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Oracle News
Oracle Pledges $1.4 Billion to Support Computer Science Education in the European Union
Part of Oracle's Greater $3.3 Billion Annual Investment to Accelerate Digital Literacy Worldwide
The European Commission and DIGITALEUROPE launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, a multi-stakeholder partnership to bolster computer science (CS) and coding proficiency at all levels within Europe's workforce pipeline. In conjunction, Oracle announced a three-year investment totaling $1.4 billion in direct and in-kind support of CS education throughout the European Union (EU) member states.

Nearly 1,000 EU educational institutions currently collaborate with Oracle Academy, Oracle's flagship program in education philanthropy that brings computer science education to nearly 3.1 million students in 110 countries. As part of today's pledge, Oracle Academy aims to train 1,000 additional EU educators in CS, Java and Database instruction, as well as reach students across an added 1,000 EU educational institutions over the next three years.

NetSuite to go global under Oracle's flag
The cloud-based software company can now serve more countries and integrate its products with Oracle services
"Lashed to the much bigger ship that is Oracle, cloud software provider NetSuite is setting sail for a new market near you.

Until now, the 18-year-old company based in San Mateo, California, has focused on English-speaking countries and Japan. As part of Oracle, it plans to localize its products for many more countries while expanding its data-center capacity, sales operations, partner channel and other assets to reach customers in those new areas.

Oracle announced plans in July to buy NetSuite for $9.3 billion, and closed the deal on Nov. 7. On Thursday, executives laid out some of their plans following the takeover.

The plans include making NetSuite's cloud-based applications work with Oracle's larger platform and infrastructure services while keeping the NetSuite offerings as distinct products..."

Oracle Profit Magazne
November, 2016
The November 2016 Issue of Oracle's Profit magazine is now available online. Articles include:


  • Oracle experts discuss what it takes to create a creative and nimble company. THE THREE KEY INTEGRATION PRINCIPLES OF THE CLOUD
  • "One way to keep the effort simple is to look for pre-integrated, best-of-breed technology," says Oracle Senior Solution Consultant Nicole Smayling. A CAMPAIGN FOR CHANGE
  • Instituto Nacional Electoral uses business intelligence to enhance democracy.


  • Highlights from Profit's November issue showcasing, including executive insight into digital transformation. HIGH-TECH HOUSING
  • Lean, green solution to help the homeless uses 3-D printing.


ITPalooza 2016 - The Fifth Annual Gathering of South Florida's IT Community - Win a Tesla!
Thursday, December 8th, 2016
The Signature Grand - Ft. Lauderdale

Join 2000 of South Florida's top IT Professionals for a day of learning, networking and sharing.

  • South Florida's Top Tech Companies show what they've got!
  • 2 Prominent Keynote speakers: AWS and Centrify
  • 6 Speaker Tracks: Cloud, Security, IoT, Me, Agile and CIO
  • Hands-on experience sponsors: Tesla, Virtual Reality
  • Hiring Fair: Make your move

All attendees can try their hand at winning $100k towards a new Tesla!

Come along for:

  • Just the day: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Just the evening: 5PM to 8:30PM
  • The whole nine yards (7:30 AM to 8:30 PM)!

Visit the website, peruse our sponsors, stop back for updates and get your tickets early!

Get your general admission tickets by pledging to bring toys for the "Toys for Tots" charity, before midnight, Oct 31, and you'll automatically be entered into the draw to win a pair of VIP Tickets value $500!

Oracle provides beacon of hope to American Heart Association event by Edith Mireles
By Juergen Kress, November 28th, 2016
"Oracle's investment in emerging technology is nothing new," writes Juergen. "We want to bring the best in user experience to the Oracle Applications Cloud, and emerging technology like wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) are part of that strategy as they come more to the fore.

So it was no accident when Oracle, a major sponsor of the Bay Area Heart Walk in September, looked to the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team to lead a project to build a smartphone application that used IoT-style beacons around the course..."

Behold! The IoT-Enabled Electric Scooter
By Monica Mehta,, December 1st, 2016
Monica Mehta writes in Forbes, "The small, quiet island of Teshima in Japan's Inland Sea has been admired as a place of beauty, serenity, and a virtually untouched rural landscape. Now, it's also becoming well known for cutting-edge art and technology.

The island has become the proving ground for a new business model for energy distribution as well as remote analytics and telemetry, used to ensure that tourists visiting a popular international art festival don't get stranded on the remote island..."

Healthcare Industry Must Address Precision Medicine Gaps
By Jonathan Sheldon, November 30th, 2016
"Precision medicine is starting to move from grand experiment - in which researchers use genomics to identify the molecular basis of diseases - to the clinical front lines, helping physicians tailor their care decisions to individual patients," writes Jonathan Sheldon, in Forbes

"But if precision medicine is ever to realize its promise of saving and improving many more lives, the health industry must identify and correct the fixable gaps between good science and clinical application. And it must recognize those gaps that, for good scientific reason, cannot be fixed..."

Oracle OpenWorld 2016
Video Playlist
  • Community Cast LIVE OOW16 Oracle Solaris Update with Glynn Foster
  • Bringing the Docker Engine to Oracle Solaris
  • Implementing DevOps on Oracle Solaris Today
  • Easy Performance Diagnostics with Oracle Solaris Analytics
  • Zero Downtime Patching on Oracle Solaris

Read on for details.

Business Continuity and MySQL Backups
By Dimitri Vanoverbeke, December 2nd, 2016
Dimitri blogs, "This blog post discusses the business continuity plan around MySQL backups, and how organizations should think about them.

During the years I've worked in IT, I've learned that backups sometimes are a conceptual subject in organizations. Many companies have them, but don't document the associated business continuation plan for them. I experienced this the hard way many many years ago, somewhere around when MySQL 5.0 was still widely used.

In most organizations, there are a couple of business continuity subjects that should be described internally. For example, what is the recovery time objective and what is the recovery point objective. Let's go a bit deeper into both concepts:..."

Make MySQL 8.0 Better Through Better Benchmarking
By Peter Zaitsev, December 2nd, 2016
Peter blogs, "This blog post discusses how better MySQL 8.0 benchmarks can improve MySQL in general.

Like many in MySQL community, I'm very excited about what MySQL 8.0 offers. There are a lot of great features and architecture improvements. Also like many in the MySQL community, I would like to see MySQL 8.0 perform better. Better performance is what we always want (and expect) from new database software releases.

Rarely do performance improvements happen by accident - they require running benchmarks, finding bottlenecks and eliminating them. This is the area where I think things could use improvement..."

Cloud Computing
Podcast Show Notes: Building a Real Cloud Solution by Bob Rhubart
By Juergen Kress, December 3rd, 2016
Juergen blogs, "This program was recorded on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, during Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. "During" is the operative word, since the podcast was actually recorded in my hotel room, several blocks from Moscone Center, where OOW16 was held. The topic was suggested by Oracle ACE and frequent OTN contributor Arturo Viveros, who, along with other panelists, was in town for the big Oracle event..."
2degrees Mobile Cuts Email Inquiries by 20%, Handles up to 40% More Chats Per Day
Customer Success - 2degrees Mobile Ltd.
"Founded in 2009, 2degrees Mobile Ltd. (2degrees) is New Zealand's fastest growing full service telecommunications provider. It offers prepay and pay monthly mobile plans and broadband products to meet the needs of over 1 million customers across different segments, including consumers, businesses, and enterprises.

To differentiate its service and enhance its competitive edge in the telecom industry, 2degrees introduced innovative mobile plans, including New Zealand carryover minutes and data plans that last for up to a year, unlimited calls and text to New Zealand and Australia, and value packs for prepay customers. Roy Morgan Research recognized 2degrees as the 'Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year' over the last five consecutive years..."

    Training Thursdays: HugePages, Crucial for Faster Oracle Database Performance
    By Antoinette O'Sullivan, December 1st, 2016
    Antoinette blogs, "HugePages allow larger pages to manage memory, provide faster overall memory performance and decrease page table overhead, making them crucial for faster Oracle database performance. You can use HugePages in both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations since release 2.6 of the Linux kernel.

    To learn more about HugePages and many more topics, take the Oracle Linux 7: System Administration course. You can take this course in the following formats:..."

    Path to Open Cloud Events in North America
    By Zeynep Koc, November 28th, 2016
    Zeynep writes, "Oracle can help you improve your private cloud architecture while lowering your risk and cost of getting to the public cloud.

    Are you migrating your mission critical workloads to the cloud? Oracle's already done it and Oracle drinks its own champagne! In other words, while lots of cloud vendors offer solutions that they want customers to buy, very few of them run their entire business in the cloud. Oracle runs a $37 billion organization, with 115,000 employees, supporting over 420,000 customers in 145 countries in the cloud..."

    Worldwide Enterprise Storage Market Sees Modest Decline in Third Quarter, According to IDC
    HPCWire, December 2nd, 2016
    "Total worldwide enterprise storage systems factory revenue was down 3.2% year over year and reached $8.8 billion in the third quarter of 2016 (3Q16), according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker. Total capacity shipments were up 33.2% year over year to 44.3 exabytes during the quarter. Revenue growth increased within the group of original design manufacturers (ODMs) that sell directly to hyperscale datacenters. This portion of the market was up 5.7% year over year to $1.3 billion. Sales of server-based storage were relatively flat, at -0.5% during the quarter and accounted for $2.1 billion in revenue. External storage systems remained the largest market segment, but the $5.4 billion in sales represented a decline of 6.1% year over year..."
    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
    Vol 225 Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 224 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

    • Linux hardening: A 15-step checklist for a secure Linux server
    • Friday Spotlight: Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Administration Training
    • How Oracle's Data Analytics Accelerator Turbocharges SPARC
    • Siemens Teamcenter Excels on Oracle SuperCluster
    • Oracle Optimizer White Paper
    • Keeping The Community In The Java Community Process (JCP)
    • MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.1 released
    • MySQL multi-instance Group Replication on systemd
    • Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.10
    • New Video: Leverage Integration Cloud Service for EBS

    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

      Building hybrid-mobile apps with Oracle JET and MCS
      By Chris Muir, November 28th, 2016
      Chris blogs, "Taking on board the fact that Oracle JET is capable of producing not just web applications, but Cordova hybrid-mobile applications too, within the Oracle mobile team we're keen to explore how Oracle JET can be extended to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, to provide all the backend mobile services that mobile apps require.

      If you're a regular MCS fan you will know that MCS provides a number of client-side SDKs to make the task of working with MCS easier than writing what can be a huge amount of boiler-plate REST API code depending on the complexity of your mobile app..."

      Oracle Developer Gateway
      Find the tools, technologies, and resources you need for all your development projects
      Key links to documentation, tutorials, downloads, and more Oracle developer resources.

      Oracle Developer Technologies

      • Java
      • Databases
      • JavaScript
      • Mobile
      • Developer Tools
      • DevOps
      • Big Data
      • Other Tools and Resources

      "We're working with the developer community to make our technology accessible to everybody who wants to use it." - Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development, Oracle

      Oracle SDN Virtual Network Services Overview
      Oracle White paper
      "An easy-to-access computing utility, with on-demand compute, storage, and network resources, has always been the promise of cloud computing. While server and storage virtualization technologies have been available for some time, network virtualization now adds another dimension of agility and scalability to cloud infrastructures.

      By virtualizing the network, the enterprise data center avoids having to configure fixed network silos with specialized service appliances. Instead, the network, subnetworks, and network services can be configured and reconfigured as needed in software. In a cloud-enabled data center, essential network functions, such as firewalls, network address translation (NAT), load balancing, and virtual private network (VPN), must be as virtualized as compute and storage resources. Oracle SDN virtual network services fulfill this requirement..."

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