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Oracle News
Oracle and Pluralsight Bring New Cloud Learning and Enablement Resources to Developers
Pluralsight Developer Members to Gain Access to New Oracle Cloud Courses
Oracle announced a new collaboration with Pluralsight, a technology learning platform for software developers and Silver level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork.

Through the collaboration, developers will gain access to three new Oracle learning pathways on the Pluralsight platform including Oracle Cloud: Java Development, Oracle Cloud: Node.js Development and Oracle Cloud: IaaS Foundations. They will also be able to leverage two new Oracle Cloud courses including Oracle Cloud for Developers and Oracle Compute Cloud Service Foundations. The announcement was made at Oracle Code San Francisco, the first of a new global series of developer-focused events.

Oracle Expands Oracle Cloud at Customer Portfolio to Database Workloads with Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine
Oracle, February 27th, 2017
Organizations equipped to reap the benefits of the Oracle Cloud Platform in their own datacenter

Continuing to help organizations simplify cloud adoption by bringing the benefits of the cloud inside their own datacenters, Oracle announced the expansion of the Oracle Cloud at Customer portfolio with the availability of Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine. With today's news, Oracle is offering organizations the ultimate in choice and flexibility in where they deploy the world's most advanced database cloud for mission-critical workloads. Organizations can now deploy Oracle Exadata in a number of ways, including as a cloud service inside their own datacenter, in the Oracle Cloud, and in a traditional on-premises environment.

Oracle Industry Connect 2017 Convenes Community of Business Leaders to Share Insight, Expertise and Industry-specific Best Practices
Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw, Oracle Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd and Oracle Executive Vice President Bob Weiler to Headline
Oracle is hosting its fourth-annual Oracle Industry Connect, an exclusive, executive-level event by key industry experts for industry experts, to share strategies for innovation and organizational transformation and success. The event takes place March 20-22 in Orlando, Fla.

The conference features distinguished subject matter experts and keynotes from Oracle CEO Mark Hurd; Bob Weiler, executive vice president of Oracle's Global Business Units; and Tom Brokaw, NBC News correspondent and New York Times best-selling author.

Help Wanted: How Miami's Jackson Health System Managed A Staffing Crisis
Forbes, March 2nd, 2017
Jackson Health System, which was in a financial crisis and on the brink of closure earlier this decade, has sprung back to health, thanks to new leadership, increased patient volumes, and a vote of confidence from the citizens of Miami-Dade County, who supported a bond referendum to remodel Jackson's aged facilities and build new ones. More stable finances allowed for the purchase of badly needed technology upgrades, which have helped Jackson improve talent acquisition and retention, as well as job satisfaction, in line with the health system's cultural rejuvenation.

Jackson Health System, located in Miami, serves all residents of Miami-Dade County, the largest county in the state of Florida. An integrated healthcare delivery system, Jackson is anchored by Jackson Memorial Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in the United States.

Prepare Your Business For The AI Future
Forbes, February 28th, 2017
Margaret Harrist writes in Forbes, "In the words of baseball legend Yogi Berra, if you don't know where you're going, you might not get there.

That nugget of wisdom applies to the digital transformation most companies are undergoing as they seek to better serve their tech-savvy customers. Absent a strategic vision and defined destination, all the shiny new technologies in the world won't magically transform your company into a digital innovator. Meantime, competitors will leave you in their dust..."

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is Now Available ... and so is our New VirtualBox Appliance!
By Jeff Smith
"Want to get started on learning everything there is to know about the latest version of our Database?

Don't want to really have to install or create anything?

Well, you're in luck.

Just go download our image...

    IT - AI
    Big Data Protection In The Age Of Machine Learning
    Datamation, March 3rd, 2017
    "The concept of machine learning has been around for decades, primarily in academia. Along the way it has taken various forms and adopted various terminologies, including pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, knowledge management, computational statistics, etc.

    Regardless of terminology, machine learning enables computers to learn on their own without being explicitly programmed for specific tasks. Through the use of algorithms, computers are able to read sample input data, build models and make predictions and decisions based on new data. This concept is particularly powerful when the set of input data is highly variable and static programming instructions cannot handle such scenarios..."

    A Survival Guide For The Coming AI Revolution
    GCN, March 3rd, 2017
    "If the popular media is to be believed, artificial intelligence is coming to steal your job and threaten life as we know it. If we do not prepare now, we may face a future where AI runs free and dominates humans in society.

    The AI revolution is indeed underway. To ensure you are prepared to make it through the times ahead, we've created a handy survival guide for you..."

      New Oracle VM Server for SPARC Training
      By Antoinette O'Sullivan
      Antoinette blogs, "With Oracle VM Server for SPARC, you can take advantage of the massive thread scale offered by Oracle's SPARC servers and the Oracle Solaris operating system.

      The Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration training course has been updated and extended. So this popular and well received course is now even better.

      This new course, through lecture material, hands-on activities and demos, will get you started installing Oracle VM Server for SPARC and teach you to:

      • Configure control and service domains
      • Create guest domains
      • Build I/O and root domains
      • Administer logical domains
      • Migrate logical domains

      You can take the Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration course in the following formats:..."

      Want the Flexibility of a Cloud Database In Your Own Data Center?
      By Jeffrey Erickson
      Jeffrey blogs, "While the cloud is unquestionably enticing, not all computing workloads are moving there immediately. The reasons include data residency regulations, complex application architectures, and latency for real-time applications, not to mention the general squeamishness of IT groups used to controlling the underpinnings of their mission-critical applications.

      Now, Oracle is removing those barriers, by bridging the gap between cloud and on premises in a way no other cloud provider has. With Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine, companies get the advantages of cloud - like pay-per-use and far less in-house IT management - with a machine that physically sits inside a company's own data center and is completely managed remotely by Oracle..."

      IT - Storage
      Storage 101: Object Storage Vs Block Vs File
      ComputerWeekly, March 1st, 2017
      "We recap the key attributes of file and block storage access and the pros and cons of object storage, a method that offers key benefits but also drawbacks compared with SAN and NAS..

      The emergence of object storage as a viable means of data retention upsets the existing methods - closely connected - of file and block storage, also known as NAS and SAN.

      This article will recap the fundamentals of file and block, but with the purpose of highlighting the quite different characteristics of object storage, all of which are forms of shared storage. In the final analysis, we will suggest the use cases most suited to object storage, as well as file and block..."

      Classification Of Data Can Solve Your Data Storage Problems
      SearchStorage, March 3rd, 2017
      "Having a data classification process in place can make your data smart enough to know what to do with itself, allowing you to attain the holy grail of enterprise data storage...

      What's the holy grail of enterprise storage? The single 'thing' that affects every bit of hardware and software that hooks into data center storage? The discovery of the end-all and be-all of not just 'storagedom' but the entire IT realm and all the business processes continually gobbling up and spitting data out?..."

        SAN Arrays Maintain Primary Data Storage Dominance, For Now
        SearchStorage, March 3rd, 2017
        "Solid-state flash is the most sought-after technology for primary storage, as storage area networks remain the main focus of increasing capacity for most enterprises.

        Enterprises today may be discovering new and innovative ways to make better use of secondary storage assets to advance business interests through improved analytics, data protection and DevOps, but it is primary data storage that remains the lifeblood of most organizations..."

        45 Million SSDs Shipped Wordwide In 4Q16, Up 18% From 3Q16, March 3rd, 2017
        "Here is an abstract of a report, NAND/SSD Information Service CQ4 2016 Executive Summary, by Trendfocus, Inc., published on February 18, 2017:

        Client SSDs reach nearly 40 million units with both DFF and Modules showing strong gains; all enterprise SSD interfaces rise with SATA representing nearly 70% of units

        Multiple client SSD vendors achieve strong growth, with total client units rising to 39.6 million, an 18% increase over the prior quarter.

        Client module SSDs posted a 13.5% sequential increase in unit shipments, reaching 17.5 million units, with SATA taking 55% of the overall volume, followed by PCIe with the balance...

        IT - Technology
        Infrared Lasers Must Replace Data Center Wiring, Say Engineers
        Network World, February 27th, 2017
        "Using infrared lasers instead of fiber optics or radio signaling improves data center communications, and it can help data centers reduce power costs...

        Eliminating a 'tangled Christmas tree lights' wiring scenario in data centers is imperative and can be achieved with infrared, reckons an academic network engineering team.

        Infrared lasers should be installed on the top of data center racks and be used to transmit information. It would be far superior and cheaper than fiber optic, and it would be better than attempted, but lacking, radio signaling..."

          The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Augmented Reality
          Network World, February 27th, 2017
          "AR evolved over the past year, but it still faces several hurdles before it is widely adopted..

          Until the massive success of Pokemon Go in 2016 when augmented reality (AR) was catapulted into the public's consciousness, AR was overshadowed by its cousin, virtual reality (VR). Many were more optimistic about the applications of virtual reality compared to augmented reality.

          However, as AR and VR have evolved over the past year, it has become evident that AR offers more practical daily use cases. From retail to education to manufacturing, AR is positioned to drive business value across sectors.

          With that, there are still several challenges that lie ahead for the mass adoption of AR in the short term. Here's a look at three:..."

          You are invited to Asia Pacific Webcasts in March and April
          By Zeynep Koch
          Zeynep blogs, "Happy Monday to all Linux fans, this week we would like to highlight some of the online events that we are running in our Asia Pacific region. You can also watch the on-demand webinar at a time suitable in your calendar but don't forget to register to upcoming events if you are in that region or prefer the evening webinar in North America. These are live events that you can ask questions and provide comments to speaker.


          Thinking of migrating your traditional infrastructure management to OpenStack?

          • Wednesday, 15 March 2017

          Provide zero-downtime for critical applications, including container deployments

          • Wednesday, 12 April 2017

          We look forward to seeing you all in these webinars..."

          IT - Bitcoin
          One Bitcoin Now Worth More Than An Ounce Of Gold
          CNET, March 3rd, 2017
          "A single unit of Bitcoin, the volatile digital currency that most people have never actually used, hit an all-time high Thursday, making it more valuable than an ounce of gold.

          The exchange price for one bitcoin rose $33.36 to $1,263.72, an increase of 2.7 percent, according to CoindDesk's bitcoin price index. Meanwhile, an ounce of gold was trading up $1.70 to $1,233.30.

          Since the beginning of the year, bitcoin's value has risen more than 25 percent, while gold is up a little more than 7 percent..."

          Bitcoin's Design Can Withstand Quantum Computer Attack
          CryptoCoinsNews, March 1st, 2017
          "Could the NSA build a quantum computer that could break bitcoin? Bitcoin visionary Andreas Antonopoulos addressed this question in an audiotaped presentation posted on SoundCloud.

          'It is certain that the NSA has already built quantum computers because Google has one at their data center, and if they have one, the NSA has one that's ten times better, that costs as much as a moon mission, and can break encryption systems at a much better rate and with much more efficiency,' he said..."

          Would Killing Bitcoin End Ransomware?
          CSO Online, February 21st, 2017
          "Bitcoin and ransomware seem to go hand-in-hand, but experts explain that doing away with the cybercurrency would just force cybercriminals to find another anonymous way to extort money...

          Ransomware is running rampant. The SonicWall GRID Threat Network detected an increase from 3.8 million ransomware attacks in 2015 to 638 million in 2016. According to a Radware report, 49 percent of businesses were hit by a ransomware attack in 2016. Quite often the attacker asks for some amount of cybercurrency - usually Bitcoin - in exchange for providing a decryption key..."

          What Blockchain Means (Hint: Not Just Bitcoin), And Why You Should Care
          The VAR Guy, March 2nd, 2017
          "If you haven't been paying much attention to blockchain -- the distributed database technology made famous by Bitcoin -- it's time to start.

          Here's an overview of what blockchain is and why it matters now..."

          IT - DevOps
          DevOps Done Right: Why Work-Life Balance Matters To Digital Transformation Success
          ComputerWeekly, March 1st, 2017
          "DevOps practitioners warn enterprises off neglecting the health and well-being of the IT staff responsible for delivering their digital transformation projects...

          As enterprises in every industry grapple with digital transformation, and fixate on meeting user demands for always-on services, IT departments find themselves under growing pressure to perform and deliver..."

          Why DevOps Will Be Critical To Your Organisation In 2017
          ITProPortal, March 1st, 2017
          "More organisations have started to embrace DevOps practices across IT operations, services and app delivery, seeking to transform their business...

          DevOps is seeing a mainstream push right now. More organisations have started to embrace DevOps practices across IT operations, services and app delivery, seeking to transform their business. DevOps has traditionally been the domain of early IT adopters. However, as previously held assumptions are dispelled - from security through to benefits - we're seeing more risk-averse companies recognising the need to shift their thinking. So, why are more organisations coming round to the critical opportunity that DevOps can bring into their business?..."

          Storage Plays Catch-Up With Devops Environment
          SearchStorage, March 3rd, 2017
          "To deliver an Agile or DevOps environment, the way in which resources, including storage, are consumed and deployed changes to a more cloud-focused approach.

          The term DevOps, a contraction of development and operations, represents a new way of working to deliver enterprise applications using Agile development methodologies. DevOps transfers responsibility for some of the operational functions of IT to development teams, allowing them to create, develop, amend and deploy applications in a rapid fashion, typically without need for any interaction with the operations teams..."

          MySQL Enterprise Backup: improved logging messages
          By Rahul Sisondia
          Rahul blogs, "Logging is very important diagnostic tool for understanding the behavior of the application as well as troubleshooting any issue with the application. Since MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) is a command line application, there is little interaction with the myriad of operations going on behind the scenes. Thus, logging messages is very important in order to know the progress of current operation as well as learning more about errors should they occur. The messages logged by MEB are written to the console and the log file as depicted in the following diagram, which looks similar to the Tee command in UNIX..."
          Optimistic Incremental Backup
          By Rahul Sisondia
          Rahul blogs, "The current incremental backup algorithm scans all the tables to gather changed pages even if very few tables are modified since the previous backup and thus results in a 'full-scan' incremental backup. This may result in increment backups requiring the same amount of time as full backup because it scans all the tables. The new algorithm aims to eliminate this extra time.

          The new algorithm scans only those tables that have been modified since the previous backup. This algorithm relies on modification time, which is similar to an earlier improvement made for full backup. That full backup algorithm is known as optimistic full backup, hence new improvement is named 'Optimistic Incremental Backup'. For comparison, we will use optimistic full backup to refer to the performance improvements for full backup and optimistic increment backup for the new improvements to incremental backup..."

          MySQL Connector/J 5.1.41 has been released
          By MySQL Release Engineering
          "MySQL Connector/J 5.1.41, a maintenance release of the production 5.1 branch has been released. Connector/J is the Type-IV pure-Java JDBC driver for MySQL.

          Version 5.1.41 is suitable for use with many MySQL server versions, including 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.4 and 5.5..."

          Cloud Computing
          Thomas Kurian's Keynote at Oracle CloudWorld NYC 2017 (Video)
          By Juergen Kress
          Juergen blogs, "Thomas Kurian, President of Oracle Product Development, delivers a keynote address at Oracle CloudWorld NYC 2017. Kurian details the best-in-class services of the Oracle Cloud across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and in your own data center."
          Friday Spotlight: Upcoming Oracle Linux and Virtualization Events
          By Zeynep Koch
          Zeynep blogs, "You are responsible for providing the underpinnings for developing and deploying next-generation applications and services. As your customers, line of business units are looking for you to be agile and responsive to all their new requests. You need to be able to deliver new applications quickly, directly link new services to business needs, and rapidly adapt applications as your requirements change. Likewise, the infrastructure you provide must continually adjust to the changing needs of the business..."
          IT - Cloud
          Report: How Enterprises Can Ensure Success With The Public Cloud
          GIGAOM, February 14th, 2017
          "Our library of 1700 research reports is available only to our subscribers. We occasionally release ones for our larger audience to benefit from. This is one such report. If you would like access to our entire library, please subscribe here. Subscribers will have access to our 2017 editorial calendar, archived reports and video coverage from our 2016 and 2017 events.

          How enterprises can ensure success with the public cloud by David S. Linthicum:

          In this report we look at the strategic objectives of the movement to the public cloud, including how fast or slow enterprises are adopting this technology. We analyze how this journey to public cloud adoption will ultimately lead to exceptional, good, or less-than-optimal outcomes, and what enterprises can do now to insure success with the public cloud..."

            How To Find The Best Talent For Your Cloud Migration Project
            Business 2 Community, February 27th, 2017
            "Making the business decision to migrate data and applications to the cloud, either from your physical site for the first time or from one cloud environment to another, is a crucial task to execute correctly. In order to avoid compromising sensitive enterprise information, you need the best talent on your side to guarantee that the process is conducted successfully.

            The IT talent shortage is especially prevalent when seeking cloud expertise. Knowing you can't just hire the first person you interview to get it over with, due diligence must be taken. Look for and consider the following traits and areas in order to find the best talent for your cloud migration project..."

              Cloud: The Impending Data Management Debt Crisis
              Business 2 Community, March 1st, 2017
              "There are a lot of great business reasons to be excited about the cloud. For a lot of organizations this means vastly increased business agility; they can stand up a new project environment in minutes or hours instead of months or quarters.

              Gone are the days of buying hardware servers, operating systems, networking, storage, security, administration, etc.

              The problem here is that a lot of people are assuming that a good Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) product is all that they will need to be successful with cloud applications and systems. iPaaS is a great place to start on this journey, but is not the complete solution..."

              Feeling Foggy About Your Cloud Knowledge? You May Know Less Than You Think
              Business 2 Community, March 2nd, 2017
              "The Internet, and the devices connected to it, are woven tightly into our daily lives. We use social media, stream audio and video, and store important documents and images online without hesitation. Yet, are you aware of when that data is stored locally and when it's stored in the cloud?...

              A recent survey of 1,001 consumers - conducted by B2B research firm Clutch - found that nearly one-third of respondents who are active cloud users don't know that they use the cloud. Though the respondents indicated that they use at least one popular cloud-based application, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, 32% subsequently marked that they do not use or access information in the cloud..."

              Edge Computing Will Blow Away The Cloud
              IT World, March 1st, 2017
              "Self-contained devices, such as autonomous vehicles, drones and IoT devices, will push out cloud services as more computing moves to the edge, say venture capitalists.

              The ubiquitous cloud computing craze may not be long for this world if venture capitalist Peter Levine is right. The Andreessen Horowitz general partner said that as more computing capabilities move to so-called "edge" devices, including anything from driverless cars and drones to the boundless devices that make up the internet of things (IoT), the cloud will slowly evaporate.

              'A large portion of computation that gets done in the cloud today will return to the edge,' said Levine at the Wall Street Journal's CIO Network event here Tuesday..."

              Learn These Lessons Before A Hybrid Cloud Adoption
              Search Cloud Computing, February 28th, 2017
              "Businesses have enjoyed the advantages of hybrid clouds for years. There have been growing pains, though, and hybrid newcomers can learn from their predecessors' mistakes...

              Hybrid cloud adoption is on the rise. Organizations see the advantages of cloud services, but they also want to afford themselves flexibility and keep some workloads and data under local control..."

                IT - CxO
                Is Your Aging IT Infrastructure Putting You at Risk?
                Business 2 Community, March 1st, 2017
                "As 2017 gets into full swing, the warnings in Cisco's 2016 cybersecurity report are ringing true now more than ever. But while the report's findings were rather disturbing, they do illustrate the point that businesses can prevent software vulnerability ... if they're willing to put in the work.

                A major finding of the report is the staggering amount of IT infrastructure that is not up to date security-wise, riddled with vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are exploiting with modern tools and techniques. In an age when technology develops as rapidly as it does, we should expect that criminals will be working hard to stay one step ahead of their targets. The only surprise is just how far behind businesses are lagging..."

                Understanding The New Rules Of Risk (Slideshow)
                CIO Insight, March 3rd, 2017
                "Trying to keep up with today's risk landscape is a task that ranks somewhere between difficult and impossible. New and emerging technologies, along with a complex array of digital tools and systems, are ratcheting up the stakes. Yet, it's critical for CIOs and other IT and business leaders to keep up with rapidly unfolding security events and trends. A recent research report from Deloitte, 'The Future of Risk: New Game, New Rules,' offers insights into the risks and potential responses for 10 critical areas of business and IT..."
                SaaS Is Eating The Infrastructure World
                CIO, March 1st, 2017
                "It's going to be a bumpy road ahead as companies start to adapt to serverless computing. Here's a look at what will happen when software eats the infrastructure world...

                In many ways, we can compare the future of the software world to the emergence of self-driving cars. Just as we're faced with questions around a unified set of operational standards for all companies eager to remove drivers from behind the wheel, serverless computing poses a similar set of challenges as software eats further and further into the infrastructure stack..."

                Atlassian Shares 4 Things The Highest Performing It Teams Do That Others Don't
                CIO, March 3rd, 2017
                "The numbers speak volumes: High performing IT organizations are two times more likely to exceed productivity goals, according to Puppet Labs 2015 State of DevOps Report. They also experience 60x fewer failures and recover 168 times faster.

                But what makes an IT team 'high performing?' What practices do the very best teams follow to become more efficient, collaborative, and responsive?

                With more than 68,000 customers (and millions of IT and DevOps users), we've learned a ton at Atlassian about what separates the best from the rest. Here are our top tips..."

                'Insider Sabotage' among Top 3 Threats CISOs Can't yet Handle
                Dark Reading, March 1st, 2017
                "These five steps can help your organizations limit the risks from disgruntled employees and user errors.

                Although insider sabotage is among the top three security threats companies face, 35% of chief information security officers in the US still lack the best practices to handle it properly, according to a Bitdefender study.

                Insider sabotage - whether by a former employee who still has network access and is bent on sabotage or a careless staff member who clicks on phishing links when using company devices, or even a contractor or associate - can be particularly devastating because it's usually not detected until the damage is done..."

                Eight IT Trends Already Shaping Global Business in 2017 (Slideshow)
                eWeek, March 2nd, 2017
                "It's still early in the year, but we can already identify some of the IT trends that are shaping global business in 2017. They fall mainly into development, security and operations, and what's important is how each of these works together with the others. These trends are reshaping how businesses operate, how organizational structures are altered and how customer interactions are improved. In general, we're seeing enterprises rethinking IT as a core part of their business, acknowledging the higher level of engagement and alignments that is needed between executive management and IT..."
                10 Top Picks For Data Management Solutions
                Information Management, March 2nd, 2017
                'The Leaders quadrant includes five traditional large vendors that have had to adapt to this rapidly changing market,' Gartner notes. 'This year the push for cloud has affected the relative ratings among the Leaders and has also led to the inclusion of market disruptor AWS. The data warehouse is usually the largest data management system in most organizations and the market for them is therefore large in terms of revenue, trained professionals and the variety of data management solutions (ranging from simple to complex). However, while data warehousing continues to be a major use case it has declined in importance, forcing the leading vendors to address new trends - such as data lakes and context-independent data warehouses - focusing on data science uses cases.'
                3 Ways To Gauge Employee Engagement And Satisfaction
                CIO, March 2nd, 2017
                "If you're trying to find a way to get honest employee feedback -- beyond annual reviews and surveys -- start by asking your workers these three questions...

                Performance reviews and employee satisfaction surveys aren't always the best way to get honest feedback from employees. And as a result, more companies are moving to establish a feedback culture, which relies on fostering an open-culture through communication and frequent check-ins with employees..."

                7 Leadership Traits Of Successful Cios (Slideshow)
                ComputerWorld, February 27th, 2017
                "These seven leadership characteristics are increasingly important as IT executives become 'agents of change' in the business...

                The California Psychology Inventory (CPI), developed by CPP -- the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment -- is an assessment tool that help leaders gain more insight into and improve their performance. Ultimately, the CPI helps identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses, what motivates you and can help you understand your personal 'thinking style.'..."

                Businesses still Confused about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
                HelpNet Security, March 1st, 2017
                "European businesses are still unsure about GDPR - almost 78% of IT decision makers at more than 700 European companies either lacked understanding about the impact of the regulation on their organizations or were completely unaware of it. However, encryption, which is addressed by the GDPR, is desired by more than every third company in a new IDC survey..."
                Rapid Tech Change Challenges IT Leaders
                InformationWeek, March 1st, 2017
                "Agility is the name of the game for today's IT organizations, but keeping up with the rapid pace of change is difficult. We explain what's holding IT back.

                Faster technology innovation and competitive pressures are taking their toll on IT. Gone are the days when IT procured and managed all of an organization's technology. The reason: IT can't deliver fast enough on what individual operating units need.

                To help keep their companies stay competitive, IT departments are evolving from centralized organizations to hub-and-spoke organizations that serve individual operating units and the enterprise simultaneously. But even then, keeping up with the latest technologies is challenging..."

                  How Tech Savvy Does The CEO Need To Be?
                  TechRepublic, March 1st, 2017
                  "Many CEOs lack a technology background, but still have to lead digital transformation efforts. Here's how they can gain the tech insights needed to stay competitive...

                  As digital transformation efforts take hold in many enterprises, CEOs must step up and provide a vision for how the company will use technology to stay competitive in the digital economy. However, as many CEOs rise to the position from operations or finance roles, the question arises: Just how tech savvy does the CEO need to be?..."

                  SFTA 'Private Room' Social - Funky Buddha, Oakland Park -plus Membership Special
                  Wednesday, March 8th, 2017: 4:45 PM to 8:30 PM
                  The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) Invites You To Join Us For A "Private Room" Social Event At The Funky Buddha (Oakland Park)

                  Non-members who register for this event will be given the opportunity to become a member for $100 instead of the normal $200!

                  Studies have shown that I.T. Professionals value networking above all other activities when attending local and regional events. This trend is supported by recent ITPalooza survey results where we asked respondents the main reason for attending. An overwhelming 71% responded that they attend for the networking opportunities!

                  Have some food and a drink while networking with peers. Hear about new products and solutions from sponsors. Choose to spend more time with sponsors or chat with colleagues.

                  Details on the SFTA Web Site


                  • 4:30 Sponsor registration and table setup
                  • 4:45 Registration and Networking
                  • 6:00 Welcome and short Pre-Event Sponsors presentation
                  • 6:15 to 7:00 networking
                  • 7:00: Sponsor elevator pitches
                  • 7:30: SFTA Update
                  • 7:30 to 8:30 networking

                  Sponsorship Opportunities

                  • 1 pre-event sponsorship is available
                  • Company meetup tables (includes 2 event tickets)

                  See SFTA website for details.


                  Tickets include 2 beers and food.

                  vBeers @ Boca (Biergarten Boca)
                  Wednesday, March 15th, 2017: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
                  We meet in Boca Raton on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida.

                  Please share this invitation with your IT colleagues and encourage them to attend!

                  Biergarten Boca features $5 burger/fries and $3 featured drafts during happy hour!

                  Feel free to arrive and depart at your convenience. People start gathering around 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and most people leave by 8:30 or 9:00 PM.

                  Please register at The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) events page.

                  SFTA, John McLaughlin

                  IT - PM
                  Project Management Office (PMO)
                  Search CIO, February 28th, 2017
                  "A project management office (PMO) is a group or department within a business, agency or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization...

                  The primary goal of a PMO is to achieve benefits from standardizing and following project management processes, policies and methods. For the office to be most effective, it should embody the organization's culture and strategy. The popularity of the office has increased, as more companies with PMOs have received returns on investment..."

                  4 Ways Sponsors Can Improve Project Success Rates
                  TechRepublic, March 1st, 2017
                  "A PMI report indicates that insufficient project sponsorship correlates to project failures. Here are steps project sponsors can take to improve the odds of delivering a successful project.

                  Multiple contributing factors can lead to project failure, though a Project Management Institute (PMI) report from December 2014 cites low sponsorship engagement as playing a primary role..."

                  IT - Networks
                  The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Software-Defined Networking Security
                  SearchSDN, March 1st, 2017
                  "Software-defined networking security has both good and bad potential. It can benefit route connectivity, but it also presents risk linked to improper SDN controller implementation.

                  Software-defined networking is supposed to improve networking, including network security, according to most of its proponents. But software-defined networking security has holes, according to a new group of SDN security vendors. Both statements can be true, depending on what you mean by network security, what you mean by SDN and how you put your SDN plans into place. Smart planning always reduces risk, but that's particularly true in the case of software-defined networking security..."

                  Not Just Speed: 7 Incredible Things You Can Do With 5G
                  cnet, March 2nd, 2017
                  "You can't walk around Mobile World Congress without 5G slapping you in the face.

                  If there's a phenomenon that's dominated this week's trade show besides the return of a 17-year-old phone, it's the reality that the next generation of cellular technology has arrived. Well, at least it's real in the confines of the Fira Gran Via convention center in Barcelona..."

                    Wi-Fi Expanding To Indoor Location Services
                    Network World, February 27th, 2017
                    "Radios moving around a network is the best way to determine indoor location for assets and navigation, says certifier Wi-Fi Alliance, which introduced standards last week...

                    The purpose of indoor Wi-Fi is no longer simply about providing internet connectivity. Indoor positioning services that enable asset tracking and visitor navigation functions are adding to the traditional access point feature set of spotty internet access.

                    GPS positioning doesn't work as well indoors as out. And Wi-Fi equipment vendors are keen to point out that networks created with their equipment are better suited to indoor locationing-better than cellular, too, with its usually outdoor masts.

                    This has led to the newest Wi-Fi system: meter-level positioning..."

                    5G Should Offer 20Gbps And Support A Million Devices Over A Mile
                    v3 co uk, February 27th, 2017
                    "ITU draft specs set out stall for next stage of mobile future...

                    New technical specifications for 5G services have been laid out by the International Telecommunications Union, which underline how big an impact the technology could have in the future.

                    The draft document contains several eye-catching figures, perhaps none more so than the requirement that 5G base stations should have the capacity to support up to one million device connections over a square mile..."

                      IT - IoT
                      IoT And 5G Drive Computing To The Edge
                      ComputerWorld, March 3rd, 2017
                      "More computing is happening on edge devices to handle the information overload...

                      By 2020, an average internet user will use 1.5GB of traffic a day, and daily video traffic will reach 1PB, Intel predicts. A huge amount of data will be generated by autonomous vehicles, mobile devices, and internet-of-things devices.

                      Every day, more information is being collected and sent to faster servers in mega data centers, which analyze and make sense of it. That analysis has helped improved image and speech recognition and is making autonomous cars a reality..."

                      The Internet Of Things: The Best Is Yet To Come
                      ITProPortal, March 1st, 2017
                      "When will the Internet of Things really hit the big time?

                      The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that's been bandied about for a long time and we're finally at a stage where it's coming more into the forefront, in terms of the technology and consumer adoption.

                      IoT is starting to make a difference to many areas of our lives. Connected smart meters wirelessly track our domestic energy usage, while smart watches and smart cars are playing a small but influential role in the wider IoT movement. And this is even before we get started on connected home technologies, ranging from security sensors to connected light bulbs and even smart toasters.

                      However, one question is still in the back of my mind: 'When will the Internet of Things really hit the big time?'..."

                      How IIoT Is Revolutionizing Utilities
                      TechCrunch, March 3rd, 2017
                      "The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is creating huge opportunities in the water and wastewater industries, adding value to both the utility and the consumer. Connected machines are reshaping the way these utilities operate, allowing them to make smarter and more informed decisions. By driving up innovation, water utilities are driving down cost. Here's what they're up to..."
                        What's In Store For The IoT: Seven Predictions For 2017
                        TechZone360, March 2nd, 2017
                        "It's clear by now that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a trend that will shape the future of business. In 2017, we will continue to see IoT merge the physical and online worlds to open new opportunities and solve challenges in a way that was never possible before. In this article, we'll examine some of the trends that we expect to influence IoT in its mission to make things work more efficiently..."
                        IT - Linux
                        Which Linux File System Should You Use?
                        How-To Geek, March 1st, 2017
                        "When formatting partitions on a Linux PC, you'll see a wide variety of file system options. These options don't need to be overwhelming. If you're not sure which Linux file system to use, there's a simple answer.

                        The Quick Answer: Use Ext4 if You're Not Sure

                        We'll get into the weeds and run down the difference between the various file systems in a moment, but if you aren't sure: Use Ext4.

                        Ext4 is the default file system on most Linux distributions for a reason. It's an improved version of the older Ext3 file system. It's not the most cutting-edge file system, but that's good: It means Ext4 is rock-solid and stable..."

                        IT - Operations
                        LinkedIn's Data Center Design Principles
                        Network Computing, March 1st, 2017
                        "LinkedIn architects explain the social media giant's approach to data center networking and focus on programmability...

                        Operating a large-scale, rapidly growing network requires a philosophical change in how you plan, deploy, and operate your infrastructure. At LinkedIn, as we scaled our data center network, it became evident that we needed to provision and build networks not only as quickly as possible, but also with the most simple and minimalistic approaches possible -- something that previously was not quite apparent to us. Adding a new component, a new feature, or a new service without any traffic loss or architectural change is challenging..."

                        How Do I Figure Size Requirements For A New UPS Unit?
                        SearchDataCenter, February 28th, 2017
                        "Your data center UPS needs are dependent on a variety of factors. Develop configurations and determine the estimated UPS capacity that will meet your current and future needs.

                        So you need an uninterruptible power supply unit, but you're having trouble sizing it. How do you figure it out?

                        Some uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are rated in kilowatts (kW) and others in kilo-volt-amperes (kVA)..."

                          How To Get Your Infrastructure In Shape To Shake Off Scriptable Attacks
                          CSO Online, March 2nd, 2017
                          "Resources a plenty for identifying attacks and fighting infrastructure flab...

                          According to F-Secure's The State of Cyber Security 2017 report, criminal hackers perform most cyber-attacks using basic, scriptable techniques against poorly maintained infrastructure. This will continue as long as there are loads of attack scripts and plenty of poorly secured networks.

                          The number of attack scripts is climbing as elite hackers continue to create these scripts and sell them to others, says Itzik Kotler, CTO and Co-Founder, SafeBreach. There doesn't seem to be any stopping this trend.

                          CSO examines scriptable attacks and the part of the problem that you can control: getting your infrastructure in shape to shrug off these breaches.

                          So what's a script?..."

                          IT Automation: What To Automate And When?
                          Data Center Knowledge, March 1st, 2017
                          "The job of IT managers has changed in recent years. Instead of doing everything themselves,they look to introduce tools that can do the dirty work, so that they can do more planning and strategic work for the business.

                          It also doesn't make much sense to pay high IT salaries for time-consuming and repetitive configurations, patching, and the like. Determining what should be the company's next IT automation candidates, however, is no easy task..."

                            IT - Security
                            How To Respond To A Cyber Attack (Slideshow)
                            CSO Online, March 2nd, 2017
                            "Cybersecurity incidents continue to grow in both volume and sophistication, with 64 percent more security incidents reported in 2015 than in 2014, according to a June 2016 report by the Ponemon Institute. The human instinct is to try to find those responsible. However, any attempt to access, damage or impair another system that appears to be involved in an attack is mostly likely illegal and can result in civil and/or criminal liability. Since many intrusions and attacks are launched from compromised systems, there's also the danger of damaging an innocent victim's system..."
                            Global Cloud Security Market To Reach $13.93 Billion By 2024
                            Help Net Security, March 1st, 2017
                            "The cloud infrastructure has witnessed a significant growth in recent years and its popularity can be attributed to the on-demand services, scalability and flexibility, and the cost effective solutions it offers to organizations. The global cloud security market is expected to reach $13.93 billion by 2024, according to Grand View Research..."
                            A Better Security Strategy Than 'Know Your Enemy': Know Your Co-Workers
                            ComputerWorld, February 28th, 2017
                            "Something as simple as an uncharacteristic turn of phrase can clue people into an email's illegitimacy...

                            Cyberthieves today know that it's better to be sneaky and crafty than forceful. To be even more blunt, they know that it's better to trick you into doing their work than to break in and do it themselves.

                            That trickery starts with ever-more-subtle ways to get you to click on an email attachment. A recent attack used an employee accomplice who was to flag any meetings with multiple people and note who was presenting. Within 30 minutes of one meeting's end, the crooks sent an email attachment to everyone on the original email thread, with fake headers so that it appeared to be from the presenter..."

                              Privacy Issues In 2017
                              CSO Online, March 3rd, 2017
                              "Decades ago privacy really wasn't that much of an ongoing issue. In the days of agrarian society everyone seemed to know about everyone else's business and personal lives. As we moved forward into an era of denser population centers due to the advent of of the industrial revolution suddenly, we collectively found a greater yearning for privacy.

                              In this current day and age we find ourselves slipping back to the agrarian mindset in some ways. Governments the world over are moving to strip privacy from their citizens under the guise of security. One was the battle cry was to protect the children which has given way, in most respects, to the fight against terrorism. That logic has the appearance of being sound for people who are afraid will be less likely to argue..."

                              Attack Vs Defense: Five Ways To Even The Cyber Battlefield
                              ITProPortal, March 2nd, 2017
                              "As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, organisations must find a way to combat potential attacks...

                              Somehow, the numbers do not make sense.

                              Companies invest almost $81 billion annually on cyber security, according to Gartner, while Lloyd's reports that 92 percent of EU businesses have still been breached. Remember Yahoo, Target, Home Depot, and all the others? What gives? Can it be that the attackers have outsmarted the defenders? Sadly, the answer is yes. This infographic clearly illustrates the mismatch: ..."

                              Security Alert Overload Threatens To Bury Security Teams
                              Network World, March 3rd, 2017
                              "Enterprises can't keep up with security alert volume, struggle to prioritize the right alerts and ignore a large percentage of the security alert total. They need help!...

                              When it comes to incident detection and response, enterprise organizations are collecting, processing and analyzing more security data through an assortment of new analytics tools - endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools, network analytics tools, threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), etc.

                              When each of threat management or security analytics tools sees something suspicious, it generates a security alert, and therein lies the problem: Enterprise organizations are getting buried by an avalanche of security alerts. According to ESG research:..."

                              20 Questions For Secops Platform Providers
                              Dark Reading, February 27th, 2017
                              "Security operations capabilities for the masses is long overdue. Here's how to find a solution that meets your budget and resources.

                              The security operations platform is quickly emerging as a favorite talking point for 2017, even for organizations that do not find themselves with an expansive budget to improve their security maturity and posture. Of course, doing so is a complex undertaking with a wide variety of moving parts. Or is it?..."

                              IT - Careers
                              Managing A Remote Team? You Gotta Try These 5 Tools!
                              Business 2 Community, March 2nd, 2017
                              "If you were to ask me what the hardest part about owning my business is, I'd tell you that managing a remote team is harder than anything else I do.

                              Yes ... it's harder than increasing sales year-over-year, harder than managing finances and P&L statements, and much harder than giving up most of my personal life.

                              Managing a remote team takes more than a firm but fair management style - it takes tools. And lots of them.

                              Here are the five tools we can't live without as an extremely successful remote team..."

                              IT Experience Can Be Beneficial For A Cybersecurity Career
                              Network World, March 1st, 2017
                              "Most cybersecurity professionals come from IT. This experience serves as a strong foundation and helps them succeed in cybersecurity...

                              Given my interest in cybersecurity skills and training, I'm contacted by academic institutions, professional organizations and training companies with news about some type of cybersecurity education curriculum. This isn't surprising given the global shortage of cybersecurity skills. In fact, new ESG research discloses that 45% of organizations report a 'problematic shortage' of cybersecurity skills in 2017..."

                                Follow These Career Roadmaps To 7 Hot IT Jobs
                                CIO, March 1st, 2017
                                "What skills, education and experience do you need to land some of today's hottest IT jobs?...

                                Do you have what it takes to be a mobile app developer, data scientist, systems administrator or DevOps engineer?

                                In this report from the editors of, seven successful technologists share their IT career stories - from the 'Aha!' moments that inspired them to pursue these roles to the setbacks they faced along the way. And learn what skills, traits, education and experience they think are vital to success in these positions..."

                                How To Answer Tough Interview Questions: 8 Tips
                                TechRepublic, February 27th, 2017
                                'Tech companies are notorious for throwing curveball interview questions at job candidates. Here's how to keep your cool when one of these comes your way.

                                The days of tech job interviews consisting of only questions such as "Tell us about yourself" are gone. Several companies have adopted Google's brain teasing interview model, throwing interviewees questions such as "How many happy birthday posts do you think Facebook gets in one day?" and "If you are in a boat with a boulder and you drop that boulder into the lake, how does the water level before and after you drop the boulder in the lake compare?"...'

                                IT - Virtualization
                                Tech Primer: Clarity On Containers
                                Data Center Knowledge, February 28th, 2017
                                "Container ecosystems from the likes of Google, Docker, CoreOS, and Joyent are easily one of the more intriguing IT innovations in the enterprise and cloud computing space today. In the past year, organizations across all major industries, from finance to e-commerce, took notice of containers as a cost efficient, portable, and convenient means to build an application. The prospects gave organizations an exciting new model to compare and contrast to virtualization.

                                But for all the hype, many organizations and IT professionals still struggle to understand both the technology itself and how to take advantage of its unique benefits - especially as Docker, the market leader, begins to expand the use cases for containers into the stateful architectural landscape that is common with enterprise applications. This technology primer aims to provide clarity on containers and arm you with everything you need to know to successfully leverage this technology..."

                                IT - Email
                                How Is Office 365 Capturing The Market?
                                ITProPortal, February 28th, 2017
                                "Microsoft's Office 365 has grown in popularity with new features and an expanding user base...

                                In the fast paced digital world we inhabit, there are a million different programs and apps vying for our attention. In fact, our time is so taxed these days that the market for apps that help you organize your life, manage your business, and otherwise help you keep your head from falling from your shoulders is booming.

                                Office 365 is a perfect example of a collection of cloud-based programs on offer to both the layperson and businesses, intent on helping people stave off chaos. It can be hard to whittle down just what program suits you and your business's needs (that's why handy sites like ITProPortal help with some of the heavy lifting), but Office 365 is looking to create further separation over the competition with every new iteration..."

                                The Hidden Risks Of Legacy Email Archives
                                ITProPortal, March 3rd, 2017
                                "Now is the time to migrate to a modern email archive platform...

                                To everyone who continues to own a legacy email archive - beware! You are sitting on a ticking time bomb. By legacy email archives, I am referring to an email archive that was designed in the early 2000's and is likely deployed on premises; but in some cases is a hosted email archive solution. A legacy email archive presents three major risks to your IT infrastructure and organization as a whole..."

                                IT - Big Data
                                The Changing Data Landscape
                                insideBIGDATA, March 1st, 2017
                                This is the second entry in an insideBIGDATA series that explores the intelligent use of big data on an industrial scale. This series, compiled in a complete Guide, also covers the exponential growth of data and realizing a scalable data lake, as well as offerings from HPE for big data analytics. The second entry in the series is focused on the changing data landscape.

                                "Large enterprise customers have made huge investments in data warehousing technology over the past decade. The cost of upgrading and adding new data warehouse licensing is cost prohibitive. Technologies like Hadoop and Spark offer organizations the option of accruing a greater ROI on existing data warehouse resources, by providing a data processing platform to offload Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) workloads from the data warehouse and to reduce the cost of storing and accessing less frequently used data..."

                                Care About Big Data Analytics? Better Pay Attention To Splunk And Elastic Stack
                                LinuxCareer, February 27st, 2017
                                "While the overall numbers are not necessarily sexy, the percentage growth surely is. If you are looking for a tool to search and analyze data, Elastic stack and Splunk are showing exponential gains in the last couple of years. Therefore, if you are currently a DevOps engineer or looking to take your career in that direction, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the Elastic stack or Splunk..."
                                How Do Supply Chains Use Big Data?
                                SmartDataCollective, March 1st, 2017
                                "Big Data may be behind a fair share of disruptions, but supply chain management is not one of them.

                                That's not to say supply chains have not shifted. How we collect and analyze data changes the way the chain communicates. In fact, supply chains have changed so much that Deloitte published a report abolishing the linear chain, claiming technology disruptions led to 'The rise of the digital supply network.'

                                Alongside these shifts, supply chain managers have adapted to do their jobs differently. Just as Excel changed the way supply chain reporting occurred, Big Data platforms are allowing professionals to focus on bigger-picture items instead of rote tasks..."

                                Making Sense Of Unstructured Data: Skills For Success
                                Information Management, February 27th, 2017
                                "One of the biggest challenges data scientists face in the business world today is making sense of unstructured data. The volume, variety and velocity of data continues to explode and it is up to data scientists to figure out how to transform the information into something meaningful and useful. But how do you begin to make sense of data when such vast quantities are being generated in different formats, often without existing labels? There's so much information being gathered that it is difficult to keep track, let alone determine which data to keep and analyze..."
                                  How Phoenix Children's Data Lake Is Helping To Improve Patient Care
                                  Information Management, March 1st, 2017
                                  "When Phoenix Children's embarked on a big data initiative a few years ago, the health system's leaders first agreed that any piece of information, large or small, could be of value. Then, says CIO David Higginson, it was an exercise in peeling back the layers of its data onion.

                                  'We started with our primary systems - the EHR, lab, surgery, etc. - and there are pretty standard ways to connect those to an enterprise warehouse and pool that data,' he says. 'But then we kept going, and found it more and more challenging to connect systems and data that had never been done before'..."

                                  Build The Right Team For Big Data Success
                                  InformationWeek, February 28th, 2017
                                  "You may have been successful with a center of excellence for your business intelligence or analytics practice. But big data success requires a different approach, a bus...

                                  So you want to invest in big data capabilities? You may be asking yourself who should be on the big data team, and what project should this team work on first? How do you put together the capability -- the team -- to tackle the big questions?

                                  Organizations may find themselves hung up on these types of questions, whether they are just starting out with big data or even if they already have projects underway. Tamara Dull and Anne Buff recommend turning around the way you think about your organization's big data capability and staffing if you want to succeed in big data..."

                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 228 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 227 Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC Released
                                  • NTT Data and Oracle collaborate to shoot healthcare Big Data into the cloud
                                  • Learn How to Diagnose System & Application Problems! Take Oracle Solaris 11 Dynamic Tracing Training
                                  • Oracle and Tech Mahindra Deliver Industry's First VoLTE as a Service Offering
                                  • Friday Spotlight: Webinars about Oracle Open Cloud Infrastructure
                                  • Attend an Oracle Code event across the World
                                  • MySQL Support Engineer's Chronicles, Issue #5
                                  • Oracle Magazine
                                  • BBVA Banks on Oracle to Deliver a Better Mobile Experience to Customers
                                  • Emerging Technologies Fill Oracle's Smart UX Toolbox

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                                    IT - Java
                                    Java 9 Gets A Release Date: July 27
                                    InfoWorld, March 3rd, 2017
                                    "JDK 9, which features modularization and ahead-of-time compilation, will be released this summer..

                                    Java Platform SE (Standard Edition) 9, a planned modularized upgrade, remains on target for release in July, an Oracle official said this week.

                                    Java Development Kit (JDK) 9 is set for release on July 27. It will include a long list of capabilities, including modularization, a read-eval-print loop, ahead-of-time compilation, and a memory-saving improvement for strings storage..."

                                    What To Expect From Java EE 8: Recap
                                    jaxenter, March 1st, 2017
                                    "It's safe to say that 2016 was not the best year for Java EE but 2017 looks promising already. Only two months have passed but we can see the finish line: the ownership of the MVC JSR has been transferred to the community, we have a schedule and we know what's going on in Oracle's 'kitchen.'

                                    Linda DeMichiel, Specification Lead for the Java EE Platform, announced in a message to the mailing list that Java EE 8's public review is scheduled for April/May 2017 and the proposed final draft should become available in June, which means that Java EE 8 should be released in July. If the date sounds familiar, there's a reason for that: Java 9 should also be released around that time..."

                                    Nexenta News
                                    Nexenta Solutions Now Docker Certified Enabling Persistent Storage for Container-Converged Infrastructure and Applications
                                    Nexenta, March 1st, 2017
                                    Docker Volume Plugins for NexentaStor and NexentaEdge Available in the Docker Store

                                    Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), announced its Nexenta Volume Plugins, for both NexentaStor and NexentaEdge, have been accepted as part of the Docker Certification Program, a framework for partners to integrate and certify their technology to the Docker Enterprise Edition commercial platform. The Nexenta Volume Plugins support high performance file systems storage for Docker containers and are currently available to download on the new Docker Store.

                                    Veritas News
                                    Veritas NetBackup Appliance Joins the Fujitsu Data Protection Portfolio
                                    Veritas, March 2nd, 2017
                                    Veritas Technologies, the leader in information management, announced a new agreement with Fujitsu to sell Veritas NetBackup Appliances. The Veritas NetBackup Appliances will be offered alongside the existing Fujitsu ETERNUS range of hardware and provide end users a full range of data protection solutions.

                                    Used by tens of thousands of businesses globally, Veritas NetBackup software simplifies and strengthens data protection throughout the enterprise. Veritas NetBackup Appliances provides both flexibility and cost savings by combining turnkey backup and recovery with deduplication solutions in an easy-to-deploy form factor.

                                    Michael Keegan, Head of Product Business at Fujitsu EMEIA, said: "One of the pre-requisites for a successful transition to a digital business is to ensure that your valuable data is both accessible and protected. This is why a backup strategy is vital for companies of all sizes. We are extending the Fujitsu data protection portfolio, through the addition of the Veritas NetBackup Appliance. This effective, expandable system to protect valuable data is fast and simple to deploy and maintain."

                                    Cisco News
                                    Cisco Keeps Steady Drumbeat on Security With New Solutions for Mobile Networks
                                    Cisco, February 27th, 2017
                                    As mobile service providers connect more devices, data, and services, they face new decisions for securing their networks for a digital world.

                                    Cisco predicts there will be 26.3 billion networked devices globally in 2020, up from 16.3 billion in 2015[1]. Updating security to protect the content and data running on these devices has become a new mandate for mobile service providers as they prepare for 5G, making it necessary to deploy security solutions across the entire mobile network.

                                    Altice Makes Bold Moves to Virtualize Its Global Mobile Network With Cisco
                                    Cisco, February 27th, 2017
                                    Cisco and Red Hat Join Forces to Drive Innovation

                                    Cisco and Altice Group continue to strengthen their alliance to transform Altice's business operations with new network architectures to help grow revenue, lower costs and improve customer retention.

                                    Altice is a multinational cable, fiber, telecommunications, content and media company with 50 million customers spanning Western Europe, the United States, Israel, and the Overseas Territories.

                                    The companies are collaborating on a long-term project to build a holistic network function virtualization (NFV) platform. By virtualizing key network functions, Altice will be able to speed time to market for new services across its global footprint.

                                    Innovation to Cisco's Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) Offers Service Providers Future Horizontal Scalability
                                    Cisco, March 1st, 2017
                                    Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Technology to Help Enable Service Providers to Manage More Than One Million Devices in Their Networks...

                                    With more than 10 billion devices and connections projected by 2020, according to Cisco's Mobile Visual Networking Index Forecast (2016-2021), service providers will need the scalability and performance to manage the high growth of devices in their networks.

                                    Cisco announces today, Layered Services Architecture (LSA), an innovation to the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f, will pave the way for service providers to support the next order of magnitude of devices in their networks. The more than 100 existing and new customers that have adopted NSO's technology will benefit from the future horizontal scalability and performance enhancements to the industry's most advanced and flexible service orchestration platform.

                                    MyHonda Connected Car Platform Leverages IoT from Cisco Jasper and Bright Box to Deliver Customized Driving Services
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    Honda Launches Connected Car Services in all European Countries to Increase Safety and Enhance the Driving Experience

                                    Honda is leveraging IoT solutions from Cisco Jasper and Bright Box to deliver the MyHonda Connected Car platform, which provides a suite of powerful services that enhances the driving experience. MyHonda utilizes telematics solutions from Bright Box, powered by the Cisco Jasper Control Center automated IoT connectivity management platform, to deliver a variety of connected services that increase driver safety, simplify vehicle ownership, and enable new experiences for drivers. Honda will launch these Connected Car services across all European countries.

                                    KT and Cisco Jasper Launch Global IoT Services Platform for Businesses in Korea
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    Cisco Jasper and KT Enable Companies Throughout Korea to Deliver New Connected Experiences for their Customers While Creating New Revenue Streams

                                    Businesses throughout Korea can now take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver new connected services to their customers, thanks to KT and Cisco Jasper. The combination of KT's high-performance network and the Cisco Jasper Control Center IoT connectivity management platform enables both local and international customers to provide seamless global IoT services without boundaries. KT customers in Korea can manage their IoT services on a global scale from a single IoT platform thanks to Cisco Jasper's partnerships with more than 50 service providers, which manage IoT devices across more than 550 mobile operator networks worldwide.

                                    Cisco Jasper and Jupl Introduce Wearable to Empower Seniors with Independence and Safety
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    Wearable Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) Utilizes IoT to Provide Connected Health Solution for the Elderly

                                    To empower the world's rising population of elderly, Cisco Jasper and Jupl have collaborated to provide a wearable mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) that promotes safety and wellness. The wearable device leverages the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and purpose-built software from Jupl to provide a personal emergency response device without the need for a smartphone. These devices, which leverage the Cisco Jasper IoT platform to deliver connected health services, greatly increase independence for users while providing peace of mind for them and their friends and family.

                                    Saudi Telecom Company and Cisco Sign Managed Services Agreement to Drive Network Capabilities for Digital Era
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    At Mobile World Congress, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Cisco announced that they have signed a three-year managed services agreement to transform STC's core network and operations, and prepare it for the digital era. The long-term contract delivers the full functionality of a Service Provider-grade Network Operating Center (NOC) to support STC's drive to introduce new services, improve customer experiences and enhance network agility and performance.

                                    The engagement extends the longstanding relationship between STC and Cisco and will support the telecom service provider in scaling to meet current and future customer demands. The transformation of STC's network aligns with Saudi Arabia's National Transformation and the country digitization acceleration plans announced between the government and Cisco last year, which aims to support the Kingdom's digital economy ambitions.

                                    Verizon and Cisco Bring 5G Innovations to the Enterprise
                                    Cisco, February 27th, 2017
                                    As businesses increasingly digitize, mobile carriers will need the speed, low latency, and dynamic provisioning capabilities that 5G networks are expected to deliver to address increasing subscriber demands and new services trends.

                                    Verizon is seizing the opportunity by building one of the largest 5G proving grounds in the world with collaboration from Cisco. As a member of the Verizon 5G Technology Forum, Cisco will help Verizon drive 5G innovation around the network and provide services needed to help enable their joint enterprise and SMB customers to receive the best connectivity experience that 5G can offer...

                                    Cisco Jasper Supports NB-IoT to Enable Massive-Scale IoT for Low Power Devices
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    Cisco Jasper Completes NB-IoT Trials to Enable Value-Oriented IoT Services

                                    In response to demand from an increasing number of companies looking for low cost, low power Internet of Things (IoT) devices to help optimize their businesses and deliver new services, Cisco today announced that Cisco Jasper has completed live trials of NB-IoT on its Control Center connectivity management platform, making it one of the first IoT platforms to support NB-IoT.

                                    Vodafone Launches GigaTV with Cisco
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    New Service Delivers Seamless Mobile Experience, Personalized Recommendations, and Ultra HD Content

                                    Consumers in Germany can now access a vast selection of channels and video-on-demand (VoD) offers via GigaTV, a next-generation cloud video service from Vodafone Germany, developed by Cisco. The service is accessible through a TV set-top box or smartphone and tablet applications.

                                    GigaTV delivers a seamless viewing experience in and out of the home. New functionality also includes personalized recommendations, smart search and a new intuitive navigation capability for improved content discovery.

                                    Powered by the Cisco Infinite Video Platform, GigaTV allows Vodafone to deliver a premium video service with improved functionality, video quality and access to content through external platforms like Maxdome, Sky and other VoD providers. Offered as a cloud service, Cisco's Infinite Video Platform enables Vodafone to offer new functionality to its subscribers every two weeks.

                                    Ericsson and Cisco Transform Korek Telecom's core IP network
                                    Cisco, March 1st, 2017
                                    Ericsson, the main supplier of Korek Telecom, has been selected with its strategic partner Cisco, to transform the Iraqi operator's IP core network. The two vendors will use their integrated solutions to deploy new sites and optimize existing ones, as part of the Ericsson Evolved IP Network.

                                    The network modernization project will be backed by Ericsson's services organization and will see the deployment of Cisco's market-leading ASR 9000 routers. Upon completion, Korek Telecom will be able to better serve its subscribers with broader coverage and an enhanced user experience.

                                    Cisco Network Services Orchestrator a Key Technology Enabler for Telstra's Network of the Future
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    Telstra expands deployment of Cisco NSO to bring next generation network automation capabilities across its IP and data portfolio

                                    Over the next five years, strong growth in the number of mobile users, smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) connections and mobile video consumption will place significant challenges on networks. As service providers prepare for the next wave of network speed, extensive architectural transformation involving programmability and automation will be needed to support these capabilities and future innovations including the evolution of enterprise services, 5G, and IoT.

                                    In unveiling plans to build their network of the future, Australia's best mobile network Telstra is driving network innovation to enhance resiliency; accelerate time to market; and support the evolution to 5G and IoT capabilities.

                                    Telstra aims for its new network to be based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Telstra is expanding Network Service Orchestration (NSO) automation across its Ethernet and IP platforms as a key technology enabler to deliver this future network.

                                    Cisco and Reliance Jio Build World's Largest All-IP Digital Services Platform
                                    Cisco, February 28th, 2017
                                    A First-of-Its-Kind Globally, the 5G Ready Network as a Platform Delivers Broadband, Mobile Video, and a Rich Suite of Media & Collaboration Services

                                    Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. ('Jio') is collaborating with Cisco to further expand Jio's existing multi-terabit capacity, first All-IP converged network.

                                    With this network, Jio offers a unique combination of high-speed data, mobile video, VoLTE, digital commerce, media, cloud, and payment services. It is the first network of its kind globally with the fastest growth to 100 million broadband and VoLTE customers, reaching the milestone within six months of launch. With the Cisco All-IP network, Jio will help deliver the vision of Digital India and transform the delivery of citizen services from transportation, utilities and financial inclusion to entertainment, agriculture, education, and healthcare in the country.

                                    Cisco and Docker Team to Modernize Cloud and Data Center Application Environments
                                    Cisco, March 2nd, 2017
                                    Companies to Provide Validated Docker Solutions on Cisco UCS and Container Automation with Open Source Cisco Contiv

                                    Cisco and Docker Inc. announced a strategic alliance for worldwide engineering, sales and support to deliver essential container capabilities for application-centric data center and cloud infrastructure.

                                    Customers can modernize applications using Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) with Docker Datacenter, and deliver them securely and efficiently across Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco validated Converged Infrastructure solutions with Cisco partners. Cisco and Docker will deliver unified and certified solutions for the entire application journey, whether organizations are containerizing traditional applications, refactoring applications to microservices, or creating new applications. Docker EE with Docker Datacenter running on Cisco UCS will provide application developers a seamless way to deploy, iterate, re-deploy, and monitor applications onto production infrastructure.

                                    Dell News
                                    Dell Accelerates IoT Adoption with New Edge Gateway for Small Spaces
                                    Dell, February 27th, 2017
                                    From 18-wheelers to heater cabinets, grocery refrigeration and remote oil rigs, Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series helps keeps truckers safe, food fresh and processes efficient

                                    Dell, the broadest Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure solutions provider, introduces the new Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series that offers customers flexibility, connectivity and real-time intelligence from harsh environments and small spaces. The 3000 Series includes three unique models targeted specifically for use cases and embedded solutions in the industrial automation, energy, transportation, and digital signage markets. With these new Edge Gateways, customers will be able to securely transfer and analyze important data at the edge of the network to glean real-time intelligence from the physical world. Ideal deployments include a vehicle, a refrigerated trailer, a remote oil pump in the desert, digital signs in an elevator or inside of the HVAC units on a roof-top of a casino.

                                    Microsoft News
                                    Things to Come: Could the cloud enable medical treatments made just for you?
                                    Microsoft, February 27th, 2017
                                    Everything you are - the color of your eyes, your height, the tone of your skin, whether your hair is thick or thin - is determined, or strongly influenced, by a single molecule: the famous double helix called DNA. All of the glorious diversity that is the human race is derived, ultimately, from those two strands of material tightly wound around one another.

                                    But sometimes things go wrong. Many horrific diseases, like breast cancer, Huntington's disease and leukemia, are caused by genetic defects - 'mistakes' somewhere in the 6 billion pairs of DNA chemical compounds. But where? In this enormous, unique 'database' we all possess, what is 'normal' and what is a disease-causing mutation?

                                    To answer these questions, we need two things: a huge sample set of human DNA in a form that we can 'sequence' (that is, enumerate each and every one of the six billion 'base pairs') and massive amounts of computing and storage space to do our computations.

                                      How Microsoft's HoloLens Creates a 'Virtual Museum' at New York Armory Show
                                      Fortune, March 2nd, 2017
                                      "The Armory Show in New York returns for its 23rd year to present collections of some of the most important artworks from the last two centuries.

                                      This year, Artsy, an online platform for exploring art from around the world, has teamed up with Pace Gallery's Studio Drift, a design firm based in Amsterdam, to create an art installation using an immersive mixed reality experience with Microsoft's HoloLens, the 'world's first self-contained holographic computer'..."

                                      Symantec News
                                      Symantec Announces the Formation of Symantec Ventures
                                      Symantec, March 2nd, 2017
                                      New Initiative Created to Foster Further Innovation in Cyber Security

                                      Symantec Corp., the world's leading cyber security company, today announced the formation of Symantec Ventures to help cyber security startups accelerate the delivery of core innovation to the security marketplace. In addition to contributing capital, Symantec aims to help the startup community reduce expenses and accelerate time to market.

                                      Symantec CEO Greg Clark said, "We are launching Symantec Ventures to catalyze innovation in the cyber security space. Too often entrepreneurs spend valuable time and resources building endpoint chassis, network appliances or cloud infrastructure instead of focusing their efforts on their true value-add innovation. We can help startups by allowing them to build on our extensible Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. For example, a new algorithmic approach to anomaly detection can be built on top of our endpoint platform or run on top of our network and cloud security drive train. This strives to enable Symantec's more than 385,000 enterprise customers - which includes many of the largest enterprises in the world - to tap into the rich ecosystem of ideas in the marketplace and allow entrepreneurs to dramatically reduce their time to market."

                                      IBM News
                                      Santander Boosts Client Experience with Enterprise iOS Apps Powered by IBM
                                      IBM, February 27th, 2017
                                      A suite of IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps will be designed to help Santander employees more proactively engage with its clients

                                      Santander and IBM announced a collaboration to design and develop a suite of IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps to support the banking group's digital transformation and give employees the tools to create deeper engagements with their customers. These custom-built, native apps made for iOS will be rolled out across more than 11,000 iOS devices, changing how Santander's commercial network employees, including those supporting Corporate, SME, Private and Retail Banking, approach their day-to-day activities and boost productivity.

                                      VMware News
                                      VMware Helps Communications Service Providers "Realize What's Possible" Through Software-Driven Digital Transformation
                                      VMware, March 1st, 2017
                                      VMware's Innovative Software-Defined Architecture Helps CSPs Manage, Transform and Grow Their Businesses

                                      This week at Mobile World Congress 2017, VMware Inc. is demonstrating the company's leadership driving the digital transformation of telecom, cable and mobile operators into agile service providers. Through VMware's unified software-defined architecture spanning Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT), global communications service providers (CSPs) can benefit from potential new revenue streams with sustainable cost reductions, increased flexibility and security and a modernized network that is 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) ready. VMware's complete portfolio of solutions for CSPs is on display this week in Hall 3 Stand 3K10.

                                      HARMAN and VMware Partner to Accelerate IoT Adoption for Enterprises Through Convergence of IT and Operational Technology
                                      VMware, March 1st, 2017
                                      HARMAN's gateways and sensors, edge analytics and OTA technology combined with VMware's end-to-end IT operational management and edge solutions to enable simplified, scalable and secure enterprise-class IoT

                                      At Mobile World Congress 2017, HARMAN, the premier connected technologies company for the automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, and VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, today announced a collaboration to deliver simplified and specialized Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for enterprise customers in industrial, retail, building management, automotive and energy efficiency industries. By integrating HARMAN's portfolio of over-the-air (OTA) software updates, sensors, gateways and analytics services into VMware's IoT solution, the partnership will help deploy, secure, manage and monitor IoT infrastructure at enterprise scale to streamline industry-specific IoT use cases.

                                      VMware vCloud NFV 2.0 Delivers Agile, Open and Secure Networks with Simplified Operations Management
                                      VMware, March 1st, 2017
                                      Production-Proven VMware vCloud NFV(TM) Platform Accelerates Network Modernization and New Service Delivery, Sustainable Cost Reductions and 5G Readiness; VMware Ready(TM) for NFV Program Now Features more than 30 certified solutions

                                      VMware, Inc. announced VMware vCloud NFV 2.0, designed to modernize and transform network architectures and operations for global communications service providers (CSPs). Built from production-proven software-defined infrastructure and management solutions, the vCloud NFV platform can improve economics through accelerated service delivery, operational excellence and lower infrastructure costs. With vCloud NFV 2.0, CSPs will be able to deliver new and differentiated services on an agile, open and secure software-defined architecture today as they evolve their networks to support 5G and the Internet of Things.

                                      VMware AirWatch Managed Services Open New Revenue Opportunities for Global Communications Service Providers
                                      VMware, March 1st, 2017
                                      VMware, Inc. announced communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide can offer VMware AirWatch as a managed service offering through the VMware vCloud Air Network Managed Services Provider (MSP) offering. CSPs can immediately leverage AirWatch services hosted by VMware to deliver differentiated, value-added services that can help open new revenue streams while helping solve enterprise customers' most pressing mobility challenges.

                                      Organizations today are aggressively pursuing mobile strategies to drive business initiatives. Many look to their CSP as a trusted advisor regarding the technologies needed to successfully meet their mobility goals, particularly when the CSP provides both user devices and the business telecommunications lines. As IT has grown comfortable with cloud services and SaaS business models, and mobility programs have matured and moved to a steady state, many businesses see the opportunity to outsource EMM to a trusted partner as a managed service.

                                      Red Hat News
                                      Singapore's MyRepublic Deploys Red Hat OpenStack Platform to Power its Cloud
                                      Red Hat, February 27th, 2017
                                      Highly scalable open source cloud platform enhances customer service, increases efficiency and reduces costs

                                      Red Hat, Inc. announced that MyRepublic, an internet service provider (ISP) headquartered in Singapore, has deployed Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage, and Red Hat CloudForms to create a modern cloud as part of their open hybrid cloud initiative. The new, more scalable cloud platform, replaces a fragmented legacy IT infrastructure which was impeding growth and offers MyRepublic increased availability and flexibility in addition to substantial reductions in hardware costs.

                                      Friday Five - March 3, 2017
                                      Red Hat, March 3rd, 2017
                                      The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                      • Red Hat Helps Enterprises Embrace DevOps at Scale with Ansible Tower 3.1
                                      • Red Hat Blog - Ansible Container named a Black Duck Open Source Rookie of the Year
                                      • Singapore's MyRepublic Deploys Red Hat OpenStack Platform to Power its Cloud
                                      • - Mobile World Congress 2017: Altice virtualises global network with Cisco, Red Hat
                                      • Forbes - With Its Recent Outage, Amazon Web Services Is Helping To Sell Hybrid IT

                                      Read on for details.

                                      Red Hat Helps Enterprises Embrace DevOps at Scale with Ansible Tower 3.1
                                      Red Hat, February 28th, 2017
                                      Multi-Playbook workflows, scale-out clustering, and new search capabilities help further deliver automation to IT teams

                                      Red Hat, Inc. announced the general availability of Ansible Tower 3.1, the latest version of its enterprise-grade, agentless automation platform. Ansible Tower by Red Hat helps enterprises cut through the complexities of modern IT environments with powerful automation capabilities that can improve productivity and reduce downtime. New additions to the latest version of the platform enable enterprises to better scale DevOps automation and offer the ability to link multiple Playbooks into longer, more complex jobs, enhancing productivity across the business.

                                      HP News
                                      Hewlett Packard Enterprise Redefines Technology Services Organization: Pointnext
                                      HPE, March 2nd, 2017
                                      Built on a heritage of technology leadership with 25,000 specialists in 80 countries delivering 11,000 successful digital transformation engagements per year

                                      Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the launch of Pointnext, a newly redefined technology services organization dedicated to helping companies accelerate their digital transformations and make desired business outcomes a reality.

                                      HPE Pointnext draws on the expertise of more than 25,000 specialists in 80 countries covering 30 languages and spanning a range of disciplines -- from cloud consulting experts to operational services experts. These teams collaborate with businesses worldwide to speed their adoption of emerging technologies, including cloud computing and hybrid IT, big data and analytics, the Intelligent Edge and Internet of Things (IoT).

                                      HPE Announces Details for Completion of Spin-Off and Merger of its Enterprise Services Business
                                      HPE, March 2nd, 2017
                                      Hewlett Packard Enterprise ("HPE") announced that its Board of Directors has set a record date of March 20, 2017 for the proposed spin-off of its enterprise services business, referred to as Everett SpinCo, Inc. ("Everett").

                                      Under the terms of the spin-off, HPE will distribute on a pro rata basis all of the shares of Everett common stock it holds to HPE shareholders entitled to receive stock in the spin-off as of the record date. As previously announced, immediately following the spin-off, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Everett will merge with and into Computer Sciences Corporation ("CSC"), whereby the separate corporate existence of the wholly-owned subsidiary will cease, and CSC will continue as the surviving company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Everett.

                                        Brocade News
                                        Brocade's Ruckus Wireless Business Unit And Intersection Announce Partnership To Bring High-Speed Connectivity To Cities And Transit Hubs Across The Globe
                                        Brocade, February 27th, 2017
                                        RUCKUS WIRELESS, a part of BROCADE, and INTERSECTION, an urban experience company, today announced a partnership aimed at bringing free high-speed public Wi-Fi to city streets and transit hubs around the globe. As cities around the world face aging infrastructure and growing populations, leaders are working to improve civic services and better engage citizens without cost to taxpayers. The engagement between Ruckus and Intersection delivers free, sustainable connectivity through the convergence of world-class wireless technology, digital services and a viable business model supported by advertising. Intersection, the lead company behind LinkNYC, develops cutting-edge platforms that offer services like free gigabit public Wi-Fi and context-aware content, which generates value for cities, citizens, and brands. Ruckus' technology enables connected devices and users on Intersection's platform receive a reliable, high-performance connection.
                                        Brocade's Ruckus Wireless Business Unit Announces Collaboration With Amdocs To Deliver A Fully Managed Cloud Wi-Fi Service To Service Providers
                                        Brocade, February 27th, 2017
                                        RUCKUS WIRELESS, a part of BROCADE, announced a collaboration with AMDOCS, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, to deliver a customizable, managed cloud Wi-Fi service to service providers. Ruckus Service Provider (SP) Cloud leverages industry-leading access points (APs) and a cloud-managed, virtualized software platform to deliver a vertically integrated Wi-Fi and LTE offering to service providers, fully managed by Amdocs. The joint offering will enable service providers to deliver Wi-Fi and LTE as managed services either as an enhancement to their current solutions or as new wireless managed services to their business customers.
                                        Brocade's Ruckus Wireless Business Unit Introduces SP Cloud To Enable Service Providers To Rapidly Offer High-Value Managed Services To Enterprise Customers
                                        Brocade, February 27th, 2017
                                        Fully Customizable Offering Includes Ruckus' High-performance Wi-Fi APs Now with OpenG-enabled LTE Small Cells and ICX Switch Integration to Come

                                        RUCKUS WIRELESS, a part of BROCADE, announced Ruckus Service Provider (SP) Cloud, a fully customizable solution for service providers to deliver high-value managed services to their customers. Ruckus SP Cloud is a managed service offering that provides enterprise Wi-Fi through Ruckus' industry-leading access points (APs), plus upcoming support for in-building LTE service through Ruckus' OpenG technology-based small cells and wired networking with Brocade ICX switches. With SP Cloud, Ruckus is delivering an integrated platform that simplifies the configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of both wired and wireless networks.

                                        Comcast News
                                        New Hampshire Business Review Readers Vote Comcast #1 Telecommunications Provider In The Granite State
                                        Comcast, March 3rd, 2017
                                        NH Customers Recognize Comcast for Reliable and Innovative Services

                                        Comcast announced that the readers of New Hampshire Business Review voted to select Comcast Business as the number one telecommunications provider in the Granite State as part of the publication's Best of Business (BOB) Awards program. The New Hampshire business community recognized Comcast Business for its innovative voice, high-speed internet and video services along with its outstanding local employees who make a difference to their business success.

                                          Windstream News
                                          Windstream reports fourth-quarter, full-year 2016 results
                                          Windstream, March 1st, 2017
                                          Windstream Holdings, Inc., a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions, reported fourth-quarter and full-year 2016 results.

                                          "Our 2016 results demonstrate continued progress executing our focused operational strategy. We achieved the financial guidance provided for 2016, delivered consistent results across our core business units and returned value to shareholders through our dividend," said Tony Thomas, president and chief executive officer at Windstream.

                                          "We grew enterprise service revenue for the year and significantly expanded enterprise contribution margin by $78 million or 32 percent. We expanded the availability of premium broadband speeds and rolled out 1 Gigabit service in four markets, which led to improved consumer trends. We expanded our metro fiber network and fixed wireless service in key cities and extended our fiber transport network throughout the western United States to provide increased sales opportunities. Additionally, we laid the groundwork for the launch earlier this year of software-defined wide area network solutions, or SD-WAN, a technology that will transform how businesses design and manage their networks..."

                                            F5 News
                                            F5 Networks Reveals New Solutions to Boost Service Provider IoT and 5G-Readiness
                                            F5, February 27th, 2017
                                            New range of services and capabilities to be showcased at Mobile World Congress; Customer use-case demonstrations set for prominent spotlight at global event

                                            F5 Networks announced a range of new 5G- and IoT-ready solutions and capabilities to help global service providers better optimize, secure and monetize their networks.

                                            The news ties in with F5's attendance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, where the application delivery and security expert will unveil and demonstrate its latest suite of solutions.

                                            F5 will also collaborate with a range of service provider customers to showcase how its technology can fuel the adoption of rapidly evolving trends such as 5G, IoT, NFV and multi-cloud deployment scenarios.

                                            Druva News
                                            Druva's Award-Winning Data Protection Solution, inSync, Now Available on G Suite Marketplace
                                            Druva, February 28th, 2017
                                            Customers Benefit from Access to Druva's Data Protection and Governance Capabilities for G Suite Data

                                            Druva, the leader in cloud data protection and information management, announced that Druva inSync is now available on the Google G Suite Marketplace.

                                            The G Suite Marketplace is designed to help enterprises identify solutions that tightly integrate with G Suite apps, like Gmail and Google Drive. Now, enterprises can quickly deploy Druva inSync directly through the G Suite Marketplace, making it even simpler to manage data protection and information governance across endpoints and cloud applications. The added benefit of integration with mobile devices and the deep governance capabilities across various repositories offer customers a new way to gain further control across data.

                                            'We are thrilled to deepen our integration with Google and provide added functionality and ease-of-use to enterprises seeking a cloud-first approach to information management. Together, we are enhancing visibility into data management, while mitigating data risks and the resources required to do so,' said Sanjay Katyal, VP Business Development at Druva.

                                            Insight News
                                            Insight Named Corporate Reseller of the Year by Veeam
                                            Insight, February 28th, 2017
                                            Partnership enables organizations of all sizes to use Veeam products with Insight expertise

                                            Insight, a leading provider of Intelligent Technology Solutions to organizations of all sizes, proudly announces it has been selected as the 2016 Corporate Reseller of the Year by Veeam Software, which was announced at the second annual Veeam Impact Partner Awards on January 11, 2017.

                                            Together with Veeam, Insight offers software for backup and recovery, data protection and end-to-end storage for the modern data center. Insight provides Veeam Availability solutions to our clients, including first-class support, expert knowledge and continuing education.

                                              Centrify News
                                              Centrify Expands Mobile Security Offering with Deeper Support for Windows Endpoints and Streamlined App Configuration with
                                              Centrify, March 1st, 2017
                                              Extends commitment to securing apps and endpoints with adaptive and context-aware policy

                                              Centrify, the leader in securing hybrid enterprises through the power of identity services, announced today it has expanded support for Windows endpoints - including laptops, desktops and mobile devices - and joined to streamline app and device provisioning, extend IT security policy and provide end-users with more device choices. These enhancements to Centrify's mobile-centric identity management solutions let organizations further realize seamless, context-aware policy across all the applications, endpoints and devices their users prefer - all from a single integrated solution.

                                              Citrix News
                                              Citrix and Rehab Management Help Australians Get Back to Work
                                              Citrix, March 3rd, 2017
                                              Citrix Networking Solutions Empower Workplace Rehabilitation Provider to Better Treat Patients in Remote Areas

                                              Citrix announced national workplace rehabilitation provider Rehab Management has deployed Citrix technology to better deliver critical health management and psychological services across Australia. With 210 employees working across 56 offices and in the field, Rehab Management needed a solution to resolve connectivity issues impacting the quality of services provided by its regional and remote offices. The organization also wanted to boost employee morale and productivity by enabling them to work regardless of location and device.

                                              Citrix Empowers InTown Suites to Securely Manage Apps and Data from the Cloud
                                              Citrix, February 28th, 2017
                                              InTown Suites Monitors and Manages Corporate Apps, Data and Networks with Citrix Cloud

                                              In the highly competitive hospitality industry, keeping room rates affordable and operating costs contained while delivering an excellent customer experience is essential to being competitive. InTown Suites, one of the largest economy, extended-stay hotel chains in the U.S. with 25,000 rooms in 189 locations across 22 states, has delivered on this challenge by adopting Citrix Cloud, a cloud-based workspace services management platform. Citrix is assisting customers such as InTown Suites on their path to the cloud by providing a smooth approach to adopting cloud services at their pace. With Citrix Cloud, InTown Suites can easily deploy and manage secure app and data delivery workloads on their choice of IT infrastructure, from on-premises datacenters and private clouds to public clouds. The result is an efficient and secure means of operating the business, while providing a compelling guest experience.

                                              Commvault News
                                              CoreLogic rides property boom into the cloud, declares death to tape by 2018
                                              Commcault, February 28th, 2017
                                              Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, announced it is supporting Australia's biggest property data provider to become free from tape backups by 2018 while transforming its customer's digital business model into the cloud...

                                              CoreLogic turned to Commvault to help in its business model transformation, cut innovation cycle times, and deliver actionable business insights to customers through new products and services. Leveraging Commvault Software, CoreLogic is on track to be free from tape backups globally by 2018, and will use its cloud services to cost-effectively speed the release of new products and innovations.

                                              Juniper News
                                              Telefonica and Juniper Networks Highlight the 5G Network Obstacle of Increased User Expectation and Higher Traffic Pressure
                                              Juniper Networks, February 28th, 2017
                                              Future Mobile Mega-Services Reliant on Intelligent, Software-Driven IP Networks to Meet Business Transformation Demands

                                              Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, continues to work with Telefonica, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, to help the service provider overcome the challenges of its planned 5G mobile services rollout. Juniper participated in the recent "Telefonica Talks" technology overview event for the company's 17 global operating units to address the topic of 5G with thousands of Telefonica employees globally.

                                                Juniper Networks Partners with Affirmed Networks and Netronome to Deliver a Scalable Cloud Solution for Mobile Subscriber Services
                                                Juniper Networks, February 27th, 2017
                                                Joint Solution Harnesses the Power of Virtualization and Hardware Acceleration to Provide Improved Total Cost of Ownership and Greater Performance for Mobile Operators

                                                Juniper Networks announced the availability of a carrier-grade cloud solution that allows the rapid implementation of mobile subscriber service virtual networks functions (VNFs) with the performance, reliability and scale that customers expect. The solution combines Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud virtualized evolved packet core solution (vEPC) with Juniper Networks Contrail Networking and Netronome Agilio SmartNICs to significantly improve performance and efficiency compared to software-only virtual routing solutions.

                                                Vodafone Selects Juniper Networks' SDN Capability for Automated and Agile Business Services
                                                Juniper Networks, February 28th, 2017
                                                Juniper Networks announced that Juniper has been selected as a Vodafone Global Approved Vendor for its Contrail Networking software-defined networking (SDN) solution. The technology will help enable innovative, user-driven, flexible business services for Vodafone's customers.

                                                News Highlights:

                                                Contrail Networking is a simple, open and agile SDN solution that automates and orchestrates the creation of highly scalable virtual networks. These virtual networks enable operators, such as Vodafone, to harness the power of the cloud for new services, increased business agility and revenue growth.

                                                In its booth at Mobile World Congress, Juniper is hosting a presentation of VPN+, a showcase for Vodafone's multi-vendor mobile VPN services portfolio and an integral part of Vodafone Ocean Transformation.

                                                VPN+ use cases on show include SD-WAN, service chaining, on-demand services (e.g. large-scale data back-up), virtual cloud-hosted services, and universal, virtualized Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

                                                All VPN+ services are designed to be customer-portal driven, enabling users to select, change and provision services with a mouse-click.

                                                Mellanox News
                                                Mellanox Introduces World-Leading 6WIND-Based Router and IPsec Indigo Platform at Unmatched Price/Performance
                                                Mellanox, February 27th, 2017
                                                Accelerated by Mellanox Indigo Network Processor, the IDG4400 6WIND Platform Delivers High-Performance IPsec and Full Router Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost of Existing Products

                                                Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced the IDG4400 6WIND Network Routing and IPsec platform based on the combination of Indigo, Mellanox's newest network processor, and 6WIND's 6WINDGate packet processing software, which includes routing and security features such as IPsec VPNs.

                                                The IDG4400 6WIND 1U platform supports 10, 40 and 100GbE network connectivity and is capable of sustaining record rates of up to 180Gb/s of encryption/decryption while providing IPv4/IPv6 Routing functions at rates up to 400Gb/s. As the result of the strong partnership between the two companies, Mellanox's IDG4400 6WIND delivers a price/performance advantage in a turnkey solution designed for carrier, data center, cloud and Web 2.0 applications requiring high-performance cryptographic capabilities along with IP routing capabilities. The IDG4400 6WIND complements Mellanox's Spectrum-based Ethernet

                                                Mellanox and ECI Smash Virtual CPE Performance Barriers with Indigo-Based Platform
                                                Mellanox, February 27th, 2017
                                                Mellanox and ECI Smash Virtual CPE Performance Barriers with Indigo-Based Platform

                                                Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, and ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network solutions, introduced today an advanced virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) platform at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The advanced platform delivers industry-leading performance and efficiency, readying global communication service providers for cost-effective Network Function Virtualization (NFV) deployment. The joint solution is based on ECI's Mercury NFVi platform and uCPE solution accelerated by Mellanox's powerful Indigo- network processor which is capable of over 400Gb/s of L2-L7 advanced packet processing. Compared to ordinary, un-accelerated platforms, the ECI-Mellanox joint solution demonstrates more than 30 times improved performance for virtual router, L4-L7 firewall, and L7 QoS network applications.

                                                Mellanox Sets New DPDK Performance Record with ConnectX-5
                                                Mellanox, February 27th, 2017
                                                Enhanced Server Platform I/O Capability Drives Efficient NFV and Telco Cloud Deployments with 126 Mpps Packet Rate

                                                Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced that its ConnectX-5 100Gb/s Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) has achieved 126 million packets per second (Mpps) of record-setting forwarding capabilities running the open source Data Path Development Kit (DPDK). This breakthrough performance signifies the maturity of high-volume server I/O to support large-scale, efficient production deployments of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in both Communication Service Provider (CSP) and cloud data centers. The DPDK performance of 126 Mpps was achieved on HPE ProLiant 380 Gen9 servers with Mellanox ConnectX-5 100Gb/s interface.

                                                Nutanix News
                                                Nutanix Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Financial Results
                                                Nutanix, March 2nd, 2017
                                                Nutanix Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Financial Results

                                                Record Revenues of $182.2 Million Up 77 Percent YOY; Adds Over 900 New Customers; Sees Accelerated Adoption of its Acropolis Hypervisor

                                                Reconciliations between GAAP and non-GAAP financial measures and key performance measures are provided in the tables of this press release.

                                                "Our journey has taken us from an unknown upstart to a well-established enterprise IT brand approaching a $1 billion annualized billings run-rate in just five years of selling. We continue to evolve and refine our strategy, including product expansions, sales focus and alternate consumption models, as we seek to capture a growing share of the highly dynamic $100+ billion enterprise infrastructure market," said Dheeraj Pandey, CEO, Nutanix.

                                                "Our solid results were driven by notable strength in our international business. Further, I am pleased we were able to hold our non-GAAP gross margins essentially steady despite component price increases impacting our costs," said Duston Williams, CFO, Nutanix.

                                                Nutanix Enables TAL Apparel Limited to Embrace IT Transformation with Simplicity and Scalability
                                                Nutanix, February 27th, 2017
                                                Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Reduces Power and Rack Space Costs by 62 Percent

                                                Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced the celebration of a one-year collaboration with the global garment manufacturing giant, TAL Apparel Limited (TAL Apparel). By adopting the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, TAL Apparel is able to embrace IT transformation, significantly reducing time required for IT infrastructure management, and focus more resources on leading innovations in garment manufacturing.

                                                Headquartered in Hong Kong with 11 factories across Asia, TAL Apparel found it difficult for its legacy IT infrastructure for business critical applications to keep up with the pace of its business expansion in Asia. Complex issues in IT infrastructure and shortage of skilled IT talent in local markets made it challenging for TAL Apparel to maintain operations of their IT facilities in new factories located in Asian high-growth markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. To enhance operational efficiency and support further business expansion, TAL Apparel began identifying vendors to transform their IT operations and embrace a simple, yet scalable IT infrastructure.

                                                Palo Alto Networks News
                                                Palo Alto Networks Recognized by J.D. Power and TSIA for Outstanding Customer Support Experience
                                                Palo Alto Networks , February 27th, 2017
                                                Company Achieves Certification for Second Consecutive Year

                                                Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, announced that it has achieved certification by J.D. Power and Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for delivering "An Outstanding Customer Support Experience" to customers through the assisted support channel over the phone and online. This builds on the certification awarded to Palo Alto Networks in 2016 by J.D. Power for exceptional support services.

                                                According to J.D. Power, creating an outstanding experience over the entire customer life cycle is a very significant component to long-term success, and Palo Alto Networks has demonstrated its commitment to delivering an outstanding customer and partner support experience according to the rigorous standards of the Certified Assisted Technical Support Program.

                                                Palo Alto Networks Completes Acquisition of LightCyber
                                                Palo Alto Networks , February 28th, 2017
                                                Palo Alto Networks announced its acquisition of LightCyber, a privately held cybersecurity company that has developed award-winning, highly automated and accurate behavioral analytics technology. Under the terms of the agreement, Palo Alto Networks has acquired LightCyber for $105 million in cash.

                                                Recognized by Gartner in two recent market guides, LightCyber has been leading the industry in the development of automated behavioral analytics capabilities, using sophisticated machine learning to quickly, efficiently and accurately identify attacks based on identifying behavioral anomalies inside the network.

                                                New Zealand Utility Bolsters Security Posture, Cost Savings, and Productivity Gains With Palo Alto Networks
                                                Palo Alto Networks , February 28th, 2017
                                                Palo Alto Networks announced that The Lines Company Ltd, which owns and operates an electricity distribution network on the North Island of New Zealand, moved to the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform as part of a comprehensive revitalisation of its IT infrastructure. The Lines Company's previous environment relied on firewalls that were complex to manage and failed to protect the utility from today's cyberthreats. The decision to use Palo Alto Networks slashed network bandwidth consumption by 40 percent, improved IT staff productivity, and helped the company to avoid $50,000 in software upgrades.
                                                Palo Alto Networks Reports Fiscal Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results
                                                Palo Alto Networks , February 28th, 2017
                                                Revenue grows 26 percent year over year to $422.6 million

                                                Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, announced financial results for its fiscal second quarter 2017 ended January 31, 2017.

                                                Total revenue for the fiscal second quarter 2017 grew 26 percent year over year to $422.6 million, compared with total revenue of $334.7 million for the fiscal second quarter 2016. GAAP net loss for the fiscal second quarter 2017 was $60.6 million, or $0.67 per diluted share, compared with GAAP net loss of $57.3 million, or $0.66 per diluted share, for the fiscal second quarter 2016.

                                                Non-GAAP net income for the fiscal second quarter 2017 was $59.6 million, or $0.63 per diluted share, compared with non-GAAP net income of $39.5 million, or $0.43 per diluted share, for the fiscal second quarter 2016. A reconciliation between GAAP and non-GAAP information is contained in the tables below.

                                                SuperMicro News
                                                New SuperBlade from Supermicro Revolutionizes Market Delivering Lower Initial Acquisition Cost and TCO
                                                Supermicro, February 27th, 2017
                                                Breaking the Mold of Proprietary High Cost Blade Designs, Delivering Better Acquisition Cost and Higher Density, Performance and Power Efficiency than Rackmount and OCP Servers

                                                Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies including green computing, has announced its new SuperBlade that delivers a better initial acquisition cost structure than traditional blade servers, rack mount and OCP servers with the density and operational efficiency of blade servers in an open Rack Scale Design enabled architecture.

                                                The new 8U SuperBlade supports both current and new generation Intel Xeon processor-based blade servers with the fastest 100G EDR InfiniBand and Omni-Path switches for mission critical, enterprise and data center applications. It also leverages the same Ethernet switches, chassis management modules, and software as the successful MicroBlade for improved reliability, serviceability, and affordability. It maximizes the performance and power efficiency with DP and MP processors in half-height and full-height blades, respectively. The new smaller form factor 4U SuperBlade maximizes density and power efficiency while enabling up to 140 dual-processor servers or 280 single-processor servers per 42U rack.

                                                SanDisk News
                                                SanDisk Now Offers 256GB of Extra Storage for iPhone and iPad
                                                SanDisk, February 27th, 2017
                                                Consumers Can Now Store, Share And Back Up More Than 14,000 Photos And 10 Hours Of Videos In The Palm Of Their Hand

                                                Western Digital Corporation (N), a global storage technology and solutions leader, today increased the capacity of its award-winning line of iOS mobile flash drives with the introduction of its 256GB SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive and 256GB SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. The new super-high capacity SanDisk drives now match the top-capacity iPhones and iPads available to consumers today, giving users the ability to capture significantly more videos, photos and music on their iPhones and iPads.

                                                "Consumers enjoy using the latest advanced mobile devices to capture high-resolution photos or to record 4K videos. With such advancements, device storage capacities are increasing, and we believe consumers will continue to demand separate high-capacity devices and storage solutions to help them manage their digital life," said Neil Shah, research director, Counterpoint Research.

                                                SUSE News
                                                Study: 70 Percent of Companies Worldwide Increasingly Worried About Cost, Performance and Complexity of Traditional Data Storage
                                                SUSE, March 1st, 2017
                                                Vast majority of respondents say they will be moving to a software-defined storage strategy within the next 12 months

                                                Traditional enterprise storage strategies may not be keeping up with the exponential growth of business data and are under the microscope in 70 percent of IT organizations, according to a study commissioned and released by enterprise open source infrastructure solution provider SUSE.

                                                The study found the vast majority of companies have revised their storage approach and strategy in the last 12 months due to frustrations associated with storage costs, performance, complexity and fragmentation of existing solutions. And a majority of them are looking at software-defined storage to help bridge the gap.

                                                CIOs Warming To Software-Defined Storage: SUSE
                                      , March 2nd, 2017
                                                The data storage market is undergoing a period of rapid change. Hence, traditional enterprise storage strategies are not keeping up with the exponential growth of business data and are under the microscope in 70 percent of IT organizations, according to a study.

                                                Open source storage company, SUSE, commissioned a study of over 1,200 senior IT decision makers across 11 countries including India in July and August of 2016. The study has a significant focus on software-defined storage as businesses are seeking to transform their environments and capitalize on opportunities that the digital era has to offer for this year and the next.

                                                Veeam News
                                                Veeam unveils new Availability integration for Cisco HyperFlex
                                                Veeam, March 2nd, 2017
                                                Unique direct snapshot integration with Cisco HyperFlex enables Veeam and Cisco to deliver the most advanced Availability requirements enterprises need to forge ahead with their Digital Transformation plans in today's multi-cloud world

                                                Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, has expanded its work with Cisco by launching the direct snapshot integration with the Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. The integration of Veeam Availability Suite with the software-defined networking and computing power of Cisco UCS with the Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform is designed to deliver simplicity and enhance efficiency in the modern hybrid cloud era, with Veeam enabling enterprises to reduce backup and recovery times and improve overall operational performance.

                                                Veeam Announces 2016 ProPartner Award Winners
                                                Veeam, March 1st, 2017
                                                Veeam honours top-performing ANZ ProPartners committed to providing outstanding performance and delivering high quality Availability solutions to organisations across hybrid cloud environments

                                                Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, announced the winners of the 2016 Veeam ProPartner Awards for the ANZ region. The annual award validates and celebrates the most outstanding channel partners across ANZ; those that have demonstrated success in providing Availability solutions to their customers, while providing first-class support, expert knowledge, and ongoing product education. This year, a new category was added to the list - Veeam Champion of the Year and out of the four finalists, two outstanding individuals were recognised.

                                                Zerto News
                                                Zerto Closes 2016 with Fifth Consecutive Year of Industry-Leading Sales Growth Driven by Gains in Hybrid Cloud Market
                                                Zerto, March 1st, 2017
                                                Other Milestones Include Key Vertical and Geo Expansions, Growth Financing, BC/DR Software Innovations, Partner Program Launches and Strategic New Hires

                                                Zerto, a leading provider of cloud IT resilience solutions, today announced it has achieved its fifth consecutive year of at or near triple-digit sales growth in 2016. The increased sales were driven by noteworthy key vertical and geography expansions, channel partner recruitment gains, a significant growth financing round and new hybrid cloud product innovations. The company also received multiple coveted awards and accolades, and added strategic leadership team members to help the company successfully execute on its business strategy.

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