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Innovation To Grow. Insight To Control: Oracle Cloud Day

Modular And Reusable Java EE Architecture With Docker

Oracle Server X6-2 System Architecture White Paper

Oracle Server X6-2L System Architecture White Paper

Oracle survey: Java EE users want REST, HTTP/2

MSSQL To MySQL Data Migration Using MySQL Workbench 6.3

How Oracle's Database Business Changes (And Doesn't) In The Cloud

Oracle News
Be In The Moment: Integrated CX In The Age Of Discontent
By Robert Landon, December 29th, 2016
Robert writes, "Welcome to the Age of Discontent.

Consumers expect to make purchases wherever, whenever, and however they choose - while watching Netflix, waiting in line for a latte, or inside a bricks-and-mortar store on Black Friday. But 24/7 access isn't enough. They also expect delivery at a time and place of their choosing, whether in-store or at their doorstep, within an ever-shrinking window.

It sounds like a shopper's paradise, so why all the discontent? Because consumer expectations are actually outstripping the ability of most retailers and consumer product goods (CPG) manufacturers to deliver..."

Why Tech Startups Can Succeed Outside Of Silicon Valley
By Reggie Bradford, December 27th, 2016
Reggie writes, "Back in 2011, I wrote a column for TechCrunch on Why Even Ron Conway Couldn't Persuade Me To Move To Silicon Valley. This was about a year before I joined Oracle via the acquisition of my Atlanta-based startup, Vitrue. That was actually my third Atlanta-based startup, following successful exits by acquisition of WebMD and N2 Broadband.

Today, as I travel the world speaking to entrepreneurs, I know that what was true in Atlanta is true of cities worldwide: With the right ideas and talent, you don't need to be in San Francisco or Palo Alto..."

The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) Team Has Loads Of New Content
By Juergen Kress , December 29th, 2016
Juergen blogs, "The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team has loads of new content that we're eager to share. Beginning with Oracle Voice, Oracle's platform on, Group Vice President Jeremy Ashley describes in a recent post how Oracle is addressing specific HCM trends and issues in our cloud application services while keeping that 'suite' perspective. What else did we write about in the past month?..."
HR Shared Services And AI: Taking The Robot Out Of The Human
By Andy Campbell, December 28th, 2016
Andy writes in Forbes, "This has been the year of artificial intelligence (AI). From the buzz around workplace automation at this year's World Economic Forum to Stephen Hawking's recent discourse on the potential windfalls and risks of AI, the future of machine learning is on everyone's minds.

My recent attendance at a Shared Services Forum event only confirmed the fact. You couldn't walk five steps without hearing someone discussing the role that robotics and AI will play in the future of HR..."

Percona Live Featured Tutorial with Oystein Grovlen - How to Analyze and Tune MySQL Queries for Better Performance
Percona, December 29th, 2016
"Welcome to another post in the series of Percona Live featured tutorial speakers blogs! In these blogs, we'll highlight some of the tutorial speakers that will be at this year's Percona Live conference. We'll also discuss how these tutorials can help you improve your database environment. Make sure to read to the end to get a special Percona Live 2017 registration bonus!

In this Percona Live featured tutorial, we'll meet Oystein Grovlen, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Oracle. His tutorial is on How to Analyze and Tune MySQL Queries for Better Performance. SQL query performance plays a big role in application performance. If some queries execute slowly, these queries or the database schema may need tuning. I had a chance to speak with Oystein and learn a bit more about the MySQL query tuning:.."

MSSQL To MySQL Data Migration Using MySQL Workbench 6.3
By LALIT, December 29th, 2016
LALIT blogs, "Recently I was testing data migration from MSSQL to MySQL using MySQL Workbench. My aim was to include data with all datatype available in MSSQL for migration. In this following blog post will see data migration prerequisites, migration steps and few common errors..."
How to Perform Efficient Backup for MySQL and MariaDB
By Ashraf Sharif, December 27th, 2016
"All backup methods have their pros and cons. They also affect database workloads differently. Your backup strategy will depend upon the business requirements, the environment you operate in and resources at your disposal. Backups are usually planned according to your restoration requirement. Data loss can be full or partial, and you do not always need to recover the whole dataset. In some cases, you might just want to do a partial recovery by restoring missing tables or rows. In this case, you will need a combination of Percona Xtrabackup, mysqldump and binary logs to cover the different cases..."
    Cloud Computing
    How Oracle's Database Business Changes (And Doesn't) In The Cloud
    By Chris Murphy, December 26th, 2016
    Chris Murphy writes, "When it comes to database workloads, the shift to the cloud has only barely begun. Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison recently explained how, as that shift accelerates, the transition of databases to the cloud will be very different from the more established software-as-a-service business.

    Ellison, speaking on a conference call December 15 about Oracle's second-quarter FY2017 financial results, first laid out the competitive landscape. He said he measures Oracle's performance by comparing its cloud technology and market share to two main competitors: in applications and Amazon Web Services in both infrastructure and databases..."

    vBeers @ Palm Beach (North) - Twisted Trunk
    Wednesday, January 4th, 2017: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Twisted Trunk Brewing

    Come out and connect with other professionals in your industry! vBeers is a great event meant to promote growth of the IT industry here in South Florida.

    Register today so you can be a part of this great monthly event! Feel free to invite all of your friends and co workers who work in the IT industry!

    Sponsorships for the vBeers events are through the South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA).

    Please register at The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) events page.

    John McLaughlin, Nicole Ciccone/SFTA

    SFTA vBeers @ Broward (Funky Buddha)
    Wednesday, January 11th, 2017: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Funky Buddha - Oakland Park

    The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) vBeers events happen four times each month, once each in these cities: Palm Beach Gardens, Oakland Park, Boca Raton and Miami.

    These informal networking/social events provide a relaxed environment to meet with other hands-on IT professionals and promote the growth of IT in South Florida.

    Feel free to arrive and depart at your convenience. People start gathering around 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and most people leave by 8:30 or 9:00 PM.

    Please register at The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) events page.

    We're about:

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    South Florida Technology Alliance, John J. McLaughlin

    Exclusive SFTA Seminar: Negotiate The Best Cloud And SaaS Deals For Your Enterprise
    Thursday, January 19th, 2017: 8:30 PM to 12:00 PM
    Riverside Hotel - Ft. Lauderdale

    You are invited to join this exclusive SFTA Seminar featuring renowned legal Tech guru Mark Grossman and Rebecca Gahete. Mark and Rebecca will lead you through proven techniques to negotiate the best Cloud and SaaS deals for your enterprise.

    • 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM - Registration and Complimentary Breakfast
    • 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Seminar and discussion

    SFTA, John McLaughlin

    Innovation To Grow. Insight To Control: Oracle Cloud Day
    By Oracle, December 29th, 2016
    Oracle says, "This year we will showcase how unprecedented levels of insight gained from data are creating entirely new business categories. We will also explore how business leaders are taking advantage of the economics of information and connections to power business growth.

    Save the date and let us update you on our latest cloud capabilities, share with you our customer case studies and find out how your cloud strategy is developing...

    Click on your city link to register, or save the date in your calendar until registration is open..."

    Modular And Reusable Java EE Architecture With Docker
    By Bruno Souza, Elder Moraes, and Andre Carvalho, December 28th, 2016
    Bruno et. al writes, "Learn a simple process for using Docker containers to provide all the services a Java EE application requires. Can you easily replicate all the services your Java EE application needs to run? Every Java EE application needs many services: databases, message queues, NoSQL services, authentication, user management, and much more. We run some of those services inside the application server during development and small deployments. But once we grow and scale our infrastructure, we need to separate each service in its own environment. That's when things get complex..."
    Getting a Head Start on Using Apache Spark on SPARC Servers
    By Victor Castillo, Kevin Klapak, Pedro Lay, and Suman Somasundar, December 28th, 2016
    "This article provides instructions for installing Apache Spark on Oracle Solaris. In today's real-time business environments, the rapid growth of big data is driving new workloads of compute-intensive analytic applications that require in-memory processing. Systems must analyze data quickly, while at the same time being able to handle sophisticated searches and more-complex machine-learning algorithms over large data sets. The new SPARC S7 processor-based servers from Oracle, powered with Oracle's SPARC S7 processor and its Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) capability, provide hardware acceleration to process a variety of big data analytic workloads. This approach reduces data transfers and leaves the CPU cores to focus on other tasks..."
    Oracle Server X6-2 System Architecture White Paper
    By Steph Choyer, December 28th, 2016
    "Oracle Server X6-2 is the newest addition to Oracle's family of x86 servers that are purpose-built to be the most secure, reliable, and highest performance 2-socket servers for running Oracle software. The new Oracle Server X6-2 1U system is the optimal platform for running enterprise applications in virtualized environments and Oracle Database in a clustered configuration with Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) and other clustered database solutions..."
    Oracle Server X6-2L System Architecture White Paper
    By Steph Choyer, December 28th, 2016
    "Oracle Server X6-2L, Oracle's latest two-socket server, is the newest addition to Oracle's family of x86 servers that are purpose-built to be best for running Oracle software. This 2U server is optimized for customers requiring a robust and reliable platform for running single-node instances of Oracle Database or as a storage server with Oracle Solaris and ZFS along with large amounts of direct-attached storage..."
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    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

    • LibreOffice 5.2.4
    • Linux Kernel 4.9 Released
    • 5 Virtualization Blogs for the 2016
    • New Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Versions Released!
    • Top 5 Linux Blogs of 2016
    • Carrefour Positioned At Intersection Of Personalization And Service
    • Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.12
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    • MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Patching User Space with Oracle Ksplice
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    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

      Java Technology
      Oracle survey: Java EE users want REST, HTTP/2
      InforWorld, December 23rd, 2016
      Paul Krill writes in InfoWorld, "In September and October, Oracle asked Java users to rank future Java EE enhancements by importance. The survey's 1700 participants put REST services and HTTP/2 as top priorities, followed by Oauth and OpenID, eventing, and JSON-B (Java API for JSON Binding)..."

      "REST (JAX-RS 2.1) and HTTP/2 (Servlet 4.0) have been voted as the two most important technologies surveyed, and together with JSON-B represent three of the top six technologies," a report on the survey concludes. "Much of the new API work in these technologies for Java EE 8 is already complete. There is significant value in delivering Java EE 8 with these technologies, and the related JSON-P (JSON with Padding) updates, as soon as possible."

      The History And Future Of The Java Programming Language
      As the internet's renowned programming language, Java has had a profound impact on how people navigate the digital world
      Omed writes, "As the internet's renowned programming language, Java has had a profound impact on how people navigate the digital world. Much of what users expect in terms of performance from their devices that access the internet has been set by Java functionality. You don't have to be a developer, however, to recognize its influence.

      The story of Java goes back more than two decades and has evolved along with the digital transformation of the world. As consumer and business demands on scalability increases, Java is forced to grow and adapt in order to stay relevant. Stakeholders are approaching their work armed with a primer on Java's history, current use, and future direction..."

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