizing Finance Departments
                                              • MySQL 8.0.1 Replication Performance Improvements

                                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                Nexenta News
                                                Nexenta Delivers the Future of Storage with Advanced Scale-Out Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Platform Available on Any Hardware
                                                Nexenta, May 3rd 2017
                                                Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), introduced the latest version of its award-winning scale-out block, file, and object storage platform, NexentaEdge. Purpose-built for today's leading enterprise IT environment with rapidly expanding application needs, NexentaEdge 2.0 is a flexible and future proof multi-service storage platform.

                                                • Multi-Service Scale-Out SDS Platform Enables Enterprise-Ready Container-Converged Infrastructures and Cloud-Native Applications; Provides iSCSI Block, NFS File, S3 and Swift Object Services

                                                • NexentaEdge 2.0 Revolutionizes High-Performance and Reliable Multi-Protocol Services with Simple GUI-Based Management for Large Archives and Seamless Docker Datacenter Integration

                                                According to Gartner, by 2021 more than 80% of enterprise unstructured data will be stored in scale-out system and object storage systems in enterprise and cloud data centers, which is an increase from 30% today. The newest release of NexentaEdge has a unique feature set to support this rapid market growth, including performance object storage and exceptional integration with Docker and OpenStack environments. In addition, Nexenta has rounded out their multi-service platform to include a shared namespace between file and object storage as well as container-converged capabilities to support next generation applications.

                                                Veritas News
                                                Don't drown your business in the multi-cloud
                                                Veritas, May 3rd 2017
                                                DianaShtil blogs, "We have all heard, 'the data apocalypse is coming!' Sounds ominous, doesn't it? However, for the most part, most people do not seem fazed. We all know that more data is being produced each day - the storage industry itself is responding to the surges in data growth by driving down storage costs while increasing the capacity and performance of storage devices. This is evident with on-premises storage solutions such as tape and disk, but also within cloud storage..."
                                                Cisco News
                                                Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Viptela
                                                Cisco, May 1st 2017
                                                Cloud-based SD-WAN Solution Offers Flexibility to Global Enterprises and Telecom Carriers

                                                Cisco announced its intent to acquire Viptela Inc., a privately held software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) company based in San Jose. Viptela will expand Cisco's SD-WAN portfolio with increased functionality and simplicity delivered through the cloud.

                                                Managing the network is becoming more complex as applications move to the cloud, employees become more mobile and billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are added to the network. For businesses, this means how branch offices are connected must evolve. Customers are turning to SD-WAN solutions to help manage and orchestrate their WAN deployments, to cost effectively improve access to both the cloud and their corporate network.

                                                Cisco Develops an Analytics Platform for Mexico Conectado
                                                Cisco, May 2nd 2017
                                                Providing intelligent data to measure and drive the impact of Country Digitization

                                                Cisco Mexico developed Country Digitization Analytics Platform (CDAP), a platform that will help Mexico Conectado - a program from the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation - to get analytics about the usage of the initiative, and not only raw information regarding the usage of the network

                                                Mexico Conectado is a program developed by the Mexican Federal government that helps to guarantee the constitutional right to access broadband Internet by working to reduce the digital gap in the country.

                                                Dell News
                                                Salesforce Expands Relationship with Dell, Signs Multi-Year Commitment to Use Dell EMC Infrastructure and Dell Laptops
                                                Dell, May 4th 2017
                                                Dell Inc., the essential infrastructure company, today announces that Salesforce, the world's fastest-growing top-five enterprise software company and #1 CRM provider globally, is expanding its relationship with Dell by signing a multi-year commitment to use Dell EMC infrastructure in its global data centers and empower its employees with Dell Latitude laptops.

                                                Salesforce will extend its use of a variety of Dell EMC solutions, including VMAX All Flash and Isilon scale-out NAS storage arrays, Data Domain data protection products and PowerEdge servers. The new all-flash storage arrays will provide the petabyte-level storage and data protection Salesforce requires.

                                                Microsoft News
                                                Microsoft helps to empower students and teachers to create the world of tomorrow; unveils new education offerings
                                                Microsoft, May 2nd 2017
                                                Microsoft Corp. announced a set of educational products and services, inspired by teachers and students, including a new Windows experience - Windows 10 S - along with new experiences in Microsoft Teams for a modern collaborative classroom, new features in Minecraft and mixed reality that spark creativity, a range of Windows 10 S PCs for K&#8210;12 classrooms, and the perfect Windows 10 S device for college students - Surface Laptop.

                                                Windows 10 S is a new Windows experience streamlined for security and superior performance. With Windows 10 S, applications that teachers and students download come from the Windows Store where they are first verified for security, and then locally they each run in a safe "container" to ensure that Windows 10 S offers the power of full-featured applications, with experiences like the full version of Office 365, including all of the capabilities of Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint, among others. With Windows 10 S, educators and students will have access to their favorite and most-used applications across STEM, learning tools, secure assessment tools, content publishers, interactive whiteboards and more.

                                                Microsoft introduces new technologies for education, including Windows 10 S, new Surface Laptop and Microsoft Teams for classrooms
                                                Microsoft, May 2nd 2017
                                                Microsoft announced new innovations on Tuesday to empower students and teachers worldwide, including Windows 10 S, the new Surface Laptop and Microsoft Teams for modern classroom collaboration.

                                                Introduced at the #MicrosoftEDU Event in New York City, the new educational products and services also include Code Builder for 'Minecraft: Education Edition' to teach and inspire students and new experiences in 3D and Windows Mixed Reality to spark creativity.

                                                Get details on all of Tuesday's announcements on the #MicrosoftEDU Event site.

                                                Symantec News
                                                Massive Google Phishing Attack Seen and Remediated by CloudSOC
                                                Symantec, May 5th 2017
                                                There was a very large, sophisticated phishing attack on May 3 using a malicious application called Google Docs. This attack and others like it can be identified, tracked and remediated in CloudSOC.

                                                Users received a phishing email with an invitation to view a Google document from one of their contacts. Users who clicked on it were redirected to install a malicious third party app called Google Docs. During this installation the user is asked to select a Google account asked to grant permissions to 'read, send, delete, manage email' and 'manage your contacts' by the malicious app.

                                                IBM News
                                                IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative Reaches Nearly 600 Schools Worldwide
                                                IBM, May 6th 2017
                                                The IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) recently reached a major milestone with nearly 600 participating schools now in the program.

                                                The PSAI is an innovative flexible program designed to assist colleges and universities in the education of students in Power Systems technologies and concepts. The program offers college and high school faculty a variety of educational materials and resources to expand and enhance their curricula. Best of all, there are no costs associated with participating in the program.

                                                IBM Supports New Faster Protocols for Flash Storage
                                                IBM, May 7th 2017
                                                IBM announced its development of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) solutions to provide clients the ability to significantly lower latencies in an effort to speed data to and from storage solutions and systems.

                                                IBM is leveraging its leadership in storage software to ignite an industry-wide leap in system performance, which can reduce frustration for the many consumers experiencing data transfer delays.

                                                IBM's developers are re-tooling the end-to-end storage stack to support this new, faster interconnect protocol to boost the experience of everyone consuming the massive amounts of data now being perpetuated across cloud services, retail, banking, travel and other industries.

                                                As Hollywood taps Into A.I., what would you build with IBM Watson? Submit your idea by May 18
                                                IBM, May 6th 2017
                                                Hollywood is beginning to recast artificial intelligence from being the lead character in movies to becoming the leading technology driving the industry. Producers and directors alike are discovering the power of a new kind of AI assistant: IBM Watson, the cognitive computing system that is enhancing the work of the human imagination and giving artists, filmmakers, and other creative minds the tools to uncover new ways of thinking and problem-solving.
                                                Five Ways Quantum Computing Will Change the Way We Think About Computing
                                                IBM, May 6th 2017
                                                While technologies that currently run on classical computers, such as Watson, can help find patterns and insights buried in vast amounts of existing data, quantum computers will deliver solutions to important problems where patterns cannot be seen because the data doesn't exist and the possibilities that you need to explore to get to the answer are too enormous to ever be processed by classical computers.

                                                In March 2017, IBM announced the industry's first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems. "IBM Q" quantum systems and services will be delivered via the IBM Cloud platform.

                                                Global Telecommunications and Media Executives on Digital Reinvention: Exclusive In-sights from IBM iX at Mobile World Congress
                                                IBM, May 5th 2017
                                                Key learnings, challenges and opportunities from an exclusive gathering of more than 25 global C-level telecommunications and media companies

                                                The brightest minds in mobile, telecommunications and media gather annually in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the world's largest meeting for the mobile industry. This year, strategists from IBM iX, the global consulting agency, convened more than 25 global executives from leading telcos and media companies to discuss the challenges, opportunities and solutions for reinventing their businesses in a digital world.

                                                IBM Executives to Speak at the Gartner Supply Chain Management Executive Conference
                                                IBM, May 5th 2017
                                                IBM announced that Joanne Wright, Vice President, IBM Watson Supply Chain and Jeanette Barlow, Vice President of Offering Management and Strategy for IBM Watson Supply Chain will be participating in the "Industry Value Chain Exchange Series," part of the Gartner Supply Chain Management Executive Conference. The conference takes place from May 23-25 in Phoenix, Arizona.

                                                The Gartner Supply Chain Management Executive Conference is "the world's most important gathering of supply chain leaders and takes place in North America and Europe." This year, IBM executives will be participating in the "Industry Value Chain Exchange Series" that takes place on May 22. Session details include:...

                                                IBM Named to CRN's 2017 Big Data 100 List
                                                IBM, May 5th 2017
                                                IBM announced that CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has named IBM to its 2017 Big Data 100 list, ranking the company as one of the 15 Coolest Big Data Platform Vendors. The annual Big Data 100 list recognizes the ingenuity of tech suppliers bringing to market innovative offerings for harnessing the increasingly huge amounts of data generated in today's digital world, raising the bar for data management and challenging established IT practices.

                                                Businesses are constantly grappling with the exploding volume, speed and variety of information they produce and utilize on a daily basis to remain competitive. Solution providers are on a never-ending quest to tame this big data with innovative tools, technologies and services that can convert it into meaningful, usable statistics.

                                                IBM Scientists Use Big Data to Develop New Strategies to Help Address Ebola
                                                IBM, May 5th 2017
                                                IBM announced its researchers have used big data analytics to assess the impact of infected animal carriers, or an animal reservoir, in the spread of the Ebola virus in a way not been previously done for earlier disease models. Direct contact with the infected animal - most likely a bat or large snake - whether by touching or eating it -- can cause the disease to enter the human population, and then spread.

                                                To help researchers from humanitarian agencies, governments and elsewhere fine tune resource allocation and address the disease-spread chain more holistically, IBM Research has made available open-source computational models through the Eclipse Foundation's free Spatio-Temporal Epimidemiological Modeling framework.

                                                IBM Design Studio in Poughkeepsie Transforms Enterprise Computing
                                                IBM, May 5th 2017
                                                IBM has opened IBM Studio - Poughkeepsie, the company's latest global design hub. Interdisciplinary teams of designers, engineers, product managers and industry experts will create the next generation of mainframe software and hardware at IBM's campus in Poughkeepsie, one of the world's leading centers for enterprise computing.

                                                IBM will also bring in clients across industries to co-create solutions involving the mainframe, whose capabilities are extending to new data sets such as weather, which can be analyzed for supply chains to optimize trucking routes.

                                                IBM Scientist Recognized as 2017 Quartz Africa Innovator for Cancer Research
                                                IBM, May 5th 2017
                                                IBM scientist Geoffrey Siwo has been named a 2017 Quartz Africa Innovator for his work in mapping the way cancer spreads and how cancer cells originate within the body.

                                                This is the 3rd annual list of Quartz Africa Innovators. The latest list includes more than 30 Africans from 18 different countries. Siwo told Quartz Africa editors that, "Understanding cancer will also equip us with an understanding of many areas of biology, and therefore ways of developing diagnostics and treatments for diseases beyond cancer."

                                                Watson-Powered Tiatros Program for Veterans Achieves up to 73% PTSD Program Completion
                                                IBM, May 3rd 2017
                                                IBM Watson Health and Tiatros Inc, a digital health company, announced that the Tiatros-enabled post-traumatic stress disorder programs achieved up to 73% completion rate for veterans who begin the PTSD sessions. The Tiatros Post Traumatic Growth for Veterans is a Tiatros psychotherapy program designed as a secure social network to support veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The program connects veterans with their peers online, in a platform that is designed to reduce barriers to access and deliver evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy that is personalized to each individual, with help from Watson APIs.
                                                Five9 Taps IBM Watson for Customers in Vietnam
                                                IBM, May 3rd 2017
                                                Vietnamese entrepreneurs will access Cloud-based Cognitive systems that learn, reason and process natural languages

                                                IBM announced that Five9 Vietnam has selected IBM Cloud to bring Cognitive Computing to enterprises and organizations in Vietnam. Five9 is the first organization in Vietnam to tap into Watson APIs on IBM Bluemix to create and bring to life solutions that transform industries and society, starting with the banking and finance sector, healthcare, and television. IBM and Five9 will help businesses, academics, startups and everyday people in Vietnam leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and empower the next generation of developers to hone their AI skills and drive innovation.

                                                Discovery from IBM Research Could Enable More Efficient Oil Extraction from Existing Wells
                                                IBM, May 3rd 2017
                                                IBM scientists recently discovered that a drop of oil doesn't look like a drop at all if it is small, to the scale of one billionth of a billionth of a liter, or attoliter. Rather, a nanoscale oil droplet looks more like a flat film against a solid surface. This discovery reveals that the simulation tools and techniques commonly employed by the oil industry do not take into account the increased energy required to extract these oil molecules. And it results in 60 percent or more of a well's oil being left behind, for example, in the nanoscale capillaries of shale reservoirs. In response, IBM Research-Brazil is developing nanoscience-enhanced oil flow simulations that could better-predict oil extraction from a reservoir.
                                                IBM: Brands' in-store and digital experiences fall flat of customers' expectations
                                                IBM, May 3rd 2017
                                                Despite the growth of connected devices and the ability to leverage massive amounts of data to better understand consumers, a study from IBM found retailers and brands are falling short on their customer experience (CX) and there is a significant opportunity to improve CX with cognitive and cloud technologies.

                                                According to a new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study, "IBM 2017 Customer Experience Index (CEI) Study" which surveyed 507 brands in 25 countries, brands need to work harder to meet customers' ever-evolving expectations. On a scale of 0 to 100, the overall Customer Experience Index average was only 33. Retailers' CX capabilities were evaluated from the connected consumers' perspective in seven category areas: store experience, digital experience, physical/digital integration, mobile experience, omnichannel supply chain, personalization and social media.

                                                Fujitsu News
                                                Fujitsu Reports Fiscal 2016 Full-Year Financial Results
                                                Fujitsu, April 28th 2017
                                                Fujitsu today reported profit for the year attributable to owners of the parent was 88.4 billion yen, representing an improvement of 1.7 billion yen from fiscal 2015.

                                                Consolidated revenue for fiscal 2016 was 4,509.6 billion yen. Excluding the impact of foreign exchange movements, revenue was essentially unchanged from the previous fiscal year. Revenue in Japan was essentially unchanged from fiscal 2015. Revenue from LSI devices used in smartphones declined on weak demand. On the other hand, revenue in the Services sub-segment remained strong, both in system integration and infrastructure services, and there was an increase in revenue from enterprise PCs and the Mobilewear sub-segment.

                                                VMware News
                                                VMware and Oracle Collaborate to Enable Advanced Security Features and Streamlined Management of Oracle Mobile Enterprise Applications
                                                VMware, May 4th 2017
                                                VMware and Oracle today jointly announced a new relationship to simplify management and enable advanced security features for Oracle's suite of mobile business applications and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service for mobile devices.

                                                Through this collaboration, Oracle's robust mobile ecosystem can now leverage application management and security through VMware AirWatch.

                                                The Cross-Cloud Approach: Modernising IT Infrastructure
                                                VMware, May 4th 2017
                                                A Cross-Cloud approach can deliver cloud freedom, choice, and control, helping your business accelerate on its digital transformation journey. However, securely managing and bridging the gap between multiple clouds while managing risk, cost, and security can be challenging.

                                                Richard Munro, global cloud strategy director at VMware, plays an instrumental role in helping organisations accelerate their digital transformation with his cloud expertise. In this first of a four-part video series, Munro discusses the importance and benefits of taking a Cross-Cloud approach to help all lines of the business drive innovation and deliver on their strategic IT priorities. He also considers the key questions businesses should be asking when it comes to continuing their cloud journey...

                                                University of New Mexico Improves Security With VMware NSX
                                                Windstream, May 4th 2017
                                                Windstream Holdings, Inc. , a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions, today reported first-quarter results.

                                                "Windstream's focused operational strategy and targeted network investments continue to drive improvements to our business and create value for our shareholders. Additionally, our recent strategic transactions with EarthLink and Broadview Networks will expand our capabilities to provide cutting edge technology solutions to customers,' said Tony Thomas, president and chief executive officer at Windstream.

                                                "Our first-quarter results were in line with our expectations, and we are making solid progress on achieving our 2017 goals. The integration with EarthLink is off to an excellent start and our synergy plans remain on track. We saw improved ILEC consumer revenue and broadband trends during the quarter. Enterprise contribution margin also grew year-over-year. We expect Adjusted OIBDAR and margin trends to improve through 2017 as a result of continued access expense management and synergies ramping throughout the year," Thomas said.

                                                Red Hat News
                                                Friday Five - May 5, 2017
                                                Red Hat, May 5th 2017
                                                The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                                • Fortune - How Amazon and Red Hat Plan to Bridge Data Centers -TechRepublic - Red Hat: The cloud needs an OS, and OpenShift is just the thing
                                                • IT Pro Windows - Red Hat's Vision for an Automated Enterprise
                                                • TechCrunch - Red Hat launches, an online IDE for building container-based applications
                                                • ZDNet - Red Hat's cloud love affair

                                                Read on for details

                                                Red Hat Announces 2017 Women in Open Source Award Winners
                                                Red Hat, May 4th 2017
                                                Avni Khatri from Kids on Computers and Jigyasa Grover, Delhi Technological University student, recognized for open source contributions

                                                Red Hat, Inc. the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced Avni Khatri, president of Kids on Computers, and Jigyasa Grover, a student at Delhi Technological University, as the 2017 Women in Open Source Award winners. Both will be recognized today at Red Hat Summit, which has been taking place in Boston this week.

                                                In its third year, the Women in Open Source Awards were created and sponsored by Red Hat to honor women who make important contributions to open source projects and communities, or those making innovative use of open source methodology.

                                                Red Hat Delivers on Vision to Automate the Enterprise with Ansible
                                                Red Hat, May 3rd 2017
                                                Red Hat integrates Ansible automation into management solutions and shares plans for Ansible integration across product portfolio

                                                Red Hat, Inc. announced its vision for the automated enterprise powered by Ansible, the leading simple, powerful, and agentless open source IT automation framework.

                                                Ansible is a game-changing open source automation technology for the management of IT environments at scale. Designed to be simple to adopt, use, and understand, Ansible has become the world's most popular open source IT automation technology, with more than 2,400 unique contributors, nearly 30,000 commits to the upstream Ansible open source project, and a user base that spans industries and the globe.

                                                Red Hat Delivers Analytics-Driven Automation in Latest Version of Insights with Ansible Integration
                                                Red Hat, May 3rd 2017
                                                With Ansible automation inside, Red Hat enables faster, automated resolution of critical security risks

                                                Red Hat announced the latest version of Red Hat Insights, bringing the power of Ansible automation to its actionable intelligence platform. Aligned with Red Hat's vision to dramatically simplify IT management with Ansible's powerful automation capabilities, Red Hat Insights now offers users the ability to automate IT remediation of critical issues through Ansible Playbooks. Now, any company will be able to create a self-optimizing infrastructure with Red Hat Insights, enabling them to save valuable manual labor and associated costs.

                                                Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Takes Digital Innovation into the Fast Lane with Major European Automaker
                                                Red Hat, May 3rd 2017
                                                Red Hat, Inc. announced that BMW Group, the world's leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, has deployed Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to support its delivery of business applications and services. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is used by enterprises like BMW Group to embrace innovation, speed application development and time-to-market and gain more flexibility to scale services on-demand.
                                                Red Hat Unveils End-to-End Cloud-Native Development Environment with Red Hat
                                                Red Hat, May 2nd 2017
                                                Red Hat announced Red Hat, a free, online development environment optimized for creating cloud-native, container-based applications. Enterprises compete through software innovations, so rapidly building and scaling applications is critical. enables digital transformation with an end-to-end application development environment, requiring no installation and addressing all development phases.

                                                According to IDC, enterprises pursuing digital transformation will double their software development capabilities by 2018. This rapid expansion requires that distributed development teams produce higher quality applications faster. In turn, these teams are frequently seeking out modern development technologies such as Linux containers and microservices, but can also benefit from tools and environments that make these technologies easier to consume.

                                                Red Hat Expands Container-Native Storage for OpenShift Across the Hybrid Cloud
                                                Red Hat, May 2nd 2017
                                                Red Hat, Inc. announced a new container-native storage solution aimed at extending the portability of containerized applications across the hybrid cloud. The new solution offers consistent, software-defined storage for stateful applications using Red Hat Gluster Storage with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

                                                As more enterprises deploy containers in production - and with many of them using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform - the need for a dynamic, consistent storage platform that works across operating environments becomes vital for containerized applications, an area where many traditional storage appliances fall short. Red Hat's vision is to enable customers to build any application and to deploy them consistently across any footprint.

                                                Red Hat Sets New Standard for Trusted, Enterprise-Grade Containers with Industry's First Container Health Index
                                                Red Hat, May 2nd 2017
                                                Red Hat introduced the industry's first Container Health Index, setting a new standard for enterprise-grade Linux containers. Based upon Red Hat's track record of delivering enterprise-grade open source technologies, including the world's leading enterprise Linux platform, the Container Health Index provides the most comprehensive image detail of any enterprise container service. The index grades all of Red Hat's containerized products as well as the Red Hat base layer of containers from certified independent software vendor (ISV) partners, with Red Hat planning to certify containerized products from 20 ISVs within the next 90 days.
                                                EMC News
                                                Dell EMC Unveils New Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure Stack
                                                EMC, May 4th 2017
                                                Dell EMC announced Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack, a new, turnkey, hybrid cloud platform that offers a simple and fast path for implementing and sustaining a hybrid cloud based on Microsoft Azure Stack. The new platform helps organizations standardizing on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem to accelerate their digital transformation with automated IT service delivery for traditional and cloud-native applications. As a result, organizations can better engage with their customers, reduce time to market for new services, and free-up resources to focus on adding business value.

                                                "Cloud is an operating model, not a place, and adopting a hybrid model has become the clear choice,' said Peter Cutts, senior vice president, Hybrid Cloud Platforms, Dell EMC. "Making hybrid cloud platforms simple and turnkey enables businesses to rapidly develop and deploy new applications, optimize resources, control costs and deliver the best possible customer experiences."

                                                HP News
                                                Preparing the CIO of the future
                                                HPE, May 5th 2017
                                                From bimodal IT to automation, demands on CIOs are growing. How can they get and stay ahead?

                                                Running the IT department of the future will be like changing a car engine while the car is hurtling down the freeway. Enterprise IT leaders must use technology to transform the way their companies do business, but also keep existing systems running and reliable. How can they do both things smoothly and efficiently?

                                                One thing is clear about the future: If you want to live in it, you have to invest in it. More than two-thirds of CIOs (68 percent) plan to focus their time on growth-oriented activities within three to five years, according to CIO's State of the CIO 2016 report. Increasingly, the "I" in CIO will stand for "innovation."

                                                The CIO of the future must begin by being more customer-centric, rather than focusing on specific infrastructure components or technology products, according to Edwin van Bommel, a principal at McKinsey & Co.

                                                6 keys to a successful big data strategy
                                                HPE, May 3rd 2017
                                                An expert provides a look at what you need from big data analytics, and how to get there.

                                                Business and technology leaders in most organizations understand the power of big data analytics - but few are able to harness that power in the way they want. The challenges are complex, and so are the technologies. Identifying and investing in key principles will help you navigate that complexity to find the right way to tap the growing pools of information available to your organization.

                                                A new Hewlett Packard Enterprise white paper breaks down the six main factors required to get a big data analytics platform right. We asked Paul Cattrone, worldwide platform elite team lead at HPE, to discuss the paper's insights and explain how companies can get big data right.

                                                Hitachi News
                                                Curtin University Advances Smart Campus Vision with Hitachi IoT Solution
                                                Hitachi, May 4th 2017
                                                Curtin University has selected Hitachi to deploy an internet of things (IoT) solution to advance its vision of a smart campus that enhances the student experience, improves classroom learning and ultimately attracts more industry to collaborate on data-driven research. Curtin is achieving this by partnering with Hitachi to co-create solutions that harness IoT data through advanced analytics to provide insight into the daily running and utilization of the campus.

                                                Curtin University has more than 60,000 students and 4,000 staff on 300,000sqm of floor space. It is Western Australia's largest and most culturally diverse university, and has one of Australia's largest international student populations.

                                                Windstream News
                                                Windstream reports first-quarter results
                                                Windstream, May 4th 2017
                                                Windstream Holding reported first-quarter results.

                                                "Windstream's focused operational strategy and targeted network investments continue to drive improvements to our business and create value for our shareholders. Additionally, our recent strategic transactions with EarthLink and Broadview Networks will expand our capabilities to provide cutting edge technology solutions to customers," said Tony Thomas, president and chief executive officer at Windstream.

                                                "Our first-quarter results were in line with our expectations, and we are making solid progress on achieving our 2017 goals. The integration with EarthLink is off to an excellent start and our synergy plans remain on track. We saw improved ILEC consumer revenue and broadband trends during the quarter. Enterprise contribution margin also grew year-over-year. We expect Adjusted OIBDAR and margin trends to improve through 2017 as a result of continued access expense management and synergies ramping throughout the year," Thomas said.

                                                F5 News
                                                ChatOps: Peopling without People
                                                F5, May 4th 2017
                                                There's been a shift lately in the DevOps community to focusing more on culture. That's likely because without the cultural change to a more open, collaborative cross-IT environment, many of the benefits of DevOps can't be fully realized. Closed, "need to know" sharing of information leads to those silos that stand like defensive towers encasing the tribal knowledge unique to each of the operational domains that make up what we fondly refer to as "IT."
                                                F5 'Open' for Business at Red Hat Summit
                                                F5, May 1st 2017
                                                Undoubtedly no one reading right now would be surprised by the finding from Sonatype's 2017 DevSecOps Community Survey that "80% of a typical application is now assembled from open source components and frameworks." Nor would you be surprised to hear the author of the NorthBridge Future of Open Source survey claim that the most important transformations in the enterprise IT space - cloud, SDI, digitisation and DevOps - will be driven by open source."
                                                Netapp News
                                                Chico State Speeds Student Access to Resources with NetApp
                                                NetApp, May 4th 2017
                                                IT staff improves operational efficiency so students get real-time data on mobile devices, administrators benefit from paperless systems, and campus becomes greener...

                                                "With students demanding faster, real-time access to campus resources from mobile devices, we needed a data management solution that would keep pace, speed university operations, and stay within the state budget," said Ray Quinto, associate director of Computing and Communications Services (CCSV) at California State University, Chico. "After implementing the NetApp all-flash system, we saw a significant increase in operational efficiency, which resulted in happier students and employees, as well as a greener campus."

                                                Aerohive Networks News
                                                McAllen Independent School District Digitally Transforms Learning Environment with Aerohive and Dell EMC
                                                Aerohive, May 2nd 2017
                                                Aerohive Networks announced that McAllen Independent School District selected Aerohive, in partnership with Dell EMC, to improve the user experience of McAllen's students and teachers and equip them with the most innovative technology possible for the learning environment.

                                                McAllen Independent School District (ISD) in Texas's Rio Grande Valley nationally achieves remarkable results. McAllen high schools rank in the gold and bronze categories of the 'Best Schools in the Nation' listings by U.S. News & World Report..."

                                                Aerohive Networks Reports Q1 2017 Results; Guides to Profitability in Q2
                                                Aerohive, May 3rd 2017
                                                Aerohive Networks announced financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, 2017.

                                                "We're pleased to deliver results at the high end of our guidance for revenue and exceeding our guidance for gross margin and earnings per share, made possible by the actions we have taken to improve our execution and operational efficiency," stated David Flynn, President and Chief Executive Officer. "While there is more work to do, we believe we have turned the corner on the major challenges that affected our results last year and are now back on a positive trajectory, guiding to non-GAAP EPS of breakeven to $0.01 in the second quarter and expecting to resume year-over-year growth in the second half of 2017..."

                                                  Druva News
                                                  Druva Expands Global Cloud Footprint to Align with Brexit and Regional Data Requirements
                                                  Druva, May 2nd 2017
                                                  Unveils new cloud location options in Canada, the UK and Hong Kong to meet growing international demand

                                                  Druva, a leader in cloud data protection and information management, today announced that it has significantly expanded the reach of its public cloud offerings to better support customers' unique data regulation challenges around the world. The expansion is a result of increasing global demand for cloud-based data protection and information management that can meet both national and regional data protection requirements. The new locations in Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong enable companies to host their data in locations that best meet their specific requirements around data residency, location and transfer. The addition of these new cloud locations furthers Druva's mission to support an increasing amount of global organizations in their ambitions to manage and protect data as cloud-first organizations.

                                                  Insight News
                                                  SEWP Simplifies Buying Process for Small Government IT Orders
                                                  Insight, May 5th 2017
                                                  Buying a laptop, a printer, software or other IT items can be a daunting challenge for government employees. Requirements to get bids for needed products seem to be in the public interest, but when a manager is simply trying to buy a workstation for a new employee, the regular process can be burdensome and lengthy.

                                                  Fortunately, there's a much easier process: NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP), a U.S. Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) authorized by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Using a micro-purchase card for expenditures less than $3,500 simplifies buying because no bidding process is required. In many cases, it operates much like ordering from traditional online retailers.

                                                  The Path to Software-Defined Networking
                                                  Insight, May 5th 2017
                                                  Your network shouldn't limit your ability to choose the operating systems and software that work best for your business. Discover how Dell Open Networking solutions, powered by Intel technology, provide a highly flexible and scalable platform to fully realize the benefits of software-defined networking.
                                                  Centrify News
                                                  4 Reasons Why Security is Important for Innovation Management
                                                  Centrify, May 2nd 2017
                                                  Well, maybe we should start with, "What is innovation management anyways?" At its most basic, it is the purposeful organization and management of ideas within an organization to create meaningful change. Companies use it to gather new product ideas, improve processes and discover new markets and business models. The White House used innovation management processes to cut government spending, Home Depot used this process to identify new product lines, and the DREAMS Challenge used innovation management software to fund new projects that would halt the spread of HIV (just to name a few).
                                                  Am I Affected by the European General Data Protection Regulation?
                                                  Centrify, May 4th 2017
                                                  It's a year until the biggest shakeup to Europe's privacy laws in nearly a generation takes effect. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will bring sweeping new rules into force, including new consumer rights over how personal data is used, and mandatory 72-hour data breach notifications. Yet there's still confusion over which companies and what types of data are covered by the law. With firms currently complying with less than 40% of GDPR principles on average, time is running out.
                                                    Citrix News
                                                    Securing the Future with Artificial Intelligence
                                                    Citrix, May 4th 2017
                                                    Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are already transforming modern life, from voice-activated personal assistants, to self-parking cars, to self-configuring conference rooms, to systems that help doctors diagnose disease. As more things become interconnected and AI-enabled, our world becomes smarter, more convenient and more productive.

                                                    Last October, the Mirai botnet took advantage of hacked IoT devices to take high profile websites, such as Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Airbnb - and, it was rumored (incorrectly), the entire nation of Liberia.

                                                    Citrix & the Future of SD-WAN
                                                    Citrix, May 3rd 2017
                                                    What the Cisco acquisition of Viptela means for the direction of SD-WAN.

                                                    For those that haven't been following the rapidly growing SD-WAN market, Cisco's acquisition of Viptela may seem to have come out of the blue. After all, $610M is a hefty premium for a very young company with an estimated $30M in annual revenue. But for those of us who have been immersed in SD-WAN for the last several years, it doesn't come as a surprise at all..."

                                                    Commvault News
                                                    Commvault Ends 2017 Fiscal Year with Continued Global Customer Growth in Fourth Quarter
                                                    Commvault, May 3rd 2017
                                                    Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, ended its fiscal year for 2017 with continued worldwide customer growth in the fourth quarter. Customer growth was driven by the success of Commvault's open data platform and the increasing customer demand for holistic data management at the core of their digital transformation strategy.

                                                    Some of the new and existing customers that have expanded their investment into Commvault's portfolio of data management solutions and/or services in Q4 FY 2017 include...

                                                    Commvault Announces Fiscal 2017 Fourth Quarter Financial Results
                                                    Commvault, May 3rd 2017
                                                    Commvault announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2017.

                                                    N. Robert Hammer, Commvault's Chairman, President and CEO stated: "We concluded our fiscal year with continued business momentum and reported strong financial performance highlighted by record quarterly software revenue of $84.7 million, representing growth of 15% over the prior year quarter and 10% sequentially. All geographic regions contributed to year over year software revenue growth as we continue to expand our new and existing enterprise customer footprint on a global basis. We believe that we have clearly established a leadership position for modern data management software for larger enterprises to and from the cloud, in the cloud, and cloud to cloud; in hybrid environments; on premises; and in mobile environments..."

                                                    Juniper News
                                                    Why Zero Touch Provisioning Is Your Best Friend
                                                    Juniper Networks, May 4th 2017
                                                    In a world where people want to do little as possible to get their desired outcome, the word 'automation' speaks volumes. Your time is valuable, and you don't want to spend any more of it than you have to on any given task. That's why Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is your best friend.

                                                    With ZTP, you can activate switches, routers, and all sorts of networking equipment from a centralized location - with little to no human interaction. Rather than configuring one device at a time - a time-consuming and labor-intensive exercise - you can use this automation tool to perform OS software updates and patches in seconds.

                                                      Nutanix News
                                                      Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Helps Xiaomi Deliver Innovation
                                                      Nutanix, May 3rd 2017
                                                      Major Smart Device Maker Breaks Storage Bottleneck to Deliver Business Value with 3x Latency Reduction

                                                      Nutanix announced that Xiaomi, the world's 5th largest smartphone maker, has addressed long-standing storage performance issues by replacing its legacy three-tier IT infrastructure with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

                                                      Despite early adoption of virtualisation, the legacy three-tier infrastructure hosting Xiaomi's business critical applications including Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL Server and SAP Business Suite, was struggling to cope with exponential growth in demand...

                                                      Veeam News
                                                      R'Club Uses Veeam and iland for Disaster Recovery as a Service
                                                      Veeam, May 3rd 2017
                                                      The Child Care Provider Now Relies on Veeam Cloud Connect to Keep Data and Applications Available 24.7.365 During Hurricane Season

                                                      Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, announced that R'Club, a leading not-for-profit child care provider in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, is using Veeam Cloud Connect with iland, a platinum Veeam cloud service provider, for disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

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