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Join Netbeans On Slack
By Geertjan, November 7th, 2016
November 7, 2016,
Volume 225, Issue 2

Geertjan blogs, "One of the coolest recent developments in the NetBeans ecosystem is the establishment of the NetBeans Slack channel. We've only got this going over the past few weeks and there's a few hundred already registered and active.

What's the big deal and what's so great about Slack? Well, to me, and to how I'm using it, is that I see it as a modernized version of IRC, with the benefit of direct and quick interaction, e.g., I was holding off on publishing the new release of the One Click Open Sesame plugin because I wasn't completely sure about what new features Chris and Benno had implemented and so I quickly wrote back and forth with Chris on Slack and very quickly had my questions cleared up, rather than e-mailing back and forth for a week or two before getting the story straight..."

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