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Oracle News
Oracle's HCM World and Modern Finance Experience 2017 Deliver Foundation for Modern Business Success
Oracle, March 28th, 2017
Complementary events for HR and finance professionals showcase the building blocks, tools and strategies companies need to drive digital business transformation

Helping businesses embrace modern best practices, Oracle today announced HCM World 2017 and Modern Finance Experience 2017, taking place in Boston, April 11-13. Organizations across every industry are examining how they can use technology to innovate and gain a competitive advantage, all while enhancing employee engagement and performance. HCM World and Modern Finance Experience will bring together leading visionaries and business professionals to share real-world examples and strategies for modernizing business with technology to fuel digital growth strategies, engage and retain top talent, and maximize organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Croatian Grocery Retailer Konzum Deploys Oracle Retail Planning & Optimization Solutions
Oracle, March 29th 2017
Grocery Retailer Enhances Collaboration with Suppliers

Oracle announced that Croatian Grocery Leader Konzum has implemented Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization solutions to promote business operations efficiency, enable smarter decision making, enhance collaboration with suppliers and improve alignment with the store network. Konzum is part of Agrokor, whose retail group has 2.000 stores in Adriatic region to be the dominant grocery retailer.

Part of this growth is a result of acquisitions which have led to the development of a diversified store network. Managing inventory levels for many different store layouts, means having to deal with a lot of exceptions on a regular basis. Since the exceptions are part of the daily operations, Konzum decided to embrace the issue and address it in a systematic manner.

Oracle Unveils Industry-First Cloud Converged Storage to Help Organizations Bridge On-Premises and Oracle Cloud Storage
Oracle, March 29th 2017
Organizations Can Seamlessly Merge Oracle Storage Cloud Functionality and Economics with the Power of High Performance Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances

Oracle unveiled the industry's first Cloud Converged Storage, representing the first time a public cloud provider at scale has integrated its cloud services with its on-premises, high performance NAS storage systems.

Oracle ZFS Cloud software, included in the latest Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance release, enables organizations to easily and seamlessly move data and/or applications to the cloud to optimize value and savings, while eliminating the need for external cloud gateways and avoiding the costs of software licenses and cloud access licenses - AKA "cloud entrance taxes" - charged by legacy on-premises vendors for the right to access the public cloud from their infrastructure platforms. As an example, Oracle's total cost of ownership versus one industry competitor was 87 percent less.

New Certifications Demonstrate Continued Momentum for Oracle Public Cloud
Oracle, March 29th 2017
Cloud compliance certifications further validate Oracle Cloud in highly regulated sectors

Oracle announced it has achieved a series of compliance certifications and attestations for its Public Cloud offering, including certifications and attestations for ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC1 and SOC2 for a number of core services. Administered by Schellman & Co., these certifications in industries such as healthcare help provide validation of Oracle's offerings in areas including security, availability, processing integrity and privacy.

Blue Shield of California, Family Health Network, and Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) Select Oracle Cloud to Modernize Operations and Drive Business Growth
Oracle, March 29th 2017
Complete cloud solutions help healthcare insurers deliver affordable healthcare through improved financial functions

Oracle announced that Blue Shield of California, Family Health Network (FHN), and Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) have selected Oracle Cloud Applications to help them provide healthcare coverage at an affordable cost by digitizing and modernizing their financial, planning and budgeting systems, and business processes. With Oracle Cloud solutions for finance, these organizations have the tools needed to be able to achieve the speed and flexibility required to support and scale with the healthcare industry's rapidly changing needs.

Microservices Explained: 3 Keys To Better, Faster, Business-Driven Software Development
Oracle, March 29th 2017
Chris Murphy writes in Forbes, "Chris Richardson is not a microservices skeptic, though you wouldn't know it from the title of his keynote presentation, 'There Is No Such Thing as a Microservice!'

On the contrary, Richardson, a software architect, author, founder of, and consultant, who founded the original, is an enthusiastic proponent of the microservices approach to programming because it can lead to better, faster software development in a way that is 'meaningful to a business person'..."

America's Cup Yacht Racing A Test Of Warriors, Not Just Technology
Oracle, March 29th 2017
Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "It's almost a given in yacht-racing circles that whichever team makes the best use of technology will win the next America's Cup competition. The tech-based innovations over the past decade in boat aerodynamics, hydrofoils, control systems, and wingsail design have been particularly game-changing..."
How Genomics Can Lead Doctors To 'Knowing Ahead Of Time'
Oracle, March 30th 2017
Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "A relative handful of patient success stories show the promise of genomic medicine in treating previously confounding health disorders, but the big challenge now is to expand that patient universe from hundreds of people to hundreds of millions.

During a presentation at Oracle Industry Connect on March 20, Dr. Robert B. Darnell, senior physician at The Rockefeller University and a founding director of the New York Genome Center, laid out how far we've come and how far we still need to go in customizing medical care to individuals' unique genetic makeups..."

AI vs Humans? It's Not A Competition, It'S s Love Affair
ITProPortal, March 27th 2017
Instead of viewing artificial intelligence as the enemy, we should consider what humans and machines could accomplish together

"Dystopian fever spiked again last week as PwC issued a report predicting UK jobs carnage at the hands of robots over the coming decade. 'Artificial Intelligence' has dark overtones in the media and the popular imagination. Some of us are buzzed about this new era of augmented human performance and meaningful human computer interactions. Others worry for their livelihoods, even their personal freedoms..."

Bankers Believe AI Will Dominate Banking Within 3 Years
Information Age, March 28th 2017
Accenture Banking Technology Vision 2017 report finds that bankers believe AI will revolutionise the way banks gather information and interact with customers

"In the next stage of artificial intelligence adoption, banks will use AI to help understand the intentions and emotions of customers and enable better interactions, according to a new survey of over 600 bankers, from Accenture.In turn, the report suggested that in three years artificial intelligence (AI) will be the main way banks interact with their customers. 76% of those surveyed felt that within three years banks will deploy AI as their primary method for interacting with customers..."

    Gigaom AI Videos: Panel 1 - A Blueprint For Enterprise Ai
    GIGAOM, March 27th 2017
    "In February 2017, we brought together great minds of AI and business leaders to explore the new opportunities AI opens up for businesses, what it takes to be a cognitively savvy organization, and the possibilities of human-level adaptive thinking.

    Welcome to the future, where radical innovation in Artificial Intelligence will turn every major industry upside down..."

      Hitachi Reveals New AI For Real-Time Identity Detection And Tracking
      Network World, March 27th 2017
      Hitachi developed a smarter and faster method to search surveillance footage. Its new image analysis system uses AI for real-time people tracking and detection

      "Hitachi announced it has developed a new image analysis system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time people tracking and detection. The AI can detect an individual in real time by combining over 100 external characteristics and then track that person using wide-area security and surveillance systems.

      Systems that capture facial images and color of clothing have previously been deployed in public areas, but according to Hitachi, it is difficult for security staff to find and track a person based on an eyewitness account or poor surveillance camera footage..."

      The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On Imaging And Web Developers
      insideBIGDATA, March 27th 2017
      "In this special guest feature, Tom Setzer, Software Product Director at Accusoft, discusses how artificial intelligence will impact web developers, specifically relating to document management and imaging on the web. Tom joined Accusoft in 2006 as a project manager and is now the director of the SDK product group. His analysis of customer requirements and business data assists in the development of product strategies for the group. His 25+ years of experience includes 12 years of developing technology solutions for industry leaders including Motorola, Capital One and General Electric. Tom earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University..."
      Friday Spotlight: VirtualBox Extension Pack & Guest Additions
      By Simon Coter
      Simon blogs, "Oracle VM VirtualBox is cross-platform virtualization software that allows you to extend your existing computer to run multiple operating systems at the same time. Designed for IT professionals and developers, Oracle VM VirtualBox runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Oracle Solaris for x86 systems and is ideal for testing, developing, demonstrating and deploying solutions across multiple platforms on one machine..."
      IT - Storage
      4 Million RDX Removable HDDSs Sold By Tandberg Data/Sphere3D In 10 Years, March 27th 2017
      "Tandberg Data GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sphere 3D Corp., announced a milestone that has been a decade in the making.

      More than 4 million RDX have been sold by the company and its OEM partners - representing a cumulative capacity in excess of 1.5EB of storage..."

      How Does Storage Capacity Growth Affect Operations?
      SearchStorage, March 28th 2017
      "Storage capacity is rapidly growing in the age of big data. Between additional staffing requirements and the costs associated with migration and infrastructure, there is plenty to fear when it comes to storage capacity growth.

      In his Storage Decisions session, 'Scale-up, scale-out: A survival guide for coping with capacity growth,' Evaluator Group Senior Strategist and Analyst Randy Kerns gave IT experts reasons to look much closer at their organization's storage future..."

      How To Calculate Flash Storage Tco
      Linux Journal, March 27th 2017
      "Across a wide range of consumer devices, from cameras to smartphones to laptops, flash storage has become the de facto standard for digital data storage. Because of its relative compactness, speed and low power consumption, flash storage also has experienced dramatic growth in enterprise data storage solutions. While initial use cases were somewhat limited, flash storage in the enterprise has expanded in many areas, which in no small way is related to the cost of flash storage dropping more than 80% in the past five years...."
      Is It Time To Reboot Primary Storage?
      Storage-Switzerland, March 28th, 2017
      "Primary storage has remained the same for quite some time. It comes in two primary forms: block or file, also known as SAN or NAS. Yes, each of these two forms can be filled with a mix of ingredients, including SATA drives, SAS drives, and flash drives. You have all-flash SAN/NAS, hybrid SAN/NAS, and SATA SAN/NAS devices. But in the end, it basically comes down to the same two choices we had 20 years ago, 'Do you want block or file?'

      In contrast, other storage markets have been heating up for a while. We have multiple new ways to store, protect, and share data that are offering customers many ways to save money while keeping their data safe at the same time. Why doesn't primary storage incorporate these features? Is it time for a reboot?..."

      Top Tips For Enterprise SSD Form Factor Selection And Deployment
      Enterprise Storage Forum, March 27th 2017
      "Enterprise SSD technology seems to get more complex over time. There are all the types of cells, 3D varieties and a host of form factors. Some may hanker after the good old days when an SSD meant a solid state drive you could use as a direct replacement for a disk drive. But the options available today are many, and certain types are best for certain applications.

      Here, then, are some enterprise SSD tips regarding form factors and general flash implementation..."

      IT - Technology
      How Ford Has Slammed The Door On Silicon Valley's Autonomous Vehicles Drive
      The Register, March 27th 2017
      Owning the smartphone-dashboard interface

      "Detroit and Silicon Valley aren't just 2,000 miles apart - they're on different planets, culturally speaking. One is the home of America's automotive industry, a heavily regulated, ultra-conservative sector focusing on high-volume, low-margin sales. The other houses companies that deal in high-margin information and digital services, acting first and begging forgiveness later. They are also in competition to own what some are calling the next personal computing platform: the car..."

        How To Protect Yourself From Atm Crime
        ComputerWorld, March 27th 2017
        Banks like Wells Fargo are rolling out much better ATM security. Here's why it won't stop ATM theft

        "The ATM card is dead. Or is it?

        Starting Monday, all 13,000 Wells Fargo ATMs will enable you to withdraw money without using your card, according to Jonathan Velline, head of Wells Fargo ATM and branch strategy.

        It works like this: Open the Wells Fargo app on your phone. Tap a button in the app for a temporary eight-digit code. Then enter the code, followed by your PIN, to access your account.

        Wells Fargo is the first major U.S. bank to offer app-based access to all of its ATMs..."

        Solving For Human-Robot Communication Deficits In Autonomous Driving
        Search CIO, March 29th 2017
        Self-driving cars are already doing amazing things, but gesturing to other drivers isn't one of them. That's a problem that needs to be solved, according to experts at the MIT Disruption Timeline Conference

        "In the fast-moving quest to make vehicles self-driving, certain features of human driving, it turns out, have proved challenging to capture. Among them: automating the interactions that happen on the road between drivers, said John Leonard, professor of mechanical and ocean engineering and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT..."

          Transform Your Business with Training for the Internet of Things (IoT)
          By Diana.H. Gray
          Diana blogs, "Imagine a world where everything is connected to a wide variety of devices:

          • Automobiles with built in sensors monitoring what's in your refrigerator
          • Life saving tracking devices to follow your daily activity routines
          • Automation of your home security system

          All of this data, while seemingly unrelated, could be tracked remotely through the Internet and existing network infrastructures.

          This provides a huge opportunity to collect data remotely, process data and apply the intelligence behind the data to new prospects..."

          IT - Bitcoin
          A Short Guide To Bitcoin Forks
          CoinDesk, March 27th 2017
          "If you have been paying attention to bitcoin at all lately, you may have noticed a lot of talk going on about 'forks'.

          Not like the kind you would find on a table, on a blockchain, a fork is a technical event that occurs because diverse participants need to agree on common rules.

          At its most basic, a fork is what happens when a blockchain diverges into two potential paths forward - either with regard to a network's transaction history or a new rule in deciding what makes a transaction valid.

          As a result, those who use the blockchain have to show support for one choice over the other..."

          How Blockchain Tech Will Create A Distributed Future For The Energy Sector
          Bitcoin Magazine, March 27th 2017
          "April 2016 saw a flurry of media attention around the first ever blockchain-managed energy transaction in Brooklyn, NY. In this groundbreaking milestone, the owner of a roof solar panel sold a few kilowatt-hours of excess energy to a neighbor utilizing an Ethereum blockchain smart contract. Fueling this development via the Brooklyn microgrid was the startup company LO3 Energy.

          Today power and utility companies all over the world are now exploring various ways to implement blockchain technology. Doing so could upend existing models of how energy and utility markets function. Applied on a broader scale, it could be the spark that transforms these legacy industries..."

          Investor Interest In Bitcoin Grows Despite Hardfork Debate And Falling Price
          CryptoCoinsNews, March 27th 2017
          "Despite a recent drop in the price of bitcoin and the debate circulating the potential hardfork, interest in the currency is continuing to grow.

          On March 10, the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) decision to reject the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) saw the price of the currency drop below $1,000 from a high of $1,350 in the run-up to the verdict.

          Since then the currency has been struggling to achieve its early March high..."

          IT - FOSS
          Google Launches New Site To Showcase Its Open Source Projects And Processes
          TechCrunch, March 28th 2017
          "Google is launching a new site today that brings all of the company's open source projects under a single umbrella.

          The code of these projects will still live on GitHub and Google's self-hosted git service, of course, with the new site functioning as a central directory for them. While this new project is obviously meant to showcase Google's projects, the company says it also wants to use it to provide 'a look under the hood' of how it 'does' open source..."

          IT - DevOps
          6 DevOps Training Programs
          Network Computing, March 27th 2017
          In order to be successful with DevOps, your team will likely need some new skills, Interop ITX expert says

          "When organizations make the decision to pursue a DevOps approach, they often find that their staff needs some training in order for the initiative to succeed.

          In a recent interview, Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, pointed out that developers and operations personnel who are new to DevOps often don't have all the necessary skills. For example, "'t used to be that only QA [Quality Assurance] would go through testing training,' she explained. But the continuous testing in DevOps has changed that. 'Now development and operations teams - pretty much everyone in IT - needs to know how to test'..."

          It's A Cultural Movement, It'S A Magic Bullet, It's A Catalyst. It's DevOps
          jaxenter, March 27th 2017
          "Some people call DevOps a cultural movement, others think it is a magic bullet but it is actually a catalyst for collaboration between the roles of technology developers and IT operations. We invited four of the world's biggest DevOps influencers to weigh in on the facets of DevOps and identify the most important trends..."
          Seven Essential Steps For Transitioning To Enterprise Devops
          InformationWeek, March 29th 2017
          If you are thinking about doing DevOps also think in terms of starting small, getting executive buy-in, and not reinventing the wheel

          "DevOps is currently the train every enterprise wants to climb aboard. In fact, many of today's market leaders already have some sort of DevOps plan in place. As companies incorporate IT further into their business, DevOps is becoming a basic necessity for the modern enterprise.

          However, when it comes to actually implementing DevOps in real life, things can get a little shaky. Having helped many organizations go through this process, I've pinpointed some common mistakes and misconceptions - and some best practices - from enterprises when trying to implement DevOps for the first time. With the help of this DO and DON'T guide, your transition to DevOps will hopefully be much smoother..."

          Oracle Linux 6.9 Released with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 4.1.12, TLS 1.2
          Softpedia, March 28th, 2017
          Oracle announced today, March 28, 2017, the release and general availability of the Oracle Linux 6.9 operating system, the ninth update to the Oracle Linux 6 stable series

          Prominent features of Oracle Linux 6.9 include support for TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 on all system components, along with vsftpd support for TLS 1.2 and auditd support for incremental_async, implementation of the cpuid utility supporting AMD, Intel, and VIA CPUs, improved SSSD (System Security Services Daemon) support for Active Directory (AD), and better support when running as a Hyper-V guest.

          Training Thursdays: Zero-Downtime Patching for Continuous Security
          By Antoinette O'Sullivan
          Antoinette writes, "Oracle Linux is the only Linux OS with zero-downtime patching for continuous security. Non-Disruptive Downloads are key. Zero downtime is increasingly important because of the growing number of security patches that everyone has to deal with.

          The ability to patch systems with critical security errata without downtime is crucial. Ksplice can deliver zero downtime for your core infrastructure in both kernel and user space for your traditional workloads and also your cloud.

          Ksplice is one of the many topics you can learn about by taking Oracle Linux system administration training..."

          IT - Cloud
          4 Fresh Openstack Guides And Tutorials
, March 29th 2017
          Want to learn more about developing or administering OpenStack? These guides can help

          "Want a job in the IT industry? If you've got experience working with OpenStack, landing that next position ought to be no problem. But how do you gain OpenStack skills and keep them sharp?

          In addition to the official project documentation, in-person and online training and certification programs, printed guides and books, there are also a number of great community-created resources. Every month we bring together the best of these for you into one handy package. Here's what we found recently..."

          Cloud Computing Security
          Datamation, March 29th 2017
          "Cloud computing security is a critical topic because most businesses use the cloud in some shape, form, or fashion. There are lots of different ways that they use the cloud: cloud computing with SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS; cloud storage with content repositories and archival; DR spin-up; file sharing and gateways for the far-flung enterprise.

          Yet with all this activity, there is still a 500-pound gorilla in the room: cloud computing security. Backers proclaim that security is one of the cloud's strongest features, while detractors say it's riddled with vulnerabilities.

          Which is the truth of these claims about cloud security? In time-honored fashion of IT issues, it depends..."

          Don't Forget To Pack Security For The Journey To The Cloud
          HelpNet Security, March 29th 2017
          "When you move workloads to public cloud platforms, you offload many tasks on the cloud provider, but don't fall for the misconception that you're entirely off the hook with security.

          Although cloud providers 'rent' their computing infrastructure to you, they operate on a 'shared security responsibility' model, meaning you still must protect your workloads in the cloud..."

          Free Cloud Storage Buyer Beware
          Network World, March 30th 2017
          Free cloud storage is a very volatile market

          "There are three things that are certain in life: Death, taxes and volatility in the free cloud storage market. Yes, it turns out free cloud storage comes with a price: putting up with a fickle market.

          Network World has a running list of the best places in the cloud to find free storage. Many vendors offer their services on a freemium basis, meaning an introductory cloud storage offering, typically of 5 GB is free, with additional storage costing a variety of prices. But businesses don't typically like to give away their services for free. So, these offers change frequently..."

            How Enterprises Can Deploy Cloud Services More Securely
            eWeek, March 27th 2017
            "Nothing in last year's news exposed IT security weaknesses more clearly than the 2016 U.S. presidential election. When you add up Hillary Clinton's emails, John Podesta's public Gmail and Twitter accounts, and WikiLeaks publishing thousands of emails from sources yet to be named, it's clear that if attackers can gain access to such highly sensitive accounts, they can hack into any organization.

            Meanwhile, enterprise IT is going through a massive shift as the digital transformation to cloud services continues. In this eWEEK slide show, using industry information from cloud storage provider CTERA Vice President of Marketing Tom Grave, we offer tips on how enterprises can minimize the risk of data breaches as they plan cloud strategies. CTERA specializes in the digital transformation of enterprise file services..."

            Inscrutable Amazon Bill: Behind It, A $1 Million Savings
            InformationWeek, March 28th, 2017
            When Segment found its AWS bill going up unexpectedly, it did a deep dive to find the cause and realized a $1 million annual savings

            "A startup that never built its own data center, Segment, found itself confronting an unexpected dilemma last year as its Amazon Web Services bill started rising to new heights. For many months prior, it had been flatlining.

            Segment employees weren't signing up for new services at anywhere near the rate at which the bill was rising. By the end of the third quarter, 'two-thirds of our cost-of-goods-sold was the bill from AWS,' noted a company blog on the issue March 14.

            Segment co-founder and CTO Calvin Frank-Owen could have clamped down on employee use, but instead he commissioned Rick Branson, engineering manager, and Achille Roussel, cyber-liability engineer, to troubleshoot the issue..."

            Leading Cloud Computing Companies
            Datamation, March 29th 2017
            These leading cloud computing companies are pioneers in IaaS, SaaS, Paas, cloud-based data and other key emerging enterprise technologies

            "Cloud computing companies are sprouting up faster than flowers in springtime. The surest sign of a new industry is a plethora of startups, and that is certainly the case in the cloud computing industry.

            But after cloud computing's first decade, there are two distinctly different truths.

            First, the inevitable consolidation has not taken place. Sure, big firms have snapped up small players, but many cloud startups are still in growth mode and not looking to be bought.

            Second, the presence of old school tech giants in cloud computing. Established firms are often the last to embrace a technology, or at least very late to it. They are so enamored to their current business model that there is no room for embracing a new one - or they fear the new model because it could disrupt their current business..."

            What Is Cloud Computing?
            Datamation, March 27th 2017
            Most technology experts list cloud computing as one of the most influential IT trends of the twenty-first century. Over the past two decades, cloud computing has revolutionized enterprise IT to the point where most organizations now take a "cloud-first" approach to their technology needs.

            According to the MIT Technology Review, the phrase "cloud computing" was probably first used in the mid-1990s at a now-defunct company called NetCentric. Then in 1999, introduced the idea of accessing enterprise applications through a Web browser, a concept that grew into the software as a service (SaaS) model. In 2002, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services, and four years later it debuted its Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service, the first widely used infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering.

            IT - CxO
            7 Forces Driving Modern Business Intelligence Growth
            Information Management, March 31st 2017
            "The number of organizations embracing business intelligence platforms continues to grow, but more focus is being placed on business-led, agile analytics and self-service features rather than IT-led system-of-record reporting.

            That is the finding of a recent study by Gartner, which looked at market trends in business intelligence and analytics overall, and differences between traditional BI investments and modern BI..."

            9 Biggest Information Security Threats Through 2019
            CIO, March 28th 2017
            "Each year, the Information Security Forum, a nonprofit association that researches and analyzes security and risk management issues, releases its 'Threat Horizon' report to provide a forward-looking view of the biggest security threats over a two-year period. Here are the top nine threats to watch for through 2019...

            The information security threat landscape is constantly evolving. To help you navigate the terrain, each year the Information Security Forum (ISF) - a nonprofit association that researches and analyzes security and risk management issues on behalf of its members - puts out its Threat Horizon report to provide members with a forward-looking view of the biggest security threats over a two-year period. What follows are the nine biggest threats on the horizon through 2019 that your organization may have to manage and mitigate..."

            My Conversations With It Leaders: Their Top-Ranking Concerns For 2017
            The Enterprisers Project, March 29th 2017
            "Innovation is not about chasing the latest gee-whiz technologies. It is about implementing needed solutions to stay ahead of the competition. All CIOs already face a heavy burden to maintain efficient IT systems. Now they are being asked to transform their organizations by adopting the latest digital breakthroughs.

            In recent weeks, I've discussed this innovation challenge with many of my CIO colleagues and clients to get their thoughts about the top IT concerns for 2017. Their helpful feedback has provided some valuable insights about the most important trends facing the IT industry..."

            The Real Reason Shadow It Is So Widespread
            Network World, March 27th 2017
            A new survey addresses the roles of business and IT decision makers in tech purchases - but one critical group isn't included

            "At your company, who's responsible for what technology is bought and implemented?

            It's a critical question, with deep implications for how your company leverages technology to get things done and drive competitive advantage. A recent survey from Spiceworks takes a stab at answering this question. But while the survey offers a number of insights, it leaves out perhaps the most important constituency in the procurement process..."

              The Road To GDPR Implementation: Challenges And Opportunities Ahead
              Information Age, March 29th 2017
              "Conducted post-election and polling US tech CFOs nationwide, a new survey survey has shown a bright growth outlook for the technology industry, but concerns around changing data privacy laws are casting uncertainty over the sector...

              Less than 14 months remain until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect - and US technology companies are feeling the pressure, the 2017 BDO Technology Outlook Survey revealed..."

                The Strategic CIO's First Day: In Search Of IT Operational Excellence
                Search CIO, March 29th 2017
                Strategic CIOs may be tempted to roll out their strategic initiatives to C-suite peers on day one, but there's a good chance that's a move ahead of its time

                "It's your first day as CIO. You have a real office with glass walls, a door that closes, a hyper-adjustable ergonomic chair and a desktop that moves up and down so you can work standing up (which begs the question: Why the great chair?). Your first meeting with all the other C-levels is this afternoon, a great opportunity for you to fortify your reputation as a strategic CIO. They have requested a presentation on how you will change IT for the better. How will you deliver more business value? How will you better enable the corporate vision? How you will drive innovation into the enterprise? Basically, they want to know what you will do differently than the last guy. He lasted just under four years..."

                To Gain Influence, CISOs Must Get Security's Human Element Right
                Dark Reading, March 29th 2017
                Focusing on certain elements of security in isolation can cause a false sense of security

                "It can be tempting for CISOs to look to the latest technology as a cure-all for securing their organizations. Inevitably, they're also occupied with security governance and compliance requirements. However, concentrating on these aspects in isolation can lead to a false sense of security.

                CISOs should be careful not to overlook basic fundamentals around how their employees behave and interact with the organization's data and technology. Excessive sharing and access to information introduces significant risks. The more access to sensitive data that an employee has, the easier it is for cybercriminals to obtain a company's critical assets, if they successfully target their credentials..."

                That's My Domain! Domain Name Branding Secrets With Jeff Sass and Private Room Social
                Tuesday, April 25th, 2017: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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                Join us for a Fireside Chat with Jeff Sass, Domain Name & Social Media Expert.

                Come and learn from Jeff how to use your Domain Names to Brand Yourself or Your Company, Increase Your Exposure on the Internet.

                There will also be an SFTA "Private Room" social event after the talk.

                SFTA & ASHRAE Present 'The Internet Of Things' - a Panel Discussion & Dinner
                Thursday, April 13th, 2017: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                The Tower Club - Ft. Lauderdale

                You Are invited to join the SFTA and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) for a not-to-be-missed revealing and illuminating deep-dive panel discussion into 'The Internet Of Things'

                We will uncover exactly what it is and how it will affect you and your business in the near future.

                Your ticket price includes: Dinner, Presentation, Valet Parking and Cash bar!


                South Florida Technology Alliance's 5th Annual Golf Tournament
                In aid of the SFTA's Charity portfolio fund and will be supporting several South Florida organizations
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                This year's Golf Event is in aid of the SFTA's Charity portfolio fund and will be supporting several South Florida organizations.

                Celebrating the wonderful diversity of our region, we'll be incorporating a colorful Cinco De Mayo Festival theme throughout the event.

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                • 7:30am Check-in
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                Oracle JET v3.0.0
                By Graeme Mawso
                Graeme blogs, "Last week saw the release of version 3.0.0 of the Oracle Java Extension Toolkit (JET). This is a major release of the toolkit, containing significant updates to JET components, cookbook, tooling and themes, along with updates to 3rd party libraries.

                Please refer to the Release Notes for detailed information about the changes and how they may affect you..."

                IT - PM
                Why SMBs Need to Get Project Management Right from the Start
                CIO, March 27th 2017
                "Project management products aren't just for big business. With increasing competition and the always-changing digital landscape, it's important for small businesses to take the grunt work out of critical business processes..."

                "IDC's Top 10 Predictions for Worldwide SMB, 2017-2020 study reports that 'what has been the relatively fragmented and improvisational nature of SMB IT spending will begin to echo the coordinated and managed approaches seen among larger firms.' That said, if small and midsize business spending is to mimic larger firms, so too should their project management practices..."

                IT - Networks
                2.5 And 5 Gigabit Ethernet: Benefits And Use Cases
                Network Computing, March 29th 2017
                New Ethernet technologies address evolving enterprise needs, including WLAN support

                "It may seem counter-intuitive, but the recent release of 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T Ethernet technologies are one way that standards have ramped up their responsiveness to industry need by slowing down the data rate. Several key technology spaces, such as wireless access points and servers, have increased their need for bandwidth since 1000BASE-T was standardized in 1999. While 10GBASE-T is a viable solution for many, it requires the physical cabling infrastructure to be at least Category 6A. Many existing installations in small and enterprise businesses however, were completed using Category 5e..."

                802.11ay Wi-Fi: "It's Going To Be A Very Scalable Spec"
                Network World, March 28th, 2017
                802.11ay promises to support a wide range of wireless products, according to Peraso Technologies co-founder

                "Peraso Technologies, one of the early players in 802.11ad (WiGig) gigabit wireless networking, is also readying for enhanced Wi-Fi technology called 802.11ay that promises higher speeds and greater reach.

                The Toronto-based company, whose semiconductors enable smartphones, tablets and other devices to exploit unlicensed 60 GHz wireless technology, is bullish on 11ay to support an even wider range of products than 11ad..."

                How To Test Sd-Wans
                Network World, March 29th 2017
                When determining the best SD-WAN solution for your company, there are some basic things you should test, such as scalability, failover, application performance and usability

                "Whenever I speak with companies starting to research SD-WANs, the question about testing invariably comes up. Like probably any enterprise device, SD-WANs are filled with features. And as with any major WAN acquisition, testing those features prior to purchase is incredibly important. SD-WAN vendors have their own nuances and strengths. You need to be sure those strengths align with your environment..."

                How Will The Network Manager's Role Change In The Sdn World?
                ComputerWeekly, March 29th 2017
                We explore how traditional network managers are changing the habits of a lifetime as SDN remakes the enterprise network

                "The cloud is now common parlance in the world of technology. Those fluffy skyward thoughts have become hard datacentre realities for enterprises across the UK and the world.

                But when it comes to going virtual, there is one area that has been slower on the uptake: the network.

                The past 18 months have seen a raft of major telcos embracing the functions of software-defined networking (SDN), milking the benefits of increased flexibility and a reduced time to market for new services..."

                IT - IoT
                Commercial IoT: Big Trouble In Small Devices
                Dark Reading, March 28th, 2017
                There are endless scenarios where hackers could wreak havoc on the industrial Internet of Things. There's also a readily available solution called 'HIP'

                "It's impossible to ignore the explosion of connected 'things' today. Everywhere we turn there's a new connected device. Hundreds to millions of unmanned devices and sensors are being deployed on everything from mining equipment and smart buildings to healthcare monitors and thermostats. By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to include somewhere between 20 billion and 50 billion connected things..."

                Five Surprisingly Simple Steps To Better IoT Security
                ITProPortal, March 27th 2017
                The Internet of Things and connected devices are here to stay and now companies must work to make them more secure

                "When the automobile first hit the road, it lacked some features that we take for granted today, like a reverse gear, headlights and seat belts. People were excited about how automobiles revolutionized the way humans got from point A to point B. Like any invention, features were added and shortcomings were tweaked in later versions.

                Cars have come a long way since their first iterations. Today, many boast internet-connected systems and some even drive themselves. Like watches, refrigerators and thermostats, cars have become part of the Internet of Things (IoT)..."

                IoT Deployment: Getting The Three Fundamental Building Blocks In Place
                ITProPortal, March 29th 2017
                The internet of things can transform an organisation when deployed properly

                "Gartner recently predicted that there will be 8.4 billion connected 'things' in use in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016. The connected economy is driving the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and CIOs are being asked how the technology can transform their organisation.

                I have a lot of sympathy for a CIO who has just been asked how to take advantage of IoT in order to drive business transformation. This is not an easy question to answer, and it's a question that is increasingly being asked by company boards, across multiple industries..."

                Using IoT To Stop Saboteurs, Save Water And Make Money
                ZDnet, March 27th 2017
                Griswold Water Systems explains how they modernized their business in an old-school industry and realized unexpected benefits along the way

                "The Internet of Things often raises security concerns for businesses, but for Griswold Water Systems (GWS), connectivity offered a security solution -- namely, a way to make sure the competition wasn't sabotaging its equipment.

                Griswold's industry -- treating water cooling towers -- is 'decidedly non-sexy,' GWS president Max Martina told ZDNet. Still, he said, 'We're in a business that captures a lot of low hanging fruit'..."

                IT - Linux
                10 Portable Apps Every Linux User Should Use
                maketecheasier, March 27th 2017
                "Portable apps are great invention that not many people talk about. The ability to take any program to any PC, and continue using it is very handy. This is especially true for those that need to get work done, and don't have anything with you but a flash drive.

                In this article, we'll go over some of the best portable Linux apps to take with you. From secure internet browsing, to eBooks, graphic editing and even voice chat!..."

                Daimler Jumps On Linux Bandwagon
                ITPro Windows, March 24th 2017
                "Not long ago, if a major corporation were to take out membership in an open source project, that would be big news -- doubly so for a company whose primary business isn't tech related. Times have changed. These days the corporate world's involvement in open source is taken for granted, even for companies whose business isn't computer related. Actually, there's really no such thing anymore. One way or another, computer technology is at the core of nearly every product on the market.

                So it wasn't surprising that hardly anyone noticed earlier this month when Daimler AG, maker of Mercedes-Benz and the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, announced it had joined the Open Invention Network (OIN), an organization that seeks to protect open source projects from patent litigation. According to a quick and unscientific search of Google, only one tech site covered the news, and that didn't come until a full 10 days after the announcement was made..."

                Oracle Linux 6.9 Released With Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 4.1.12, Tls 1.2
                Softpedia, March 28th, 2017
                Oracle announced today, March 28, 2017, the release and general availability of the Oracle Linux 6.9 operating system, the ninth update to the Oracle Linux 6 stable series

                "Prominent features of Oracle Linux 6.9 include support for TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 on all system components, along with vsftpd support for TLS 1.2 and auditd support for incremental_async, implementation of the cpuid utility supporting AMD, Intel, and VIA CPUs, improved SSSD (System Security Services Daemon) support for Active Directory (AD), and better support when running as a Hyper-V guest.

                Under the hood, the OS is powered by Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 4 (4.1.12-61.1.28.el6uek) for 64-bit (x86_64) platforms, Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 2 (2.6.39-400.294.3.el6uek) for 32-bit (i386) systems, and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux-compatible kernel (2.6.32-696.el6) for both 32- and 64-bit machines..."

                IT - Operations
                Automation Rolls On. What Are You Doing About It?
                Network World, March 28th, 2017
                Automation technology drives a new wave of change

                "The only constant in work is that work changes. It shifts. It pivots. It requires new skills, new training, new ideas. This has always been the case. But today, with everything becoming connected to the internet and digitization reshaping the definition of value in entire industries, the rate of change is increasing dramatically.

                In IT specifically, automation technology is driving a new wave of change, making many rote operations tasks that we've performed manually for decades a thing of the past. All of this is great news; after all, how many of us truly enjoy the laborious and time-intensive process of manually configuring and troubleshooting devices using Command Line Interface (CLI)?..."

                  Hybrid It Is Today's Reality, Not The Future
                  Data Center Knowledge, March 29th 2017
                  "Today's business leaders place tremendous pressure on the IT function to align its technology to the latest business initiatives, to move faster, to maintain higher levels of uptime, and to invest in innovation, all while reducing costs where possible and minimizing risk.

                  At the center of all this are applications and data. Both of these elements help organizations define and differentiate themselves, are essential for the business to operate effectively, and often, are key to delivering value to users and customers. To adapt to these needs, IT organizations are removing barriers to consumption, simplifying processes through automation, and accelerating the rate of change..."

                    Outdated Software Biggest Cyber-Breach Culprit
                    ITProPortal, March 27th 2017
                    Better update that software, people

                    "Did you update Flash on your PC? How about Java? According to cybersecurity firm Avast, you probably didn't, and that's the number one cause of cybersecurity incidents.

                    Avast just released a new report, entitled Avast PC Trends Report January 2017. It is based on insights from the company's AVG TuneUp product, and says that more than half (52 per cent) of the most popular PC applications are outdated.

                    That way, Avast claims, people are exposing their data to cybercriminals, as their machines become vulnerable to malware and ransomware.

                    Drawing intel from 116 million Windows machines worldwide, here are the ten most out-of-date programs:..."

                    What's Fueling The Rise Of Micro Data Centers
                    Data Center Knowledge, March 27th 2017
                    "Two years ago, a record number of Star Wars fans trying to simultaneously buy tickets to the opening of The Force Awakens, crashed the online booking systems of nearly all major movie theaters. Traffic surged to seven times its typical peak level in less than 24 hours, causing outages and frazzled nerves.

                    It's easy enough to shrug off a minor inconvenience like having to wait a few extra hours to buy a movie ticket; it's a whole different matter when it halts automated trains and buses, stops a manufacturing plant, or stops the processing of key medical data at a hospital. Latency simply cannot be tolerated in certain applications..."

                      IT - Security
                      1.4 Billion Data Records Exposed In 2016 Breaches
                      Dark Reading, March 28th 2017
                      The number of data records breached soared in 2016 over the previous year, with the technology sector facing the brunt of the attacks

                      "Cybercriminals infiltrated some 1.4 billion data records last year - a whopping 86% increase over the previous year, according to a new report released today by digital security firm Gemalto.

                      This bounty of information was snagged in 1,792 incidents worldwide, which yielded a larger haul with fewer attempts, according to the report. The number of data record breaches fell 4% in 2016, compared with year earlier figures..."

                      A New Approach Is Needed In The Battle Against Cyber Attacks
                      Help Net Security, March 27th 2017
                      "How do you search for something that's invisible? An increase in the sophistication of cyber attacks means that it takes an average of 146 days before a corporate hack is discovered. Modern breaches are a mix of chameleonic deception and clever automation, enabling malicious code to be concealed deep inside the corporate network. In the battle to fight cybercrime, discovering the undetectable is a challenge CISOs face every day. With this in mind, organisations must turn to new and innovative methods of discovery such as threat hunting, the process of proactively searching networks to detect and isolate sophisticated threats..."
                        Access All Areas? Tracking And Managing The Privileged Users
                        Information Age, March 27th 2017
                        Keeping privileged users' account credentials well protected, and restricting access to the systems they use, is an essential part of managing a secure environment

                        "An organisation's privileged users pose a very particular set of security challenges. These are the users with more authority to access systems and data than general users; and the greater the privileges, the greater the security risk.

                        They hold the keys to a wealth of valuable information and, in the wrong hands, these privileges mean they have the power to inflict massive damage to a company. Readers only have to look back to the latest wave of Wikileaks revelations to see the repercussions of the unsanctioned disclosure of confidential documents..."

                        How To Fend Off Cyberattacks And Data Breaches
                        CIO, March 29th 2017
                        Experts in online security and data protection explain how smaller businesses can prevent security breaches and digital attacks

                        "According to research conducted by Symantec, the number of cyberattacks against small businesses (companies with fewer than 250 employees) has been steadily growing over the last six years, with hackers specifically targeting employees (phishing). And while distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks are still a leading form of cyber warfare, ransomware and malware attacks, targeting users of smartphones and internet of things (IoT) devices, as well as PCs and systems running on Macs and Linux, are also a big threat to small businesses..."

                        Payment Card Industry Security Compliance: What You Need To Know
                        Dark Reading, March 29th 2017
                        A quick refresher on all the different PCI SSC security standards that are relevant for organizations that accept electronic payments

                        "In the dynamic world of payments, transaction security is of paramount importance. When we speak with our customers and partners, the topic of payment security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance always comes up. Although there is a lot of useful information about payment security available, the industry is also filled with many questions regarding PCI. So, with the latest PCI Data Security Standard update and the release of the latest security standards for payments terminals, now is a great time to provide a quick refresher on PCI compliance and the various security standards merchants need to know..."

                        People Are Still The Biggest Security Threat To Any Organization
                        HelpNet Security, March 31st 2017
                        Despite an increase in spending and investment in deterrence tactics and detection tools, insider threats continue to cause harm to all types of organizations

                        "A new report suggests that, although funding is increasing, inadequate resources are being allotted to predictive risk analytics - a critical component of mitigating insider threats. This lack of analytics investment comes at a price, as insider attacks continue to be costly..."

                        IT - Careers
                        5 Reasons Your Next Job Interview May Be Challenging
                        ComputerWorld, March 29th 2017
                        Challenging job interviews result in better hires and higher job satisfaction -- but what factors contribute to whether an interview process will be particularly difficult?

                        "Do you know how much the Empire State Building weighs?

                        That's one question -- with no correct answer -- that Google famously asks during its notoriously difficult job interviews. Others include: 'Name a brand that represents you as a person,' (Twitter); 'How many happy birthday posts do you think Facebook gets in one day?' (Facebook); and 'What's the first thing you'd print with a 3D printer if you had one?' (Rackspace).

                        One of the reasons for these tough, strange or unexpected questions, experts say, is to gauge the job candidate's critical thinking and reasoning skills..."

                        6 Soft Skills Employers Should Be Looking For In Tech Talent
                        CIO, March 27th 2017
                        LinkedIn's Jennifer Shappley shares how she sources for soft skills and what to look for in your own candidates

                        "Forget experience and hard skills -- tomorrow's best talent will need soft skills, and it's fact that sourcing and recruiting pros need to be prepared to address.

                        'From our own LinkedIn research last May, we know that, of 291 hiring managers we surveyed, their employers struggle to find candidates with the right soft skills for 59 percent of their open jobs, and 58 percent said the lack of soft skills among candidates was 'limiting their company's productivity,' says Jennifer Shappley, senior director of talent acquisition at LinkedIn at a presentation at SourceCon, held earlier this month in Anaheim, Calif..."

                          IT Pros Spend Too Much Time Handling Emergencies
                          Help Net Security, March 28th 2017
                          "A 1E survey of 1,014 IT professionals, who together manage more than 21 million endpoints globally, centered on unplanned activities - how often they occur, what types are most common, and the time spent identifying and addressing issues.

                          Highlights from the survey

                          • On average, IT workers spend 29 percent of every day reacting to unplanned incidents or emergencies. Based on a full-time work schedule of 1,700 hours per year, this equates to more than 14 weeks a year.
                          • More than half (51 percent) of respondents spend between a quarter and their whole day, every day, reacting to unplanned incidents.
                          • The most common incidents are operations related - such as outages and performance issues.
                          • While nearly half of these incidents are discovered with an hour, the mean time to fix them is more than five hours.
                          • Companies with 50,000+ seats are three times more likely to take over a week to resolve a business-critical request.

                          Read on for details.

                          IT - Virtualization
                          Kubernetes 1.6 Scales To 5,000 Nodes
                          InfoWorld, March 29th 2017
                          Google's container orchestration platform can now scale to massive cluster

                          "Kubernetes 1.6, the latest version of Google's open source container orchestration platform, was released on Tuesday, featuring support for 5,000-node clusters. The 5,000-node cluster capability also will be added shortly to Google Container Engine, the company's Kubernetes-based automated container management system..."

                          For users who want to scale beyond 5,000 nodes or spread across multiple regions or clouds, federation lets you combine multiple Kubernetes clusters and address them through a single API endpoint," Kubernetes proponents said in a bulletin.

                          IT - Backup
                          Time To Restore From Backup: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?
                          ComputerWeekly, March 27th 2017
                          Making a backup is only the start of the process. You must be sure you can restore, that backups contain what you need, and that they will work with the applications that need them

                          "You've got a regular backup regime, but now it's time to restore. But do you know where your data is? And can you access and use it?

                          This should be well-understood IT and data infrastructure practice, but sometimes the obvious needs to be restated.

                          So, given some recent data loss events, such as at Gitlab and the Australian Tax Office, it is time to revisit some fundamental backup topics.

                          Some will say the creation of backup or protection copies is more important than restoration, because if you don't have something from the past, how can you recover in the future?..."

                          IT - Big Data
                          Data Visualization: Keeping An Eye On Security
                          Dark Reading, March 27th 2017
                          Visualization can be one of the most powerful approaches a security team can use to make sense of vast quantities of data. So why does it end up as an afterthought?

                          "Have you ever recognized someone but had trouble recalling their name? Or perhaps you've felt as if you had met someone before but couldn't place where? It turns out that this phenomenon is something that is quite common. It has to do with the way our brains are wired, and the ways in which we process visual information and non-visual information differently..."

                          Historians Versus Futurists - The Battle Of Analysts?
                          Information Management, March 29th 2017
                          "Some analysts dig deep into historical information to glean insights once hidden. Other analysts are obsessed with predictive analytics and Big Data to foresee the future. Are these in actuality the same person or two different rivals with their own ideology?

                          Futurists enjoy taking out their crystal ball and projecting future innovations. They are typically wrong. George Orwell's book 1984 that was published in 1949 did not come close with its projections. In the 1960s I recall a Walt Disney television show describing automobiles that required no driver and were guided by some form of magnet-like strip imbedded in the street's or highway's roadbed. Nice try. Although driverless cars are now in our future...."

                          IT - Mobile
                          Big Data And AI Are About To Make Your Phone Scary Smart
                          insideBIGDATA, March 28th 2017
                          "How convenient would it be to have a smart superphone that can carry out tasks autonomously - even while offline? We're not just talking about random tasks like updating email or displaying social alerts. We're talking about full-blown actions like making calls, sending messages and more.

                          The idea sounds pretty crazy, right? Believe it or not, it may soon be a reality..."

                            IT - BYOD
                            BYOD is Dead. Long Live BYOD
                            ITProPortal, March 29th 2017
                            It's time to stop debating the merits of BYOD vs. corporate-supplied and come up with a method of managing all manner of mobile devices

                            BYOD is dying. It's not that people no longer bring devices to work. It's that everyone brings their devices to work. Whether you use BYOx (bring your own everything) to describe this phenomenon or some other term, there are important concerns to be addressed.

                            For example, will you be providing devices to all employees, some employees (e.g., managers and executives) or no employees? How will user-owned devices connect to the network and how do you ensure personal and corporate data separation? What about company-owned devices and who owns, and thus has free access to, the data stored on them? And what happens when a device with company data or the ability to connect to the company network is stolen?..."

                            The Seven Most Important Features Of Any BYOD Policy
                            TechZone360, March 27th 2017
                            "Today's world of mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones has introduced an interesting layer of complexity for IT departments in businesses everywhere. Employees often own and are familiar with their own technological devices, presenting both an opportunity and a challenge for employers - how can you control the use of these devices without eliminating them entirely?

                            The go-to solution is to create a custom bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, which outlines exactly how and why employees' home devices may be used for work or for network applications..."

                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                            Vol 229 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 228 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                            • OracleVoice: Hurd Predicts Demise Of Best-Of-Breed Technologies
                            • Huawei Announces Oracle Linux Certification for Huawei FusionSphere
                            • Oracle Utilities Launches Smart Grid and IoT Device Management Solution in the Cloud
                            • MySQL 8.0 roles
                            • New: JDK 9 Jigsaw Modular Projects in NetBeans IDE
                            • Friday Spotlight: Manual Installation and Launch of the SGD client
                            • Implementing Chatbots
                            • Oracle Utilities Launches a New Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution in the Cloud
                            • How to Secure MySQL/MariaDB Servers
                            • MySQL Group Replication: native support in ProxySQL

                            The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                              IT - Encryption
                              Cloud Services Are Vulnerable Without End-To-End Encryption
                              CloudTweaks, March 27th 2017
                              Resource for Free Information Technology Research, White Papers, Reports, Case Studies, Magazines, and eBooks

                              "The growth of cloud services has been one of the most disruptive phenomena of the Internet era. However, even the most popular cloud services (including Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook 365, and Dropbox) are vulnerable to attack because their servers operate on unencrypted data.

                              The move to cloud-based services offers enormous benefits compared with managing these services in-house. The cloud is scalable, cost-effective, easy to manage, and accessible to a wide range of devices anywhere..."

                              European Debate On Encrypted Apps Heating Up With Possibility Of New Backdoor Laws
                              TechRepublic, March 30th 2017
                              New laws being considered in the EU would force internet companies to provide police with access to encrypted data from consumers on internet messaging apps

                              "In Europe law enforcement agencies may be given access to encrypted data, according to announcements made by EU justice commissioner Vera Jourova, who is considering plans to share encrypted data from companies such as Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

                              According to EU policy site Euractiv, the EU commissioner is considering three or four options to enact in June. Basically, companies will need to open up their data voluntarily for police investigations, or the EU will pass laws forcing them to comply..."

                              How Whatsapp Encryption Works - And Why There Shouldn't Be A Backdoor
                              Homeland Security News Wire, March 28th 2017
                              "A battle between national security and privacy is brewing. Governments and secret services are asking encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp to allow them access to users' data, arguing that access to messages will allow authorities to thwart future terror attacks. Ultimately, though, if someone thinks that removing WhatsApp encryption would be the solution to the problem of terrorism or crime, then they don't understand the actual problem.

                              Even if you were to remove the end-to-end encryption from WhatsApp, criminals could create their own, similar, software that would allow them to communicate securely, while ordinary users would lose the ability to send genuinely private messages..."

                              Top 5 VPN Services For Personal Privacy And Security
                              CIO, March 29th 2017
                              If you regularly travel or work remotely, you need to use a VPN or you're putting yourself - and your data - at risk. Here's a look at the options and price plans for some of the top VPNs

                              "Virtual private networks (VPNs) encrypt internet connections between two points, to secure them from casual snoopers and hackers. These VPN services are particularly useful when accessing the internet from an untrusted location, such as a hotel, café or coworking space.

                              A plethora of modern VPN services, with dedicated connectivity apps, have put an end to the maddening manual configuration VPNs once required. No two VPN offerings are alike, however, and it can be a challenge to find the right VPN. Here's a look at some of the top VPNs for privacy and security..."

                              IT - Developer
                              9 Lies Programmers Tell Themselves
                              InfoWorld, March 27th 2017
                              Confidence in our power over machines also makes us guilty of hoping to bend reality to our code

                              "Programmers have pride with good reason. No one else has the power to reach into a database and change reality. The more the world relies on computers to define how the world works, the more powerful coders become.

                              Alas, pride goeth before the fall. The power we share is very real, but it's far from absolute and it's often hollow. In fact, it may always be hollow because there is no perfect piece of code. Sometimes we cross our fingers and set limits because computers make mistakes. Computers too can be fallible, which we all know from too much firsthand experience..."

                                Cisco News
                                Cisco Introduces New Cisco Spark Devices, Enhanced Content Security Options and New Customer Care Capabilities
                                Cisco, March 27th 2017
                                Cisco has continued to roll out new innovations for Cisco Spark, including new video conferencing solutions that are built to register to both Cisco Spark and on-premises deployments, advanced security options, the ability for any standards-based SIP endpoint (hardware or soft client) to join a Cisco Spark Meeting and new customer care capabilities.

                                "Cisco Spark is already a powerful platform, but we are constantly innovating to add more advanced capabilities," said Jens Meggers, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cisco's Cloud Collaboration Technology Group.

                                Ericsson and Cisco To Strengthen NEXTEL IP Network in Brazil
                                Cisco, March 30th 2017
                                • Ericsson and Cisco to deliver and install IP routers for Nextel in Brazil
                                • Nextel's IP network with be strengthened to support traffic growth and improve network performance
                                • This is the first deal after the Ericsson-Cisco partnership was approved in Brazil

                                The Ericsson and Cisco partnership has secured its first agreement in Brazil, with the two companies working together to supply and install IP routers for Nextel. The key components in the combined offering include a combination of hardware from Cisco, and services and project management from Ericsson.

                                Three Group Signs Global Internet of Things Connectivity Partnership with Cisco Jasper
                                Cisco, March 27th 2017
                                CK Hutchison-owned Three Group extends its move into fast-growing IoT marketplace with Cisco partnership

                                Three Group has today announced a partnership with Cisco Jasper which extends Three Group's capabilities in the global Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

                                From mid-2017, Three Group's enterprise customers wanting to launch IoT services will be able to do so using Cisco Jasper's powerful connectivity management platform, Control Center. Customers will be able to access Control Center locally through Three Group's national networks, while global customers will have the option of accessing Control Center through Hue, Three Group's mobile enabling services division.

                                Dell News
                                Dell Technologies Reports Fiscal Year 2017 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results
                                Dell, March 30th 2017
                                • Fourth quarter revenue of $20.1 billion, with full-year revenue of $61.6 billion
                                • Non-GAAP fourth quarter revenue of $20.6 billion, with non-GAAP annual revenue of $62.8 billion
                                • Fourth quarter operating loss of $1.7 billion, with non-GAAP operating income of $1.8 billion
                                • Fiscal 2017 accomplishments include completion of industry's largest merger transaction, combined award-winning solutions portfolio, completed announced divestitures and reduced debt For the fourth quarter, consolidated revenue from continuing operations was $20.1 billion and non-GAAP revenue from continuing operations was $20.6 billion. During the quarter, the company generated an operating loss of $1.7 billion, with a non-GAAP operating income of $1.8 billion.

                                For the full year, consolidated revenue from continuing operations was $61.6 billion and non-GAAP revenue from continuing operations was $62.8 billion. The company generated an operating loss of $3.3 billion, with a non-GAAP operating income of $5.1 billion.

                                  Dell Unveils its Lightest, Smallest and Most Powerful Entry-level Wyse 3040 Thin Client
                                  Dell, March 29th 2017
                                  • Industry's first entry-level Intel x86 quad-core thin client designed for light multitasking in virtual desktop environments
                                  • Designed for efficiency with 30 percent better performance than previous generations
                                  • Robust connectivity options with superb performance and dual high-definition DisplayPort interfaces

                                  Dell announced its lightest, smallest and most power-efficient thin client that offers superb performance and manageability for task and basic productivity users. Compatible with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware virtual workspace environments, the Wyse 3040 thin client provides a cost-effective endpoint solution that is highly secure, yet easy to deploy and manage. It is the industry's first entry-level Intel x86-based quad-core thin client, delivering robust connectivity options and a choice of Wyse ThinOS or ThinLinux operating systems.

                                  Microsoft News
                                  Why Azure Backup's cloud-first approach matters
                                  Microsoft, March 31st 2017
                                  On World Backup Day, Shreesh Dubey, Azure Backup principal group program manager, explains how Azure Backup's cloud-first approach helps you get back up both quickly and securely after a disaster or data loss situation.

                                  In a post on the Microsoft Azure Blog, Dubey reviews the benefits that customers can likely expect in backup scenarios as they augment the public cloud to their information technology (IT) infrastructure.

                                  IBM News
                                  IBM Launches Decision Composer on Bluemix to Help Developers Build More Intelligent Apps with Less Code
                                  IBM, March 29th 2017
                                  IBM announced a new, experimental capability on Bluemix, IBM's Cloud platform, which gives developers of varying skill sets the ability to create apps that can instantly personalize a user's experience - without the need to write complicated code. The new service, IBM Decision Composer, helps developers to graphically model the data and logic which drives and shapes decisions within an app. These models take the place of code, allowing developers to use data to test multiple business scenarios and their outcomes, and then deploy and automate specific decisions directly into operations. These decisions could range from the pricing of a product to how a customer-facing app is personalized to each user...
                                  Bulgarian Retailer Praktiker Personalizes Customer Journey with IBM
                                  IBM, March 28th, 2017
                                  IBM announced that Praktiker, an international retail chain offering home improvement and do-it-yourself (DIY) products, launched a completely new omnichannel commerce solution in five months in Bulgaria with IBM. The new business management and web services offers a personalized customer experience for Bulgarian shoppers looking at its 40,000 items, tripling both its in-store and online sales.

                                  Praktiker operates nine DIY hypermarkets - two in Sofia and one in Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Pleven and Veliko Tarnovo - and carries around 40,000 home improvement products. The retailer's prior website required a lot of the employees' time to make simple manual updates to easy fixes such as product promotions and marketing campaigns. This lack of agility made it difficult for the retailer to compete. Praktiker needed to attract more online sales and use its website to bring more consumers into the physical hypermarkets.

                                  New IBM X-Force Study Finds Leading Financial Malware Spread Globally in 2016
                                  IBM, March 31st 2017
                                  The U.S. and the U.K. Experienced the Most Financial Malware Attacks in 2016, Japan Sees International Malware Infiltrate Its Borders

                                  IBM Security announced new research from IBM X-Force, revealing that cybercriminals scaled their most successful financial malware tools globally in 2016. The leading malware tool Zeus and its variants Neverquest and Gozi, kept their global rankings as the top three malware from the previous year, as cybercriminals retooled them to operate in new countries and regions.

                                  The report, "The Shifting Panorama of Global Financial Cybercrime," leverages data from the nearly 300 million protected endpoints across the globe monitored by IBM Trusteer and IBM X-Force. The report reveals top financial malware in countries including: The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates.

                                  IBM Helps Advance Collaboration Methods in Education Practices Around the World
                                  IBM, March 31st 2017
                                  IBM showcased how the education industry across the globe is implementing IBM Connections to help transform working methods and accelerate productivity. With IBM collaboration technology individuals and organizations are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the emerging digital workplace.

                                  By using IBM Connections, users work in virtual teams on specific projects. They access data easily, collaborate with their peers and teammates in different locations, work on the same content and share their information quickly. This level of knowledge sharing also allows people to find the right experts on a topic when they need them. Enterprises and universities using this technology include:...

                                  IBM Scientist Earns National Science Foundation Award For Video Data Visualization
                                  IBM, March 31st 2017
                                  IBM Research scientist, and manager of IBM's Cognitive Visualization Lab in Cambridge, MA Dr. Mauro Martino has earned a National Science Foundation Vizzie award for his video data visualization Network Earth. The video, published by Nature, uses data visualization technology to combine the theoretical physics of resilience patterns in networks, with the real world data of networks in nature - in this case, the mutualism between select species of ants and plants in Australia and New Guinea.

                                  "In 'Network Earth,' Martino and his team created a film that shows the interconnections between all life on Earth. It was created to accompany a research paper on Earth's resilience, published in Nature. While the paper was theoretical, Martino says, the video aims to show that 'math can be poetically expressed visually' and to feel real and tangible to viewers around the world." - National Science Foundation

                                  IBM Study: Cognitive Technology to Impact Key Human Resource Functions
                                  IBM, March 29th 2017
                                  "Cognitive technology has far reaching implications in Human Resources - from hiring through onboarding to HR operations, employee engagement and performance. According to an IBM report, HR executives are already recognizing the impact of cognitive and there are several key areas where cognitive capabilities can be leveraged in the new HR era.

                                  Recently, IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) and Smarter Workforce Institute (SWI) released a report into Cognitive HR, 'Extending expertise: How cognitive computing is transforming HR and the employee experience.' The report highlights how cognitive technologies are likely to impact HR functions. This impact is already being recognized, as more than 65 percent of CEOs surveyed believe that cognitive will drive significant value in HR, while more than 50 percent of HR executives believe that cognitive computing will affect key roles in organizations..."

                                  Natixis, IBM and Trafigura introduce first-ever Blockchain solution for U.S. crude oil market
                                  IBM, March 28th, 2017
                                  Natixis, IBM and Trafigura have pioneered the first blockchain solution in commodity trade finance for US crude oil transactions. The distributed ledger platform, built on the Linux Foundation open source Hyperledger Fabric, allows major steps in a crude oil transaction to be digitized on the blockchain, ensuring improved transparency, enhanced security, and optimized efficiency.

                                  By having the buyer, seller and their respective banks all on the same ledger, all parties can simultaneously view and share data on the status of a transaction, from the time a new trade is confirmed and validated, to when the crude oil is inspected, to its final delivery and cancellation of the letter of credit.

                                  IBM Launches New Service on Bluemix to Help Developers Easily Add Authentication into Apps
                                  IBM, March 31st 2017
                                  IBM announced a new service on Bluemix, IBM's developer platform, which allows developers who are not security experts to easily build third-party security authentication into their apps.

                                  The new service, Bluemix App ID, allows users to login with existing social media credentials, such as Facebook or Google, while saving the developer the time and effort typically required to configure this additional security layer. It also helps developers to manage data around each specific person using their app, allowing them to more easily build personalized experiences for users.

                                  IBM X-Force Finds Historic Number Of Records Leaked And Vulnerabilities Disclosed In 2016
                                  IBM, March 29th 2017
                                  Percent as Ransomware Runs Rampant

                                  IBM Security announced results from the 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index which found the number of records compromised grew a historic 566 percent in 2016 from 600 million to more than 4 billion. These leaked records include data cybercriminals have traditionally targeted like credit cards, passwords and personal health information, but IBM X-Force also noted a shift in cybercriminal strategies. In 2016, a number of significant breaches related to unstructured data such as email archives, business documents, intellectual property and source code were also compromised.

                                  IBM Study: Digital Disappointment - The Customer Experience Disconnect Between Companies and Consumers
                                  IBM, March 31st 2017
                                  Despite the investment to digitize customer experiences, many executives fail to fully understand what motivates consumers to adopt and engage in new experiences

                                  Companies across all industries and sectors have launched digital initiatives aimed at improving customer experience (CX), but, according to a new study by IBM, not all consumers are digital enthusiasts. Companies that launch new digital points of engagement and simply expect customers to flock to them are putting their investment at risk.

                                  According to a new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study "The Experience Revolution: Digital Disappointment - Why Some Consumers Aren't Fans," while executives believe customers want to try new digital CX initiatives because of their digital fluency, the desire to self-serve, and have more control over the experience, consumers are more concerned with getting quick, convenient, and affordable results. The study is based on survey responses from more than 600 executives worldwide from a wide range of industries all currently introducing new digital CX tools and services. Additionally, more than 6,000 consumers were surveyed about their attitudes and experiences. Consumers' answers were then compared to executives' answers to gauge the degree to which the two groups were aligned. &#8232;

                                  The Weather Company Expands Strategic Alliance With Samsung To Bring World's Most Accurate Weather Data To Samsung Devices
                                  IBM, March 29th 2017
                                  The Weather Company Becomes Native Weather Data Provider On Samsung Smartphones and Other Platforms

                                  The Weather Company, an IBM Business, and Samsung announce an expanded strategic alliance that will make The Weather Company the default weather data provider on select Samsung devices, beginning this year with Samsung's flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices. This includes powering Samsung's weather widget and weather executions across select Samsung Android and Tizen products. As part of the agreement, The Weather Channel App for Android will also be promoted globally in the Galaxy App Store. Samsung is one of the largest smartphone providers in the world, and this collaboration provides The Weather Company the potential to reach hundreds of millions of additional smartphone users over the next several years.

                                  IBM Patents Cognitive System to Manage Self-Driving Vehicles
                                  IBM, March 30th 2017
                                  IBM announced that its scientists have been granted a patent around a machine learning system that can dynamically shift control of an autonomous vehicle between a human driver and a vehicle control processor in the event of a potential emergency, providing a safety measure that can contribute to accident prevention.

                                  IBM researchers developed the patented system using their understanding of biological cognition and behavior generation in the brain. Their background as computational neuroscientists led the inventors to devise a cognitive model and technique that employs sensors and artificial intelligence to dynamically determine potential safety concerns and control whether self-driving vehicles are operated autonomously or by relinquishing control to a human driver.

                                  Fujitsu News
                                  Fujitsu and VMware Expand their Strategic Collaboration to Offer IoT Solutions for the Automobile Industry
                                  Fujitsu, March 29th 2017
                                  Fujitsu and VMware announced an expanded strategic collaboration to bring innovative IoT solutions to customers in the automobile industry. Extending Fujitsu and VMware's longstanding collaboration, the Fujitsu OTA Reprograming Solution will be combined with VMware IoT solutions, enabling automobile manufacturers and partners to drive robust solutions in the future with connected cars and autonomous driving.

                                  The automobile industry is rapidly moving toward incorporating more advanced technologies for connected cars, including automated driving. Several automobile manufacturers are investing in these technologies for connected cars, which will use new cloud services in the future.

                                  VMware News
                                  Fujitsu and VMware Expand their Strategic Collaboration to Offer IoT Solutions for the Automobile Industry
                                  VMware, March 29th 2017
                                  Fujitsu and VMware announced an expanded strategic collaboration to bring innovative IoT solutions to customers in the automobile industry. Extending Fujitsu and VMware's longstanding collaboration, the Fujitsu OTA Reprograming Solution will be combined with VMware IoT solutions, enabling automobile manufacturers and partners to drive robust solutions in the future with connected cars and autonomous driving.

                                  The automobile industry is rapidly moving toward incorporating more advanced technologies for connected cars, including automated driving. Several automobile manufacturers are investing in these technologies for connected cars, which will use new cloud services in the future.

                                  VMware Expands Partnership with Samsung to Deliver Next Generation Unified Mobile and Desktop Experience to Solve Mobile Workforce Challenges
                                  VMware, March 29th 2017
                                  VMware Workspace ONE unifies mobile and desktop experiences for Samsung Galaxy S8 users by delivering mobile, cloud and Windows applications through an identity-defined digital workspace; VMware Horizon delivers true Windows desktop and applications computing experience on Samsung Galaxy S8 through the VMware digital workspace and Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX)

                                  VMware announced an expanded partnership with Samsung to deliver a next generation unified mobile and desktop experience to solve mobile workforce challenges. As enterprise mobility becomes increasingly common, end-users struggle with disparate mobile and desktop experiences when using enterprise desktops, mobile applications and cloud services.

                                  Red Hat News
                                  Red Hat Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2017 Results
                                  Red Hat, March 27th 2017
                                  Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year ended February 28, 2017.

                                  • Fourth quarter total revenue of $629 million, up 16% year-over-year; full fiscal year total revenue of $2.4 billion, up 18% year-over-year

                                  • Fourth quarter subscription revenue of $560 million, up 17% year-over-year; full fiscal year subscription revenue of $2.1 billion, up 18% year-over-year

                                  • Fourth quarter Application development-related and other emerging technology subscription revenue of $125 million, up 40% year-over-year; full fiscal year Application development-related and other emerging technology subscription revenue of $439 million, up 36% year-over-year

                                  • Year-end deferred revenue balance of $2.1 billion, up 20% year-over-year

                                  "We closed the year with an exceptional performance..." stated Jim Whitehurst.

                                  Red Hat Introduces New Application Platform Partner Initiative
                                  Red Hat, March 27th 2017
                                  Program to enable deeper collaboration with partners focused on application platform and emerging technologies

                                  Red Hat introduced a new partner program designed to enable a deeper collaborative go-to-market strategy between Red Hat and participating partner organizations and optimize the value chain for application development and integration projects.

                                  Emerging technologies such as cloud, containers, and mobile, and the move to cloud-native application development, are helping to change the way applications are built and businesses are run, and can play a key role in helping organizations reduce costs and increase agility in an ever-changing market. The Red Hat Application Platform Partner Initiative, currently being piloted with a select group of solution-oriented consulting partners in North America, aims to bring together organizations that share a passion for digital transformation and the power of open source to shape the future.

                                  Red Hat Honors 2016 North American Partner Award Winners
                                  Red Hat, March 29th 2017
                                  Red Hat announced the winners of its 2016 Red Hat North America Partner Awards. The winners were recognized at Red Hat's 2017 North America Partner Conference, which concluded today in Las Vegas.

                                  The awards honor Red Hat commercial and public sector partners for developing innovative solutions to meet customer needs and business challenges. The honorees were recognized for impressive solutions in several categories that span Red Hat's open source portfolio and their dedication to delivering customer success.

                                  The winners of the 2016 Red Hat North America Partner Awards are:...

                                  Friday Five - March 31, 2017
                                  Red Hat, March 31st 2017
                                  "The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye...

                                  • The Register - Red Hat: OpenStack big, getting bigger, OpenShift fatter than Linux
                                  • Channelnomics - Red Hat: We're giving VMware a 'run for its money' in virtualization
                                  • Computer Dealer News - New Red Hat partner initiative to target digital transformation
                                  • Open Source Stories: Road to AI
                                  • Red Hat Reseller and Alliance Partners Help Companies Find Success with Red Hat Storage Solutions

                                  Read on for details.

                                  Red Hat Reseller and Alliance Partners Help Companies Find Success with Red Hat Storage Solutions
                                  Red Hat, March 28th, 2017
                                  Growing channel and technology partner programs speak to demand for modern, software-defined storage solutions

                                  Red Hat announced that more than 20 North American reseller partners are now accredited to sell the company's software-defined storage solutions, Red Hat Ceph Storage and Red Hat Gluster Storage. This is in addition to more than 15 technical alliances partners, such as Cisco, Dell EMC, Intel, QCT, Samsung Semiconductor, Seagate and Supermicro.

                                  The accreditation of Red Hat's storage resellers -- underway since Red Hat expanded the routes to market for the Red Hat Storage portfolio in November 2015 -- is indicative of growing demand for software-defined storage as part of modern IT solutions, including more agile container-based and cloud environments. As organizations deploy these web-scale IT architectures, open, software-defined storage offers them more flexibility in how they manage a wide variety of data, even on a massive scale...

                                  Red Hat Honors Instructors Who Champion Open Source Education in the U.S.
                                  Red Hat, March 28th, 2017
                                  -Twenty-one instructors recognized for incorporating open source into their academic work -

                                  Red Hat the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today recognized 21 higher education instructors for their continuing efforts to incorporate open source philosophies, methods, and tools into their academic work.

                                  Open source has become a de facto standard for innovation across the technology industry. Aligned with this, and to help meet the need for computer science and software engineering graduates skilled in open source, a growing number of higher education institutions and instructors are working to bring open source skills and community engagement know-how into their classrooms...

                                  EMC News
                                  Data Science Monetization: Focus on Innovation, Not Effectiveness
                                  Dell EMC, March 28th, 2017
                                  "I have over 1,200 Data Analysts, so we have it nailed."

                                  Bill Schmarzo writes, "When I heard this being uttered by the head of their "analytics" group, I knew the meeting was over. I knew that I could safely close my laptop, put away my notebook, and gracefully thank them for their time.

                                  It didn't matter that others in the room didn't agree with that assessment. It didn't matter that others could see the benefit of a "think differently" collaborative engagement with key business stakeholders in envisioning how to broaden the organization's thinking with respect to the how to leverage data and analytics to power the business. Nope, their analytics leader made the statement with such authority and confidence that any further conversation was just going to frustrate both him and me. He already had all the answers, even to problems that had yet to be discovered. Yep, time to head to the nearest Starbucks!..."

                                  Comcast News
                                  Comcast Business Enhances Voice Solutions Portfolio for Enterprises and SMBs
                                  Comcast, March 27th 2017
                                  Comcast Business VoiceEdge Integrates with Top Business Applications to Improve the Customer Experience

                                  Comcast Business announced that it will demonstrate a range of enhancements to its comprehensive voice solutions portfolio at the Enterprise Connect show from March 27-30 at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. These offerings are designed to help organizations of all sizes communicate more effectively, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

                                    Windstream News
                                    Windstream expands metro fiber network in Detroit
                                    Windstream, March 30th 2017
                                    Expansion is part of Windstream's multi-city campaign to connect even more data centers & commercial buildings to company's national backbone

                                    Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced a major expansion of its advanced metro fiber network in Detroit. Windstream's expansion will provide the area's growing business community with world-class fiber and fixed-wireless infrastructure that connects even more local data centers and commercial buildings with Windstream's high-speed, highly available nationwide fiber network.

                                    Netapp News
                                    NetApp Helps Kaufman Hall Transform Businesses with Data-Driven Insight
                                    Netapp, March 28th, 2017
                                    Kaufman Hall takes critical first step toward a hybrid cloud future by consolidating on FlexPod to speed innovation, as well as maximize performance and growth

                                    "To better serve our customers, support the continued growth of our business and speed innovation, we needed a fast, flexible solution," said Rafal Wozniczka, director of IT at Kaufman Hall. "The NetApp Data Fabric vision resonated with us, as we believe our future is a hybrid cloud. We rely on FlexPod with All Flash FAS to support our growth strategy."

                                    Centrify News
                                    Undue Privilege Costs Cash and Undercuts Security
                                    Centrify, March 29th 2017
                                    Niall King writes for Centrify, "Few managers would throw their employee the keys to a big rig with two loaded trailers to pick up a pint of milk from a nearby convenience store. Apart from the problem of parking, the vehicle is massively over-specced for the job at hand, which creates unnecessary safety risks, both to the driver and to other road users.

                                    However, this is essentially what occurs each day in businesses around the world as employees are given access to privileged computer accounts that massively exceed the needs of their jobs. The result is often devastating in terms of corporate security with many major data breaches traced to weak passwords that have provided access to such over-privileged accounts..."

                                    Citrix News
                                    Citrix Collaborates with Samsung to Deliver Desktop Experience on Samsung Galaxy S8 with Samsung DeX
                                    Citrix, March 29th 2017
                                    Preferred Solution Citrix Receiver Combined with Samsung DeX Enables Workforce to Convert Smartphone into Full-Functioning Desktop with Secure Access to Digital Workspace

                                    As enterprises increasingly embrace mobile business strategies, people continue to carry as many as three devices with them, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. To lighten that electronics load, make people more efficient and help businesses reduce costs, Samsung is introducing Samsung DeX that - when combined with Citrix Receiver - converts the new Samsung Galaxy S8 into a desktop environment that includes an optimized UI for multi-tasking with keyboard and mouse support, resizable window capabilities, task bar pop-up notifications and more.

                                    The combination of Citrix and Samsung DeX unboxes the phone and provides employees with secure access to their digital workspace and all of the business apps and data they need to get their work done.

                                    ExaGrid News
                                    ExaGrid Disk-Based Backup and Veeam Backup & Replication
                                    Exagrid, March 28th, 2017
                                    "IT organizations are looking for new and more advanced Availability and data protection solutions that work seamlessly in virtualized environments and provide just-in-time application restores and recoveries. In addition, they require backup storage that can protect data in a deduplicated format for enhanced efficiencies, without extending the backup window or increasing data restore and recovery time.

                                    Veeam and ExaGrid EX deduplication appliances provide businesses a very efficient and cost-effective way to ensure Availability for the Always-On Enterprise by providing recovery point and recovery time objectives (RTPO) of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data..."

                                      Juniper News
                                      A2B Internet Deploys Juniper Networks vMX as the First Virtual Network Function Service in its Next-Generation Network Platform
                                      Juniper Networks, March 27th 2017
                                      Automated Service Delivery Increases Business Agility while Reducing Networking Costs

                                      Juniper Networks an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, and A2B Internet, a Dutch internet connectivity provider, today announced that A2B Internet has selected Juniper Networks vMX Virtual Routers as the first Virtual Network Function (VNF) for its next-generation network platform. This architecture will enable A2B Internet to deliver new agile and automated services for its customers. A2B Internet also improved monitoring and management capabilities by deploying vMX.

                                      Palo Alto Networks News
                                      Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall Wins SANS Best of 2016 Award
                                      Palo Alto Networks, March 28th, 2017
                                      Each year The SANS Institute surveys its community for its "Best of the Year" awards, given to products and services that have successfully provided increases in both the effectiveness and efficiency of cybersecurity programs. In 2016, security operations professionals and security managers - the actual users of the products - awarded Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall.

                                      This is a true honor for us. Read on for some of the key reasons customers love our next-generation firewall.

                                      SuperMicro News
                                      Supermicro Exhibits Latest IT Building Blocks, Optimized for Software Defined Data Centers at World Hosting Days
                                      Supermicro, March 28th, 2017
                                      Displays include Supermicro Rack Scale Design Solution, All-Flash NVMe 1U/10-Drive Ultra SuperServer, 2U BigTwin, 3U MicroBlade, GPU / Xeon Phi, Storage and Mainstream Platforms

                                      Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies, including green computing, announces participation at World Hosting Days, the global event for cloud services and internet infrastructure providers being held in Europa-Park, Germany from March 25 to 31...

                                      New Supermicro Rack Scale Design Brings Open Management for On-Demand Cloud Scale Data Centers
                                      Supermicro, March 28th, 2017
                                      Super Micro Computer, Inc. announced a new Rack Scale Design (RSD) solution that empowers cloud service providers, telecoms, and Fortune 500 companies to build their own agile, efficient, software-defined data centers. Supermicro RSD is a total solution comprised of Supermicro server/storage/networking hardware and an optimized rack level management software that represents a superset of the open source RSD software framework from Intel and industry standard Redfish RESTful APIs developed by DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force).

                                      Supermicro RSD solves the hardware management and resource utilization challenges of data centers, large or small, often with tens of thousands of servers distributed in hundreds of racks using traditional 1-to-1 server management tool IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface). Designed with the whole rack as the new management unit in mind, Supermicro RSD leverages open Redfish APIs to support composable infrastructure and enable interoperability among potential RSD offerings from different vendors. With industry standard Redfish APIs, Supermicro RSD can be further integrated into data center automation software such as Ansible, Puppet or private cloud software such as OpenStack or VMware.

                                      SUSE News
                                      SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
                                      Linux Journal, March 29th 2017
                                      Historically, data replication has been available only piecemeal through proprietary vendors. In a quest to remediate history, SUSE and partner LINBIT announced a solution that promises to change the economics of data replication. The two companies' collaborative effort is the headliner in the updated SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, which now includes LINBIT's integrated geo-clustering technology.
                                      Veeam News
                                      ExaGrid Disk-Based Backup and Veeam Backup & Replication
                                      Veeam, March 28th, 2017
                                      "IT organizations are looking for new and more advanced Availability and data protection solutions that work seamlessly in virtualized environments and provide just-in-time application restores and recoveries. In addition, they require backup storage that can protect data in a deduplicated format for enhanced efficiencies, without extending the backup window or increasing data restore and recovery time.

                                      Veeam and ExaGrid EX deduplication appliances provide businesses a very efficient and cost-effective way to ensure Availability for the Always-On Enterprise by providing recovery point and recovery time objectives (RTPO) of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data..."

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