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Oracle News
Oracle Marketing Cloud Helps B2B Marketers Accelerate Lead Generation
New marketing automation and content marketing capabilities break down marketing silos and simplify cross-device content creation
Oracle announced enhancements to the marketing automation and content marketing capabilities within the Oracle Marketing Cloud that simplify digital marketing and empower marketers to deliver a truly personalized cross-channel customer experience. The latest additions to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing enable marketers to create and distribute content, and easily transform data in order to rapidly adapt to customer behavior and needs. This helps customers to increase sales and marketing collaboration, build stunning cross-device content and accelerate lead generation.
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Scale with Oracle Cloud Platform
Oracle Enables Companies of All Sizes to Succeed with Easy-to-Deploy Cloud Solutions
Oracle Corporation announced that small and medium sized business (SMBs) turn to Oracle for strategic collaboration on their journey to the Cloud. SMBs are utilizing the benefits of enterprise-grade capabilities delivered by Oracle Cloud Platform for rapid application development, fast and predictable performance, reliable security, and elastic scalability to support their growth.

Oracle Cloud Platform offers an integrated offering across Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to enable developers, IT and line of business leaders to leverage the Cloud.

Oracle Service Cloud Enables Brands to Transform the Customer Experience by Unlocking the Value of Internet of Things Data
New integration between Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud helps brands deliver smart and proactive customer service experiences and accelerate IoT projects
Oracle announced an innovative new solution that enables brands to quickly and efficiently leverage insights from the Internet of Things (IoT) to power smart and connected customer service experiences. Powered by a packaged integration between Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud, the new solution helps brands enhance the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by using IoT data to predict customer needs and proactively address customer service issues.
University System of New Hampshire, The College of New Jersey, and University of Wyoming Turn to Oracle Cloud to Drive Institutional Excellence
The industry's most complete and modern Cloud solutions for finance help higher education institutions drive student success through improved financial operations
Oracle announced that The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and University of Wyoming have selected Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and University System of New Hampshire has selected Oracle Enterprise Management (EPM) Cloud to advance educational opportunities by digitizing and modernizing their financial, planning, and budgeting systems. With predictive capabilities and the power to scale, Oracle Cloud solutions for finance will transform the way these institutions do business and support their future growth.
Oracle Database 12c Release 2 New Features Training - Now Available!
By Diana H. Grace, November 7th, 2016
Diana blogs, "The Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for 12c R1 Administrators is a comprehensive new course that will guide you through each of the new features. Get ample opportunities to discuss and explore how these features may affect your working operations.

This course is the first 12c Release 2 course available in a series of learning paths being developed to get you up to speed on Oracle Database Cloud Services..."

5 Expensive Traps Of DIY Hadoop Big Data Environments
By Margaret Harrist, November 17th, 2016
Margaret writes in Forbes, "Some myths are rooted in truth - and myths about Apache Hadoop, the open source software framework for very large data sets, are no exception. Yes, Hadoop runs on cheap commodity computer hardware, and it's easy for users to add nodes. But the devil is in the very expensive details, especially when you're running Hadoop in a production environment, warns Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Oracle master product manager for big data..."
6 Tips For Cracking The Glass Ceiling -- And 4 Mistakes To Avoid
By Margaret Harrist, November 16th, 2016
Margaret writes in Forbes, "If you've ever been described as too aggressive in a performance review, chances are you're female.

This may not be news to many women, who often find themselves dealing with a range of covert (and perhaps unconscious) biases in their jobs. For example, a recent Stanford study of language used in performance reviews found not only that 76% of comments regarding an employee being 'too aggressive' were in reviews of females but also that women 'are systematically less likely to receive specific feedback tied to outcomes,' which puts them at a disadvantage for promotion..."

9 Essential AI Technologies (Slideshow)
Information Management, November 16th, 2016
"Artificial intelligence is the newest 'big thing' in data management, but defining just what AI is isn't so easy. As it turns out, there are at least nine significant technologies that make up this complex topic..."
Intel Doubles Down On AI & Machine Learning
insideHPC, November 18th, 2016
"This week, Intel Corporation announced a range of new products, technologies and investments from the edge to the data center to help expand and accelerate the growth of artificial intelligence (AI). Intel sees AI transforming the way businesses operate and how people engage with the world. Intel is assembling the broadest set of technology options to drive AI capabilities in everything from smart factories and drones to sports, fraud detection and autonomous cars..."
IT - Storage
Backblaze HDD Failure Rates For 3Q16, November 18th, 2016
"In our last report for Q2 2016, we counted 68,813 spinning HDDs in operation. For Q3 2016 we have 67,642 drives, or 1,171 fewer HDDs.

Stop, put down that Twitter account, Backblaze is not shrinking. In fact, we're growing very nicely and are approaching 300PB of data under our management. We have fewer drives because over the last quarter we swapped out more than 3,500 2TB HGST and WDC HDDs for 2,400 8TB Seagate drives. So we have fewer drives, but more data. Lots more data..."

Difficult To Find Any Sparks Of Interest Or Innovation In HDDs Anymore
DCIG, November 18th, 2016
"In early November DCIG finalized its research into all-flash arrays and, in the coming weeks and months, will be announcing its rankings in its various Buyer's Guide Editions as well as in its new All-flash Array Product Ranking Bulletins. It as DCIG prepares to release its all-flash array rankings that we also find ourselves remarking just how quickly interest in HDD-based arrays has declined just this year alone. While we are not ready to declare HDDs dead by any stretch, finding any sparks that represents interest or innovation in hard disk drives (HDDs) is getting increasingly difficult..."
Hybrid Cloud Storage Use To Double In The Next 12 Months
ITProPortal, November 17th, 2016
"Out of 400 organisations in the US and the UK, more than a quarter (28 per cent) use hybrid cloud storage. Another 40 per cent are planning on doing so within the next 12 months, and a fifth (19 per cent) have no such plans. These are the conclusions of a new report released today by Cloudian, cloud-compatible object storage systems provider. .."
    IT - Technology
    2016's Five Best Internet Media Streaming Devices
    ZDNet, November 18th, 2016
    "In 2009, my TV cable bill went over $100 a month, and I decided enough was enough. I cut my cable.

    It wasn't easy then. The internet streaming devices were primitive, and my choices were few. Today, Netflix is more popular than conventional TV, more teenagers watch YouTube than the networks, and rival streaming services Amazon Video, Hulu, and Sling TV are growing by leaps and bounds. As for devices, we have an embarrassment of choices. Here are my picks for your viewing pleasure this holiday season..."

    Awesome Tech Gifts That Cost $25 Or Less (Slideshow)
    ITWorld, November 14th, 2016
    "Great tech gifts don't have to be expensive. Whether $10 or $100, the best ones improve our lives somehow.

    With the holidays fast approaching (wasn't it just summer not too long ago?), we've assembled a collection of helpful items under $25 that can slip into a stocking or even a fancy wrapped package. These cover wide ground, and mostly span across all divides - it doesn't matter if your loved ones are Android or iPhone, city or country, Dodgers or Giants.

    For even more ideas, see our list of great tech gifts for $50 or less..."

      Top 12 Gadgets Of The Holiday Season
      Global Knowledge, November 15th, 2016
      "'Tis the season! The holidays are right around the corner, so now is a perfect time to show the technology lover in your life how much they mean to you. We gathered recommendations from our Global Knowledge tech enthusiasts to create the ultimate wish list, ranked accordingly:.."
        IT - Bitcoin
        Bitcoin's Price History Follows Gartner's 'Hype Cycle'
        CryptoCoinsNews, November 19th, 2016
        "Bitcoin's price history has followed Gartner Inc.'s 'Hype Cycle' model, a branded geographical presentation of a 5-step process by the well-respected computer research firm, noted Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost, a provider of electronic communications, in a recent blog.

        This gives some legitimacy to the idea that bitcoin and blockchain are maturing and it might be a good time to consider investing in the technologies. The blog also goes into what Khan thinks is really new about blockchain - namely that it is an open source technology - something that is useful in some situations but not others. Some things hyped as new are not really new in his view..."

        What the SEC's Involvement Means for Blockchain
        CoinDesk, November 14th, 2016
        "In a sign of how serious state powers are taking the emergence of blockchain, the most powerful regulatory body in the US now has a working group dedicated to protecting its users and investors from fraud in the sector.

        The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the agency whose mandate is to create fair and efficient markets, is also now emerging as a public voice in the industry, spotlighting the technology at an event this week in Washington, DC..."

          Blockchain Adoption In Banks Coming, But Slower Than Expected
          CIO, November 14th, 2016
          "Banks will likely take 24 months or longer to push blockchain software systems into commercial production, says the man who championed the digital ledger technology at UBS.

          Recent headlines suggest that blockchain technology is revolutionizing financial services. JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Commonwealth Bank, Wells Fargo and several other leading banks are using the digital ledger technology to conduct equity swaps, cross-border trades, and other transactions..."

            Bitcoin Mining Intensifies During Q4 Of 2016
  , November 14th, 2016
            "Bitcoin mining has become a serious and profitable industry. Over the past couple of years, the mining race to capture the last bitcoins has been on fire....

            There's a lot of discussions when it comes to the cryptocurrency network's mining sector. Miners process transactions to gain freshly minted bitcoins and fees. In return, mining secures the network by confirming transactions included in blocks with mathematical proof-of-work..."

            New ATM Policies in India and Venezuela Could Be Boon for Bitcoin
            CryptoCoinsNews, November 19th, 2016
            "Venezuela has ordered severe limits on bank withdrawals less than a week after India made changes to its cash currency precipitating long lines at the nation's ATMs. Both of these government actions have led to an increase in interest on the digital currency, Bitcoin.

            Venezuela's Superintendency of Banking Sector Institutions (Sudeban) forbade public and private banks from dispensing more than US $5.26 per day cash from branches or ATMs..."

            The Swiss Government Is Paving The Way For Crypto Banks
            CoinDesk, November 18th, 2016
            "Swiss Parliament member Franz Gruter could hardly be happier that his proposal for new blockchain regulations has been shot down.

            For months, he resisted the government's requests to kill his motion, which would have changed the definition of a bank to make it easier for cryptocurrency companies to open in Switzerland.

            "We got this," was the gist of what they told him. "Thanks, but no thanks."

            But Gruter, who was elected to represent the Lucerne region of Switzerland a year ago, remained skeptical..."

              IT - FOSS
              TrueOS, Evolution of PC-BSD, From iXsystems
    , November 18th, 2016
              "TrueOS is a cutting-edge distribution of FreeBSD, combining the convenience and features of a rolling release distribution with the failsafe technology of ZFS boot environments.

              TrueOS tracks the FreeBSD 'Current' branch and merges features from select developer branches to improve support for newer hardware and technologies. Weekly automatic updates keep the user's system up-to-date, and all updates are performed safely within system snapshots known as boot environments.

              The desktop version of TrueOS uses the Lumina desktop environment alongside the new SysAdm administration suite to provide a reliable desktop experience. SysAdm provides local and remote management of TrueOS and FreeBSD systems using a cross-platform graphical client that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and many Linux distributions..."

              IT - DevOps
              Infrastructure Management In The Age Of DevOps
    , November 18th, 2016
              "DevOps has emerged as the de facto cure-all for all that's wrong with enterprise IT, breaking down silos and replacing them with agile and transparent relationships between developers and operations and seamless, fast workflows that drive greater efficiencies across IT. But legacy IT systems still need tending, even in a DevOps world. They must be secured and scaled, load-balanced, configured, backed up and monitored for compliance, without interruption to the enterprise - all considered infrastructure management tasks..."
              Open-Sourcing Yelp's Data Pipeline
              By Matt K., November 17th, 2016
              Matt writes, "For the past few months we've been spreading the word about our shiny new Data Pipeline: a Python-based tool that streams and transforms real-time data to services that need it. We wrote a series of blog posts covering how we replicate messages from our MySQL tables, how we track schemas and compute schema migrations, and finally how we connect our data to different types of data targets like Redshift and Salesforce..."
              About cloud lock-in and open source databases
              By Severalnines, November 17th, 2016
              Severalnines blogs, "The cloud is no longer a question of if, but of when. Many IT leaders, however, find that one consistent barrier to their adoption of the cloud is vendor lock-in. What do you do when you are forced to stay with a provider that no longer meets your needs?

              But is cloud lock-in a problem?..."

                Cloud Computing
                PaaS Podcast Series - The Oracle Process Cloud by Leon Smiers and Jeroen van Essen
                By Juergen Kress, November 19th, 2016
                "In this series we will walk through different cloud products and how SaaS and PaaS can be combined together and their use in different projects," writes Juergen Kress. "In this podcast we would like to introduce you to Oracle Process Cloud to a wider audience. Oracle Process Cloud is the part of Oracle PaaS Cloud and it focuses on delivering processes in Cloud."
                Top 5 Features of Oracle Application Container Cloud
                By Geertjan, November 14th, 2016
                Geertjan blogs, "I asked Shaun Smith, product manager of Oracle Application Container Cloud (ACC), what he considers its top 5 features to be.

                He responded with this list:..."

                IT - Cloud
                5 Reasons Why Moving To The Cloud Is Easier Than You Think
                Business 2 Community, November 16th, 2016
                "For large and small businesses alike, the prospect of moving operations to the cloud is daunting. While the scalability, flexibility, and financial advantages are clearly appealing, a review of your numerous systems and dependencies may lead you to think that the difficulties of migrating your applications to the cloud outweigh the benefits..."
                  6 Reasons Private Clouds Aren't Dead Yet (Slideshow)
                  Information Age, November 16th, 2016
                  "Public cloud use is growing fast, but there are still plenty of reasons to adopt a private cloud. Product development, agility, optimization of resources, and cost containment are among them...

                  The Cisco Global Cloud Index says that 68% of enterprise workloads will be executed in the public cloud by the end of 2020. Another 24% will be executed in private cloud infrastructure, bringing the total for cloud computing to 92%..".

                  Cloud Market Heats Up
                  Network World, November 14th, 2016
                  "In 2014 Gartner estimated that Amazon Web Services had 5x the utilized compute capacity of the rest of the cloud providers. There's a couple of qualifiers there - utilized, compute - but as a rough guess, it looked like AWS had around an 80% market share.

                  But no more. In a recent report Synergy Research Group noted that AWS has a 45% share in IaaS, ~30% share in PaaS, and is well behind IBM in Managed Private Cloud..."

                  Cloud Traffic Set To Quadruple: Looks Like Those Pipes Are Going To Run Hot
                  Network World, November 14th, 2016
                  "I always love a bit of empirical data that enumerates just how big this cloud thing is set to get. A case in point is Cisco's global cloud index...

                  Every year Cisco produces a Global Cloud Index, a report that was developed to estimate (and it is just an estimate) global data center traffic growth and general trends. The report is a complementary resource to Cisco's more general IP network studies, but it provides more meat for which cloud-specific pundits can chew on..."

                  IT - CxO
                  Are Cybersecurity Conferences Valuable To CISOs?
                  Search Security, November 17th, 2016
                  "Cybersecurity conferences are highly attended events, but are they valuable to CISOs in particular? Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses how CISOs can get the most out of them...

                  Thousands of security professionals flock to cybersecurity conferences such as RSA Conference and Black Hat, but what is the value of conferences to CISOs? Are any cybersecurity conferences more valuable than others for hiring and security strategizing?"

                  Five CEOS on the Skills It Takes to Land the Corner Office
                  Fast Company, November 16th, 2016
                  "The lure of the top corner office is strong, but there's a reason not everybody grows up to be the head of a company - the job is a massive undertaking. CEOs are asked to do it all: setting strategy, closing deals, hiring people, firing people, calming irate customers, fixing broken light switches. And sometimes that's just by 10 a.m. on Monday.

                  Of course, the job doesn't end there. Monster talked to several CEOs to find out what must-haves you need before you can consider yourself cut out for the gig..."

                    IT - PM
                    How To Implement Agile Project Management
                    TLNT, November 14th, 2016
                    "The word 'agile' has been a buzz word for some time now. Agile - by definition - is the ability to move quickly and easily. Agile from a project management perspective is typically used within technology projects; however, other types of projects are beginning to adopt the agile project management methodology to improve the successful delivery of project deliverables and ensure acceptance of new initiatives..."
                    Project Evaluation & Planning Canvas
                    Business 2 Community, November 19th, 2016
                    "Project planning should not be facilitated in a vacuum. In such circumstances the environment, the customer, the values, the goals, and the history of the problem to be solved will inevitably be misunderstood. Project evaluation and planning requires the participation of key stakeholders and the project owner(s) because their input, beliefs, expectations, and experience are considered crucial to identifying the projects requirements..."
                      Webcast: API Platform for your APIs across Cloud and on-Premises (Nov. 29th)
                      By Juergen Kress, November 18th, 2016
                      Juergen blogs about a webinar:

                      Presenter: Robert Wunderlich, Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager

                      Webcast description

                      This is an introduction to API Platform due to release early 2017. API Platform allows you to design APIs in the cloud, and run them anywhere from Oracle Public Cloud, to Amazon, to Azure, or even on-premises. Come learn about how API Platform fits into a complete Integration Platform.

                      Presenter's bio:

                      Robert is the outbound Product Manager for API Platform Cloud Service. Formerly the PM for Oracle Service Bus, his background is in Integration and Microservice Architectures.


                      November 29th 9:00 AM GMT

                      IT - Networks
                      Creating A New Network Value Equation
                      Network World, November 14th, 2016
                      "Having worked on Wall Street for many years, I'm a big believer in extracting the biggest return on technology investments. After all, anything that impacts the bottom line should be thoroughly analyzed from all sides of the value equation.

                      Now more than ever, CIOs are being scrutinized for their ability to increase ROI while driving innovation and digital transformations. According to more than 3,000 CIOs and technology leaders gathered for the 2016 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, the role of today's CIO is being stretched in many directions amid shifting priorities and pressures..."

                      Goodbye, NAC. Hello, Software-Defined Perimeter
                      Network World, November 15th, 2016
                      "Those of us who've been around security technology for a while will remember the prodigious rise of network access control (NAC) around 2006. Now, the ideas around NAC had been around for several years beforehand, but 2006 gave us Cisco's network admission control (aka Cisco NAC), Microsoft's network access protection (NAP) and then a whole bunch of venture-backed NAC startups (ConSentry, Lockdown Networks, Mirage Networks, etc.).

                      There were lots of reasons why the industry was gaga over NAC at the time, but it really came down to two major factors:.."

                      Top Reasons For Network Downtime
                      Network World, November 18th, 2016
                      "New research paints a somewhat bleak picture of network performance. Outages are frequent. Hours typically pass before an issue is reported and resolved. Protective measures are manual and error prone.

                      The source of the data is a survey of 315 network pros at midsize and large enterprises. The survey was sponsored by Veriflow, a San Jose, Calif.-based startup that aims to minimize the risk of network vulnerabilities and outages. Veriflow's software is designed to catch network problems before they happen by predicting possible network-wide behavior and continually verifying that a network model adheres to an enterprise's security and resilience policies..."

                      IT - IoT
                      Look What Ge Can Do With Industrial IoT (Slideshow)
                      CIO, November 17th, 2016
                      "General Electric showcased its industrial internet of things solutions and partnerships this week at its annual Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco this week. The industrial powerhouse is transforming itself into an IoT software and services company focused on improving customers' efficiency, productivity and revenue streams..."
                      Security Analysis of Popular IoT Devices
                      Network World, November 15th, 2016
                      "Have you wondered if your internet-connected devices are infected with Mirai malware and were part of the DDoS attacks?

                      In response to the recent IoT DDoS attacks, researchers at Zscaler analyzed IoT traffic patterns not only on the days of the DDoS attacks on Dyn and Krebs on Security, but going back to July..."

                      The Role Of The Internet Of Things In Developing Smart Cities
                      Information Age, November 18th, 2016
                      "Currently over half of the world's population live in urban areas, and this is forecasted by Cisco to rise to 60% by 2050.

                      The steadily rising urban populations are placing huge strain on the world's cities, as resources are expected to meet the demand of more and more inhabitants.

                      Managing the strain on urban resources with the status quo is becomingly increasingly impossible, and so attention has turned to developing new systems that address the challenge of megacities..."

                      IT - Linux
                      Linux Dominates November Top500 Supercomputer List
                      ServerWatch, November 15th, 2016
                      "The latest semi-annual list of the world's top 500 supercomputers was released on November 14, showing little change at the top of the list. The China-based Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer, which first claimed the title of the world's fastest system in June 2016, still reigns supreme..."
                        Microsoft Goes All In For Linux
                        LinuxInsider, November 18th, 2016
                        "While not quite at the level of a parting of the waters, the news that Microsoft has joined The Linux Foundation may seem miraculous to those aware of the past enmity between the company and the open source community.

                        Microsoft has joined The Linux Foundation as a platinum member, it announced Wednesday at its Microsoft Connect conference in New York.

                        Google has joined the .Net foundation, Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise, also told attendees. Further, Microsoft and Samsung Electronics have joined forces to allow .NET developers build apps for millions of Samsung devices..."

                        OpenSUSE 42.2 Merges Best Features of Enterprise, Community Models (Slideshow)
                        eWeek, November 18th, 2016
                        "In the world of Linux distributions, users are often faced with the option of choosing an enterprise-grade distribution or a community distribution. With the openSUSE Leap approach, SUSE is attempting to merge the best of both the enterprise and community models into a new type of Linux distribution. In the pure community-first model the upstream open-source code is packaged in a distribution, which can then be further hardened to eventually produce an enterprise-grade Linux product...."
                        IT - Operations
                        Is Critical Infrastructure The Next DDoS Target?
                        CSO Online, November 16th, 2016
                        "A massive Distributed Denial of Service attack shut down a portion of the internet recently. Experts say it is unlikely a similar attack could take down the grid or other critical infrastructure but acknowledge that security remains weak in the industry...

                        The massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack last month on Dyn, the New Hampshire-based Domain Name System (DNS) provider, was mostly an inconvenience..."

                        Linkedin's Award-Winning Hillsboro Data Center Goes Live
                        Data Center Knowledge, November 17th, 2016
                        "After more than a year in the works, LinkedIn took its new, 8-megawatt Hillsboro, Oregon data center live today - the first of its kind to implement a new hyperscale infrastructure strategy similar to those used by Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

                        The facility, which LinkedIn is leasing from Infomart Data Centers, features custom electrical and mechanical design with 96 servers per cabinet and uses just below 18kW of power per cabinet. The cooling design of the cabinet allows for densities up to 32 kW per rack, however. For cooling at that density, LinkedIn is using heat-conducting doors on every cabinet. Each cabinet acts as its own contained ecosystem, too, so there are no hot and cold aisles as in a typical data center..."

                        IT - Security
                        2017 Security Predictions - Stay Vigilant, We're In For A Wild Ride
                        Network World, November 19th, 2016
                        "For the sake of everyone's personal and professional security, I hope these issues will not be as grandiose as we predict...

                        2016 brought about more cyber attacks than we thought possible, especially involving ransomware, and we definitely won't see that trend breaking stride in 2017.

                        By next year, we expect every single adult in the US will know a blood relative that has had their identity stolen..."

                        Cybersecurity Is Never Dull When It Comes To The NSA
                        Information Management, November 14th, 2016
                        The National Security Agency has been relentlessly hovering on the first page of journals everywhere ever since this summer. After having been hacked by the notorious Shadow Brokers group, the NSA is facing, for the third time in its history, a scandal concerning its precious cyber-armory.

                        What is that they say again? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice (or three times, in this case), shame on me?

                        Deficient Security Gives Cyber-Attackers Free Rein (Slideshow)
                        CIO Insight, November 18th, 2016
                        "Cyber-attackers often enjoy unconstrained time in an organization's network because they outpace their victims' ability to respond, according to a new report. But if companies limit intruders' time to wreak havoc, forcing them to make decisions under pressure, the hackers are more likely to be discovered and taken down. Furthermore, fragile infrastructure, poor network hygiene and slow detection rates provide ample time for attackers to operate. The report, 'Cisco 2016 Midyear Cyber-Security Report,' also finds that adversaries have become more focused on generating revenue. Ransomware is a particularly effective moneymaker, and organizations are unprepared for the more sophisticated ransomware to come..."
                        Hidden Fees: What Is The Cost Of A Data Breach?
                        Information Management, November 18th, 2016
                        "Does anyone know the real cost of a data breach? This is a question that has been asked both in the board room and by researchers in the security industry ever since the first big data breaches began grabbing major headlines more than a decade ago.

                        Recent events and the rise in mega breaches are shedding light on how much mega data breaches can cost companies. Yahoo is just beginning to comprehend the cost of its data breach. The latest news reports say it may end up costing the company and its shareholders one billion dollars. At least that is the discount Verizon is reportedly considering following its $4.8 billion offer to purchase the company..."

                        How To Conduct A Blameless Security Post-Mortem
                        Business 2 Community, November 18th, 2016
                        "When someone in your company clicks on a bad link, it can spell bad news. But you know what's worse? Them never telling you.

                        When employees are afraid to come forward about a mistake they've made (or think they've made), it makes security responders' jobs that much more difficult.

                        Unfortunately, this kind of negative atmosphere is a reality at many companies. The good news is the culture can be improved..."

                        Massive Friend Finder Network Breach Prompts Password Security Debate
                        Search Security, November 15th, 2016
                        "Experts debated various aspects of password security in the aftermath of the FriendFinder Network breach, which left 400 million user accounts exposed.

                        The largest data breach of 2016 exposed more than 400 million user accounts and prompted a debate over password security best practices by experts..."

                        This Security Camera Was Infected By Malware 98 Seconds After It Was Plugged In
                        TechCrunch, November 18th, 2016
                        "Here's an object lesson on the poor state of the so-called Internet of Things: Robert Stephens plugged a Wi-Fi-connected security camera into his network and it was compromised in 98 seconds.

                        Stephens, a tech industry veteran, wasn't so naive as to do this without protecting himself. It was walled off from the rest of the network and rate-limited so it couldn't participate in any DDoS attacks..."

                        Your Security Mirages
                        Network World, November 14th, 2016
                        "Some things you use to keep your systems and data safe aren't as secure as you think...

                        Yes, I was hit last week. Forensics are in progress. I got doxxed, too.

                        It has made me realize that most of systems security is an illusion. Here are my favorite alternate realities:..."

                        IT - Careers
                        10 Tech Skills That Will Boost Your Salary
                        ComputerWorld, November 18th, 2016
                        "It's no secret that IT careers are some of the most in-demand and highest-paying out there. But the breakneck pace of digital transformation and constant innovation means professionals with certain skills can demand even greater compensation than others, whether at "pure" technology companies or in IT roles within other industries..."
                          37% Of IT Pros To Look For New Jobs In 2017
                          Network World, November 14th, 2016
                          "If your IT department isn't already worried about staff retention, some new stats might change that. A new poll finds 37% of IT pros plan to begin searching for a new employer in 2017, and 26% plan to accept a new job.

                          Many factors are driving people's desire for a job change, according to Spiceworks' 2017 Tech Career Outlook. The most frequently cited reasons are: ..."

                            How Military Cybersecurity Skills Can Help Fill The Security Hiring Gap
                            Search Security, November 16th, 2016
                            "The security industry continues to struggle to hire, but candidates with military cybersecurity skills can help. Expert Mike O. Villegas talks about the benefits of hiring veterans.

                            Most civilians cannot fully identify with American military veterans who have served their country in such a noble task of protecting our freedom and way of life. While in service, these laudable men and women learn discipline, deference and resolve..."

                            IT Career Roadmap: It Project Manager
                            CIO, November 16th, 2016
                            "Behind every successful IT project is a great project manager. Here's what a career as a PM looks like and what it takes to get there...

                            Behind every IT project are the unsung heroes of the technology industry: project managers. PMs are tasked with making sure projects come in on-time, on or under budget and with high-quality standards. But what does it take to become an IT project manager?..."

                              Start Onboarding The Day The Offer Is Accepted
                              TLNT, November 15th, 2016
                              "The state of onboarding is that it often does not work.

                              30% of new hires quit within the first 6 months. Around 16% of them stated that they had left the job between the first week and the third month. A Bersin study found that 22% of turnover occurs with the first 45 days. A survey by Bamboo found 16.5% of new hires quit in the first week.

                              While many of these facts and figures may not line up exactly, one thing seems clear: the current state of onboarding is not helpful to businesses or their new employees. Many companies are turning to pre-boarding to help support new employees before they even start the new job..."

                                What CISO Certifications are the Most Important to Have?
                                Search Security, November 16th, 2016
                                "There are multitudes of cybersecurity certifications, but which are the best CISO certifications? Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses the most effective combination of credentials.

                                New research from security vendor Digital Guardian found that on average, the CISOs and security managers for Fortune 100 companies hold an average of 2.86 technical certifications, with CISSP being the most popular of the common CISO certifications. What are some other CISO certifications that should be considered? And should that average be higher for top CISOs?..."

                                Friday Spotlight: Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Delivers Superior TCO for Mixed Workloads
                                By Honglin Su, November 18th, 2016
                                Honglin blogs, "Oracle Private Cloud Appliance consolidates your mixed Linux, Windows, or Oracle Solaris applications. It is engineered for cost-effective and rapid private cloud deployment.

                                Recently we had a webcast where Peter Burris, Wikibon's Chief Research Officer, analyzed the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a mixed workload environment running Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Microsoft SQL Server and SAS..."

                                IT - Virtualization
                                5 Common Myths About Containers
                                Container Journal, November 18th, 2016
                                "DevOps has emerged as the de facto cure-all for all that's wrong with enterprise IT, breaking down silos and replacing them with agile and transparent relationships between developers and operations and seamless, fast workflows that drive greater efficiencies across IT. But legacy IT systems still need tending, even in a DevOps world. They must be secured and scaled, load-balanced, configured, backed up and monitored for compliance, without interruption to the enterprise-all considered infrastructure management tasks..."
                                IT - Email
                                The Theory Of Email Evolution
                                TechCrunch, November 18th, 2016
                                "Emails are a convenience in the modern times. Right from registering your account at a social media to getting your fresh scoop of the global news, emails are your passport to the digital world. Ever wondered what brought about this revolution? Why the number of email addresses jumped from 2.5 billion users in 2011 to 2.9 billion in 2016? Join the Monks in discovering the undergoing changes to our preferred mode of communication - Emails. Presenting the Theory of Email Evolution..."
                                  IT - Database
                                  8 Major Advantages of Using MySQL
                                  Datamation, November 17th, 2016
                                  "MySQL is a free-to-use, open-source database that facilitates effective management of databases by connecting them to the software. It is a stable, reliable and powerful solution with advanced features like the following: ..."
                                  IT - Big Data
                                  5 Common Ways Organizations Lose Data (Slideshow)
                                  Information Management, November 14th, 2016
                                  "Organizations can lose data due to a variety of reasons, but most of them are easily preventable. David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology, discusses the 5 most common ways that organizations maximize risk..."
                                  Big Data Can't Bring Objectivity To A Subjective World
                                  TechCrunch, November 18th, 2016
                                  "It seems everyone is interested in big data these days. From social scientists to advertisers, professionals from all walks of life are singing the praises of 21st-century data science.

                                  In the social sciences, many scholars apparently believe it will lend their subject a previously elusive objectivity and clarity. Sociology books like An End to the Crisis of Empirical Sociology? and work from bestselling authors are now talking about the superiority of 'Dataism' over other ways of understanding humanity. Professionals are stumbling over themselves to line up and proclaim that big data analytics will enable people to finally see themselves clearly through their own fog..."

                                  What Is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) and Why Should You Care?
                                  Network World, November 15th, 2016
                                  "In 2012, the European Commission proposed new regulations on data protection that would supersede the national laws of the 28 EU member states. It was formally approved in April this year, and it will go into effect May 25, 2018.

                                  This General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces several major changes that will impact many organizations worldwide.

                                  The smart move is to familiarize yourself with the incoming regulation now, and begin preparing to comply with your obligations. The GDPR will apply to any business that operates within the EU, but also any company that processes data from EU citizens. It doesn't matter where the organization is located..."

                                    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                    Vol 225 Issue 1; Vol 224 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 223 Issues 2, 3 and 4
                                    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                    • Why All The Fuss About Containers? Oracle's John Fowler Explains
                                    • Oracle Linux 7.3
                                    • Never Be Afraid To Write The Memo: Thinking Like A Startup Inside The Enterprise
                                    • Oracle Database 12C Release 2 New Features Training - Now Available!
                                    • Test Your Java Knowledge With Free Sample Questions
                                    • Updating Private Cloud Appliance Software To 2.2.2 With Enterprise Manager 13C
                                    • Testing MySQL 8
                                    • How Photon Pulled Off Two Big Cloud Projects On A Tight Deadline
                                    • Deployment Of Oracle Applications And Database With Openstack Murano (Beta)
                                    • Cloud Deployment: Why Are User Training & Guided Learning Solutions So Important?

                                    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                      IT - Server
                                      Converged Vs. Hyperconverged: What's Best For You?
                                      Datamation, November 15th, 2016
                                      "Both converged vs. hyperconverged infrastructure systems have key advantages. Which offers the most competitive edge long term?...

                                      As advanced as IT technology is these days, it still poses some vexing challenges when it comes to purchasing decisions.

                                      Would you, for example, buy a car by purchasing the tires, frame, engine, interior, and body separately and assembling it? Of course not. Yet that's how we purchase IT systems. Compute, networking, storage, software, and specialized systems are all sold separately, often from different vendors, and then assembled and configured. And yet we are perfectly ok with this..."

                                      Oracle MAF (Mobile Application Framework) 2.3.3
                                      By SRINI INDLA, November 14th, 2016
                                      Srini blogs, "Oracle MAF 2.3 release is now available on OTN. This is a major update of MAF coming less than 6 months after the last major release. This release has several new & exciting features, below are some key capabilities available in this release.

                                      Windows Platform Support

                                      On popular demand, MAF 2.3 introduces support for Universal Windows Platform(UWP). Keeping with our promise of single code base for multiple platforms, customers can now deploy their existing MAF apps to Windows 10 desktops and tablets in addition to iOS and Android..."

                                      Updates to Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit ) MOOC (massive open on-line course).
                                      By Geertjan, November 14th, 2016
                                      Geertjan blogs, "Before JavaOne/OpenWorld this year, we ran the first session of the Oracle JET MOOC (massive open on-line course). The aim was to prepare a large number of developers all at the same time about enterprise JavaScript in the context of Oracle JET, i.e., Oracle's free and open source JavaScript platform. The MOOC is on-line, self paced, three weeks, and focused on 10 YouTube clips per week for three weeks, with many homework tasks, quizzes, and a certificate of completion at the end. We ran the second session after JavaOne/OpenWorld and have started the third session today. In the process, thousands of developers have been introducing themselves to Oracle JET..."
                                      IT - Developer
                                      Why Enterprises Struggle With Agile Software Development, And What They Can Do About It
                                      ZDNet, November 19th, 2016
                                      "Want to be agile? Then run your technology operations like a startup or an internet company.

                                      That's the gist of a recent podcast featuring Santiago Comella-Dorda and Gerard Speksnijder, both with McKinsey, who shared their observations with McKinsey colleague Roberta Fusaro.

                                      They discussed the challenges of agile, in which developers and business users work closely on fast-paced, iterative software releases..."

                                      Nexenta News
                                      Nexenta: Leadership in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS)
                                      Offers a Vision for Open Source-driven Software-Defined Everything (OpenSDx)
                                      Nexenta is the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage - what we call Open Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS).

                                      With its 6,000+ customers, 400+ partners, 42 patents, and more than 1,500 petabytes of storage under management, Nexenta owes its market and thought leadership to thousands of innovative developers in its open ecosystem and community. Nexenta uniquely integrates software-only open source collaboration with commodity hardware-centric Software-Defined Storage (SDS) innovation. Nexenta OpenSDS solutions are 100 percent software-based and 100 percent hardware-, protocol-, and app-agnostic providing organizations with total freedom of choice and protecting them against the notoriously punitive vendor lock-in business models, sales schemes, and delivery practices used by many legacy system vendors.

                                      Veritas News
                                      Veritas NetBackup 5240 Backup Appliance Review
                            , November 18th, 2016
                                      Veritas merged with Symantec back in 2004 only to be spun back off last year as its own data management company. Symantec kept its security and Veritas gained NetBackup. NetBackup is an enterprise heterogeneous backup and recovery suite that that provides backup for several operating systems, physical systems, cloud, and virtualization such as VMware and Hyper-V. Veritas takes this one step farther and offers NetBackup on an appliance for what it calls an efficient, turnkey solution for backup, storage, and deduplication. Currently the NetBackup appliances are offered in two solutions: the 5200 series (of which we will be looking at in this review) that is designed to be cost-optimized, and the 5300 series that is more performance-optimized.
                                      Veritas Enhances Enterprise Vault for U.S. Government Managing Government Records Directive
                                      First FedRAMP Authorized data archiving solution built to address Capstone approach to email management
                                      Veritas Technologies, the leader in information management, announced the release of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.1, the first FedRAMP Authorized SaaS data archiving solution enhanced to enable the Capstone approach to managing email records electronically. This release will help customers to quickly and effectively address the Managing Government Records Directive, an effort by the U.S. Government to help reform records management policies and simplify the transition to electronic-based records management for federal agencies.
                                      Cisco News
                                      Reliance and Cisco Jasper Launch Internet of Things (IoT) Services Throughout India
                                      IoT Partnership Makes It Simple For All Companies To Deliver Connected Services, Paves The Way For Smart Cities
                                      Mumbai and San Jose, 15 November 2016 -- Reliance Group, India's leading private sector business house, announced a strategic partnership with Cisco Jasper for the launch of a new venture, UNLIMIT, solely dedicated to provide Internet of Things (IoT) services to enterprise customers throughout India. UNLIMIT is equipped with the diverse resources of the Reliance Group, the nimbleness of a start-up, high-profile partnerships, and an international management team, and will tap into into the growing potential of the IoT market in the country.
                                      Cisco Reports First Quarter Earnings
                                      Cisco, November 16th, 2016
                                      Cisco reported first quarter results for the period ended October 29, 2016. Cisco reported first quarter revenue of $12.4 billion, net income on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of $2.3 billion or $0.46 per share, and non-GAAP net income of $3.1 billion or $0.61 per share.

                                      "We had a good quarter despite a challenging global business environment and we performed well in our priority areas," said Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco. "We are leading our customers in their digital transition by providing them with highly secure, automated, and intelligent solutions in the ways they want to consume them. Our innovation pipeline is robust and we are well positioned for the future."

                                      Dell News
                                      Dell Unveils Dell Data Protection : Next-Generation Data Protection for the Entire Data Lifecycle
                                      Dell, November 15th, 2016
                                      Dell announced the release of Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle, the next-generation data protection solution to protect business data wherever they travel. The latest addition to the Dell Data Security Solutions portfolio, Secure Lifecycle protect critical business data at all stages of the lifecycle - at rest, in motion, and in use - whether inside or outside of a network. It also provides the ability to define access rights at a granular level, giving IT leaders the authority to restrict individual file access rights only to those that 'need to know.'
                                      Dell EMC Expands High Performance Computing Portfolio
                                      with Advances in Cloud, Software and SystemsHeadline of Press Release
                                      Dell EMC announced new high performance computing (HPC) cloud offerings, software, systems and customer success, continuing its focus on democratizing HPC for enterprises of all sizes, optimizing HPC technology innovations and advancing the HPC community.

                                      "The global HPC market forecast exceeds $30 billion in 2016 for all product and services spending, including servers, software, storage, cloud, and other categories, with continued growth expected at 5.2 percent CAGR through 2020," said Addison Snell, CEO, Intersect360 Research. "Bolstered by its combination with EMC, Dell will hold the number-one position in total HPC revenue share heading into 2017."

                                      Microsoft News
                                      Microsoft contributes to open ecosystem by joining Linux Foundation and welcoming Google to the .NET community
                                      Announces several new tools to help any developer create intelligent cloud and mobile apps.
                                      At its annual Connect(); developer event, Microsoft Corp. unveiled a series of products and partnerships that strengthen the company's Azure cloud platform for building intelligent, cross-platform apps and services. Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie detailed significant steps Microsoft is taking to empower the ecosystem by giving developers greater choice in the tools they use - including joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member to better collaborate with the open source community, welcoming Google to the independent .NET Foundation, and working with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to enable .NET developers to build apps for more than 50 million Samsung devices worldwide.
                                      Microsoft and announce free Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial for Computer Science Education Week, Dec. 5-11
                                      With 30 million trials of last year's Hour of Code tutorial, Microsoft and believe the new offering will again introduce tens of millions to coding for the first time
                                      Microsoft Corp. and unveiled the Minecraft Hour of Code Designer, a coding tutorial for students and educators created for Hour of Code, an annual, global campaign held during Computer Science Education Week, Dec. 5-11. The new web-based tutorial - available for free at - enables beginner coders to create and share their own simple 'Minecraft' game, and is designed to empower anyone to begin learning the problem-solving and critical thinking skills required in today's tech-fueled world.
                                      Symantec News
                                      Symantec Cited as a Leader in Cloud Security Gateways by Independent Research Firm
                                      Symantec Receives Top Score for Current Offering
                                      Symantec Corp., the world's leading cyber security company, announced it has been named a "Leader" in the Forrester Research Inc. report, The Forrester Wave: Cloud Security Gateways, Q4 2016.

                                      Integrating Cloud Security Gateways with On-Premise Secure Web Gateway

                                      The Forrester Wave: Cloud Security Gateways, Q4 2016 provides security and risk professionals with evaluations of most significant cloud security gateway (CSG) providers along with an overview of the current market for CSG. As companies continue to move their data to the cloud, it is critical that organizations evaluate and implement necessary solutions to do so safely and securely.

                                      Independent Research Firm Cites Symantec as a Leader in Data Loss Prevention
                                      Symantec Receives Top Score for Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence
                                      Symantec Corp. announced it has been named a "Leader" in the Forrester Research Inc. report, The Forrester Wave: Data Loss Prevention Suites, Q4 2016.

                                      The Forrester Wave: Data Loss Prevention Suites, Q4 2016 provides security and risk professionals with evaluations of the most significant Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions along with an overview of the current market for DLP. To compile the report, Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of top DLP suite vendors. Symantec was given the highest possible score across 23 criteria categories including intellectual property protection, endpoint visibility and control, productivity, encryption, security portfolio vision and staffing and related resources.

                                      Hackers Hone their Skills While Consumers Remain Complacent
                                      Norton Cyber Security Insights Report Finds Recent Cybercrime Victims Most Likely to Repeat Risky Behaviors
                                      Norton by Symantec released findings from the annual Norton Cyber Security Insights Report, which sheds light on the truth about online crime and the personal effect it has on consumers.

                                      The report found that consumers who were victims of cybercrime within the past year often continued their unsafe behavior. For example, while these consumers were more likely to use a password on every account, they were nearly twice as likely to share their password with others, negating their efforts. Further, 76 percent of consumers know they must actively protect their information online, but are still sharing passwords and engaging in other risky behaviors. Additionally, 35 percent of people have at least one unprotected device leaving their other devices vulnerable to ransomware, malicious websites, zero days and phishing attacks.

                                      IBM News
                                      IBM Blockchain Helps FinTechs and Banks Address KYC Challenge
                                      Singapore FinTech Startup KYCK! to use IBM Blockchain and Bluemix to enhance the customer onboarding process in financial institutions
                                      Requirements that banks and financial institutions comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements is a global challenge. Blockchain holds potential to help address this need to prove the identity of a person or organization, source of funds, business interests, history and also monitor for changes. During the Singapore FinTech Festival, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a blockchain project with Singapore fintech startup KYCK! to help enable financial services providers to more rapidly on-board their customers in a secure environment. This and other KYC projects like it using IBM Blockchain can hold the promise to help reduce the time and expense required to onboard a new client.
                                      Automated Financial Systems Taps IBM Cloud to Expand Financial Services
                                      Global lending leader doubles processing capacity to drive market expansion
                                      IBM announced that Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS), a global leader in commercial lending to top-tier financial institutions is utilizing the IBM Cloud to expand its loan processing capacity to support its overall growth and market expansion.

                                      AFS, whose clients include two-thirds of the top 25 U.S. banks and bank holding companies, turned to IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems which extends the scalable and security-rich processing capabilities of IBM z Systems in a hybrid cloud environment, to establish a new hosting and recovery plan that supports the 24/7 demands of offerings such as AFSVision, the only real-time, linear lending system that manages the commercial lending lifecycle from loan origination to account servicing and reporting.

                                      New IBM Bluemix Services Help Organizations Accelerate Data Migration to the Cloud
                                      IBM, November 18th, 2016
                                      IBM announced several cloud data services and features on Bluemix designed to help organizations accelerate the migration of their data to the cloud and more easily generate business insights.

                                      Organizations look to the cloud as a powerful engine to collect and interpret vast amounts of data. However, many are struggling to move their already existing datasets to the cloud, as well as retain control of where they reside and how they are accessed. Without the right tools in place, the problem will only get worse as the amount of data continues to grow. According to IDC1, the amount of high-value data worth analyzing will double by 2020, and much of this data will be in the form of complex, unstructured information.

                                      IBM's The Weather Company adding 400 jobs and relocating its headquarters within Atlanta
                                      World's largest private weather enterprise reaffirms commitment to Atlanta and continued growth
                                      Gov. Nathan Deal and The Weather Company, an IBM Business, announced the company, which delivers up to to 40 billion forecasts daily, will relocate its headquarters within Atlanta and is hiring an additional 400 people as it prepares to grow its services that already provide accurate, personalized and actionable weather data and insights to millions of consumers and thousands of businesses around the world.
                                      IBM and Ponemon Study Reveals Organizations Remain Unprepared to Respond to Cyberattacks
                                      Two-Year Study Shows Decline in Cyber Resilience in 2016
                                      Resilient, an IBM Company and the Ponemon Institute unveiled the results of the annual Cyber Resilient Organization study, which found that only 32 percent of IT and security professionals say their organization has a high level of Cyber Resilience - down slightly from 35 percent in 2015. The 2016 study also found that 66 percent of respondents say their organization is not prepared to recover from cyberattacks.

                                      For the second straight year, the study showed that challenges with incident response (IR) are hindering Cyber Resilience.

                                      IBM Invests $200M to Help Clients Respond to Cybersecurity Incidents
                                      Opens Industry's First Commercial Cyber Range at New Global Security HQ in Cambridge, MA
                                      IBM Security announced a major expansion of its incident response capabilities, including new facilities, services and software as part of a $200 million investment made this year. These investments include a new global security headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. which features the industry's first physical Cyber Range for the commercial sector, where participants experience preparing for and responding to cyber attacks using live malware and real-world scenarios.
                                      IBM and NVIDIA Team Up on World's Fastest Deep Learning Enterprise Solution
                                      New IBM PowerAI Software Toolkit Paired with NVIDIA NVLink and GPUDL Libraries Optimized for IBM Power Architecture Helps Enable 2X Performance Breakthroughs on AlexNet with Caffe
                                      IBM and NVIDIA announced collaboration on a new deep learning tool optimized for the latest IBM and NVIDIA technologies to help train computers to think and learn in more human-like ways at a faster pace.

                                      Deep learning is a fast growing machine learning method that extracts information by crunching through millions of pieces of data to detect and rank the most important aspects from the data. Publicly supported among leading consumer web and mobile application companies, deep learning is quickly being adopted by more traditional business enterprises.

                                      IBM Closes Acquisition of Sanovi Technologies
                                      Acquisition of hybrid cloud recovery and business continuity software firm bolsters IBM's Software Defined Resiliency strategy
                                      IBM announced it has completed the acquisition of Sanovi Technologies, a privately held company that provides hybrid cloud recovery, cloud migration and business continuity software for enterprise data centers and cloud infrastructure. Adding these capabilities along with advanced analytics will better enable IBM to bolster its Software Defined Resiliency strategy and delivery of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services for clients undergoing digital and hybrid cloud transformation.
                                      IBM Cloud Helps Singapore FinTech Startups Develop Cognitive Investment Solutions
                                      Eigencat to Provide Real-time Digital Investment Advice to Clients Globally on the IBM Cloud
                                      IBM announced that Eigencat, a Singapore-based startup, is migrating its existing systems to IBM Cloud's Platform-as-a-Service, Bluemix, to deliver digital investment solutions for the financial market. The FinTech startup is also using IBM Cloud to develop new cognitive-based investment solutions using Watson APIs and broaden its reach within and outside Singapore.

                                      Eigencat is a startup which offers a digital, multi-asset class portfolio analysis platform that caters to both private banks and new entrants such as Internet and telecom companies looking to manage the risk and performance parameters of their investments.

                                      CEMEX to Digitally Transform its Customers' Experience in Collaboration with IBM
                                      CEMEX teams up with IBM to digitally reinvent business operations across the construction industry ecosystem
                                      CEMEX, one of the leading building materials companies in the world, and IBM, announced that CEMEX will undertake a sweeping digital transformation designed to improve its operations, substantially improve its customer experience and increase business efficiencies.

                                      CEMEX's digital transformation will enable real-time, mobile engagement with its building materials customers and distributors, including companies that build everything from sports complexes and skyscrapers to houses and high-scale infrastructures around the world. CEMEX will deploy a suite of custom made-for-business apps, built to meet the needs of CEMEX's customers, transforming how the entire company does business from attracting new clients to collecting payments, invoicing and after-sale support.

                                      IBM Helps FinTechs Drive New Innovation in Payments, Lending, Blockchain and Know Your Customer
                                      IBM, November 15th, 2016
                                      Consumers and banks alike are increasingly turning to FinTechs for some of the most disruptive financial solutions in the market today. To support FinTechs worldwide, IBM announced new developer tools, technology, training and programs to share financial services expertise. FinTechs are moving to create new approaches in payments, lending and new uses cases for blockchain such as Know Your Customer and Trade Finance. IBM is helping FinTechs envision, build and monetize their new solutions.

                                      'As banks look to partner with FinTechs, IBM provides deep financial services industry expertise, the right technology and an ecosystem to help drive collaboration between them,' said Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM. 'Our Bluemix cloud platform provides developers access to IBM Watson cognitive APIs, blockchain, data analytics and hosting services to help generate new revenue streams.'

                                      Fujitsu News
                                      Fujitsu and SUSE Expand Strategic Alliance to Develop and Support Open Source Products
                                      Joint development of hybrid cloud and mission-critical products and future container technologies
                                      SUSE and Fujitsu today announced they are strengthening their strategic alliance to commit resources, from development to marketing and sales, within the open source community to hybrid cloud products, mission-critical support and future container technologies.

                                      The hybrid cloud products will enable customers to have access to a wider variety of open source-based technologies that enable efficient transfer of workloads between the public and private cloud. The mission-critical support will optimize operational and maintenance costs for customer systems. Future container technology development will increase availability and stability in customer environments. In addition, future combinations of jointly developed technologies will work to give customers swift access to open source technology that both companies are rapidly developing.

                                      Fujitsu Develops Analysis Technology to Improve Communication Performance of Virtual Networks
                                      Recommends configurations to eliminate communications bottlenecks, roughly doubles communication speeds, communications quality enhanced by approximately ten times
                                      Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced the development of an automatic analysis technology to improve communications performance and quality in virtual networks. With the spread of virtualization technologies, such as the cloud, software defined networking (SDN)(1), and network functions virtualization (NFV)(2), there is demand for the ability to flexibly set up and operate high performance virtual infrastructure. In order to set up and operate virtual infrastructure for operations that require high performance, it is necessary for experts with knowledge of both hardware and software to take time to analyze bottlenecks and set up the virtual infrastructure appropriately. This results in high operating costs with frequent changes to the system structure or usage situation.
                                      VMware News
                                      VMware Unveils Key Findings from Cloud Research on IT Management and Security
                                      Survey reveals 69 percent of respondents believe IT has become increasingly decentralized in the last three years
                                      VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) announced key findings from a cloud study conducted by Vanson Bourne on IT management. The study dove deeper into the topic explored by the recent VMware-sponsored survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and found that 69 percent of respondents to the Vanson Bourne survey agree that the management of IT has become increasingly decentralized in the past three years. Findings also revealed that IT isn't ready for this transition and it may be causing more harm to businesses than good, specifically around security, with 57 percent of respondents agreeing that decentralization has resulted in the purchasing of non-secure solutions.
                                      VMware Announces General Availability of New vSphere, vSAN and vRealize Solutions
                                      Newly Available Product Releases to Deliver Next-Gen Infrastructure and Management for Modern Applications in Cross-Cloud Environments
                                      VMware announced the general availability of new releases of VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN (formerly VMware Virtual SAN), VMware vRealize Log Insight and VMware vRealize Operations to help IT operations teams more efficiently run, manage and secure their traditional and modern applications on- or off-premises.

                                      These new releases advance the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture, which enables customers to run, manage, connect, and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment. As the world's most complete hybrid cloud architecture, the Cross-Cloud Architecture delivers consistent deployment models, security policies, visibility, and governance for all applications, running on- and off-premises, regardless of the underlying cloud, hardware platform or hypervisor.

                                      Red Hat News
                                      Friday Five - November 18, 2016
                                      Red Hat, November 18th, 2016
                                      "The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

                                      • 2017 Women in Open Source Award Nominations Open Through Nov. 23
                                      • Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 and Red Hat Developer Toolset 6 Now Generally Available
                                      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux blog - Red Hat IT runs OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat Virtualization and Ansible
                                      • SAHMRI supports critical medical research with Red Hat
                                      • HIT Consultant - Red Hat Survey: 3 Main Drivers of Mobile App Development in Healthcare

                                      Read on for details.

                                      Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 and Red Hat Developer Toolset 6 Now Generally Available
                                      Red Hat, November 15th, 2016
                                      Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Software Collections 2.3, Red Hat's newest set of open source web development tools, dynamic languages, and databases. Red Hat Software Collections are delivered on a more frequent release cadence than Red Hat Enterprise Linux and are designed to bridge developer agility and production stability. This helps to accelerate the creation of modern applications that can then be more confidently deployed into production.
                                      Level3 News
                                      MEF Honors Level 3 with Five 2016 Excellence Awards for Ethernet and Orchestrated Services
                                      Level(3), November 15th, 2016
                                      MEF, the nonprofit international industry association dedicated to enabling agile, assured and orchestrated Ethernet and cloud services for the digital economy, awarded Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) five of its 2016 Excellence Awards for Ethernet and Orchestrated Services.

                                      MEF's annual Excellence Awards recognize service, application, technology and professional excellence and innovation in the global 'Third Network' community of industry professionals focused on delivering user-directed control over service capabilities and cloud connectivity. The Awards program is the largest in the world focused on advanced Carrier Ethernet (CE) services and emerging 'Third Network' services powered by MEF standard CE 2.0, LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration), NFV and SDN networking technologies.

                                      Level 3 Takes Top Spot in IHS Markit SIP Trunking Scorecard
                                      Largest Installed Base of Trunks Contributes to Overall Leadership Score
                                      Level 3 Communications, Inc. received the top ranking in the 2016 IHS SIP Trunking North America Service Provider Scorecard. The scorecard analyzes and ranks the top 10 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service providers in North America.

                                      'The scorecard identifies companies best positioned to succeed long-term. Level 3 is a consistent top performer and an innovator in the SIP trunking space,' said Diane Myers, senior research director for VoIP, UC and IMS at IHS Markit.

                                      With Internet Of Things And Big Data, 92% Of Everything We Do Will Be In The Cloud
                                      Level(3), November 18th, 2016
                                      You don't need Sherlock Holmes to tell you that cloud computing is on the rise, and cloud traffic keeps going up. However, it is enlightening to see the degree by which it is increasing, which is, in essence, about to quadruple in the next few years. By that time, 92% percent of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers; versus only eight percent being processed by traditional data centers.

                                      Cisco, which does a decent job of measuring such things, just released estimates that show cloud traffic likely to rise 3.7-fold by 2020, increasing 3.9 zettabytes (ZB) per year in 2015 (the latest full year data for which data is available) to 14.1 ZB per year by 2020.

                                      EMC News
                                      Dell EMC Expands High Performance Computing Portfolio with Advances in Cloud, Software and Systems
                                      Dell EMC HPC System for Life Sciences adds Dell EMC PowerEdge C6320p server to help life sciences organizations innovate faster
                                      Dell EMC announced new high performance computing (HPC) cloud offerings, software, systems and customer success, continuing its focus on democratizing HPC for enterprises of all sizes, optimizing HPC technology innovations and advancing the HPC community.

                                      'The global HPC market forecast exceeds $30 billion in 2016 for all product and services spending, including servers, software, storage, cloud, and other categories, with continued growth expected at 5.2 percent CAGR through 2020,' said Addison Snell, CEO, Intersect360 Research. 'Bolstered by its combination with EMC, Dell will hold the number-one position in total HPC revenue share heading into 2017.'

                                      HP News
                                      Hewlett Packard Enterprise and TACC Build the World's First Solar Powered Supercomputer
                                      HPE, November 14th, 2016
                                      Visitors arriving at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas immediately notice large solar panels covering the parking lot. These panels power Hikari, the world's first solar-powered supercomputer, which is currently calculating biology applications to help solve the Zika virus crisis.

                                      Supercomputers have the power to transform science and innovations, but the amount of energy they require has been a limiting factor towards their expansion. Because traditional supercomputers consume vast amounts of electricity and produce a lot of heat, larger cooling facilities must be constructed to ensure proper operation.

                                        Brocade News
                                        University Of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Selects Brocade Ruckus Wi-Fi Solution To Provide Students With Best-in-class Online Experience
                                        Selangor Campus First Site in Asia Pacific to Deploy Combined Brocade Ruckus Wired and Wireless Network Infrastructure
                                        Brocade announced that the UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM MALAYSIA CAMPUS (UNMC) has become the first site in Asia Pacific to implement a complete networking solution that combines both Brocade network switches and Wi-Fi access systems from Ruckus Wireless, which was acquired by Brocade in May this year. The new wired and wireless network, deployed under a managed service agreement, provides 2,400 on-campus students with high-availability, high-performance Wi-Fi coverage within UNMC's student hostels, backed by a multiyear onsite support component.
                                        Hitachi News
                                        Hitachi Data Systems Delivers Industry's First and Only Object Storage Portfolio With Content Intelligence Capabilities
                                        Hitachi Content Portfolio With Hitachi Content Intelligence Transforms Data Into Relevant Business Information Delivered to the Right People When It Matters Most
                                        Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501), announced Hitachi Content Intelligence, an addition to its trusted Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) portfolio, making it the industry's only object storage portfolio with search and analytics capabilities. The new intelligence solution rounds out the HCP portfolio, which already offers a seamlessly integrated cloud-file gateway and enterprise file sync and sharing, and continues to improves organizations' ability to strategically manage data. More than 1700 customers have already adopted HCP as a key component in their digital transformation journey. With Hitachi Content Intelligence, these customers can transform data into relevant business information and deliver it to the right people, when it matters most.
                                        F5 News
                                        F5 Delivers Cloud Application Services without Compromise
                                        New solutions promote private, public, and hybrid cloud application deployments; Equinix partnership enhances services flexibility and performance via direct, private access to cloud infrastructure
                                        F5 Networks unveiled a series of solutions and innovations designed for customers requiring rich, consistent application services across private, public, and hybrid cloud application deployments. In addition, F5 announced combined solutions with Equinix Cloud Exchange and Performance Hub that empower enterprises to deploy business-critical applications in multiple public cloud infrastructures with leading security, availability, and performance...
                                        Netapp News
                                        NetApp Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2017 Results
                                        Net Revenues of $1.34 Billion; Up 4% Quarter-over-Quarter; GAAP EPS of $0.38 and Non-GAAP EPS of $0.60
                                        NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) reported financial results for the second quarter fiscal year 2017, ended October 28, 2016.

                                        Second Quarter Financial Results

                                        Net revenues for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 were $1.34 billion. GAAP net income for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 was $109 million, or $0.38 per share, compared to GAAP net income of $114 million, or $0.39 per share, for the comparable period of the prior year. Non-GAAP net income for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 was $169 million, or $0.60 per share, compared to non-GAAP net income of $181 million, or $0.61 per share, for the comparable period of the prior year.

                                        Carrenza Supports Rapidly Evolving Customer Application and Infrastructure Demands with NetApp SolidFire
                                        Carrenza uses NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage to enable customers to scale and accelerate business performance
                                        "Our customers depend on us to deliver a high-performance infrastructure that never goes down," said Matthew McGrory, Managing Director of Carrenza. "No one else that we know of in the U.K. market is putting ink to paper and saying, 'We will give you a service credit if we don't perform to the level required.' That's how confident we are, thanks to NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage."

                                        Based in London, Carrenza is a global cloud service company that provides award-winning infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) to customers that range from government agencies to leading retailers and financial-services firms. Carrenza has vast expertise in public-cloud integration, supporting customers that use Amazon Web Services, VMware vCloud Air, and Microsoft Azure.

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